Z1efinI need help with Nvidia Drivers for Ubuntu 13 is this a good room for this?07:44
directhexyes, 7:45 on a sunday morning is a great time to carcth UK people!08:41
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brobostigongood morning everyone.10:27
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS10:35
* brobostigon had a spectacular idea in a halfasleep state this morning, he envisaged his own shop on second-lif10:47
MartijnVdSis second life still going then?10:47
RoryHey, does anyone read Linux Format in here? They did a roundup either last issue or the one before, of RSS readers, and I can't remember the winner (it wasn't Feedly)11:29
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popeybrobostigon: welcome to 5 years ago12:43
brobostigonpopey: certainly, it is a bad idea.12:43
bigcalmHi peeps :)13:06
NeotiAnybody in here from around nottinghamshire and who has a CB Radio ?13:20
gordonjcpNeoti: that seems an oddly specific request13:25
* gordonjcp does not have a CB radio but does have a lot of radio equipment13:25
Neotigordonjcp: i just want to do a radio check thats all ...13:25
gordonjcpNeoti: no-one on Ch. 19?13:26
NeotiAM or FM, low mid or hi ? lol...13:26
gordonjcpwell both 27/81 and CEPT require FM13:26
Neotiwell i have a superstart 120 fm. i am on channel 19 hi13:27
gordonjcpif conditions are up you might hit one of the websdr sites13:28
Neotinope no one out there...13:29
gordonjcpif you can hear skip from Holland you might be able to hit the WebSDR at Twente13:29
gordonjcp7MHz aside, I'm not that into all this close-to-audio stuff13:30
* MartijnVdS just ordered one of those Realtek-chipset DVB sticks13:48
MartijnVdSto play with rtl-sdr13:48
penguin42yeh they're kind of fun13:48
MartijnVdSthe Twente one is also great -- you can see so many cool stuff on the lower bands13:49
gordonjcpand what's amazing is not only can you use them as a powerful low-VHF-to-low-microwave SDR, you can use them to watch telly too13:49
MartijnVdSDCF-77, some number channels (morse mostly)13:49
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: and listen to DAB radio, apparently13:50
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: I'm going to toss some photons around later if you want to have a listen13:50
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: Well, the rtl-sdr is still in China atm, I really *just* ordered it a few hours ago13:50
MartijnVdSbut I might give websdr a go13:50
penguin42note that the DVB-t telly stuff is a separate path; it's not done by the SDR data over the USB, the capture bandwidth isn't high enough for that - they have a demod for that13:55
MartijnVdSpenguin42: yeah, they can only get 3MHz wide from the SDR, and DVB channels are 8MHz wide13:56
gordonjcpthe SDR stuff is done using what is effectively a test mode13:59
MartijnVdSlots of radio stations on the utwente websdr sound like the TARDIS or the alien probe from Empire Strikes Back14:13
MartijnVdSwhoa.. bolivian radio stations14:16
MartijnVdS.. and a radio station that sounds like the Black Mesa Research Facility14:22
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gordonjcpMartijnVdS: there are a lot of funny digital modes14:53
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: interestingly if you zoom in on some OFDM modes you can see they're more-or-less flat in frequency response14:54
gordonjcpand then you see diagonal dark bands moving, which is because of phasing from multipath reception14:54
MartijnVdSI have a Wi-Spy, and I see that on the wifi bands I think14:55
MartijnVdSdiagonal bands14:55
MartijnVdSI think that might be some kind of part of the 802.11 protocols though14:55
MartijnVdSI know way too little about this.. where/how do I start learning more? :)14:57
SuperEngineerImpressed - with only 2GB mmeory & a low end graphics card - just played Half Life on Steam with 8 other programs still open.  Didn't even notice.15:43
penguin42SuperEngineer: Looking, Half Life was originally released in '98 so that was probably high end then16:04
