GeekDrewi'm running a kubuntu 13.10 (clean install just last night); new to KDE, so apologies if my questions are stupid. i'm trying to map shortcut [Meta]+[L] to lock the session... but i can't figure out how. i've found plenty of places online that say it should be at settings->shortcuts->global->The KDE Session Manager->Lock... but "The KDE Session Manager" doesn't show up in global shortcuts for me.00:57
GeekDrewwhat am i missing? :(00:58
soeeGeekDrew, i think you should create shortcuts in System Settings -> Shortcuts & Gestures01:33
GeekDrewyes, after i go to Shortcuts & Gestures, then i go to "Global Keyboard Shortcuts", but "KDE Session Manager" isn't listed as a KDE component.01:34
soeeGeekDrew, than maybe define one in Custom01:37
GeekDrewsoee: not sure how to. :-\01:40
soeeGeekDrew, you mean lock screen ?01:43
soeewell you have to map commad to some keys i think01:45
soeetake a look: http://askubuntu.com/questions/61339/what-is-the-screen-locking-mechanism-under-kde01:45
soeethis command: http://askubuntu.com/questions/61339/what-is-the-screen-locking-mechanism-under-kde01:46
soeethis command: qdbus org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver /ScreenSaver Lock01:46
soeewill lock your screen01:46
soeeso you have to map it to some combination01:46
soeeim not sure if you have to logout/login again to make new shortcuts work01:47
GeekDrewthat command doesn't work for me.01:47
soeeit works for me :)01:47
soeewhat version are you using ?01:47
GeekDrewkubuntu 13.10; just installed it last night.01:48
soeeso do i :)01:49
soeedid you tried to run this command from terminal ?01:49
GeekDrewyes, i tried there too.01:49
soeestrange, iv tested again01:50
soeemy screen is locked :)01:50
GeekDrewi wonder if one of us has installed something that the other hasn't. heh.01:50
soeei think this is integrated in system so we bith should have this01:51
GeekDrewdrew@drew-x230:~$ qdbus org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver /ScreenSaver Lock01:53
GeekDrewqdbus: could not find a Qt installation of ''01:53
GeekDrewi just booted a different computer from a Kubuntu 13.10 live cd, and it has the same problem01:54
valorieGeekDrew: please file a bug02:40
ubottuIf you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.02:40
GeekDrewvalorie: is this relevant? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtchooser/+bug/125117802:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 1251178 in qtchooser (Ubuntu) "qdbus and qdbusviewer crash with "No such file or directory"" [Undecided,New]02:42
GeekDrewor perhaps https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qttools-opensource-src/+bug/121590502:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 1215905 in qttools-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "qttools5-dev-tools missing '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qdbus'?" [Undecided,Invalid]02:45
valorieGeekDrew: how about just doing02:46
valoriejust ubuntu-bug qdbus I think, in a konsole02:48
valoriebecause it sounds like perhaps a packaging error02:48
valorieyou might note the above two bugs in your report, because they both seems to impinge on your issure02:49
FloodBotK1valorie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:49
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valoriethanks, FloodBotK102:50
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ethangI cannot get my wifi adapter to work on my laptop in current dist - anyone have suggestions?05:59
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taylor_I just installed the Nvidia drivers and my resolution changed to 640x480 and i can not change it  anyone have any ideas06:21
lordievaderGood morning.07:26
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kkkkkkkhi all , why kubuntu 4.11.3 is not available for 12.04.308:16
kkkkkkksorry, kde 4.11.3 is not available for 12.04.308:16
kkkkkkkwhy? it was released on 6 Nov. and it is still not available in repos, even in backport repos08:17
kkkkkkkanybody, here, who could answer :D08:18
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silviucan anyone help me with something?09:35
silviuI want to install this http://www.libimobiledevice.org/ in kubuntu09:37
silviucan anyone help me?09:37
lordievader!info libimobiledevice09:41
ubottuPackage libimobiledevice does not exist in saucy09:41
lordievader!info libimobiledevice409:42
