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vthompsonI reflashed my Nexus 4 with the Trusty r10 build and currently wifi doesn't seem to be working and I can't turn it on. Anyone have any tips?01:17
vthompsonIt also seems like sound isn't working--I can't get hear anything I play in the music app01:20
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teepekhello, can somebody help me with returning to android please? the way described in wiki doesnt work. cheers03:50
bray90820What is the most stable platform for ubuntu touch04:02
FuLgOrEthe vUSD is over. Any news regarding Ubuntu touch on the Nexus 5?04:19
teepekhi, somebody can help me with getting back to android on galaxy nexus? wiki manual doesnt work. thnx04:23
RobbyFdownload the nexus image and run the flash-all bat file04:27
teepekbut shouldt i be in the bootloader?04:30
teepekadb reboot-bootloader doesnt work. status is "device" as online, but only adb reboot is works04:34
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teepekok, cheers guys, i´ve done it04:52
bhalu_How to install ubuntu touch in arm dev boards05:09
bhag_How to install ubuntu touch in arm dev boards ?05:10
bhag_ How to install ubuntu touch in arm dev boards ?05:36
bhag_ How to install ubuntu touch in arm dev boards06:10
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dragonkeeperim trying my hand at making a port but i am confused of where the "breakfast" command comes from10:06
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dragonkeeperis there no1 here to help ?10:54
popeydragonkeeper: I'd recommend either pinging a mail to the ubuntu-phone mailing list or come back here during the EU/US working day during the week10:55
dragonkeeper:( ok10:56
pandarenHi, has anyone tried phablet-flash under VM? i got stock at flashing boot.img.11:41
pandarenI don11:43
pandarenI don't have a working ubuntu workstation, so I made a VM for flashing ubuntu-touch to Nexus 7.11:44
pandarenAfter rebooting my device, process doesn't continue.11:44
pandarensome help would be appreciated. :)11:46
dragonkeeperim using a VM but kinda stuck11:49
pandarendragonkeeper, where did you get stuck?11:51
weirdoanybody can help me with tablet?11:51
dragonkeeperenabling new device :(11:51
weirdoyesterday i installed ubuntu touch on my google nexus 711:51
weirdoand its very, very bad system :D11:51
weirdoi want restore android back11:51
weirdobut i dont know what version of tablet i have11:52
weirdohow i can find version in ubuntu touch?11:52
weirdoFactory Images "razor" for Nexus 7 [2013] (Wi-Fi) or Factory Images "nakasi" for Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi)11:53
dragonkeepernexus 7 is codename grouper11:53
dragonkeepernexus 7 2013 is the 4g version i believe ?11:53
weirdodragonkeeper: so i will try "nakasi" file11:54
weirdoi am sad than cant use ubuntu on tablet now, but o lot of bugs ...11:54
dragonkeeperweirdo yeah nakasi or nakasig11:56
weirdobut thing is that i believed it was good so i dont have backup of my files and aps :D11:56
dragonkeeperim very confused atm :( does someone want to make a port for me lol11:56
weirdo*bat thing11:56
dragonkeeperyano if you have nothing better to do :)11:57
dragonkeeperhaha always have at least 1 backup11:57
weirdomy bad, need some tutorial how to root android from ubuntu11:59
dragonkeeperif your going back to android cant u just flash a new recovery then flash SuperSU.zip to gain root ?12:00
weirdodragonkeeper: but until yesterday i didnt know that i can use abd and flash on ubuntu, so its gonna be hard for me12:03
weirdofirst i must restore it than i can think about rooting my device lol12:03
dragonkeeperi see12:05
weirdodragonkeeper: can you help me12:15
dragonkeeperil try ?12:15
weirdodragonkeeper: there in restoring tutorial is: 5. run adb reboot-bootloader12:16
weirdohow i can do that?12:16
dragonkeeperwhen ur in the OS  and have adb access  it will reboot device and load bootloader12:16
dragonkeeperso if your in android or in ubuntu  run that command12:16
weirdolol its command? i am an idiot srry12:17
dragonkeeperalternativly u can use button presses, just like u would to boot into recover, but im unsure what buttons are for nexus12:17