AzelphurAnyone know where I might get a copy of a newspaper printed in 2012?16:26
penguin42the newspaper publishers? A library?16:27
SuperEngineerAzelphur: local library?16:27
Azelphurwas hoping for something online if possible16:27
SuperEngineerpenguin42: snap!16:27
SuperEngineerAzelphur: that might cost you a subscrion to particular paper - if they allow archive access16:29
AzelphurSuperEngineer: yea, the only archive I've found for this paper is dated 1912 and before16:29
Azelphurit's the Kentish Express Ashford edition that I'm after16:29
SuperEngineerAzelphur: write to them / send them a usb stick & beg?16:31
Azelphuryea guess so16:32
penguin42oh one of the more major papers then....16:32
ali1234go to library and photocopy it16:37
Azelphuryea, seems like a library job for tomorrow :)16:56
penguin42hth do you tell firefox to stop looping gifs ?16:56
* penguin42 has had a Mantis eating a fish in a loop for hours16:56
SuperEngineerpenguin42:  errrmmmm... close firefox?   ;)16:57
SuperEngineer[sorry - couldn't resist]16:58
penguin42it's just one thing in my G+ feed16:59
mungbeanbitcoins are $800 now?17:15
mungbeanthought they were $200 last week17:16
mungbeancrazy bubble time17:16
Azelphurmungbean: :)17:16
Azelphurmungbean: this is /after/ the bubble. This is the new stable price now I reckon.17:16
Azelphurit was $1000+ in the bubble17:16
mungbeanbubbles first don't they?17:16
Azelphurit did burst17:16
Azelphurit dropped to $400 then normalised at $80017:16
mungbeanyeah, bursting = $20 again17:16
mungbeanin my book17:17
Azelphuryou ain't gonna see $20 again.17:17
Azelphurno way :)17:17
mungbeanthats how bubbles happen17:17
mungbeanthats what they say just before a stock market crash17:17
Azelphurmungbean: Bitcoin is a successful venture, I see no burst nor any reason that it would burst.17:17
mungbean^bitcoin^stock market17:17
mungbeansomething causes collapse in confidence17:18
Azelphurmungbean: that already happened in the past, Bitcoin went to <$117:18
Azelphurand then it picked back up again17:18
mungbeansince bc isn't underwriten by anything like gold, it can crash to $017:18
mungbeanprice starts dropping, people panic, thenm its a crace to the bottom17:19
penguin42mungbean: But the reasons for buying/selling gold have very little to do with actual using or posessing it17:19
penguin42mungbean: There's a lot of unease about the actual stocks of these precious metals17:19
Azelphurmungbean: been there done that, it came back up again.17:20
mungbeanok lets talk pork bellies instead17:20
mungbeanmmm bacon17:20
penguin42mungbean: OK, lets talk guar gum - what influences the price of guar gum?17:20
mungbeansupply and demand17:22
mungbeandemand outstrips supply then price ++17:22
mungbeanthe inherent usefulness of the product17:22
Azelphurmungbean: I have my money where my mouth is with bitcoin, so we'll see ;)17:22
penguin42mungbean: Right, so you get something really random happen - like it starts being used by frackers (really) and it shoots through the roof, no one predicted it and then who knows it might stop being used17:23
penguin42mungbean: That's more real - it's actual stocks of the stuff but in principal could be very unpredictable17:24
mungbeanbut is underwritten by more stable markets though too right?17:24
penguin42mungbean: That I don't know, but I think so17:25
mungbeanice cream17:26
mungbeanbc are pure speculation, likethe doctom bubble17:27
mungbeannot to say you can't make money on the rising tide17:27
mungbeani always think of tulip mania at this point17:27
penguin42mungbean: But I think the metal markets aren't necessarily much better than tulip mania, especially for gold which doesn't have an intrinsic use17:31
SuperEngineerpenguin42: don't let the ISS hear that - they might disagree somewhat17:34
penguin42ISS? (Not space station....)17:34
penguin42does it use much gold?17:35
SuperEngineer...any satellite or spoaceman also thinks it has a rather intrisic use - as so many earthbound bits of kit17:35
