charlieInQuIrI: try looking in Downloads directory..00:00
urielvigilantBeldar: sorry iam newby, onli i installed VLC from software center then reboot00:00
Beldarsome just wont play ever00:00
InQuIrIcharlie: its not there00:00
Beldar!dvd | urielvigilant00:00
ubottuurielvigilant: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:00
ubottulocate is a command-line file search utility. To make sure its cache is up to date run: sudo updatedb00:01
draskohi all. apt-cache show linux-image-3.10-3-amd64 gives me information Source: linux. How to see which version of linux wil "apt-get source linux" pick?00:01
truebattleaxewho has mir installed?00:01
MonkeyDusttruebattleaxe  tip: there's also #ubuntu-mir00:02
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:03
Hai_Karateurial- did it work?00:05
DuncanNZFuuqUmist: still having the flash problem?00:07
babaWhy can't i open zip files i downloaded while are most ubuntu compatible??00:07
urielvigilantThank you very much my friend.... it works m now DVD playing ! you are the MAjor one ! ;o)00:07
maokaiiteamviewer from here: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/linux.aspx wont open for some reason00:08
maokaiiit shows the application00:08
maokaiibut wont open00:08
DuncanNZbaba: what happens when you try to open a zip file?00:08
FloodBot1maokaii: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:08
Beldarbaba, Are you sure you even need them, did you check the repos for them?00:08
arvutif I change keyboard layout with loadkeys, will everyone who logs in via ssh use that layout or use their own?00:09
babaDuncanNZ...they go to the downloads, but i can't extract them00:10
truebattleaxedoes anyone have mir installed?00:10
DuncanNZbaba: so when you double click on them in the downloads, does anything happen?00:10
ikoniatruebattleaxe: why don't you just ask the question you want to know the answer to00:11
babasomething pop out to say it caant open the files00:11
ikoniababa: what are you downloading exactly.00:11
ikoniababa: please give us a real example00:11
truebattleaxemy sound card works. then cuts out00:12
babaa pakage from the fisc00:12
truebattleaxewould that have to do with mir00:12
ikoniababa: that makes no sense, please give us a real life example00:12
ikoniatruebattleaxe: doubtful00:12
InQuIrIMonkeyDust: http://pastebin.com/t7uaxVDG00:13
FuuqUmistDuncanNZ yeah it sucks, i can't get it to work00:13
urielvigilantHai_Karate : Thanks Thanks and thanks you again , about that master Karate movement you teach me. after i installed Restrictec and VLC i still not able to play DVD, but after i typed what you teach: sudo apt-get install libdvdread4 , i discovered that it was already instaled , but then i typed what you said : sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh , then i sudo apt-get update ,.......00:13
urielvigilant......then sudo reboot.,. then guess , now YESSS DVD working perffectly ! Thank you very much! HAVe a nice nice Weekend.00:13
truebattleaxecould it be because i am running 14.04?00:13
babaikonia.. im in holland and thats what i try to download  http://download.belastingdienst.nl/belastingdienst/apps/linux/ib2012_linux.tar.gz00:13
ikoniatruebattleaxe: seeing how 14.04 is in early development and will have lots of problems during the development process....probably00:14
urielvigilantlolo i stilll loving Lubuntu 13.1000:14
urielvigilantThanks to you community !00:14
truebattleaxegot it. maybe time to revert back00:14
maokaiiHello, I'm trying to run teamviewer on ubuntu 12.04, when I click the application it won't run..what do I do?00:14
ikoniababa: please run the command "file ib2012_linux.tar.gz" against that file00:14
babaikonia please tell me what to do then...im not a geek00:15
truebattleaxemaokaii did you update ?00:15
ikoniababa: please run the command "file ib2012_linux.tar.gz" against that file00:15
truebattleaxesudo apt-get update?00:15
maokaiitruebattleaxe: if u mean sudo apt-get update then yes, but that brought up more problems, maybe I should restart the live ubuntu00:15
truebattleaxeyes try to reboot00:16
Ben64maokaii: teamviewer from live cd?00:16
maokaiiBen64:  yes, live USB same thing00:16
truebattleaxe**ben64 ive never tried myself00:16
albertusachow to solve 'firmware upgrade encountered an issue, Please select recovery mode in kies and try again'?00:16
albertusacI forget to install the samsung usb driver00:16
Ben64maokaii: can't you use something else? like vnc..?00:16
ikoniaalbertusac: not really an ubuntu issue00:16
maokaiiBen64:  uhh i think so, i dont know of anything else that will let someone control it form a windows machine to a ubuntu machine00:17
stluhello, I am looking for a terminal gui for editing mysql tables.00:17
albertusacoh yea sorry00:17
Ben64maokaii: vnc does that00:17
albertusacwrong channel00:17
maokaiican u link me please?00:17
stluis there such a program in the ubuntu repo?00:17
Ben64!vnc | maokaii00:17
ubottumaokaii: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:17
urielvigilantToday afternoon i was in a friend home, trying to install Lubuntu 13.10 on a ACer 3003 wmli with 1GB ram, from an USb persistent pen drive, but after a few minutes i can reached to the menu : chose to  try or full install. I T staus black screen for a second and all black with mouse pointer in another second . . What could be the cause ?00:18
PalssonWatch the world first PS4 stream at twitch[dot]com[slash]Palsson12300:19
stluurielvigilant: I have seen that black screen when there were errors loading the GUI -- could the USB stick be partially corrupt?00:20
stluDoes anyone know if such a program exists to view/edit a mysql database in the terminal?  I am thinking of an interface similar to ms-dos lotus123 spreadsheet tool.00:24
urielvigilantSTU do you think so ? I tryed one usb with Lubuntu 13.10 and another Ubuntu 13.10 booth persisten mode,  that actually runs perfectly on my ACer 5204 Wlmi with 2bGB rams00:25
urielvigilantSTU do you think so ? I tryed one usb with Lubuntu 13.10 and another Ubuntu 13.10 booth persisten mode,  that actually runs perfectly on my ACer 5204 Wlmi with 2bGB rams00:25
urielvigilantstlu ; sorry00:25
Ben64stlu: why not "mysql" ?00:25
stluben64: because 'mysql' is like 'mail' compared to 'alpine'.  I'm just not ready for it, I need a little GUI00:26
ikoniawhy not use a proper gui and just connect remotely00:26
ikoniaor learn to use the mysql shell properlyt00:27
ikoniaas you'll waste more time looking for a tool that won't teach you anything or provide any real use outside of your current moment00:27
urielvigilantstlu : i remeber now that the acer 3003 , was with windows xp and updating and i interrupted it with out vist update complete  , to boot from usb, Do you think that could be the cause ?00:27
maokaiiBen64: im having a hard time figuring out how to connect to someone's ubuntu system from my computer. I understand I need their IP  and I need to download the client on my computer00:28
maokaiinot sure what else to do00:28
stluikonia: thanks for your advice then.  I'll just throw up a post on the forums and use a X program00:28
stluI'm still curious if one exists even if I won't use it.00:28
ikoniawhy ?00:28
ikoniaif you're not going to use it, what does it matter, why waste yours/others time00:28
stluurielvigilant:  the state of the windows partition could affect the installation, yes.  The mount program can tell if the NTFS partition is unclean.00:29
urielvigilantstly : should i try an antique version, like Ubuntu or Lubuntu 12. 04 ?00:29
urielvigilantstlu : should i try an antique version, like Ubuntu or Lubuntu 12. 04 ?00:30
stluikonia: because there may be quick uses that would save me the time of installing a gui client, such as, using putty on a windows box.00:30
urielvigilantstlu  : ok then i should back there and try again, now after windows update finished00:30
ikoniastlu: missing the point a bit there,00:30
stluurielvigilant: It is worth a try, but it makes no difference if both installers have problems with a corrupt ntfs partition, especially if you are trying to resize  it.00:31
Ben64maokaii: server needs to be running on the one you want to connect to, you need to forward necessary port(s) and you need the client on the one you want to connect from00:31
stluikonia: no, i'm not.  I know I could use the00:31
maokaiiBen64:  no easier method?00:31
ikoniastlu: but you just said "I won't use it"....00:31
stluikonia: no, i'm not.  I know I could use the 'mysql' binary from putty, *if* I learned to use it.00:32
urielvigilantstlu : installer is an normal usb drive pen persisten 4 GB00:32
Ben64maokaii: it's pretty easy00:32
urielvigilantthey run perfectly almost fast as in my herdrive in my laptop00:32
stluikonia: if you don't have an answer, then don't waste our time further.  I might use it infrequently, but no point debating the frequency of a program that isn't even known to exist!00:33
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ikoniastlu: I don't really care if you use it or not, I've given you my answer, it's up to you what you do with it, however as even a terminal client will need to connect over a network/loopback address, you may as well just use your client properly and connect remotly than waste time looking for a limited functionality application00:34
gasshosimmer down now00:34
stluikonia: ok.00:34
Simi99Hey guys, anyone online to help? :)00:35
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
Ben64Simi99: there are 1693 people in the channel00:35
geekmasterflashSimi99: Perhaps.00:35
gasshohi Simi9900:35
sventonhi all, I have difficulties to understand how user permissions and account security work. For example if I have two accounts on my machine and run "su name_of_other_acount" I will be promt to give a password for the the other user. Does this not mean that I just can write a script that try all possible password combinations ?00:36
ikoniasventon: that's called "brute force" you can of course write a script to do that00:36
reisiosventon: yes if you don't mind waiting potentially longer than a human life span to get it00:36
geekmasterflashsventon: That could potentially take thousands of years depending on complexity of passwords.00:37
stlusventon: there are built-in time delays that would make things slow down and be hard to crack.00:37
reisioplus there's nothing stopping a system from having a denial system set up00:37
reisioto only give you a few opportunities00:37
stlualso, if I recall, Ubuntu doesn't allow use of 'su' without sudo priviliges anyway, while debian does allow it.00:38
Simi99I'm dual booting ubuntu and windows 8. On Ubuntu, I can acces my windows files on my OS hard drive/users/etc... Is there anyway I can have them directly on my personal folders? I'm using seperate HDD if it's any help! Thank you:)00:39
ikoniayou can use su without sudo00:39
reisioSimi99: which folders?00:40
BeldarSimi99, You want to be careful with changing the file system on windows your best having a shared partition.00:40
Simi99My main folders: Music, Videos, etc.00:40
reisioSimi99: you want those folders to always be your Windows drive data, or just contain additionally that data?00:41
Random832ikonia: he doesn't mean you have to literally use sudo, he means you have to be in the admin group00:41
stluoh, my bad.  I could have sworn there was a system that blocked su, maybe it was modified.00:41
Ben64Simi99: what exactly do you mean by having them "directly on my personal folders" ?00:41
stlubye though00:41
reisioSimi99: the simple way is with a symlink: ln -s /mnt/windows/wherever ~/WindowsShoobity00:41
ikoniaRandom832: you don't have to be in the admin group to use su00:41
ones#join cpp00:42
DanatoWindowsShoobity? lol00:42
Simi99symlink looks like something  that would work! Can you tell me a little more?00:42
friday_how add radio k-love: http://www.klove.com/listen/player.aspx in rhythmbox?00:43
Danatothats basically creating a shortcut to wherever you want00:43
Simi99What I need is a link between my documents, music, videos, etc. on ubuntu and those same folders on windows so that I can access any files on any OS00:44
FlurglerHobbitHey all. Is there a way to automatically mount external hd's after the computer has booted?00:44
geekmasterflashSimi99: I'd recommend a symbolic link00:44
geekmasterflashSimi99: That way you can avoid changing the file system on windows00:44
geekmasterflashSimi99: Which tends to hate that.00:45
Danatofriday_: it worked fine for me, jst click on radio, theres a add tab00:45
reisioFlurglerHobbit: so many ways00:45
reisioFlurglerHobbit: why not use /etc/fstab00:45
FlurglerHobbitreisio: which way do you recommend?00:45
friday_Danato, i want add in rhythmbox00:45
reisioFlurglerHobbit: lsblk -f will give you the information to put in there00:45
reisioFlurglerHobbit: or 'mount' after auto-mounting00:45
Simi99thanks geekmaster I'll try that00:45
Danatofriday_: yes open rythmbox, on the library bar, left side, theres Radio, click on it and theres a list of radios, click on add tab and paste your link there00:46
FlurglerHobbitreisio: is there a simpler way? I seem to be doing something wrong00:46
Danatofriday_: im listening to the radio you showed on rhytmbox right now00:47
reisioFlurglerHobbit: doing it right? :)00:47
FlurglerHobbitreisio: I do nothing right.00:47
reisioFlurglerHobbit: :) what are your drives' named?00:47
Beldarbert and ernie00:47
FlurglerHobbitreisio: How do I found out?00:48
Danatofriday_: ah wait, thats not right, it was another link, the one you gave me ddnt work00:48
sventondo anybody know where I can find documentation regarding the "built-in time delay" ?00:48
reisioFlurglerHobbit: lsblk -f00:48
reisiosventon: _the_ built-in time delay?00:48
friday_Danato, yes00:48
mcl0vinubuntu 13.04 how do i disable unity and use xfce please00:49
Obama911Fast, secure and stylishly simple, the Ubuntu operating system is used by 20 million people worldwide every day.00:49
FlurglerHobbitreisio: sda1,2,5,sdb1,sdc100:49
Danatomcl0vin: jst logout and select the other one00:49
reisioFlurglerHobbit: know which ones are the ones you want to add?00:49
Beldarmcl0vin, Install xfce4 ans choose it from the login dropdown, no need to disable unity.00:49
Obama911Use Unity and like it.00:50
FlurglerHobbitreisio: Is there a way I can find out what the HD's are actually named? Because I didn't name any of them like this. So I honestly don't know which is which00:50
FlurglerHobbitI guess I should try sdb1,sdc100:50
Obama911Try KDE.00:50
reisioFlurglerHobbit: lsblk -f would say00:51
sventonreisio: stlu mentioned that "there are built-in time delays that would make things slow down and be hard to crack" regarding brutal force a account00:51
mcl0vinBeldar: yes i did install xfce light00:51
Obama911KDE looks better than XFCE.00:51
FlurglerHobbitreisio: Then I am afraid they don't have names?00:51
reisioFlurglerHobbit: ah, what distro are you using?00:52
piccahow is KDE 4 these days .. last time i used it was KDE 3.54 or something00:52
reisioFlurglerHobbit: try /sbin/blkid00:52
Beldarmcl0vin, not sure about light never heard of it, but the desktop is chosen at login.00:52
FlurglerHobbitreisio: Xubuntu00:52
mcl0vinBeldar: okay so i am at the login screen i don't see xfce00:52
sventonreisio: stlu has left so I can't ask him :(00:52
reisiosventon: oh, it doesn't matter00:52
reisiosventon: what is it you really want to know00:52
Beldarmcl0vin, click the gear dropdown at the right of the list line.00:52
lachesisman all the good handles are taken now00:52
mcl0vinBeldar: all i see is susped , restart ad shutdow00:53
Obama911One day you're here, one day you're there.00:53
Beldarmcl0vin, That is not the right plave to click it is the gear next to wgere the actual desktop is shown.00:54
reisioJohnny_Linux: {{fact}}00:54
FlurglerHobbitreisio: So, how would I go about mounting said HD00:55
FlurglerHobbitafter lsblk00:55
reisioFlurglerHobbit: ideally you'd get the LABEL or UUID value, do you have that?00:55
FlurglerHobbitAfraid not :/00:55
FlurglerHobbitIt's just blank00:55
mcl0vinBeldar: i dont understand00:56
Beldarmcl0vin, Are you at the login screen?00:56
mcl0vinBeldar: we are talking about the login screen , gear at the top right next to the clock00:56
mcl0vinBeldar: yes00:56
Beldarmcl0vin, look for a gear very close to where you type the password00:57
Ben64FlurglerHobbit: sudo blkid00:57
mcl0vinBeldar: okay i see what you mean00:57
Simi99@geerkmasterflash whats wrong with my command : ln -s /media/simon/OS/Users/Simon /home/simon00:59
Simi99*or anyone else00:59
bekksSimi99: Use: ln -s /media/simon/OS/Users/Simon /home/simon/externaldrive00:59
bekksSimi99: You cannot symlink a home dir that easily.00:59
mcl0vinBeldar: okay i got it , thank you ;). another question please. i want to set this box as a headless server. so how can i open xfce in my windows01:01
Ben64mcl0vin: servers usually don't have gui at all01:01
Beldarmcl0vin, not sure there.01:01
Boneheads1999So I still have the same problem.. When I click "buy..." on a program in Ubuntu software center, it loads up the Ubuntu One login.  I have an ubuntu one account and am glad to log in, except the page has no text. just boxes and squares and the ubuntu one logo.01:09
reisioBoneheads1999: no doubt a bug covered on launchpad.net01:10
mcl0vinwhen you first access xfce it ask you if you want to use blank template or already made one. how can i bring that question again01:11
Boneheads1999reisio so what can I do01:11
pinPointhey I have an issue with installing... http://pastebin.com/GCakEYQ901:11
bekkspinPoint: Well, ask the PPA maintainer please.01:12
Boneheads1999I mean this is ridiculous.  All I want to do is "buy" minitube (minitube-ubuntu).  Except I have to pay money.  That amount is $0.00.  I should be able to install it for free..01:12
reisioBoneheads1999: find its listing on launchpad, do whatever's said to fix it01:12
pfifopinPoint: please dont use pastebin.com01:12
topper4125I have a MotherBoard that will run IDE drives just fine, but it won't recognize SATA at all (one of my SATA Drives when plugged in got too hot to touch after about 20 seconds, and is now a paperweight)... I'm guessing just replace the mothboard, or go with just the biggest HDD i can find for IDE, and just live with it (which is about 320GB after a bit of searching)... Both 'fixes' are about the same price... what idea do you think is be01:12
pinPointpfifo: why, whats wrong with it?01:13
xanguaBoneheads1999: you just have to log in with an ubuntu one account01:13
reisioBoneheads1999: hit CTRL+ALT+t, type 'sudo apt-get install minitube'01:13
xanguaBoneheads1999: if you have a launchpad or ubuntu forums account you have one01:13
Boneheads1999xangua: I have an ubuntu one account.  But I have no idea what to enter in because there's no text01:13
kostkonBoneheads1999, try reinstalling usc01:14
pfifopinPoint: ads, poor support for pasted text, other stuff01:14
Boneheads1999kostkon how do I do that? (sorry for the dumb question)01:14
Ben64Boneheads1999: sudo apt-get install minitube?01:14
FuuqUmisthey guys, i got it working!01:14
topper4125!yay | FuuqUmist01:14
ubottuFuuqUmist: Glad you made it! :-)01:15
pfifoBoneheads1999: cant you figure out which one is username and which one is password and work around this?01:15
minimecpinPoint: You seem to have added an additional source 'debphp.org', and that one seems to conflict with the packages from the precise sources repository.01:15
FuuqUmisti used this to fix my source list http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/01:15
minimecpinPoint: I would remove that source...01:15
pinPointminimec: the new source? I want 2.4.601:16
xanguaBoneheads1999: just hit buy and you are directed to ubuntu one login01:16
pinPointbut I guess something from 2.2 is left over01:16
kostkonBoneheads1999, sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get install software-center --reinstall01:16
kostkonBoneheads1999, give that cmd01:17
pfifotopper4125: check your motherboard's manufacturer's website for a bios update that could perhaps fix the issue01:17
Boneheads1999because there are 10 people talking to me01:17
topper4125OOh... didn't even think of that... will do pfifo, thanks!01:18
Boneheads1999Ben64: doing "sudo apt-get install minitube" installs the crappy minitube.  There's 2 in the software center.  The 2nd one (the one you have to buy) is the one that actually plays video01:18
Ben64Boneheads1999: ah01:19
Boneheads1999kostkon: I'm reinstalling USC now.01:20
kostkonBoneheads1999, ok hopefully will fix  it01:21
aPpYeI am trying to figure out some bash that will look at a list of packages and return what ones (if any) are already dependencies of others in the list.01:22
pinPointminimec: after doing a google, it being suggested I do a 'sudo apt-get -f install'. What do you think?01:23
pinPointit is*01:24
minimecpinPoint: Well.. You can try that. I don't think it will work, but you will not brake the system normally.01:24
Simi99Hi all! I used sym link between my Windows OS folder like Documents and my /home/User/Documents. My little problem is that with my file explorer, when I click on "Documents" I see my Document folder and only when I click on that folder I see my files. Is it possible to see my files directly?01:25
Ben64Simi99: what?01:25
pinPointminimec: I do not understand what I have to take out in my sources?01:25
pfifoSimi99: i think you have to remove the Documents folder and replace it with a symlink, it sounds like you made a link you you windows documents inside of your documents folder01:27
minimecpinPoint: Why do you need apache 2.4.6? I would remove that additional source (ppa) you added. The ubuntu package system cannot resolv the package conflicts on your system right now. I would first bring it back into a stable state.01:28
pfifopinPoint: run 'sudo apt-get update' and then retry the install of apache01:29
b0xi changed my date/time settings to different time01:29
pinPointpfifo: I did01:29
pinPointright after adding the ppa01:29
b0xnow the status bar 'time' just stays the same01:29
Simi99@pfifo, yes that's what I did: ln -s /media/simon/OS/Users/Simon/Documents /home/simon/Documents . What is a better alternative?01:29
b0xas the time when i changed it01:30
b0xis there something i can reset?01:30
maokaiiDoes anybody have a guide for connecting to a ubuntu system using windows 7 to be able to view or control? Everything I find is for lan connections01:30
topper4125anyone know of a package that I can run to see what version of BIOS I am running, or do I just need to reboot and check from there?01:30
Ben64maokaii: theres no difference between lan and wan01:30
b0xmaokaii: vnc?01:30
b0xand what Ben64 said01:30
Ben64Simi99: thats not the same, you made documents inside of documents01:30
b0xvnc / teamviewer / logmein ?01:31
maokaiib0x: ben64 when I say lan, I mean, from like one country to another, or one state to another. b0x idk how to work this VNC01:31
b0xuse teamviewer01:31
Ben64maokaii: lan = local area network. i'm not sure what you're talking about01:31
b0xits easy01:31
Simi99@Ben64 How can I do it otherwise?01:31
pfifopinPoint: ohh your using a PPA, well thats not supported here, to get help you will either have to use software from the repos or contact the maintainer of the PPA01:31
maokaiib0x I installed teamviewer on the linux but the application wouldn't run for some reason01:31
pinPointcould I install my apache 2.4.6 from say ubuntu 13.10 into my 12.04? Is that possible?01:32
Ben64Simi99: remove the documents folder in ubuntu, make sure you back up anything that is in there. then symlink the windows directory there01:32
reisiopinPoint: most things to do with software are possible, doesn't make them smart01:33
minimecpinPoint: That is in fact possible, but you have to know what you are doing. It's called apt pinning. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto01:33
Simi99@Ben64 Ty!01:33
xanguapinPoint: it is not recomended to mix repositories version/packages; you can either search for a ppa or compile it yourself, you are on your own in both01:33
pfifoSimi99: and that made a link at the location '/home/simon/Documents/Documents' notice the double there? You need to 'mv /home/simon/Documents /home/simon/DontDeleteThis && ln -sf /media/simon/OS/Users/Simon/Documents /home/simon/Documents'01:33
pinPointman oh man. this sucks01:34
pinPointI already removed my 2.2.2201:34
pinPointI guess im sol now01:34
pfifopinPoint: whats wrong with the version from the repos?01:35
pinPointi want 2.4 not 2.2 which my 12.04lts can get01:35
pfifopinPoint: but why?01:35
pinPointincreased security01:36
hitsujiTMOpinPoint: 2.4 does NOT bring increased security, just increased headaches.01:37
minimecpinPoint: Adding a ppa is less secure than using a apache version maintained by your distro. Your argument is wrong.01:37
hitsujiTMOpinPoint: 2.4 simply adds new features and new configuration changes.01:37
kostkonpinPoint, ubuntuu pckgs are always patched against vulnerabilities01:37
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pfifopinPoint: I recommend compiling apache yourself in your use case, that will allow you to run any version you want and even add extra patches that ubuntu dosent have.01:38
pinPointpfifo: compile from source?01:38
dbrooksmy machine tried to install a new kernel version (3.8.0-33) and it bricked apt-get (it keeps complaining about unmet dependencies). How do I 1) get rid of the updated kernel image and 2) unbrick apt-get?01:39
topper4125_pfifo, there are a ton of BIOS updates for my Motherboard, do I need the newest one, or all of them from what I have to latest?01:39
pfifo!compile | pinPoint01:39
ubottupinPoint: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall01:39
Simi99@pfifo it worked thanks, whats the difference between ln -s and ln -sf?01:39
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: can you pastebin the full error for apt-get please01:39
dbrookshitsujiTMO: sure, give me a moment01:40
pfifotopper4125_: you can only have one BIOS so you likely want the latest one, read carefully what it fixes, and follow instructions letter by letter so you dont brick your machine01:40
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: also is this 12.04 or 13.04?01:41
topper4125_pfifo, Will do... just was't sure if I needed to grab the 8 updates avail from the version I'm running and latest avail.01:41
dbrooks13.04, lubuntu running xfce01:42
pfifoSimi99: the 'f' means follow, it dose nothing in this case, I just always use '-sf' if it happened that your /media/simon/OS/Users/Simon/Documents was also a symlink, it would have followed it until it eventually found an actual file or folder01:42
pinPointpfifo: how can I remove all these dependencies?01:42
fixmypc956im back and after installing Zenthyl I didnt like it so reinstalled os01:42
pinPointfor php5 and apache2?01:42
bekkspinPoint: you cant. you will break stuff if you do.01:42
pfifo!ppapurge | pinPoint01:42
ubottupinPoint: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html01:42
dbrookshitsujiTMO, pastebin.com/1asUEjJM01:43
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: have you run: sudo apt-get -f install01:44
dbrookshitsujiTMO, yes01:44
pinPointso I started in #httpd, they recommended to use a package manager. I come here, you recommend I build from source...01:44
pinPointthis is just too much... something has to give01:44
rtd2Are there any security consultants available for work?01:44
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: what is the output of: uname -r01:44
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minimecpinPoint: That's not true. At least 4 people here gave you the advice to disabe/remove that ppa first and run the apache version provided by ubuntu 12.04.01:45
pfifopinPoint: they (implied) recommended you use the version that the package manger gives you01:45
dbrookshitsujiTMO, I think the actual problem has to do with there not being enough space in /boot for the new kernel image, but I don't want to upgrade the kernel anyways (it just tried to do it because autoupdates got installed)01:45
pinPointi want 2.4.6 though01:45
dbrookshitsujiTMO, 3.8.0-19-generic01:45
pinPointI want support for stronger CypherSuites and forward secrecy01:46
pfifopinPoint: if you have to have that version then you have to build it yourself01:46
minimecpinPoint: You can take that advice, or leave it. You probably want a running apache2 server, right?01:46
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: that's not a problem. can you pastebin the output of: dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-01:46
dbrookshitsujiTMO, sure01:47
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: we'll just purge the old kernels and manually install the dependencies to resolve the issue01:47
bekkspinPoint: As you can see - ask the maintainer of the PPA for fixing it. Or build apache2 yourself.01:47
bekkspinPoint: Not that I told you the same a few days ago ;)01:48
pinPointbekks: So if I build from source, will the dependecies get in the way?01:48
bekkspinPoint: If you fix them, yes. If not, no.01:48
bekkspinPoint: That depends on your skills in package building.01:48
pinPointso let them be is what you're saying?01:48
dbrookshitsujiTMO, pastebin.com/tY57EwMr01:48
bekkspinPoint: No. I say: "Dont use a PPA."01:48
pinPointi have never done any sort of package building01:49
d-toxHas anyone been able to install adobeair correctly and get programs using adobeair to run? I think this is an issue because ia32-libs is no longer present in repos01:49
dbrookshitsujiTMO, I don't want this new kernel though?01:49
bekkspinPoint: If you dont know how to do it - dont do it. Use the stock apache2 package from the official repos.01:49
pinPointbekks: I was thinking this: http://itstuffallaround.blogspot.com/2013/09/configuring-apache-server-from-source.html01:49
bekkspinPoint: I will not guide you to use anything else than the stock ubuntu repo packages.01:50
pinPointbekks: sigh01:50
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: space shouldn't be an issue in /boot with such few kernels. can you pastebin: df -h01:50
bekkspinPoint: If you want to walk your own path on using an unsupported package - walk that path. And challenge the difficulties.01:51
pinPointso i shall leave those dependencies and build from scratch then01:52
bekkspinPoint: No. You should use the stock ubuntu packages. How often will you ask that again?01:52
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: its ok, you can remove remove the new kernels and linux-generic after and rerun update grub and that will keep you at 19.    is there a particular reason why you do not want kernel updates?01:52
dbrookshitsujiTMO, actually you are right, it is not a space issue because apparently I didn't create a seperate partition for /boot, and nothing is close to being filled up01:52
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: can you tell me the output of: uname -a01:53
d-toxdoes anyone know if there is a way to get back ia-32libs in the newest ubuntu repos01:54
dbrookshitsujiTMO, yeah, I'm running on an old laptop with an intel celeron-m processor that has something crappy about it that won't let me run straight up ubuntu (hince, some special build of lubuntu)01:54
Ben64d-tox: use multiarch to get whichever 32 bit libraries you need, ia32libs was a bad hacky package01:54
dbrookshitsujiTMO, Linux tynacorp 3.8.0-19 #29-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 17 18:19:42 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux01:55
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: ok. we just to get this cleanly installed, then you can purge the kernel. thankfully its not a dependency of the OS01:55
kostkondbrooks, non pae cpu01:55
dbrookskostkon, yup thats the problem01:55
dbrookskostkon, thanks01:55
kostkondbrooks, np01:55
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hitsujiTMOdbrooks: can you run: wget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-meta/linux-generic_3. && sudo dpkg -i inux-generic_3.
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: can you run: wget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-meta/linux-generic_3. && sudo dpkg -i linux-generic_3.
d-toxBen64: do you mean ia32-libs-multiarch??01:56
Ben64d-tox: no01:56
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: second one sorry01:56
dbrookshitsujiTMO, sure01:57
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: then: wget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-meta/linux-image-generic_3. && sudo dpkg -i linux-image-generic_3.
woosI have a partition with a broken install, it\s mounted as a filesystem, I want to be able to transfer files to it but it's telling me permission denied01:58
wooshow do I fix this?01:59
Ben64woos: you'll need to provide more information about why the permission is denied01:59
woosI don't know much about linux but that filesystem with the broken install used to have a user:password login to it, maybe that's why?01:59
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: then again: wget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-meta/linux-headers-generic_3. && sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-generic_3.
