Crimson_Roguehello. I'm wondering if someone can tell me how to burn windows 7 on ubuntu01:53
bekksCrimson_Rogue: Please dont crosspost.01:54
Crimson_Roguesorry bekks; sometimes things are slow here...01:54
CrimsonIdolHow would you burn it on Windows?01:57
shadowslight a match ... what are you talking about?02:01
shadowsset thing on fire is easy cover it in lamp oil and apply flame02:01
Crimson_Roguestep 1: unscrew your harddrive02:03
shadowsor better, remove computer battery and chop it with an axe and pour water on top :)02:03
Crimson_Roguestep 2: apply lighter fluid02:03
Crimson_Roguestep 3: light with match or lighter02:03
Crimson_Roguestep 4: remove ram02:03
Crimson_Roguestep 5: once hdd is done burning, take apart hdd02:03
Crimson_Roguestep 6: shred all the "paper" (for lack of better words)02:04
Crimson_Roguestep 7: your computer's hdd is now destroyed02:04
hurdorbsdguys I want to try 14.0406:10
hurdorbsdwhich kernel is it using ??06:10
shadowshurdorbsd: lk 3.1206:14
shadowshurdorbsd: it might be better if you install 13.10 at this time and run a mainline kernel if you are needing 3.12 kernel06:15
hurdorbsdshadows .. so which kernel is 13.10 using?06:20
shadowshurdorbsd: should be lk 3.1106:22
hurdorbsdand then how to update the kernel to 3.12?06:23
shadowswhy so anxious about kernel versions?06:23
hurdorbsdlong story06:24
hurdorbsdIt is a modem thing06:24
shadowsdepending on what it is, you may benefit by simply updating the driver in question06:24
shadowsala building the modules needed06:25
hurdorbsdactually shadows .. I am using a USB modem ZTE AC 870006:25
hurdorbsdI dial using wvdial06:25
hurdorbsdbut it works till 3.8.x only .. 3.9 no 3.10 didn't try 3.11/3.12 some1 online said it is working again ..06:25
shadowshave a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds06:26
hurdorbsdActually it isn't detect by wvdial in 3.9 or newer but 3.11 is again starting to detect it06:26
hurdorbsdI was a computer buff in high school but I am a lawyer now so I don't want to read everything all over again .. I just wanted to know if I could get it to work in 3.11/3.12 then it would be awesome ..06:27
* shadows :)06:28
shadowsI would suggest trying the appropriate download for your CPU type from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.12-saucy/06:28
shadowsyou'll need information from the first link if say your modem was working but is now broken, you can find which version it broke and then give information to the programmers06:29
hurdorbsdshadows ... 3.8.x = modem works ( and the issue is over 20 lakh people over here are using this modem .. and half of them use linux only tht too ubuntu or its derivatives only .._06:32
hurdorbsdWait which kernel is 13.04?06:33
hurdorbsdI haven't used ubuntu in a while but I can tell you where it works and where it doesnt06:33
Beldardoh thats 13.1010:07
BluesKaj'Morning folks14:12
lfaraoneIs there a way for me to bump MaxReports in apport?17:44
lfaraoneputting "APT::Apport::MaxReports 100;" in /etc/apt/apt.conf didn't seem to do anything17:45
odiumhey, if I wanted to poll the hardware temperature as close to real time as possible and do something when it's value is greater than something, how can I do that without exhausting my systems resources?23:02
Beldarodium, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto23:09
BeldarThis is 14.04?23:09
penguin42my trusty box doesn't seem to have /media/username - anyone else?23:48
Beldarpenguin42, Hmm,  mine does.23:58
BeldarI have a file there but it is empty23:59
penguin42hmm , /media/dg has sprung into existence now I plugged a thumb drive in23:59

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