ubottulibimobiledevice4 (source: libimobiledevice): Library for communicating with the iPhone and iPod Touch. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.5-0ubuntu2 (saucy), package size 55 kB, installed size 158 kB09:42
lordievadersilviu: sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice409:42
silviuthanks, but here is what I get :  E: Unable to locate package libimobiledevice09:43
lordievadersilviu: In Saucy it is libimobiledevice4, the 4 is important.09:45
silviuok, got it, thank you09:45
lordievadersilviu: :)09:46
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nick87720zhello. I faced i problem with akonadi and kmail, happening on attempt to view incoming mail subdir: http://pastebin.kde.org/pi89jnokn.ru11:29
nick87720zCan anyone else confirm it?11:29
nick87720zIt appeared after several days without internet (it was needed on another machine, where i'm tuning gentoo installation).11:30
nick87720zbtw, now it crashes even on attempt to do manual mail fetching by default Ctrl+L11:31
nick87720zor it is already fixed... just getting upgrades with kde 4.11.311:32
nick87720z(was 4.11.2)11:32
nick87720zgoing to reboot11:33
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nick87720zSadly after upgrade problem still there12:08
nick87720zheyey! any life there? :)12:40
nick87720zNot sure, how much people got, about what i say, so describing problem closer: in kmail on attempt to update mails or simply view incoming mails folder, akonadi crashes, and this affects kmail.12:42
soeesorry im not using kmail :)12:43
nick87720zOne time after first appearance i could view it one time and even read nearly two mails, but then finally akonadi crashed.12:43
nick87720zYeah, and have to abandon it as well :) but how to do it without kmail itself :/12:44
nick87720zjust move mails to default ~/Mail (or what ever is default for all clients)12:45
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BluesKaj'Morning folks14:12
frank67Hi, everybody14:12
frank67I've a trouble with Kwin (I suppose)14:13
frank67It can't enable OpenGL composition on my PC while in Debian 7.2 all works fine14:13
frank67I'm on Kubuntu 13.10 and glxinfo return the correct radeon driver working14:14
frank67is it a know issue?14:15
BluesKajfrank67. kwin is the compositor in kubuntu , but install mesa-utils for OpenGL options14:22
frank67I did it14:23
frank67glxinfo |grep render report:direct rendering: Yes14:24
frank67OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R200 (RV280 5960)  TCL DRI214:24
frank67That's seems all right14:25
rwc2does anyone have any estimates on when mozilla firefox/thunderbird may have bugs worked out with saucy?  i know saucy is somewhat of a new release still.  has there been a pattern with earlier releases14:27
lordievaderrwc2: What bugs are we talking here?14:27
lordievaderrwc2: Also see if your bug is reported here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/14:28
rwc2lordievader, the one's i might have mentioned in earlier days.  GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed.  i'd like to be able to plan a bit longer term.  an attempt at running the 13.04 versions on another partition was unsucessful14:30
rwc2maybe this is for #mozilla14:30
BluesKajfrank67. for your installed driver look at the "version string" from,  glxinfo | grep OpenGL14:30
lordievaderrwc2: Perhaps, have to mention that I have not seen that bug on Saucy.14:31
lordievaderrwc2: Hmm here the status is "resolved fixed" https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67267114:32
ubottuMozilla bug 672671 in Disability Access APIs "GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]14:32
frank67glxinfo | grep OpenGL14:32
frank67OpenGL vendor string: Tungsten Graphics, Inc.14:32
frank67OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R200 (RV280 5960)  TCL DRI214:32
frank67OpenGL version string: 1.3 Mesa 9.2.114:32
frank67OpenGL extensions:14:32
FloodBotK1frank67: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:32
frank67sorry :(14:33
frank67BTW, any idea? TIA14:34
BluesKajfrank67. you don't have an ati/amd driver installed , your is the open source default driver14:34
lordievaderrwc2: What version of libglib2.0-0 do you have installed?14:35
BluesKajfrank67. check kmenu>apps>system>additional drivers to see if there are any available14:36
frank67I'm checking..14:36
rwc2lordievader, 2.38.1-0ubuntu114:38