lucaonesalve a tutti02:00
Ben64woos: pastebin what you're doing and the error02:00
woosbut I have nothing to paste02:00
dbrookshitsujiTMO, are those all the same command? it's erroring out at dpkg -i02:00
Ben64woos: so then how did the error appear02:00
FlurglerHobbitHey all. How do I edit the startup applications using terminal?02:01
wooswhen I drag a file to the mounted filesystem02:01
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: the errors are expected. that's the fact that there's more unmet dependencies02:01
david38400I can't get any sound out on audacious or vlc media player, but yes on movie player. Any ideas whats wrong pllease?02:01
dbrookshitsujiTMO, oh, i see one was headers02:01
Ben64woos: come on, give FULL details. i'm not going to sit here and pry out the information02:01
draskoWhat's the best way to work on kernel development with often recompilation, without always cleaning the kernel as with make-kpkg02:01
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: once you have the 3 installed can you rerun: sudo apt-get -f install                    and can you pastebin the error02:02
david38400Any help please on sound issue?02:02
pfifodrasko: the build system should detect updates to sources and recompile only those. have you tried simply, not running make-kpkg02:03
dbrookshitsujiTMO, ok, apt is currently downloading 3.8.0-33.48 files...02:03
dbrookshitsujiTMO, was it supposed to try to use the files we just downloaded?02:03
arooni-mobile__Anyone here a DigitalPoint Forum Member? I need three likes on a forum post so I can post a logo design contest. Appreciate your help!02:04
draskopfifo, pfifo what do you mean? Which build system?02:04
hitsujiTMOdbrooks. this should resolve the dependency issue. then we can try and remove the new kernels.02:04
draskoI thought that we always have to run make-kpkg02:04
Ben64arooni-mobile__: don't do that here02:04
dbrookshitsujiTMO, alright, I'll send you the pastebin as soon as it finishes02:05
dbrookshitsujiTMO, thanks for the help!02:05
woosBen64: I copy hello.bmp from my desktop, I paste into the mounted myfilesystem, I get Error opening file: '/media/myfilesystem/hello.bmp': Permission denied02:06
pfifodrasko: kernel uses kbuild or something like that, its based on makefiles02:06
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: np. btw for future reference. you can mark a package on hold so it never updates. such as: sudo apt-mark hold linux-generic02:06
Ben64woos: that means you can't read hello.bmp02:07
draskopfifo, running make in the kernel tree is OK to recompile kernel. We need however make-kpkg to obtain .deb for installation into the system!02:07
woosfrom the filesystem it\s not on yet02:07
pfifodrasko: how are you compiling? Is this vanilla sources or are you using a deb source?02:07
draskopfifo, deb02:07
woosBen64: I can copy and paste hello.bmp from my desktop to my desktop without problems02:07
draskootherwise it would be too difficult to install it onto the system02:07
dbrookshitsujiTMO, pastebin.com/n1sAtCZT02:07
pfifodrasko: you dont need to package the build to install it02:08
grahamsavagehi, i can't open software centre02:08
grahamsavageit just crashes when i open it02:08
grahamsavagealso i'm using 12.04 LTI which i thought should be the stable version.. any idea how i can debug this?02:08
Ben64woos: pastebin "ls -ln /media;ls -ln /media/myfilesystem;whoami;lsb_release -a"02:08
dbrookshitsujiTMO, dpkg seems to be upset about the non-pae cpu02:08
draskopfifo, yes- exactly what mak-kpkg is doing02:09
draskoso we come to the beginning...02:09
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: ok. thats just to warn you that it will break your system i guess. can you rerun: sudo apt-get upgrade                     and pastebin the output02:09
pfifodrasko: you should be able to 'make install'02:09
ianorlinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu-fake-PAE if it as pentium m dbrooks02:10
pfifograhamsavage: pastebin the output you get when you start it from the command line02:10
dbrookshitsujiTMO, it failed because of unmet dependencies, should I try with -f ?02:10
woosBen64:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6461620/02:10
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: can you pastebin the output again please02:11
dbrookshitsujiTMO, pastebin.com/zCtmegVS02:12
Ben64woos: only root can write to that directory02:12
* xangua shoots Ben64...misses the head02:13
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: ok, so its refusing to install. so we're just gonna purge it all manually02:13
dbrookshitsujiTMO, ok02:13
grahamsavagepfifo: what's the cmd for software centre on commandline?02:14
pfifodrasko: when i ventured into kernel programming, I put my code into a module, then I could only compile my module, insmod it and rmmod it over and over and it saved alot of time (cept for all the kernel panics of course)02:14
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: can you again pastebin: sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-02:14
dbrookshitsujiTMO, yup, one moment02:14
MKCoinHello, I'm trying to update procps, but ... procps is failing inthe process. Here is the error message I receive: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6461633/02:14
d-toxBen64: how can I build a 64 bit version of adobeair with only the .bin file which is all I have. We used to need ia32-libs to install all the 32 bit dependencies so this would work. can I just grab each dependency with something like apt-get install package:i386 ??02:14
pfifograhamsavage: its not apt-get, I dont know what it is as I dont use it myself.02:15
grahamsavagepfifo: got it02:15
Ben64d-tox: "can I just grab each dependency with something like apt-get install package:i386" yes that is exactly how it works02:15
d-toxBen64: kk02:15
pfifod-tox: you cant build that package, its closed source02:16
dbrookshitsujiTMO, pastebin.com/azev3nUG02:16
d-toxpfifo: why cant get the dependencies required to build it then build it from the .bin like I used to02:16
grahamsavagewow that was easy :/02:17
fixmypc956in vim once to push {esc} to save file, what is the next sequence of keys to get back to command prompt02:17
grahamsavagefile permission wrong on one of the files02:17
pfifograhamsavage: you need to run this as root, pastebin the new results02:17
grahamsavageit was 66002:17
root-adminfixmypc956: #vim02:17
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: lets start with: sudo dpkg --remove linux-image-extra-3.8.0-32-generic02:17
pfifod-tox: again, you dont build adome-air, you just run what they give you.02:18
grahamsavagepfifo: -rw-rw---- 1 root root   78 Aug 31 12:05 virtualbox.list << there was this file and i just changed it too  sudo chmod 766 virtual*02:18
grahamsavageand it works now :/  weird02:18
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: sudo dpkg --remove linux-headers-3.8.0-32-generic02:18
d-toxpfifo: how can I run a .bin file when it won't run??02:18
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: sudo dpkg --remove linux-headers-3.8.0-3202:18
fixmypc956Im in the editor right now and I cant get out to command prompt02:19
kostkond-tox, make it ececutable first?02:19
pfifograhamsavage: i think your looking for 0644 not 075502:19
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: lets me know if there's any errors on those commands02:19
root-adminfixmypc956: have you tried esc and then type :q! and press enter02:19
grahamsavagepfifo: ok02:20
dbrookshitsujiTMO, ok, those all went fine02:20
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: this is where the fun begins: sudo dpkg --remove linux-generic02:20
d-toxkostkon: it is executable, I run the .bin file and im presented with a screen saying running 32bit air 2.6 on 64 bit systems has not been fully tested. then if i click ok it closes and nothing happens02:21
dbrookshitsujiTMO, could you kindly remind me what all depends on that meta-package before I do it?02:21
kostkond-tox, right. ok02:21
pfifod-tox: looks like a bug, you should contact adobe systems incorparated and tell them about the problem02:22
hitsujiTMOdbrook that meta package is for the latest kernel only02:22
dbrookshitsujiTMOhitsujiTMO, ok that went well too02:22
hitsujiTMOdbrooks the dependencies are linux-image-generic and linux-headers-generic02:22
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: sudo dpkg --remove linux-headers-generic02:23
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: sudo dpkg --remove linux-image-generic02:23
blognewbhi, guys? Does the 13.10 download come with chromium inside? or just ff?02:23
root-adminjust ff02:23
blognewbi can't find it indicated anywhere in the website02:23
blognewboh just ff? :((((02:23
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: sudo dpkg --remove linux-image-extra-3.8.0-33-generic02:24
pfifoblognewb: ff by default, chromium is just a click away from there02:24
fixmypc956ok that worked thanx02:24
minimecblognewb: Default browser is still firefox. What you want is 'sudo apt-get install chromium-browser'02:24
root-adminff nightly is superior to chrome02:24
dbrookshitsujiTMO, ok02:24
dbrookshitsujiTMO, still good02:25
pfifo!best | root-admin02:25
ubotturoot-admin: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:25
blognewbroot-admin, is there an easy way to download it while outside ubuntu without internet access, pfifo or root-admin because my friend told me not to use the internet while inside ubuntu, he's got some encrypted stuff in the livecd/usb02:25
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: sudo dpkg --remove linux-headers-3.8.0-33-generic02:25
pfifoblognewb: i suspect its impossible to download anything without internet :(02:25
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: sudo dpkg --remove linux-headers-3.8.0-3302:26
blognewbpfifo, no i mean download it outside the ubuntu os02:26
root-admintrue that ubottu. blognewb you can download the deb on another computer and then transfer it to the other computer on a usb02:26
blognewbpfifo, not using the software center02:26
ianorlin!info apt-offline02:26
ubottuapt-offline (source: apt-offline): offline APT package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.1 (saucy), package size 77 kB, installed size 404 kB02:26
pfifo!aptoncd | blognewb02:26
ubottublognewb: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline02:26
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: can you once again pastebin: dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-02:26
blognewbroot-admin, i did it but then when software center opened, the install button was disabled :'(02:26
dbrookshitsujiTMO, yup02:27
blognewbroot-admin, got the chromium and chrome deb pkgs02:27
root-admindo you have root aceess blognewb ?02:27
blognewbroot-admin, yes it's a livecd02:27
blognewbbrb urgent02:28
dbrookshitsujiTMO, pastebin.com/2nDB4vVe02:28
root-adminare you sure you have the right packages? if you're using a 32bit OS, 64bit packages won't install02:28
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: once again: sudo apt-get upgrade02:29
dbrookshitsujiTMO, ok i'm letting that run now02:30
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: once thats done run: sudo update-grub                  to make sure its not pointing at another kernel02:30
dbrookshitsujiTMO, good call... will do02:31
dbrookshitsujiTMO, apt errored out because it downloaded linux-image-3.8.0-19.29-generic which does not support non-pae cpu's... will send you a pastebin02:33
ubottulucaone: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».02:34
dbrookshitsujiTMO, pastebin.com/qZnwfmBz02:34
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: can you run again: sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-02:36
dbrookshitsujiTMO, pastebin.com/2bKdwVvr02:37
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hitsujiTMOdbrooks: hmm, it seems to be trying to reinstall you kernel. this is bad02:41
dbrookshitsujiTMO, yeah... with a version that has not been patched02:41
dbrookshitsujiTMO, did it already overwrite the working kernel image?02:42
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: not sure why they didn't just release a kernel image.   no but it should not have overwritten the kernel02:43
minimecdbrooks: hitsujiTMO: May I join the discussion. If he first tried to purge all these 'extra' kernel packages? sudo apt-get purge linux-image-extra-3.8.0-19-generic linux-image-extra-3.8.0-32-generic linux-image-extra-3.8.0-33-generic02:45
d-toxI needed sudo apt-get install libnss3-1d:i386 which is the newest libnss package which I think was the main issue. Now I'm able to load adobeair without the error message I was recieving before.02:45
dbrooksminimec, I tried apt-get purge <anything> before coming here for help but it just told me I had unmet dependencies02:46
hitsujiTMOminimec: only purged the packages for the newer kernel. not 19 , the one hes using02:46
tsnyphhello. just a quick question. I made my first video using openshot, and i used kazam to record the screen. however google appears distorted after render and upload, even though it's HD profile02:47
minimecdbrooks: hitsujiTMO: Is he using the 19er kernel. He got a dependency error while configuring the 19er kernel... ' /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-3.8.0-19-generic_3.8.0-19.30_i386.deb02:48
pfifotsnyph: its still compressed, and compression = data loss02:48
tsnyphit's mainly the letters that are distorted, however this only happens on google pages, not with anything else02:49
minimecdbrooks: hitsujiTMO line 198 http://pastebin.com/qZnwfmBz02:49
=== Aaron_ is now known as Aaron
pfifotsnyph: make your font size larger02:49
tsnyphhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-P4bcPc38c  <-- this is the video02:49
hitsujiTMOminimec: its not a dependency error. the error is that is trying to install a pae kernel and he has a processor without the pae flag02:50
dbrooksminimec, I think i'm currently using 3.8.0-19.29 (not 30)02:50
dbrookshitsujiTMO, what was the command you mentioned earlier to prevent things from updating... would that help?02:51
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: not when its already trying to install i'm afraid02:51
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: hmm, from what i'm reading here the kernel version doesn't matter. its just a missing flag.02:53
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: can you wget http://ppa.launchpad.net/prof7bit/fake-pae/ubuntu/pool/main/f/fake-pae/fake-pae_1.0.1_i386.deb02:53
minimechitsujiTMO: dbrooks: Ok. I see. So if we 'mv' the dpkg status file in /var/lib/dpkg?02:53
dbrookshitsujiTMO, yes I remember reading something similar that any of the kernels should run just fine, it was getting it to accept it02:54
dbrookshitsujiTMO, one moment02:54
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: then: dpkg -i fake-pae_1.0.1_i386.deb02:54
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: sorry then: sudo dpkg -i fake-pae_1.0.1_i386.deb02:54
=== mdorenka_ is now known as mdorenka
dbrookshitsujiTMO, what is that package?02:56
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: thats an app that adds a fake pae entry. its how the guy made the image you installed from02:57
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: once thats done: sudo start fake-pae02:57
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=== reisio_ is now known as reisio
dbrookshitsujiTMO, ah ok thats up and running02:57
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: now try: sudo apt-get -f install02:58
dbrookshitsujiTMO, running...02:59
tsnyphi also experience a glitch in kazam. I choose to record region, and select the region, however it records the entire desktop as well03:00
dbrookshitsujiTMO, success!03:01
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: sweet!03:01
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: now: sudo apt-mark hold linux-headers-3.8.0-19 linux-headers-3.8.0-19-generic linux-image-3.8.0-19-generic linux-image-extra-3.8.0-19-generic03:02
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: that should hopefully keep the system running03:02
MojoJojoHello everyone.03:03
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
dbrookshitsujiTMO, awesome - did apt update-grub already or should I still do that?03:04
HumTHi.  Is there a resident upstart guru here?03:04
hitsujiTMOdbrooks that would have been triggered by the update but it wouldn't hurt to run it again03:05
pfifoHumT: just ask... i think theres #ubuntu-upstart too03:05
MojoJojoAnyone kind enough to point me in a direction where I can find information about logging all ip's or website names of sites I connect too? Have been using ifstat but it clears out after a few secs and does not log info.03:06
pfifoMojoJojo: I like wireshark03:07
dbrookshitsujiTMO, awesome, thank you for your help! Also, thank you for acting very professional - do you have a charity or group you support I can donate to?03:07
pfifodbrooks: he supports me :)03:07
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: pfifo :P     there's always the humble bundle. you even get free games when you donate to them :P03:08
dbrookshitsujiTMO, cool, will do. Thank you again for your help!03:09
hitsujiTMOdbrooks: no problem at all03:09
MojoJojoha just found the answer looking through the Linux cookbook.03:09
pfifoMojoJojo: dose it involve tcpdump?03:09
MKCoinHello, I'm trying to update procps, but ... procps is failing in the process. Here is the error message I receive from Update Manager: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6461633/03:10
pfifoMKCoin: where did you get your package from?03:12
MKCoinpfifo: Uh, whatever the defaults are. How can I check exactly? Software sources?03:13
HumTWith upstart I am attempting to execute screen to run a shell script but all i have is fail.  Here is the .conf file http://pastebin.com/i7MkwNg603:13
pfifoMKCoin: how did you trigger this update/03:14
maokaiiim trying to run multisystem on a usb drive. every time I extract to desktop it doesnt show there. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/ any ideas?03:14
barihois there any easy to use gui for configuring samba shares? samba's config file and man page are a "little" bit overwhelming.03:14
HumTcan anyone see the obvious problem?03:14
MKCoinpfifo: using Update Manager. It was among lots of other updates, such as firefox and the kernel; it's the only one that won't complete.03:14
fixmypc956I installed ubuntu server onto USB drive. I have a 1TB HD in system and I want to be able to keep all files on HD while OS stays only on USB drive. Can someone help me on how to do this03:15
pfifoMKCoin: on the command line run 'apt-get update' and 'apt-get dist-upgrade' and pastebin all the results03:16
pfifofixmypc956: add an entry in /etc/fstab for the 1TB harddrive, mount it to /home or something like that03:17
minimecfixmypc956: You could define (mount) your HD as '/home/youruser/HD' in /etc/fstab. Like that it would be mounted on every boot. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab03:17
fixmypc956this is what I get after I run sudo fdisk -l03:18
HumTnvm.  i fixed it03:18
hitsujiTMOhumt bash was the problem?03:18
pfifofixmypc956: dont use pastebin.com03:18
fixmypc956ok what should I use03:19
MKCoinpfifo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6461793/03:19
hitsujiTMOfixmypc956: paste.ubuntu.com03:19
fixmypc956ok cool will do03:19
pfifoMKCoin: run 'sudo apt-get install -f'03:20
fixmypc956do you need me to pastebin that again03:20
MKCoinok, moment03:20
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pfifofixmypc956: your pastebin dosent change the situation, do like I said above03:21
MKCoinIdentical error, pfifo03:21
fixmypc956pfifo: Im new to this so can you walk me thru this03:22
pfifoMKCoin: can you run 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure --force procps'03:23
MKCoinpfifo: start: Job failed to start               invoke-rc.d: initscript procps, action "start" failed.03:23
pfifofixmypc956: pastebin the output of 'sudo blkid && catb/etc/fstab'03:24
maokaiianyone ever use multisystem to put ubuntu install persistant on a usb drive?03:24
maokaiican I ask for some help?03:25
Ne0nTreeNeed Help?03:25
Simi90hey all! how can i change my home folders names (Documents, Pictures..) to match my language? I'm having an issue with softlink03:25
maokaiiNe0nTree:  yes, i used this guide: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/ its all installed, i download 64 bit 12.04 ISO from ubuntu .com then drag that into the window it tells me and choose persistent?03:25
fixmypc956pfifo: here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/6461806/03:25
maokaiiand then that usb will contain an installed ubuntu?03:25
MKCoinpfifo: should I try the two solutions in this thread? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150535603:26
xanguaSimi90: if you have your language packages set up correctly they should match with the current language you are using03:26
maokaiiwhats the terminal code to check which drive is on sda1 ?03:27
Beldarmaokaii, thatis a ISO loaded to a usb not a full install.03:27
maokaiiand check where its mounted/03:27
Ne0nTreeMaokaii: If your using Pendrive linux installer, Choose your version (ubuntu) and then click "browse" click next... That should work03:28
xanguaSimi90: can you acces your startup applications menu?03:28
maokaiiNe0nTree: I'm currently on ubuntu "live" version, I was told this will make it an installed version on the usb drive rather than the hard drive03:28
Simi90xangua: yes!03:28
maokaiibecause I want it installed on the usb not hrad drive03:28
pfifoMKCoin: run 'sudo dpkg-divert --rename /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d' then 'sudo ln -sf /bin/true /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d' then 'sudo apt-get install -f'03:29
maokaiiany help then? I was told to use this and choose persistent and it will make it installed03:29
Beldarmaokaii, That just loads the iso to the usb so y9oucan do a full install, the persistent is to add stuff or what you do is saved on that usb.03:30
Ubuntu-StaffHello, Anybody need Ubuntu help?03:30
xanguaSimi90: check that you have xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update enabled (it's under something about 'update user directories) http://i.imgur.com/Y5pUWcd.png03:30
pfifoUbuntu-Staff: please dont offer support03:30
Ubuntu-StaffUm, Why03:30
maokaiibeldar: damn, alright. I'm trying to get wine but somebody said I can't get wine on a live version of ubuntu, is that true?03:30
MKCoinok pfifo, no errors. Do I run upgrade now?03:31
Beldarmaokaii, What is your definition of install here?03:31
Beldarmaokaii, Probably not a iso loaded usb with a persistent has limitations.03:31
maokaiiBeldar: whatever you guys think it is, on ubuntu it shows "install" on the left side, and im in a live "try" mode, I dont want to install it to the hard drive, I want it installed on a usb drive so I can use wine03:31
geekmasterflashUbuntu-Staff: For one thing, your name appears to mark you as offical03:31
pfifoMKCoin: no, now remove the diversion, 'sudo rm -rf /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d' then 'sudo dpkg-divert --remove /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d'03:31
geekmasterflashUbuntu-Staff: But a whois on your IP indicates you are not connecting from the Ubuntu ip range03:32
geekmasterflashUbuntu-Staff: So offering support can be somewhat suspect03:32
maokaiibeldar: is it true I need to install it to use wine, and I cant use wine on a "try" mode?03:32
Simi90xangua: actually its blank, as if there is no application on startup03:32
Beldarmaokaii, A install media is needed to install, a usb loaded as you are or dvd/cd.03:32
geekmasterflashUbuntu-Staff: I'd recommend waiting until someone asks for help03:32
MojoJojoWhoa we can see each others ip? Cool ^_^03:32
geekmasterflashMojoJojo: /who (username)03:33
MKCoinok pfifo03:33
Beldarmaokaii, Why do you want wine?03:33
xanguamaokaii: is not, sudo apt-get install wine ; of course a live session will not be saved and as I say you you first need to load the iso in multiboot and after you do, select the option menu to make it a persistent install03:33
maokaiibeldar: so I can use ekeyfinder to get the key and version of the windows 7 on this SSD03:33
pfifoMKCoin: all should be good now, try doing what ever you were upto to begin with03:33
zykotick9!cloak | MojoJojo or not ;)03:33
ubottuMojoJojo or not ;): To get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.03:33
Beldarmaokaii, The windows is not bootable?03:33
xanguaSimi90: Simi90 then just edit the entry and add xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update as command or just create a new entry03:34
maokaiibeldar the ssd crashed, I want to install it on a new hard drive, but I dont have discs it was custom made by an old friend who I dont have contact with anymore03:34
MojoJojohehe thanks all ^_^03:34
pfiforDNS > cloaks03:34
maokaiiso yes I cant boot into windows, and I cant make a proper ISO disc because I dont know the key or version03:34
maokaiiso I need to use keyfinder in wine to get it03:34
fixmypc956pfifo: here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/6461806/03:35
Beldarmaokaii, I'm fairly sure there are easier ways to do this one would be hirens.03:35
maokaii!hirens | maokaii03:35
Beldarmaokaii, not a linux thing.03:35
maokaiino info on hirens?03:35
buuAnyone happen to know how to configure rtorrent? "event.download.finished' failed: "Could not find '='""03:36
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maokaiiso there is no way to use wine in a live boot usb?03:36
Simi90xangua: and then I reboot my computer?03:36
Beldarmaokaii, Go ask in ##windows on this they I would think have ways to do this.03:36
maokaiii'd really like to do it this way since I have it all opened03:37
Beldarusing wine in ubuntu is like a long way around03:37
maokaiiI just need to figure out how to get wine on a "try" version03:37
xanguaSimi90: just log out and log in03:37
pfifofixmypc956: add this to youe /etc/fstab 'UUID=3c6a75d1-b1ab-4886-bd3f-f84884de98f0       /home   ext3    defaults        0 0' you may want to tweak it a little first03:37
Simi90xangua: thanks03:37
Ubuntu-StaffMaokii, You cant on a Live iso03:37
sgp667hey I'm not sure why is this so difficult but does anyone know lightweight alternatives to Xorg03:38
MKCoinpfifo: It's failing to upgrade procps still, but with a different error. Want me to pastebin that?03:39
pfifosgp667: mir will be coming soon, you can try out the latest stuff tho03:39
zykotick9sgp667: lightweight alternative to xorg - i don't think that exists?  what are you "actually" looking for exactly?03:39
pfifoMKCoin: yes please03:39
Simi90it didnt work for me03:39
fishcookeri've got grub>.. what should i do?03:39
fishcookeri've failed install .. stop on grub install on hardisk step03:39
geekmasterflashsgp667: xorg is pretty lightweight, it's the DE and DM that tend to be bloated03:40
MKCoinpfifo: here http://paste.ubuntu.com/6461831/03:40
Beldarfishcooker, give more details.03:40
sgp667zykotick9,  pfifo basically I instaled lubuntu on an old computer and Xorg actually uses a lot of CPU sometimes03:40
geekmasterflashsgp667: That's because other programs are using xorg too03:40
geekmasterflashsgp667: Firefox and gnome-system-manager are pretty good examples of it03:41
geekmasterflashsgp667: Use one, and suddenly xorg gets huge03:41
zykotick9sgp667: xorg+lxde is close to as light a GUI as you're going to get (while still having a DE)03:41
fixmypc956pfifo: this is what I did http://paste.ubuntu.com/6461833/03:41
Beldar!grub | fishcooker03:41
ubottufishcooker: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:41
sgp667geekmasterflash you are right because its especially during firefox that i notice this03:41
pfifoMKCoin: you seem to have missed a step in my instructions, you need to 'sudo dpkg-divert --remove /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d'03:41
sgp667zykotick9  :( I was afraid of that03:42
fishcookeractually my ubuntu server installation doesn't finish .. it stops when grub step.. then the box panic03:42
geekmasterflashsgp667: Yeah, that's not really xorg's fault, but if you are just looking at it from a memory usage/processor usage standpoint it can look like it03:42
fixmypc956pfifo: what should I tweak03:42
MKCoinpfifo: No I did do that. When I run it again: No diversion 'any diversion of /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d', none removed.03:42
pfifofixmypc956: like yo may not want to mount it to /home, perhaps a different location, and you may want to have the filesystem checked so changing the second 0 to a 2 might be a good example03:43
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pfifoMKCoin: can you 'sudo ls -la /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d'03:44
sgp667geekmasterflash would you know how to tackle then websites that have a lot of flash ( without turning it off)03:44
Simi90Does anyone know how to change the folders name to match my language? I have an issue with softlink?03:44
MKCoinpfifo: ls: cannot access /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d: No such file or directory03:44
sgp667geekmasterflash> its because I got this old computer I want to use but my work requires me to use certain websites03:44
geekmasterflashsgp667: sgp667 Honestly,, not really. Flash is a hog-beast and poorly implimented in Linux03:44
pfifoMKCoin: that is not good03:45
fixmypc956pfifo: O_003:45
sgp667geekmasterflash alright then I guess I will have to use better computer, thanks for help03:45
MKCoinhow can I re-create it?03:46
MojoJojoFlash is nasty :( Can't wait for html 5 to replace it.03:46
fixmypc956is using webmin with ubuntu server 12.04 LTS a good idea?03:47
pfifoMKCoin: try 'sudo ls -la /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d*'03:47
zykotick9!webmin | fixmypc956 NO!03:48
ubottufixmypc956 NO!: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.03:48
MKCoinpfifo: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 11308 Jul 26  2012 /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d.distrib03:48
fixmypc956is there an alternative to webmin that I can use03:48
reisiofixmypc956: unfortunately yes03:49
MojoJojoGoodnight all.03:49
reisioMojoJojo: peace03:49
fishcookerBeldar: i've done this on my root partition # grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda03:49
geekmasterflashfixmypc956: eBox, maybe?03:49
fishcookerfinished and no error03:50
fishcookerbut when i boot it only "grub > "03:50
pfifoMKCoin: ok, can you run 'sudo dpkg-divert --remove /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d' and pastebin both the command your running and the output of it03:50
fixmypc956ebox is Zentyal?03:50
fixmypc956I tried it and didnt really like it...03:51
pfifofixmypc956: that might be ok03:51
pfifo!fstab | fixmypc95603:51
ubottufixmypc956: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions03:51
pfifofixmypc956: read that info ubottu gave you03:52
fixmypc956ok let me read that see what I can pick up from it03:52
Beldarfishcooker, You ran that from where and how?03:54
MKCoinpfifo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6461869/03:54
Beldarfishcooker, Try the bootrepair app in the bots grub links, and be sure to save the bootinfo summary.03:55
pfifoMKCoin: ok then just 'sudo mv /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d.distrib /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d' and then try your update again03:56
MKCoinmove or copy?03:56
MKCoinin case this happens again lol03:57
pfifoMKCoin: you can make a backup but, in the end make sure there isnt a file named '/usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d.distrib' it needs to be backed up elsewhere03:57
pfifoMKCoin: but that file is easilly replaceable, its in the package sysv-rc03:58
fishcookerits command line, Beldar AFAIK the apps only grub-install03:58
Beldarfishcooker, grub-install is a command not an app.03:59
MKCoinbleh, throwing the old error now.04:00
pfifoMKCoin: its trying to upgrade procps AGAIN?04:00
XMLnewbiwow, so I just got a Beaglebone to boot on ubuntu 13.04, but it wont update, and the lan internet doesnt seem to be working04:00
XMLnewbinot even sure where to start on lan drivers04:01
pfifoMKCoin: well you can fix it again using the same method, add the diversion, make a symlink, update and upgrade, remove symlink, remove diversion04:01
MKCoinOk, I will try that again.04:01
pfifoMKCoin: hopefully at some point your procps will be current and this will all be over04:02
Beldarfishcooker, I would be interested in seeing the bootinfo summary from the boot repair app to give any real advice.04:02
Simi90hi all! My home folders (Pictures, Documents..) names are in english, while I run Ubuntu in french, how I revert them to french (It causes softlink issues)04:03
MKCoinAlright pfifo, I did it all again and it worked. Perhaps I mistyped the first time or whatever. Thank you for all your help.04:03
MKCoin"0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded." beautiful04:04
xanguaSimi90: adding xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update command to startup didn't work¿ do you have french language packages set up¿ did you ever deleted your main directories and create them aggain¿04:05
pfifoMKCoin: cheers04:06
Simi90xangua: it didnt work for me. I'm not really sure if I have french package but everything else on my OS is in french04:06
Simi90xangua: and the only modifications I made with them were adding softink to an other HDD04:07
xanguaSimi90: is this a fresh install¿ you can check in language support, it will tell you if your language is or not fully installed04:08
tbirdhow do i sudo from a second user account i set up?04:09
reisiotbird: admin group?04:10
beantbird, add it to the "admin" group I think.04:10
tbirdits says im in admin group in users and groups, but when i sudo, it wont accept the password04:10
reisiotbird: what says?04:10
tbirdterminal emulator04:10
reisiotbird: how do you make it say04:10
tbirdgksudo thunar04:11
reisiogksudo says you're in the admin groups?04:11
Simi90xangua: it seems to be fully installed, it's been only a week since I've installed Ubuntu but it worked fine until I changed the language to english and then turned back to french04:11
fishcookerthis is server, Beldar04:11
reisiotbird: run this: groups | grep admin04:11
fishcookerthere is no gui thing here04:11
tbirdoh no its whatever users and group applet that comes installed by default04:11
Beldarfishcooker, I know.04:11
XMLnewbihmm, I know this lan is live, but getting no internet. ifconfig   it says its ip is not sure where to start debugging04:12
Beldarfishcooker, You will need a live dvd/usb to fix this with or manually boot from grub> to the cli to fix.04:14
fishcookeris there any direction04:14
Beldarfishcooker, for?04:15
fishcookerno hope04:15
zykotick9reisio: tbird guys, you need to be in the "sudo" group, admin doesn't have anything to do with sudo use anymore.04:15
tbirdyeah i put myself into sudo group in the users and groups thingy. i don't see myself in the groups | grep admin04:16
pfifotbird: are you sure your using the right password?04:17
tbirdi've tried the root password, the main users password, and the secondary users password and it doesnt like any of it04:17
zykotick9tbird: i don't even have an "admin" group?  if you added yourself to a new group (ie sudo) - you NEED to log out and back in for it to apply!04:17
Beldarfishcooker, If you followed that link and it did not work than you will have to use other methods, there a handful.04:18
tbirdthat user was not logged in. i am logged into the primary user account to make changes04:18
pfifotbird: sudo wants the password of the user who is running it, so if you sun sudo as user2, and you enter user1's password... fail, also if you never set a password for user2... fail04:18
tbirddo i need to restart or something?04:18
fishcookerwhich one, Beldar04:18
qbmaniactbird: restarting is rarely the solution in linux04:18
fishcookerany the best method?04:18
Beldarfishcooker, Did you see the grub info from the bot?04:18
qbmaniacguys, I have a question: I am completely and utterly bored to death, what can I do about it? (please refrain from "kill yourself" comments)04:19
pfifoqbmaniac: configure a postfix server04:19
geekmasterflashqbmaniac: Hack into
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:20
qbmaniacpfifo: interesting, never done that before, might do so.04:20
qbmaniaczykotick9: I am well aware it is off-topic, but a single question does not hurt :)04:20
pfifozykotick9: do you know much about the casper package? (just want to know for future reference)04:22
zykotick9pfifo: not i thing!  never even heard of them.  good luck04:23
pranavplease provide me a neat screen capture utility which allows us to make time-lapse video in ubuntu ?04:23
pfifo!info scrot | pranav04:24
ubottupranav: scrot (source: scrot): command line screen capture utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-13 (saucy), package size 15 kB, installed size 72 kB04:24
zykotick9pfifo: ;) hey scrot was what i was thinking of... but didn't have the guts to suggest04:24
* zykotick9 did have an issue yesterday where scrot didn't capture mplayer output correctly (it was transparent for some reason) haven't looked into it yet, used a workaround04:26
pfifozykotick9: sounds like mplayer was using a video overlay, scrot wouldnt be able to access the info in the framebuffer, mplayer has options to use a video output device that dosent use an overlay, but it will reduce performance04:28
zykotick9pfifo: i've used scrot a million times to capture mplayer output.. this is the 1st time i've seen this issue...  but, ya might first guess is mplayer -vo option as well!  BUT it could also be an nvidia-propritary issue (that's where this issue first showed it's ugly head ;) my other systems are all libre/free04:29
zykotick9s/ya might/ya my/04:30
pfifozykotick9: that makes it sound even more like an overlay, mplayer would definatly want to take advantage of the features of your graphics card once drivers are installed04:31
pfifoi think the default vo is GL which would be directly affected by changin to the propierty driver04:32
zykotick9pfifo: i'll play with it ;)  it sucked, 'cause i was in a RUSH to get a screenshot - ever used backtrack/kali?  check this out - https://pumpdog.me/zykotick9/image/y6JMXuF2QxaWgJHcdKiOKw (i hope you can see that image) </OT>04:35
pfifoof course I have used backtrack, i have used everything that is supposed to be 'unsupported' here, wouldnt be much of a rebel if I didnt :)04:38
zykotick9pfifo: <ot> lol, actually i can honestly say I NEVER used BT.  ironically, used used kali a lot </ot>04:39
zykotick9s/used used/i've used/04:40
FlurglerHobbitHey all. I made a little python script that needs to be executed on startup. However when I set it in the startup applications program I get a message, "Failed to execute child" and the reason is because it didn't have the correct permission. What do I need to do?04:42
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pfifomy VPS has the wrong time, it was off by -251 seconds. I just installed ntp, hopefully this dont happen again. kind weird there would be a clock skew on a VPS04:44
pfifoFlurglerHobbit: how are you running it?04:44
FlurglerHobbitpfifo: what do you mean?04:44
pfifoFlurglerHobbit: are you running python and providing the filename, or using a shebang and calling it directly04:46
FlurglerHobbitpfifo: Exec=/home/servu/Documents/startup.py04:46
pfifoFlurglerHobbit: did you make the script executable?04:47
FlurglerHobbitohh man04:47
FlurglerHobbiti didn't even think about that04:47
FlurglerHobbitpfifo: hold on let me do that04:47
pfifomake sure when you run '/home/servu/Documents/startup.py' from command line it does what you expect04:48
FlurglerHobbitk done04:48
