zestyFTwhat's up, peeps?04:09
zestyFTso, what's a better choice 13.10 or 12.0404:10
zestyFTI'm re-doing this PC for my dad04:10
zestyFTit will be in the garage, and mostly used for web surfing and maybe some music and cd burning04:11
holsteinthey are different.. 12.04 is the lts, 13.10 is the latest04:12
holsteinzestyFT: try them both live04:12
zestyFTyea, I want to minimize the shock of linux on my dad04:12
holsteinzestyFT: neither will do that.. you will do that04:13
Poisoned_DragonIf your dad is a noob windows user, I wish you the best of luck. :)04:16
zestyFTno, he is pretty good, just leary04:16
David-AzestyFT: some old people don't like changes. LTS minimize that, for some time.04:17
holsteinthe LTS is supported longer.. so you can run it longer within the support contract04:18
zestyFTyea, how much longer is the current LTS good for?04:18
Poisoned_DragonNo, That's WinXP04:18
zestyFTyea, that is the main reason I'm starting this excersize04:21
ubottuXubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Xubuntu.  Download at http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu  Release notes at http://xubuntu.org/news/12-04-release/04:21
David-AzestyFT: according to wikipedia, 12.04 LTS until april 201504:21
zestyFTah, thanks david-a04:22
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bingohello. Is there Antivirus software for xubuntu?04:52
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus04:52
holsteinbingo: ^04:53
bingobut what about like java script and stuff?04:53
holsteinbingo: one thing that helps is the user permissions. not running as root or admin04:54
holsteinbingo: did you just start using xubuntu?04:54
bingoyes. How can i know if i am running as root or admin04:54
holsteinbingo: you are not.. if you are using stock xubuntu04:54
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo04:54
bingoyes i have to put in password when i sudo04:55
bingoanything cool i can install for xubuntu as far as how it looks?04:55
holsteinbingo: sure.. xubuntu is ubuntu with XFCE.. you can look into themeing xfce04:55
holsteinbingo: are you coming from windows?04:56
holsteinbingo: think of how long you used windows *just* like it came out of the box, without changing anything.. try and be patient and take your time04:56
bingoi alright04:56
holsteinbingo: consider playing around with the look and feel on the live CD, or create another user account to test.. or use the guest account04:56
bingowhere can i look into theming xfce04:57
holsteinbingo: i usually just seach specifically for what i want.. "xfce change panel layout".. "xfce icon theme dark". etc04:58
holsteinbingo: you can, from one of the arguably more safe areas i mentioned (live CD, guest account, test user) poke around in the menus and see what does what04:58
bingoyes i see it comes with many built in, mostly seems to change the windows color and icons05:00
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David-Abingo: first see what is in the default, settings>appearance>style, settings>windowmanager>style and advanced, then look for extra xfce themes in the software center, and if that is not enough, on the site xfce-look.org05:02
David-Abingo: you can also kind of style things with conky and screenlets, both in software center05:03
David-Abingo: oh i forgot, settings>windowmanagertweaks>compositor05:04
David-Abingo: they say you can install compiz with xfce, but i don't know how complicated that is. if you want rotating cube and those things.05:05
bingocant find settings>windowmanger>style or settings>windowmanagertweaks>compositor05:05
bingoi found appearance and styles05:05
bingooh i found them05:06
kingbeowolfI want to overclock my monitor refresh rate05:45
kingbeowolfwhats the best way to do this in xubuntu05:45
cerhi everybody! Do you know of a microblogging client that allows you to post at the same time on different social network websites? In particular, I need google+ and twitter.10:55
well_laid_lawncer:  the nsa has enough to read atm11:07
cerwell_laid_lawn: :D:D:D:D11:22
cerwell_laid_lawn: I wanted to make sure they did not get out of a job, I am working hard against unemployment rates11:23
cerwell_laid_lawn: you know I need to post my fair sahere of cats, pictures of the fmaily and so on ....11:23
cerwell_laid_lawn: in reality, it is because we have adopted google+ and twitter at work, but it si a disaster to have to repost everything twice, it is very time consuming11:24
TheSheephmm, evince doesn show the "file view etc." menu for me11:31
well_laid_lawnkeyboard shortcut doesn't bring it up ?11:33
TheSheepI tried ^M but no11:34
TheSheepwhat other shortcuts should i try?11:34
TheSheephmm, it seems it only disappears on some documents :/11:35
well_laid_lawnmight be time to try another pdf reader11:37
