hatchhey huwshimi 22:11
hatchall done vacations?22:11
huwshimihatch: Hey. Yep, back as of this morning22:11
hatchawesome, have a good time off?22:12
hatchI can't believe it22:12
hatchs been two weeks already22:12
huwshimihatch: Heh, yeah, me too!22:14
huwshimihatch: I did, busy, but all things I wanted to do :)22:15
hatchhah good good22:18
huwshimihatch: My Air arrived on Friday evening, using it now22:20
hatchdid you install Ubuntu on metal?22:39
huwshimihatch: Yep, took about 20 mins to get the whole things set up. It dual boots, but I don't really ever boot into Mac22:47
hatchI just upgraded to mavericks and it's a mess so I'm cleaning up HD space so that I can dual boot on my mini23:04
hatchhuwshimi was it simply just installing it or were there some 'gotchas' ?23:09
huwshimihatch: I just installed and everything worked except the webcam. Haven't tried to get that working yet.23:10
hatchoh very cool23:11
huwshimihatch: Hey, thanks so much for fixing up the dropdown stuff, am just taking a look now.23:20

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