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littlegirlHey there, I just got a terabyte drive and want to install Kubuntu on it as the only operating system. Any advice on partitioning it? I've never set up a drive this size.00:36
valoriehey littlegirl00:38
littlegirlvalorie: Hey there. (:00:38
littlegirlvalorie: Yeah, my computer imploded and I just got the new hardware. (:00:38
valorieimplosion =bad00:39
valoriebut new equipment sounds fun00:39
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littlegirlYeah, it happened first thing in the morning, too, and on a Friday, no less, so I had to wait until Monday before the new parts even shipped. ):00:39
valorielittlegirl: I always make /home a separate partition00:39
littlegirlOh yes - oh, happy day! (:00:39
littlegirlvalorie: Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. What I'd like to know is the sizes I should be doing since I've never worked with anything this big.00:40
valorieso that new installs are more quick n easy00:40
valoriewell, there is a recent thread on the kub-users list about various schemes00:40
douglnvidia drivers activated but not in use - any suggestions? the google options dont seem to work00:40
valorieyou might browse that00:40
littlegirlI'm reading all over the internet and there are a lot of suggestions for how it's done, and I'd like to do it right. (:00:40
valoriethere is no "right"00:41
valoriejust "right for you"00:41
littlegirldougl: Are you looking for how to use the NVIDIA drivers from NVIDIA, or the ones that come with Kubuntu?00:41
dougllittlegirl, nvidia drivers00:42
littlegirlvalorie: Well, I don't want to make Kubuntu unhappy in any way, so I'd like to know what the minimum sizes are for everything, and if you make something too big, does it increase seek time, etc?00:42
littlegirldougl: The ones that come with Kubuntu or ones you got from NVIDIA web site?00:42
littlegirlvalorie: I have to confess that I've always allowed Kubuntu to just partition the drive for me, and this time I'd like to do it manually. (:00:43
douglthe ones that come with kubuntu I guess... I thot they got downloaded from nvidia littlegirl00:43
littlegirldougl: I guess they are, but they're provided by Kubuntu if those are the ones you're talking about. I don't know how to do those. I download them directly from NVIDIA. (:00:43
valoriethat thread talks a lot about optimal, which is why I suggested it00:44
valoriealthough there was a lot of nonsense from some of the participants00:44
dougllittlegirl, what do you suggest for that method?00:44
valorieyou can weed that out quickly00:44
littlegirldougl: Did you try opening the Additional drivers submenu inside the System menu inside the K menu?00:45
littlegirldougl: I'll whisper you. I think I'm not allowed to recommend that in this channel. (:00:45
littlegirlOkay, I linked it to you. It's my blog page, and if you have any questions, my contact email is in the top right corner. (:00:46
littlegirlvalorie: Oh, are you talking about that huge thread in the mailing list recently?00:47
littlegirlvalorie: That got really convoluted. (:00:47
valorieyes, it did00:47
valoriebut the beginning of it had more light than heat00:47
valoriethe end....00:47
littlegirlvalorie: I also think it won't work for me because the guy was doing ALL kinds of partitions. I'm just doing one little installation of Kubuntu, so I don't need all that fancy stuff they went into. (:00:48
littlegirlI'm confused, though, because everywhere you turn there is different advice on how it's done, and the best thing I can get out of what everyone has said is that one person in the mailing list said that partitioning is not a science - it's an art. ACK! (:00:48
littlegirlRight now I'm on my old 350 GB drive, but I'd love to install Kubuntu on the big one tonight. (:00:49
valoriewell, right -- but there was talk of optimal sizes for various things like root, swap, etc.00:49
littlegirlvalorie: Then I'll try to plow my way through it again. (:00:49
valoriepersonally, I would just put it on and let kub. make the decisions00:49
dinosrulePartitioning's not hard. By default, just let Kubuntu do it. If you know you need something else, do that.00:50
littlegirlvalorie: The only problem with that is that it creates one big  partition and doesn't leave any slack on the drive. I'm not sure that's a good idea.00:50
dinosruleIf you don't know you need something else, you don't need something else.00:50
valoriebut if you do it guided, I'd welcome your input on the installation part of the docs00:50
dinosrulelittlegirl: why?00:50
valorienow, dinner time for me00:50
littlegirldinosrule: I read that the swap needs slack on the drive in order to work properly, and if you don't provide any slack, you can interfere with swap.00:50