TheSheepI'd rather fix the xubuntu's default, thank you11:39
well_laid_lawnk :)11:39
TheSheephmm, seems like switching to fullscreen and back brings the menu back, strange11:54
knomeTheSheep, 13.10?11:55
TheSheepit only happens with some pdf files11:55
knomeTheSheep, yep, the evince version in 13.10 is *weird*...11:55
TheSheepI wish they stopped fiddling with the user interface and instead added support for more formats, like epub, for example11:56
* knome shrugs11:56
TheSheepbut no, gnome11:56
TheSheepanyways, thanks11:56
knomewell yeah, not much i can do here about evince...11:56
knomeif you can put up a bug report though with possibly a pedf attached that has the problem... maybe we can get somebody to look at it or sth11:57
TheSheepthey removed the 'report bug' from the menu...11:58
knomeubuntu-bug evince11:58
TheSheepI know, I know, I can use launhcpad11:58
TheSheepBugs are tracked in GNOME Bug Tracker.11:59
knomeultimately you can always report against the evince package in ubuntu12:00
TheSheepwill do, thanks12:00
Poisoned_DragonSince I use chrome, I usually pull evince off the system, altogether.12:10
TheSheepPoisoned_Dragon: what has one to do with the other?12:11
Poisoned_DragonGoogle Chrome has a built in pdf reader now.12:11
xubuntu354xubuntu and all linux world is beautiful12:12
xubuntu354i love it12:12
TheSheepPoisoned_Dragon: evince is not just a readef for pdfs, it supports many more formats12:13
Poisoned_DragonMeh... Never needed it for more than pdfs12:13
TheSheepgood for you :)12:14
Poisoned_DragonNot like I use Djvu12:14
Poisoned_DragonAlso, some of the format support relies on lib backends. I could probably use something other than evince.12:16
well_laid_lawnI use zathura12:17
enrico_Ciao a tutti, come faccio ad aumentare la luminosità massima del netbook? Su risparmio energetico non è settato niente che la abbassi, i pulsianti per regolare la luminosità funzionano ma quella massima è decisamente troppo bassa.12:50
ubottuenrico_,: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:51
enrico_Sorry, how do I increase the max brightness on my netbook? Energy saving settings are not the problem and brightness regulation with button works, but the max level is way too low12:52
Myrttihow old is your netbook?12:53
enrico_eeepc t101mt12:53
Myrttimy laptop leds just dimmed the older it got, so it's also a possibility that they're going.12:57
enrico_It seems to be a common issue12:58
enrico_I've found a guide in italian that says to do "sudo edit /etc/rc.local"  and add a string12:59
enrico_but it says I don't have permission even if I type the right password12:59
cfhowlettenrico_, you have to be using the the sudo account ...13:00
enrico_sudo su?13:00
enrico_I'm a newbie, sorry for the silly question13:01
bekksenrico_: sudo su isnt necessary, since there is sudo -i13:01
cfhowlettenrico_, no apologies13:01
enrico_sudo -i edit /etc/rc.local13:02
cfhowlettenrico_, gedit not edit13:03
enrico_I thought that was a typo, with gedit I get: -bash: gedit: command not found (in italian)13:04
cfhowlettenrico_, what is your editor?13:04
Myrttimousepad or leafpad or nano13:05
cfhowlettshould be nano13:05
enrico_where do I see that?13:05
cfhowlettdo the command.  instead of edit use nano13:06
enrico_it works!13:07
enrico_ok, I've added the string13:08
enrico_how do I do that13:09
enrico_or maybe that's an O13:09
enrico_definetly an O13:10
TheSheep^ means ctrl13:10
enrico_Ok, that should be it13:10
enrico_I'll reboot and see if it works13:10
enrico_thanks a lot13:10
cfhowlettbest of luck13:11
xubuntu589hi, I would like install xubuntu 13.10 on Dell C840 without USB,DVD...any clue?14:53
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amjjawadHi, need some help here for Xubuntu 12.04.316:45
holsteinamjjawad: ask, and we'll see if a volunteer has any direction for you16:45
amjjawadholstein: hi :)16:45
amjjawadI am giving an online support to someone who has Xubuntu 12.04 - chatting with him now - and chatting here16:46
amjjawadhis Xubuntu 12.04.3 is fresh new installed16:46
amjjawadwhen he turn on his machine, he is stuck on the splash screen!!16:46
jgmdevwhich video card he has?16:47
amjjawadahh, I need to ask ... I am the one who installed Xubuntu for him and when the machine was with me, it was perfect16:47
amjjawadI guess it was Radeon16:47
holstein!ati | amjjawad16:47
ubottuamjjawad: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto16:47
jgmdevdid you installed catalyst?16:48
holstein!nomodeset | amjjawad16:48
ubottuamjjawad: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:48
holstein^ thats how i try and get to a live desktop before installing16:48
amjjawadagain, when the machine was with me at home, it worked perfectly16:48
jgmdevdid you installed catalyst from amd site?16:48
