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maccamHi, I'm wondering how to enable permissions for users to write into the www sub-directories over FTP03:51
maccamcan anybody help?03:51
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dividebyzer0ahh nevermind, still trying to figure out this client05:21
maccam_Hi all.  I have added new users to my ubuntu install so they can FTP into the machine.  The sub-directories under /var/www/ are owned by root:root.  The users do not currently have write permissions when FTPing in.  How do I fix this?06:03
andolmaccam_: Put the selected users in a designated group, and give that group write permission to the subfolder in question. After that you might also want to replace FTP with SFTP.06:34
maccam_thanks andol.  We're actually using SFTP already, sorry06:41
maccam_So since the directory /var/ and all contents are owned by root:root, how do I go about giving them group write permission to the folder?  I understand file permissions ok, but it's the group permissions that's hanging me up since I'm not as familiar with that06:42
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eeureebzhello all, Please, lost a whole day, ubuntu-desktop install hangs after a while in vbox (windows 7 x64) thx12:19
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techkid6Hey, why can't I get certain packages (No installation candidate) on Server 10.04LTS (like git) but can get them on 13.04 desktop.... I know lucid used to have git....17:49
andoltechkid6: In the case of git that package would have been named git-core in lucid, due to an historical naming conflict.17:52
techkid6Ok, thanks17:52
andoltechkid6: In other cases it could simply be that those packages hadn't been packaged yet.17:52
techkid6Oh, ok, thanks so much17:52
knoxyHi all... When I try to upgrade to kernel 3.2.0-56 I get this message http://paste.ubuntu.com/6470615/ Where I get these libraries?20:43
bekksknoxy: Which ubuntu do you have?21:07
gdoshow can i configure leafnode for a local network (or ssh tunnels)?21:14
gdosi do not want to subscribe to the 'BIG 8' news groups...just create my own.21:15
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