* skellat sees that the meeting starts in less than 30 minutes00:33
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skellatMomentary brown-out just happened.  Not good to hear the UPS clicking00:49
belkinsa(Ouch my hears) ;)01:01
skellatWho is ready for tonight's meeting?01:01
* belkinsa is ready to go01:01
* drkokandy is hear01:02
* drkokandy is here01:02
skellatWho else is ready for tonight's meeting?  jrgifford?  TheMaster?01:03
skellatGoing once01:04
skellatGoing twice01:05
skellatAnd with that being said, we'll start the discussion with those who are present and then probably throw this over to our area on discourse.ubuntu.com to keep things moving01:06
skellatOur agenda can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/MeetingAgenda2013-1101:06
jenni[ OhioTeam/MeetingAgenda2013-11 - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://j.mp/1h2pzsJ01:06
skellatTonight's we are "Looking Ahead to the Future"01:06
skellatSince we were verified by the LoCo Council handily, we need to make some plans for where we are going01:07
skellatOLF is great but there is life beyond that01:07
skellatThe first item below this is "Mission Statement Discussion"01:07
skellatdrkokandy: I believe you had ideas on this you wanted to propound at the last meeting01:07
drkokandyI think I just thought that as a group, we ought to have some purpose for being a group. There has been a stagnant mission statement (or something descriptive) on the old Ubuntu Ohio wiki, and so we should at least stop to consider whether that accurately reflects our purpose as an organization.01:09
drkokandyThis is what I added to the beginning of the Verification Application:01:10
drkokandyUbuntu Ohio is a LoCo community which is focused on growing the use of Ubuntu in the state of Ohio. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Ubuntu who commits to abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.01:10
drkokandy... which was based on the description on Ubuntu Ohio's Launchpad page01:10
drkokandyWhich was just this:01:11
drkokandyWe are focused on growing the use of Ubuntu in the great State of Ohio!01:11
belkinsaI agree, that new one should be added on the LP page also.01:11
drkokandyThis was the statement from the main OhioTeam page on the Ubuntu Wiki:01:11
drkokandyThe OhioTeam focuses on distributing, advertising, and demonstrating Ubuntu in the state of Ohio. Through expansion of our projects, we focus on the areas of schools, businesses, and home users.01:11
drkokandySo, since I am not sure about how this should work, do we want to put what I wrote up as a discourse and have people suggest changes/additions/etc since we are low on attendance today?01:12
drkokandyOr do you have suggestions that you want to discuss now, belkinsa, skellat?01:13
skellatWe'll post the whole log and then carry on the discussion from there01:13
skellatWe'll build a discussion record now then post the log to discourse and let things continue there01:13
belkinsaWe could have a small one right now if we have something to say.  skellat and I, that is.01:13
skellatI will put the question at this point to you both.  What would you like the mission statement to be?01:14
belkinsaskellat and me*01:14
belkinsaHybrid of the two.   Well, more like combine what we had one our app with the one on our main wiki page and place that also on the LP page.01:15
drkokandyhmm... I think what I wrote talks about what LoCos in general do, and is not necessarily about pushing us forward to do more. I think if we wanted to create a mission statement (really a mission statement), we should probably start with identifying some goals (a mission) that we would like to accomplish01:16
skellatWhat do you want to have accomplished by the community in 2-3 years?  What do you want to strive for?01:16
drkokandyThe old one on the wiki has specifc Whats: distributing, advertising, and demonstrating. And also specific target audiences: schools, businesses, home users. Those could still be possible activities/audiences01:18
drkokandyWhat we've done so far recently has been to put on an educational/social event (UbuCon)... if we would like to continue doing that with the goal of making those more frequent, that could be a thing01:19
drkokandywe could also write into the mission statement the goals that you've been working on to guide Ubuntu Ohio members to full Ubuntu Membership, skellat01:20
skellatBelkinsa, how say you?01:21
belkinsaI agree with what drkonandy, but I don't have anything else to add.01:21
skellatI think we've got that started enough for others to chime in on01:22
skellatThe second bit is "Plans for the Trusty Tahr Cycle"01:22
skellatAll I can note is that through discussion at vUDS-1311 we're looking at Global Jam being somewhere around 2014-03-21 to 2014-03-23 **tentatively**01:23
jrgiffordFantastic, glad we've got a sorta date for the jam01:24
belkinsaIs this virtually speaking or actual in person event?01:24
jrgiffordbelkinsa: so, this is a mix01:24
jrgiffordit's generally something that is done in person01:24
jrgiffordbut there are also virtual events that are organized, at least over the past 3-4 cycles, there have been01:24
skellatUbuCon 2013 was our event for the last Global Jam01:24
jrgiffordah, cool01:25
skellatIf we want to hold an event during the Trusty Tahr cycle, I need to wait on a blocking dependency01:25
skellatNamely that I've been made a tentative job offer by an $AGENCY that does not have its appropriations settled past 2014-01-15 so the job offered could disappear on me01:26
skellatDoes anybody have a burning desire to have an event held somewhere in the state before Global Jam?01:27
jrgiffordcould be fun to try something01:27
