pfifolipvig: orr customize an install cd for this purpose00:00
hitsujiTMOlipvig: you're looking for an unattended install00:00
dustinspringmanalright.... i'm at the end of my rope on this one..... so I have an optimus system, (yes, I know).... on 12.04 LTS, dual monitors worked well..... I updated to 12.04.3 and now my display port will not send video to the same monitor, using the same cable, on teh same display port that it was on 12.04....... i've googled for about 6hrs now... i've tried everything i can possibly think of... does anyone have any experience wit00:01
hitsujiTMOlipvig: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html00:01
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OlDirtyBastardI can't play AoE2 with wine because of the top title bar00:01
lipvighitsujiTMO: thanks, I'll look into that00:01
legrandinwell im on 13.10 dustin and my monitors work fine00:02
legrandinso i probably cant help :D00:02
hitsujiTMOlegrandin: are your configs catered for apache 2.2 and not 2.4?00:02
legrandini just fixed it! thanks hitsuji00:03
legrandinalso i tried that but i donbt have old configs cause i juast have 13.10, not upgraded00:03
Beldardustinspringman, If you have been doing regular updates 12.04.3 would be what you have been running except for the kernel stack.00:03
legrandinfor some reason there were permissions on the index file preventing me from opening it00:03
dustinspringmanBeldar: I am pretty sure it was the kernel stack that broke this...00:03
Beldardustinspringman, Is that what you upgraded, you would of had to do that yourself?00:04
dustinspringmanBeldar: the 3.8 kernel popped up as a needed update... so I did it...00:04
pfifodustinspringman: does it work when you boot with the old kernel?00:04
dustinspringmanBeldar: as soon as I did, bam.. no mas..00:04
Beldardustinspringman, How long ago did you install this, and do you know what 12.04 it was, and have you tried any of the other kernels in the grub menu?00:05
pfifodustinspringman: are you using propertiery drivers?00:05
dustinspringmanpfifo: i've already destroyed that instance... i thought "oh, forums say it was fixed in 12.10"...so i updated.... then I updated to 13.04 because 12.10 didnt fix it... then i updaetd to 13.10 as a hail mary...... after all that I reinstalled 12.04 LTS (where I am now) and apparently during install it took me back up to 12.04.3 where I stand now..00:06
dustinspringmannope, only using the Intel VESA drivers00:06
pfifook, fresh install then00:06
dustinspringmanin regular 12.04, the Intel Graphics were reported as such.. now in 12.04.3 they say "intel sandybridge mobile"...00:07
dustinspringmanthe "problem" I have surmised is this: xrandr -q and even in "displays" I see my VIZ 26"... but I get "no signal"...00:07
dustinspringmanThe EDID is detecting properly... xrandr sees that the HDMI1 is connected... just sits with "no signal" all the time...00:08
pfifodustinspringman: there is a library for detecting display capabilities00:08
pfifodustinspringman: and seems you have it working properly00:09
dustinspringmanpfifo: right, and I've looked that up.. in 12.04 it was working at 1920x1080_60.00...00:09
cpt_cupcakeI have connected my Mac OS mail client with my Ubuntu Mail server using postfix, and I can receive mails, but can not send any from that client. I have installed roundcube on the server and can send mails from there though. Does anyone know why? :-/00:09
dustinspringmansince i've gained kernel 3.8 this problem existed.. before that, I think I was on 3.6 and it worked well.. no special requirements.. =/00:09
ikoniacpt_cupcake: I suspect you don't have relaying setup correctly00:10
dustinspringmanI thought maybe it was a problem with the virtual display or screen layout or something... but i've tried HUNDREDS of forum fixes to no avail.... still...no signal.. =(00:10
cpt_cupcakeikonia: And how do I do that?00:10
ikoniacpt_cupcake: it's your mail server, you need to setup relaying for the correct incoming/outgoing connections00:11
ChanitoHey guys! What is the best video editing software in your opinion? Can be commercial or open-source. Thanks!00:11
colemanha, looks like I mad it this time00:12
hitsujiTMOdustinspringman: have you tried installing 3.2/3.5 too see if the issue is fixed with the downgrade?00:12
colemanha, looks like I made it this time00:12