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barihois there any easy to use gui for configuring samba shares? samba's config file and man page are a bit overwhelming.04:48
FlurglerHobbitpfifo: in the line where I specify the file, how do I specify that I execute it as python?04:49
FlurglerHobbitI mean just specifying the file isn't enough from my understanding04:49
pfifoFlurglerHobbit: on the first line of the script add this '#!/usr/bin/python' (thats called a shebang)04:50
FlurglerHobbiti did that04:50
pfifoFlurglerHobbit: then all should be ok04:50
FlurglerHobbitawesome. Thanks pfifo04:50
FlurglerHobbitTesting it out now04:50
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FlurglerHobbitis it possible to make ubuntu boot without a head/keyboard/mouse?04:54
reisioFlurglerHobbit: yup04:54
daftykinsFlurglerHobbit: of course04:55
FlurglerHobbitreisio; care to tell me? oh great wizzard04:55
daftykinsunplug them, hit power = win04:55
FlurglerHobbitdaftykins: that's now how it works04:55
bhag_I need help to install ubuntu touch on arm7 devices04:55
daftykinsFlurglerHobbit: i'm puzzled as to how it's any more complex?04:56
FlurglerHobbitdaftykins: Ubuntu doesn't remember the hardware. It seeks it out every time it's powered on. If it doesn't see anything it throws an error04:56
daftykinsFlurglerHobbit: if you don't want those things connected, are you trying to make a server?04:57
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pfifoFlurglerHobbit: yo might need to add 'text' to the boot options to prevent X from starting04:59
FlurglerHobbitpfifo: I have programs that require a GUI. Will that matter? I use them with ssh04:59
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pfifoFlurglerHobbit: it depends on  what your doing, but generally you just have libX installed and use the -X option of ssh05:01
FlurglerHobbitpfifo: even if I make the server boot without a gui?05:01
FlurglerHobbitpfifo: It would just be vmware05:01
Vivekanandahey everyone a question. while in eclipse when I have a file in /home named foo.xml and open it via file = "foo.xml" it opens fine but I have a partition named /media/Yojimbo/path to file/foo.xml then it gives me a path error. What is the reason for it ? I copy and pasted the path exactly at it appears in pwd. What should I do to get the correct path for the file05:02
pfifoFlurglerHobbit: right, you dont need to start an X client on the server05:02
FlurglerHobbitmind giving me more info on what you said earlier?05:02
FlurglerHobbitI was afraid of trying that option for the reason I just expressed.05:02
bhag_How to install ubuntu touch on arm dev boards?05:03
pfifo!bootoptions | FlurglerHobbit05:03
ubottuFlurglerHobbit: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.05:03
xangua!touch | bhag_05:03
ubottubhag_: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch05:03
bhag_thanks xangua05:03
pfifoFlurglerHobbit: do a one time test of 'text' using grub's editor first, and if the results are good, make it permenant in /etc/defaults/grub05:04
daftykinsVivekananda: never use spaces in paths in Linux.05:05
FlurglerHobbitpfifo thanks05:06
pfifoFlurglerHobbit: but you should be able to login on the command line even with 'text' and use nano/vim/emacs to revert, just have to plug in the keyboard and monitor05:06
pfifoim going to bed05:07
=== debsan_ is now known as debsan
geekmasterflashHello, I need help finding out what is causing my system to freeze05:21
geekmasterflashI have been forced to hard-boot 3 times in the last hour05:21
wheatthinFirst clue, open process manager and check :)05:22
geekmasterflashThat's just it05:22
geekmasterflashNothing there is out of the ordinary05:22
geekmasterflashwheatthin: Temperature is was 40c at last crash05:22
wheatthinsecondly, check your logs.. the size matters05:22
geekmasterflashwheatthin: Which log? I am something of a newbie05:22
wheatthincheck all logs for their size.. anything over 1gb would cause system to crawl.. I dunno about crashing..05:23
wheatthincheck dmesg in the terminal, see if there's anything listed in there05:23
bhag_i am seeing black screen on bootup . How to resolve it?05:23
geekmasterflashwheatthin: The largest thing in my /var/log is 1.8 MB05:24
wheatthinhmm.. .. what were you running during these crashes?05:24
geekmasterflashwheatthin: Clementine and I was using Omegle (so my webcam and firefox)05:25
maccam_Hey all, I'm needing some help with permissions and file ownership for my webserver.  Anyone willing to give me a few pointers?05:26
geekmasterflashwheatthin: Crash is total too, I can't drop to terminal or get any response to REISUB05:26
wheatthinbhag_, does this screen eventually go to a login screen?05:26
bhag_no wheatthin05:27
=== jack is now known as Guest68541
bhag_so i am hard rebooting 2 to 3 times to get the login screen05:27
wheatthinmaccam_, try #ubuntu-server05:27
geekmasterflashbhag_: Can you press Cntl+Alt+F1 to get to command line?05:27
maccam_wheatthin: thanks05:27
bhag_geekmasterflash__: no its not05:28
geekmasterflashbhag_: Got a recovery disc?05:29
bhag_geekmasterflash: I dont have a recovery disc05:30
geekmasterflashbhag_: Reboot and hold down shift05:30
geekmasterflashbhag_: Hopefully that will bring you to GRUB05:30
geekmasterflashbhag_: And you should have a recovery console option there05:30
bhag_geekmasterflash__: After 2 to 3  times of hard reboot then its working fine05:30
vadiWhich brand is more Linux-friendly - Asus, eVGA, Gigabyte or MSi? I'm looking to purchase a new high-tier video card.05:31
geekmasterflashbhag_: Sounds like a hardware problem?05:31
wheatthinvadi, brand isn't what you look for, it's chipset.05:31
geekmasterflashvadi: I have an MSi Nvidia card in my system right now05:31
reisiovadi: those people make video cards?05:31
geekmasterflashvadi: And I am currently asking for help about random crashes05:31
vadiI know it's the chipset; but it's the brand that supports the video card.05:31
vadi... oh, dear05:32
geekmasterflashvadi: Which I think might be related to the video05:32
reisiosupports :p05:32
bhag_geekmasterflash: It is having a dual boot and windows working fine05:32
SleePyI need to install a package on a server, apt is telling me "The following packages will be REMOVED".  is there a way to prevent it from removing those packages?05:32
geekmasterflashbhag_: Okay, so boot it up and get to GRUB05:32
bhag_geekmasterflash: I dont think its a hardware issue. Seems like some problem with video driver05:33
geekmasterflashbhag_: And there should be a recovery mode there05:33
geekmasterflashbhag_: Unlikely05:33
geekmasterflashbhag_: Because cnt;+alt+f1 should bring you to command line05:33
bhag_geekmasterflash: I will try the recovery05:33
geekmasterflashbhag_: Since it's not, that means linux never loaded05:33
scipy53I suddenly have developed a problem with flash not working in my browsers. I tried re-installing and all a few times now, no luck. Anyone else having such a problem?05:35
geekmasterflashwheatthin: So presuming it's my video card, is there some log I could look at that would tell me what was going on when it froze up?05:35
wheatthindmesg and Xorg.log.0 or whatever05:35
geekmasterflashwheatthin: Whoa05:37
geekmasterflashwheatthin: dmesg is mostly greek to me, but in my log I see something very strange05:38
geekmasterflashwheatthin: At the time of my crash I see /00/00/00/00/0005:38
geekmasterflashWritten dozens of times05:38
geekmasterflashwheatthin: then what appears to be the log starting over for the next boot05:38
wheatthingeekmasterflash, you have you look at the end of the error, and see if it has an error code. Most likely it is hardware related, but which hardware I do not know.05:43
wheatthinduring the crash itself, did your computer let out any beep codes?05:44
geekmasterflashwheatthin: That's just it, there is no error05:44
geekmasterflashwheatthin: I see some (WW) lists, but they are mostly just telling me that they can't verify my HorizSync range05:45
wheatthinthat could be a problem of the video not turning on.05:45
wheatthinEIDE failing05:45
geekmasterflashwheatthin: Obviously my video is working. We are having this conversation from the machine in question05:46
wheatthinright, but might be a sign about the monitor going out.05:46
geekmasterflashwheatthin: That would cause a total system freeze?05:46
Ben64geekmasterflash: what version of ubuntu? you should run a ssh server to see if that responds during a crash05:46
wheatthinno, but would make it seem like it.05:46
geekmasterflashBen64: I am on 13.10 Gnome-Ubuntu 64bit05:47
Ben64system specs?05:47
geekmasterflashwheatthin: But REISUB didn't respond05:47
maccam__wheatthin: that place is like a tomb.  Can you recommend a lively linux irc channel that can help me with my server questions?05:47
geekmasterflashBen64: AMD FX(tm)-9590 Eight-Core Processor × 8 GeForce GTX 660/PCIe/SSE2 15.6 GiB memory05:48
Ben64maccam__: ask your question05:48
wheatthinmaccam__, Just be patient, usually the people in here are in there too05:48
geekmasterflashBen64: 60 GB SSD (/) and 500 GB HDD (/home)05:48
Ben64geekmasterflash: 8 gpus?05:48
geekmasterflashBen64: 8 cores on my processor05:48
geekmasterflashBen64: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-660/specifications is my graphics card specs05:49
Ben64so its a desktop05:49
geekmasterflashBen64: Yes.05:49
Ben64Dante123: stop05:50
Ben64this is not a test channel, go somewhere else05:50
Dante123Testing android irc app,  grumpy today or what?05:51
geekmasterflashBen64: It's odd, my system is stable right now with not music playing and no webcam on. Once I start both, it crashes about 5 minutes later05:51
Ben64Dante123: there are 1641 people here, the channel needs to stay on topic. if you want to spam meaningless lines, make your own channel05:52
geekmasterflashBen64: I can even stress test the gpu and it wont die on me05:52
Ben64geekmasterflash: install a ssh server and monitor what happens when you start both05:53
Dante123Two lines consisting of 8 letters total hardly constitutes spam.  Chill.05:53
geekmasterflashBen64: Okay, installing the ssh server I think I can do. How would I monitor once I ssh in?05:53
Ben64Dante123: its the channel rules. just stop. it's very easy to make your own channel to spam in05:54
arunHello guys has anyone used Linux Deepin Software Center?05:54
YatharthROCKHi. When I connect to an external monitor on my ASUS laptop running 13.04, I get monitor flickering. Strange part is, it only happens in the areas where the desktop is visible, and not in other applications. It's driving me mad; what could be the cuase?05:55
Ben64geekmasterflash: you can check logs, use htop, atop, iotop, and other stuff05:56
eb0thi i need help with atftp server05:56
eb0thow do i shut it down05:57
sandman13i am trying to customize xfce4 with ambiance theme but it requires overwriting Ambiance folder in /usr/share/themes, is it okay to modify the files in this directory?05:58
Ben64sandman13: you should be able to use ~/.themes05:58
arunHello guys has anyone used Linux Deepin Software Center?05:59
Ben64!anyone | arun05:59
ubottuarun: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:59
eb0tfrom my experience you can only help with the easy stuff05:59
eb0tnone of you even heard of atftp server05:59
eb0tbut it was worht a shot06:00
arunWhy can't I install some softwares like deluge , gnucash ,etc using Deepin Software Center !!! gUYS PLEASE HELP ME !!06:00
Ben64eb0t: yeah, thats the attitude you want for people to volunteer their time to help you06:00
eb0tdont wat our help06:00
Ben64arun: what is the deepin software center?06:00
eb0ti ve asked before and no joy06:00
Ben64eb0t: then you can leave06:00
sandman13Ben64 that didn't work have a look at it's installation guide http://xfce-look.org/content/show.php?content=14102706:00
geekmasterflashBen64: Alright, SSH server set up. Trying to cause system freeze again06:00
eb0ti want to tell people the truth06:00
arunBen64: its a software Center06:01
Ben64geekmasterflash: good luck? ha06:01
eb0tyour all windows boys playing at linux06:01
Ben64arun: ok, looks like deepin is an unsupported ubuntu derivative, we cannot support it here. you should find a deepin support channel if one exists06:02
eb0ttold you ...ha ha06:03
sandman13Ben64 what should i do?06:03
Beldararun, you using the Linux Deepin Software Center or what?06:03
arunBen64: yes06:03
arunBeldar: yes06:03
Beldararun, Use the command line or the ubuntu software center.06:04
arunBen64: yes, but many guys uses this , so, I was asking how to fix that !!! If I don't violate the privacy !!06:04
arunBeldar: can't I fix that thing ??06:04
arunBeldar: I liked it but, I was wanting to fix the problem !!!06:04
geekmasterflash_Ben64: So06:05
Beldararun, never heard of it in 7 years of using ubuntu, ppa's are not supported here is all.06:05
geekmasterflash_Ben64: It crashed06:05
Ben64arun: again, we cannot support that derivative here06:05
geekmasterflash_Ben64: And I can't ssh to it06:05
Ben64geekmasterflash_: :(06:05
geekmasterflash_Ben64: So it's not just my monitor or xorg dying06:05
Ben64geekmasterflash: so what are the actual things that prompt it to crash?06:05
geekmasterflash_Ben64: It's definately a system lockup06:05
Ben64you said music and webcam? which apps06:06
geekmasterflash_Ben64: Firefox06:06
geekmasterflash_Ben64: Clementine06:06
geekmasterflash_Ben64: Flash06:06
geekmasterflash_Ben64: Basically nothing else06:06
Ben64have you tried just one of those at a time06:06
geekmasterflash_Ben64: Yes, it's stable06:06
geekmasterflash_Ben64: I can watch youtube videos all day06:06
geekmasterflash_Ben64: Listen to music06:06
geekmasterflash_Ben64: but the second I do this, whole system lock06:07
=== geekmasterflash_ is now known as geekmasterflash
Ben64what exactly is "this"06:07
awyeahi im trying to configure outside access to my nginx server, but the port seems to be closed - i forwarded the port on the router, but the problem seems to be with my ubuntu server, either iptables or the firewall(which i think i disabled - not permanent) what should i try?06:09
Ben64awyea: use nmap to verify the port is open on the correct interface06:10
zerooneonehow do i find the *actual* upstream version of ruby that's in ruby Version: without installing it?06:10
geekmasterflashBen64: Sorry, for some reason I couldnt send after changing my nick06:11
geekmasterflashBen64: "this" seems to be playing clementine and using the webcam, but it could also be using the sound and video at once06:12
Ben64the only thing i could think of is a pulseaudio problem, but i'm biased against pulseaudio06:12
geekmasterflashBen64: I am not positive what is causing it other than right now, the second I play music and start chatting I am bound to crash within 5 minutes06:13
geekmasterflashBen64: You don't think it could be my video card?06:13
geekmasterflashBen64: Alright, let me kill pulse audio and try it06:14
geekmasterflashBen64: See if that causes it to happen again06:14
awyeak i scanned with nmap and it didnt show up. where do i start?06:15
=== bedahr_ is now known as bedahr
geekmasterflashBen64: ... I can't seem to kill it, it just auto-relanched06:15
Ben64geekmasterflash: try running the program(s) with pasuspender in front06:16
geekmasterflashBen64: So, pasuspnder clementine06:17
Ben64or just "pulseaudio --kill"06:17
=== siva is now known as Guest31089
Ben64i remove pulseaudio on every install i do, so i'm not 100% on whats best for a temporary disable06:17
YatharthROCKHi. When I connect to an external monitor on my ASUS laptop running 13.04, I get monitor flickering. Strange part is, it only happens in the areas where the desktop is visible, and not in other applications. It's driving me mad; what could be the cuase?06:18
geekmasterflashBen64: Alright, no more pulseaudio06:19
geekmasterflashBen64: lol, and Clementine is now frozen06:20
Ben64well thats better than your whole computer?06:20
geekmasterflashBen64: Yes, lets see if I crash with it killed06:20
geekmasterflashBen64: Chatting it up06:21
geekmasterflashBen64: Hmm, now firefox is locking up06:22
geekmasterflashBen64: But it's not locking my whole computer06:22
geekmasterflashBen64: Without Pulse on neither program wants to launch06:23
geekmasterflashBen64: Well, firefox does but it dies the second I try to initalize my webcam and mix06:23
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=== meatWad is now known as Guest91005
charecat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler06:31
charenoop [deadline] cfq06:31
charewhat does that mean?06:31
charewhy are there three things listed06:31
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=== fredfredfred is now known as meat_wad
robierobguys i am trying to install ATI Radeon drivers for my card any one can help????06:34
robierobweb site isnt helping and i dont know what to do now06:35
wheatthin!ati | robierob06:35
ubotturobierob: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:35
robierobok i will look at it then come back06:36
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
Blasterhey I accidentally made ubuntu full screen using a function key but it doesn't seem to be wanting to exit the fullscreen06:44
Blastervim is stuck full screen06:44
geekmasterflashAnyone want to help me figure out why my computer keeps locking up?06:47
reisioBlaster: F11 maybe?06:48
Blasterreisio: yup thx06:49
reisiogeekmasterflash: works better if you just say what your problem is06:51
reisiothat way nobody has to type this boring explanation that I'm typing06:51
=== LoganG is now known as LoganG|off
Nothing_Much#ubuntu-arm is inactive, is there a problem with the dependencies for the Linux Kernel on Ubuntu 13.10?06:52
xanguaNothing_Much: or maybe your question is too vage06:54
vedicis it possible to find if somebody has tried logging into the server via Live CD? or single user mode?06:54
vedicI checked "last reboot|less" and it says that few days back somebody had restarted the remote server. I want to know if he was successful in logging in by any means06:54
robierobradoe stuff installed any one please can you assit so i can figure out whats the issue...06:55
Nothing_Muchxangua: I mean, I'm having dependency problems with upgrading to 3.1106:55
robierobhey geekmasterflash :06:55
reisiovedic: via live OS not really, not unless the BIOS keeps track06:55
reisiovedic: physical access is guaranteed access, even if it's encrypted, to anyone with half a brain06:56
reisiovedic: if you want to be aware of changes made to a system, then you need to take stock of what your system is made up of beforehand06:56
vedicreisio: How to find login date times?06:57
vedicreisio: I only intend to find last couple of login attemps06:57
reisiovedic: what will you do if you find out someone logged in?06:57
robierobguys....i am having issues with grafix drivers dose any one in here know how to handle ATI radeons.....i am not total noob but i cant figur it our06:58
vedicreisio: My job is to inform it to senior admin with all possible details. Taking action or pinpointing the incedent is not my job. We have camera in place. If I can figure out the date and time, we can just look at the video recordings06:59
reisiovedic: :p06:59
vedicreisio: How to find in /var/log06:59
reisiovedic: /var/log/ is a directory06:59
reisioit's at /var/log/07:00
robierobATI's Scare poeple i know but please any help.... lol07:00
vedicreisio: come on, I know its directory. Which file to track. Example "last reboot" tells me when the system was last rebooted07:01
vedicAny command to give details like that07:01
Morph4mels /var/log see whats in there07:02
vedicMorph4me: Thank you07:02
vedicAnybody else?07:02
reisiovedic: start with messages07:02
robierobguys whats the terminal comand to list the current running video driver07:04
Morph4mevedic: an example > cat /var/log/boot.log07:04
vedicMorph4me: Thank you Morph4me07:05
reisiorobierob: sudo lspci -k | egrep 'VGA|use' | grep VGA -A 107:05
robierobreisio: do you know anything about ATI's radeon cards?>07:06
arunHello all guys07:06
robierobthank you BTW07:06
reisiorobierob: I know literally certain amounts of things about ATI's radeon cards07:06
reisioarun: 'lo07:06
robierobwell i just installed what i think is the ubuntu version of the ATI grafix card driver and i need help to make sure everything is on the up and up07:07
robierobso i can start to work on why i cant play team fortress on steam... lol07:07
robierobcan you help me trouble shoot the os side of things07:08
reisiorobierob: glxinfo | egrep -i 'vendor|direct'07:08
zykotick9reisio: lspci doesn't need sudo07:08
reisiozykotick9: why not?07:09
robierobreisio:   http://pastebin.com/Qau3A5he07:09
XMLnewbiI installed terminator with sudo apt-get install terminator      how do i run it?   though it was just terminator but when I run that im getting       Bash: terminator:command not found07:09
LopeI'm running out of space on my linux partition and need to make it bigger. what do you guys recommend? sda1 is NTFS windows 32GB, sda2 is Linux Swap 32GB (I have 32GB RAM), sda3 is linux 32GB, sda4 is Linux LVM (containing 1x 334GB volume) is 638GB. sda3 is running out of space. (750MB free) its got my home dir in it as well.07:10
zykotick9reisio: 'cause you don't need to be root.  using sudo unnecessarily is unwise.07:10
reisiorobierob: okay, that isn't great :)07:10
robieroblol freaking tell me about it... lol07:10
LopeSo I could either resize sda4 to make the LVM start later on the disk, and then resize sda3 to be bigger, or relocate my home dir onto LVM or something?07:10
reisiozykotick9: so you don't know07:10
zykotick9reisio: what?07:10
reisioXMLnewbi: dpkg -L terminator | grep -i bin07:10
robierobwhats it saying in human terms....07:11
reisioLope: do you hibernate?07:11
robierobonly for the winter?07:11
reisioLope: you can clearly afford to go out and buy more storage :) it is cheap07:11
Lopereisio: I'd like to but its not possible because my swap is encrypted and I haven't done the hack where the swap gets encrypted with a password instead of /dev/random07:12
reisiorobierob: it's not working enough to have useful info :)07:12
Lopehibernation is not a priority but I'd like to get it working at some point.07:12
reisioLope: k07:12
robierobhow do we kill it and restart... i am faairly quick with terminal07:12
reisioLope: I'd get more space07:12
Lopereisio: if you read more carefully my LVM is only half full07:12
reisioLope: 750MB is plenty of free space for a system you aren't actively generated many megs of data on07:13
Lopedude my LVM is only half full07:13
reisioLope: put home in your lvm then07:13
geekmasterflashBen64: I fixed it!07:13
Lopeokay well this is what I need help with :)07:13
reisiorobierob: kill what?07:13
Lopewhat about resizing the LVM partition to be smaller and sda3 to be bigger07:13
Lopeis that possible?07:13
reisioLope: yeah07:13
Lopeor is it safest/easiest to move home to LVM? my home is encfs07:13
robierobeverything.... lol it driving me crazy.... geekmaster helped eirlier but he dosent know much about grafix cards from ATI07:14
reisioLope: why do you have an lvm and then additional unix partitions not within it?07:14
geekmasterflashrobierob: Hello again robierob07:14
robierobgeek... i am hurting man... lol07:14
Ben64geekmasterflash: how?07:14
reisiorobierob: can you pastebin lspci -n ?07:14
geekmasterflashBen64: I nuked xserver-xorg and switched drivers to nvidia-319-updates07:15
sgo11hi, I saw many tcp connections from my localhost:22 to another IP address. why? how can I check if someone logging in my ssh server? thanks.07:15
Ben64sgo11: should  be in your logs07:15
sgo11192.168.1.103:22 -- ip:random_port.07:15
zerooneonesgo11: probably dictionary attacks07:15
Lopereisio: because this is my first linux install that I use as a main system and I didn't know much about LVM. I didn't know you can run the entire system on LVM07:15
sgo11Ben64, ssh logs?07:16
robierobreisio: geekmasterflash:    http://pastebin.com/UP718Yts07:16
reisioLope: okay, well07:16
reisioLope: the long term ideal solution may well be to put everything into the lvm07:16
reisioLope: then you can resize things really easily in future07:16
Lopereisio: initially sda4 was an extended partition with a NTFS partition inside it and linux kept corrupting it, and I couldn't preserve permissions copying files into it. it was a disaster. so I removed it then decided to experience LVM.07:17
XMLnewbibha what is this crazy bash crap. Im trying to do sudo rm keyinwrongplace.pub        and its replying back   bash: pub  event not found07:17
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
Lopereisio: yeah I get that. is there an easy way to copy off my entire system and then reload it back onto LVM? :)07:18
geekmasterflashrobierob: .I am taking it you didn't get the drivers installed?07:18
sgo11Ben64, zerooneone yeah, I saw those failed attempts in /var/log/auth.log. very weird. why do they want to do this?07:18
reisioXMLnewbi: can you relay the command more precisely?07:18
robierobi installed it as per the website07:18
Lopecan you run swap on LVM?07:18
robierobthis is where i am at after 6 hours07:18
reisioLope: you can do whatever in an LVM07:18
robierobi might need a little more hand holding... :(07:18
sgo11dictionary attacks will never succeed. my password is extremely long.07:19
reisioLope: it's a little involved after the fact, and resizing partitions isn't 100% (more like 90% safe)07:19
XMLnewbithere is a file, a ssh in the wrong dir.          im trying to remove it.             sudo rm filename.pub                   it doest not delete, and returns          bash: ! .pub: event not found07:19
reisioLope: you got everything backed up?07:19
reisioXMLnewbi: are you sure your command hasn't random spaces in it, like your IRC msgs?07:20
Lopereisio: not really. I've got my important data backed up. but I don't have a full backup of my home dir or my linux fs etc.07:20
Nothing_Much#ubuntu-arm is inactive, is there a problem with the dependencies for the Linux Kernel on Ubuntu 13.10?07:20
Ben64sgo11: there are bots that try it all the time, its not a big deal unless you have a weak user/pass07:20
zerooneonesgo11: i get 1000s of attempts. that's what happens if you use the standard sshd port07:20
reisioLope: well to be 100% safe you'd need one of those :p07:20
Ben64Nothing_Much: unlikely07:21
zykotick9sgo11: if you run an ssh server connetable from the internet, i'd HIGHLY suggest you look into use fail2ban07:21
reisioLope: and since you should really have one anyways...07:21
LopeI just figured if it gets messed up I'll reinstall, but I suppose thats silly cos I'd have downtime.07:21
reisiois it a server?07:21
Nothing_MuchBen64: Then how come I can't upgrade my kernel from 3.4 to 3.11?07:21
sgo11Ben64, thanks.07:21
XMLnewbiand if there was a typo it should do command not found07:21
Ben64Nothing_Much: no idea, you should wait for #ubuntu-arm people to show up07:21
XMLnewbinot that insaine bash crap07:21
geekmasterflashrobierob: Can you give me a better idea of where "here" is?07:21
sgo11zerooneone, thanks. this is just home PCs. I will turn off DMZ setup in the home router.07:22
sgo11zykotick9, thanks a lot. I will look into fail2ban. very useful for my server.07:22
robierobgeekmasterflash: ok.....i istalled the drivers from ...https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver     and got rid of the others.... thats it... and its still not working07:22
tbirdi want to point http://mydomain.com to localhost in the hosts file. how do i do this?07:23
Ben64tbird: it has example(s) in the file07:23
robierobthe driver or the card or something isnt running properly....geekmasterflash:07:24
tbirdi have: mydomain.com localhost07:24
tbirdit does not work07:24
robierobterminals skills to the rescure geekmasterflash:07:24
tbirdwhat is the correct syntax?07:24
geekmasterflashrobierob: Give me a pastebin of sudo lspci -v -s 01:05.007:24
Lopeat the moment sda2 is swap, sda3 is linux + home dir. sda4 is LVM. Can I back them up, then remove sda2+3+4 and make one LVM then copy my linuxFS onto a new volume, home onto its own volume, and another volume for data. how would I get grub working after that?07:25
zykotick9geekmasterflash: you don't need sudo with lspci (don't use sudo unnecessarily)07:25
geekmasterflashzykotick9: Woops07:25
robierobgeekmasterflash: http://pastebin.com/km5xUJMy07:25
geekmasterflashrobierob: You still dont have any drivers07:26
robierobwhat the hell is this last 6 hour been my just fummbling around... grrrrr frustrating geekmasterflash:07:26
geekmasterflashrobierob: Did you make sure your card was compatable with the driver you installed?07:26
robierobyes.... its a ati radeon rs690m   1200 series07:27
Lopeat the moment sda2 is swap, sda3 is linux + home dir. sda4 is LVM. Can I back them up, then remove sda2+3+4 and make one LVM then copy my linuxFS onto a new volume, home onto its own volume, and another volume for data. how would I get grub working after that?07:27
geekmasterflashrobierob: I might be wrong, since my experiance is only with nvidia cards, but I don't see a kernel driver in use: section on that pastebin07:27
Lopeoops sorry for repeating07:27
LopeI meant to say at the moment sda2 is swap, sda3 is linux + home dir. sda4 is LVM. Can I back them up, then remove sda2+3+4 and make one LVM then copy my linuxFS onto a new volume, home onto its own volume, and another volume for data. how would I get grub working after that?07:28
geekmasterflashrobierob: Which is telling me that your card isn't using the driver07:28
Ben64tbird: follow the syntax of the examples in the file...07:28
Lopeshit my clipboard fucked out sorry.07:28
zykotick9geekmasterflash: i think you need -k with lspci to see the driver line07:28
robierobwe are back to this morning07:28
Ben64Lope: watch the language here07:28
Lopesorry. I can plug my HDD into another PC. I know how to backup, remove the partitions, create an LVM and volumes and copy the data back. but after that I dunno how to get grub working?07:28
geekmasterflashzykotick9: Oh? I get the driver line with just -v -s07:29
Ben64Lope: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair very good tool07:29
geekmasterflashrobierob: Okay, try zykotick9 's suggestion07:29
robierobk command?07:29
tbirdthis is the syntax: "" this is what i did: "ragtrade.5gbfree.comlocalhost" then i reboot, clear history and test, and bang it still goes to the live site instead of pointing back to the dev site07:29
geekmasterflashrobierob: Give me a pastebin of lspci -v -s -k 01:05.007:29
zykotick9geekmasterflash: ya, your -v does it (fyi, when you have 2 or more single letter switches, you can combine them "lspci -vs" type thing)07:29
tbird@ Ben6407:30
Lopecan boot reparit get grub to boot linux from a LVM volume?07:30
Ben64tbird: because you didn't follow the same pattern...07:30
robierobgeek master flash....   lspci: -s: Invalid slot number07:30
Lopeboot-repair I mean.07:30
tbirdthen can you please explain it rather than act like a batman villain?07:30
geekmasterflashrobierob: Give me a pastebin of lspci -vsk 01:05.007:30
Ben64tbird: come on, you can figure it out. is what? localhost is what?07:31
robierobgeekmasterflash:     robert@robert-T-1616:~$ lspci -vsk 01:05.007:31
robieroblspci: -s: Invalid slot number07:31
geekmasterflashrobierob: lspci -vk 01:05.007:31
geekmasterflashrobierob: I am dumb07:32
geekmasterflashrobierob: lspci -k 0s 01:05.007:32
geekmasterflashrobierob: lspci -ks 01:05.007:32
robierobgeek you just broke my terminal07:32
Ben64geekmasterflash, robierob: s needs to be the final option before the address07:32
tbirdwhat is the correct syntax? the computer cant do it's job if im not typing it in right07:33
amitprakashHi, on my ubuntu system, packages installed using pip do not work in imports? how do i resolve this07:33
robierob lol07:33
Ben64tbird: seriously? you can't tell the difference between and ragtrade.5gbfree.com ?07:33
geekmasterflashBen64: lol07:33
Kurvivorhello! I want to share some folders/files from my ubuntu computer. What would be better: make a ftp server or share them using samba?07:33
zykotick9amitprakash: just a side note, but installing software with pip isn't really an ubuntu issue...  it's like using a ppa - 3rd party stuff.  best of luck.07:34
tbird127 is source, both are on the source side. if this is not correct, you nor the file has explained otherwise07:34
robierobok.....so whats the call geekmasterflash?07:34
arunKurko: u can host an ftp server07:34
zykotick9ftp must die!07:34
Ben64tbird: hint: one is an ip address07:34
tbirdwhat is so hard about telling me what order to type words?07:34
Ben64tbird: maybe hosting isn't your cup of tea07:34
tbirdim not hosting07:34
geekmasterflashrobierob: did you get the output from lspci -ks 01:05.007:34
geekmasterflashrobierob: ?07:34
robierobjust a sec07:34
tbirdhow is anyone ever supposed to learn if no one is willing to explain anything?07:35
Ben64i just did07:35
Ben64not my fault if you didn't listen07:35
robierobgeekmasterflash:    http://pastebin.com/47vwmh6u07:35
tbirdyou could have just said " mydomain.com" instead of dragging this out so long07:35
Ben64tbird: or you could have followed the syntax from the one above like i told you07:36
geekmasterflashrobierob: As I thought, still no driver07:36
geekmasterflashrobierob: This is beyond me, but you at least know your problem07:36
Lopetbird quit whining. if you want help you should be greatful you get help. try work on gratitude and kindness and you'll experience more of it from others.07:36
geekmasterflashrobierob: You've installed your driver, but it's not being used by your card07:36
tbirdyou people would be fired in a day.07:37
Lopetbird go away dude07:37
Ben64!attitude | tbird07:37
ubottutbird: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines07:37
geekmasterflashrobierob: You probably need to write an xorg conf07:37
zerooneoneirc doesn't pay very well07:37
tbird!attitude Ben6407:37
robierobahhh,.... i heard that some where07:37
geekmasterflashrobierob: I suggest asking for help with that in mind07:37
robierobdont know how though07:37
Ben64excuse me for trying to get  you to think, tbird07:37
geekmasterflashrobierob: I am not the one to help with that.07:37
geekmasterflashrobierob: But it's at least better than 6 hours of not knowing what is wrong07:38
Ben64robierob: could you pastebin lspci?07:38
Ben64robierob: and while you're at it, lsmod07:38
robierobok.........dose any one know how to write a xorg .confg   tweak to get my grafix card to use the driver i have?07:38
robierobjust a sec07:39
robierobben64:   dude here... tell me good news i am about to cry   http://pastebin.com/QcXq1PS407:40
robierobgeekmasterflash: dude thanks for your time man....07:41
Ben64robierob: preliminary googling shows that your card is no longer supported by the current amd driver07:42
robierob......i just installed a version from ubuntu site... and it says it was... :(07:42
amitprakashhow do I reinstall all python pacakges07:43
Ben64which version of ubuntu do you have?07:43
robierobum i want to say 13.10.... its was from a CD i got in barnes and noble 3 days ago07:43
Ben64"lsb_release -a" to find out07:44
robierob13.04 raring07:44
Ben64and the page you linked to is about the open source driver07:45
robierobi think so yes07:45
Ben64not amd's driver. i would suggest to use the open source one, it has better support for older chips07:45
robierobyes it has my card listed07:45
robierobrs690m    1200 series07:45
robierobati radeon express07:46
Ben64robierob: did you do this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/VideoDriverDetection#Problem:_Need_to_purge_-fglrx07:46
robierobok....well ben64... lets take this trip.... lead the way07:46
robierobyes..... only some thing were removed other didnt exist07:47
Alex____When installing Ubuntu alongside Win7, I cannot install onto the SSD that Win7 is on. If I install to my HDD, my machine always loads into Win7 because I never hit the boot loader that (I assume) was installed onto the HDD07:47
Alex____Has anyone seen this before?07:47
robierobshould i try again to make sure?07:47
Ben64robierob: can't hurt07:48
robierobok give me 5 mins07:48
grahamsavageSystemError: E:The package astrill needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it. << Ubuntu Software Center is broken and this is the error in the log file07:49
grahamsavagehow can i fix it07:49
robierobben64:   done07:50
Ben64one more thing before07:50
Ben64grep -i radeon /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist*07:51
robierobben64:  /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.conf:blacklist radeonfb07:51
Ben64ok thats fine07:51
mollisonif i buy a USB cd/dvd reader/writer, do i need to worry about buying one for which drivers are specifically available, or is that typically not a problem?07:51
robierobk see you in 507:52
Ben64mollison: i've never seen that be a problem07:52
Artemis3mollison, not a problem07:52
mollisonok, awesome, thanks guys07:52
grahamsavagecan anyone help me with my ubuntu software problem?07:53
grahamsavagei can't open it07:54
robierobben64: back07:55
amitprakashHi, I am getting a  libpq-dev : Depends: libpq5 (= 9.1.10-0ubuntu12.04) but 9.2.4-0ppa1~lucid is to be installed , how do I resolve this/07:55
robierobben64 ok how do i check the drivers?07:56
Beldargrahamsavage, run software-center and look for errors07:57
Ben64robierob: lshw -C VIDEO07:59
grahamsavagei get this: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a70cfb36722eaffcc53507:59
grahamsavagei've got no idea how to fix it though07:59
Ben64robierob: or try running glxgears or something to see if you got 3d07:59
zykotick9Ben64: lshw does need sudo i believe (why i don't like it ;)07:59
Ben64zykotick9: it doesn't actually :)08:00
robierobben64 ok just a sec08:00
amitprakash_Hi, I am getting a  libpq-dev : Depends: libpq5 (= 9.1.10-0ubuntu12.04) but 9.2.4-0ppa1~lucid is to be installed , how do I resolve this?08:01
robierobben64:    http://pastebin.com/1JiwqVgT08:01
Beldargrahamsavage, seems like a broken package were did you get astrill?08:01
zykotick9amitprakash_: my 2 issues with your question 1) PPA and 2) Lucid08:01
grahamsavagebelder: sudo dpkg -i astrill-setup-linux64.deb08:02
grahamsavagebut i don't know how to revert it or uninstall it or whatever08:02
Beldargrahamsavage, you can tab complete nicks, I believe astril is not in the repos, where did you get it from.08:03
amitprakash_zykotick9, its on an amazon ec2 server08:03
grahamsavageBeldar: i downloaded it from the astrill website08:03
grahamsavagethe issue is i seem unable to remove it or reinstall it08:03
geekmasterflashrobierob: WHat happens when you run glxgears?08:05
robierobyou got it?08:06
geekmasterflashrobierob: Got what?08:06
robierobcheck you private tab08:07
robierobnothing aperenty08:07
zykotick9Ben64: while i do get a "WARNING: you should run this program as super-user." it seems to output fine (with my -c VIDEO test anyways).  THANKS!  i wonder if that's changed, cause i swear that used to need sudo just to run...08:07
Beldargrahamsavage, Technically we do not support 3rd party apps, however I found this. http://askubuntu.com/questions/237352/software-center-internal-error-astrill-vpn-install08:08
grahamsavageBeldar: ah thankyou for that.. I can't actually open the page because it's blocked08:09
grahamsavageok it's not.. just loaded08:09
robierobany one elese have ATI grafix cards they were able the slay the monster of driver installs?08:10
robierobben64: you alive?08:12
Ben65_robierob: yeah08:12
robierobyou upgraded?08:12
robierobwhats next?08:12
TDGPUhow could I add sftp?08:14
TDGPUwht should i tweak in the sshd?08:14
droimerakhello to all08:15
zykotick9TDGPU: scp/sftp should work OOTB?08:15
droimerakim looking an app. a web editor PHP, somebody can help me?08:15
TDGPUzykotick9: no it says refused connection08:15
aeon-ltddroimerak: maybe try the php channel?08:16
zykotick9TDGPU: can you ssh normally with that user?08:16
droimerakthanks aeon!!!08:16
TDGPUzykotick9: yes i am connected to my server via ssh connection right now08:18