littlegirlvalorie: OK, I'll see what I can do after this is over. (:00:51
dinosrulelittlegirl: swap doesn't use slack, it uses its own partition, which Kubuntu creates by default00:51
littlegirldinosrule: Yep, but apparently slack is important to it. Hang on and I'll try to get the link...00:51
littlegirldinosrule: Apparently I misread it or got stuff mixed up. At any rate, it's at http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/35676/how-to-choose-a-partition-scheme-for-your-linux-pc/ and if you do a search for 35% on that page you'll see his mention of free space, which is apparently important. (:00:55
littlegirldinosrule: I'm not sure whose advice to follow, but I'd like to partition it myself for a change. (:00:56
dinosrulethat's free space within the partition, not outside of the partitions00:56
littlegirldinosrule: Oh! So what does that mean I should make sure to do?00:57
dinosrulehave partitions that are large enough that they don't get full00:57
littlegirldinosrule: My concern is that all of these pages I've visited seem to agree that size is important, and if something is too big it can slow things down. Very confusing all of this. (:00:58
dinosrulemy personal recommendation, assuming you're only installing Kubuntu, that you want to use hibernation, and that you don't have an atypical amount of RAM would be to have a / partition that takes up almost all of the disk, and a swap partition that is > 1 and < 2 times your RAM size that takes up the rest00:58
dinosruleif memory serves, this is what Kubuntu's autopartitioner does00:58
dinosrulelittlegirl: not really. the only thing that having a large partition slows down is periodic filesystem checking, and that's a non-issue on ext4 (the default these days) unless your drives are ridiculously huge00:59
littlegirlI've got a terabyte drive, I won't even need or use hibernation, I've got 4 GB of RAM, and I just want to put Kubuntu on it. If I run any other OS, it will be in VirtualBox inside of Kubuntu. (:00:59
littlegirlI plan on keeping my 350 GB drive as a secondary drive to hold additional backups just for kicks, but that has nothing to do with partitioning this terabyte, though. (:00:59
dougllittlegirl, am following instructions via ssh - what is the command to kill kde desktop?00:59
dinosrulelittlegirl: then I'd go with one large / partition filling the whole drive, or the scheme I just mentioned, depending on whether you want swap. If you're not going to fill the drive up, I'd just make the swap partition anyway01:00
littlegirldougl: Not sure. I've never tried doing that via SSH.01:00
dinosrulepersonally I have 4GB and have no swap, but it gets a bit tight if I'm filling my RAM with virtual machines on that box01:00
littlegirldinosrule: Okay, that sounds good. I don't have to have slack on the drive?01:01
littlegirlWell, I'm off to try it. Thanks for the help! And good luck to dougl with the NVIDIA stuff, too. (:01:02
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douglyeah on my 13.10 install is says they are activated but not in use... what gives?01:54
James0rdougl: says what's activated?01:59
James0rdougl: my bad. missed the previous conversation. carry on.02:00
dougl319 nvidia drivers now02:00
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CRPSD2013dougl: what is your 319 problem?03:58
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lordievaderGood morning.07:34
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Ab3LHi. There's an issue which i cannot figure out after have upgraded to kubuntu 13.10 (i didn't test it in 12.10 nor 13.04, so it may have been present yet).07:52
Ab3Lat start up my external usb harddrive is not automounted, as it was with 12.04.07:53
lordievaderAb3L: Have you set it up that the system automounts?07:56
Ab3Li tried to set in system setting, but there's only automount on plugin and on access. i don't find where i can find the automount at start up (and i would like to avoid the use of fstab)07:57
lordievaderAb3L: rc.local or .profile script?07:58
Ab3Llordievader: what do you mean?07:58
lordievaderHave a script mount it for you, when available, on login.07:59
lordievaderNot sure if KDE will mount it without the connect signal.08:00
Ab3Lnot a so bad idea. i give a look in my home to see if there's one that i forgot from 12.0408:00
Ab3Llordievader: at the moment i've no script that automount it on login. so kubuntu 12.04 did it for me.08:04
lordievaderAb3L: Not something in Systemsettings -> Startup and Shutdown -> Autostart?08:05
lordievaderAnother thing under Systemsettings -> Removable Devices -> Mount all removable media at login is checked?08:06
