rick_h_party party01:08
greg-gyo yo01:12
rick_h_cmaloney: backing up linode.01:12
cmaloneyrick_h_: kk01:12
cmaloneyLMK when you want to do the transfer01:13
rick_h_it'll also take down paste.mitechie.com. I should reset that up somewhere01:13
rick_h_cmaloney: yea, it's actually got a bunch of old stuff on there. tar'ing it all into one giant thing and will re-upload just the good stuff01:13
rick_h_but did a db dump and such01:13
greg-gcmaloney: hey, it's what we have in the cabinet (it's quite the collection, honestly)01:15
greg-goh no!01:16
greg-grick_h_ is migrating servers?01:16
rick_h_greg-g: well, I pay $30 for the one that runs paste and lococast so cutting costs01:16
greg-gyeah, that's a lot01:16
rick_h_so trimming some fat and trying to get things back into control01:16
rick_h_so I can justify spending more on bmark.us and such :)01:17
gamerchick02guess who's an idiot and accidentally deleted all her partitions whilst trying to make more room for Windows?02:13
rick_h_and then magically pulled out her backups from the local NAS and was happy?02:14
gamerchick02well, i have an external hard drive that windows doesn't seem lo like right now.02:14
gamerchick02ubuntu has NO problems with it but windows is like "let me check and make sure this is ok."02:15
gamerchick02i'm working on the windows side of things right now. pulled down my WoW client pretty quick. doing D3 right now.02:15
gamerchick02and i'll have Steam in a bit. (that's why i needed more room; Humble Indie Bundle)02:16
gamerchick02sort of. i hope i can get my docs and stuff onto windows. i have a 1TB hard drive and did it halvesies.02:18
gamerchick02Ubuntu is next and that won't take any time at all to install02:20
gamerchick02also what's the deal with the sound indicator bug in Xubuntu?02:20
tony-smlrDoor and I are on Linux for the rest of us Going live 148 http://youtu.be/hxAzjhoTp6s02:29
tony-smlrWe are chatting on #podnutz02:30
jrwrenwhoo hoo... saturday15:35
gamerchick02no kidding!15:35
gamerchick02been a long week15:35
gamerchick02especially since i accidentally hosed my hard drive last night trying to add more space for windows. oops. but i'm back up and in business. :)15:36
jrwrenadding more games?15:52
gamerchick02yeah, adding more games. that humble indie bundle now integrates with steam and i need more room for that stuff16:11
gamerchick02i split my HDD into two about 500 gb portions and half goes to ubuntu and half goes to windows16:11
gamerchick02i'd made the mistake of letting ubuntu "do it's thing" and it didn't leave me with very much room to expand if i needed more room on windows.16:12
gamerchick02oh well16:12
gamerchick02i can be back up and running with my partitions in less than 2 days with my internet connection and the way i install stuff. :)16:12
jrwrenI never restart.16:20
jrwrenif I have to, its a full restart. I don't even knwo what back up and running is.16:20
gamerchick02well this was an accident. i didn't mean to delete everything but i did.16:40
gamerchick02oh well16:40
derekvmessing with https://ifttt.com/19:43
derekvthis is exactly the type of app i envision building.  useful, simple, composable, works with other services19:44
derekvonly thing i'm noticing is, i'm putting a lot fo trust into this companies security19:54
gamerchick02yeah i have an account there too. it's handy for some stuff20:22
gamerchick02there's also divr.it or something20:22
gamerchick02i think that's open source20:22
rick_h_derekv: yea, it's pretty cool. I've used it for a couple of handy things. Not found a killer use for it yet.20:42
gamerchick02i use it in conjunction with pocket and pinboard.in. if i star something in pocket it will go to pinboard.21:01
cmaloneyWell today has been fun21:35
cmaloneyfinally went to the docs for my sore neck21:35
rick_h_cmaloney: all good?21:36
cmaloneyI'm on muscle relaxers21:36
cmaloneyso if you'd like to ask me for anything now would be the time. :)21:37
cmaloney(Actually it's not much)21:37
rick_h_cmaloney: heh, party21:41
rick_h_time for more standing desk time to help with that. Helps my neck issue some, though I don't always do a good job of that stuff21:42
cmaloneyGoing to lay down for a bit. bbl21:55
greg-gcmaloney: feel better22:01
jrwrenremember yahoo pipes?22:22
jrwrenifttt 10yrs ago22:22

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