rick_h_jrwren: +101:50
Z1efinI need help with Nvidia Drivers for Ubuntu 13 is this a good room for this?07:44
cmaloneyGood morning13:46
cmaloneygreg-g: Thank you.13:46
cmaloneywe having fun yet?16:29
cmaloneygood deal16:29
rick_h_feeling better cmaloney ?18:23
jrwrenoh no, you do have that crud going around?  After a week living with a sick wife, I think I finally got it ;(18:30
jrwrenfeel better cmaloney18:30
gamerchick02ugh jwren. i've managed to avoid most of the crud going around but i've been headachey recently18:32
gamerchick02and yes, everyone feel better. :)18:32
rick_h_heh, son came down with crud this weekend18:46
gamerchick02i'm waiting for the creeping crud to come my way at work.18:47
cmaloneyThank you23:24
cmaloneyI think I'm feeling better. Didn't need the muscle relaxers and was actually productive.23:24
cmaloneyTook the cat in to the vet this afternoon because she's been sneezing and what-not.23:25
gamerchick02oh no. a cat with a cold. :(23:31
cmaloneyOr allergies or soomething23:59

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