lordievaderYou are trying to mount removable media right?08:06
Ab3Llordievader: yes. i'm trying to automount a removable media. No, i currently don't have any automount script in systemsettings->startup and shutdown->autostart. and in "removable devices" i find my device twice (the first one in the connected list, and the second one in the disconnected list). in the connected list is checked and all option on the top of the window are also checked.08:11
Ab3Llordievader: i tried to "forget" the two double by clicking on the button on the bottom of the window and start up again. then plugged in the drive and finally to check it. but i still have it twice.08:13
lordievaderAb3L: Strange. Let me see if I plug in a thumbdrive if it will show up twice too.08:16
lordievaderHehe my thumbdrive shows up three times under connected...08:18
Ab3Llol. sometimes me too ^_^08:18
Ab3Lsometimes only one, but today it is shown only twice.08:19
lordievaderAb3L: But perhaps you should uncheck Only automatically mount removable media that has been manually mounted before and chec the mount on login option for your drive.08:19
Ab3Ldone. let me try to reboot, so i see what it happens. see you in a minute.08:21
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Ab3Llordievader: solved. thx.08:29
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lordievaderAb3L: Ah great :)08:31
Ab3Lthe solution was just to uncheck the automount only for removable devices that have been manually mounted before.08:32
Ab3Lbtw, i always have the drive twice. ahahah :D08:34
lordievaderAb3L: :)08:37
Ab3Li think i can click forget on one of it. but which one...08:38
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eagles0513875morning lordievader Ab3L09:20
eagles0513875hey alll i am having issues with 13.10 not picking up my memory card reader :( any ideas as to how i could potentially fix this issue09:20
cancerhi, i'm currently using windows OS and i want to installed linux too. but havw low spec machine. the main purpose for installing linux OS is that i want browsing speed atleast double. is this possible by installing linux and incase Yes then which? thanks.09:24
cancerhi, i'm currently using windows OS and i want to installed linux too. but havw low spec machine. the main purpose for installing linux OS is that i want browsing speed atleast double. is this possible by installing linux and incase Yes then which? thanks.09:26
cancersorry, incase i double posted this question. i coudn't see it in quassel. now using hexchat and it's visible.09:27
lordievadereagles0513875: Does udev pickup that you insert a sd-card?09:37
eagles0513875lordievader: yes its not recognizing the partitioning that is the issue09:38
lordievadereagles0513875: Partitioning is later. Could you answer my question, does udev pickup that a sd card is inserted?09:40
eagles0513875what would i need to determine if udev detects it09:40
lordievadereagles0513875: Eject your sd card, run "sudo udevadm monitor --environment --udev" and insert the sdcard. If you get a bunch of output it is detected.09:42
eagles0513875lordievader: it does detect it as i just partitioned the card and it instantly popped it up and detected it09:43
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lordievadereagles0513875: Ok, can I see the "fdisk -l" output?09:44
eagles0513875lordievader: /dev/sdb1              63    15534854     7767396   83  Linux09:46
lordievadereagles0513875: Err, pastebin it please.09:46
eagles0513875thats the only line of output09:46
eagles0513875the other lines are of my main hard disk09:46
lordievadereagles0513875: Ah, it doesn't have a partition table then.09:46
eagles0513875nope it didnt09:46
lordievadereagles0513875: Ok, getting confused here. What is the problem?09:48
eagles0513875now nothing09:48
eagles0513875lordievader: sorry for the confusion09:51
lordievadereagles0513875: No problem.09:52
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cerhi everybody! Do you know of a microblogging client that allows you to post at the same time on different social network websites? In particular, I need google+ and twitter.10:55
jussicer: can't do it. G+ doesnt have a proper api, so not here and not on any system afaik.11:02
cerjussi: I tought we had google+ clients ....11:02
jussicer: Ive not seen them, but a little googling tells me there is a chrome plugin.... if you use chrome/chromium11:04
jussicer: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gooce%2B-facebook-linkedin/dmcmkedikhmmilolhmdfjodageiickkl/details11:04
cerjussi: yes, this is what I was referring to ....11:04
cerjussi: I thought that since there was a plugin, there must also be a micro blogging client11:05
cerjussi: but could not find any11:05