SuperEngineerpenguin42: they use loads of the stuff17:36
SuperEngineer[so does a mobilee phone btw  - but to a *much* lesser extent]17:37
SuperEngineerspacemen / space instruments  they use it for protection - phones use it for vconnections17:37
SuperEngineerI use it to make me pretty ;)17:38
dvrrhow to connect openvpn  windows client with certificates please help me17:39
* mungbean has a gold tooth17:44
penguin42dvrr: my experience with vpns (which is very out of date and I can't remember much) is that you're probably best finding a relaxent before you start17:44
mungbeanits a very non reactive metal17:44
SuperEngineermungbean - the only thing that reacts with gold are stooopid "we buy old gold & nick your money" sites17:51
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: also, aqua regia18:57
MartijnVdS(don't drink that)18:57
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer, but he left I guess18:58
bigcalmTo re-ask a question I posted to twitter: Where do you keep your private GPG keys in case your SSD dies?20:41
penguin42on a separate encrypted device?20:42
MartijnVdShmm QR code 8-)20:42
daftykinson a piece of paper!20:44
daftykinsapparently most SSDs die in read only states though20:44
daftykinsbut yeah wouldn't rely on that :D20:44
bigcalmI'd love to get the data off of my dead SSD. But I have managed to install 13.10 onto a smaller, spare, SSD so that I can continue working20:45
MartijnVdSdaftykins: SSDs have weird half-erased fail states that happen when a block becomes unwriteable20:45
daftykinsmy intel X25-M G2 actually would BSOD win7 when it tried to read/write a bad sector that developed - i had to secure erase the drive to overcome it20:46
penguin42daftykins: But bigcalm's is the 2nd case I've heard of where the drive just died20:49
bigcalmThe drive longer appears as a drive to any device it is connected to :(20:49
daftykinscontroller fail20:51
AlanBellhttp://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-raspberry-pi-build-cluster-for-ubuntu/x/5206923 less than £1000 to go :)20:52
MartijnVdSAlanBell: \o/20:52
* MartijnVdS needs to get an HDMI-to-DVI cable.. I can't use my Pi atm :(20:52
bigcalmAlanBell: yay20:52
penguin42AlanBell: How did you come across that book of pictures of delapitaed places?20:52
bigcalmThey are exceedingly cheep cables now: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Premium-HDMI-Cable-Gold-Metre/dp/B000GDI6FC20:53
daftykinsbigcalm: what type is said dead SSD?20:54
MartijnVdSbigcalm: yeah, but shipping to not-UK is £expensive20:54
penguin42MartijnVdS: Does your country not have a similar emporium of cheapo electronic bits?20:54
MartijnVdSbigcalm: so I'm better of getting some AmazonBasics cables with some other items (to get to free shipping)20:54
MartijnVdSpenguin42: we have "allekabels.nl", which is cheap but not *that* cheap20:55
AlanBellpenguin42: #surrey channel on irc.lug.org.uk20:55
MartijnVdSalso, AmazonBasics cables are £3,9920:55
MartijnVdSnot bad imho20:55
penguin42AlanBell: Ah right, I did have someone of the same name who used to work for me for a few years and I seem to remember he was a good photographer as well20:55
bigcalmdaftykins: OCZ vertex 120GB. I've had 3 OCZ drives and this is the newest one. So I don't hate the brand yet :)20:56
daftykinsoriginal generation Vertex? think there were at least 4+20:57
bigcalms/I've had/I have20:57
bigcalmUg, bought in Jan last year20:57
bigcalmOCZ Agility 3 SATA III Solid State Drive 120GB20:58
MartijnVdSpenguin42: Amazon sells cables by weight, apparently: http://i.imgur.com/MHT1RfB.png20:59
daftykinsMartijnVdS: give me a kilo of your finest HDMIs please, grocer21:07
MartijnVdSdaftykins: --> Amazon21:08
maya-Hi nice peoples! I have a question. I have an HFS+ HDD in Ubuntu, and I’d like to change the permissions to I can read and write to it.  I already removed journaling. Any tips? :D21:14
MartijnVdSNo idea.. I've found NTFS to be the best "shared" FS between Linux en MacOS21:15
maya-I’m not looking to share, per se.21:15
maya-I just need write access. :D21:16