legrandindoes anyone know if there is a way to open my text editor (subl) to a specific file?00:12
legrandinSublime Text00:12
legrandini mean, to a specific folder, in the command line00:12
kingbeowolfanyone used "Wireless Hotspot" before?  It gives a security type as WEP.  Can I change it to WPA?00:13
legrandinlike can i do something like "subl (folder)" or something in the command line and have it open that folder>00:13
colemanWPA doesn't always work00:13
LjLbut WEP is always (very) unsafe00:13
pfifolegrandin: if the man page for it dosent offer anything, you can try the old fashioned `PWD=/path/to/files subl` replacing subl with whatever the command is00:14
kingbeowolfWEP can be cracked in 5 seconds00:14
hitsujiTMOlegrandin: subl /path/to/folder00:14
legrandinoh snap, thanks guys00:14
legrandinLINUX IS FIN COOL00:14
ChanitoHey guys! What is the best video editing software in your opinion? Can be commercial or open-source. Thanks!00:15
pfifo!best | Chanito00:16
ubottuChanito: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:16
hitsujiTMO!best | Chanito00:16
ChanitoHey guys! What is MOST FEATURE PACKED video editing software in your opinion? Can be commercial or open-source. Thanks!00:16
dustinspringmanhitsujiTMO: I'm not familiar with the kernel downgrade process, but i guess I will look it up and try... i've tried so much else already, might as well give it a shot..00:17
hitsujiTMO!poll | Chanito00:17
ubottuChanito: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:17
pfifoSh1G3rU: anything todo with windows00:17
ChanitoHey guys! What is MOST FEATURE PACKED video editing software available on Ubuntu? Can be commercial or open-source. Thanks!00:17
Sh1G3rUpfifo, amen00:17
hitsujiTMOdustinspringman: you should be able to install it just by going: sudo apt-get install linux-image-3.5.######-generic00:18
colemantry lightworks i guess Chanito00:18
dustinspringmanhitsujiTMO: thanks man, going to give that a show now00:18
Chanitocoleman: Thank you! And thanks for not being a douche :)00:19
hitsujiTMOdustinspringman: grub will still default to 3.08 so you'll need to manually pick the older kernel in the grub menu00:19
dustinspringmanhitsujiTMO: roger that00:19
robierobguys i am using the radeon standard driver in ubuntu 13.04 can i play team fortress with this?00:20
pfiforobierob: well, technically yes. you might not get the performance you want00:21
hitsujiTMOrobierob: not very well if i understand correctly. there's huge improvements by going to kernel 3.1200:21
robierobi tried a few installs of other stuff could you answer some questions then?00:21
robierobkernal 3.1200:22
robierobsudo apt-get kernal 3.12  ???00:22
jemarki have kernel 3.12.100:22
robierobthis has been a pain for a few days now00:22
hitsujiTMOrobierob: please read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds00:22
robierobi havent been able to use any grafix intensive anything and i just got ride of the ati drivers with catalist00:23
hitsujiTMOrobierob: its generally recommended to stick with radeon driver as it has far better 2d acceleration.00:24
robierobok....and i am looking at that link and i dont understand how to install the better kernal for performanc00:24
robierobok radeo driver better00:25
robierobfor instance i am on a amd 64 machine00:26
robierobturion x2 6400:26
ikoniarobierob: you don't need a "better" kernel00:27
robierobfor performance00:27
robierobhmmmm why the sudjestion00:27
robierobif its faster then why not...00:28
ikoniathe kernel isn't "faster"00:28
robierobevery bit counts i am not alot of ram and the pc old ish00:28
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robierobi C00:28
hitsujiTMOikonia: robierob the radeon driver in the 3.12 kernel does bring some performance improvements00:29
robierobok here is the issue......my card is no long supported and now i cant get cool drivers to use 3d stuff on this system....00:29
robierobso... what to do00:29
Sh1G3rUrobierob, what card is it?00:29
unknown1Hi guys i am new to ubuntu00:30
Sh1G3rUunknown1, welcome to ubuntu00:30
robierobi got the opengl error and needed to update.... i tried failed misserably and now i clean all the junk out i installed and now i am back at the original Radeon driver with 13.04 ubuntu/xubuntu00:30
vadiDoes anyone know by chance of eVGA nVidia SuperClocked cards run fine under Ubuntu with the SC'd speeds?00:30