jgmdevusually kernel upgrades mess up16:49
amjjawadbecause the machine worked :)16:49
amjjawadI hadn't do anything further16:49
holsteinamjjawad: you installed for a friend? and the machine stopped working? could be the hardware in any capacity is failing.. or, an update (a kernel update for example) has broken something.. you could ask the user to boot an ealier kernel16:49
holstein^^ as jgmdev is suggesting as well16:49
amjjawadI am sorry, I just checked and it is: Thinkpad T400 (I'm dying to have one of those Thinkpads - these are rock solid) with Centrino 2  @2.53GHz with 3GB RAM - Intel Graphics - Wireless driver = iwlwifi - the father (my neighbour) is going to use this one16:51
amjjawadjust copied it from the email I sent to Xubuntu mailing list16:51
holsteinamjjawad: *all* hardwar can fail16:52
amjjawadI am on the tty116:52
holsteinamjjawad: could be the hard drive or memory failing. have the user boot a live CD16:52
amjjawadand it gives us: E:unmet dependancies, try using -f after trying to run "sudo apt-get upgrade"16:52
holsteinamjjawad: are you in front of the machine? if so, boot a live CD and take the current installed OS out of the equation16:52
holsteinamjjawad: could be you, or the 'friend' added unsupported sources16:53
amjjawadof course now, I am at my home and he is at his home :D I am helping him via Facebook16:53
amjjawadHe has no experience with Linux, I doubt he did something :/16:53
jgmdevtell him to boot in rescue mode16:54
jgmdevthen drop to root shell16:54
jgmdevand remount the main partition in write mode16:55
holsteinamjjawad: something has caused unmet dependancies.. that could be breaking something, or be a symptom of a larger issue16:55
amjjawad"Nope, downloaded some stuff from torrents yesterday, checked quality then shut down" <<< what he sid16:55
amjjawad"Downloaded dropbox, didnt ibstall, tried itunes and failed" << from him16:56
holsteinamjjawad: fact: you see an error about packages.. the user has the sudo password. the user is new16:57
amjjawadbut remember, he doesn't even know how to use the Terminal :)16:58
holsteinamjjawad: you are assuming one would need access to a terminal to break an install... if he has the sudo password, that is enough16:58
holsteinamjjawad: if it were me (as i do, professionally for any machine i work on) i would test the hardware if only briefly.. i would load a live CD to test with the current hard drive and OS configuration out of the equation. i would then test with a different user, and/or address the broken package issue16:59
amjjawadfunny enough that I installed Lubuntu 13.10 to a woman (my neighbour too) and for a month now, she has never ever asked me a Q17:01
holsteinamjjawad: i usually lock them down.. if im going to frequent the users machine personally, i make them a non-sudo user, and i have a sudo account that they dont have a password for.. or, i just make an image before handing it over17:02
holsteinplanning for failure is a good option, no matter what level the user is at..17:02
amjjawadwhat if they want to install something?17:02
holsteinamjjawad: they ask me, and i do it properly, instead of "hey, i tried to download dropbox and a few torrents and the machine wont boot"17:03
jgmdevwow, not giving them permission to install application is too much xD17:04
elfynot from where I sit it isn't :)17:04
holsteinif they want it, and ask, i'll give it.. but, its a way of promising them uptime.. i cant guarantee they wont break the system otherwise.. not in the beginning.. it requires education and time17:05
amjjawadblack screen17:09
amjjawadI asked him to bring it to me better17:09
amjjawadI have a headache and can't really do much now so better to see the machine and play with it17:09
jgmdevyah just boot in rescude mode, drop to root shell and do whatever is needed17:10
xubuntu964hi, there17:20
amjjawadthank you guys, might need some help later17:23
amjjawadmust go and have some rest, can't take the headache anymore ... cya and thanks :)17:23
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pmt_problems with update of 13.10. My laptop without working screen all of a sudden did not use the external screen! Could not logon after restart. Anyone have a fix for this?18:22
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naquadi have an issue with Thunar & automounting: it doesn't work. udisksd is running, gvfs-udisks2-volume-monitor is running too, dmesg says device was added and manual mounting works, but Thunar doesn't automount :( how do i troubleshoot?20:45
teebrzAnyone know how I can get emacs24 to respect my icon choices? Changing sets changes the icons for firefox etc, but emacs keeps it's crummy old one - the pack has an icon for emacs22:48
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