frank67BluesKaj: It return: Nothing available14:38
lordievaderrwc2: Right ok, that is what I run here. Hmm odd.14:40
rwc2lordievader, maybe ill keep trying to get 13.04 versions going in 13.1014:41
lordievaderrwc2: You are running version 25.0+build3-0ubuntu0.13.10.1 0 of Firefox I guess?14:43
rwc2no, 25.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.13.10.114:43
rwc2why isn't update/upgrade catching that14:44
rwc2oh wait, mine is more current14:44
BluesKajfrank67. you may have to install the ati/amd proprietary driver from the amd website .. not real knowledgeable about ati/amd graphics anymore.14:46
lordievaderrwc2: Whoo, something that is newer in the Saucy repo than the Trusty repo.. ;)14:47
lordievader!info firefox14:47
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 25.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.13.10.1 (saucy), package size 27915 kB, installed size 57523 kB14:47
lordievaderrwc2: I see now on my Saucy install that if I run Firefox from the Konsole it gets that error too, but furthermore it starts normally.14:49
frank67BluesKaj: It's sound strange to me because previous Kubuntu version 13.04 works and as I told Debian 7.2 works too. Maybe is it a kernel radeon driver issue?14:50
BluesKajfrank67. if that's the case then a dist-upgrade might be in order14:52
rwc2lordievader, mine doesn't start, maybe there's a command to yield hidden errors for me14:56
rwc2lordievader, or can i downgrade to the older version easily14:56
lordievaderrwc2: You could go to version 24.14:58
lordievaderVersion 24 is in the Saucy repo. I don't have high hopes that it will fix your problem though.14:58
mueluxHello, did anyone experienced a 'blackscreen' after the most recent update?; The grafics-screen (of kde) doesn't appear anymore15:00
mueluxI'm using KDE under Kubuntu 12.04.3 LTS on an Lenovo T61; it runs quite fine beside the errors os suspend / resume15:02
rwc2lordievader, with v23 i get the same or similar error, but also get a firefox crashed in x15:37
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CrisisXeverytime i try to install the nvidia drivers my screen resolution changes to 640 x 480 after i restart. Anyone have any ideas ??16:18
CrisisXeverytime i try to install the nvidia drivers my screen resolution changes to 640 x 480 after i restart. Anyone have any ideas ??16:23
BluesKajCrisisX, does the driver actually install ?16:24
CrisisXI do reboot and then the resolution changes16:26
CrisisXi have  computer that has optomus and i am wanting to turn it off to save battery16:26
anders__I'm having trouble with the closed source nvidia driver (I'm on a lap top with geforce GTX 765M)16:52
anders__blank screen after boot is the issue16:52
anders__I've googled my ass off today, but can't seem to fix it16:52
anders__tried editing /etc/X11/xconf and setting usedisplaydevice to something else (don't remember excactly what right now), and I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, with no luck16:53
anders__anyone who has had the same issue?16:53
chaosskynethi all i have an little question is any german here with mobile radeon card?16:55
BluesKajanders__. do you mean the proprietary driver from nvidia's website ?16:55
anders__Yes, I think so BluesKaj16:56
anders__its the one ubuntu suggests installing right after I've installed the OS16:56
BluesKajanders__. ubuntu wouldn't suggest installing from the website , ubuntu offers it's own version of the proprietary drivers in kmenu>apps>system>additional drivers16:58
anders__oh ok16:58
anders__that's the one I've been trying then16:58
anders__better to use the one from nvidias homepage?16:58
BluesKajnot really , jusmake sure you haven't chosen an experimntal driver in the additional drivers list , anders__16:59
anders__I just went along with what ubuntu suggested, says it has been tested by ubuntu developers, but it doesn't work here17:00
anders__ver 3.1917:00
BluesKajanders__. are you on Kubuntu or Ubuntu?17:01
BluesKajif you are on 13.10 the then the 319 driver should work17:02
soeeBluesKaj, 331 works fine also :)17:03
BluesKajsoee. yeah , but i think we're dealing with Ubuntu here , not Kubuntu , so he should be asking in #ubuntu17:06
chaosskynetwich driver will work with amd radeon card? without the mouse cursor bug?17:06
soeeBluesKaj, ak ok17:06
anders___I did, but to no avail, noone answered17:06
BluesKajanders___. I'll repeat , are you running Kubuntu or Ubuntu ?17:07