robierobrs690m.....radeon xpress  1200 series00:31
hitsujiTMOrobierob: ahh, if its a legacy card then you might not get much in performance gain then.00:31
robierobhatsujitmo:   ubutnu what version?00:32
robierobyes lagacy00:32
Sh1G3rUrobierob, have you tried to download from ati the latest drivers?00:32
robierobi didnt know why i was having so many issues latley and my screen getting all funky with me....now i am back to sqaure one00:32
robieroblatest drivers dont support my card00:33
pfifoget the drivers that support your card?00:33
Sh1G3rUlatest drivers for your card, each card have its own drivers00:33
Sh1G3rUsome are packed in one single file00:33
hitsujiTMOati legacy lost support after kernel 3.2 iirc00:34
robierobits a legacy card now.....radeon xpress rs690m   1200 series..00:34
robierobi understand so what do i do know?00:34
robierobno team fortress?00:34
pfifoi throw away better cards than that00:34
mikeshollenGood evening folks. I'm a linux newb currently running a few servers (teamspeak, murmur, vmc, etc) on an old win7 netbook. Recently I have exceeded the capabilities of that system so I have resolved to get some updated hardware and run a linux server for these services. The system I purchased has a 2.13GHz dual core, 4GB DDR3, and an SSD. I have a couple questions before I get started. Is 12.04 LTS server 64 the way to go00:35
mikeshollenfor the OS? Is it that big a deal to run a GUI? Does that version of Linux support TRIM?00:35
robierobok so....... what do i do guys?  i am at an impass and i dont want to fry my system.... only putter i got00:36
vadimikeshollen: TRIM is supported, you can enable it in recent versions of Ubuntu (I'm not certain if it's enabled by default or not). Let me find you a link.00:37
pfiforobierob: get an old kernel that supports the old driver and use them for gaming, you can setup grub to boot with that kernel/driver combo when you need it00:37
robierobok ........how?00:37
mikeshollenThanks vadi00:38
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: do you need a gui for the server?00:38
mikeshollenI don't know. I have never really utilized a command line only environment.00:39
robierobwhat driver do i need and the companion kernal?00:39
mikeshollenI believe I do because I don't think you can configure teamspeak server without one.00:39
pfiforobierob: you should be able to find the .deb package for linux-image-generic 3.2 in the archives, older versions are available too if you need them, once you got the one you want, boot that kernel and install the drivers you need00:39
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: you can manually run trim with: fstrim /                           its generalley recommended to not have it running constantly but to run it as a daily cron00:40
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: not run automatically i should say00:40
mikeshollenThanks hitsujiTMO. What is a cron?00:40
robierobpfifo: i understand what you are saying but i am at a lose as in what i acualy need to do to acomplish that?00:40
vadimikeshollen: The 'Automatic TRIM' part of http://askubuntu.com/a/19480/4918 seems to be simple enough to follow. I was mostly fishing about for good instructions - a lot of people write stuff that is overly complicated for beginners to follow.00:40
vadicron is something that executes jobs for you on a period basis. A scheduler.00:41
rachorobierob, what are you trying to do?00:41
robierobteam fortress is the goal00:41
pfiforobierob: first get your kernel from the archives and get it booting, thats step 100:41
rachoi assume you have some problems with the video drivers?00:41
robierobi got an old radeon card....rs690m   radeon xpress 1200 series card... driver no longer supports it... no lagacy00:42
mikeshollenSo do you think that system will run very well on that hardware?00:42
rachorobierob, how does it run with the open source one?00:42
vadimikeshollen: 12.04 LTS server is a good way to go.00:43
robierobi runs fine normally... but i cant run TF2....i get the open GL error need updating00:43
jgirardHello! Having an issue with my cron job, can't get it to STOP logging to syslog. Tried everything I've been able to find online00:43
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: teamspeak server does install as a cli app.    running the server would certainly be a good way of getting you used to cli :P00:43