zykotick9TDGPU: that's odd - i got nothin'.  best of luck.08:18
robierobben65_: geekmasterflash: dude thanks for the help but i am caling it a night.....we aint getting anywhere.....ill try more tommorow....thank you08:19
TDGPUanyone knows if there is a line in sshd config file to allow SFTP?08:19
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
reisioTDGPU: should be allowed by default08:22
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
icerootTDGPU: michael@bestian:~$ grep sftp /etc/ssh/sshd_config08:29
icerootSubsystem sftp /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server08:29
icerootTDGPU: and yes, sftp is enabled by default, when a user is allowed to use ssh, he can also use sftp08:33
pabixHello, I am trying to install Ubuntu 13.10 x64 on an Hp Pavilion TS 15 Notebook PC. The installer runs fine, but the LiveCD or the OS after installation have a X11 startup problem (low graphics mode). Is this a known problem? How can I troubleshoot it please?08:43
TDGPUpabix: did you do the 5 steps ofter installation? it looks like missing your VC driver.08:45
mencharihow to know my current nvidia driver?08:48
pabixDoes anyone know what 5 steps TDGPU was talking about?08:49
nopcallmenchari: dpkg -l|grep -i nvidia08:50
enisince yestarday when playing grooveshark/youtube videos my audio kinda glitches.. how can i see why?08:54
sandman13what does icon pack means? does it contain icons for close, maximize, minimize?08:55
=== Guest93712 is now known as mg_
bekkssandman13: that depends on the context.08:57
bazhangsandman13, you'd want gnome-tweak-tool , or unity-tweak-tool for that08:58
sandman13bazhang: actually i'm using xfce408:59
bazhangsandman13, then ask a clearer question, as it's not apparent what you seek08:59
sandman13there's icon theme section in xfce-look.org but i'm confused whether that would install icons for close, minimize buttons09:01
bekkssandman13: you have to take a look at the specific package then. We dont know what those authors do and dont.09:03
sandman13okay bekks09:04
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xsihow to upgrade php5.3 to php5.5?09:16
bekksxsi: Depends on your Ubuntu release.09:16
bekksxsi: Thats a kernel version, not an Ubuntu release.09:17
bekksxsi: pastebin "lsb_release -a" please.09:18
Ben64hasn't been 3.2 for a while09:20
bekksxsi: Thats not the ouput of "lsb_release -a".09:20
xsiLSB Version:core-2.0-ia32:core-2.0-noarch:core-3.0-ia32:core-3.0-noarch:core-3.1-ia32:core-3.1-noarch:core-3.2-ia32:core-3.2-noarch:core-4.0-ia32:core-4.0-noarch09:21
xsiDistributor ID:Zorin09:21
bekksxsi: Use a pastebin.09:21
bekks!pastebin | xsi09:21
ubottuxsi: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:21
Ben64zorin isn't even supported here09:21
bekksAnd being on Zorin OS - you are out of support in here. Please seek support for your distribution, since you dont have Ubuntu.09:21
hosamHello ubuntu's09:25
hosami need help with php5 bundled09:27
hosamwho can help with this09:27
hosamusing ubuntu 12.04.03 php5.3.1009:27
pirreti am stuck, munin on ubuntu 13.10 giving me an error "You don't have permission to access /munin on this server."09:28
pirreti have googled stuff, made Allow from all changes to /etc/munin/apache.conf09:29
pirretbut still getting same error09:29
Ben64what is munin and how did you install it09:29
pirretif you don't know what it is, beter that you don't even try to help09:29
Ben64wow, fine then09:30
hosamcan you help with servers09:30
pirretbecause it seem to have all kind of issues on ubuntu09:30
hosamsuch as php apache09:30
Ben64hosam: you'd have to give details on your problem first09:30
pirretand i installed it following steps on https://help.ubuntu.com/13.10/serverguide/munin.html09:30
pirretwhich don't metion anything about this no permussion stuff, but google is full of it, but none of those are good for me09:31
hosami have problem with php5-gd bundled09:31
hosamthat the ubuntu php5 packeg09:31
Kroachwhich version of Ubuntu had GCC 4.3.3?09:31
pirretapache error.log has lines like [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /var/cache/munin/www09:32
icerootKroach: packages.ubuntu.com09:32
Kroachiceroot: thanks09:33
qwebirc716433can anyone help me?09:38
arpdDoes anyone know how I can disable the "alt-rightclick" binding in Ubuntu 13.10? It's driving me nuts.09:39
reisioqwebirc716433: nope09:40
hosamHello guys09:40
MajSlayerhey guys new to linux, how to i open a port with for full access?09:50
MajSlayerusing unbuntu 13.1009:50
Ben64just run something on the port, by default there isn't a firewall that is stopping things09:50
MajSlayerahh well this is a dedicated server install, think they block some stuff by default09:51
MajSlayerhow would i check?09:51
MajSlayeriptables ?09:51
MajSlayerat least that's what they told me..lol09:52
wildc4rdhow can I delete a folder created in/by root?10:00
ikoniawildc4rd: how did you create it as root10:00
wildc4rdit was an installation in terminal using sudo10:00
ikoniawildc4rd: using sudo to remove it then would be the solution10:00
ikoniawildc4rd: be aware of the damage it may do though10:01
kkkkkkkhi all, i am using ubuntu 12.04 and there is a problem irritating me a lot, many times my laptop cd drive ejects automatically and when i re insert , it ejects again, and it happens 2-3 times, and then it stay closed. It happens at random time, but after few minutes of logging in.10:05
kkkkkkkhow to solve that??10:05
kkkkkkki reinstalled but same problem10:05
kkkkkkkfirstly i supposed, button may be pressed accidently, but this is a problem10:06
cfhowlettkkkkkkk,  sounds like a hardware issue.  short circuit of the eject key would do just as you describe10:06
ikoniakkkkkkk: I used to see this with certain CD brands years ago when it couldn't always read them10:06
ikoniait used to take 3 - 4 goes and then it would read them, I can't remember the brand.10:06
wildc4rdikonia, ran gksu nautilus, I still find the gui easier than command line, lol10:08
wildc4rdthanks though10:08
pecchow in tarnation do I format an USB that is a live CD... tried disk utilities, says "Error synchronizing after initial wipe: Timed out waiting for object (udisks-error-quark, 0)"10:08
kkkkkkkNo, Drive is all right, i have windows also, it never happened there10:09
ikoniapecc: are you using the USB while trying to format it ?10:09
kkkkkkkikonia: problem is not with reading a DVD, tray is empty and it is ejecting automatically, at random intervals10:09
kkkkkkkcfhowlett: i can confirm that hardware is all right because then same problem will also appear on windows, but it never happend on windows a single time10:09
kkkkkkki usually switch between windows and linux according to work and sometimes to change the look and feel, that's why i have  dual boot system10:09
kkkkkkkanybody used KINGSOFT office here?? on linux10:09
aleandrociao a tutti10:10
peccikonia: nope, nothing should be using it right now10:10
aleandroc'è qualcuno italiano?10:10
ikoniakkkkkkk: seeing as it's a windows product and not for linux, I suspect not10:10
ikoniapecc: how are you trying to format it ?10:11
PorTahabla alguein español?10:11
ikonia!es | PorTa10:11
ubottuPorTa: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.10:11
LjLspricht jemand deutsch?10:11
peccikonia: via Disk Utility, Format Disk > Don't overwrite, compatible with all systems (MBR/DOS)10:12
kkkkkkkno, it is also available for linux also, WPS community something, is it a good replacement of microsoft office, i mean  i read somewhere on internet and saw some screenshots that it provides better compatibility with micro's documents10:12
ikoniakkkkkkk: their site only shows windows10:12
bekks!de | LjL10:12
ubottuLjL: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:12
kkkkkkklet me give you the link10:12
PorTano entender..10:12
ikoniakkkkkkk: I don't want the link10:12
LjLPorTa: el canal para español es #ubuntu-es10:12
LjLPorTa: da /join #ubuntu-es   por entrar10:12
PorTa»pero, quiero aprender ingles..10:13
ikoniakkkkkkk: "I don't want the link"10:13
kkkkkkkthis is the link, o sorry, u dont' want the link10:13
kkkkkkki didn't read it,10:13
=== Riussi_ is now known as Riussi
kkkkkkksorry :(10:13
wheatthinof course :P10:13
LjLPorTa: ##english es un buen canal por aprender inglés. pero #ubuntu solamente es para soporte de Ubuntu10:14
bekks21!es | PorTa10:15
bekks!es | PorTa10:15
ubottuPorTa: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.10:15
PorTa»LjL, ahhh y qe es ubuntu?10:15
PorTaalgun juego?10:15
kkkkkkkhas anyone used it http://wps-community.org/ , i am looking for a review, before downloading 150 MB, because i have slow internet connection10:15
bekkskkkkkkk: What if someone used it?10:15
kkkkkkkbekks: pro and cons10:16
LjLPorTa, no pero por favor, no sigues hablando español aqui... #ubuntu-es o ##english10:16
kkkkkkklook and feel10:16
bekkskkkkkkk: Thats not related to Ubuntu, isnt it?10:16
kkkkkkkbetter than libre office or not?10:16
bekks!best| kkkkkkk10:16
ubottukkkkkkk: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:16
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest59395
kkkkkkkbekks: that's it10:17
peccikonia: was using "that gears icon on top right", found out the partition specific one now and it gives another error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6462929/10:17
phone_lhanjianubuntu crash again.10:18
kkkkkkkbekks: My Laptop DVD Drive, ejects automatically, without any soft or hard command from my side, why this is happening in ubuntu, and not in windows, i mean if this is hardware problem then it will behave same in windows also10:19
kkkkkkkbekks: how to solve such kind of issue?10:20
bekkskkkkkkk: I never experienced such issues.10:20
kkkkkkkbekks: that's good10:21
kkkkkkkbut i am experiencing the same , at random times after logging in10:21
nashantHey, I've got a problem trying to install percona. It keeps saying Depends libc6 (>=2.17) but 2.15-0ubuntu10.5 is to be installed. How can I fix this?10:21
mrbean33shello guys10:22
bekksnashant: Please pastebin the entire output.10:23
DFZDas ist ein englischer Kanal. Es gibt aber auch einen deutschen Kanal: "/join #ubuntu-de"10:23
nashantbekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6462949/10:24
piccadownloading latest version of Ubuntu .. can't wait to try it10:25
bekksnashant: And please pastebin "lsb_release -a"10:25
somanI need a soft to monitor some webpages for modification/updates. Is there any?10:25
piccahi goxl10:25
nashantI didn't reboot after a dist-upgrade10:25
bekkssoman: chrome, firefox, etc - generally every browser.10:25
somanbekks: ok, but I need it automatically10:26
bekkssoman: Then you would have to mirror the entire site. I doubt you actually want to do that.10:26
=== odyssey4me3 is now known as odyssey4me
nashantbekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6462973/10:29
nashantbekks: I did a dist-upgrade, but it's still reporting precise...?10:29
bekksnashant: Of course. If you want to update to 12.10, then to 13.04, then to 13.10,... you have to use do-release-upgrade10:30
nashantah right10:30
nashantNo, I don't wanna do that10:30
nashantStick with the LTS10:30
MonkeyDustnashant  try do-release-upgrade10:30
bekksnashant: Then you cant use percona.10:30
nashantwhat? really? How come?10:30
bekksnashant: percona requires a newer libc than the one in 12.0410:31
MonkeyDustwhat's percona?10:32
nashantMonkeyDust: drop in replacement for mysql10:32
nashantI suppose it's only a few months for the next LTS release10:32
bekksnashant: Whats wrong with mysql? :)10:33
nashantafter some reading, percona looks better10:33
bekksnashant: Because...?10:34
=== black is now known as Guest95007
nashantFor my purposes though, it probably makes no difference whatsoever10:34
bekksnashant: Besides the fact that it seems they do use an older codebase than mysql?10:34
nashantIn performance testing it seems to come out over mysql10:35
ikonianashant: independant performance testing or on the vendors website10:35
somanbekks: I need something like that http://www.cmcode.co.uk/webmon/10:36
nashantindependent as far as I can see. Or that's what people are reporting10:36
ikonianashant: "people" ?10:36
gordonjcpnashant: why not just use mysql?10:36
goxlSome people use SDL2 it?10:36
nashantgordonjcp: That's what I'm gonna do for the moment10:37
nashantikonia: yeah....you know....people...10:37
ikonianashant: no, I don't, I've never heard of the software, nor heard of performance results from it so "what people"10:37
gordonjcpnashant: ever heard of "premature optimisation"?10:37
WinstonSmithis the root of all evil!10:38
nashantgordonjcp: I think one of my friends went to a therapist for that10:38
gordonjcpnashant: quick car analogy - I have a 1988 Citroën CX, and my mate has a 1988 Porsche 92410:39
arpdDoes anyone know how I can disable the "alt-rightclick" binding in Ubuntu 13.10? It's driving me nuts.10:39
gordonjcpnashant: now, my mate's 924 *in theory* with all its tweaking and tuning of its all-alloy 2.2 litre engine making 150bhp ought to outperform the 2.2 litre all-alloy engine in the CX that makes 115bhp10:39
nashantikonia: Well after reading the three options seem to be mysql, mariadb or percona. mariadb has lots of myisam optimizations, percona has xtradb (a replacement for innodb)10:40
gordonjcpthe Porsche is considerably more highly-"optimised" than the Citroën and that comes with reliability penalties10:40
MajSlayerhttp://pastebin.com/7gQGASwp Trying to install Red5-Server on ubuntu 13.10 get this error, any ideas how to fix it?10:40
ikoniaMajSlayer: looking at that output I'd "guess" it's not designed for ubuntu 13.10 and is installing from either a local deb/3rd party repo and the init system is not compatible10:41
ikoniaMajSlayer: note that is a guess from the limited output10:42
pirretgordonjcp: there is no car more unreliable than Citroën ;D10:43
pirretfrench cars in general are shit10:43
pirretback to topic ->10:43
ikoniapirret: no need for that language please10:43
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pirretshit fuck ass10:43
MajSlayerikonia could i downgrade to 13.04 somehow? maybe that would help?10:45
ikoniaMajSlayer: I don't think so, where is this package being installed from ?10:45
ikoniaMajSlayer: really ? it's in the repo,10:46
ikonia!info red5-server10:46
ubottured5-server (source: red5): flash streaming server. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0~svn4374-3 (saucy), package size 108 kB, installed size 340 kB10:46
ikoniaMajSlayer: well, I'm wrong it is in the repo10:46
Boneheads1999I need help.  I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (with Unity Shell).  I want to move the launcher from the left to the bottom (vertical).  And then I want to make it similar to OSX (Macintosh/Apple), and make it so when the cursor rolls over an Icon, that icon gets bigger in size, along with icons near it.10:46
ikoniaMajSlayer: I thought you'd have setup an external repo based on /usr/local/installers/red5 in your path in the pastebin output10:47
ikoniaMajSlayer: ok, lets just clarify, what's in /usr/local/installersred5 ?10:47
RickyB98goxl, 你好!:)10:47
MajSlayerahh red5rc110:47
MajSlayerjust a tar... i just used apt-get install red5-server10:47
ikoniaMajSlayer: ok, so there is nothing in there/been run from there that could have changed your install path, good10:48
ikoniaMajSlayer: run apt-cache policy red5-server10:48
Boneheads1999Basically, I want to turn my Unity Launcher into an OSX-like Dock.10:48
MajSlayerk one sec10:48
=== Craxy is now known as craxxy
MajSlayerthere ya go ikonia10:50
ikoniaMajSlayer: that's interesting, it looks like it's installed it just couldn't start it10:51
ikoniaMajSlayer: I thought it failed to install because it couldn't start it (reading your output)10:51
MajSlayerno seemed to install just fine10:51
MajSlayerits the starting thats the problem10:51
ikoniaMajSlayer: what happens if you try to start it manually10:51
ikoniaMajSlayer: is it just the init script thats broken, or is it actually failing to start10:52
MajSlayerhow would i go about that?10:52
MajSlayernew to linux pretty much, used it 10 years ago10:52
ikoniaMajSlayer: I don't know what the application is so I don't know how to start it manually, you'd have to check that10:52
bekks!cn | goxl10:52
ubottugoxl: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:52
MajSlayerthat i can google one sec.10:53
MajSlayerahh samething failed10:54
ikoniaMajSlayer: same thing ?10:54
cerhi everybody! Do you know of a microblogging client that allows you to post at the same time on different social network websites? In particular, I need google+ and twitter.10:54
ikoniaMajSlayer: how did you try to start it ?10:54
MajSlayerdid a service red5-server start10:54
ikoniaMajSlayer: that's using the init script10:54
ikoniaMajSlayer: so that's not proving anything10:54
MajSlayerhow would i locate where it was installed?10:58
ikoniaMajSlayer: search for the binary, however I suspect it will be /usr/bin10:58
MajSlayerwell looked in /usr/bin nothing in there that even starts with the letter r11:02
MajSlayerargh shame there isn't more info about Red5 on the internet11:03
MajSlayerahh this it goes to /usr/share11:04
MajSlayeri'll check there11:04
PinkSwingGood morning. Does anyone know a broadband connectivity monitor for Ubuntu? I have intermittent internet connectivity problems and I want to log it for a few hours to see when and for how long the connection goes down.11:06
PinkSwingOr would I just set ping running with the output piped into a file?11:06
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alazyworkaholicswitching users in 13.10 frequently lands me at an unresponsive black screen with a flashing cursor. I can restart by ¨service lightdm restart¨ but I lose my work and it´s a real inconvenience. Does anyone know what log file might help diagnose the problem, or if there´s anything else I can do?11:23
enihello, has anyone encountered pulseaudio problems (glitches)?11:24
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:24
eniI'm having glitches when playing audio (flash/mplayer). After having a look at the pulseaudio logs : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6462693/ i see something like alsa-sink] alsa-sink.c: Underrun!11:26
eniI can't seem to find a fix about this11:26
enicfhowlett, any idea?11:30
cfhowletteni, I've not seen/heard of the type of error your getting..  Ask again in channel.  Lots of smart people here.11:34
eniok, thanks11:34
SASDOEhi all11:37
krayzewhat is this ???11:37
SASDOEquick question, what solution would you recommend to regularly backup code automatically to a remote server?11:39
SASDOEwith versionning11:39
snqlit is greeting11:40
A1ReconWhere is the installation directory for any program in Ubuntu?11:40
SASDOEdepends usually something with /bin in it11:41
SASDOEhow do i do versionning with rsync ?11:41
SASDOEwithout clobbering and keeping only differences11:41
SASDOEcfhowlett is that for me?11:44
snqlA1Recon: local/share11:45
snqlhome folder is installation directory11:45
SASDOEdepends on how he installed it really11:46
SASDOEi have installed apps in /usr/bin /usr/sbin /sbin /bin and $HOME/bin11:48
hitsujiTMOdon't forget /opt                   non repo stuff usually go there11:49
A1Reconhow do i install a program from the tgz file?11:49
SASDOEextract it the read the README11:50
bekksA1Recon: Which program?11:50
hitsujiTMOA1Recon: read the provided readme file or instructions where you got it from11:50
TechKnoIs there a way to install Ubuntu onto an external hard drive wihtout a live USB/CD?11:50
A1Reconbekks: Arduino IDE11:51
hitsujiTMO!debootstrap | TechKno11:51
ubottuTechKno: debootstrap is used to create a !Debian or Ubuntu base system from scratch, without requiring the availability of !dpkg or !APT. It does this by downloading !.deb files from a mirror site, and carefully unpacking them into a directory you can eventually !chroot into.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot for more information11:51
SASDOEhe would still need a live media of some sort11:51
TechKnoOkay thank you11:51
SASDOEor at least to my knowledge11:52
hitsujiTMOSASDOE: not if hes doing it from an existing environment11:52
TechKnoSome reason my pc will no longer boot from USB so I'm having to do it that way11:52
hitsujiTMOTechKno: the only other thing you can do is dd an installed image11:53
rigo88what should i type in the command line if i want to install a "minimal system" of ubuntu 12.04 server? normally i should press F4 and choose install minimal system. but i created the usb installer with "unetbootin"11:53
Razkinrigo88, please run rm -rf /11:53
LjL!danger | rigo8811:53
ubotturigo88: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!11:53
LjLRazkin: do you think you're funny? because you aren't11:54
RazkinLjL, I am very funny.11:54
cfhowlettRazkin, not sure if you're stupid or think you're funny.  Either way, stop it.11:54
Razkinok sorry guys11:54
RazkinI was just tryna make a joke, jeez.11:54
Razkinvery serious people in here11:54
LjLRazkin: hardly funny when people lose their data11:55
A1ReconRazkin: Joke? Losing data is joke for you?11:55
SASDOErigo88: what do you mean by minimal?11:55
cfhowlettRazkin, telling an inexperienced user to nuke their system isn't funny.  nor will it be tolerated.  see the code of conduct.11:55
A1Reconcfhowlett: +111:55
hitsujiTMOrigo88: unetbootin should create the image with that option available. if not try an alternative usb creator such as ubuntus startup disk creator11:55
SASDOEso does anyone know how to do versionning in rsync?11:57
arma_hello guys11:57
rigo88_sorry. pc was frozn11:57
bekksSASDOE: There is no versioning in rsync.11:57
hkanhello guys, anyone know why does indicator-cpufreq is in the messages panel in gnome 3.8 ?11:57
Ben64SASDOE: could you explain what you mean by that11:57
bekksSASDOE: You have to use something like rdiff-backup11:57
arma_i have a problem,anyone that can help?11:58
CrimsonIdolWhy are there no good photo organizers?11:58
cfhowlettSASDOE, never used it, nor am I 100% on versioning.  I believe rsync will do incremental backups ... don't know how to set that up thought.11:58
hitsujiTMOSASDOE: erm, rysync to a directory created with the name of the version11:58
rigo88_so what is the command line command for minimal system?11:58
Razkinbekks: after running the 'rm -rf /' command, data is recoverable, yes? because, I thought, if deleting data was that fast and easy, why is formatting so slow?11:58
bekksCrimsonIdol: there are, digikam e.g.11:58
cfhowlettCrimsonIdol, shotwell11:58
bekksRazkin: When having a backup, data is recoverable.11:58
SASDOEBen64: i would like to regularly backup source code to my personnal server, keeping up to say 10 versions of the same file, but keeping only differences11:58
Ben64Razkin: stop posting that stuff. it's not helpful, its not easily recoverable11:59
hitsujiTMOSASDOE: is this daily backups?11:59
cfhowlettBen64, he's already been warned.11:59
cerhi everybody! Do you know of a microblogging client that allows you to post at the same time on different social network websites? In particular, I need google+ and twitter..11:59
MonkeyDustSASDOE  is this useful http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/11:59
Ben64cfhowlett: yeah but he posted the command again...11:59
MajSlayerInvocation of init method failed; nested exception is java.net.BindException: Address already in use <-- any idea on how to fix?11:59
cfhowlett!ops|Razkin,   rm -rf /11:59
ubottuRazkin,   rm -rf /: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!11:59
SASDOEhitsujiTMC: actually around evry other 30 minutes11:59
Ben64SASDOE: i'm sure its possible, but its not built into it, you'd need some kind of custom script to do it12:00
cfhowlettbazhang, tyvm12:00
Ben64SASDOE: i think you'd be better off with something designed for that task12:00
arma_i cant switch between my gpu and the intel graphics12:00
SASDOEand would git not be a better solution then? or owncloud?12:00
hkanI installed indicator-cpufreq but it is shown in the messages panel, not in the gnome shell at upper screen, why?12:00
Ben64yeah i'd use git12:00
TechKnoI have ubuntu installed on VMware player, is there a command that'll install it onto an external hard drive?12:01
MonkeyDustSASDOE  the people in #bash can help you better with custom script12:01
bekksTechKno: No. Use a liveCD/USB to install it outside a vm.12:01
SASDOEok i think i'll try git12:01
arma_i cant switch between my gpu and the intel graphics12:01
arma_anyone?to know about nvidia optimus?12:01
bekks!optimus | arma_12:01
SASDOEMonkeyDust: actually i think i read someplace that one could both boot or virtualize an os on their hard drive12:02
SASDOEi'd google it12:02
ubottuarma_,: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:02
Ben64arma_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee12:02
TechKnobekks: Some reason after trying to do that before, my bios won't detect a live usb12:02
bekksTechKno: Then use a livecd.12:02
TechKnobekks: Okay I'll try it now.12:02
arma_i have done that,but nothing.still have a problem12:03
arma_when im scrolling down in sites or i watch a movie12:03
arma_something like a line apeears in my screen12:03
A1ReconWow that ops intervention was epic on so many levels....12:03
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=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest57463
Ben64arma_: i wish i could help you more, but i don't have any optimus systems12:04
Ben64i think the newer versions of xorg and xrandr and nvidia drivers have more native support for optimus12:05
arma_i install drivers bumblebee but nthng12:05
Ben64maybe it's in 13.10 or 14.0412:05
arma_you say to use for 13.04 versions?12:05
Ben64you have to activate it per app by using 'optirun'12:05
hitsujiTMOSASDOE: simplest solution to to ryscny to a versioned folder named as: BACKUP_DIR="backup-$(date +%Y-%m-%d--%H-%M)"; mkdir "$BACKUP_DIR";12:05
arma_yes,but when i do that,i have a error12:06
Ben64what's the error12:06
hitsujiTMOSASDOE: then rsync to $BACKUP_DIR12:06
arma_bublebee is not running12:06
arma_something like this12:06
arma_now i dont have nvidia drivers installed12:06
CrimsonIdolbekks, cfhowlett gThumb, F-Spot, Shotwell are all horrible. Haven't looked at digiKam. This is for a friend and I really don't feel like installing KDE just for a photo organizer. Picasa is obviously out of the question... removes too many dependancies.12:07
bekksCrimsonIdol: You dont need to install KDE, you need to install digikam.12:07
cfhowlettCrimsonIdol, wait 112:07
arma_when i type sudo lshw -C video12:07
arma_i have12:08
arma_*-display UNCLAIMED12:08
Ben64you don't need to install kde to use the libraries12:08
arma_       description: 3D controller12:08
arma_       product: GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M / GT 620M/625M/630M/720M]12:08
arma_       vendor: NVIDIA Corporation12:08
arma_       physical id: 012:08
Ben64!pastebin | arma_12:08
ubottuarma_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:08
arma_display ubclaimed?12:09
cfhowlettCrimsonIdol,   www.reddit.com/r/FOSSPhotography    http://www.rileybrandt.com/2012/07/31/linux-photo-1/12:09
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arma_thank you btw12:11
SASDOEhitsujiTMO: but then i would have up to 10 copies of the same file12:11
SASDOEof different versions12:11
SASDOEhitsujiTMO: whereas i would like to only save one full snapshot and plenty diffenrences snapshots12:12
hitsujiTMOSASDOE: maybe use git then?12:12
SASDOEi was told tar could work on the git chan12:12
SASDOEhitsujiTMO: problem with git is that it is project oriented, and i would like to backup an entire directory, full of different projects12:13
danuxi get this error when trying to "make" /usr/bin/ld: ../pdf/libmaitreya_pdf.a(pdffontmanager.o): undefined reference to symbol 'FcPatternAddInteger'12:15
danux/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libfontconfig.so: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line12:15
danuxhow to fix this .  please help12:15
hitsujiTMOSASDOE: normally i'd use git bungle for backing up git repos. i have all my repos in a single directory and the backup script runs through the directory list and bundles each repo to a nfs share12:18
huyinghuanHello .  I got a VPS and default install ubuntu 10.10  . but I found the source.list  can't be used(when I apt-get install vim or other software,some errors is 404)  ,where can i get useable source list ?12:20
ubottutigerL,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:21
hitsujiTMO!eol | huyinghuan 10.10 is eol12:21
ubottuhuyinghuan 10.10 is eol: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:21
SASDOEi must say this ubottu impresses me12:22
cfhowletthuyinghuan, best thing to do is stop and upgrade to a supported version: I suggest 12.04 Long Term Support.  Then update to 14.04 LTS in April12:22
cfhowlettSASDOE, it is rather intuitive, isn't it.12:22
huyinghuanthe VPS can't update :'(12:22
SASDOEhuyinghuan: are you paying for this?? if so, stop!12:22
huyinghuanyes . I buy it today.12:23
cfhowlettwhy?  WHY?12:23
cfhowlettget your money back12:23
hitsujiTMOhuyinghuan: reinstall with a supported ubuntu template12:23
hitsujiTMOhuyinghuan: what company is this that are supplying templates of outdated operating systems?12:24
=== lilstevie is now known as lilstevie-tmp
* cfhowlett bets on china ...12:24
bekkshitsujiTMO: Almost every VPS hosting company does.12:24
nisprohello, have question non releated to linux. anyonne know the minimum lenght of a tp cabel from switch to pc? diffrent answers all the time from google :/12:24
huyinghuanIt's my first  experience  to buy VPS:'(12:25
cfhowletthuyinghuan, can you return and get your money back?12:25
bekksnispro: Minimum cable length for TP cables are ~15cm12:25
SASDOEhuyinghuan: next time choose a vps with an up to date OS12:25
nisprobekks: thank you =)12:25
danuxi get this error when trying to "make" /usr/bin/ld: ../pdf/libmaitreya_pdf.a(pdffontmanager.o): undefined reference to symbol 'FcPatternAddInteger'12:25
danux /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libfontconfig.so: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line12:26
danuxhow to fix this  .  please help12:26
hitsujiTMOhuyinghuan: your hosting panel should have reinstallation templates so you can reinstall another oOS. just install a supported version of ubuntu ( recommend 12.04 for server )12:26
SASDOEhuyinghuan: which is very easy to spot in ubuntu as the first to digits are year and last two month of release12:26
huyinghuanyes .12:26
SASDOEhitsujiTMO: why would a vps default to 10.04?12:27
bekksSASDOE: because 10.04 is still supported.12:27
hitsujiTMOSASDOE: i'm presuming it wasn't defaulted and was just the first on the list of templates12:27
MajSlayerahh thank god, i got red5 working.lol12:27
SASDOEgood thinking12:27
MajSlayerfreaking had to close putty, even after i killed java12:27
danuxcan anyone see what i post here ?12:28
ikoniadanux: yes12:28
MajSlayernope cant see a thing12:28
cfhowlettdanux, yes we see you12:28
hitsujiTMOdanux: you prob haven't installed the build dependencies12:29
danuxhitsujiTMO,  i think i have  :(12:30
hitsujiTMOdanux: what app are you trying to build?12:30
SASDOEdanux: how did you install? with apt-get?12:30
SASDOEdanux: sorry didn't read full question12:30
auronandace!checkinstall | danux12:31
ubottudanux: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!12:31
danuxhttp://saravali.de   there is an app calld Maitreya   i have compiled it many times in previos ubuntu versions12:31
SASDOEwow that's really cool never heard of it before12:31
SASDOEcheckinstall i mean12:32
danuxits an astrology app12:32
hitsujiTMOdanux: if libfontconfig.so is installed as a version such as: libfontconfig.so.1.23     you may need to symlink the file: ln -s libfontconfig.so.1.23 libfontconfig.so12:32
danuxhitsujiTMO,    ahaa i will try it and inform u immediately12:32
mika__Usually i have got windows working with linux, but today i installed linux and this computer cant see windows 7 anymore. i have only one efi boot partition and its linux disk. i have two hdd, linux is on ssd.12:34
danuxhitsujiTMO,   apt package name is libfontconfig1  --  so i think that is what causing this bug :D12:35
auronandace!uefi | mika__12:35
mika__linux is ubuntu 12.04 LTS version12:35
ubottumika__: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI12:35
mika__auronandace: i have asus bios so there isnt any CSM switch or so.12:36
hitsujiTMOmika__: with uefi you only have one efi system partition no matter how many Operating systems you have. did you by any chance format the efi partition during the install?  is windows not showing up in the efi boot manager?12:36
pranavi uploaded a video on youtube that was created using the command:  mencoder mf://./*.png -mf w=320:h=240:fps=3:type=png -ovc copy -oac copy -o output.avi12:37
SASDOEshould'nt he be installing a bios12:37
SASDOEgrub a mean12:37
pranavbut it doesn't work properly12:37
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
SASDOEpranav: sorry don't know12:38
=== Aaron_ is now known as Aaron
pranav i used: $ mencoder mf://./*.png -mf w=320:h=240:fps=3:type=png -ovc copy -oac copy -o output.avi to create a video from set of timelapsed image. but it wont work in youtube. possible guide?12:39
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mika__hitsujiTMO:  im using now live-cd and keyboard layout is not comfortable for me xD12:40
hitsujiTMOmika__: then change it in the system settings :P12:40
MajSlayerokay guys, seems i got Red5 rc1 running via ./red5  but once i close putty, it stops running, how to i set it so it stays up and running?12:40
ikoniaMajSlayer: nohup ./red512:40
ikoniaMajSlayer: nohup ./red5  &12:40
mika__hitsujiTMO: yeah now it's better :)12:40
MajSlayerikonia both commands?12:41
ikoniaMajSlayer: just the latter12:41
MajSlayerthanks, been a big help ikonia, you da man12:41
MajSlayerowe ya one12:41
ikonianot a problem12:41
hitsujiTMOmika__: can you open the terminal and install efibootmgr and pastebinit: sudo apt-get install pastebinit efibootmgr              then run: sudo efibootmgr | pastebinit                 can you paste the link generated here12:42
mika__hitsujiTMO: ok, wait a sec.12:43
MajSlayer nohup: ignoring input and appending output to ‘nohup.out’12:43
MajSlayerguess thats good:) now let me try closing putty:)12:44
mika__hitsujiTMO: it doesn't find pastebinit, only that efibootmgr, but i can use my browser for pastebin...12:44
MajSlayeryep works cool beans12:44
hitsujiTMOMike__: cool. please pastebin the output12:44
MajSlayeri best put this in my install notes12:45
pd0x\explodeshi, I assume this is a Ubuntu related question.  I'd like to try installing xp on my xp/Ubuntu box via Virtual Box, can I install the virtual xp on a second hard drive, or does it have to be installed on the boot c: drive?12:47
mika__hitsujiTMO:  that "Boot0003*" is my "live-cd" in usb stick12:47
cfhowlettpd0x\explodes, add the hdd to VB as storage and I believe it'll work fine.  I think.12:48
pd0x\explodesI have lots of space on my e: (sata hd #2 in the pc), but only a little remaining free on the c: which has xp/ubuntu on it already dual booted12:48
=== pd0x\explodes is now known as PaRaD0xx
hitsujiTMOmika__: hmm no windows entry: can you pastebin: lsblk12:49
ikoniaPaRaD0xx: you create virtual disks from any physical storage you want, so use what you want, also check #vbox for virtual box specific help12:49
PaRaD0xxikonia: o, ok...thanks.  I'll ask there..but you're saying I can install it anywhere?12:49
PaRaD0xxdidn't realize there was a vbox channel12:50
ikoniaPaRaD0xx: you can create a virtual disk from any physical media you have12:50
mika__hitsujiTMO:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6463440/12:50
PaRaD0xxthanks ;)12:50
=== waddedMe_ is now known as waddedMeat
hitsujiTMOmika__: can you pastebin the output of: sudo fdisk -l12:51
hitsujiTMOmika__: your windows is an mbr install not efi. that's your problem12:53
CookieMsveta hi12:53
mika__hitsujiTMO:  so linux should be also not efi install12:54
hitsujiTMOmika__: you should reinstall ubuntu as bios/mbr install so you can cleanly dual boot12:54
mika__hitsujiTMO:  ok i try again :D  thank you12:54
hitsujiTMOmika__: both OS should be the same type of install12:54
bhaveshI am trying to lower the brightness of my Acer Aspire E1 laptop beyond minimum, to do so, I want to change the value of brightness file in /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness to around 50-60, currently at minimum it is 75 by doing sudo echo 50 > brightness. But it returns Permission denied even when I use sudo. Help please.12:55
mika__hitsujiTMO:  yup :)12:55
hitsujiTMObhavesh: echo 50 | sudo tee brightness12:55
SASDOEbhavesh: had the same problem. never tried to solve but found workaround by using xfce4 panel12:56
SASDOEhitsujiTMO: no way it can't be that easy12:56
SASDOEhitsujiTMO: and how come a sudo command gets denied ??12:56
bhaveshhitsujiTMO, worked, thanks.12:56
hitsujiTMOsasdoe: sudo doesnt follow the redirection.  after the redirection is running as a normal user12:57
who__how do i copy a folder from my ubuntu computer to my windows computer with putty via ssh, when iḿ at the prompt12:57
SASDOEi like this place you guys know so much haha12:57
hitsujiTMOsasdoe: you need to use pipe it to tee and run tee as sudo for >    or for >> use sudo tee -a12:58
SASDOEwho: man scp12:58
sventonhi again,  I had some questions about permissions and security yesterday and I think I understand how this work now. It is just one thing I don't grasp. If somebody know my administration password does that mean that they can find a way to log in to my machine over a network ?12:58
hitsujiTMOwho__: scp of sftp12:58
SASDOEsventon: well if its connected, sure12:58
gordonjcpwho__: look into using pscp12:59
SASDOEalso needs open ports on whatever way they wish to connect to12:59
gordonjcpsventon: that's true of any system12:59
mika__hitsujiTMO: im now installing it again. let's see13:00
gordonjcpsventon: if you connect your machine to a network, enable some sort of remote connection, and give your password out, then people will be able to connect to it and pretend to be you13:00
SASDOEgordonjcp: well not if it's not available outside the LAN13:00
gordonjcpSASDOE: people within the LAN will...13:00
molgrumhi i want to install cinnamon and i checked a video that says i should install both cinnamon and muffin. on webpages they say just cinnamon package. what gives?13:01
SASDOEgordonjcp: true enough! but i don't think that was his concern13:01
mika__hitsujiTMO:  what if windows had a efi but it was on ssd and i delete it?13:01
SASDOEmolgrum: i think you can install it simply with apt-get install cinnamon13:01
sventonSASDOE: but are not all ports closed by default ?  As I understood it I have to open my machine from the "inside" before somebody can access it from a network. Is that correct ?13:01
bhaveshwould lowering the laptop brightness beyond limits damage the hardware?13:01
mika__hitsujiTMO: i don't know why os what is on hdd would but the efi partition to ssd :D but maybe it can be possible?13:01
hitsujiTMOmika__: its not. its an mbr file ssystem ( can see from using fdisk -l)13:01
SASDOEsventon: yes indeed all ports are (normally) closed per default13:01
SASDOEsventon: but as gordonjcp pointed out, anyone connected to the same network as the machine will be able to connect and do whatever13:03
molgrumSASDOE: i see, it depends on muffin-common13:03
SASDOEsventon: it is good practice to never give out the admin password, never login as root (only isue sudo commands) and only hand out limited access accounts13:04
SASDOEsventon: i'd recommend running a "passwd" to change it!13:04
SASDOEmolgrum: and apt-get should install depencies all by itself13:04
molgrumthanks, now i'm going to try out cinnamon :)13:05
SASDOEmolgrum: i'm sure you'll like it13:05