jussicer: yeah, I have no knowledge of one, apart from the chrome plugin11:10
cerjussi: mmmm .... what a pity11:22
cerjussi: do we have a twitter client that allows for delayed tweets and so on at least?11:39
cerjussi: actually, there is a google+ API .... https://developers.google.com/+/downloads/11:40
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guest23423can a kubuntu 13.04 on a different partition be run within kubuntu 13.1011:52
soeeany idea why Thunderbird opens always on half of the screen not fullscreen ?12:04
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tzoukosdid anyone here have mouse/keyboard/network problems with 13310 ?12:10
tzoukos13.10 *12:10
tzoukosfrom a live ubs it works fine but when installed nothing works :/12:12
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rwc2can i load programs from 13.04 within a 13.10 instance?12:21
rwc2(13.04 on a different partition)12:21
Walexrwc2: often...12:22
rwc2Walex, how12:23
Walexrwc2: just type their pathname.12:23
Walexrwc2: perhaps also first set the 'LD_PATH' to put the 13.04 'lib' directories first.12:24
Walexsoee: depends on the window manager settings usually.12:24
rwc2Walex, can you elaborate or maybe ill google12:26
Walexrwc2: if you are trying to mix-and-match libraries and commands and you are not familiar with how to run executables and set library paths you have a steep learning curve ahead...12:31
lordievaderrwc2: Just out of curiosity but why do you want to run 13.04 applications? Most (if not all) is available for 13.10.12:39
rwc2lordievader, tried running libreoffice in 13.10, #libreoffice suggested bug report12:40
rwc2just trying to run 13.04 libreoffice in 13.1012:40
rwc2ok, it worked, i just ran the bin file from the old directory, thanks Walex12:44
Walexrwc2: or you could install the '.deb's downloaded from LibreOffice repositories.12:46
rwc2Walex, to what end12:47
rwc2ive already tried reinstalling libreoffice for 13.10 if that's what you're suggesting12:47
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Walexrwc2: those are LibreOffice from _Ubuntu_ repositories.12:56
Walexrwc2: those are LibreOffice from _Ubuntu_ 13.10 repositories.12:56
Walexyou can also reinstall it from the completely different '.deb's build by LibreOffice.12:57
Walexbut that requires rather more experience. Perhaps you could disinstall the Ubuntu 13.10 LibreOffice and reinstall the version in 13.04 instead.12:57
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rwc2Walex, ah, i could deinstall and then point at the 13.04 repos, yes13:04
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lordievaderrwc2: I think Walex was trying to point you to https://www.libreoffice.org/download/?version=4.1.3&lang=en-US&type=deb-x86_6413:07
Walexrwc2: yes, as <lordievader>; plus you can *add* the 13.04 repos at a lower priority (APT "pinning") and then downgrade the packages. I find 'aptitude' convenient for that BTW.13:18
Walexbut overall, yes, LibreOffice is pretty good, but this is #KUbuntu and we should tell you to look at KOffice/Calligra, which are pretty good alternatives.13:19
BluesKajHey folks13:22
rwc2Walex,  k, thanks, and for mentioning koffice13:26
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douglmorning BluesKaj  - just noticed on my 12.10 and 13.10 install the nvidia proprietary drivers were "activated but not in use" googled a bit and did some howtos but still activated but not in use - can you point me in the right direction?13:44
soeedougl, have the same13:45
soeedo you have 2 cards ?13:46
douglno desktop is 520 and the notebook is a 68013:47
BluesKajdougl. install mesa-utils , then run this command, glxinfo | grep OpenG , the driver beside "version string" is the driver presently in use13:49
BluesKajdougl. glxinfo | grep OpenGL, correction13:49
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douglOpenGL version string: 4.3.0 NVIDIA 319.32...13:51
dougllooks like it is working... but the additional drivers utility says it is not in use?13:52
BluesKajdougl. then you can ignore that buggy "not in use" message, it's a common bug13:53
BluesKaji had it in an earlier kubuntu as well13:53
douglah - ok, thanks guys and gals appreciate the help13:53
Riddelljussi: you might want to rejoin #k-devel :)14:05
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ceris it possible to launch the Unity desktop under Kde?15:35
lordievadercer: It is better to log out and select Unity in Lightdm.15:36
cerlordievader: thanks. What I am really trying to to is to find a micro blogging client for google+ and twitter, and it seems that Unity has them.15:37
cerlordievader: do you know whether plasma has some? I cannot find any ....15:37
deaf_and_alonehello. I have some questions about Kubuntu15:46