anders___ubuntu (as I said above :))17:07
BluesKajthen anders___  you should be asking in #ubuntu , don't expect an answer immediately tho17:09
BluesKajchaosskynet. do you have the , xserver-xorg-video-radeon , driver installed?17:12
chaosskynetwait a sec i do look17:12
chaosskyneti think its the standard driver i have kubuntu fresh installed17:14
chaosskynetneed an restart of the system brb17:18
BluesKajchaosskynet. you can confirm by typing radeon in the muon package manager serch and scrolling down to see if the driver is installed17:19
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BluesKajhere I go having to repeat myself again17:19
chaosskynetso im back17:21
BluesKajchaosskynet. you can confirm by typing radeon in the muon package manager serch and scrolling down to see if the driver is installed17:22
chaosskynetxserver-xorg-video-radeon-dbg is that this one?17:24
BluesKajno , it's , xserver-xorg-video-radeon17:24
BluesKajfurther down I think17:25
chaosskynetxserver-xorg-video-ati was an other17:26
chaosskynetthis one is installed17:26
chaosskynetand libdrm-radeon117:27
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BluesKajchaosskynet. so do you have any graphics issues , or are you just looking for confirmation that the right driver is installed ?17:35
chaosskynetno i have no issues here, in ubuntu i have the beta driver fron amd installed 13.11 after an restart of my system goes my screen be crazy with a lot of flickering lines when i moved the mouse17:37
chaosskyneti will play 3d games and i dont know that i can with the normal driver17:37
BluesKajchaosskynet. well beta drivers are experimental after all , one has to expect taht17:38
chaosskyneti know but after all amd does not patch this bug :( its since 13.417:40
chaosskynetunder window's i have no problems with no one of the drivers still on ubuntu (i am scared to test it on kubuntu^^)17:41
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ManDayCan Telepathy be used to initialize and receive Video-Chat via Google Hangout?17:45
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a635247azt szerentém kérdezni, hogy SMPlayer-ben hogyan tudom visszaállítani a vezérlő elemeket? Mint pl:görgetősáv, hangerőszabályzó?17:57
lordievader!hu | a63524718:00
ubottua635247: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál18:00
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nasserHello there, is it possible to run a script when starting an activity?20:00
BluesKajnasser. https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?57323-Apps-autorun-for-activities ...this might answer your question20:11
nasserBluesKaj: Thanks :)20:11
nasserBluesKaj: I did see this thread tho, and I don't want to create a shotcut to the script, I just want it to autorun everything the activity is started20:13
BluesKajnasser. well, sorry I'm not much on using activities. What i do is considered bad practice in some circles , but I just use different virtual desktops for different apps20:15
nasserBluesKaj: Thanks anyways :)20:15
BluesKajbeing a home user , I don't need to run many apps simultaneously20:16
nasserBluesKaj: I really like the idea of activities. but many non-kde apps don't play nice with them.20:17
BluesKajnasser. I guess I don't understand their purpose :)20:17
nasserBluesKaj: yeah they are a bit controversial.20:18
nasserokay another question, can you clear the notifications via keyboard?20:23
BluesKajnasser. , no idea , can't seem to find any info on that20:43
nasserBluesKaj: This is one of the little annoyances that I have with kde.20:44
BluesKajone mouse click works20:44
BluesKajI have no problem with using the mouse20:45
kristalroot@kris-AMD-FX:/media/root/sp500# rm -rf .Trash-0/20:59
kristalrm: cannot remove ‘.Trash-0/files/lmms/projects/__MACOSX/Classic Skin/._Cheeze Machine.dll’: Permission denied20:59
kristalWait... WHAT, I'm root!20:59
BluesKajkristal. sudo rm -rf21:00
kristalI have to sudo as root...?21:01
kristalnope that doesn't work21:01
BluesKajnope , but being root isn't good practice21:01
kristalsometimes typing sudo 30 times in is a pain21:02
BluesKajkristal. setup some aliases in ~/.bashrc21:03
kristalya i have a few already, gotta set a lot more21:04
nasserBluesKaj: I hate the mouse XD and my laptop trackpad isn't that great.21:05
* BluesKaj shrugs , well , a wireless mouse and trackpad disable can be used, nasser :)21:07
