bkerensaslangasek: what do you and kees do for paleo friendly drinks?01:14
slangasekdrinks like what?01:26
shirgallYeah, for paleo you need to avoid sodas in general, for example01:36
shirgallAnd beers, of course, being grain based01:36
* shirgall has done Atkins, which isn't paleo, but is similar01:36
slangasekbkerensa: I only drink water, wine, or beer with meals anymore; the latter two certainly not being "paleo friendly", but I've never claimed to be a paleo adherent :)  sugar-free sodas have not been proven to be better than sugared sodas; there've been various studies showing that it makes no difference, and the body's pavlovian response to sweetness is one possible explanation for this result.  Subjectively, I can say that even flavored 02:17
slangasek... waters make me hungry02:17
bkerensaslangasek: do you have any pro tips for pale sauce making for meats and veggies?02:18
bkerensaslangasek: I searched high and low at traders joes and could not find anything paleo for veggies or meats... everything had additives or sugar (even the organic claiming stuff)02:19
slangasekwhat kind of sauce are you looking for?02:19
slangasekbutter works as a sauce on veggies :)02:19
slangasekwe've recently found ourselves making our own barbecue sauce, due to Patty's recently-discovered onion allergy... any kind of prepared sauces will be made with onion powder02:20
bkerensaslangasek: well sauce to add flavor?02:21
bkerensaless bland02:21
bkerensathis is not paelo02:21
slangasekso, sugar-free ketchup, + molasses, + vinegar, + spices == barbecue sauce02:21
bkerensaslangasek: and do you make your own dressing?02:22
bkerensaLunch today I had a pretty nice Paleo Bowl at Laughing Planet02:23
slangasekI just do oil + vinegar dressing :)02:23
bkerensait had some sort of vinegar based sauce on the kale that was nice02:23
slangasekas for butter not being paleo, well, paleo is a useful guideline, but if you're not actually lactose-intolerant, why would you care about the dairy part?02:28
slangasekpaleo has the advantage that we can say it's reasonably safe for everybody; but genes *have* changed since then, and wide swaths of the population can handle some sets of foods outside of paleo02:29
slangasek(which is why I don't do "paleo")02:29
keesbkerensa: you will fight insane carb cravings for about three weeks. if you can get through that, it'll all be fine. :)16:20
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