scarrsanybody got desktop effects and ccsm working in gnome?00:52
CrimsonIdolSure, in 10.0400:54
pfifothe UDS ended, is mir shipping with 14.04?02:00
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BluesKajHey folks13:22
gio60I can not see a movie in the format PDTVRip.MP3_iTA.SPOK.avi on my divx player.    how to do?15:24
bekksgio60: since .avi is a container, your player is incapable of decoding the content.15:35
gio60bekks,   hello15:37
gio60by inserting the disc into your divx player, while on the PC it shows15:38
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gio60bekks,   by inserting the disc into your divx player, while on the PC it shows15:41
gio60bekks,   by inserting the disc into your divx player, while on the PC it shows15:45
gio60bekks,   my player will not read this format films, while the PC reads15:45
Ampelbeingio60: You should ask the person who made this video file to provide a format that your divx player understands.15:46
bekksgio60: And how does that affect what I already told you?15:46
bekksgio60: your pc is working correctly, your divx player cant decode the file. Thats all.15:47
gio60you can not change?15:47
bekksYou have to convert the file - or replace your divx player.15:47
BluesKajgio60. connect your pc to the tv if it's capable of VGA, DVI or HDMI15:48
gio60you know what program to convert the file?15:49
BluesKajffmpeg , avconv , mencoder , there are several15:50
gio60sorry i use ubuntu15:51
BluesKajyes , they are available in ubuntu15:51
gio60openshot ???15:57
gio60BluesKaI can not find the program to edit the file16:07
BluesKajglo try winff16:17
gio60BluesKaj,    THIS PROGRAM IS DEPRECATED ***16:25
gio60This program is only provided for compatibility and will be removed in a future release. Please use avconv instead.16:25
bekksgio60: Ignore that message.16:27
bekksgio60: It was patched in by the avconv guys.16:27
gio60bekks,   ok16:28
gio60bekks,  I try now, thanks for the time16:31
gio60BluesKaj,   I try now, thanks for the time16:32
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arielsanfloi am from colombia23:09
arielsanflomy english is so so23:09
arielsanfloand I have this error when you upgrade23:10
ikoniaarielsanflo: you have duplicate entries23:15
ikoniaarielsanflo: you have 32 bit and 64 bit repos23:15
arielsanflocomo solucione el problema23:16
ikoniaif you can't see the problem - I don't believe you should be using a development version of ubuntu23:17
arielsanfloplease help23:18
ikoniano, I'm sorry, I don't believe you should be using unstable software meant for expierenced users if you can't fix a problem this basic23:19
ikoniamaybe someone else will see it different23:19
penguin42ikonia: Well, no harm in learning in a VM say23:21
ikoniaI disagree23:21
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arielsanflogracias ikonia me sirvio mucho tu ayuda23:27

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