soeeis it possible to configure quassel to not show when someone joins/leavs chat ?21:40
soeeok found it21:42
soeesomeone who is using kde-telepathy ?22:05
kubuntuhej all22:10
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cerealklrHI there. Is anyone familiar with how to give an executable binary an icon that'll show up in the taskbar? I'm not trying to make a shortcut .Desktop file or anything, and I've already added an application entry with the icon. The binary itself when running does not show an icon in the taskbar which I'm trying to fix.22:16
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KoodooHow is kubuntu with steam22:33
KoodooHow stable is steam while on kubuntu22:34
soeei have no problems with it22:34
Koodooidk mint and steam is shit22:34
soeehere you can see screenshot of it sunning on my lap22:35
cerealklrsteam's been fine for me22:35
cerealklrbut I've only used it a bit22:35
frogonwheelsI use steam on linux without issues22:35
Koodooare you on kubuntu22:36
soeeisnt it obvious :)22:36
wafflejockKoodoo: just installed Kubuntu 13.10... grabbing steam atm will let you know22:37
KoodooWafflejock: thanks22:38
wafflejockbtw very happy with 13.10... they fixed the three monitor issue with my setup so I don't get errors now... the displays configuration is a bit smarter and much cleaner22:38
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wafflejockstill can't run three monitors with my Intel HD 4000 graphics but at least it doesn't bomb out22:38
wafflejockit just disables 1 of the three which is fine22:39
Koodoowafflejock: Im just llooking to run steam with stability on a sexy kde.22:39
soeei play only LFD4 but tested SS3 or all HalfLife2 episodes22:40
soeeno problems with them :)22:40
soeeah laso Amnesia22:40
Koodooyea all i play is gmod22:40
wafflejockKoodoo: ah don't play gmod here... KSP mostly lately... was into SC2 for a bit but have pretty much abandoned the windows machine22:41
Koodoowafflejock: Ha tell me how steam works for you.22:41
Koodoowafflejock: on kubuntu ofc22:41
wafflejockKoodoo: yeah 216MB post install download to update22:41
wafflejockI'm on x64 too btw, it looked like it grabbed a lot of :i386 packages during install, but so far no hiccups almost done with the update... 1 minute or so22:43
Koodoowafflejock: Alrigth.22:44
jarkkoit works well on mint 15 and kubuntu 13.04 & 13.1022:44
Koodoojarkko: what does?22:44
Koodoojarkko: Steam sucks on mint22:44
jarkkoit did not in my use22:45
jarkkofeels the same than kubuntu22:45
Koodooive been using mint for 2 year.22:45
wafflejockugh had to reset my password.... couldn't remember it apparently22:47
wafflejockKoodoo: yeah steam itself seems all good22:48
wafflejockKoodoo: downloading KSP now22:48
Koodoowafflejock:tell me how stable games are ;P22:49
wafflejock13.10 is really feeling slick too... was already happy with KDE on 12.04 and up but it's starting too feel less fragile which is nice22:49
jarkkoi have weird bug on 13.1022:51
jarkkoi quess it\s not mean to be like that22:51
wafflejockawesome and KSP is now loading... that was painless22:51
Koodoowafflejock: what is ksp22:51
wafflejockKerbel Space Program22:51
wafflejockit's a space flight simulator where you build ships22:52
wafflejockfree demo22:52
wafflejockI bought it though, like the game it's still in dev though22:52
Koodoowafflejock: hm22:52
Koodoowafflejock: fun?22:52
wafflejockKoodoo: if you're into space stuff22:52
wafflejockand like failure :)22:52
jarkkoif you look the video of that game it looks fun22:52
KoodooI like aviatoin22:53
wafflejockKoodoo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbIiC83YjNU22:53
wafflejockKoodoo: yeah I was always into the old flight sims too... you'll probably like it22:53
jarkkothere is a little "screen" on right corner, fi you click it once it puts all programs in taskbar, if you click it again it restores x-session22:53
jarkkois that feature or bug?22:53
wafflejockit's still a bit rough around the edges but there's tons of depth to the game too22:53
Koodoodo i need a mouse for this game?22:54
wafflejockKoodoo: definitely22:54
wafflejockKoodoo: it's like spore for building stuff kind of... a bit less forgiving though22:54
jarkkowhy youtube videos are in small screen when maximised22:54
Koodoowould this game be interesting for like 55 yr old people22:54
Koodoothat are interested in aviation22:54