sventonSASDOE:  yes I don¨t run as administrator because I am told not to do that.  Now I try to understand the technical reasons for this.  What's the definition of a network ? I have a internet connection using a wireless modem. Is it possible for an intruder to access my machine that way ?13:08
SASDOEa network is simply a web (as in cob web) of interconnected computers13:09
SASDOEthere are plenty of networks, but you are probably mainly familiar with two: your LAN, wich interconnects all your computers with no port restrictions, so they can all communicate freely13:10
SASDOEsventon: and the internet, wich is sort of a big home LAN, for the world13:11
mika__hitsujiTMO:  so i deleted the whole ssd and windows doesnt start13:11
hitsujiTMOmika__: what is the error? was windows installed while the ssd was in place?13:12
mika__hitsujiTMO: i think the ssd had uefi partition what was for windows (hdd)13:12
mika__hitsujiTMO:  yes it was13:12
SASDOEsventon: if your modem, wich is the door between your LAN and the internet, is filtering ports, as it by default should, only very motivated hackers could access your data13:13
hitsujiTMOmika__: did windows show up in grub?13:14
SASDOEsventon: the more likely way one would take control of your computer would be via an in infected web page (since port 80 is open by default on all routers), and for that i can only advise to stay away from dodgy websites, and leave the windows closed!13:14
mika__hitsujiTMO:  nope13:14
molgrumwas not impressed by cinnamon, it was really laggy at first and then it froze up. i tried 2D also and the same problem occured :(13:14
SASDOEmolgrum: what are your hardware specs?13:15
molgrumlet me see13:15
mika__hitsujiTMO: i didn't even see whole grub..it starts automaticly the ubuntu....13:15
mika__hitsujiTMO: but not anymore of course because i format the ssd13:15
SASDOEdid you install grub ? if so, to what hard drive?13:15
mika__hitsujiTMO: is there to make new efi thingy for windows and transfer it to hdd side...or to i have to install whole windows again :(13:16
SASDOEmika__: also, did you install it to a partition or to a hard drive?13:16
molgrumSASDOE: [Radeon HD 5700 Series]13:16
SASDOEmolgrum: ram and cpu ?13:16
molgrumusing fglrx-updates13:16
hitsujiTMOmika__: windows prob installed the bootstrap to the ssd. have you reinstalled ubuntu yet?13:16
molgrum4 GB RAM13:16
molgrumCPU is intel dual core13:16
SASDOEmolgrum: because on my macbook 2010 8 go ram intel dual core it runs really smoothly13:17
mika__hitsujiTMO:  yeah i did, but same thing...so i format it now13:17
molgrumunity and gnome shell runs smoothly though13:17
molgrumi don't understand why cinnamon doesn't13:17
SASDOEmolgrum: i don't either, it should..!13:18
hitsujiTMOmika__: dont format. use boot-repair. that should pick up the windows install and add an entry to grub13:18
mika__hitsujiTMO:  weird stuff, i have installed this dual boot like 3 times to this computer and only now i got a problem xD.13:19
sventonSASDOE: thanks a lot for your explanation, I  think I understand now.  Normally even If I connect using for example my USB modem the hacker can't just test my account password if I haven't changed my settings to allow login. Correct ?13:19
mika__hitsujiTMO: 3 times succesfully13:19
mika__hitsujiTMO:  im pretty sure now that windows efi was on ssd side :/13:20
SASDOEsventon: it depends. if you connect to a public network, like starbucks for example, anyone connected can run any number of tests on all connected computers. including a brute force on your password.13:21
mika__hitsujiTMO: and it has been now overwriten by linux efi and now the ssd is empty xD13:21
hitsujiTMOmika__: windows is on an mbr partition table not gpt. so its an mbr install not uefi.13:21
SASDOEsventon: but from your home network you should be fairly safe13:21
mika__hitsujiTMO:  why then windows wount start if ssd is empty?13:21
mika__ok i will write the error down and i come back here13:22
BluesKajHey folks13:22
hitsujiTMObecause its dependent on how you're trying to boot it. are you still on efi boot or have you switched to bios boot?13:22
SASDOEmika__: i had that problem once, windows was told to mount that drive on boot, could find it, and failed to boot13:22
hitsujiTMOmika__: also, depends on drive boot order set in bios boot13:23
SASDOEmika__: make sure the windows drive is top on list13:23
sventonSASDOE:  I understand,  Thanks a lot for your help !13:24
SASDOEmolgrum: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=208&t=150126 here they speak of nvidia driver issues13:24
SASDOEsventon: no problem, any time13:24
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sandman13is there a way to merge toolbar and window panel in xfce4 just like in ubuntu?13:25
molgrumSASDOE: that webpage was really laggy for me :/13:25
=== Guest65613 is now known as inyourface09
SASDOEmolgrum: in ubuntu??13:25
hitsujiTMOmika__: don't make sure windows drive is on top of the list if you want to dual boot ubuntu/linux. i'd simply install ubuntu on the ssd as a mbr/bios install. and run boot-repair .    you can also run fixmbr from the windows install disk to reinstall windows bootstrap13:25
SASDOEand if you run htop what is your load and cpu usage?13:25
SASDOEmolgrum: or top if htop not installe13:26
mika___hitsujiTMO: Reboot and select prober boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key13:26
SASDOEmika__: do what hitsujiTMO says, i'm only guessing, this guy has the knowledge13:26
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SASDOEmolgrum: and this isn't a VM right?13:27
molgrumSASDOE: hmm, second time, no lag13:27
mika___hitsujiTMO:  wait?!?! :O maybe i have bios setting what forces to use ssd disk...hmmm damn i go to check that too xD13:27
mika___hitsujiTMO: or do you have a idea? :)13:27
sandman13is there a way to merge toolbar and window panel in xfce4 just like in ubuntu?13:28
SASDOEsandman13: what do you mean window panel?13:28
hitsujiTMOmika___: if sdb was originally the only drive in the system then it should have a bootstrap still on its drive. try a bios boot directly to that.    the error sounds like its still in uefi boot13:29
sandman13the panel with title and close, maximize, minimize button?13:29
=== babis is now known as Guest71813
SASDOEsandman13: i don't think so, check out the plugins though13:31
sigurdingguys, I have question regarding mini install of ubuntu server. I am trying to install 12.04 LTS in Fusion, but when the installer is "Checking the Ubuntu archive mirror" I always get an error saying: incorrect mirror specified13:31
sigurdingusing the full ISO instead, the installation works without any issues.13:31
SASDOEsandman13: quick check tells me no13:32
sandman13SASDOE, found this: http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1519213:32
mika__hitsujiTMO:  nope, manually i try to start the samsung hdd but that reboot and select prober boot device....error is coming :/ so ssd was GPT i think somehow windows installed that uefi partition for ssd side and other windows stuff to hdd ???13:32
hitsujiTMOmika__: ok, quick question. when windows was installed originally. what was the exact setup? was the ssd there?13:33
mika__hitsujiTMO:  it was there13:33
pecchow in tarnation do I format an USB that is a live CD... tried disk utilities, gives errors. Details @ http://paste.ubuntu.com/6463618/13:34
MonkeyDustpecc  try with gparted13:35
mika__hitsujiTMO:  both disks were there.13:36
hitsujiTMOmika__: then it would have installed its bootstrap to there. and not to the windows disk. the prober doesn't see the bootstrap so its not going to find it. you can use the windows disk in recovery mode to re add the windows bootstrap or, you can install ubuntu as a bios/mbr install,  then install boot-repair and run boot-repair to add the windows to ubuntus grub13:37
goxlSDL2 :No available video device in ubuntu1313:37
goxlhelp me13:37
hitsujiTMOmika__: btw did you install windows from usb?13:37
mika__hitsujiTMO:  yes, i don't have dvd slot :/13:37
mika__hitsujiTMO:  or cd13:38
hitsujiTMOmika__: i bet you used the windows boot disk creator tool right?13:38
mika__hitsujiTMO: i don't remember anymore how i made the usb. it has been loong time ago.13:39
scrxwHi. I am on Ubuntu 12.04. When I move a window all the way to the right side of the screen it resizes to the whole right half on the screen. In Win7 you can use WIN+Right to move the window to that position. Is that possible in Ubuntu 12.04?13:39
hitsujiTMOmika__: the official windows iso to usb tool?13:39
=== bitch_please_ is now known as inyourface09
mika__hitsujiTMO:  wait i try to remember13:40
arpdDoes anyone know how I can disable the "alt-rightclick" binding in Ubuntu 13.10? It's driving me nuts.13:40
inyourface09god 13.10 is a cluster fuck -.-13:40
MonkeyDustinyourface09  mind your language13:41
inyourface09MonkeyDust, sorry :P13:41
mika__hitsujiTMO:  http://www.johnpapa.net/bootfromusb/13:41
hitsujiTMOmika__: if you did. that creates a windows install usb with an ntfs partition. UEFI has a requirement that it can only boot fat12/16/32 partitions. so booting that usb forced a windows mbr/bios install and installed the bootstrap to the ssd and what's caused your whole mess.13:42
DwarfDefenderis it possible to make keyboard type '_' instead of '-', and '-' instead of '_'?13:42
mika__hitsujiTMO:  :D you are a pro! mr linux columbo :)13:43
mika__hitsujiTMO:  so i should be fine with that boot-repair. i will try it next13:44
bibi346I'd like to set up a wifi connection to a ubuntu machine : if a user connects to wifi with a password it is allowed to open an admin website, if it's anonymous it is only allow to browse another website, is it possible?13:45
peccMonkeyDust that works, thanks a bunch!13:45
hitsujiTMOmika__: if that link is how you did it then yup its the problem. yup reinstall ubuntu as an mbr/bios install ( you'll prob need to force that in the bios/boot menu) and then run boot-repair and you should be ok13:45
mika__hitsujiTMO:  but i think somehow that ubuntu doesn't install to this computer without uefi...so i can't do normal mbr install13:46
mika__hitsujiTMO: ok i try to find that mbr switch of bios...thank you13:50
hitsujiTMOmika__ its should be just a case of disabling uefi boot13:51
mika__hitsujiTMO:  yup13:51
hitsujiTMOmika__: if you want a uefi boot then you try this: set the hdd to the primary drive. run a windows install usb and run fixmbr. this should install the bootstrap to the start of the hdd and not the ssd. test that that boots. then go back to the bios and set the ssd as the primary drive and reinstall ubuntu as uefi install. I'm not sure if os-prober will pick up mbr installs when in uefi boot, but its worth a try. if not you can then try boot13:51
hitsujiTMO-repair after and it should hopefully add an entry for the mbr windows install to your grub menu13:51
hitsujiTMOmika__: disabling uefi boot is the simpler method ofcource13:52
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hitsujiTMOmika__: your previous installs were probably working as gpt leaves space for an mbr bootsrap just incase such setups happened and at some point the bootsrap got overwritten, such as with zeroing the drive or forcing the gpt partition to erase any mbr info13:55
userHow do I install node on ubuntu?13:57
hitsujiTMOuser: do you mean node.js?13:58
userfound it13:59
roninif i have Makefile in src directory how do i install14:00
hitsujiTMOronin: make && sudo make install14:00
ikoniaronin: you need to compile it, it's not something you should do lightly14:00
ikoniano no no no no14:00
ikoniaronin: do not do that14:01
roninmake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.14:01
ikoniado not blindly type that14:01
ikoniaronin: what are you trying to install ?14:01
LjLi wonder if people realize "sudo make install" could do anything the Makefile writer decided it would14:01
hitsujiTMOmy apologies. thats the typical install scenario14:01
ikoniait is not typcial14:01
ikoniait is a foolish approach14:01
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philinuxsince firefox 25.0.1 2 days ago flash is now borked - any one else seeing this14:10
reisiophilinux: define borked14:10
XHEART24hi everyone,14:11
philinuxreisio;~ vids dont even play firefox freezes then say reload page to try again14:11
reisiophilinux: screenshot?14:11
XHEART24when using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS what is a good DVD burner program in Ubuntu sotware center?14:11
philinuxreisio;~ eventually says flash plugin has crashed14:11
reisioXHEART24: data dvd?14:12
m1rXHEART24: brasero default14:12
hitsujiTMOphilinux: firefox has depricated NPAPI and is removing it really soon ( if it hasn't done it yet ) which is what the flash player is based on. so that could be the problem. is ti showing up in: about:plugins14:12
philinuxreisio;~ nothing to see firefox greys out thenplugin crash message appears14:12
reisioXHEART24: mmm, I really wouldn't recommend wasting time burning a video dvd14:12
reisioXHEART24: it can take an expert a whole day to manage it14:13
reisiothe variables are endless14:13
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ yep- purged flash and reinstalled. It was fine before latest FF update as I was watching UDS vidoes14:13
reisiothere is never a time where it isn't cheaper to just get a media PC to use instead of a dvd player14:13
reisioXHEART24: incredibly really14:13
kostkonXHEART24: devede to create the iso' then burn it with brasero14:13
reisioyou can earn in a day of work, at minimum wage, more than enough to buy a media PC14:14
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ are you seeing this in saucy with ff 25.0.114:14
m1rkostkon: +114:14
XHEART24hmmm ok14:14
hitsujiTMOphilinux: hmm, still working ok for me on 25.0.114:14
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ righto not global then maybe i'll disable all other plugins14:15
ubuntuaddictedi'm having a heck of a time with the AMD linux driver from the website and libGL libraries so Steam is complaining that it's context is not using direct 3d rendering or something like that.14:23
reisioubuntuaddicted: from the website?14:23
ubuntuaddictedthere's posts everywhere on the internet of how to fix it but many attempts have resulted in no fix. anyone have a silver bullet for this 32bit library issue when using a 64bit OS?14:23
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: is this running steam in wine?14:24
ubuntuaddictedno wine14:24
ubuntuaddictedreisio, yes, the latest stable AMD catalyst from the website. I created deb packages from the .run installer14:24
Dan9311Is it possible to install L4D2 on ubuntu, using the installer CD? (just moving all the game data over)14:25
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ right - main pc ok it's just this lappy here - odd14:25
reisioubuntuaddicted: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI14:25
reisioDan9311: don't see why not14:26
ubuntuaddictedi have the following installed libgl1-mesa-glx: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1.2 and fglrx: /usr/lib/fglrx/libGL.so.1.214:26
hitsujiTMOphilinux: i'd almost try resetting the firefox profile to see if its a ff config issue or an issue with the plugin14:26
Dan9311reisio: The CD is made for windows installation, but in steam it says it runs on linux as well14:26
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ brb14:26
ubuntuaddictedreisio, sadly that's what I followed which lead me with the issues14:27
chroWhy when I connect headphones, and then disconnect, the sound stops working from the speakers?14:27
ubuntuaddictedchro, maybe a bad headphone jack and it's not sensing that you unplugged the headset14:28
hitsujiTMODan9311: afaik the game cd contains a backup image. so try restore backup from the steam menu14:28
ubuntuaddictedchro, that happened to my friends apple computer. sound was permanently routed to headphones because the headphone jack thought headphones were plugged in. he had to get it repaired by replacing the jack14:29
Dan9311hitsujiTMO: The reason id like to use the CD to install, is so I dont have to wait for steam to download it.14:29
chroubuntuaddicted, the headset is of high quality with gold jacket. That is unlikely14:30
Dan9311hitsujiTMO:  The CD contains a setup.exe, but also all the other game files14:30
chrobut I will try with other headphones14:30
hitsujiTMODan9311: have you added the cdkey to steam yet?14:30
Dan9311hitsujiTMO: Yes14:30
ubuntuaddictedchro, i didn't say the headset, i said the jack.14:30
hitsujiTMODan9311: then try restore backup from the steam menu and point it to the CD14:30
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ sorted it14:30
hitsujiTMOphilinux: what was the problem? or did you reset the ff profile?14:31
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ I removed unity-system-compositor from the laptop rebooted and all fine14:31
chroubuntuaddicted, ok let me rephrase my question. I just tested and it works fine. The problem is that if I use headphones and the shutdown the computer, and unplug the jack. Then, when I boot ubuntu I have no sound in speakers14:31
arpdDoes anyone know how I can disable the "alt-rightclick" binding in Ubuntu 13.10? It's driving me nuts.14:31
hitsujiTMOphilinux: weird. i have unity-system-compositor installed too and not getting th eissue14:32
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ main pc runs on nouveax with mir just fine but since ff 25.0.1 on laptop mir causing problem with intel card14:32
ubuntuaddictedchro, have you ensured that the volume isn't really low or muted within alsamixer?14:32
chroubuntuaddicted, I mean ubuntu didn't sense that I unplugged because the system was down when I did it14:32
Dan9311hitsujiTMO: I havnt anything to restore from, this is not the original computer it was installed on.14:32
chroubuntuaddicted, of course. That's not the problem. I have to explicitly switch in sound settings to speakers to get sound again14:33
ubuntuaddictedchro, ah I see. i would say that's a little bug in the jack and the OS14:33
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ flash now fine on this laptop, mir + ff 25.0.1 and intel = flash crash14:33
chroubuntuaddicted, yes but this didn't happen in the previous version.. This version introduced a lot of bugs like that14:34
chroubuntuaddicted, for example, when I see a facebook photo in full screen and the escape to normal screen I lost the left lunch bar and the upper bar. (to get back I have to press super key)14:35
ubuntuaddictedchro, sometimes there's regression it happens. you could submit a bug report14:35
hitsujiTMODan9311: what i'm trying to say is that the CD image itself contains a backup image. you're restoring from the cd itself14:35
chroubuntuaddicted, but don't you think it's a bit non-sense to have all this bugs, when in the previous version everything was fine14:35
chroubuntuaddicted, one other bug I have is that the keyboard leds do not work (however the functionality is ok).14:36
chroand another bug is that I cannot scroll down in gedit with the mouse wheel14:36
chronothing of this happened before14:37
hitsujiTMODan9311: if that doesn't work then you will prob have to download the full content14:37
ubuntuaddictedchro, yes, regression sucks big time. not much you can do but submit a bug report OR fix the code yourself and submit a patch14:37
Dan9311hitsujiTMO: Yeah I cant find a backup, I appreciate the help though14:38
chroubuntuaddicted, do you think this happens with other distros ?14:38
ubuntuaddictedchro, yes14:38
MrDyneodd, whenever I do sudo service networking restart it wipes out my background picture and desktop shortcuts until I restart.14:38
chrobecause I was also addicted to ubuntu, but this is too much .. especially because everything was fine on 13.414:38
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ flash now fine on this laptop, mir + ff 25.0.1 and intel = flash crash14:39
hitsujiTMOphilinux: odd i'm even on intel here too.14:40
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ which card?14:40
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ mine >Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)14:41
MrDynehow do I reload my desktop so my background picture and shortcuts come back so I don't have to restart all the way?14:41
MrDyneUsing Xubuntu14:41
hitsujiTMOphilinux: this laptop has the intel hd apu: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)14:41
reisioMrDyne: killall xfdesktop; nohup xfdesktop > /dev/null &14:42
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ must be my hardware or maybe hardware acceleration?14:42
hitsujiTMOphilinux: might be an issue with the older ones. if its trying to use some instruction that isn't present14:42
philinuxhitsujiTMO;~ i'll disable hardware accel and try mir again. Prob tomoz now14:43
molgrumis MATE not available for install on 13.10?14:44
asdfghqwertyLoophello guys ^_^14:44
hitsujiTMOmolgrum: no. there's repos for it on the mate site tho.14:46
rigo88hi. i have no sound at all on my acer aspire one zg5 aka: aoa15014:46
molgrumhitsujiTMO: do you know when it will be available from official repos?14:46
rigo88ubuntu 12.04 and kernel 3.6.314:47
hitsujiTMOmolgrum: never i'm guessing.14:47
MrDyneI'm guessing for extra user security Apache (LAMP) is ran it in's own user account so if a backdoor is found only the website files can be harmed. Would it be wise to do the same for other software like Team Speak server and Minecraft server? Have each autorun at boot in it's own user account?14:47
ubuntuaddictedWOW, this graphics driver issue is 1 thing thats really holding back Linux from becoming mainstream. If I change GFX cards and want to install it driver, i shouldn't have to go to tty1 and then after it fails i'm stuck at a terminal prompt with no way of getting back to a gui.14:48
ubuntuaddictedi'm not a newb so I can fight my way through it but for people brand new, if this happened they'd be reaching for the windows installer disc right away14:48
ginsunI was asked an interesting question today: if a file w/ permissions 644 is stored in a directory with permissions 730, how might the file be compromised in this case?14:49
rigo88i installed the 12.04 server minimal system. and then apt-get install lxde14:49
reisioubuntuaddicted: you ever change graphics cards using another OS?14:49
rigo88what sould i check? or how?14:49
MrDyneI know enough not to run stuff as root, but is it safe to run servers off the normal GUI user on a Xubuntu install?14:49
hitsujiTMOmolgrum: mate represents a step backwards in development and relies on older libs not a step forwards so its frowned upon by most. until it matures a more modern DE then it prob wont make it to the repo14:49
ubuntuaddictedreisio, yes, windows xp14:49
reisioubuntuaddicted: and there was only one driver available, right?14:50
ubuntuaddictedreisio, and there was a GUI for me through the entire process. drag, point and clicks versus manual commands14:50
reisioubuntuaddicted: there's a gui for GNU/Linux as well14:50
reisioyou just chose not to use it14:50
reisiobecause you had a choice between more than one thing14:50
reisiounlike on Windows14:50
ubuntuaddictedreisio, this is true14:51
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philinuxmolgrum;~ you can get this now without busting unity http://www.webupd8.org/2013/11/cinnamon-20-no-longer-breaks-unity-in.html14:52
molgrumphilinux: i installed cinnamon from official repos and it lags very much and eventually freezes up :(14:54
mika__hitsujiTMO:  hello again :) windows usb-stick recovery didn't work out, i did that boot-repair and now i have atleast grub showing (but inside of grub there isn't windows)14:54
philinuxmolgrum;~ what about that ppa in the link - that should be fine14:54
ikoniawhy should a PPA be "fine"14:55
philinuxikonia;~ cos it's patched not to break unity14:55
hitsujiTMOmika__: what did you try in the windows recovery?14:55
ikoniaphilinux: have you tested it ? tried it ? do you know people using it ?14:55
philinuxikonia;~ worked here  but i uninstalled after testing as i like unity14:56
mika__hitsujiTMO:  nothing, even if i press the recovery it says my window version doesn't match or something...i could write it down again xD.14:56
philinuxquote Previously, installing Cinnamon 2.0+ in Ubuntu 13.10 would completely break Unity: when trying to log in to Unity, LightDM would fail to load the session and the display manager would restart.14:56
ikoniaphilinux: ah, so you have actually tested it yourself then14:56
ikoniaphilinux: quoting things doesn't make it good, most of the worst software I've seen quotes how good it is14:56
mika__hitsujiTMO: i don't get any recovery menu....14:57
philinuxikonia;~ I'm always testing and breaking things here. i'm on trusy now14:57
ikoniaphilinux: I didn't ask about that, I asked if you'd tested this PPA14:57
mika__hitsujiTMO:  i hate so much microsoft :(14:57
ikoniaphilinux: excellent, at least you're pushing it based on personal experience.14:58
philinuxikonia;~ maybe some hardware will not like it14:58
ikoniaphilinux: why would hardware be a factor ?14:58
philinuxikonia;~ graphics cards can be fickle14:58
ikoniaphilinux: but this isn't changing the window manager, so that PPA shouldn't have an impact beyond whats already there14:59
MrDynenothing, anyone? Isolate server programs to their own user account? Good/bad/other idea?14:59
ikoniaMrDyne: what's your question ?14:59
philinuxikonia;~ agreed14:59
hitsujiTMOmika__: its the recovery console you need to get to and run: bootrec /fixMBR14:59
hitsujiTMOmika__: then try install ubuntu again14:59
mika__ok i try15:00
mika__hitsujiTMO:  ok i try15:00
saiarcot895philinux: just out of curiosity, what PPA?15:00
philinuxsaiarcot895;~ http://www.webupd8.org/2013/11/cinnamon-20-no-longer-breaks-unity-in.html15:00
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mika__hitsujiTMO:  but how i can get to that console?15:01
philinuxsaiarcot895;~ there's plenty of comments on the page too15:01
MrDyneRedoing my dedicated server (reformat) want to know it there is anything wrong with running Team Speak and Minecraft server in the normal gui user account? Or should I create an "server" account that only has access to the files needed to run the server programs.15:01
mika__hitsujiTMO: if i but my usb-stick in there is coming option that do i want to install windows 7 or press lower left area to choose the recovery option if i press there i get that error message15:01
ikoniaMrDyne: depends on many things,15:01
RoryMrDyne: Nothing massively wrong, no, and it's easier if you're inexperienced15:02
mika__hitsujiTMO:  but = put xD my bad english...sorry heh15:02
hitsujiTMOmika__: when you run the windows installer i think it then asks you to install or recovery a previous installation. ( its been a long time since i've had to use it) they might be able to better expain it in ##windows15:02
ikoniaMrDyne: its not a "yes/no" answer15:02
TDGPUhow to setup sftp server?15:02
reisioTDGPU: ssh is sftp15:02
reisioTDGPU: so openssh-server suffices15:03
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: install openssh-server15:03
reisioor rather, sftp is ssh :)15:03
mika__hitsujiTMO:  ok i go to try something. bb15:03
TDGPUreisio: i have ssh but it says connection refused15:03
reisioTDGPU: what says?15:03
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: ^^^15:03
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MrDyneI would like TS and MC to autorun on boot without me having to login to an account/15:03
TDGPUi think I should add some line but i have no clue15:04
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: are you able to ssh to the server?15:04
ikoniaMrDyne: I'd be more worried about running those two applications that are pone to exploit than other minor things15:04
RoryMrDyne: Do you already have TS and MC set up how you want them, and you just want them to run on boot?15:04
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: ssh user@server -p <port> Yes i can15:05
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: and what sftp client are you using?15:05
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MrDyneI don't have them "setup" at the moment but it's not much more then loading java runtime, download the server jar for minecraft and Team Speak server is just a tarball you extract anywhere and run the start script.15:06
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
MrDyneI just was wondering if there is a better safer way to running those two programs or any others I chose to host. Like another account for just server apps.15:06
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: i'm presuming its the sftp client that's giving the error right, not ssh15:07
ikoniaMrDyne: run them how you feel confident running them securly15:07
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: filezilla; but the main problem is that SMF ( a php forum script) needs ftp connection. anyway in both cases i cant sftp to server; i filezilla i can sftp to server but i only have view (read-only) abilities15:07
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: i guess15:07
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: try from the command line: sftp user@server -P <port>                            note the capital P15:08
ubuntuaddictedtrying to sort out my libGL issues I am reading that running the 32bit version of glxinfo will help me but no where does it state how to run the 32bit version. if i run glxinfo, thats the 64bit version15:08
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: why would running a 32bit version of glxinfo fix anything ?15:09
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: if that works then you can then just use scp to copy over the files, or normally what i do is ssh to it. wget the tar.gz and untar it there on the server15:10
RoryMrDyne: Since your "server" has a graphical interface, the easiest way to avoid headaches for yourself as the sysadmin further down the line, is to set it to automatically log in, and set those programs to run at startup using Startup Applications15:10
ubuntuaddictedikonia, it's not going to fix anything. it's going to show me how the libraries are linked so I can then fix it. Do you have a solution to my steam error that states, "OpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering"15:10
ikoniaa public server on the internet set to "auto login" - I think not15:10
Roryikonia: Go on15:10
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: me too; but what about smf that needs an fp connection?15:10
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: what do you want to know is linked where /15:11
ikoniaRory: go on what ?15:11
MrDyneHow do I create a limited user account that doesn't have gui/xserver access but can be accessed by terminal/ssh/ftp?15:11
Roryikonia: How is sutostarting the GUI any different from starting it manually each time on boot?15:11
ikoniaRory: if you auto login you have left a session running logged in - it's wide open15:11
ubuntuaddictedikonia, my opengl libraries are symlinked due to my running a 64bit OS but steam runs in 32bit. I installed the latest stable AMD driver and ldconfig wasn't correctly coded so libraries are not linked properly15:12
ikoniayou're not mean to leave it "logged in" on the public internet15:12
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: do it manually. its probably just permissions it needs to change. the manual fix should be on the website for the web app. sftp is not the same as ftp btw15:12
moxiemy firefox isnt working15:12
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: ldconfig isn't coded correctly ??15:12
RoryMrDyne: Then you should set up TeamSpeak and Mumble as upstart scripts15:12
m1sf1tmoxie: any more information? are you getting any errors reported?15:12
RoryMrDyne: That way you can manage them like "sudo service minecraft start" etc15:13
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: So if SMF needs an ftp not SFTP connection; what should I do? do i need to install any other package beside SSH?15:13
ubuntuaddictedikonia, when i start steam, i receive the following error, "OpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering" do you know how to fix it15:13
RoryMrDyne: There's a guide on how to do it for Minecraft here http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Ubuntu_startup_script15:13
RoryMrDyne: I'm sure you can also work out how to adapt it for teamSpeak as well :)15:13
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: if you want to give it ftp access then you'd have to install and configure an ftp server ( which i would not recommend ). Normally i'd just perform the manual fixes.15:13
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: I have no idea how to fix it without looking into it more, but it suggests opengl is not interfacting with your hardware drivers for the video card correctly at a glance15:13
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: it is about 20 file that needs changes in code and also in permission ( installing tapatalk on smf)15:15
skinkittenhow do I install microsoft ergonimc keyboard 400015:15
ubuntuaddictedikonia, i believe it has to do with running a 64bit OS but steam runs as 32bit so there's some symlinking done within the /usr/lib/fglrx directories to point to the correct lib's so steam can run correctly15:15
skinkittenI plugged it in and there is no response15:15
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: realistically there not reason why a php app should need ftp access, all the developer needs to do is preserve permissions when tarring the archive.15:15
jinglescafeHello, I run a cafe with ubuntu machines.  I just did a mass  update for all my cafe machines. Now, The firefox is not working.15:15
jinglescafePardon my engilish.15:15
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: ok, so look at what it's linked against if you think that15:15
ubuntuaddictedikonia, i can't since i don't know how to run glxinfo as 32bit15:16
ikoniawhy do you need glxinfo ?15:16
ikoniait won't exist in 32bit land as you are running 64bit15:16
jinglescafeHow do i reinstall FireFox?15:17
ikoniajinglescafe: why would re-installing firefox do anything ?15:17
ikoniajinglescafe: why don't you explain what' "not working"15:17
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: if thats the case then either install an ftp client, or find a script that will do that for you, OR, use another forum software that doesn't require you installing a security threat15:17
jinglescafeWhen we click firefox, it brings us to the login screen.15:18
MrDyneRory: install the terminal "screen" package then you can have the autostart script load the server in a screen socket which you can connect to if you need to run server commands without having to be in the game.15:18
ikoniajinglescafe: what login screen ?15:18
jinglescafeThe Ubuntu Login Screen15:18
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: Good advice; i try to find out away to install it manually;;; thanks;;;15:18
jinglescafeWhere we type user name and password15:18
ikoniajinglescafe: so you click "firefox" and it logs you at and takes you back to the login screen ?15:19
ikoniajinglescafe: open a terminal and type "firefox"15:19
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jinglescafeCannot execute binary file.15:21
jinglescafeI had to do it 5 times to read it15:21
jinglescafeit kept going to the login screen.15:21
ikoniajinglescafe: type "which firefox"15:22
jinglescafewhich firefox15:22
ikoniajinglescafe: in a terminal15:22
RoryMrDyne: Sounds like good advice15:22
jinglescafeit says /tmp/. /kit/firefox15:22
ikoniajinglescafe: ok, so that is not where firefox is installed15:23
ikoniajinglescafe: that means you have installed firefox/updated firefox in a non-standard way15:23
RoryMrDyne: "screen" is an absolutely essential package for any server IMO anyway, it allows you to re-attach to your terminal session over SSH at a later time15:23
jinglescafeI installed all the updates from the software update.15:23
jinglescafeis that wrong?15:23
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: the sftp command connects with the server nicely but when transfaring data says Permission denied.15:24
ikoniajinglescafe: no, however your firefox binary should not be in /tmp/kit/firefox15:24
motaka2hello I was working in ubuntu 12.04, suddenly it said the folder /home/donkarlo/Netbeans does not have write permissions. I tries sudo chmod -R 755 on home/donkarlo and I restarted and now in the boot list when I chose ubuntu or windows none come up but they end to a dark screen15:24
Rorymotaka2: You completely broke permissions throughout your home directory15:24
motaka2Rory: What is the solution ?15:25
ubuntuaddictedikonia, here's a ldconfig command showing me all the linking but I am not sure what I can safely remove? I know i need to keep the fglrx links.15:25
ubuntuaddictedikonia, sorry, forgot link http://pastebin.com/TsNvnSGW15:25
Rorymotaka2: Wait, when you select from the Grub boot menu? or when you log into ubuntu?15:25
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: ldconfig doesnt show you what your linked against15:25
Rorymotaka2: Changing permissions on your ubuntu home directory wouldn't cause that problem, it must be a coincidence, is there anything else you were doing around the same time?15:25
motaka2Rory: When I select Grub boot menu15:25
motaka2Rory: I dont remeber anything more15:26
jinglescafemotaka2, did you update firefox?15:26
Roryjinglescafe: That has nothing to do with it, don't confuse people15:26
motaka2jinglescafe: I dont know I always accept all updates without checking them15:26
jinglescafeI pardon15:26
moxiei did...15:27
moxiei havent rebooted yet >_<15:27
Rorymotaka2: I recommend you boot from an ubuntu Live CD/USB and follow the instructions here to restore Grub using boot-repair tool https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub15:27
motaka2Rory: ok15:27
moxiei take it...rebooting would be a bad idea15:27
motaka2Rory: thank you15:27
ubuntuaddictedikonia, ok. here's ldd /usr/bin/glxinfo report BUT i believe this is for the 64bit version of glxinfo and I need the 32bit since steam is running as 32bit http://pastebin.com/aXDX4bP715:27
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: why are you looking at glxinfo ???15:29
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: glxinfo doesn't do anything15:29
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: run "file" against glxinfo15:29
jinglescafefile firefox15:30
ubuntuaddictedikonia, from what I have been reading it will allow me to collect useful diagnostic info.15:30
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: where you transferring to? /var/www ?15:30
moxieshutdown -r now15:30
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: look at that output - it's pointing at 32bit libraries already15:30
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: I'm not sure why you care about glxinfo15:30
ubuntuaddictedikonia, ok, you're correct. the glxinfo is according to that output 32-bit LSB executable15:30
motaka2Rory: I cant see Boot-Repair15:30
lordcrusaderhi friends  need help to repair corrupted ubuntu partition using ubuntu bootable usb disk?15:31
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: there you go, 32bit15:31
ikoniabut I don't know what that shows you/why you care15:31
bekkslordcrusader: Define "corrupted" please.15:31
bobpitI have ubuntu 12.04 64 bit.  I want to install Skype and therefore I am reading about Multiarch15:31
RoryDoes that page not have instructions for that? My apologies motaka2 here is the correct link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair15:31
bobpithow can I know that multiarch is correctly installed and working?15:31
motaka2Rory: thx15:32
lordcrusaderbekks it had bad sector unable to recover ,.. it15:32
ubuntuaddictedikonia, ok, i just have to figure out how to get 32bit steam to run using libGL 32bit libraries. I believe that's the issue. The error again is "OpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering"15:32
