pleia2playing the UDS opening drinking game, take a drink every time the word "convergence" is used00:48
pleia2should be unable to type in 4 minutes or so :)00:48
AlanBellI haven't updated the word list since Raring08:38
elfyhi coolbhavi16:43
coolbhavihey elfy16:44
elfycoolbhavi: how's things - seems like ages - again lol16:46
coolbhaviyes elfy :) things are going good16:47
elfycoolbhavi: all good here thanks - busy16:51
elfyhi oly_16:51
oly_hi elfy,16:52
elfyyou the same oly_ as the forum one?16:53
oly_yeah just seen your post :)16:53
elfyif you are we can sort it in pm quicker probably :)16:53
=== jono is now known as Guest99054

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