deaf_and_alonecan you help me?15:46
lordievadercer: I do nothing with G+ or twitter and therefore know nothing about it ;)15:47
lordievaderdeaf_and_alone: Ask away ;)15:47
BluesKajdeaf_and_alone. depends wgat your issues are15:52
cerlordievader: thanks all the same.15:53
BluesKajcer try hotot15:55
deaf_and_aloneI installed Kubuntu !3:10 (64 bit). but after installation, computer runs slowly and I closed some settings on KDE. but my computer's cpu see 90-100%. why is so slow?15:56
Vitocheck on sys monitor if there's a process consuming all cpu time15:56
BluesKajdeaf_and_alone. do you have serch index in system settings enabled ?15:56
Vitoon mine there was akonadi_agentlauncher killing my notebook15:57
deaf_and_aloneI have AMD based sony vaio computer. it has 8 gb ram15:58
deaf_and_alonebut it runs slowly15:58
BluesKajdeaf_and_alone. , read what we're suggesting please15:58
BluesKajdeaf_and_alone. kmenu?computer>system settings>desktop search , or whet Vito suggested with system monitor in kmenu>apps>system16:01
cerBluesKaj: thanks!16:23
BluesKajcer. np :)16:23
cerBluesKaj: mmmm .... it does not support google+16:24
BluesKajdunno , cer ..I don't blog much16:24
cerBluesKaj: thanks all the same .... they have moved us to g+ and twitter for work, so I want to find a lazy solution16:25
BluesKajcer, if you don't mind some gtk libs then the ubuntu microblog app will work , dunno if it supports google+ tho16:26
cerBluesKaj: as long as it does not start some CPU consuming gnome services is not a problem. What is it called?16:27
BluesKajcer found a kde version that might support google+ , not real sure , it's called "choqok"16:30
cerBluesKaj: nope, I have already tried it and it does not .... :(16:30
BluesKajbummer ;/16:31
cerBluesKaj: :(16:35
BluesKaji have no other ideas , cer , other than ublog from ubuntu16:35
cerBluesKaj: I will try that I had not thought ....16:35
rwc2both mozilla software, firefox and thunderbird, yield an error in saucy : GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed16:36
rwc2any suggestions?16:36
cerBluesKaj: ther eis no ublog in the repository16:37
BluesKajcer then i'm stumped16:37
cerBluesKaj: thanks a lot for your help, it is the itnention that counts! :D16:39
BluesKajcer , well , good luck in your search16:40
BluesKajcer pidgin ? maybe16:41
BluesKajanyway , gotta go16:42
EvolykaneHello is there any German?16:44
lordievader!german | Evolykane16:45
ubottuEvolykane: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!16:45
lordievaderProbably some Germans there ^16:45
EvolykaneOk, my Problem, I have installed wubi to use ubuntu and Linux, but the Problem is, everytime when I start Linux my two-Key doesn't work16:47
EvolykaneIs there a fix for it?16:47
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soeeminitube user maybe ?19:02
cerhi everybody! there are some errors in my dmesg when it loads the the nouveu module19:34
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PasNoxi would like to enable triple buffer for my nvidia graphics card, doc say to add the option in xorg.conf file, but this one is not existing in my kubuntu saucy version.20:23
PasNoxis there other palce i could set the option ? or i need to create and compelte a full xorg.conf file ?20:23
mokushwhat's with the "#savetheday party" announcements?22:01
Taduro_soee: yes, I use minitube22:23
soeeTaduro_, do you have problems with loading youtube hd videos ?22:23
soeefor example i can play some, app freezes after 3 seconds and if i left it it starts to work after several minutes22:23
Taduro_soee: I have a lot of problems with minitube. It's like it's full of bugs.22:24
soeeah ok22:24
Taduro_soee: yes, the same here, but I close the application..22:24
Taduro_A lot of issues..22:24
soeei think i havent such problems on 13.0422:24
littlegirlHey there, is there a way to remove a file or files to force K menu to rebuild itself?22:50
HighHoHow do you mean, remove menu items, or clear recently opened apps and documents?22:52
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littlegirlHighHo: I'd like to remove whatever file or files that are telling the K menu what to have on it and force it to rebuild itself.22:54
littlegirlHighHo: The whole menu.22:54
HighHoYou can use "kmenuedit" and use "restore to system menu"22:58
littlegirlHighHo: Oh, thank you! That fixed it!22:59
* littlegirl hugs HighHo22:59
HighHoYour welcome, glad its resolved the issue :)22:59
littlegirlOh, thank goodness. You are *wonderful*! I was looking at a whole lot of work, and you did it in a split second. (:23:00
littlegirlHighHo: Thanks once again - I'm off to go eat now. I hope I can repay the favor sometime. (:23:00

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