Private_Usermorning all, I am having a constent issues with lubuntu so I am now trying to repair broken packages in recoverymode however I get a message stating "Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!"04:50
Private_Userbut it does not seem to be doing anything04:50
Private_Userany ideas?04:50
Private_Userok I know its Sunday everybody sleeping in late ok when you guys get a chance let me know what your thoughts are cause I get many internal errors when I do anything on the machine inluding when I log in for the first time after shutdown04:52
Private_Userand the apport always crashes if I chose report fault04:52
Resu_Etavirpghost Private_User PrivateUserPassw0rd05:01
Resu_Etavirpdamn wrong command05:01
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nlsthznbest to change your password asap Private_User 11:57
psychicisthi nlsthzn 11:58
nlsthznalo psychicist 12:02
Trixar_zaYou guys might appreciate the humour in that release name parody14:04
kbmonkeygood day Trixar_za 14:04
Trixar_zaHey kbmonkey14:04
kbmonkeyrofl, good names!14:06

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