pleia2aww, sabdfl sends his love to the flavors in his uds keynote01:13
* pleia2 is about 4 days behind01:14
Unit193Still ahead of me.01:14
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brainwashali1234: amazing job so far, great comments and helpful links. so it looks like there will be a solution pretty "soon"11:20
brainwashali1234: so which branches/code needs to be tested now (lightdm-gtk-greeter and xfwm4)? links please :)11:23
elfyknome: ty - I see the xubuntu.org got updated12:12
elfyI see you warned slicky I was looking for him too :p12:17
knomemhm, fair enough ;)12:23
elfyhe he he 12:25
jjfrv8knome, you were looking for me?13:24
ali1234brainwash: i'm just working on the greeter code to fix that up. for now you can test https://github.com/ali1234/xfwm4/tree/zoom213:57
ali1234this doesn't look as bad as it did last night13:58
ali1234greeter should be using XROOTPMAP_ID and ESETROOT_PMAP_ID, then it's resources can get cleared properly14:00
ali1234the xfwm4 code looks fine - it doesn't ever set the background, so really it only needs to look at XROOTPMAP_ID, which is same in both standards14:01
ali1234so the ugly code in lightdm-gtk-greeter was lifted straight from gnome... the fixes made in mate are exactly the same ones we need15:18
bluesabrethe greeter or xfwm?15:18
ali1234code looks familiar...15:22
bluesabrea bit! :)15:23
ali1234i wish people would document when they copy & paste code15:24
ali1234it would make fixing it so much easier15:24
bluesabreI think I'll start doing that in the future :D15:26
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ali1234heh... even this fixed code appears to have bugs15:46
ali1234eg it frees the old background before setting the new one, causing some ugly corruption15:46
ali1234hmm that's interesting... the greeter actually restarts each time you change user selection16:11
ali1234oh dear16:20
ali1234this "fixed" code actually doesn't work at all16:20
ali1234it doesn't ever create the atoms, so they never exist, so the code does nothing16:20
ali1234oh well, i fixed it16:21
ali1234heh, this bug was already fixed in mate :)16:43
brainwashali1234: you should consider becoming a member of the lightdm gtk greeter team16:43
ali1234i thought you added me :)16:44
brainwashunofficially :D16:45
ali1234i just realised something: xfwm does not memcpy the pixmap, it memcpys the pixmap's ID16:54
ali1234so that can go invalid later one16:54
ali1234hmm. greeter is still leaking memory18:19
ali1234but the good news is it no longer leaks X client connections18:19
ali1234cool... 2000 background changes, memory use did not increase :)18:32
arielsanfloi am from colombia20:11
arielsanflomy english is so so20:11
andrzejrhi, it seems that xubuntu 13.10 is still using xfce4-indicator-plugin 0.5, any reason you can't upgrade to 1.0?20:56
andrzejr1.0 has e.g. gui for black/white-listing indicators, people are asking me how to do it since 13.10 has been released.20:57
skellatandrzejr: Will it require bringing GTK3 in?20:58
NoskcajIIRC 1.0 was the last gtk2 release, and is what debian has21:00
NoskcajNo one got around to fixing the xubuntu patch, so we never got it21:01
TheMasterI thought the idea was to get it in backports, but Mica kept being busy at work.21:01
Noskcajsomething like that (i thought 2.1 was for backports though). 21:03
NoskcajWe need a way to get micah or lionel to stop having lives and do more xubuntu stuff. 21:03
andrzejrskellat, no, 1.x branch is reserved for gtk2 versions.21:05
andrzejrI know there is a long term plan of switching to 2.x (gtk3) but this is progressing slowly, and meanwhile gtk2 users are left behind.21:06
skellatRight now we don't have 1.0 in the Ubuntu archive21:06
skellatSo we need to get that in for Trusty and then it can be backported21:06
andrzejrAh, I though you tried 1.0 and found issues with it.21:07
skellatI just don't see any action on our end since May 2013 comparing the two changelogs.  We've got Ubuntu deltas to the Debian package.  http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/x/xfce4-indicator-plugin/xfce4-indicator-plugin_0.5.0-2ubuntu2/changelog21:09
andrzejrskellat, do you think that could be done anytime soon?21:26
ali1234right. lightdm-gtk-greeter is finally not leaking at all, anything, ever : https://code.launchpad.net/~a-j-buxton/lightdm-gtk-greeter/experimental22:28
ali1234the next question is how to make xfwm4 and xfdesktop cooperate with this22:28
ochosiali1234: you actually were already added to the lightdm-gtk-greeter team, so feel free to push to a branch there22:57
ali1234i don't really know how to be honest22:58
arielsanfloi am from colombia 22:58
arielsanflono speack english22:58
arielsanflohelp 22:58
Noskcajhey arielsanflo 22:58
arielsanflosoftware center22:58
arielsanflono funciona22:59
arielsanfloen ubuntu 14.0422:59
Noskcajarielsanflo, you want #ubuntu22:59
ochosiali1234: you can go to the branch bluesabre created on the lp-website and it should tell you an example bzr push line22:59
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:59
arielsanfloyes 22:59
ochosiali1234: sry, am on an ipad here, so cant really help more...22:59
arielsanflode haya me mandaron aca22:59
drcping GridCube 23:01
ali1234ochosi: so i just push to ~lightdm-gtk-greeter-team insetad ~a-j-buxton?23:04
drcarielsanflo: For technical support for xubuntu join #xubuntu, for 14.04 support, #ubuntu+1.  Both channels, however, are primarily in English23:08
arielsanflodrc thanks23:08
ali1234if you are trying to install commercial stuff, you probably won't find it in the software center in development releases (ie 14.04)23:09
arielsanfloand I have this error when you upgrade23:14
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GridCubedrc, pong23:27
drcGridCube: I think arielsanflo needs some direction (in Spanish) on where to get support (apparently his/her English is not good enough to understand what was told).  Care to help him/her ?23:30
GridCubeoh, right23:31
GridCubearielsanflo, hola como estás, que problema parece que tenes?23:32
arielsanfloal hacer sudo apt-get update23:40
GridCubearielsanflo, http://askubuntu.com/questions/120621/how-to-fix-duplicate-sources-list-entry23:43
knomeGridCube, this ain't a support channel though.23:47
GridCubeknome, he is in trusty tho23:48
GridCubebut you are right23:48
knomenonetheless... ultimately, i don't expect anything in trusty to be very trusty yet :P23:48
knomejjfrv8, hey... you happen to be around now? :)23:49
jjfrv8knome, yes, just got back. What's up?23:58
arielsanflomuachas gracias por la ayuda23:58
knomejjfrv8, wondered if you'd be up for looking over the doc blueprint23:59
jjfrv8you mean together?23:59
knomeyep :)23:59

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