daftykinsprobably best to avoid HFS+ then21:17
daftykinsfrom what i heard the other day it's quite flaky21:18
popeyhmm, want to root my nexus 721:33
popeyto use something that requires it21:34
popeydoesnt seem straightforward21:34
daftykinsthey don't have easily unlockable bootloaders on those things?21:34
ali1234unlocking the bootloader isn't the same as rooting21:35
daftykinsi know, but often it can be a helpful first step21:35
ali1234it is part of the process though21:35
Fujiohi popey21:36
Fujiocan you run ubuntu on a nexus7?21:36
popeyFujio: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install21:37
popeyfound windows tools to root it, but having difficulty finding a nice easy linux way21:39
ali1234rooting typically means unlocking the bootloader and flashing a custom kernel21:45
ali1234i assume you've already done the former21:45
Azelphurali1234: it does?21:45
ali1234for the latter, just find what kernel image that tool uses and flash it however you'd normally flash21:45
ali1234Azelphur: on nexus stuff it does21:45
Azelphurthe vast majority of the time people just flash the SU binaries and superuser apk and stick with the stock firmware / kernels o.O21:45
Azelphureven more so on the nexus21:45
ali1234how do you "flash" the SU binary if you don't already have root?21:49
popeyyeah, saw some instructions which is to install an su binary via a modded recovery21:49
popeyali1234: custom recovery21:49
ali1234right, modded recovery - which is a kernel image + initrd21:49
ali1234so you flash that the same way you'd flash an ubuntu touch image, for example21:50
ali1234then once you've got a modded recovery you can do whatever you want :)21:50
spiritechhi. i am running this command "sudo echo "/dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 ext4" >> /etc/fstab" i use it as part of an install script. however it says permission denied. how can i run this command as the correct user?22:38
directhexspiritech, do you want to know why it doesn't work as-is, or just the answer?22:39
spiritechan answer would be ok. though i dont mind both if you have the time.22:40
spiritechi always thought sudo gave root perms.22:40
directhexpipe to tee. "echo foo | sudo tee /some/file"22:40
directhexsudo does. but you're sudoing the "echo" command. the redirect, i.e. the >>, is being done by the parent bash shell, which is not sudo'd22:41
spiritechso echo "kagfkasf" | sudo tee /etc/fstab22:42
directhexwell, "kagfkasf" isn't a valid fstab entry. but yes.22:42
spiritechi mean yessss22:43
spiritechi have necer used tee before.22:43
spiritechi assume tee reads STDOUT22:43
spiritechand writes to destination22:44
directhexthat's exactly what it does22:44
directhex       tee - read from standard input and write to standard output and files22:44
spiritechso if there is a break in standard input do i need "" or does it do that automatically?22:45
directhextest it out into a safe file in /tmp22:46
spiritechok. i will have a play. ty for your help.22:48
spiritechalso i had probs with usb installer for 13.10 amd 64 desktop iso. i could make the start up usb. when i booted it would not install. had to use the mini.iso in the end.22:49
spiritechall good now tho.22:50
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ali1234spiritech: you should be careful about mounting things manually in /media23:08
ali1234the standard is now to mount things under /media/<username>/23:08
spiritechali1234. i am the only user. and it keeps my scripts more compact. can it cause any serious problems?23:26
ali1234probably not, unless your username is sdb123:26
spiritechwell thats ok then23:27
spiritechnot sure why media needs a username. surely if its going to be mounted. well, it will be mounted and accessible by the current user.23:28
ali1234for multiuser systems23:28
spiritechoh. so certain drives are accessible by cerain users.23:30
spiritechsurely that could be done with group permissions./23:30
spiritechor maybe not.23:31
ali1234well, you presumably don't want other users to see you've mounted /media/goatpron23:32