lunitikbobpit: you will be able to run skype.15:32
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: yes15:32
bobpitI have installed it, but I had problems so I removed it15:32
bobpitand I want to do it right from the start15:32
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: is there anything there now? or is this the first app you're installing?15:32
bekkslordcrusader: To the disk is corrupted, not just the filesystem.15:32
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: the SMF is there15:33
lordcrusaderbekks .. is there any way to resolve it15:33
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: but you're just installing that now right?15:33
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bekksTDGPU: SMF on Ubuntu - never. Or Is there a Solaris port? ;)15:33
bekkslordcrusader: Replace the disk with a new one.15:33
motaka2Rory: I have an ubuntu live cd, what should I do with it ?15:33
bobpitlunitik, as I said, I had problems with Skype15:33
lordcrusader*bekks my files are there15:33
ubuntuaddictedikonia, this is what's posted at steam website to help troubleshoot why steam (opengl libraries) is not running correctly15:33
ubuntuaddictedikonia, duh, forgot link again https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9938-EYZB-745715:33
Rorymotaka2: Boot from it, and follow the instructions on that link15:34
lunitikbobpit: back then, it was just a case of installing the right libs with lib32- in front... right now it is cleaner... does skype even support such an old version though?15:34
bekkslordcrusader: Didnt you back them up?15:34
hitsujiTMObekks: smf = simple machines forum :p15:34
bekkshitsujiTMO: ah, thats uninteresting :D15:34
jinglescafeI reinstalled the FireFox15:34
bobpitlunitik, you are saying that mutliarch is useless?  I do not need it?15:34
motaka2Rory: I dont understand those instructions15:34
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: ok, so now you have the information that page says you need15:34
jinglescafeIt says I must pay money to unlock the machine.15:34
lordcrusader<bekks>  no i have not backup for some of them.15:35
lunitikbobpit: where have you understood that from in my words?15:35
jinglescafeWhy do I have to pay?15:35
ubuntuaddictedikonia, lol, i have no idea what to do with it.15:35
jinglescafeI thought ubuntu is free.15:35
ikoniajinglescafe: ubuntu is free15:35
Rorymotaka2: Have you booted from the LiveCD15:35
ikoniajinglescafe: what are you actually doing15:35
Roryjinglescafe: What message are you seeing?15:35
bobpitlunitik, yes.... I am sorry15:35
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: can you pastebin the output of: ls -l /var/www15:35
motaka2Rory: Yes and I see a page in front of me suggesting to choose a language15:35
lunitikbobpit: I am really saying I don't remember what stuff looked like 18 months ago.15:35
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: i didn't have ftp while installing it . i did install manually not by the install.php;;;; now i am trying to install a plugin (tapatalk == post to froum from android devices) and that needs ftp too15:36
lordcrusader<bekks> is there any way to resolve it .. pls give some guidelines . thanks15:36
bekkslordcrusader: do you have a medium to backup your files now?15:36
lunitikbobpit: I think I am suggesting you upgrade unless there is a real reason you want such old software.15:36
Rorymotaka2: Boot from the Live CD and select the option to "Try ubuntu"15:36
TDGPUbekks: SMF simple machine forum;;; it is an php script15:36
jinglescafeDepartment of Homeland Security’s ICE Cyber Crime Center,15:36
lordcrusader<bekks> ya i have15:36
jinglescafeI did no crime.15:36
TDGPUbekks: like the one on ubuntu forums15:36
lunitikbobpit: most software is written for the newest stuff, especially desktop software.15:36
ikoniajinglescafe: I suggest you talk to the cafe owner about their network15:37
bobpitlunitik, I have the latest ubuntu 12.04 lts and I want to stick to it.  You suggest I upgrade Skype, Multiarch or Ubuntu?15:37
bekksTDGPU: Obviously, thats scamware.15:37
ikoniajinglescafe: it sounds like there is a serious problem with these machines and his network that is nothing to do with ubuntu15:37
lunitikbobpit: Ubuntu.15:37
jinglescafeI am the cafe owner.15:37
TDGPUbekks: which onr? :D15:37
motaka2Rory: Seems it is loading15:37
bekksTDGPU: "onr"?15:37
bobpitlunitik, I prefer the LTS, as it is SUPPOSED to be more stable15:37
lordcrusader<bekks> does need to replace my harddisk..or i can solve it15:37
ikoniajinglescafe: ok, please run the following commands and show me the output15:37
bekkslordcrusader: You need to backup your files and you need to relace your harddisk.15:38
ikoniajinglescafe: ls -la /usr/bin/firefox15:38
lunitikbobpit: It is just supported longer, every release gets constant regression testing and the like.15:38
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: what i'm guessing is that you never changed ownership of the /var/www and had to use sudo when copying over/extracting the SMF files right?15:38
huyinghuanthere is a "iptables -I INPUT -p 47 -m state --state ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT" iptables command,but I don't know which file to add it?15:38
lordcrusader<bekks> thank for your guides15:38
bobpitlunitik, I prefer to stay with 12.04.  Now do I need to concern with multiarch?15:38
motaka2Rory: Should it take this long ? It is still loading15:39
lunitikbobpit: If you want to stay with 12.04, since skype is proprietary, you're gonna have to do without.15:39
Rorymotaka2: Depends on your hardware. What are you seeing?15:39
Rorymotaka2: a Live CD is slower to load than a real installation15:39
bobpitlunitik, skype download site has a version for 12.04 multiarch15:39
bobpitlunitik, so I am looking into it15:39
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=== Mapley is now known as rainbowdash`
motaka2Rory: No it changed to a mouse pointer and default desktop with icons, I think it loaded15:40
chrowhy does it go the help page when I click on "Report a bug" here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs15:40
jinglescafeit won't me let me go to terminal15:40
jinglescafesays I have to pay15:40
yash069huyinghuan: run that commnad an then simply do "service iptables save"15:40
moxiepay then15:40
ikoniajinglescafe: ok - someone has compromised your ubuntu machines or your cafe network15:40
ikoniamoxie: stop it15:40
ikoniamoxie: that's not helpful,15:40
motaka2Rory: I think it is loaded15:40
chroHow can I report a bug15:41
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: the ownership nginx:www-htdocs ;;;; oh wait i have to add them to sshd config file are't I?m (what a idiot i am )15:41
bobpitlunitik, so, how do I know multiarch is correct on my system?  this is my question15:41
jinglescafeI will file a ubuntu bug15:41
ikoniajinglescafe: do not put any personal information into these ubuntu machines - it sounds like you ahve been compromised15:41
Rorymotaka2: OK now follow each instruction here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair#A2nd_option_:_install_Boot-Repair_in_Ubuntu15:41
moxiejinglescafe, was there a hacker in your place?15:41
ikoniajinglescafe: this is NOT an ubuntu bug15:41
ikoniajinglescafe: do not file a bug - this is not an ubuntu bug15:41
lunitikchro: It doesn't, top right has "report a bug" and doesn't go there.15:41
jinglescafemoxie, there was this guy in strange clothes here the other day15:41
Rorymotaka2: jinglescafe Can you take a picture of what you're seeing?15:41
bekksjinglescafe: you are the victim of some scamware. Its like a trojan on Windows just wanting your money.15:42
moxiestrange clothes lol, thats him15:42
ubuntuaddictedikonia, maybe you could explain this. why is there 1 file pointing to 1 and then that points to another. it's so confussing? here's libGL.so -> libGL.so.1, libGL.so.1 -> libGL.so.1.2   Whats the point in even doing that?15:42
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: is your user a member of www-htdocs and has the folders got g+ws permission?15:42
chrolunitik, ok I think it goes because I just reported 2 bugs in the same hour15:42
bekksmoxie: Yeah, Mr. Smith always wears these strange black clothes and strange black glasses ;)15:42
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: I've no idea, I'd have to look at the problem properly, I've not been paying attention15:42
jinglescafeubuntu is virus free15:42
moxiejinglescafe, use system restore15:42
jinglescafethats what i was told!15:42
ikoniajinglescafe: this isn't a virus15:42
lunitikbobpit: The skype package is supposed to depend the lib32-foo packages, which is probably why it is labeled "multiarch"... newer versions of apt just use :i386 at the end of the package to determine... stop thinking so much.15:42
Roryjinglescafe Can you take a picture of what you're seeing?15:43
ikoniajinglescafe: disconncect your machines from the network - and contact an IT support person to evaluate your network the re-install your ubuntu desktops from a trusted source15:43
jinglescafeI will re-install after I take picture15:43
ikoniajinglescafe: do not re-install until your network has been validated15:43
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: is nginx running as the user nginx?15:43
bobpitlunitik, sorry, got lost now.  What am I supposed to do?15:43
ubuntuaddictedikonia, ok15:43
pfifoubuntuaddicted: what video hardware are you using and what drivers did you install for it?15:44
jinglescafeikonia, it is happening on every computer here, except the  mac i am on.15:44
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: yup15:44
jinglescafeall 12 of the ubuntu computers15:44
Roryjinglescafe: Where did you get your ubuntu installation images?15:44
ikoniajinglescafe: that doesn't change what I said15:44
Koribit.do/ sexcam I'm live here, making a show right now, come visit me, totally free15:44
bobpitlunitik, I appreciate the help, but please talk to me in more plain english15:45
ubuntuaddictedpfifo, HD5750 and I installed the latest stable AMD catalyst from the website. Any assistance with this 32bit and 64bit libGL libraries would be much apprecaited.15:45
jinglescafeUbuntu System 7615:45
ikoniajinglescafe: please get someone to validate your network, then re-install your desktops from a TRUSTED source15:45
RoryKori: Bye15:45
Koribit.do/ sexcam I'm live here, making a show right now, come visit me, totally free15:45
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: and the group permissions are ok; the problem is that i need to declare them in sshd15:45
pfifoubuntuaddicted: did glxinfo say you were using direct rendering?15:45
jinglescafeOkay. I have terminal on one machine15:45
jinglescafeI have to email it to me to paste it here.15:45
ikoniajinglescafe: forget it - you need to get your network validated/secured, then a re-install15:45
ikoniajinglescafe: pleae do not paste any more informtion15:46
moxieuse a pastebin15:46
lunitikbobpit: Just install the skype package via dpkg -i ... if it complains, treat it as instruction - it might complain packages are needed, for instance.15:46
hurdorbsdany one using ZTE AC8700 bsnl modem on 13.10?15:46
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: then /var/www should not be owned by nginx. its a security risk. if someone finds a vulnerability in a script and they have write permissions then can dump their own php script or even overwrite any of the phpscripts15:47
moxiei fixed my problem, yay15:47
ubuntuaddictedpfifo, it says I am not15:47
jinglescafe-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 837514 Feb 13 10:11 bb*15:47
jinglescafe-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 535683 Feb 13 10:11 firefox*15:47
jinglescafe-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root  78314 Feb 13 10:11 nc*15:47
yash069hurdorbsd: probably no one... but someone can help if u give more info15:47
ikoniajinglescafe: stop15:47
thai-2012hi! please help? How to install opera next to Ubuntu 12 04? I don't see opera in Software center15:47
bobpitlunitik, so Multiarch is installed and working correctly?  I need to close this subject15:48
jinglescafeI pardon15:48
ikoniajinglescafe: do not paste any more information, contact an IT professional to validate your network then re-install ubuntu from a trusted source15:48
truebattleaxesudo apt-get install opera15:48
pfifoubuntuaddicted: it looks like either you installed the driver improperly, or your graphics card dosent support direct rendering to begin with15:48
ikoniajinglescafe: there is no point with anymore discussion15:48
hurdorbsdyash you from India?15:48
thai-2012truebattleaxe :)15:48
jinglescafeI will try Opera now.15:48
ikoniajinglescafe: no no no no no15:48
lunitikbobpit: multiarch isn't a thing you can install, it is just packages compiled for another arch.15:48
jinglescafethank you truebattleaxe15:48
ikoniajinglescafe: until you are confident your network is "ok" - there is no point doing anything else15:48
truebattleaxeno problem15:48
truebattleaxeit should work in terminal15:48
ubuntuaddictedpfifo, the card supports it because I had this working just last night. BUT I tried to install the latest BETA AMD catalyst and everything got hosed from there15:48
ikoniajinglescafe: do not install anything else15:49
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: So what should I do;any script of mine that is there and need to do something should operate on nginx user to be able to do its job15:49
bobpitlunitik, so it IS working.  ok15:49
ikoniajinglescafe: there is a good chance your network is compromised if it's on every ubuntu machine15:49
pfifoubuntuaddicted: well revert back to what worked15:49
ikoniajinglescafe: you need to get your network validated / secured before doing anything else15:49
hurdorbsdguys actually I want to use Ubuntu or ubuntu based disto as my full time OS now .. I am a Debian user .. But I want to know if my modem would work on 13.10 .. my modem is zte ac870015:49
jinglescafeUbuntu is virus free.15:49
ubuntuaddictedpfifo, im guessing AMD's .run installer does not properly uninstall previous versions etc etc15:49
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: but you are right; if someone get the hold on the server i am finished15:49
jinglescafeThats why I got Ubuntu Computers15:49
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: what are the scripts for ( or do you mean the php scripts )15:49
lunitikbobpit: I have no idea, I usually define working as "doing what I want"15:49
ikoniajinglescafe: this is not a virus15:49
motaka2Rory: I did it untill using boot repair15:49
ikoniajinglescafe: thats why I'm warning you about your NETWORK not your ubuntu machines15:50
jinglescafewhat is bb?15:50
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: the php scripts 9currently being SMF and dokuwiki)15:50
ubuntuaddictedpfifo, i can't since the uninstaller in the .run file from AMD's website does NOT remove these errant symlinks to the 32bit and 64bit libraries for opengl stuff15:50
jinglescafei see firefox , but what is this bb file15:50
yash069thai-2012: http://deb.opera.com/15:50
Rorymotaka2: What do you mean? Did you follow all the instructions?15:50
hurdorbsdthe issue with my modem is it don't work with network manager so I have to use wvdial to dial it everytime .. but my any linux with 3.9 or newer kernel doesn't seem to detect my modem in wvdial ..15:50
thai-2012i can't install Opera. Ubuntu writes me  15:50
thai-2012Reading state information... Done15:50
thai-2012Package opera is not available, but is referred to in the list of dependencies of another package.15:50
thai-2012This may mean that the package is missing, obsolete, or is available from sources not mentioned in the sources.list15:50
thai-2012E: For the package «opera» is not found installation candidate15:50
FloodBot1thai-2012: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:50
pfifoubuntuaddicted: restore from backup15:50
moxielol theres nc too15:50
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: they do not need to owned by nginx.15:50
lunitikbobpit: Whatever the problem, though, it isn't multiarch, which you're thinking about just to confuse yourself it seems.15:50
motaka2i see a window opend called boot repair15:51
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motaka2what should i do now?15:51
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: nginx/php-fpm just needs read only access to them15:51
moxiebusybox, nc, and firefox....quick load firefox and login to your bank account to check your funds!15:51
Rorymotaka2: So you have done "step 1" which is "launch boot repair"15:51
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: can I ask where you got the guide for this setup?15:51
Rorymoxie: Now follow step 215:51
yash069thai-2012: use the method here .. there was no ubutnu package for opera .... http://deb.opera.com/15:51
bobpitlunitik, https://wiki.debian.org/skype says about activating multiarch, to make sure Skype works15:51
ubuntuaddictedpfifo, that's my last resort yes. I have a partition image of my / partition so I coudl do that but I am trying to understand what steam  needs and how to fix this instead of just reinstalling. That's after all what the windows lemmings do when something doesnt' work right, they just reinstall. I want to fix it15:51
thai-2012sorry! what is http://paste.ubuntu.com/? How to use it?15:52
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thai-2012yash069 thanks15:52
yash069do not paste more than 3 lines here15:52
Rorythai-2012: Paste your text into it, add a name, then submit. Copy the URL into this channel15:52
yash069paste it to paste.ubuntu.com15:52
thai-2012Rory Thanks. I understand15:52
thai-2012 15:52
jinglescafeI took pic, and reinstalling the system.15:52
pfifoubuntuaddicted: learn what is installed by your installer then write a script to remove it all.15:53
ikoniajinglescafe: there is no point re-installing the systems at this time15:53
Roryjinglescafe: Can I see the pic anyway?15:53
TDGPUhitsujiTMO: no one place; i serach here and there; i was a nightmare. and look what a mess i am in; So i must forget about the ftp/sftp issue and fix this security hole first;;;; thanks;;;; anytrue guide on nginx-phpfpm ???15:53
ikoniajinglescafe: do you understand that if your network is compromised - you will just have the same problems again15:53
jinglescafeiknoia, you tell that to my customers.15:53
jinglescafethey have banking they need to do15:53
bekksjinglescafe: Give us their contacts, we will tell them.15:53
Roryjinglescafe: With all due respect, if you're running an Internet cafe, it's your responsibility to secure your network15:53
ikoniajinglescafe: no, YOU tell it to your customers that you are unable to run a secure internet cafe after taking their money and they may have lost their personal details to you15:53
bekksjinglescafe: First you need to ensure your network isnt compromised anymore.15:54
ikoniajinglescafe: you are putting your customers at huge risk15:54
ikoniajinglescafe: this conversation needs to end now15:54
ubuntuaddictedpfifo, i could do that also. here's what glxinfo is reporting and I believe i need that libGL.so.1 to point to /usr/lib/fglrx/libGL instead of it pointing to /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1 because that libGL version is from mesa and apparently doesn't do direct rendering15:54
jinglescafeRory, where do i send the picuter?15:54
pfifoubuntuaddicted: you could try symlinking it15:55
DTBfirefox does not fault the site?15:55
thai-2012so i'm here: http://deb.opera.com/opera-beta/dists/stable/ what i must do next? sorry, i'm only start learn Ubuntu15:55
Roryjinglescafe: Put it on http://imgur.com or whatever you prefer, and then share the URL in this channel15:55
ubuntuaddictedpfifo, that's what's all screwed up, is the symlinking and what I am trying to fix15:55
ikoniaDTB: no, it appears the firefox binary has been replaced15:55
pfifoubuntuaddicted: to remove a symlink use the 'rm' command to add a symlink use the 'ln' command, good luck15:56
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: I can only tell you what i'd do. if you were to start from scratch for the /var/www directory: sudo rm -r /var/www; sudo mkdir /var/www;       then create the group www-user    andd your user to that group. then: sudo chown root:www-user /var/www; sudo chmod g+ws /var/www;                  relog and that would get you the neccessary permissions so that your user can administrate the web apps without compromising the security of the d15:57
jenielleok i downloaded and burned ubuntu one to a disc and did a full install replacing my windows 7  and when it gets to the part to reboot  i reboot the computer and the error message i get is "windows failed to start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause"  need help. i instilled ubuntu twice and still same message. please advise15:57
Roryfishcooker: Can you run "sudo apt-get update"15:58
pac1why does my disk light constantly flash?15:59
thai-2012i have another question. Can i install XAMPP to Ubuntu? Possible? and how?15:59
motaka2Rory: i dont think if i did something usefull if i have not ruined it more15:59
jinglescafeok i think firefox is working on some now16:00
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jinglescafethank you16:00
fishcookeryes this is the result Rory http://paste.ubuntu.com/6464291/16:00
D4CH_RPiHow do I set up a network share link? I mean... On windows in "Computer" I have a samba share on my raspberry pi connected to my WIN pc, how do I create a link on Ubuntu?16:00
sw!xampp | thai-201216:00
ubottuthai-2012: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.16:00
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: then install everything as normal. you won't need sudo to write to that dir at all. you might need to make sure nginx and php-fpm are running as umask 0002 but thats only a minor issue16:00
thai-2012sw Thanks. I have 64-bit system. it works on 64?16:01
hitsujiTMOTDGPU: that will also work with sftp without the need to change any config in sshd16:01
swthai-2012, can you read? "We do not support XAMPP installs here"16:02
jeniellei installed version 13.10 is that the problem16:02
thai-2012sw ok. sorry16:02
DTBwhich is the failed my bad non16:02
ubuntuaddictedpfifo, thanks for trying to help. i've had enough. been at this for 4 hours. restoring image finally. LOL16:02
ubuntuaddictedttyl guys16:02
bekksjinglescafe: Your networkj is still compromised. You should tell your customers to not share any information.16:02
jinglescafeI called a IT person to look at it, he should be here after ThanksGiving16:03
hitsujiTMOthai-2012: read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP   that will tell you how to install the lamp stack the ubuntu way16:03
jinglescafehe will look at it then.16:03
ikoniajinglescafe: until that time do not use your computers/network16:03
jinglescafeFirefox is working now.16:03
ikoniajinglescafe: your customers are at risk16:03
jinglescafeAll is happy :)16:03
ikoniajinglescafe: it's not, your customers are at risk16:04
bekksjinglescafe: And you will leave your customers at risk for more than a week.16:04
ikoniajinglescafe: you have been compromised16:04
jinglescafeIf you ever at my cafe, I will give you free time !16:04
jeniellei have a 64bit system. am64 8 core cpu with 8gb of ram and 1.5tb hard disk so i have more then enough to run ubuntu. plus i hadit running on this pc before but it wasnt a full install.16:04
jinglescafeI think the computers are safe now16:04
ikoniajinglescafe: they are not16:04
jinglescafeNo more warnings16:04
jenielleplease help16:04
Roryfishcooker: It looks like your package lists are corrupted somehow. I have a script which sorts that (and other package-related errors) out quite a lot of the time. It is here http://rory.sh/fixpackages - you can download and run it, or rn the commands one-by-one yourself16:04
bekksjinglescafe: youre computers are NOT safe. Your network is compromised.16:04
ikoniajinglescafe: you have been compromised, do you understand - your computers are NOT safe16:04
Roryjenielle: More than enough :)16:04
fishcookerwould you like to see this message http://paste.ubuntu.com/6464314/, Rory16:05
ikoniajinglescafe: where is this photo you took16:05
fishcookerit seems there is package without the name16:05
Roryfishcooker: My script completely removes and recrates /var/lib/dpkg16:05
jeniellebutit keeps giving me the message when i reboot that windows failedto start16:05
jinglescafeI emailed it16:06
Roryjenielle: Can you access your BIOS settings and check the boot order of your hard drives?16:06
ikoniajinglescafe: to where ?16:06
jinglescafeto my account so i can post it16:06
ikoniajinglescafe: lets see it then16:06
bekksjinglescafe: Upload it, and give us the URL.16:06
Roryjinglescafe: If you don't know how you can forward the email to jinglescafe@rory.sh and I will share it here for you16:06
jenielleof course yes. i have my cd drive first and 1.5tb hard disk second and 500gb hard disk third16:07
jinglescafeI emailed it from my phone to my account, please be patient16:07
jeniellesorry for being a smart ass.16:07
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:07
hitsujiTMOjenielle: that suggests that part of windows is still there16:07
hitsujiTMOjenielle: what way did you install?16:08
jhutchins_wkIt suggests that Grub did not install correctly to the first bootable drive and Windows is still trying to load.16:08
jenielleright that's what i figured but that should mean i have a bad download of the system files16:08
jhutchins_wkjenielle: No, the installer would be unlikely to complete in that case.16:08
hitsujiTMOjenielle: are you on the live cd now?16:08
jhutchins_wkjenielle: The problem is simply with the bootloader.16:08
Roryjenielle: It's likely that the Windows bootloader is on the 1.5tb drive which is being booted from, whereas the Ubuntu installer may have installed it to the 500gb drive16:09
jenielleerase the current operating system and intall ubuntu........that the install method i used16:09
jhutchins_wkjenielle: The system uses checksums to insure it doesn't install bad softwarea.16:09
Roryjenielle: If you change your BIOS to boot from the other hard drive, does it work?16:09
jenielleimade sure i used the 1.5 to install ubuntu. because on the 500 all i have on there are pics and music. no operating system.16:10
jenielleno i tried that already16:10
Roryjenielle: Are you on the Live CD now?16:11
jinglescafeDTB, How do I accept your file transfer?16:11
hitsujiTMOjenielle: are you in the live cd now?16:11
jenielleby the way im on my wifes laptop16:11
fishcookerRory: what happen here .. http://paste.ubuntu.com/6464333/16:11
jinglescafeOkay, i got it. And I run it?16:11
jeniellethat's how im talking to you16:11
jhutchins_wkjenielle: A couple of common problems are that the drives are detected in a different order by the installer than by the installed system, or that people install grub to a partition instead of to the drive itself.16:11
jhutchins_wkjenielle: You could look at the link above to grub2 and it will give you instructions on how to fix it.16:12
jeniellemy cp wont boot up into windows or ubuntu16:12
Roryfishcooker: Can you run "sudo mv /var/lib/apt /var/lib/apt.bak"16:13
jinglescafejenille: what is wrong?16:13
ikoniajinglescafe: paste the photo please.16:13
Roryfishcooker: fishcooker and then "sudo mv /var/cache/apt /var/cache/apt.bak"16:13
hitsujiTMOjenielle: i'd recommend this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:13
Roryjenielle: Grub2 is the ubuntu boot loader16:14
BluesKajone should always seththe windows drive as default (if windows is installed) then ubiquity will install grub to the mbr on that drive , tha's been my experience16:14
hitsujiTMOjenielle: 2nd option in that link16:14
Roryjenielle: The boot-repair option linked above will "auto-magically" fix stuff16:14
SASDOEjinglescafe: to confirm: you do know you CANNOT let your custommers do any banking on your computers until you have dealt with the problem .?16:14
samuelxAre there nightly builds of 13.10 that include updates that came out after the release?16:14
bekksjinglescafe: Where is your picture upload?16:14
Rorysamuelx: No16:15
bekksSASDOE: He knows and seems to ignore that fact.16:15
Rorysamuelx: LTS releases like 12.04 occasionally get their updates rolled into new isos (we're on 12.04.3 now, for example) but it's not worth it for non-LTS releases16:15
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: no. any builds after that are trusty16:15
jenielleok. but what i don't understand is that i installed ubuntu last time along side my current operating system and it work flawlessly16:15
Roryjenielle: People have explained what the problem might be, and how to fix it16:15
SASDOEjenielle: that's the magic of computers for you16:16
pfifosamuelx: there is the *-updates repos, thats the closest thing16:16
senderoscl'ultima ruota del carro16:16
hitsujiTMO!it | senderosc16:16
ubottusenderosc: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:16
motaka2Rory: nothing changed16:16
samuelxDang... Here's my problem. I'd like to install 13.10 with an encrypted root but there's a bug with a missing USB driver that causes crypt-setup to not accept input at boot. Supposedly fixed in new releases.16:17
ikoniajinglescafe: got your photo uploaded yet ?16:17
samuelxI was hoping to be able to install a newer version so I wouldn't have to muck about with chroot/update via a live cd to get a bootable system16:17
jeniellerory: doesnt matter which version that i had installed?16:17
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: can you chroot to the filesystem and i can tell you how to fix the bug16:17
jinglescafei sent it to Rory.16:17
Roryjenielle: What do you mean? You are running a different Live version to what you have installed?16:17
pfifoubuntu supports encrypted root now?16:18
motaka2Rory: no16:18
samuelxpfifo: Yep ... pretty slick too.16:18
bekkspfifo: It always did.16:18
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Hey you helped me out with this a little while back but I couldn't get it to work so put it aside for a while.16:18
motaka2i hate ubuntu16:18
Rorymotaka2: no what?16:18
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: you can also fix it at the end of the install.16:18
jeniellei installed on my cp version 13.1016:18
Rorymotaka2: You're free to use whatever OS you like16:18
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Rather than muck it up again I was hoping there was a newer image i could use that had the fix.16:18
jinglescafemot aka, ubuntu is good. its free its better than windows 95 I had installed16:18
wilornelHey guys. Yesterday I had trouble setting up Ubuntu alongside Windows 8, so I decided to just use Ubuntu on  that laptop. Problem is, the same error popped up when installing Ubuntu : "grum-efi-amd64-signed failed to install..." . Now, I guess the solution to that problem is to boot my live USB through Legacy mode in order to install Ubuntu in legacy mode. Before doing that.. I had to ask what you guys think and, what exactly UEFI add16:18
samuelxhitsujiTMO: At the end of the install? How?16:18
jeniellethere is a another version 12.0416:18
pfifobekks: no it didnt, you had to use the alternate installer for a long time to get anything special setup16:18
jinglescafeI am teasing about 95!16:19
motaka2Rory:  what should ido?16:19
jinglescafeI made a funny16:19
jinglescafeCops showed up, I need to go16:19
senderosccome si fa il cancelletto?16:19
bekkspfifo: So Ubuntu supported full disc encryption already.16:19
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: when it comes to the the "restart" bit hit <ctrl> + <alt> +<f1>     then you can chroot to the install dir and fix it that way16:19
Rorymotaka2: On the Grub boot menu, select your Ubuntu option and press E to edit the parameters before booting. Scroll down and delete the words "quiet splash" then press Ctrl-X to boot16:19
SASDOEquick question: i was hoping to run a mail server on my ubuntu server, and was hoping to have a service similar to that offered by mailnull, ie having a main "domain name", and sub domains16:19
Guest33550what happened to the standalone installer where you could install and uninstall like a progarm in windows?16:20
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Ah ... open a new virtual term. Is there a list of the chroot commands somewhere?16:20
bekksGuest33550: It is called "synaptic" and you can install it.16:20
Rory!wubi | Guest3355016:20
ubottuGuest33550: Wubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug16:20
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: 2 secs16:20
pfifonow we just need zfs support and ubuntu can be accepted as a real operating system16:20
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SASDOEand being able to instantly create or even receive emails directed to a nex sub domain (as in maindomain.newwebsite@test.com)16:20
BluesKajGuest33550. wine ?16:20
SASDOEand block them if no longer needed16:20
bekkspfifo: zfs support is already there.16:21
wilornelDoes it really matter if Ubuntu is standalone in UEFI or Legacy mode?16:21
Guest33550Rory: Thank you!16:21
pfifobekks: not the good stuff, you still need PPAs (unless this changed in the last 60 days)16:21
RoryGuest33550: No problem, I guessed right \o/16:21
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: see the chroot section here: https://wiki.tenmilesout.net/wiki/Ubuntu_Saucy_Debootstrap_Efi_Minimal_Install16:21
BluesKajwubi ?? good luck with that , Guest3355016:22
SASDOEdid anyone answer me? lost connection!16:22
bekkspfifo: zfs will never be included in the linux kernel due to its license.16:22
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: its the lines after "Mount environment file systems."16:22
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Awesome16:22
samuelxhitsujiTMO: I'm reading through it now. I tried something similar last time but must have missed one of the dev devices16:23
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: obviously replace install to what ever path cd mounted your filesystem as16:23
Guest33550One more thing, will WUBI work with x64?16:23
samuelxhitsujiTMO: After I setup the chroot do I have to manually edit anything for the new initramfs or if I update does the new package have it?16:23
wilornelDoes it really matter if Ubuntu is standalone in UEFI or Legacy mode?16:23
samuelxhitsujiTMO: I vaguely remember someone saying they add to add a module for ohci_usb16:24
bekkswilornel: Ubuntu isnt in those modes at all.16:24
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: you need add an entry to the modules file and update initramfs ....16:24
samuelxhitsujiTMO: ok cool. So add the module manually.16:24
wilornelbekks : from ubuntu's website : you can install Ubuntu in EFI mode or not.16:24
bekkswilornel: Read: "you can install Ubuntu if you computer is in EFI mode or not"16:25
bekkswilornel: The Ubuntu installation stays the same.16:25
Guest33550it automatically installs x64 or x86 depending on the architecture. Never mind16:25
samuelxhitsujiTMO: ok i'm gonna try this again ... i'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!16:25
wilornelbut does it matter in any way?16:25
bekkswilornel: No.16:25
wilornelok good16:26
wilornelwhat pushed "someone" to create UEFI?16:26
dcopeanyone using monit in here?16:26
dcopeeverytime i run it i get no output16:26
jenielleok im burning the boot repair disk right now16:26
Guest33550wilornel: UEFI's been in development for a long time, at least 8 or 9 years i think16:27
motaka2Rory: it doesnt work16:28
wilornelGuest33550: Actually, I'm reading about it and it seems like Intel started working on it in 199816:28
Rorymotaka2: No, but you will see an error this time hopefully16:28
wilornelGuest33550: only thing is, I don't understand at which level does UEFI work?16:28
motaka2Rory: I dont see any errors16:28
SASDOERory: what email server are you running and how can i create domain names and sub domains easily ?16:28
Guest33550wilornel: UEFI is actually on the hard disk (at least on my win 8 laptop)16:28
RorySASDOE: I'm running Postfix, and I have no idea16:29
bekksSASDOE: the email server is totally unrelated to registering domains, and setting up MX records.16:29
wilornelGuest33550: and it rules the way different parts of the computer interact with eachother?16:29
hitsujiTMOwilornel: uefi is a replacement for BIOS.16:29
Guest33550wilornel: UEFI is like BIOS, Only it supports larger hard drive sizes (larger than 30 TB) and is more flexible16:29
SASDOERory: no i mean i'd have a real domain name, an account and a "sub account", as in account.sub@domain.com16:29
RorySASDOE: Work on getting basic emails set up first16:30
wilornelBIOS is what windows has been created on top of, right?16:30
SASDOERory: could i easily setup something like this with postfix?16:30
Guest33550BIOS is Basic Input Output System16:30
bekksSASDOE: Sure.16:30
Guest33550every computer uses it16:30
Guest33550macs use UEFI However16:30
wilorneloohh ok16:30
SASDOEi'll give it a try16:30
RorySASDOE: yes I think so, you can do all sorts. Do you mean that foo.bar@domain.com will go to the same mainbox as bar@domain.com?16:30
hitsujiTMOwilornel: such discussion is offtopic here but http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Extensible_Firmware_Interface16:31
wilornelok got it got it!16:31
SASDOERory: yes exactly, and i could block emails to spam.bar@domain.com, or receive emails to new.bar@domain.com instantly as well16:31
RorySASDOE: I'd assume you can. I have [anything]@domain.com going to the same mailbox and that was done with a pattern16:31
Guest33550One question about WUBI16:32
Guest33550what if it screws up BOOTMGR16:32
SASDOERory: cool thanks16:32
bekksGuest33550: Then you have to repair your boot manager.16:32
RoryGuest33550: which you can do with a Windows install DVD16:32
Guest33550is there a chance that will happen16:32
RoryGuest33550: Yes of course, but a small one16:32
Guest33550i havent used WUBI in like 2 yeaars16:33
bekksGuest33550: Saying "no" is just a lie at that point.16:33
bekksGuest33550: Dont use Wubi.16:33
RoryGuest33550: I strongly recommend "against" using it though16:33
bekksGuest33550: Either install Ubuntu as dualboot or in a vm.16:33
BluesKajGuest33550. why not try virtualbox16:33
hitsujiTMOGuest33550: wubi is not recommended, try a virtual machine or live iso instead16:33
wilornelI put my BIOS into legacy mode and now I can't boot my live USB...16:33
Guest33550BluesKaj: Already did, tried virtualbox and vm ware16:34
Guest33550too laggy16:34
SASDOEwhat happended to cafeguy?16:34
bekksGuest33550: Then use a dualboot.16:34
hitsujiTMOwilornel: legacy mode? or legacy usb mode?16:34
Guest33550i have acutally screwed my disc drive up16:34
BluesKajGuest33550. then the best alternative is to install ubuntu on it's own partition16:34
Guest33550i dropped the laptop with a disc running inside and it hit the side and shattered all over the drive16:35
Guest33550im waiting for a replacement16:35
wilornelwell, I went into BIOS and  for Boot Mode I chose CSM Boot16:35
Guest33550will WUBI work on a win 8 laptop w/ uefi?16:35
RoryGuest33550: No16:35
Rory!wubi | Guest3355016:35
Guest33550Rory: problem with UEFI?16:36
bekksGuest33550: Wubi is not supported with Windows 8.16:36
Guest33550well this isnt windows 8 so16:36
wiehanHow do I upgrade ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 - software centre / update manager is set to notify me of all new releases but it doesn't. System it fully up to date with sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. Is there a terminal command to do this?16:36
Guest33550i cant install ubuntu via a burned cd16:36
Guest33550it goes to the install menu16:36
hitsujiTMOwiehan: do-release-upgrade16:37
wiehanhitsujiTMO, sudo apt-get release-upgrade?16:37
Guest33550when i hit "install ubuntu" or "try ubuntu" it just black screens16:37
