Private_Userciao people00:54
Kiloscremora minora06:29
Kiloshi nlsthzn 06:30
KilosBlood is thicker than water but maple syrup is thicker than blood so technically pancakes are more important than family07:38
magespawngood morning08:08
Kiloshi magespawn 08:38
Kilosstupid ubiquity08:41
Kiloskubuntu installs on a stick as if its a drive but unity wont08:42
Kiloshi space 08:52
nlsthznalo all09:16
Kilosdag neelsie09:16
nlsthznhow goes it?09:17
Kiloslekker ty and you09:17
nlsthznalways good09:18
nlsthznpity the rugby is so late :/09:18
nlsthznI will be way to drunk to watch 09:18
Kilosyeah crazy hey09:18
Kilos10pm za time09:19
Kilosis pendrivelinux for win peeps?09:21
nlsthznpizza and movie time bbl09:23
magespawnhey Kilos 09:23
magespawnhow are you doing the install Kilos ?09:23
Kilosi tried from dvd and from another stick magespawn 09:24
Kilosenjoy nlsthzn 09:24
Kilosand kubuntu dont give any hassles09:24
Kilosive even googled for a command to install from the dvd or stick09:25
Kilosfind all other kinds of stuff like install ubuntu from a stick09:26
Kiloseven after booting if i click install it opens the live option 09:27
Kiloswith no install icon goodie09:28
magespawnhow are you getting the live image onto the stick/09:29
magespawnsounds like it is not seeing the hard drive09:29
Kilosi used startup disk creator and unetbootin and my remastersys dvd09:30
Kilosthey dont seem to see the stick yes09:30
Kilosbut kde does09:31
Kilosand i cant rewrite my book to match kde09:31
Kilosalso when on the live dvd or stick gparted sees the stick09:38
magespawni see09:38
Kilosonly the installer sukkels09:38
magespawnare you trying to make a bootable stick for your book?09:39
Kilosas a last resort i can install kde and then ubuntu-desktop i spose 09:39
Kilosnot just a bootable startup installer stick but a fully installed stick09:41
Kilosso one can run the working os from the stick without updates and all that stuff09:42
Kilosif kde can install then so should unity09:44
magespawnmaybe it is a unity thing09:49
magespawnmaybe try a another version, a light version like xubuntu09:50
Kilosyeah looks like09:50
Kilosoh i have an xubuntu cd ya09:50
Kilosi dunno if kde also uses ubiquity09:51
Kilosalso it might be that old pc.09:51
Kilosbut too many things to unplug to try here09:51
magespawnwell with a light desktop you can be fairly certain it will run on most hardware09:52
Kilosya but that pc runs 12.04 unity fine on a drive09:52
Kilosits the usb stick part that sucks on unity09:52
Kiloslemme see what other options there are in bios09:53
Kilos/usr/bin/ubiquity-dm is the crash prob10:04
Kilosmaybe i should send an error report10:04
magespawnmight be idea10:06
Kiloslotsa info in there10:08
Kilosattriberror: no frontend available tried gtk_ui kde_ui10:10
Kiloshi  Vince-0 10:14
Vince-0Hi hoe gaan dit op die plaas10:15
charlgood morning10:16
charlMaaz: coffee on10:16
* Maaz starts grinding coffee10:16
charlMaaz: seen cantide10:16
Maazcharl: cantide was last seen 11 days, 3 hours, 36 minutes and 33 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2013-11-12 08:40:07 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2013-11-12 08:46:37 SAST10:16
charlhi Kilos 10:16
Kiloshi charl 10:17
charlhow's it going10:17
KilosMaaz, coffee please10:17
MaazKilos: Alrighty10:17
charli'm looking at buying a new phone but i don't know what to get10:18
Vince-0big bettery10:18
charlyeah good battery life is an essential feature now10:18
Vince-0the only other phones with that size battery are the Huawei Mate2? And the Galaxy Notes10:19
charlit turns out i can get unlimited 3g for 15 euro per month on a sim only deal10:19
charlso i want to get a phone that i can tether with10:20
charland that eats battery like you won't believe10:20
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!10:20
charlMaaz: thanks10:20
Maazcharl: No problem10:20
KilosMaaz, ty10:20
MaazYou are welcome Kilos10:20
charl50 mins and 50 sms with unlimited data will cost me total 17 euro so that's pretty fair i think10:21
charli won't mind running cyanogenmod or ubuntu mobile on it either10:21
charlso that it doesn't turn into an android-based nsa spying device for example10:22
