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NoskcajI'm working on a fix for bug 718640 at http://pad.ubuntu.com/kagXFCAjfh , could someone please proofread it?01:13
ubottubug 718640 in Ubuntu Packaging Guide "Guide to fix FTBFS bugs" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71864001:13
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NoskcajCan someone check https://launchpadlibrarian.net/157440169/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-arm64.python3.3_3.3.3-2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ? i think a rebuild will be enough to fix03:27
ScottKNoskcaj: kreversi and krfb done.07:58
ScottKpython3.3 is built on arm64 now.07:59
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dokoxnox, in drizzle you disable the compiler option because it doesn't work with 4.8, but you build with 4.7 ...13:20
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* ogra_ notices the kde hackfest and switches his trusty-changes mailbox to "auto mark as read"14:36
Riddellogra_: what's the matter slow boy? can't handle the eliteness of our packaging? :)14:45
Riddellogra_: you're missing some free Irn Bru in Munich14:45
ogra_yeah, i saw the pics ... have a nice hackathon :)14:45
xnoxdoko: yeah, i noticed that when gcc bug report comments arrived. I can't remember now, if disabling loop optimisations was enough or not. I can try another try with 4.8 on affected arches.15:15
RiddellLaney: you added a dependency to user-manager for consolekit, how do you know it uses consolekit?16:04
mitya57doko: will you take care of python-imaging → pillow transition or should I do that?16:31
mitya57(We need to reapply the delta, remove the old package and let the new one migrate)16:31
dokomitya57, please go ahead. although I'm wondering if we need the old ones16:32
mitya57I think we'll be able to drop transitional packages after Trusty release16:36
mitya57doko: done: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pillow/2.2.1-1ubuntu1, now please remove the old package17:15
mitya57And it will still be nice if you applied first two parts of our delta to Debian.17:16
mitya57pitti: you may want to retry https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pygobject/3.10.2-1/+build/5254937 to make the new pygobject migrate17:29
infinitymitya57: Done.17:32
lfaraoneHm. A HWE X package diverted a file in precise, then after upgrading to trusty the HWE package is unremovable since it is trying to undivert a file, but the file has already been updated by another package, so dpkg-divert errors out.18:18
lfaraoneHow is it possible that the original path (since diverted) was modified, since any writes by the original owning package should go to the diverted location, right?18:19
LaneyRiddell: It was using the D-Bus interface, but it seems that is no longer true with the current version in trusty18:38
quidnuncE: Logic failure in hook handling. Directory /var/cache/pbuilder/build//10794/tmp/hooks should exist but it does not.23:07
quidnunc^ Why am I getting this when running backportpackage?23:07
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