wilornelhitsujiTMO: well, I went into BIOS and  for Boot Mode I chose CSM Boot16:37
Guest33550and does abosulety nothing16:37
bekks!nomodeset | Guest3355016:37
ubottuGuest33550: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:37
hitsujiTMOwiehan: sudo do-release-upgrade      ( backup important data first)16:37
wiehanhitsujiTMO, ty16:37
hitsujiTMOwilornel: hmm, and how did you create the usb?16:38
wilornelthere was a tool which Ubuntu referenced to16:38
hitsujiTMOwilornel: also is fat boot enabled?16:38
wilornellive usb creator or...16:38
wilornelhmm let mee see16:38
wilornelno it's not16:39
Guest33550bekks: already did nomodeset, the disc litterally stops spinning, i left it on for 2 nights and nothing happened16:39
hitsujiTMOwilornel: was it http://www.linuxliveusb.com/?16:39
pfifo!enter | wilornel16:39
ubottuwilornel: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:39
wilornelwait let me find it...16:39
Guest33550whats the percentage WUBI will screw up Boot manager16:40
=== ross is now known as Guest72239
bekksGuest33550: Did you check the md5sum of the cd after burning it?16:41
Guest33550i did the md5sum multiple times16:41
bekksGuest33550: after burning it, or before it?16:41
Guest33550beofre & after16:41
wilornelhitsujiTMO: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/16:41
bekksGuest33550: Did you try a second cd?16:42
wilornelhitsujiTMO: But I don't think that's the issue. I WAS able to boot my live USB before I formated my HDD...16:42
hitsujiTMOwilornel: use http://www.linuxliveusb.com/     pendrivelinux can be a bit messy16:42
Guest33550i tryed multiple CD's16:42
bekksGuest33550: And which version did you burn?16:42
Guest33550even a USB drive16:42
Guest33550no avail16:42
wilornelbut wait a sec. I was able to boot my live USB before16:42
Guest3355012.10 and the latest verzio16:42
bekksGuest33550: you could try a 12.0416:42
wilornelhitsujiTMO: shouldn't it work now? Or does pendrive not work properly sometimes with CSM boot?16:42
Guest33550do CD-RW's work?16:43
rwc2both mozilla software, firefox and thunderbird, yield an error in saucy : GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed - - - this or something similar is a bug on mozillas page, but any way around this until the issue is resolved?16:43
bekksGuest33550: Sure.16:43
Guest33550bekks: i used CD-R, CD-RW ,DVD-R ,DVD-RW and none of them worked16:43
hitsujiTMOwilornel: the way bios and uefi look for bootable devices are different.16:44
wilornelhitsujiTMO: ok got it, thanks16:44
=== FreezingAlt is now known as FreezingCold
hitsujiTMOwilornel: this will at least rule out if the usb creator is the cause or not16:44
Guest33550bekks: not sure if this has to do with anything but i had to disable secure boot as the boot signatures were invalid for ubuntu's CD16:44
hitsujiTMOGuest33550: thats not an issue for bios booting install16:45
Guest33550hitsujiTMO: its an 8 laptop w/ UEFI16:46
hitsujiTMOGuest33550: wilornel is installing as bios mode tho16:47
Guest33550im gonna restart16:47
trismrwc2: running firefox with: G_SLICE=always-malloc firefox; has worked for some people based on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=83311716:48
ubottuMozilla bug 833117 in Startup and Profile System "Does not disable glib slice allocator with glib >= 2.35" [Critical,New]16:48
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
pfifomke2fs takes a long time, is it just me or did making ext2 filesystems used to take only seconds17:04
bekkspfifo: ext2 always took ages.17:05
hitsujiTMOpfifo: more likely its to do with the fact that your dealing with larger HDDs that when you were dealing with ext217:07
BellaurestЗдарова ребята17:17
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Ok I got it install and got the chroot setup but my networking isn't quite working. The interface is fine (ping etc works) but DNS isn't working so I can't run apt-get. Any ideas?17:18
samuelxI tried just adding to resolve.conf but it didn't do anything17:19
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: resolv.conf gets regenerated everytime networking is restarted. try add "nameserver" (without quotes ofc) to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head and restart networking then17:21
=== pytess is now known as tez
rwc2trism, how should the command look exactly?17:21
=== tez is now known as pytess
pytesshi.I am using ubuntu17:21
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Ok ... trying it now17:21
pytessstarted recently17:21
pytessi first used windowd8.made it dualboot.later i tried installing ubuntu once more.then  I guess windows 8 partion is gone17:22
MrDyneHow would I make a script or program run at bootup under a particular user account without having to login to anything?17:22
pfifohitsujiTMO: if you delete the symlink /etc/resolv.conf and replace it with a normal file, it wont get overwritten on restarts17:23
pytessis it possible to acess any datas in other drive17:23
MrDyneLike LAMP, it runs under www-data user and auto starts on boot.17:23
bekkspytess: If your Windows is gone, you cannot access it anymore. If you just have another disk, you can access the other disk.17:24
bekkspfifo: the more easy way is to configure nm correctly.17:24
trismrwc2: G_SLICE=always-malloc firefox17:24
rwc2trism, k, ill have to try something else17:24
pfifobekks: i dont agree, removing dnsmasq is exponetially harder then deleting a symlink17:25
trismrwc2: does firefox and thunderbird still start and work? if so you can ignore that error, we all get it17:25
hitsujiTMOMrDyne: call the app with: sudo -u <username|id>         or su -c <command> <user>17:25
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Maybe a dumb question but should I do that edit on the live system or the chroot? Same question for restarting networking17:26
trismrwc2: the problem is some people have firefox immediately crash on starting17:26
rwc2trism, firefox doesn't start, no splash screen even17:26
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: ahh, you're still on the live system. what are you needing apt-get for?17:27
rwc2trism, the thunderbird screen asking for sudo password appeared once, but nothing since17:27
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Don't I need to run apt-get to update the system?17:27
samuelxhitsujiTMO: So that I can add the ohci_usb module and fix the initramfs (so cyprtsetup works at boot)17:28
pytessok.bekks.I had installed windows on my c drive17:28
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: you don't need to update the system. 2 secs and i'll find the exact commands17:28
pytessbut i coudl not  access d dvrive from uuntu17:28
pytessso all the data is gone:(17:29
pfifopytess: can you pastebin the output of 'sudo fdisk -l'17:29
samuelxhitsujiTMO: So just add "ohci_usb" to "/etc/initramfs-tools/modules" and then " update-initramfs -u"?17:31
bekkspytess: Did you even try to mount it manually?17:31
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: its ohci_pci17:32
samuelxhitsujiTMO: :D17:32
samuelxhitsujiTMO: So that's it?17:32
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: yup that should be it17:32
bekkspytess: you have a 500G disk and a 4G usb stick?17:32
samuelxhitsujiTMO: ok fingers crossed .... trying it out now17:33
pfifopytess: run 'sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt' and see if your data is in /mnt17:33
hitsujiTMOsamuelx: let me know if theres any errors with: update-initramfs -u17:33
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
pfifopytess: disregard that17:33
xBytezUbuntu Cola? :P17:33
xBytezand 69p?!17:33
pfifopytess: according to this you deleted everything related to windows17:33
FloodBot1xBytez: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:33
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Ok update-initramfs worked fine. Rebooting now ...17:34
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Worked!17:35
MrDynehow do you open a terminal window under another user account?17:35
hitsujiTMO!yay | samuelx17:35
ubottusamuelx: Glad you made it! :-)17:35
samuelxhitsujiTMO: Thanks a ton! Finally got the setup I want with a fully encrypted LUKS root.17:35
trismrwc2: you might try starting firefox on a different user with a fresh profile, see if something is messed up with your config17:35
pytesspfifo:I am getting speciy the file system type17:35
MrDynecorrection, as another user17:35
pfifopytess: its swap space, not a filesystem. you cant mount it17:36
pfifopytess: you deleted you windows install and all related windows partitions, and alog with that, the data that was on the partitions17:36
rwc2trism, might try that17:36
pytessit says.getting output /dev/sda5 looks like swapspace not mounted.what does that mean actually17:38
pfifopytess: swap space is like a page file in windows17:38
=== _Hassen_ is now known as Anti-OP_Hassen
bekkspytess: that sda5 isnt swapspace.17:38
MrDynenvm figured it out, su - *user*17:38
bekkspytess: And you cannot mount swap.17:38
pytessso.what shld i do now.?I had 2 partions c and d drive,now it seesm I have deleted data in both partitions.I am quite new to linux17:39
pfifopytess: if you made backups you can restore from backup, otherwise start working on a new collection of data17:40
=== deedee|2 is now known as deedee
pytessok.may sound dump question.previosly while i  dualbooted ubuntu.I could see one drive in mydevices .But now in ubuntu desktop in device.I do not find any drives17:42
pfifopytess: you only have one drive, and it is /17:42
chsadosAnyone familiar with GPA I am having some issues - I get this error whenever I open up GPA http://i.imgur.com/xJmw2oF.png  I am on Ubuntu v12.1017:43
chsadosUbuntu 13.10 *17:43
pytessoh.k.if so then  I am using the full capacity of ram and diskdrive.17:44
s_faradayhi guys17:44
bekkspytess: yes, you are.17:44
MarcoFei've had this message when plug rs232tousb converter: device descriptor read/8, error -32. Could anyone help me?tnx17:44
s_faradayI have Fujitsu AH-530 Laptop and ubuntu 12.10 on it17:44
MonkeyDustpytess  open a terminal, that's a command prompt... then type    lsblk    to see how it's done in ubuntu17:44
s_faradaymy USB ports work sooooooooooo slowly17:44
pfifopytess: yes, have a look at the output of 'df -h' to see whats going on17:44
MrDynehow do you lock up a limited user account so it can only see, edit, make, files in it's home directory only?17:44
s_faradayIs there need for install any driver for USB 2 Ports? 17:45
skinkittenthere is no emacs 24 for ubuntu?17:45
bekksMarcoFe: It isnt detected correctly. Either the device is broken, the cabling is broken or the driver is broken.17:45
bekkss_faraday: no.17:45
rwc2trism, no, i dont think thats it17:45
jhutchins_wkchsados: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto17:45
MonkeyDustMrDyne  only for actions outside /home, you need sudo17:45
pfifo!info emacs24 | skinkitten17:45
ubottuskinkitten: emacs24 (source: emacs24): GNU Emacs editor (with GTK+ user interface). In component main, is optional. Version 24.3+1-1ubuntu3 (saucy), package size 3585 kB, installed size 11321 kB17:45
s_faradaybekks: so what's my problem u think?17:45
bekkss_faraday: I didnt read the backlog.17:46
bekkss_faraday: And from my point of view, even USB2 is very slow.17:46
pytessoh.k.http://paste.ubuntu.com/6464749/.what does this mean17:46
MrDyneyes but the limit user can still cd and browse the system file structure17:46
jhutchins_wks_faraday: USB is slow.17:46
skinkittenpfifo, how do I sudo get that?17:47
hitsujiTMOMrDyne: it needs read permissions to be able to run anything17:47
skinkittenpfifo, I installed emacs but it installed 23 instead of the lastest17:47
MonkeyDustMrDyne  you mean the Guest account?17:47
pfifoskinkitten: 'sudo apt-get purge emacs' 'sudo apt-get install emacs24'17:48
skinkittensudo apt-get update doesn't do that?17:48
MrDyneno, i'm trying to make a very limited account to lock up game servers so it they are hacked or exploited they are still locked in a cage and can't do any harm other then reck the map/ game player data17:48
s_faradaybekks: jhutchins_wk it doesn't slow for my friend's laptops17:48
s_faradaysure it's not about ubuntu?17:48
=== Kol[a]kCC is now known as KolakCC
skinkittensudo apt-get update doesn't do that? pfifo17:49
pfifoskinkitten: there is like a dozen different versions of emacs in the repos, 23 is the default if you want 24 you have to tell it you want 2417:49
pfifoskinkitten: update will update the version you installed17:49
bekkss_faraday: ubuntu is working fine with usb1, usb2, usb3 for me.17:49
hitsujiTMOMrDyne: for instance: if a user account does not have access to /usr then it cannot run any application in there, if it does not have access to /etc then it can't even log in ( somes files in /etc are executed on login )17:49
bekkss_faraday: Did you check the manual wether the port used is a usb1 port in fact?17:49
gordonjcpMrDyne: you may want to look into chroot environments17:50
pfifoskinkitten: and you thinking apt-get upgrade, apt-get update dose something completly different17:50
MonkeyDustgordonjcp  chroot came to my mind too17:50
skinkittenpfifo, 'sudo apt-get install emacs24' is not found17:50
s_faradaybekks: yes it's USB 2 http://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Fujitsu-Lifebook-AH530-Notebook.40469.0.html17:51
s_faradayand it's not about nautilus?17:51
hitsujiTMOskinkitten: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install emacs2417:53
zykotick9chsados: i'd be careful using GPA... (mind you, i possibly tried with an older version then you have access to in ubuntu) BUT i tried it a little while ago, and couldn't find option to use SHA2 (which is a bit of a problem).  In regard to your actual issue, i have no idea.  best of luck.17:53
pytesshow to create a seperate partiion in ubuntu17:53
chsadoszykotick9: do you have a suggestion on an alternative to GPA?17:54
hitsujiTMOpytess: use gparted is the easiest way, preferably from a live distro17:54
zykotick9chsados: for gui = no.  i'd suggest using the gpg terminal apps... YMMV17:54
chsadosehhh i dont feel comfortable with terminal yet for gpg :(17:55
zykotick9chsados: don't fear the terminal ;)17:55
chsadosjust seems like GPG in terminal requires too many commands - id prefer a nice GUI similar to kleopatra when I was on windows - made things really easy17:56
hitsujiTMOchsados: i thought gpg in terminal is like... 1 command?17:56
zykotick9chsados: "i hear ya" well, best of luck.17:56
chsadoshitsujiTMO: not really no17:57
wilronelhitsujiTMO: I tried linux live usb creator, the results are the same, I cannot boot through the live USB.17:57
Guest33553i am from colombia17:58
Guest33553my english is so so17:58
Guest33553software-center no funcina17:58
pfifoskinkitten: whats the output of 'lsb_release -cs'17:58
skinkittenin the terminal? pfifo17:59
hitsujiTMOwilronel: in that case, try toggling your the current value of "legacy usb support" in the bios.18:00
pfifoskinkitten: yes18:00
hitsujiTMOwilronel: thats an option that can cause some issues depending on manufacturer18:00
skinkittenpfifo, precise18:01
MrDynedoes the command startx need sudo to work. I get a black screen if I use my normal account at boot login18:01
hitsujiTMOMrDyne: no18:01
pfifo!info emacs24 precise | skinkitten18:01
ubottuskinkitten: Package emacs24 does not exist in precise18:01
RoryGuest33553: Can you run it as a user other than root18:01
zykotick9MrDyne: on ubuntu, startx doesn't do much by default.  why are to trying to use it?18:01
wilronelhitsujiTMO: Alright, so you're saying that instead of booting in legacy mode, I should boot in UEFI?18:01
pfifoskinkitten: there you have it, you can upgrade to saucy18:02
MrDynebecause I disabled gui start at boot because when I finish setting up my server again it will be headless.18:02
hitsujiTMOwilronel: no. legacy usb supprt is a different option18:02
wilronelI have UEFI boot or CSM boot18:02
hitsujiTMOMrDyne: do you have a DE installed?18:02
MrDyneI'm using Xubuntu so Xfce18:03
skinkittenpfifo, upgrade to saucy? whats that? and how?18:03
hitsujiTMOwilronel: its a different option in a different menu18:03
RoryGuest33553: Can you run the commands specified in this AskUbuntu answer: http://askubuntu.com/a/337154/6296918:03
wilronelWith UEFI, I can boot the live usb alright. With CSM boot, I cannot boot the live USB. I do not want to use UEFI, as Ubuntu fails to install in UEFI mode18:03
wilronelSo I shall select booting in CSM mode, right?18:03
pfifoskinkitten: download the Ubuntu 13.10 CD annd burn it to a cd-r then boot from it and install Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander18:04
wilronelhitsujiTMO: Are you talking about the Usb legacy emulation?18:04
skinkittenwhy? pfifo18:04
hitsujiTMOwilronel: usually under "advanced" or "chipset settings" or the like.                 how exactly is ubuntu failing to install in uefi mode?18:04
hitsujiTMOwilronel: yes. that would be it18:04
pfifoskinkitten: saucy has emacs2418:04
wilronelso do you want me to enable it or to disable it?18:05
skinkittenI just installed emacs24 though pfifo18:05
hitsujiTMOwilronel: i want you to toggle it.18:05
wilronelokay so it was enabled. I'm disabling it18:05
hitsujiTMOwilronel: cool. try booting the usb now18:05
wilronelStill cannot boot through the live USB18:05
zykotick9MrDyne: if you still have a DM installed, i'd suggest starting it like "sudo service lightdm start" type thing... replace lightdm if you're using something else...18:05
pfifoskinkitten: you just said 17:50 < skinkitten> pfifo, 'sudo apt-get install emacs24' is not found18:06
zykotick9!info emacs2418:06
ubottuemacs24 (source: emacs24): GNU Emacs editor (with GTK+ user interface). In component main, is optional. Version 24.3+1-1ubuntu3 (saucy), package size 3585 kB, installed size 11321 kB18:06
skinkittenpfifo, oh I was lucky to be directed to https://launchpad.net/~cassou/+archive/emacs18:07
hitsujiTMOwilronel: this is quite peculiar. that exausts my guesses at what could be the cause of the failed boots in bios mode.18:07
hitsujiTMOwilronel: whats the exact issue in uefi mode?18:07
pfifoskinkitten: ok that works too, but keep in mind PPAs are unsupported software18:07
wilronel"grub-efi-amd64-signed failed to install"18:07
wilronelI don't even want to go down that path anymore... it's pretty annoying..18:07
paul_hey all18:08
hitsujiTMOwilronel: you can manually install grub too.18:08
paul_ubuntu newbie here, i'm trying to run a script, but for some reason it just opens it in gedit18:08
paul_any idea why?18:08
skinkittenok thanks18:08
=== paul_ is now known as sacrelicious
hitsujiTMOwilronel: it involves chrooting after that point18:08
MajSlayergot a quick new linux user question, is it a bad idea to install Apache, MySQL ect. as root? should I create a second user to install these programs?18:09
hitsujiTMOpaul_ you need to set it as executable most likely18:09
sacrelicioushitsujiTMO, how do i do that?18:09
wilronelhitsujiTMO: okay so I have only installed GNU/Linux (or is it GNE/Linux?), and then it fails to install grub-efi-amd64-signed. I have to boot and use boot-repair, right? Then I can re-install Ubuntu?18:09
zykotick9MajSlayer: they'll start as root, then quickly change to a different user...18:09
bekksMajSlayer: You cannot install those packages from the Ubuntu repos without root privileges. "sudo apt-get install apache2"18:09
pfifoMajSlayer: you have to install this stuff with the package manager, which requires root privdleges, so no18:09
MrDynesudo service lightdm start worked, thanks!18:10
zykotick9MajSlayer: sorry, you said "install", ya see beeks pfifo above ;)18:10
hitsujiTMOwilronel: what version of ubuntu is this btw?18:10
wilronel12.04 LTS18:10
wilroneland I wanted to keep it this way, too.18:10
hitsujiTMOwilronel: is windows on the machine?18:11
wilronelI tried installing Ubuntu standalone, so it reformated the disk. so no, Windows is not on the machine, I can't boot anything right now.18:11
MajSlayerwell i'm on a dedicated server, i didnt have to sudo anything...18:12
hitsujiTMOwilronel: cool. can you boot the live cd so in uefi mode18:12
wilronelI can't install Ubuntu in Legacy mode?18:12
wilronelI don't WANT uefi, it won't install18:12
MajSlayerand where is this beek pfifo? i dont see the link18:12
hitsujiTMOwilronel: i'm unsure if you can, BUT, since ubuntu is for the most part is installed already we can try finishing the installation manually18:13
wilronelno, it is not installed for the most part. Only GNU/Linux is.18:13
pfifoMajSlayer: ubuntu isnt designed to be run as root, but most ISPs ignore that, you can still run commands with sudo, but since your already root, it is optional18:13
zykotick9pfifo: DON'T use sudo, if you are #18:14
MajSlayerwell the problem i'm having is .php software doesn't want to allow file movements because root owns all the folders18:14
pfifozykotick9: DONT tell me not todo something with out giving an explanation18:15
hitsujiTMOwilronel: wait, slightly confused here, when you say gnu/linux what are you reffering to exactly?18:15
zykotick9pfifo: if you are root already, using sudo is redundant (might lead to issues as well)18:15
tgm4883why are WE putting random WORDS in all caps?18:15
pfifo!chown | MajSlayer18:15
ubottuMajSlayer: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions18:15
wilronelI am refering to what Ubuntu trial displays when I try to install Ubuntu18:15
MajSlayeraye well its like 40,000 files18:16
wilronelhitsujiTMO: If I re-try to install Ubuntu, it will ask if I want to replace GNU/Linux or install it next to GNU/Linux.18:16
wilronelhitsujiTMO: Before trying to install Ubuntu, "Windows 8" was standing where "GNU/Linux" is at the moment18:17
pfifoMajSlayer: there is a -R switch to make recursive changes18:17
hitsujiTMOwilronel: ah ok.18:17
cejixo3hello guys18:17
cejixo3xen pci passtrough ???18:17
hitsujiTMOwilronel: the thing is, grub is the last thing to get installed during the installation, so you can just manually install it and you should be good to go18:17
wilronelhitsujiTMO: Depends when. Sometimes grub installs after 3 minutes, sometimes after 30mins into the installation process18:18
MajSlayerokay let me read about it, like i said i'm new, and never made a second user on this server. so i'm half way thinking i should do a full reinstall on it, create a second user18:18
zykotick9cejixo3: i'd suggest using alis (/msg ubottu alis for details) to find a xen channel.  that's VERY specialized support question.18:18
hitsujiTMOwilronel: no grub is always last18:18
wilronelhitsujiTMO: well... not it's happening after 3 mins18:19
MajSlayerseems root owns everything, and the only way to fix the problems is to set every to 77718:19
wilronelnow it's happening after 3 mins*18:19
MajSlayerand i know thats a bad idea.lol18:19
wilronelhitsujiTMO: let me double-check.18:19
pfifoMajSlayer: i would go with something like 'chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www'18:20
MajSlayerthanks man18:20
hitsujiTMOwilronel: it only takes a few minutes to install ubuntu. just boot the live in uefi mode and we can have a look18:20
MajSlayerthat is the main area i'm having problems with i'll give it a go18:20
wilronelhitsujiTMO: it takes about 30 minutes, right?18:20
MajSlayeri'll ssh into the server now and give it a try18:21
hitsujiTMOwilronel: wha? no. i've never seen an ubuntu install take longer than 10 mins18:21
wilronelhitsujiTMO: wow.18:21
suyash1629hi everyone, today i m not able to boot ubuntu, everytime i boot i get errer something like this: could not write bytes: Broken pipe. Can anyone please help me..18:21
wilronelhitsujiTMO: Well I had many times where after about 10 minutes, it would fail because of grub. and once it failed for the same reason but after 40mins..18:22
hitsujiTMOwilronel: unless maybe its a full install from the mini.iso18:22
wilronelhitsujiTMO: no, I'm not using any mini.iso18:22
wilronelhitsujiTMO: okay, apparently you are right. I have Ubuntu 12.04 installed right now18:22
wilronelso, how do I fix it?18:22
wilronelhitsujiTMO: boot-repaid?18:23
hitsujiTMOwilronel: boot to the live cd and install an irc client there. will make things easier18:23
suyash1629hi everyone, today i m not able to boot ubuntu(12.04), everytime i boot i get errer something like this: could not write bytes: Broken pipe. Can anyone please help me..18:25
MajSlayerpfifo - thanks allot, you just saved my buns, and a near heart attack18:26
MajSlayereverything working fine now it seems18:26
MajSlayerno more cant transfer files from here to here problems:)18:27
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Agwaticmy laptop wireless card is keeping refreshing and I don't know why18:28
MajSlayeranyhow really thanks, I'm putting this in my install notes just incase I have to do a full reinstall one day. plus good to take notes:)18:28
wilornelhitsujiTMO, hey18:28
wilornelhitsujiTMO, im on the live usb ubuntu18:28
hitsujiTMOwilornel: ok, first thing i need you to do is install pastebinit: sudo apt-get install pastebinit18:29
veryhappyHi guys, i installed a program in an earlier ubuntu install, but now i cant install this program anymore in the new install, what can i do about it?18:29
zykotick9veryhappy: what program?  any other details? would probably help the channel...18:30
wilornelhitsujiTMO, done18:30
hitsujiTMOwilornel: nexk can you run: lsblk | pastebinit18:31
suyash1629anyone please help, everytime i boot into wubi installation of ubuntu 12.04 i get error like "could not write bytes: Broken pipe". i was setting up android build environment and just after installing some dependencies i got this error while booting and i m unable to buut into ubuntu18:31
hitsujiTMOwilornel: just paste the link here18:31
veryhappywilornel: was first checking if anyone responses, in another channels one waits for years for an answer. the program that i used is srware iron (a chrome like browser) installed it in the .deb format, but now its not really installing anymore like it should.18:31
jhutchins_wksuyash1629: Sorry, there doesn't appear to be any wubi users on this weekend.18:32
wilornelveryhappy, what?18:32
jhutchins_wksuyash1629: Why not do a standard partitioned install?18:32
wilornelhitsujiTMO, ^18:32
hitsujiTMOwilornel: ok. can you now run: sudo apt-get install gdisk && sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda | pastebinit18:33
GnubLinuxVeryhappy - See here: http://www.srware.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=691318:33
jhutchins_wkveryhappy: If it's not built specifically for the release of Ubuntu you're running it won't install.  You're not telling us what the errors are though, for all we know your disk is full.18:33
hitsujiTMOwilornel: i just need to verify what's what18:33
wilornelhitsujiTMO, what is that thing?18:33
wilorneland what does -l specify?18:33
hitsujiTMOwilornel: -l   = list18:33
suyash1629jhutchins_wk: i tried to do that but i m trying to install that on my hp laptop, and i m not able to load any bootable disks or usb drives to make standard installation, any help on making standard installation?18:34
wilornelhitsujiTMO, ^18:34
MrDyneIs there an easier way to install and Java JRE 7 and keep it update? I hate having to download it an manually install it and do whatever those install guides say to do.18:35
hitsujiTMOwilornel: hmm seems /dev/sda2 is marked as a windows partition. weird18:36
jhutchins_wksuyash1629: Hm, no, there have been ways to do a standard install from Windows, but I don't know if they're current.18:36
hitsujiTMOwilornel: ok. try this: mkdir install18:36
wilornelhitsujiTMO, well, that Ubuntu installation was installed in UEFI mode, right? So I guess that's why18:36
veryhappyjhutchins_wk: if you dont know my system you better dont tell me my disk is full, btw: the program WAS the heck installed on my ubuntu system if you could read you would have read it.18:36
suyash1629jhutchins_wk: can you please give me some ways to do that, some hints..18:37
hitsujiTMOwilornel: sudo mount /dev/sda2 install18:37
veryhappyi'm coming back later perhaps18:37
hitsujiTMOwilornel: sudo mount /dev/sda1 install/boot/efi18:37
wilornelhitsujiTMO, done18:37
wilornelhitsujiTMO, done18:38
hitsujiTMOwilornel: now these 4 commands: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6464985/18:38
wilornelhitsujiTMO, done18:39
hitsujiTMOwilornel: now: sudo chroot install18:39
richard305anyone got an idea as to why modprobe might not be able to find the module nvidia? I'm pretty sure i have it installed18:40
wilornel failed to run command `/bin/bash': Input/output error18:40
wilornelhitsujiTMO, ^18:40
wilornelit WAS run using sudo18:40
Roryrichard305: "pretty sure" how did you install it?18:40
amar_how to clear the  recent files..18:41
richard305by installing nvidia-319 and associated packages through synaptic18:41
hitsujiTMOwilornel:  interesting. can you pastebin the output of: mount18:41
wilornelhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6464999/18:41
Rorya_muva_: I googled "Ubuntu clear recent files" and found that you can use the Privacy application which is included as standard18:41
suyash1629jhutchins_wk: can you please give me some ways to do that, some hints..18:42
richard305whoops, forgot to address my comment Rory: by installing nvidia-319 and associated oackages through synaptic18:42
Roryrichard305: Have you rebooted since doing that?18:43
richard305Rory: multiple times18:43
hitsujiTMOwilornel: can you humour me and once again try: sudo chroot install18:43
Roryrichard305: Can you install the "nvidia-current" package?18:43
wilornelhitsujiTMO, same thing.18:44
richard305Rory: sure, i can give that a shot. i'll reinstall bumblebee while i'm at it18:44
hitsujiTMOwilornel: hmm, i think your issue stems from the wrong partition id for /dev/sda2       but this error is a bit odd.18:45
wilornelhitsujiTMO, can't we just format everything??18:45
ensonichi, doing my first steps, setting up a PPA to have some more recent gstreamer for my app for 12.04 (need them for drone.io). I copied the packages from a different PPA where the are build for newer ubuntu, in my PPA the started to build, but the hang at the tests18:45
ensonicany tips?18:45
ensonicmine: https://launchpad.net/~ensonic/+archive/buzztrax/+build/525661318:46
hitsujiTMOwilornel: we can. sudo swapoff /dev/sda318:46
wilornelhitsujiTMO, just like that?18:46
ensonicthe one I cloned from: https://launchpad.net/~santoscadenas/+archive/gstreamer1.2/+build/516067518:46
wilornelhitsujiTMO, but that won't affect /dev/sda2...18:46
wilornelhitsujiTMO, the command ran without problems...18:47
hitsujiTMOwilornel: thats to turn off the swap drive so that it will allow you to make changes18:47
wilornelhitsujiTMO, done18:47
richard305Rory: brb going to reboot18:47
hitsujiTMOwilornel: next: sudo mount -a18:47
hitsujiTMOwilornel: sudo umount -a18:48
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wilornelhitsujiTMO, last one only?18:48
hitsujiTMOwilornel: yup last one18:48
amar_how to clear the recent files ..can anyone give the command...thanks..!18:48
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hitsujiTMOwilornel: then: mount | pastebinit18:48
wilornelhitsujiTMO, devices are busy..18:48
wilornelI can't umount, devices are busy18:48
hitsujiTMOwilornel: ok. we can manually destroy the gpt table18:49
Rorya_muva_: I googled "Ubuntu clear recent files" and found that you can use the Privacy application which is included as standard18:49
KurvivorHello! i am currently in a process of making friends of my Ubuntu PC and windows laptop. I have shared printer between them, and a folder (using samba)18:50
hitsujiTMOwilornel: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1048576 count=118:50
Kurvivori can write to that folder drom windows18:50
Kurvivorbut on linux, for some reason, i can only read from there18:50
wilornelhitsujiTMO, done18:50
Kurvivorhow do i check permissions on the folder and allow myself to write/delete in it?18:51
hitsujiTMOwilornel: can you reboot and try the installer again18:51
wilornelsee ya later18:51
richard305Rory: okay back -- modprobe is still saying nvidia isn't found18:52
zykotick9Kurvivor: fyi, this is obviously fat/ntfs - SO, it's ALL determined by how it gets mounted!  you can't apply the typical *nix (POSIX really) permissions to either fat or ntfs, so the regular tools in ubuntu aren't going to be able to help.  check on how the drive is being mounted.  sorry i don't use either of those filesystems (ok, sometimes fat32 on removable media) so i don't know the details.  good luck.18:55
hitsujiTMOKurvivor: can you pastebin the output of: mount             while the share is mounted ofc18:57
Kurvivorzykotick9: i doubt it a little; folder is shared on ubuntu, and i simply created it in filesystem18:58
Roryrichard305: Can you pastebin the output of sudo update-alternatives --config x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf18:58
Rory!paste | richard30518:58
ubotturichard305: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:58
Kurvivorzykotick9: no mounting was involved (unless samba does it behind the scenes)18:58
richard305Rory: alright. one sec.18:58
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Roryrichard305: That is assuming you are on a 64-bit system, are you?18:59
zykotick9Kurvivor: samba is certainly something else i don't know anything about ;)  sorry if it wasn't fat/ntfs issue (i doubt you can apply POSIX permissions with SAMBA as well, but maybe).  best of luck!19:00
richard305Rory: yep19:00
Kurvivorhzykotick9: here is the output ttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6465065/19:00
Kurvivorwell, first h got chewed off19:00
richard305Rory: http://pastebin.com/p5Ufwqd519:00
Roryrichard305: OK run that command, then enter the selection number 0 and press Enter19:01
richard305Rory: now bear in mind that all i'm really trying to do is get bumblebee to work19:01
Roryrichard305: In mind19:01
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richard305Rory: done -- should i modprobe nvidia now?19:01
hitsujiTMOKurvivor: that was me who asked for that: seems the samba share isn't mounted there. is this from the samba server or the client?19:02
zykotick9hitsujiTMO: did you see link above from Kurvivor?  i hope you know fuse ;)  BTW your help for wilornel was IMPRESSIVE19:02
pfifoKurvivor: are the files hosted on the windows or the linux box?19:02
Roryrichard305: You should reboot, and then it should load automatically19:02
richard305Rory: okay thanks. back shorty19:03
JordanJ2Hello. I'm having the same problem as I had before Ubuntu (12.04 and 13.10) will only boot in UEFI mode and not Legacy19:03
JordanJ2I am trying to install via USB drive in Legacy mode but I get a black screen that reads "SYLINUX 4.02..."19:04
hitsujiTMOzykotick9: its just just a bunch of problems i've seen over and over again. although how his ubuntu install partition got marked as a windows partition is a bit bizarre19:04
Kurvivorpfifo: files are hosted on linux box19:05
JordanJ2I know it copied some efi files from the USB not sure if that has anything to do with it19:05
KurvivorhitsujiTMO: from server19:05
pfifoKurvivor: and what type of filesystem are they on?19:05
zykotick9hitsujiTMO: i use gpt for pretty much everything, but i don't have any uefi hardware - so that's all new to me.  i was impressed anyways ;)19:06
free-spiritcould anyone help with play on linux ? easy question but i can't find answer :) how to install new programm into different location/drive ?19:06
JordanJ2I was hoping that someone here would know19:07
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: how exactly did you create the usb?19:08
hitsujiTMOKurvivor: so if i understand correctly then, on the server you can only read from the folder?19:11
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chrisdoneis there a way to set the shell that gnome-terminal starts with (as opposed to using chsh)?19:13
chrisdoneah, found it!19:15
JordanJ2I seemed to of done everything it just won't boot :/19:15
richard305Rory: this is a problem. I've had to switch computers because now my GUI won't load19:15
FrancisHhey guys, is it possible to get a paper copy of the ubuntu server guide mailed to me?19:15
Rory!nomodeset | richard30519:16
ubotturichard305: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:16
richard305Rory: how do I modify it though, if i can't login?19:16
=== right is now known as left
Roryrichard305: How far do you get in the boot process?19:17
Roryrichard305: Do you see the grub menu?19:17
richard305Rory: to the login screen, then when i put in my password it goes to black19:17
Roryrichard305: Oh not nomodeset then19:17
Roryrichard305: Can you switch to another terminal with Ctrl-Alt-F219:17
richard305hm. let me try.19:18
richard305Rory: hm. let me try.19:18
free-spiritCould anyone help with a little question about play on linux ? I want to install new programm in a new directory (not regular pol directary) how i can choose a new one ?19:18
Roryrichard305: And then run the command: sudo chown richard: /home/richard/.Xauthority19:18
Roryrichard305: Assuming your username is richard19:18
richard305Rory: yes it's given me login / password there, and i'm in19:19
Roryrichard305: And don't forget that colon (:) after the username it's important19:19
hitsujiTMOrichard305: did you run startx with sudo?19:19
richard305Rory: not yet, hold on19:19
zykotick9hitsujiTMO: OR any gui program with sudo - thus gksudo ;)19:20
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
FrancisHhey guys, is it possible to get a paper copy of the ubuntu server guide mailed to me?19:20
richard305Rory: done19:20
KurvivorhitsujiTMO: yes, that's exactly the situation19:21
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
RoryFrancisH: There's a pdf version of it here https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/serverguide.pdf19:21
richard305Rory: now run startx?19:21
RoryFrancisH: There are many online services which will print things and send them to you19:21
wilornelhitsujiTMO: It worked! :) Thanks!19:21
Roryrichard305: Now run "sudo service lightdm restart"19:22
MrDyneHow do I have a command run on boot of computer, "su - server sh /Team_Speak/teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64/ts3server_startscript.sh start"19:22
wilornelhitsujiTMO: there is one issue though. What does "broken pipe" mean?19:22
richard305Rory: and try to login?19:22
zykotick9!cookie | hitsujiTMO19:22
ubottuhitsujiTMO: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:22
RoryMrDyne: Put it in /etc/rc.local with the & character at the end19:22
Roryrichard305: Yes19:22
MrDynewill the command run as if it was root? else it will require a password to get into user server.19:22
richard305Rory: no dice. also now the fan is super loud for some reason19:23
* wilornel hands hitsujiTMO a cookie19:23
richard305Rory: going to restart again19:23
Roryrichard305: What do you see after you log in, is it completely black? Do you get a cursor? or do you see your wallpaper?19:23
FrancisHRory: thanks!19:23
hitsujiTMOwilornel: thats dependent on what exactly the full error is19:23
RoryMrDyne: That command will run as root, yes19:23
hitsujiTMOKurvivor: ok. can you: ls -ld /path/to/samba/directory19:24
richard305Rory: shit.19:24
wilornelhitsujiTMO: I don't remember exaclty. It happens during boot...19:24
richard305Rory: it won't turn on.\19:24
richard305Rory: at all.19:25
wilornelhitsujiTMO: what could it mean?19:26
Roryrichard305: Your entire PC won't turn on at all?19:26
richard305Rory: at all. totally dead.\19:27
pfifois it plugged in?19:27
hitsujiTMOwilornel: i've seen that on 12.04 server on virtual machines. if its the exact same error (reffering to sda) then it can be safely ignored19:27
Roryrichard305: Installing the nvidia driver won't do that, it is something else unrelated19:27
wilornelhitsujiTMO: well, I mean, it only appears for a fraction of a second...19:27
jhutchinsrichard305: Sounds like it was in the process of failing.  Video driver was just a coincidence.19:27