jrgiffordbut the problem is we're scattered01:27
skellatThat's why we could possibly shoot for Global Jam to do something at perhaps a State Park that has a lodge or other campground01:28
belkinsaUnless done with Hangouts and IRC, like vUDS/01:28
jrgifforddifficulty: Internet01:28
skellatThese have Internet: http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/lodges01:29
jenni[ Lodges & Conference Centers in Ohio State Parks ] - https://j.mp/18gl9O301:29
jrgiffordok, anyone have a clue on pricing then?01:30
jrgiffordthat's the only remaining "big" question... i think01:30
skellatWe'd have to contact for quotes01:31
skellatThat could be saved for next month after there is a chance to assess interest01:31
skellatThe only lodge that is off the table is Geneva...because that is **HERE** in Ashtabula County01:31
drkokandyI can only pull up prices for rooms at the lodge using the online system, not reserving a meeting room at the conference center01:32
skellatdrkokandy: Yeah, that'll require me making contact directly working the phones01:33
skellatDeer Creek is in Mt. Sterling which is outside metro Columbus so that would be closest to the state's center that we could get01:34
jenni[ Deer Creek State Park ] - https://j.mp/18glCja01:34
jrgiffordok, sounds like a possibility.01:34
skellatWe'll leave that for further discussion in keeping with the rest of tonight's meeting01:35
skellatItem #3 under the main heading is "Planning Beyond Trusty Tahr"01:36
skellatDoes anybody have any thoughts to contribute at this time?01:36
jrgiffordis this somewhat of an open-ended, "Anything goes" question?01:36
skellatTo an extent.01:36
belkinsaI'm planning to release where we are poll on SurveyMonkey soon so we can think about ReLoCo's.01:37
skellatWhat would you like the Ubuntu Ohio community to be doing after April 2014?01:37
skellatbelkinsa: Understood01:38
skellatBut again, what would folks attending tonight like to see Ubuntu Ohio doing after Easter 2014 which would be the week after the latest LTS will be released to the world?01:38
belkinsaWe also have the topic on Disclosure: http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/where-in-ohio-do-you-hail-from/125701:38
jenni[ Where in Ohio do you hail from? - Ubuntu Discourse ] - https://j.mp/Im680n01:38
belkinsaCould we try using Hangouts and IRC for a release party?01:39
jrgiffordWe could.01:39
jrgiffordSo something I've noticed, is that it is easier to work on open source stuff if other people are too01:40
jrgiffordDo we want to consider having some sort of an open "here's what we have been/are working on with Ubuntu" thing every month or two?01:41
TheMasterThis presumes you're not bat crap crazy.01:42
belkinsaAs a virtual (Re)LoCo?01:42
jrgiffordSomething of the sort belkinsa01:42
belkinsaI would be okay with that.01:43
jrgiffordTheMaster: oh, you should know I am. :-P01:43
belkinsaMight be better off for us anyways since we are scattered.01:43
TheMasterFor the most part, the point of a LoCo is because everyone is closer so they should be more able to do in-person events, otherwise it's a mesh up of -devel and -offtopic.01:43
TheMasterjrgifford: Suuure. :P01:43
jrgiffordTheMaster: true - but we have shrunk in active people. So, this might be a place to start.01:44
belkinsaWe need a YouTube account for this, right?01:45
jrgiffordJust someone with a Google account, if we were to do hangouts.01:45
belkinsaAnd maybe a blog where we post the other things from these sessions.01:45
belkinsaRight, right.01:45
TheMasterThis is sounding like something I could do with people in #xubuntu-offtopic, not something that needs to be in -oh. :P01:45
jrgiffordTheMaster: one word: timezomes01:46
belkinsaAt least timezones will not effect us.01:46
TheMasterTechnically no, but patterns still, which may as well be the same thing.01:47
skellatTheMaster: Explain that further, please, instead of just throwing a one-liner out there01:47
jrgiffordAnyway, didn't mean to hijack the discussion, just tossed out something I've been considering.01:47
belkinsaYou didn't hijack it.  It was along the lines of planing past 14.04.01:48
* TheMaster thinks he should get jrgifford to work on his stuff. :D01:48
skellatWell, somebody is in a mood tonight01:49
belkinsaskellat, is (or has) any other LoCo done this idea that jrgifford is suggesting?01:49
skellatIt came up at the macro- level as a proposal from Canonical Community Team during vUDS-1311 but nothing at local level01:50
belkinsaOkay, just was wondering about this.01:50
skellatLooking past Easter 2014 may be a little rough to do at the moment01:51
skellatThat wraps up the "Looking Ahead" discussion01:51
skellatIs there "Any Other Business" that needs to be brought forward at this time for resolution?01:52
belkinsaNone for me.01:52
jrgiffordNone here01:52
skellatTheMaster: Anything on your end?01:53
skellatThis meeting stands adjourned.  The next meeting is subject to call.01:55
TheMasterjrgifford: So been doing anything of interest lately?01:55
jennioh baby01:55
TheMasterjenni: yeah, honey.01:56
* belkinsa rolls my eyes at jenni01:56
TheMasterjrgifford: You don't happen to have a bitbucket, right?01:57
jrgiffordTheMaster: i  do have a bitbucket01:57
jrgiffordSame username, almost nothing there01:58
jrgiffordHaven't been doing much lately.01:58
TheMasterWell sweet, that's the only public VCS I have, used or not.01:58
TheMaster(LP not counting, of course.)01:58
belkinsaJust a quick question: would a Google form work better as a survey for where our members are located?01:59
belkinsaNever mind, created one.  I just didn't want to make another useless account on some site that I will only use once02:06
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