skraitohey guys00:08
skraitowhat do u think about my tutorial http://0x71.org/00:09
skraitoin c00:09
skraitoanyone wanna join our hacker team00:09
skraitois call 0x71 True Jesus Church Hacker team00:09
skraitoand our church is True Jesus Church http://www.0x71.org00:09
Noskcajskraito, I'll have a look now00:11
jeaso you know, we are not a hackers group, and do not accept this type of talk in the channel00:11
skraitothank you00:12
jeaso please refrain from this in the future in either #ubuntu-au or #ubuntu-au-chat00:12
skraitonah hacker is not cracker00:12
skraitowe are whitehat00:12
skraitoa good programmmer00:12
skraitoi am using linux00:12
skraitojust wondering is there any aussie fellow00:12
skraitowanna join me00:12
skraitobut that c tutorial is not complete yet00:13
skraitonoskcaj do u know c ?00:13
jeaI do not care what type of hacker you claim to be. This channel is not going to be used for promotion of such activities00:13
skraitojea u know c ?00:13
Noskcajthis isn't a place to try and recruit people00:13
skraitoah okay00:13
skraito:) i hope you guys want to join my team thought00:14
skraitoanyway why do u guys choose ubuntu00:14
skraitois there any agreement with aussie00:14
skraitoor u just like ubuntu00:14
skraitoin my opinion fedora is better00:14
jeathat is your opinion, and that is fine00:15
jeathis is a channel for the Ubuntu Australian Team, which is open to any Australians who use Ubuntu00:15
skraitoah ic00:16
jeaHe has tried that once before. Next time, I will just remove him.00:20

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