weirdoi think thats its installing now12:19
weirdomy computer is like on 100% CPU everything is freezing12:20
dragonkeeperhaha i have 2 VMs running on Gentoo   and shit load of apps running for chat web browsing music  and im running 2 screens ,  cpu is at 8%12:23
weirdofinished. total time: 163.709s12:24
weirdothanks you very much for help12:24
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pandarenI've flashed ubuntu-touch using phablet-flash under VM, but my nexus 7 (3g) won't boot into ubuntu touch.12:56
pandarenAny ideas WHY?12:56
dragonkeeperits stubborn ?12:56
dragonkeeperits having a bad day ?12:56
dragonkeeperit tired to boot it but tripped ?12:57
dragonkeeperlol ima try other device see if i have more luck12:57
dragonkeeperok found my problem13:24
dragonkeeperneed assistance now lol13:25
dragonkeeperDefault revision phablet-trusty not found in android_device_motorola_olympus. Bailing.13:25
dragonkeeperhow do i select a fallback branch ?13:25
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AskUbuntuBricked android | http://askubuntu.com/q/38125216:51
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firelmnt[porting issue] i can't find fstab? what can i do?17:12
NYLHi is there a admin to edit wiki devices list?17:17
firelmntNYL: you need to log in and edit the page yourself.17:20
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leosamHi! When running "phablet-dev-bootstrap emulator" (to install ubuntu touch emulator, following the instructions in the wiki) I get the following error:17:51
leosamgpg: Can't check signature: public key not found17:51
leosamerror: could not verify the tag 'v1.12.7'17:51
leosamdoes anyone know what's going wrong?17:51
leosami have a problem installing the ubuntu-touch emulator on saucy, can anyone help me?18:26
kenshiroHi, will Ubuntu Touch desktop be customizable like Ubuntu for pcs? Example, install something like Ubuntu Classic desktop, so users can use a more "classic" mobile desktop like Android18:47
kenshirobuttons at the bottom instead of sweep fingers to make menus appear18:47
shadeslayerogra_: btw it seems like somone released libEGL/GLES et all19:03
shadeslayerfor the Nexus 10 : http://malideveloper.arm.com/develop-for-mali/features/mali-t6xx-gpu-user-space-drivers/19:03
shadeslayermaybe I can get X11 working on there ^_^19:04
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Bbullehi guys19:30
Bbulledoes someone know when ubuntu will be available for nexus 5? :(19:30
Bbullesomeone there19:33
dakerhi just reflash utouch(r10) and the wifi is not working only getting the lo interface http://paste.ubuntu.com/6465396/20:08
AskUbuntunexus 4 firmware,, how to know what firware a new phone has? | http://askubuntu.com/q/38132920:17
manornkDoes anyone know if GeeksPhone Peak is supported for Ubuntu Touch?20:22
user82does a n4 work with a standard usb hdmi adapter?20:23
user82for the desktop experience20:23
manornkDoes anyone know if GeeksPhone Peak is supported for Ubuntu Touch?20:25
nylerror: could not verify the tag 'v1.12.7'20:57
nyldoesn't seem to import the new keys21:01
nylworks now :p21:07
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kokonisI wanna try ubuntu touch help me anyone ?21:40
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omacwhen is ubuntu touch going to be available on the nexus 5?  If it was available, I would buy it right away.  The reason I didn't buy a nexus 4 was because it was not advertised as having LTE capability, but I recently discovered that it does and it can be enabled.  Here is the URL showing how to enable LTE AWS BAND 4 on the Google Nexus 4:  http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-enable-lte-on-the-nexus-4-it-can-be-done/22:18
omacThe current Ubuntu touch image for Google Nexus 4 only has GSM functionality.  Is that because it was based on one of the other versions of cyanogenmod that didn't have the LTE radio functionality preserved?22:21
iBelievenik90: ping22:57
AskUbuntuStatus of Ubuntu for Nexus 7 | http://askubuntu.com/q/38139023:53

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