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snafu_hello hello06:28
snafu__ooooo someone is useing my name19:48
Cheri703if you didn't exit properly, it may be ghosted, if you type /msgNickServ ghost snafu_ <passwordifyouhaveone>   It should get rid of the other one20:01
Cheri703bah /msg NickServ20:01
Cheri703sorry, missed a space the first time20:01
snafu006thank Cheri703 i forgot to register20:22
Cheri703ah, ok20:23
snafu006*** You're banned! Email opers@SpotChat.org with the ERROR line below for help.23:38
snafu006* Closing link: (unknown@ [G-Lined: Excessive clones]23:38
snafu006* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).23:38
snafu006ok so who did this happen23:38

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