mikeshollenWhen I downloaded the file, it is named ubuntu-12.04.3-server-amd64.iso    Is this for intel architecture?00:43
vadimikeshollen: yes, it will work for intel.00:43
mikeshollenAlso, is it worth running the 64 bit version, or will that complicate anything over the 32 bit?00:44
vadi'amd64' is just a historical name for 64bit. AMD came out with it first I guess. Intel supports it.00:44
vadiGo with 64bit.00:44
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: yes, the name amd64 only refers to the fact that amd own the architecture00:44
rachorobierob, fglrx dropped support for x1200 some time ago00:44
robierobyeah.... i got it00:44
robierobi mean i found that out throught this whole week long proces00:44
rachorobierob, you can download an old kernel that works with the old drivers from here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D00:45
robierobso what do i do now?00:45
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: you'll get increased performance on 64bit00:45
pfifothe first 64bit archetichure was the r420000:45
vadiracho: can't he use the radeon driver?00:45
robierobok so what do i do with it... sudo install?00:45
robierobmy experience thus far is a few terminal comands and 34 distros installed00:45
rachovadi, i think he may but he'll need 3.13 and maybe newer mesa00:45
mikeshollenI read that some people were having problems running 64 bit windows 7 on my computer because they were complaining that intel did not have proper drivers for it. Will I run into the same issue with ubuntu server? http://www.foxconnchannel.com/ProductDetail.aspx?T=NanoPC&U=en-us000000500:46
mikeshollenThat is a link to my computer00:46
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: thats reffering to the atom processors i'm guessing. theres no 64 bit drivers for them00:46
pfifowell if its foxconn, their probably right00:46
deedeeas far as i know, amd dropped support for HD4xxx cards and below since 12.04 - and my HD4870 was new in 201100:46
bekksmikeshollen: you will be fine with 64bit.00:46
robierobracho: what do i do with said kernal?00:47
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: for the atom gpu that is00:47
mikeshollenAm I getting conflicting advice from hitsujiTMO and bekks or am I misunderstanding something?00:47
rachorobierob, nothing too different. you download the linux-headers linux-image and linux-image-extra .deb packages (according to your arch, 32bit or 64bit)00:47
bekkshitsujiTMO: of course the atom is supported with 64bit.00:48
rachorobierob, in a directory of your choice. then inside the directory you issue a sudo dpkg -i *.deb and installs the kernel00:48
rachorobierob, you can easily remove it with apt-get remove at any time later00:48
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: no, i still saying go ahead with 64bit. not saying not to00:49
mikeshollenOk, thanks for clarifying.00:49
robierobok...cool acualy directions...00:49
hitsujiTMObekks: i'm reffering to the win7 issue he was talking about00:49
rachorobierob, but a word of warning. fglrx requires a specific version of X11 too, and that may prove problematic00:49
robierobnow again whats the benifit.... here system performance? and the abilitie to run fortress?00:49
mikeshollenIs there a preferred VNC server to install into the 12.04.3 LTS server distro, or does it come with one built in?00:50
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: is it the d2700 btw?00:50
bekksmikeshollen: neither nor, just run apt-cache search vnc and install the server of your choice. Or use freenx/nxclient-00:50
mikeshollenI believe so00:50
pfiforobierob: truly, if your into gaming, you should stick to windows. this would be simple stuff to setup in windows00:51
rachorobierob, i would go the opposite direction. i would install one of the newer kernels (like 3.13) and then use the ubuntu ppa for the latest mesa & drivers00:51
rachorobierob, the open source driver actually supports older ati cards better than amd official one00:51
mikeshollenDo you have any concerns with that processor?00:52
bekksmikeshollen: No.00:52
robierobso what to do?00:52
bobpitI can't get my webcam to work in ubuntu 12.0400:52
mikeshollenI am currently running a 1.6GHz single core ATOM.00:52
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: nope, its a decent low power processor00:52
