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phdarkxst, hey man r u here? Just wondering if rhythmbox is working for you on 14.04?02:32
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sbaughi'm sure this is an easy question - I added the gnome3-team/gnome3-next ppa and updated to GNOME 3.10, but now there's no battery icon in the system status bar18:44
sbaughhow can i get one back?18:44
Greylocksyou might d/load an extension, but it has been removed in 3.1018:45
sbaughyikes, so how am i supposed to see my current battery time?18:45
GreylocksI think if you click on the icon on the upper right it's in the menu now18:45
sbaughnope, it's not18:45
Greylocksmaybe in the tweak tool...not sure I'm on 3.8 at the moment18:46
sbaughit definitely shows in the screenshots here... https://help.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/3.10/18:47
sbaughthat's neat18:47
sbaughit disappeared because my battery was full and my charger was plugged in18:47
Greylockslol okay good to know18:49

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