Frank81NikTh:  thx a lot02:29
Frank81it does the job realy realy great02:29
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EratoTiaTuathaHello everyone, I have w problem connecting to wifi on a fresh Lubuntu 13.10 install. I weould very much appreciate some general directions on where to look for solutions, I'll be happy to do the rest of problem solving on my own but I have no idea where to start.18:59
TheMasterEratoTiaTuatha: What device ?  lspci will tell.18:59
EratoTiaTuathaBroadcom Corporation BCM4312 801.11b/g LP-PHY. I tried setting up a connection in the settings but I can't seem to make it connect.19:01
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:01
TheMasterNinja'd.  LP-PHY.19:02
holsteinEratoTiaTuatha: you'll need to add the support for that.. the "easy" way is to refer to the link there ^ ahd find what package you need, and use a wired connection to install it19:02
holsteinTheMaster: :)19:02
EratoTiaTuathaThank you very much! I thought it could be the drivers. I'll look into it right now and see how it works :)19:03
TheMasterIf you can plug a network cable in, you can use "Additional Drivers" to install them.19:03
holsteineven easier!19:04
EratoTiaTuathaI'll have to find a cable for that so it'll take a while, but I'll try it now :)19:04
EratoTiaTuathaAfter some time looking for the cable I got it to work, many thanks for help again! :)19:45
Xgateshi guys21:38
XgatesHaving some sort of fonts issue in Xchat; http://i.imgur.com/CmEKqhY.png never seen anything like this before, also in Ubuntu 13.1021:39
Xgateswhat's the problem with this?21:39
Xgatesanyone here can lend a hand?21:45
TheMasterWhat's the font set as?  Also, `locale`?21:52
XgatesI got it had to put it on ssl21:56
TheMasterQuite, though I'd recommend SSL for other reasons.  I'll blame xchat being weird, but I don't know the application.21:57
Xgatesthx again I'm out...22:20

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