robierobi though i had the open source driver installed?00:52
bobpitlsusb  gives  ID 1b17:611100:52
ikoniamikeshollen: linux will support any x86 or x86_64 processor fine - you don't need to check every bit of hardware with the channel00:52
mikeshollenAnd mumble has some really innovative methods for dealing with packet loss and audio fidelity00:52
ikoniamikeshollen: you've bought it, so you may as well try it00:52
robierobthe regular radeon driver with ubuntu 13.0400:53
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: running the 330?00:53
mikeshollenbut I think it's too much for the atom00:53
bobpitany chance I can get it to work?00:53
mikeshollenWhat do you mean by 330?00:53
rachorobierob, you do. it comes as a default. however the latest mesa stuff adds some opengl goodness. also consider that x1200 is a pretty old card00:53
hitsujiTMOthe 1.6ghz processor you're on00:53
mikeshollenLet me check00:54
legrandinyeah wasnt linux build with the x86 in mind?00:54
robierobracho so what do i do from here...00:54
robieroblatest mesa00:54
mikeshollenIt is an N27000:54
rachorobierob, i would go with latest mesa and a more current kernel00:54
Sh1G3rUit is good to go00:54
bobpithey, anyone can help me find driver for my webcam?00:55
robierobok.....now we are going some where... what and how00:55
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: you'll get about 4-6 times the performance increase on the newer processor00:55
bobpitlsusb  gives  ID 1b17:611100:55
robierobracho: where and how?00:55
robierobupgrade distros?00:55
rachorobierob, i run a HD5500 and i am currently on 3.13 + plus latest mesa00:55
mikeshollenPlus more by dropping windows 7 for ubuntu I assume?00:55
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: well i'm just going by the processor difference.00:56
robierobso just grab the kernal? sudo it into my system? what about the mesa stuff?00:56
rachorobierob, https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/graphics-drivers/00:56
rachorobierob, you know how to add a ppa?00:57
robierobummm kinda did it once00:57
robierobif you were to give me 5 steps or what ever can you list them? and let me see about doing this00:58
rachorobierob, there are instructions at the bottom of the page00:58
hitsujiTMOrobierob: the 3.12 kernel should be enough of an upgrade for you. the 3.13 is still only beta and only feature power management for the newer gpus so you get no real benefit out of going for 3.1300:58
robierob 3.12 it is00:58
rachoyeah go with it00:59
rachorobierob, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds00:59
robierobthat site was no helps00:59
robierobcompletly unfamiliar00:59
rachorobierob, ok fast steps01:00
rachogo here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.12-saucy/01:00
rachorobierob, do you run a 32bit or 64bit?01:00
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: defo try and stick with cli tho. adding a gui is an unnecessary extra01:00
mikeshollenI don't know if I can manage the teamspeak server w/out a gui01:01
_dalerunning xfce, seeing problems with fonts sometimes having chopped characters, is there an easy fix?01:01
rachorobierob, ok then you need the two amd64 .deb files plus the 3rd file xxx.all.deb01:02
rachorobierob, make a new directory and download them there01:02
bekksmikeshollen: You dont need a gui when just using vnc or freenx/nxclient (which I would prefer).01:02
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: teamspeak server on linux is cli only afaik01:02
jribmikeshollen: why? At least with mumble, you just connect with your client and use the admin account to create rooms and permissions, etc.01:02
robierobracho: done that01:03
mikeshollenWill I get an option when installing to chose CLI or GUI?01:03
rachorobierob, open a terminal and cd into that directory01:04
bekksmikeshollen: No. The server is CLI only by default, but you can install a GUI if you like to.01:04
robierobracho: let me go eat... will you be here in 2 hours01:04
robierobwe'll get this done01:04
mikeshollenSo with CLI I basically live in terminal?01:05
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: ubuntu server installs as cli. you can install a gui on top of that01:05
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: yes01:05
mikeshollenSounds scary. Let's do it!01:05
