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NoskcajWould it be possible to add the version of each package to the package tracker?22:03
elfyNoskcaj: version that the test was written against?22:03
Noskcajeither that or just the current version of the package22:04
elfymmm - would be better I think to have the version it was written against rather than current - might be changes - then if test fails because of the testcase then we've more chance of tracking it22:09
elfyso - yes it's possible :)22:19
elfywhether we as a QA group want to do it is another thing :p22:20
lderantempt them with cookies :P22:20
elfycookies won't help lderan - I tend to end up doing this stuff :|22:21
NoskcajIn autopilot is there an "easy" way to find what the main menu is called?22:21
Noskcaj*main window22:21
elfynow that I can't answer :p22:22
* elfy wanders of muttering to himself about python and autopilot and arcane stuff22:23
* elfy also hands lderan autopilot officially like 22:24
elfyrubs hands together ... job done22:24
lderanif you would like any other help with the QA stuff let me know :)22:25
elfylderan: if you take autopilot off my hands then I will be eternally grateful - or at least until the end of this cycle :D22:26
elfythen I can concentrate on things I understand - just keep me informed :)22:26
Noskcajautopilot doesn't look too hard, it's just ever test uses completely different code, and the docs use other stuff again22:26
elfywiring a plane isn't hard either Noskcaj :)22:27
elfydepends what you've learnt to do :)22:27
Noskcajgood point, and i was saying that generally rather than to you22:27
elfyI know :)22:28
elfyI just hate people saying it's easy ;)22:28
lderaneverything is, once you've learnt how to do it. learning is the hard part22:29
elfyhaving a reason to do it makes it a bit easier - but I've never had any need or reason to learn22:29
elfynot even for fun - I read ecological books for fun :p22:30
elfy*type* books22:30
lderanecology is very interesting22:32

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