jrgiffordbelkinsa, hey, did you email the ubuntu youth?02:09
Unit193Irccloud better than Trekweb, then?02:16
jrgiffordUnit193: more of a convenience thing.02:16
jrgiffordI wish there were more options for IRC on the mobile02:19
Unit193"Don't use adblock" they said, "It steals money out of the site owners pocket" they said... You can't reaking use sites without it anymore, what's wrong with them??02:26
yanoyou need more than adblock now-a-days anyways02:28
jenni[ firefox_privacy_suggestions.md ] - https://j.mp/1bavkSp02:28
jrgiffordEh. I settle for AB+, ghostery and the occasional /etc/hosts based-blocking.02:38
jrgiffordthat, and dumping cookies every night.02:38
skellat.nws 4400402:53
jenniLake Effect Snow !WARNING! issued November 22 at 9:27PM EST until November 24 at 7:00PM EST by NWS02:53
jenniComplete weather watches, warnings, and advisories for Ashtabula, OH, available here: http://alerts.weather.gov/cap/wwaatmget.php?x=OHC007 -- You may also PM the bot to get the full list.02:53
skellatOh joy!02:53
yanoyou guys should -c the channel \o/03:08
yanoand you can get the pretty colours you would see in ##weather-us-oh03:08
skellatyano: I'll have to think about that03:17
yanoskellat: cool03:19
Unit193I support Yano.03:28
Unit193jrgifford: Yep, ghostery+abe03:28
jrgifford.nws 4411803:28
jenniThere are no active watches, warnings or advisories, for Cleveland, OH.03:28
jrgiffordi would have thought that we'd get the same weather you do, for the most part.03:29
yano.nws KCMH03:29
jenniyano: ZIP is invalid.03:29
yanooh derp03:29
yano.nws 4321003:29
jenniThere are no active watches, warnings or advisories, for Columbus, OH.03:29
Unit193Temp: 34 F (1 C) ~ Overcast ~ Windchill: 25 F (-4 C) ~ Humidity: 75% ~ Observed: Fri 22, 21:5203:29
Unit193Hrmmm.... Colors.03:30
yanoyou mean colours \o/03:31
yanoi think there are a few other things that might use bold03:47
=== Unit193 is now known as TheMaster
belkinsajrgifford: I did, why?13:45
jrgiffordbelkinsa: anything I can do to help? I'm familiar with the ubuntu yuth group16:22
belkinsaNot at the moment, but once Ubuntu Women (as a team) figures something out, I will tell you (and the team also).16:23
TheMasterIT'S SNOWING!18:34
TheMasterAnnnnd not a one got that reference. :)18:34
belkinsaAnd I have came at the wrong time.  :)18:35
gilbertnot snowing here :)18:35
TheMastergilbert: I'm sorry for you.18:39
skellatTonight's meeting agenda has been updated: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/MeetingAgenda2013-1119:57
jenni[ OhioTeam/MeetingAgenda2013-11 - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://j.mp/1h2pzsJ19:57
jrgiffordit stopped snowing here. :(20:21
TheMasterTemp: 27 F (-3 C) ~ light snow mist ~ Windchill: 14 F (-10 C) ~ Humidity: 80% ~ Observed: Sat 23, 15:0320:23
belkinsaskellat, thanks.  I didn't know what to put there.20:32
TheMasterhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2189707&goto=newpost poop.23:25
jenni[ Forum and Discourse ] - https://j.mp/Im5oIx23:25
belkinsaI started the 'Where in Ohio do you Hail from" topic: http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/where-in-ohio-do-you-hail-from/125723:39
jenni[ Where in Ohio do you hail from? - Ubuntu Discourse ] - https://j.mp/Im680n23:39
* TheMaster isn't into Discourse.23:39
belkinsaHeh, same here...Not really a forum person, but I will echo stuff when needed.23:40

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