mikeshollenThank you all so much for your help guys.01:06
Sh1G3rUmikeshollen,  it is much easy to do it than to tell you how to do it01:06
FreeaqingmeHi. I've got a DTAP setup (development, testing, acceptance and production). I want to run all my updates on development first, and once I've tested and verified these updates, roll out the exact same versions to acceptance and production as well. How could I accomplish such a thing?01:08
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Guest66881Hi, whats the best dvdrip program to use for ubuntu 12.04LTS? thanks01:10
jribFreeaqingme: are you just talking about package updates from ubuntu's repositories?01:11
jrib!dvdrip | Guest6688101:11
jrib!dvd | Guest6688101:12
ubottuGuest66881: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:12
Freeaqingmejrib, just packages, but also some other repos (which I;ve no  problem with mirroring locally)01:12
Guest66881Thanks jrib :)01:12
jribGuest66881: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/RippingDVDs here is what I wanted to send01:12
_dalerunning xfce, seeing problems with fonts sometimes having chopped characters, is there an easy fix?01:12
hitsujiTMO_dale: can you please post a screen shot of the issue01:13
jribFreeaqingme: yeah, I would probably just have a local mirror of the repos and control when that updates.  Would that work for you?01:13
FreeaqingmeI'm thinking I could make a mirror, update it once per week. have dev and test use that mirror. And once tested and vetted rsync it to acceptance yeah01:14
jribFreeaqingme: well, you want to make sure that the mirror doesn't get updated while you're still in dev and test01:14
FreeaqingmeI was also looking at spacewalk, but debian support seems still new, and it would surely introduce some more complexity. But I'm not sure if it would also introduce some benefits01:14
_dalehitsujiTMO: I have a screen shot available, where would I post it?01:15
hitsujiTMO!screenshot | _dale01:15
ubottu_dale: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.01:15
blackzombieayuda con bugtraq01:15
jribFreeaqingme: I was envisioning something like: 1. sync mirror with the world  2. mirror is now frozen  3. update dev and test (using local mirror)  4.  if all looks well update acceptance and production using local mirror  5.  go to 101:16
Freeaqingmejrib, that's what I meant yes. Thanks ;)01:16
_dalehitsujiTMO:  http://imagebin.org/27861501:17
_dalehitsujiTMO: sometimes the t's and l's are extremely bad but aren't showing that this time01:18
hitsujiTMO_dale: is it specific apps?01:18
hitsujiTMO_dale: or every app?01:19
hitsujiTMO_dale: or even just a specific family of apps?01:19
_dalehitsujiTMO: from what I've seen, it happens in a terminal windows and at times with chrome01:19
_dalehitsujiTMO: I'm using linux lite but their support channel is sleeping today01:20
_dalehitsujiTMO: as you can see in the screen shot, the X character in the window title is chopped, it should read LXTerminal01:21
hitsujiTMO_dale: do you have a font config file in ~/fontconfig/fonts.conf or ~/.fonts.conf01:22
_dalehitsujiTMO: I'll check... brb01:23
_dalehitsujiTMO: I have a .fontconfig folder with cache files01:24
_dalehitsujiTMO: the file names look like MD5 hash01:24
pfifomy ubuntu 13.10 wants to perform a filesystem check almost every time I restart01:25
bekkspfifo: then you are shutting it down unclean almost every time.01:25
deezedpfifo: how do you shut it down?01:25
hitsujiTMO_dale: are the contents of the files xml?01:26
_dalehitsujiTMO: will open one to see if xml or binary...01:26
pfifodeezed, sometimes i use the gui, clicking the power icon and selecting the shutdown option. sometimes i type sudo init 601:27
_dalehitsujiTMO: they are binary files01:28
hitsujiTMO_dale: then i'm immediately out of ideas.01:29
_dalehitsujiTMO: 7ef2298fde41cc6eeb7af42e48b7d293-le32d4.cache-3 is one of the filenames01:29
_dalehitsujiTMO: ok, thanks anyway... will keep searching google... thanks01:30
deezedpfifo: did you try 'sudo shutdown -h now'?01:30
bekksdeezed: on linux, shutdown -h now just calls init 0.01:31
pfifodeezed: no, i dont use that01:31
_daleracho: yes01:31
racho_dale, do you have freetype libraries installed?01:31
racho_dale, or anti aliasing disabled?01:32
deezedbekks: uhm01:32
_daleracho: don't know, this is a fresh install of Linux Lite and can't find much info from their support on the problem. It's been a while since I've ran linux...01:32
