ubottuBeldar called the ops in #ubuntu (anex)03:38
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EmiNot sure why I'm banned10:42
LjLhi Emi10:47
LjLi'm not really sure about your history either10:47
EmiI am new10:47
LjLi will have a look, but meanwhile, maybe other ops will be around10:47
LjLEmi: apparently, the last incident involved you advertizing a channel to talk about sex10:49
EmiIs that not allowed?10:50
LjLEmi: "spamming" things (like advertizing channels without a particular reason) is not accepted, and in particular, #ubuntu-offtopic (and other Ubuntu channels) being family-friendly places, the topic was not appropriate at all. This is the same reason why you were told not to join with a nickname like slut_tits, i believe?10:51
EmiOh, right10:52
EmiWell, perhaps it's not the channel for me anyway10:53
LjLmaybe not, Emi. the rules are pretty strict: no swearing, no sexual or other "dodgy" discussions, not spam... at least, it may sound strict, but it's the way people here have found to keep it from degenerating. i can understand if that's not for everybody.10:54
LjLEmi: in any case, if i were to remove the ban, i'd ask you to read the guidelines and other pieces of information first10:54
LjL!etiquette > Emi10:55
ubottuEmi, please see my private message10:55
LjL!guidelines > Emi10:55
EmiWhat are typical topics of conversation?10:55
LjLEmi: well, technology, Ubuntu/Linux, (free) software politics, cats, ikonıa throwing fits, how fat mc44 is, IdleOne feeling smug by being invited to channels i'm not - things like those10:56
IdleOneI never said I was invited to any channels you weren't. All I said was I knew guy who knows a guy.10:57
LjLIdleOne, i'm just kidding10:58
LjLi guess what i meant to say in a jocular manner is, a big part of what #ubuntu-offtopic is is friends who know each other10:59
IdleOnesometimes your kidding hurts my feelers10:59
* topyli strokes IdleOne 11:04
topylithere there11:04
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* AlanBell observes a team meeting in 45 minutes19:15
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* Myrtti prods Jordan_U 20:05
MyrttiGuest60630: hello20:27
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu (mochajs crunchbang support)20:46
* LjL blinks20:47
LjLtalk about overboard op calls?20:47
FlannelIdleOne: he's asking a question/making a claim that they should21:51
FlannelIdleOne: he feels strongly about it too, since this is leftover conversation from #u21:52
topylinor are most of those links appropriate22:27

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