charli'm scared of some of these deals because it turns out the mobile carrier can "push" an application onto your phone without it knowing10:22
charli wanna run chatsecure and xmpp with my own server running on prosody for IM in any case10:23
charlthere was a case somewhere in NL where a guy made a bomb joke on whatsapp and the next moment the police came knocking on his door10:23
charlwas all over the news - comes to show how secure whatsapp is10:24
charlthis terrorism has been used as an excuse now to take away about all of our remaining freedom10:24
Vince-0whatsapp is the devil10:32
charlhere's the original article: http://nieuws.thepostonline.nl/2013/10/09/privacy-2013-politie-aan-de-deur-na-whatsapp-bericht/ (in dutch)10:36
charlbut now that i google it again i found this: http://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2013/10/10/politiebezoek-na-mondelinge-tip-niet-door-whatsapp-bericht-over-bom/10:37
charlwhich basically says that they received a tip from someone else and that they are not listening in on whatsapp10:37
charlso it might have been an overhyped misunderstanding after what happened the past summer with the nsa10:37
Kilosty magespawn its taking xubuntu 12.0410:54
Kilosthen i spose i can unify it later10:55
magespawnis unity needed Kilos ?11:23
Kiloslol not really11:24
Kilosonly thats what peeps gonn get after using the book/stick11:24
Kilosall explanations must change, and i dont like xubuntu much11:25
Kilosneeds to be something im comfortable with11:25
magespawnah i see11:27
magespawnthought maybe there was a program that required unity11:27
Kiloscould even have used 10.1011:32
Kiloshi Private_User 11:40
Private_Userhey Kilos hows it going?11:41
Kilosgood ty and you?11:41
Private_Usernot to bad hey11:42
Private_Userexcept I am finding now that sometimes when I start up my Lubuntu desktop I get an internal error message11:44
Private_Usernow I am trying to figure out how to copy this error11:44
Kiloswhat does it say11:45
Kilossame one?11:45
charli have a question11:45
charlsecure imap server - which one?11:45
Kilosif you are online it should give the option to report it11:46
charlif i get an android phone it would be nice to be able to check my mail (but leave all my mail on my server)11:46
Private_Useryep same error as the last time11:46
charli usually read my mail by ssh'ing into the server and reading the mail locally with mutt11:46
charlbut it looks like i might need to install an imaps server after all11:46
Kilosdont android do pop11:46
charli used a server called dovecot almost 10 years ago but it turned out to be somewhat insecure and not too well tested11:47
charli definitely don't want to use pop because that downloads and stores the mail on the android device11:47
charli want to use imap so that all the mail is kept on the server11:47
charleven though i can delete individual messages, say11:47
Kilosi use pop with evolution and all mails stay at gmail11:48
charli'm actually not too happy about running *yet* another daemon11:48
Private_Useryeah I clicked report it and it came up with another window which states The application Report a problem... has closed unexpectedly.11:48
charli would much rather stick to something that can run across ssh11:48
KilosPrivate_User, read that report and see what it says the error is or what it involves11:48
charlKilos: there is an option for that, but does it also work with mail organised into different folders ?11:48
Kilosi dunno charl all my mails stay at gmail11:49
Kiloshavent tried more folders11:49
charlpop is not too flexible11:50
charlit was good for what it was designed for11:50
Kiloscharl,  how does one copy an error report11:50
charli could even try to install a web interface but then security is once again a concern11:50
Kiloshighlight copy dont work11:50
charland i would need something that works well on a mobile device11:50
charlerror report? what type of error report?11:50
charlyeah some dialogs don't allow you to copy the text inside11:51
Kilosyou know man you musta seen it at sometime11:51
charlin that case, just make a screenshot11:51
Kilosthe report a bug thingie11:51