richard305Rory: okay, holding the on button for ten or fifteen seconds seems to have turned it on again19:28
wilornelhitsujiTMO: ...or 2 seconds.. I don't know. But it doesn't seem like a big issue indeed :)19:28
hitsujiTMOwilornel: can you again install pastebinit and we'll have a look: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dmesg | pastebinit19:28
SmilexMy sound settings seem to have broken. I've noticed that Spotify and Youtube have started bugging out, and QJackCtl is spitting out this message http://hastebin.com/mahafunojo.vhdl19:28
trinqueHi, I've got an Ubuntu docker image, trying to run a few upstart services. Two services installed via apt-get can be started via service ... start. One whose config is copied to /etc/init during the docker build cannot be started.19:28
SmilexHow do I reset my sound settings?19:29
richard305Rory: i still can't login though19:29
trinqueIs there some way to tell upstart to look for new config files manually?19:29
richard305can you take me through undoing the changes from before?19:29
Roryrichard305: Do you have another user, or can you try to log in as the guest user?19:29
Roryrichard305: No because we're almost done19:29
trinqueinitctl reload-configuration also seems to do nothing19:29
richard305Rory: okay, i'll try19:30
Roryrichard305: But if you wanted to, you would run that update-alternatives command again, and select option 219:30
hitsujiTMOtrinque: you can comment out the: start on statement if you want to stop ot from loading automatically19:30
richard305yeah what was that again, just in case?\19:30
trinquehitsujiTMO: I'm trying to get an upstart config I copied in to be recognized by upstart19:31
Roryrichard305:  sudo update-alternatives --config x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf19:31
richard305Rory: in the meantime, trying guest login -- still nothing but the cursor on the screen19:31
trinqueit says no such service when I try to start it19:31
richard305Rory: I do have the cursor though19:32
hitsujiTMOtrinque: its named <service>.conf    and put in /etc/init right?19:32
Roryrichard305: I've found some reports that the following fixes this: sudo rm /home/username/.Xauthority* && sudo apt-get install --reinstall xorg19:32
richard305Rory: I'll reboot and give it a shot19:32
Roryrichard305: You can do that from ctrl-alt-f219:33
Roryrichard305: reboot after19:33
richard305Rory: okay19:33
trinquehitsujiTMO: correct19:33
wilornelhitsujiTMO: I'm getting "E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?" I'll wait for the updates to finish, I think that's what's causing the error19:33
hitsujiTMOtrinque: then that would point towards a malformed config. can you pastebin it?19:34
wilornelhitsujiTMO: oh and that happens when I try to install pastebinit19:34
hitsujiTMOwilornel: is software center opened or updatemanager?19:34
wilornelhitsuujiTMO : Yes update manager is opened19:35
wilornelhitsujiTMO:  ^19:35
wilornelhitsujiTMO: I'll be back in about 30 minutes, will you still be online?19:35
hitsujiTMOwilornel: once its closed you should be able to install it then19:35
wilornelhitsujiTMO: alright19:35
hitsujiTMOwilornel: i should be19:35
trinquehitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ivYzXSEQ19:36
richard305Rory: still nothing19:37
richard305Rory: just my cursor :(19:37
trinquehitsujiTMO: the docker image I'm working from is very stripped down; I'm wondering if upstart is semi-busted in it19:37
pfifowhats plural for linux, linicies?19:38
hitsujiTMOtrinque: i doubt it, if upstart was busted it prob wouldn't load the system19:38
Neurotoxincan ubuntu one not upload files that are currently opened in another program?19:38
sddhrthrtsorry. please ignore me.19:38
Rorypfifo: It doesn't have a plural because "a linux" isn't a thing. it's a proper noun19:38
hitsujiTMOrichard305: can you pastebin ~/.xsession-errors19:38
richard305if it's long, it'll take a while19:39
Roryrichard305: sudo apt-get install pastebinit ; pastebinit ~/.xsession-errors19:39
hitsujiTMOrichard305: install pastebinit19:39
richard305Rory: http://paste.ubuntu.com/646526919:40
MrDynewhy do rc.local commands have to end with &?19:41
bekksMrDyne: they dont.19:42
Rorybekks: no?19:42
RoryOK I sit corrected19:42
Bahman_Doolsit on my fick19:42
hitsujiTMOtrinque: that does seem to be a minimally working script. maybe try replacing the exec with some test like: exec echo "foo" >> /tmp/bar19:43
Bahman_Dooltry `sudo rm -rf /`19:43
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!19:43
hitsujiTMOrichard305: what desktop environment is installed?19:45
Bahman_DoolhitsujiTMO, it's none of your business19:46
richard305Rory: whatever the default one is with 13.1019:46
MrDyneThat command, Lol, it's like a press Alt + F4 for "game settings" joke but on your entire hard drive in Linux.19:46
IdleOneMrDyne: there is nothing funny about destroying someones system.19:47
DuncanNZthankyou IdleOne, but how did you do that? :)19:47
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IamTryingGet:11 http://be.archive.ubuntu.com precise/main amd64 Packages [1,273 kB] where is this package please ? resiprocate-turn-server19:47
hitsujiTMOrichard305: in X, does <ctrl> + <alt> + T   bring up a console?19:48
=== rcmaehl is now known as rcmaehl|dr_who
user82is there a "kill" combo in unity, that shows the crosshair to kill apps?19:49
=== KolakCC is now known as Guest88503
bekksuser82: xkill19:49
user82bekks, thanks19:49
richard305Rory: in X? sorry i'm still not that good at all this19:50
hitsujiTMOrichard305: as in in the graphical environment( where you just see the cursor )19:50
richard305Rory: when i'm logged in normally, yes, ctrl alt T brings up terminal. let me try to login to the blank screen again and see19:50
user82bekks, if i assign it to a keyboard shortcut it does not work.. in the terminal it does19:51
user82any idea why?19:51
IamTryingresiprocate-turn-server   - where to get this package please?19:52
bekksuser82: I am not using shortcuts, sorry.19:52
IamTryingprecise i dont find it19:52
richard305Rory: nope, ctrl+alt+T doesn't bring up anything19:52
MrDynewere  do I look up logs to debug the commands I put in rc.local?19:53
MrDyneI made it excutable chmod +x so it should have worked19:53
wilornelhitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6465327/19:53
hitsujiTMOrichard305: maybe reinstall unity then: sudo apt-get install --reinstall unity19:53
flux242installer asks me if I want to include all drivers into the initrd or only targeted. What's the difference? What does 'all drivers' mean in this context?19:54
richard305Rory: will do19:54
hitsujiTMOwilornel: did you reboot?19:54
user82bekks, apparently loggin out and back in sets the shortcuts.19:54
user82easy solution, if you know it19:55
wilornelhitsujiTMO: after what, exactly?19:55
hitsujiTMOwilornel: since you got the error?19:55
wilornelhitsujiTMO: No, I did not. I also did not reboot after my updates19:55
wilornelhitsujiTMO: the error displays during boot. It's just a small text that flashes for 2seconds19:56
hitsujiTMOwilornel: hmm, strange not seeing the error in the log then. i doubt its anything important then19:56
=== left is now known as wrong
richard305Rory: reinstalled unity, rebooted, still nothing19:57
wilornelhitsujiTMO: alright, then. Thanks a lot! :)19:57
richard305Rory: think i might see if undoing the update-alternatives at least gives me my basic functionality back...19:57
richard305Rory: unless you think this thread might have something to do with it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dbus/+bug/121775719:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 1217757 in dbus (Ubuntu) "Error retrieving accessibility bus address: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. " [High,Confirmed]19:58
Lubensohello dudes19:58
richard305Rory: how do i check if I'm running at-spi2-core - 2.9.90-0ubuntu2?20:00
kiwi_hi ... is 'localepurge' still the default app for kicking unwanted language support, or are there alternatives?20:00
fixmypc956how can I check to see if I have 2 /home directories cause i think I do20:02
pfifofixmypc956: like I mentioned last night, you might want to tweak that line I gave you to add to fstab20:03
IamTryingresiprocate-turn-server   - where to get this package please?20:05
IamTryingusing precise20:05
bnghi all, when creating LVM my system reports several messages like this: "read failed after 0 of 4096 at 123456789"20:05
bngI suppose these are bad sectors, is there any way to avoid those sectors when creating a new partition, plese?20:06
pfifo!info resiprocate-turn-server precise20:06
ubottuPackage resiprocate-turn-server does not exist in precise20:06
pfifoIamTrying: dosent look like there is a version for precise in the repos, you can search launchpad.net for a PPA20:07
NEoneHello. I have one openvpn server process running in Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. I want to run multiple instances. That first one instance has been automatically added to OS'es autostart (has something to do with init.d, I guess). How can I add more to autostart?20:07
fixmypc956I read about fstab yesterday and couldnt understand it20:08
bekksNEone: All you need to do is to configure openVPN to accept multiple VPN, etc. which is the only reason for multiple processes.20:08
IamTryingOK - thank you, pfifo . Ubuntu 13.10 will have right?20:09
NEoneOr more generally: How do I add my own custom call of a process with params everytime the OS starts? Has something to do with "upstart", I heard?20:09
bekks!upstart | NEone20:10
ubottuNEone: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/20:10
richard305Rory: okay, I undid the update-alternatives thing and now it'll log in fine 2/3 times, with the third of three requiring a reboot and retry20:10
pfifofixmypc956: your mounting your partition on /home... there is already stuff in /home that becomes inaccessable when you you do that, so you might want to mount your partition somewhere else, or copy the data that is already in /home to the partition.20:10
richard305Rory: my guess is that there's something not quite right in 13.10 right now20:11
pfifo!info resiprocate-turn-server saucy | IamTrying20:11
ubottuIamTrying: resiprocate-turn-server (source: resiprocate): reSIProcate SIP stack - ICE/TURN server. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.8.14-1 (saucy), package size 222 kB, installed size 649 kB20:11
fixmypc956pfifo: so my initial install of the ubuntu has /home directory20:12
NEoneSo there is "upstart" and there is "System-V init". How do I figure out which one of the two my system is using? Or are they mixed / both working at the same time?20:12
bekksNEone: Which Ubuntu do you have?20:12
pfifofixmypc956: yes, it already has a /home20:12
NEone12.04 64-bit20:12
fixmypc956pfifo: and I created a /home directory on the HD partition20:13
bekksNEone: Then you are using upstart.20:13
NEonek, thanks20:13
fixmypc956the /home directory on the usb has nothing for the OS unless i put something in there20:14
bngIs it safe to use disk with bad sectors for no critical data? The disk knows about them so it won't use them, am I right?20:15
compdocbng, reallocated sectors?20:15
pfifofixmypc956: you might want to mount the partitions somewhere else, this is the MAIN IDEA of what im trying to tell you, understand this fist20:15
apofisbng: few bad sectors hmm... in a short time you should expect more ;)20:15
compdocbng, the bad sectors tend to keep growing20:16
bngcompdoc: smart reports reallocated sectors, my LVM commands report stuff like "read failed after 0 of 4096 at 123456789"20:16
Random832back up your data asap20:17
bekksbng: Your disk is broken, you should replace it as soon as possible.20:17
richard305Rory: thanks for trying to help20:17
morten771is there a quick command to check what desktop environment one is using?20:18
bngapofis, compdoc I know it won't last, that is not a problem. I am just asking, will the system use only healthy space, since it know s about the bad sectors?20:18
morten771so one know if it is gnome2, gnome3, cinnamon, mate, xfce, kde that is running?20:18
bekksmorten771: No, there is no such command.20:19
morten771ok. could have been nice :-)20:19
fixmypc956pfifo: ok so I somehow created a /home directory on the partition I created on the HD, and it seems that I have /home on the usb drive which has ubuntu....how do I get rid of /home on the usb drive20:19
zykotick9morten771: check your DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID= in "env" from terminal [I'M NOT SURE IT'LL HELP!]20:19
morten771so I guess one have to sort of probe for each, like first run a command that say "yes" if it gnome2 etc20:19
morten771aha ok I check20:20
bngapofis, compdoc I have only 3 reallocated sectors, the disk could last for non-critical work I think, I'd just like to know whether LVM will stupidly use the three sectors with "input/output error" or not20:20
pfifofixmypc956: i usually copy the contents of /home from the old location to the new location. then once Im comfortable that all my data exists in the new location, i delere /home all together and create a new empty directory to mount my home partition on20:21
bngI suppose this message from lvcreate as well as vgcreate must be because of reallocated  sector, right? "read failed after 0 of 4096 at 0: Input/output error"20:21
zykotick9morten771: if the above doesn't help, you could try "sudo update-alternatives --config x-window-manager" but again NOT SURE IT'LL HELP!20:21
fixmypc956pfifo: I have nothing on original /home, unless something was installed with the initial installation...I am sure I created /home on the hard drive which I made one whole partition20:24
bekksbng: You have reallocated sectors. The disk is going to die.20:24
bekksbng: I wouldnt use it at all, not even for trash :)20:24
pfifofixmypc956: I cant say for sure what the install process puts in /home, but im pretty certian it puts some important stuff there20:25
esdewhats an easy way to backup my running ubuntu 12.04 installation to one file or directory to restore on a fresh ubuntu 12.04 installation? something that could backup installed packages, theme, etc would be fantastic20:27
bekks!backup | esde20:27
ubottuesde: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning20:27
fixmypc956pfifo: oh crap!!!20:29
fixmypc956pfifo: what does this mean, 'Could not chdir to home directory /home/rodriguez: No such file or directory'?20:29
gordonjcpfixmypc956: it means you've created a user "rodriguez" but not created a home directory for them20:30
pfifofixmypc956: there is no such file or directory20:30
jhutchinsfixmypc956: That, or you created the user and home directory while something was mounted to /home, and now it's not mounted.20:31
pfifojhutchins: you got that backwards20:31
gordonjcppfifo: not necessarily20:31
jhutchinsfixmypc956: Given that ubuntu makes it a bit difficult to create a user without creating the homedir, what I said (which is not backwards) is more likely.20:31
gordonjcpfixmypc956: anyway20:31
gordonjcpfixmypc956: how did you create the user "rodriguez"?20:32
pfifogordonjcp: i know, for sure, his user was created while NOT mounted and now it IS mounted20:32
gordonjcppfifo: okay, and how do you know that?20:32
jhutchinspfifo: You are correct, that is also possible.20:32
pfifogordonjcp: cause i gave him the line he added to his fstab20:32
jhutchinsgordonjcp: If you mount an empty partition over a partition with data, the mount point will appear empty.20:32
fixmypc956I dont remember creating the user rodriguez other that when I first installed ubuntu20:33
DEaglegotta tough question: how do I tell one monitor to switch ttys but the other one to stay where it is?20:34
pfifogordonjcp: jhutchins: ive told this guy like 4 times now, he might not want to mount his partition on /home but somewhere else, but for one reason or another he is ignoring this20:34
gordonjcppfifo: oh okay ;-)20:34
reisioDEagle: you know how to do both at once?20:34
DEagle3 at the same time, yep20:34
DEaglebut games don't like Xinerama20:35
bekksDEagle: There is no way to switch a single monitor to ttys.20:35
DEagleaccording to this, there is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX20:35
bekksDEagle: Thats an approach with having multiple X servers.20:36
DEaglebut I don't want a whole separate environment, just a different tty for one of them20:36
bekksDEagle: Using a single X server, there is no way.20:36
DEaglebekks: right, and I'm running 2 X's20:36
DEagleone in tty7, the other in 820:36
DEagletty7 runs my Nvidia and older ATI20:37
DEagletty8 does only one monitor from the GeForce20:37
DEaglebut the ATI monitor will still have the tty contents on screen when I switch20:37
DEaglebut nothing updates, so I might as well get it to update, since I don't feel like turning it off/on all the time20:38
Raymond313Can I ask a mint question here?20:38
bekksRaymond313: No.20:38
bekks!mint | Raymond31320:38
ubottuRaymond313: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org20:38
DEagleso is this too tough for y'all? :P20:39
esdeanyone have links explaining which directories i need to configure to backup to preserve repositories, packages, themes, fonts, etc?20:39
DEaglefonts should be in ~/.fonts20:40
reisioesde: mostly /usr/ and /var/20:40
DEagleoh well, thanks anyways folks20:40
reisioesde: you don't need to backup aspects of your system that are mirrored in thousands of places for Ubuntu, though20:40
reisiobackup a list of what packages you've installed, that should do it20:41
nameais it possible to change the repos on ubuntu lucid to saucy ones?20:42
SchrodingersScatnamea: sounds risky20:42
esdereisio, /var/, /home/ /usr/ /etc/, should backup everything i mentioned and my sources.list with the extra sources ive added?20:43
esdeand then install my list of packages from my backup list?20:44
reisioesde: you only need to backup config files you've changed, and a list of the packages you've chosen20:45
reisio(and your personal data)20:45
remanyone had issues with launching skype on 13.10-amd64? seems like i miss libGL.so.1, but it does exist (/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1.2.0)20:47
remI tried to install the package for 12.04 that is on the skype website (multiarch version)20:49
SchrodingersScatOnceMe: hello20:51
OnceMeI have gnome desktop20:51
OnceMeand ubuntu 13.0420:51
OnceMeupgraded from 12.020:51
SchrodingersScat!enter | OnceMe20:51
ubottuOnceMe: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:51
OnceMeand I can't show desktop20:51
OnceMeI can't show desktop, its so blurred and when I hit right click that menu won't go away on second click and so on.. so I can't use desktop... I tried dl tweak tools and disabling file manager, still the same20:52
OnceMewhat to do?20:52
=== h is now known as Guest32594
CrimsonIdolOnceMe, Sounds like your monitor is not set at the proper resolution.20:53
OnceMeso how am I chatting with you? and on cinnamon gui it worked.20:53
compdocdisabling file manager doesnt make sense. and hope you put the settings back after the dl tweak tools20:55
SparkyFlarywhich is better mate or cinnamon?20:56
bekks!best | SparkyFlary20:56
ubottuSparkyFlary: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.20:56
OnceMecan somoene help me20:56
ZiberWhat's the difference between SNAT and MASQUERADE in iptables?20:56
OnceMeor my problems are solveless20:56
OnceMeSNAT is nat20:56
OnceMe!nat | Ziber20:57
ZiberI want my ubuntu server (which is currently being used as a router for a VPN), rather than masquerade, to just forward the packets, with source addresses in tact.20:57
MrDyneIs there a terminal doohickey that means the lowest level of the hdd, like the rool level? or the Linux version of C:/20:58
SparkyFlarycan't get the bot to work20:58
OnceMemost likely I'mma with my finer20:58
OnceMe\can someone help me or nor? I need best help20:58
ZiberMrDyne: /20:58
Raymond313Ubuntu means Humanity.20:58
OnceMemy mfing broth20:59
OnceMeall these mfs don't know20:59
OnceMeint[] x = new int[12]20:59
MrDyneok restatement, how do I write an absolute file path?20:59
lapionOnceMe, whatr do you mean blurry ?20:59
OnceMelapion: I mean its not showing20:59
auronandaceMrDyne: /path/to/file20:59
ZiberMrDyne: /path/to/some/file21:00
Raymond313sudo apt-get update21:00
lapionOnceMe, have a screenshot ?21:00
Raymond313sudo apt-get upgrade21:00
Lubensowhere are you from?21:01
Raymond313I represent Detroit.21:04
wilornel_Hey guys, is it normal that Ubuntu does not detect my router wirelessly?21:04
Raymond313Push the WPS button Wilornel.21:04
SchrodingersScatwps is terrible though21:04
bekksRaymond313: Thats not supposed to work with Linux.21:04
MrDyneugh still can't get rc.local to work. I tested the command to start Team Speak  in a root terminal and that worked but rc.local isn't getting triggered. I made it excuitable.21:05
zykotick9SchrodingersScat: +1 WPS is exploited by reaver (it can't be disabled on many routers!)21:05
wilornel_Raymond313: It doesn't have one21:05
lapionMrDyne, ubuntu is not using rc.local anymore21:05
OnceMelapion: here http://i.imgur.com/pt7Pxqj.gif21:05
OnceMenow what?21:05
wilornel_Raymond313: Ubuntu does not detect ANY wireless router21:05
john_doe_jris secure copy 'scp' smart engough to not recopy files that alright exist?21:06
Raymond313It should.21:06
wilornel_So should I install some drivers?21:06
auronandacewilornel_: sounds like something wrong with your wifi drivers21:07
lapionOnceMe, is that screenshot or a photo ?21:07
wilornel_auronandace: I had windows 8 on that laptop before, it connected just fine.21:07
lapiononceme is that on crt or lcd ?21:07
wilornel_Oooooh sorry guys21:07
OnceMeits screnshot21:07
wilornel_I have to restart my laptop first!21:07
OnceMeI edited it, since its showing my xchat chat email etc etc21:07
MrDyneSo were do I put the command to start Team Speak server on computer but, without having to login.21:08
OnceMewhat to do man Im clueless I am asking help for 1 month I dont know what to do man I am sad21:08
MrDyne*computer boot21:08
OnceMeMrDyne: you are lucky21:09
OnceMeI have bigger problem, your problem is not even a problem21:09
lapionOnceMe, you are probably using high contrast theme21:09
OnceMehow to fix that21:09
lapiondoesn't  seem blurry.. that font is good readable21:10
OnceMelapion: what to do21:10
lapionOnceMe, use a different theme..21:10
OnceMehow and where21:10
gordonjcpOnceMe: what do you mean "blurry"?21:10
OnceMeits not blurry21:10
OnceMelook at that picture21:10
gordonjcpwhat picture?21:11
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columbWhy "/usr/bin/x -core :0 -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -nolisten tcp vt7 -nostwitch" could cause hight CPU load?21:11
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest6503
guntbertjohn_doe_jr: no it isn't, neither is copy21:12
OnceMeok I use some theme now lapion21:12
OnceMebut I dont have an icon on the left side for desktop21:12
muellisoftcolumb: maybe you don't have 3D capabilities and need to fall back to software rendering21:12
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
pfifocolumb: cause X is has the mass of 3 blackholes21:12
OnceMehow to see desktop now?21:12
columbSo what do I do?21:12
columbTo reduce it?21:12
lapionOnceMe, are u using ubuntu with unity ?21:12
john_doe_jrguntbert: alright is rsynch smart enough then?21:12
pfifocolumb: nothing, its expected21:13
lapionOnceMe, are u using ubuntu with unity ?21:13
lapionOnceMe, you do not get the row of icons on the left ?21:13
columbpfifo, it's shouldn't it that much. Sometimes it's over 50% of my CPU.21:13
OnceMeI do get21:13
OnceMeall icons on the left works fine, but just when I changed theme, I dont have desktop icon anymore21:14
OnceMebut icons work and are vieable21:14
guntbertjohn_doe_jr: yes, but you will have to look into   man rsync   to see details21:14
lapionOnceMe, Istill do not understand what the real problem ?21:14
pfifocolumb: what kind of hardware are we talking about here?21:14
OnceMelapion: nothing you didnt fix21:15
OnceMeI changed theme to radiance21:15
OnceMeand its still stupid desktop21:15
dandediliawhy radiance?21:15
john_doe_jrguntbert: what options do you recommend then for rsynch?21:15
FloodBot1OnceMe: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:15
bekksOnceMe: we can read lower caps too.21:15
lapionOnceMe, I still do not understand what the problem is21:15
OnceMebekks: you cant21:15
dandediliaradiance is shit ^^21:15
OnceMeyou are shit21:15
columbpfifo,  HD 7770, E8400 (2@3GHz).21:16
guntbertjohn_doe_jr: thats why I said "look into man" - I'd have to look it up myself :-)21:16
Raymond313Wouild Ubuntu run on my Pentium 4?21:16
lapionit would seem onceme had a drink too much21:16
pfifocolumb: why are you running this paticular command?21:16
MuelliRaymond313: yes.21:16
lapionRaymond313, how much ram ?21:16
john_doe_jrguntbert: alright…I almost tricked you there into doing some work didn't I?21:16
columbpfifo, it's from htop.21:16
kopseems I haven't had enough to drink21:17
guntbertjohn_doe_jr: almost :-)21:17
lapionRaymond313, try lubuntu21:17
anextry xubuntu21:17
pfifocolumb: is this a server or some sort of remote setup?21:17
columbNo, it's my desktop. I don't install video cards on servers, lol.21:18
lapionanex, xubuntu uses slightly more ram then lubuntu21:18
pfifobitcoin miners do21:18
anexya but i like it better21:18
dandediliaxubuntu is better than lubuntu :)21:18
columbElite miners uses specialized cpu's. :P21:18
lapionanex, cannot run is 256 mb ram21:18
pfifocolumb: ever graphical app you run adds to X's load, if your running lots of stuff its not unusual for X to have the biggest footprint21:19
kopanything is better than M$ but then again I haven't used anything M$ in 12 years , I wouldn't know21:19
Raymond313It could be a web server right?21:19
columbIsn't X means graphical server? It should load my GPU, not CPU, right?21:19
pfifocolumb: no, not at all21:20
wilornelHey guys, Ubuntu is not detecting any possible wireless connections21:20
wilornelI think im missing a driver for my wireless card, how can I find which is my wireless card?21:20
lapionwilornel, check rfkill21:20
auronandacewilornel: pastebin lspci21:21
lapionwilornel, "rfkill list"21:21
columbpfifo, system dovetails indicates my Graphics as "VESA:-100". It is okay?21:21
wilornelauronandace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6465730/21:21
columb*system details21:21
wilornellapion, rfkill list returns nothing :/21:21
XMLnewbiim on 12.04, I ran sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libv4l/ppa        but  sudo apt-get install gtk-v4l        trying to get video for linux installed21:22
pfifocolumb: thats ok, but its not using the gracphic cards capabilities21:22
XMLnewbigtk-v4l * not found21:22
columbpfifo, so how do I use them?21:23
lapionXMLnewbi, no need for v4l with 12.0321:23
lapionXMLnewbi, what kind of card do you have ?21:23
pfifocolumb: not sure what the current procedure is, I fried my back when bitcoin was cool21:23
XMLnewbiim on a beagle bone black21:23
lapionXMLnewbi, analog digital ?21:23
XMLnewbigetting an error, cheese wont open.      ill post the error one second21:24
columbI already tried to various drivers with no lack.21:24
lapionXMLnewbi, for a webcam ?21:24
XMLnewbiyes, Im trying to get zbar cam to read codes, for a big project need to get it ro work21:24
guntbert!pastebin | XMLnewbi21:25
ubottuXMLnewbi: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:25
=== Scrat is now known as Guest14357
reisioScreedo: hiiiii21:26
pfifocolumb: run jockey-gtk and see if it can install them for you21:26
dandediliais it possible to integrade a clock in the unity launcher? :D21:26
Raymond313Is Ubuntu free?21:27
reisioanything is possible21:27
reisioRaymond313: yes21:27
Raymond313How do developers get paid?21:27
pfifoRaymond313: under the table21:28
XMLnewbibitcoin tips21:28
Raymond313Can i pay a developer?21:28
blognewbRaymond313, for what21:29
auronandace!donate | Raymond31321:29
ubottuRaymond313: To donate to Ubuntu, you can !participate or go to http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved/donate21:29
pfifoRaymond313: the developers only accept bacon as payment21:29
guntbertback to support please21:29
columbpfifo,  jockey-gtk is derp. http://pastebin.com/5XDbnyBA21:30
pfifocolumb: try 'sudo apt-get update' and then 'sudo apt-get install -f'21:31
dandediliasudo apt-get install beer :)21:33
FlurglerHobbitHey all. How do I edit grub for just one boot?21:33
wilornelUbuntu does not have any audio output...21:34
hitsujiTMOFlurglerHobbit: hit e in the grub menu21:34
pfifoFlurglerHobbit: press 'e' while at the grub screen21:34
FlurglerHobbithey pfifo! Thanks hitsujiTMO & pfifo21:34
hitsujiTMOi suppose pressing the butting rather than hitting it might be better. you might break the key if you hit it21:35
sarvsavWhenever i start ubuntu, it starts with max brightness, is it possible to start it with min darkness.21:35
FlurglerHobbitpfifo: I am almost completely done setting up my server. Right now I am uncompressing some virtual machines in there...after that I will fix this headless issue....I'm so excited xD21:37
hitsujiTMOsarvsav: i always presumed it retained the last setting, but i supposed you could ass a script to lightdm to set the brightness21:37
sarvsavThanks hitsujiTMO , i will make the change in .bash_profile file.21:37
XMLnewbi*Inappropriate ioctl for device (25)      ive bought 3 differnt webcams to try, unable to get a video preview or scan QR codes http://pastebin.com/6XJXi5p921:38
XMLnewbior run cheese21:38
hitsujiTMOsarvsav: you normally find the brightness controls in /sys/class/backlight21:39
Xgateshi guys21:40
sarvsavwhat will happen if i change the max_brightness value to something like this : 10000000. Does my screen get explode?21:40
XgatesHaving some sort of fonts issue in Xchat; http://i.imgur.com/CmEKqhY.png never seen anything like this before, the screen shot is Lubuntu but this also happens in Ubuntu 13.10... Anyone know what's up with this?21:40
XMLnewbiIt veryy important i get this working. If some one sits with me and helps debug this till it works ill pay 100$ in bitcoin21:41
XgatesAnd Xchat also disconnects too21:41
Raymond313Show me the money!21:44
bekksRaymond313: Stop the offtopic.21:44
hitsujiTMOsarvsav: max_brightness is a readonly param. you can set brightness to anywhere between 0 and max_brightness21:44
Xgatesanyone have a clue to this font issue in Xchat? I don't see anything online about this either...21:44
Raymond313Bye guys!21:46
hitsujiTMOxgates thats not a font issue that loots more like a charset issue21:46
XgatesIt happens in both Lubuntu 13.10 and Ubuntu... any clue as to how to fix this?21:47
Xgateshmm odd21:47
hitsujiTMOxgates: whats your system charset set to? and whats the charset for that server set to?21:47
XgatesLOL I forget how to check this...21:51
Xgatesone sec unless you can tell me?21:51
hitsujiTMOxgates: go into the network list, and edit the freenode entry. that charset should be specifiec there21:52
hitsujiTMOxgates: if it just says "system default" try change it to utf-821:53
Xgateswell it's the same as the version I'm using on another box the IRC latin hybrid21:54
canrosgood day, am getting an error when i try to mount a dvd disk into the  drive21:54
Xgatesnothing working this is weird21:54
hitsujiTMOXgates: have you specified "use ssl for all the servers" ?21:54
canrosmount: wrong fs filesystem type or wrong option on /dev/sr021:55
canrosi try do it using21:55
canrosmount -t udf /dev/sr0 /media/dvd because is a dvd21:55
XgatesLOL sheesh ssl works21:56
columbpfifo, so I just tested every  driver provided by jockey-gtk (it's already part of Software & Updates). X.Org X server - LAG, gallium, visual glitches.  fglrx same results as with my current flgrx-updates. High CPU and VESA: -100.21:57
hitsujiTMOxgates: 8001 is listed as non ssl on the freenode list but it seems that server is using ssl for that port. might be a good idea to mention it in #freenode21:57
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smaudetGreetings, does anyone know how to delete an inode, without using a find command?22:17
smaudeti.e. if I know the inode, can i just rm #inodenumber# ?22:18
mydevilrootHello all :)22:18
ztanesmaudet: you cant...22:18
ztanesmaudet: directly...22:18
oscar_woww hola...alguien de argentina_ acabo de instalar el ubuntu22:18
ztanesmaudet: rm is not about removing inodes, it is about removing the directory entries22:18
guntbert!es | oscar_22:19
ubottuoscar_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:19
ztanesmaudet: the inode is collected when the link count goes to 022:19
rdzhi all. is there a way in shotwell (photo manager) to associate certain tags to images with key commands?22:21
molgrumhi all, i installed cinnamon from the official repos and it works good except when i click the menu everything freezes except the mouse pointer22:22
prawnsaladhello. on 12.04, ive noticed /var/log/syslog is entirely empty. shouldnt that be pretty populated?22:23
richwestcoasthey can anone setup a cronjob to hit one of my url's every 3 seconds, im willing to pay bitcoins per month22:23
hitsujiTMOprawnsalad: is it by anychance empty because you do not have permission to read it?22:24
pfiforichwestcoast: why not just buy a VPS and do it yourself?22:24
prawnsaladhitsujiTMO: its owned by root, has read access for its own user, and im logged in as root22:24
richwestcoasti figured i could help pay someone elses bill22:24
prawnsaladdu on the file also shows 022:24
guntbert!ot | richwestcoast22:25
ubotturichwestcoast: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:25
richwestcoastsoz guntbert22:25
richwestcoastpm me if u interest22:25
hitsujiTMOprawnsalad: in that case you've a problem as that should be heavily populated22:25
FoxhoundzWhat is the proper permissions for www-data22:26
prawnsaladhitsujiTMO: any idea how i can debug this?22:26
hitsujiTMOprawnsalad: what size is the file showing as? ls -l /var/log/syslog22:26
bekksFoxhoundz: Permissions on which folder?22:26
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Foxhoundzbekks: /var/www22:26
pfifoFoxhoundz: www-data is a user/group it dosent have permissions22:26
bekksFoxhoundz: 075522:26
prawnsaladhitsujiTMO: 0. -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Oct 14 07:35 syslog22:27
guntbertprawnsalad: show us the output of   ls -ls /var/log/syslog   and  lsb_release -a please22:27
Foxhoundzthis is currently the setting: -rw-r--r--  1 www-data www-data22:27
DreamPCsHey guys, I need a bit of help with installation. Someone I know accidentally used dd to write an iso to an internal hard drive instead of a usb drive.22:27
DreamPCsI'm trying to install Ubuntu 13.10 but I can't get past the partitioninght.22:27
hitsujiTMOprawnsalad: that file shoulf be 600 not 644 ... weird. try deleting it and see if it starts populating22:27
maujhsnCan anybody tell me who maintains "ubuntu-restricted-extras" now that medubuntu no longer is involved?22:28
pfifoDreamPCs: what do you need help with?22:28
DreamPCspfifo I'm sorry I'm trying to get the error message again22:28
DreamPCsJust a sec22:28
prawnsaladhitsujiTMO: nothing as yet..22:29
hitsujiTMOprawnsalad: it might need a reboot to start it writing again22:30
prawnsaladhitsujiTMO: is there a service i can simply restart instead? or does it actually need a whole system restart..22:30
prawnsaladhitsujiTMO: oh nvm, rsyslog service22:31
prawnsaladit now has entries :)22:31
prawnsaladthank you!22:31
DreamPCs"Can't have a partition outside the disk!"22:31
DreamPCsThat's the error I get after selecting the hard drive to install onto.22:31
hitsujiTMOprawnsalad: keep an eye incase it happens again. whatever caused it might still be messing up22:31
DreamPCsBefore the drive was unallocated space (reported by gparted) so I created a partition table (msdos) and formated it to ext422:32
DreamPCsNow whenever I try to install Ubuntu, I get that error. I have no idea how to proceed.22:32
prawnsaladhitsujiTMO: ok will do. i just have a crashed db box right now and had to check for errors. if it does happen again, where would i even start to find out whats going on?22:32
hitsujiTMODreamPCs: can you tell me the output of: sudo fdisk -l22:33
pfifoDreamPCs: go into gparted and create a new partition table, and leave it all unallocated this time, then when installing, manually partition.22:33
maujhsnubottu   Tell me who maintains "ubuntu-restricted-extras"!22:33
ubottumaujhsn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:33
DreamPCsDevice Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System22:33
DreamPCs/dev/sdh1            2048   143374335    71686144   83  Linux22:33
DreamPCsThere's other drives listed but this is the one I'm having the issue with.22:34
hitsujiTMODreamPCs: can you pastebin the full output please22:34
DreamPCsAnd pfifo I'm going to try that right now.22:34
DreamPCsOk I will hitsu22:34
guntbert!pastebin | DreamPCs22:34
ubottuDreamPCs: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:34
ubottunicktb: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».22:39
smaudetztane, got any suggestions then?22:41
DreamPCsDamn pfifo I think that letting the install do the formating solved the issue. It appears to be installing now.22:41
DreamPCsWhy would manually created the partition beforehand in gparted be a bad thing?22:42
DaemonicApathyBad formatting?22:43
DreamPCsDo you mean on the software or on me? All I did was create a ext4 partition with all default options22:43
DreamPCsNo special partitioning or resizing done.22:44
hitsujiTMODreamPCs: the installer isn't the best when it comes to figuring out free space when there's multiple drives involved. it was prob trying to create a partition rather than use the existing partition22:44
DaemonicApathyIn that case, it's probably just a user-unfriendly setting in the installation process.22:44
DaemonicApathyWhat hitsujiTMO said.22:44
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hitsujiTMODreamPCs: the partition you created is ok. there's nothing wrong with it. its the installer than can be finicky22:44
DreamPCslol that's crazy. Well either way I'm glad it worked.22:44
DreamPCsThanks for all your help, I was talking with Google for hours on this one.22:45
DaemonicApathy<3 ext422:45
pfifouhh, ext4 > 3 last time I checked, and you have your terms backwards, so syntax error too22:48
hitsujiTMOpfifo i think he meant 3 ext4 drives > DaemonicApathy22:48
ubuntu001e voi chi siete??22:49
hitsujiTMO!it | ubuntu00122:49
ubottuubuntu001: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:49
smaudetpfifo, pretty sure he was saying he liked ext4, not that ext3 was better22:52
smaudetztane, so if I can't remove inodes...then what do I do about bad ones?22:53
Muellismaudet: I would expect fsck to take care of any "bad" inodes.23:01
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molgrumcinnamon freezes when i open up the menu, this is a big annoyance because i really like how it looks23:05
molgruminstalled from official repos23:05
arielsanfloi am from colombia23:06
smaudetMuelli, hmm ok I'll try that.23:06
arielsanflomy english is so so23:06
smaudetMuelli, otherwise (specifically) its a problem with encryptfs, which seems to like to randomly corrupt, I guess I should read up on that as well.23:07
Muellismaudet: how do you know?23:07
smaudetMuelli, well the problems have to do with ecryptfs because the logs which inform me of the problem tell me this as well23:15
richard305anyone know a place in boston (MA) that's really good with ubuntu machines?23:16
smaudetMuelli, also, perhaps unrelated, but these same issues are causing the system to crash23:16
Muellismaudet: what do the logs say?23:16
smaudet'Valid eCryptfs headers not found in file header region or xattr region, inode 14958439'23:16
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NEoneWhat are simple cli commands to show: RAM free/used, disk free/used, that are by default installed in 12.04 server so I don't have to install landscape-sysinfo?23:20
ikoniafree and df23:20