spiritechyes. whatever goatpron is.23:33
ali1234though i suppose they can still see it on the mountlist23:33
ali1234i don't really know what the real reasoning is23:33
penguin42ali1234: If it was a FAT partition it wouldn't have any permissions and probably anyone can read it?23:33
ali1234you can mount it with umask to fix that one23:33
ali1234though just making private user mount dirs is probably the easiest way23:34
penguin42true, I guess it means you don't get name clashes between different users23:34
spiritechso if i log in as a different user. say blobtech. and went to /media/...    i would not be able to see the other user list/folders. is that right.23:35
penguin42spiritech: I think that's the idea, and you could both plug in a thumb drive labelled as 'pictures'23:35
spiritechor would they be visible and not be able to enter them?23:36
penguin42not sure23:36
ali1234drwxr-x---+ 2 root root 4096 Nov 20 17:51 /media/al23:36
penguin42ooh with acls for extra fun23:37
ali1234that's the +?23:37
penguin42it's got some extra attributes on23:37
penguin42ok that's curious, my trusty box doesn't have /run/media or /media/dg23:38
spiritechsurely the best way to do this would be to mount all drives in media, then set user permissions for each drive. rather than setting up a mount list to mount drives to certain users?23:40
penguin42spiritech: what happens if both of you wanted to mount say the same remote fileserver or something like that - it actually gets quite tricky depending  on the filesystem involved to maintaint aht type of permissions23:41
spiritechare we talking about two users, using at the same time. ;)23:43
penguin42or lock screen and then switch users23:43
spiritechoh. i see. i was assuming two users at separate times.23:43
spiritechso what your saying is its easier to have user mount points rather than setting user perms for each drive etc.23:45
spiritechso all your stuff is inhere    yours/....... and all my stuff is in here     mine/..........23:46
spiritechand its etc/fstab's duty to control where these things get mounted/ or drives anyway?23:48
penguin42no, it's udisks2 these days that does it23:48
penguin42udisks hand;es things like mounting a usb drive you just plug in23:49
spiritechit could be done with fstab?23:49
penguin42fstab can't deal with anything dynamic23:49
spiritechstatic stuff tho?23:50
spiritechliek int hdd23:50
penguin42oh yeh you can still mount stuff using fstab where ever you like23:50
spiritechalso i have noticed that if i plug in my 16gb corsair usb stick it is assigned sdc1. if i remove it then plug in my corsair 8gb usb stick it is assigned the same device name sdc1. is this normal?23:51
spiritechso both get assigned /dev/sdc1 when plugged in separately.23:51
spiritechthis is annoying if i want to rsync stuuf on a device level.23:52
penguin42spiritech: You can never trust the order of /dev/sd*23:52
penguin42spiritech: things like /dev/disk/by-label and /dev/disk/by-id etc are much safer these days23:53
spiritechok. well i use device name at the moment.23:53
penguin42spiritech: OK, don't blame us when you over write the wrong one!23:54
spiritechno. i mean the format name.23:55
penguin42what do you mean by format name?23:55
spiritechlike /media/username/corsair8gb23:55
penguin42ah right yes, much safer23:56
spiritechthe name you give the device when you format it.23:56
spiritechi just always wondered if you could do it the /dev/sdc1 way. tho obviously not.23:56
spiritechi assume the system just gives out the next available reference when a new device is plugged in.23:57
ali1234it does23:58
spiritechso sda sdb sdc so on so forth.23:58
ali1234but /dev/disk/by-id should be a uuid and therefore always unique23:58
spiritechhow do i find the by-id of a device.23:58
ali1234fdisk -l23:59
ali1234wait, that doesn't work23:59
ali1234you should find they are symlinks anyway23:59
ali1234ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/23:59

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