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* xnox giggles at exploded components-missmatches =)04:55
infinityxnox: Yeah, I noticed that. :P05:09
infinityxnox: Also, reuploaded your phonon fix.05:09
xnoxinfinity: picky =)05:09
infinityxnox: I am.05:09
infinityDepending and suggesting the same thing seemed a bit wrong. :P05:09
xnoxinfinity: true. BTW what are your thoughts on removing openwalnut? it's blocking libav9 transition & boost1.53 removal.05:10
xnox.... note that boost1.55 got released upstream \o/05:11
infinityFriggin' boost.05:11
infinityCan we port 99% of the boost rdeps to pure C++11?05:11
xnoxinfinity: i was thinking to start the crusade.05:12
infinityxnox: I can follow in Debian's footsteps and demote openwalnut.  Was it on that meta bug?05:12
xnoxinfinity: alternatively use something like acc and start tracking stable api/abi. E.g. most of the libs are actually compatible.05:12
xnoxinfinity: openwalnut was in boost1.53 bug. let me add it to libav9 meta bug as well.05:12
* infinity adds an openwalnut task to the bug.05:13
xnoxi'm slow today =)05:13
xnoxinfinity: well there is openwalnut in -proposed, so really it is removal from trusty-release.05:14
xnoxin -proposed it FTBFS.05:14
infinityxnox: Yeah, I noticed that when the copy was rejected. :P05:15
infinityHrm, you have mplayer marked for demotion, but isn't it meant to be completely replaced by mplayer2?05:15
infinityBah, no transitional package, so I guess not.05:16
xnoxinfinity: what's left in samba4 transition? add "samba4/windbind4" transitional package in src:samba & remove src:samba4?05:24
infinityNot sure, I've been paying more attention to toolchain stuff the last day or two.05:25
xnoxinfinity: =) thanks for that. fixed kfreebsd is committed upstream & uploaded to experimental.05:25
infinityOh, yay, there's a rivet delayed NMU for yaml-cpp.  Now someone just needs to fix opencolorio.05:26
infinityOh, derp.  grive needs a new build-dep.05:29
xnoxinfinity: where did you see yaml-cpp?05:38
infinityxnox: In excuses/output?05:39
xnoxah rivet.05:39
infinityxnox: It's been hung up on rivet and opencolorio needing porting for a while.05:39
infinityxnox: rivet's now fixed in the DELAYED queue, so just need opencolorio.05:39
xnoxinfinity: yeah, but it's hard. i've been considering to re-introduce yaml-cpp 0.3.x instead.05:39
infinityFor one package?05:40
infinityThat's literally the only one now...05:40
xnoxinfinity: well, original colorio embeds yaml-cpp 0.3.x tarball and compiles it with hidden visibility....05:50
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xnoxi think i have pushed libav9 transition as far as I could. There are now only a handfull of uninstallable packages: fgrun kmediafactory kx11grab (FTBFS, remove/demote to -proposed?), mythtv (needs to call avconv instead of ffmpeg, but FTBFS), psychtoolbox-3 (remove from -release, in -proposed it FTBFS willing to start glew transition), samba/samba4 (samba needs dummy transitional packages, to take over samba4). And that should be all.15:19
xnoxinfinity: cjwatson: ^15:19
infinityxnox: Also, gallery-app...15:29
xnoxinfinity: it doesn't show up as uninstallable. the fix is committed in lp:gallery-app to drop -ffmpeg depends.15:29
xnoxinfinity: it's not released into ubuntu-archive, pending running autopilot tests to check that they don't regress after that dep is dropped.15:30

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