bhag_How to build custom images for arm boards with ssh server and custom username and password on boot05:21
Nothing_MuchHow come I can't upgrade my Ubuntu 13.10 kernel on Armhf?06:49
Nothing_MuchIs there a problem with the dependencies for Armhf?06:52
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infinityNothing_Much: Upgrade it to what?08:27
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Nothing_Muchinfinity: Upgrade the Linux kernel from 3.4 to 3.1117:13
infinityNothing_Much: On what device?  Is this Ubuntu touch?17:17
infinityNothing_Much: Touch uses Android kernels, and they lag behind upstream a lot.17:17
Nothing_MuchUbuntu desktop on an Odroid-XU17:17
infinityNothing_Much: Oh, that's not a device supported by Ubuntu at all, so talk to the person you got the kernel from. :P17:17
Nothing_Muchinfinity: What do you mean?17:18
Nothing_MuchWhy can't I just upgrade my kernel from Synaptic?17:18
infinityNothing_Much: I mean exactly what I said.  The kernel on that device didn't come from Ubuntu.17:19
infinityARM isn't like x86, different platforms need (sometimes wildly) different kernels.17:19
infinityWe only support a small number of platforms.17:19
infinityYour device isn't one of them.  So, wherever you got that kernel/image from, they're the people to talk to.17:19
Nothing_MuchWell, would compiling my own Kernel be good enough?17:19
infinitySure, if you compiled it from sources with support for your board.17:20
infinityI suspect it's not entirely supported upstream.17:20
Nothing_MuchI'm not sure I understand, can I just copy the Linux kernel from github or.. wherever Linus holds the kernel and clone it and compile it?17:21
highvoltageNothing_Much: I think that's the point infinity is making, you can't do that, since you'll need the patches from the manufacturer of your board17:22
Nothing_MuchIs it possible that Arm would become as easy as x86?17:23
highvoltageI think devicetree in the linux kernel is meant to make it somewhat easier, but it doesn't really stop manufacturers from doing weird or completely different things17:25
infinityARMv7 is slowly getting better, but we'll never be able to support ALL boards from one kernel, mainly because once a board is done, no one cares anymore except hobbyists who buy it.17:27
infinityARMv8 should be as easy as x86.  At some point.17:27
IamTryingI have Beagle Board - which has a flash card, when i switch on. Does not show anything at all. How can i install Ubuntu 13.x on it please?22:10

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