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cjohnstonWhen trying to setup juju to work locally I get: WARNING unknown config field "$JUJU_HOME"   $JUJU_HOME is commented out in ~/.juju/environments.yaml  - any ideas?17:48
hatchcjohnston have you tried removing that line entirely?18:09
cjohnstonno, assumed it would understand the comment18:10
hatchwell typically it does as long as it's a valid comment in yaml18:10
hatchI can't really tell without seeing the file18:10
cjohnstonhatch: removed it, still happening18:11
cjohnstonone sec, let me clean it18:11
hatchcjohnston make a backup of your current environments.yaml and then `juju generate-config --show`18:12
hatchas per those docs18:13
cjohnstonhatch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6469924/  the relevant parts18:13
hatchhmm yeah that all looks good to me, I am guessing that there is something else in the file18:14
hatchI'd try to generate a raw config file to see if that works18:14
cjohnstonhatch: ^18:17
hatchhmm I am totally out of ideas18:18
hatchcjohnston I suppose the only other thing I can offer would be to bootstrap with -v18:18
hatchit -may- give you more information18:19
cjohnstonhatch: hrm.. I guess it somehow already had a bad bootstrap.. destroy-env and I am kinda back up and running18:24
cjohnstonnow a complaint about CA cert18:24
hatchahh darn, well at least it's closer :)18:24
cjohnstonthanks hatch18:25
hatchcjohnston np - curious, was it the -v which told you you had a problem or did you just try to destroy first?18:53
hatchahh great :)18:53
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