wafflejockKoodoo: it depends on how well you deal with failure I think... it takes persistence22:55
wafflejockKoodoo: there's some pre-built ships but I think the most fun is in building your own stuff and trying to make it fly22:55
Koodoooh thats cool22:55
Koodooim thinking of showing it to my dad22:55
wafflejockKoodoo: yeah that vid I sent isn't the best just the first thing I found on YouTube, this dude Scott Manley does a bunch of videos and talks through what all the stuff is which is pretty cool if you're into the whole space thing :)22:56
jarkkohow to switch between desktops?22:57
wafflejockjarkko: that thing you click is just a show desktop widget22:57
jarkkoput if i click it twize in row it gives me login22:58
wafflejockjarkko: you can scroll on the desktop or use a desktop switcher... I usually change my key bindings so I can just use ctrl+alt+up or down22:58
wafflejockjarkko: oh don't know about that login part22:58
jarkkowell it works now22:58
jarkkobut it does that sometimes22:58
jarkkoand another weird thing22:58
jarkkowhen i have console on bar22:58
jarkkoand i click22:58
FloodBotK1jarkko: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:59
jarkkoit sometimes have the same effect22:59
santhust_Hi. I like the look and feel of kubuntu. But whenever tried it, I encounter applications keep CRASHING in it! I have used it after installing KDE in ubuntu. Is kubuntu buggy?23:03
wafflejocksanthust_: no not in general23:03
wafflejocksanthust_: have you tried checking your logs?23:04
wafflejocksanthust_: I've run into a couple of bugs here or there but nothing where it's just randomly crashing parts of my system23:04
soeesanthust_, what apps ?23:04
apacheloggerwhat crashes?23:05
santhust_wafflejock: no, not checked logs.23:05
wafflejocksanthust_: mostly the bugs have been like... can't map keypad to key bindings without using xbindkeys, also recently ran into an issue with KMail due to akonadi not being able to access the MySQL database for some reason... still need to investigate that one... but haven't seen any real hard crashes23:05
wafflejocksanthust_: you can try to start the apps that are crashing from the konsole to see if they output anything and also check your /var/log/syslog and other logs for anything23:06
wafflejocksanthust_: it might be some underlying bug in Qt with your system or something if it happens with lots of programs23:06
santhust_<soee> like....file explorer etc23:07
soeefile explorer ?23:07
wafflejocksanthust_: dolphin23:07
wafflejockthat's the file explorer23:07
apacheloggerbug report?23:07
santhust_@wafflejock: ...syslog .. OK23:07
soeenever expirienced single crash from Dolphin in 13.1023:07
soeeand i use it a lot23:08
santhust_ya dolphin23:08
wafflejockyeah been bouncing around between versions from 13.04 to 12.04 and now on 13.10 and haven't had any issues like that23:08
apacheloggerbug report?23:08
soeesanthust_, as apachelogger suggests23:08
jarkkomaybe the files cause the crash somehow?23:09
jarkkodolphin has felt quite stable23:09
santhust_soee: ok. are u using kubuntu along side ubuntu (first installed ubuntu, then through it installed kubuntu desktop environment)?23:09
soeesanthust_, nope, im using raw Kubuntu23:10
wafflejockreally the whole system is pretty darn stable... I just keep doing things to botch it up on myself... once because I thought I had a software issue that was really hardware... then was fighting with compiling newer versions of libboost so I could use grive to sync my Google Drive stuff... so ended up upgrading to 13.10 to get that working23:10
santhust_apachelogger: ya, the pop that asks for  filing bug report, i go with it. i hope this helps, but doubt.23:10
wafflejockI got it all to compile but for some reason it was still using the old libboost so I just gave up and upgraded... really happy I did now23:11
soeei like KDE Connect :) it reports smses, calls etc. cool app -.-23:12
wafflejockrealizing now though the advantage of having a separate partition with your home... kinda thinking I should do that now23:12
santhust_soee: ok, I am havin ubuntu, and then choose the kubuntu DE when trying kubuntu. may be that is a difference which can lead to my buggy experience on kbuntu DE. um?23:12
jarkkoi opened /var/log/Xorg.0.log and i see a lot of amd content...does kde starting always load those same things when starting?23:12
soeesanthust_, im not sure23:13