charloh the ubuntu error report dialog? no idea i always just close it without thinking twice11:51
charlbut just make a screenshot ?11:51
KilosPrivate_User, do that11:52
Kilosmake it large though11:52
Kilosmy one eye is blind and the other also doesnt see11:52
Private_Userok I am trying that now11:52
Private_Userdoes printscreen button not create a screeshot?11:56
Kilosno somewhere there is a screenshot goodie11:57
KilosMaaz, google where is screenshot in lubuntu11:58
MaazKilos: "Taking screenshots in Lubuntu (11.10) - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/184618/taking-screenshots-in-lubuntu-11-10 :: "Lubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) Officially Released ..." http://news.softpedia.com/news/Lubuntu-13-10-Saucy-Salamander-Officially-Released-Screenshot-Tour-392208.shtml :: "Lubuntu 13.04 Screenshot Tour - Softpedia News"11:58
Maazhttp://news.softpedia.com/news/Lubuntu-13-04-Screenshot-Tour-348566.shtml :: "Lubuntu 13.10 Beta …11:58
KilosPrivate_User, one of those links will tell you how to do it11:58
Private_Userthanks Kilos 11:59
Kilosif the error report crashes apport isnt happy hey charl ?12:05
charlwhat is apport?12:06
Kilosthe thing that reports probs12:06
Kilosi think12:06
charlreading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport12:06
charlyeah that sounds about right12:07
charlwhat apport crashed? so the error reporting itself created an error?12:07
charlthat is almost ironical12:07
charldebugging applications and sending bug reports not containing any "confidential" information of the user can be tricky12:07
Kilosno man it crashed trying to report an error12:08
charlif you have a java exception for example you can simply take the whole stack trace etc or whatever comes out of stderr12:08
charlwhahahahha !12:08
charlthat is ironical indeed12:08
charlsorry i don't have any experience with apport12:08
charlfortunately i don't use "standard" ubuntu so i don't get it crashing all over me all the time12:08
charlwhen i used to use gnome3 and the first couple of versions of kde4 i got so many crashes that i just started ignoring them12:09
Kilosmost likely the error is in the init stuff and has been removed but the link is still there12:09
charlbut those two were super unstable in the early years12:09
charlhmmm quite possibly, if you know which init script it is you can remove it manually12:09
charlor simply stop it from executing by removing the x flag12:09
Kilosthats why i wanna see the error report12:10
Kilosgives info on what the error is12:10
charlwe used to use update-rc.d but i don't know if that is still the case in the latest ubuntu12:10
charlif it's in the init scripts it should also stand in the syslog12:10
charli think?12:10
charli would say grep the syslog for a start12:11
Kilosi dont know enough12:11
charlhold on a second..you are seeing a complete nondescrip error message?12:11
charlthat's terrible ubuntu for you12:12
charlwas exactly the opposite of what linux was designed to be - open and transparent12:12
Kilosit might be looking for something that was removed not purged12:13
Kilosas in .conf still there12:16
Private_Usernow my screen just went off while trying to do a screen sot of the error report12:20
Private_Userlooks like I am gonna have to wait until that error appears again cause now there is no response when moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard12:22
Private_Userscreen is stil off12:22
Private_Userok seems like the reset button has to do12:23
Private_Userlol I pressed the reset buttong and it switched the compuetr off12:24
Private_Userand no error on startup this time12:26
Kilosdo sudo touch /forcefsck12:27
Private_Userok spoke to soon error has poped up12:27
Kilosthen next time you reboot it will do a filesystem check12:27
Kilosok try screenshot it12:27
Kilossomething is unhappy there12:28
Private_Useractually there are 2 errors12:28
Private_UserI clicked show details it is thinking12:28
Kilosstorming here if i disappear power has died12:29
charlsorry back12:30
charlif the config is still there it shouldn't matter12:30
charlit's just there in case you reinstall it12:30
charlif you customised the configuration for example, that you don't lose your customisations accidentally12:30
Private_Usernow its not reponding to any of my mouse commands12:31
Private_Useror keyboard12:31
Private_Usercannot even do the screenshot12:31
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall apport12:31
Kilosoh my12:32
Kiloscan you not open a terminal even12:32
Private_Userhad to do a hard reset now12:32
Private_Usernope not even terminal none of the keyboard commands were doing anything12:32
Kiloskill button12:33
Kilosshort one to start with12:33
Kilosif it dont say shutting down do a long one12:33
Private_Usertrying to re-install apport12:36
Private_Userhow long would it take cause on the terminal screen the last line reads "apport stop/waiting"12:36
Private_Userand it does not seem to be doing much12:37
Kiloshows the internet connection12:37
Private_Userok my mistake its frozen12:37
Private_Userno mouse or keyboard response12:37
Kilosdid you do sudo touch /forcefsck12:38
Private_Useryep but did not restart12:38
Kilosor do recovery on booting12:38
Kilossomething is corrupt12:38
Private_Userok now did a filesystem check and then enable networking and clicked repair broken packages just in case and it seems to be doing alot12:46
Private_Userbut now I am wondering if I should have waited for Nite Surfer time12:46
Private_Userok now its seems to be stuck doing nothing, its at the point where it says "Get:13 http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/main openjdk-6-jdk i386 6b27-1.12.6-1ubuntu0.12.04.4 [11,2 MB]" "Fetched 83,3 MB in 3min 22s (412 kB/s)"12:56
Private_Usershould I reboot or wait?12:57
Private_Userthe screen is even going off as when the machine is doing absolutely nothing12:57
Kilosis it hanging13:04
Kilosnice fast connection you have13:05
Private_UserI restarted it in recovery mode again and re-ran the repair broken packages that seem to have completed13:05
Kilosok then carry on doing things13:07
Kilosit will tell you if reboot needed13:07
Private_Userbut I rebooted and it hung had to perform a hard reset13:08
Private_UserI have been doing many for that today13:08
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall upstart13:08
Private_Userwondering if my actual hdd is fine13:08
Kilosah thats also old13:08
Kiloswhat size is it13:09
Kilosif it was big you could install again alongside13:10
Kilosactually i got a bad blocks command somewhere that checks13:10
Kilosbut i think you gotta run it from another drive or the cd13:11
Private_Userok I now got the internal error again13:12
Kilostry the screenshot13:13
Kilosand see what that link says13:13
Kilosold drives can be gray hairs13:15
Private_Usernow everything I open and i try to do something its crashing or just closing13:17
Private_Usernow I am actually starting to get a little pissed of with this machine, feel like kicking it and throwing it out the window13:18
Private_Userlet me try this bad block thingie and see what it says13:19
Private_Userhad to hard reset again13:19
Private_Usernow running the bad blocks so lets see what happens13:22
Private_Userthink maybe its time for me to take a break while its running13:22
Private_User0 bad blocks15:52
Kiloswow that looks wrong15:53
KilosMaaz, spell great15:54
MaazKilos: Looks good to me15:54
Kilosok then Private_User we gotta find whats causing the prob15:54
Kilosmaybe bad install but should be fixable15:55
Kilosi wish the clever okes were here to guide us15:55
Kilosis it still hanging and messing around?15:56
Kilosdont forget with min ram there will be lotsa thinking times15:56
Kiloshave you done a memory test?15:57
magespawn home time for me later all16:01
Kilosgo safe magespawn 16:01
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:41
Private_UserI wondering if anybody else in here have trouble sleeping like I do?23:31
Private_Usercurrently running updates on my lubuntu installation but this time I clicked all options so nows it actually is doing more than just stating that it is up to date23:32
Private_Userguys is there a log file of all errors encountered in ubuntu and where can I find it or is reset everytime I reboot?23:42

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