wafflejocksanthust_: it's possible... I was running Unity and KDE side by side on 12.04 without issue though23:13
soeethe best thing to do is to report bug as apachelogger suggests23:13
wafflejocksanthust_: I just decided to reclaim the space and do a clean install to get rid of any Unity stuff since I decided to stop using it23:13
soeewafflejock, +23:13
santhust_wafflejock: ok23:13
santhust_soee: kde conneck.. alright.23:14
soeesanthust_, its for Android based phones :) so if you dont have one forget about it23:15
santhust_soee: oh.23:15
santhust_soee: fine.23:15
jarkkowould it be possible to make a new file format called for example rdb or something. and add support for apt-get pacman etc to install these files and get ridd of rpm and deb23:15
soeesanthust_, do you plan to use Unity or KDE ?23:15
santhust_soee: since i haven't tried raw kubuntu, and kubuntu experience as a skin on ubutu is not great, so despite liking the feel of kde, i still would stick with unity on ubuntu, or gnome.23:17
wafflejockjarkko: deb is just a debian package managed by dpkg apt works on top of dpkg to manage a list of repos to fetch packages from and grabs the file for you then runs dpkg... I'm not super familiar with RPM but believe it's redhat packages and not sure what is used to install those and the like think just rpm is the program but don't know the details23:19
soeesanthust_, try Kubuntu its worth it :) Best distro i have used os far23:19
wafflejockjarkko: all the package is is a list of where the stuff gets installed, it's dependencies, and the stuff itself (binaries, compiled for some architecture)23:19
jarkkobut basically having deb and rpm means extra work and extra file space23:20
wafflejockjarkko: think it just makes a bit more sense since the projects are separate for them to have their own packages and to do things their own way is okay... someone can always provide source23:20
santhust_<soee> ok :). do you have something to say about linux mint? I am considering to use it on a new intallation.23:20
jarkkoits like zip and rar23:20
wafflejockjarkko: you can just provide source if you choose... if you have a debian based system you never need the rpm23:20
wafflejockzip and rar are for different things too23:20
wafflejockrar is for tape archives23:20
wafflejockcan split across files and the like23:20
soeesanthust_, iv been using it like 3 years ago for a while, than i moved to Kubuntu23:21
jarkkobut think about the situation that there would be only rpm or only deb23:21
wafflejockzip is just to compress a list of files to a single file using Lempel Ziv or the like as an underlying compression algorithm23:21
jarkkoi do like deb23:21
wafflejockjarkko: I understand the rpm and deb thing, would be nice if there were just one but at the same time it's good for there to be some options and competition for people to push each other... that said a concentrated effort is sometimes better too, hard to say in this case, but think you'd be hard pressed to convince the RPM guys to drop it23:22
santhust_soee: what was ur experience like? have you found kubuntu better than Mint? I have heard that Mint is more stable than newer Ubuntu versions, is it so if you know?23:22
jarkkomint 15 was good23:23
santhust_jarkko: what would you suggest: mint or [u/k]buntu23:24
jarkkobut i think we could implement another deb1 or rpm1 which contains all the details that rpm and deb have and add support for this new type. and asking people to support new file...so in time deb and rpm could be both dropped23:24
jarkkowelll mint 15 is good, but its dropping support23:25
jarkkothey dont have kde version yet23:25
jarkkoi dont see any difference basically between kubuntu and mint23:25
jarkkothey feel the same23:25
jarkkowell it might be better to take kubuntu 13.1023:27
jarkkoif you want kde23:27
jarkkobecause mint 15 is dropping support on january, mint 16 kde havent been released yet23:27
jarkkohavent tried linut mint debian23:27
jarkkothat could be good choice23:27
santhust_jarkko: ok23:28
jarkkoi was unable to install manjaro with ati 787023:29
jarkkoi opened xorg.0.log23:30
jarkkodoes startx always load those same things on boot?23:30
jarkkodoes someone know23:30
santhust_Thanks wafflejock, soee and jarkko. It was good talking to you. thanks for your response. :)23:31
wafflejocksanthust_: np good chatting with you too23:32
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