_daleracho: I will have to dig into the settings and see what I can find, thanks for hinting at things to check for01:33
racho_dale, does Linux Lite has a package manager and if yes can you query your installed packages for freetype?01:33
pfifoI think my shutdown problems stem from USB drives being plugged in, getting mounted in /media/pfifo, me not realizing their auto mounted cause im old skool, and unplugging the device leaving stale mounts.01:33
ubuntu-studioHi. I installed Ubuntu Studio along with Windows 8.1 and runned Boot-Repair. After this Windows not appeared at GRUB. In this article http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/tired-of-windows-8-how-to-dual-boot-windows-ubuntu/ says that I have to use an EFI partition mounted at /boot/efi. How to encounter this partition or create it? Thank you in advance!01:34
_daleracho: yes it has a package manager, will search it for freetype01:34
hitsujiTMOubuntu-studio: can you pastebin the output of: sudo fdisk -l01:35
_daleracho: it has libfreetype6 , fontconfig installed when I search for freetype inside synaptic01:36
racho_dale, is libfreetype6 installed?01:36
_daleracho: yes it's installed01:37
NEoneA sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade results in this:01:37
NEoneThe following packages have been kept back:01:37
NEone  linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic01:37
NEoneWhy is it "kept back"? How can I install?01:37
hitsujiTMO!dist-upgrade | neone01:37
ubottuneone: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.01:37
pfifoNEone: use 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' to upgrade01:37
Random832NEone: because you ran upgrade instead of dist-upgrade01:37
ubuntu-studio<hitsujiTMO> I unistalled UbuntuStudio 13.10 and I`m trying to install again using or creating the EFI partition mounted at /boot/efi.01:38
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:38
racho_dale, well that's strange. i suggest looking for more from Lite forums/IRC. also you can try to install some additional font families and check the font settings of your shell01:38
racho_dale, another option is to write your own .fonts.conf01:39
_daleracho: ok thanks, will keep digging01:39
hitsujiTMOubuntu-studio: as long as you boot the installer as uefi boot it will automatically do that for you01:39
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Nuclear_muffinIs there a command I can type in terminal that will make it so I can hear my mic input?01:42
hitsujiTMONuclear_muffin: you should be able to enable mic output in alsamixer01:43
pfifoNuclear_muffin: you can turn the volume control up on you mic in alsamixer (on my card atleast)01:43
pfifoNuclear_muffin: maybe `arecord | aplay` will be a second option01:44
Nuclear_muffinpfifo, It worked thank you.01:44
Nuclear_muffinpfifo, Its what I wanted, thanks01:44
Nuclear_muffinpfifo, Why is there so much feed back that I just didnt have when I was in windows?01:45
pfifoNuclear_muffin: arecord and aplay by default use a really really crappy format, maybe try `arecord -f cd | aplay -f cd`01:46
rachoNuclear_muffin, you may want to open alsamixer press f5 and make sure Mic Boost is not ... too boosted01:46
NEoneI have 2 identical servers. At least I thought so. Added own scripts to /etc/update-motd.d/ and one server actually show a new banner when ssh to it. But the other server does not update its motd:( Why?01:48
jribNEone: are they both ubuntu? :)01:48
bekksNEone: Chech the sshd_config in /etc/ssh/01:48
bekks*check even01:48
NEoneboth ubuntu 12.04, yes. sshd_config is identical in both.01:49
NEoneDidn't find out where to check what's the timer/cronjob for updating this. So I rebooted both servers. One still has the new motd, the other one still didn't update it.01:50
ki4roAnyone know if a fix has been found for 13.10 not recognizing MP3 players?01:50
bekksNEone: Reboots do not help when using linux, except you want to boot a new kernel.01:51
rachoNEone, does /etc/update-motd.d/00-header file has its execution bit set up?01:51
pfifoki4ro: are you a radio operator?01:51
ki4ropfifo, Yes01:51
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rachoNEone, because that usually overwrites your changes01:51
ki4ropfifo since 196501:51
james41382Is anyone here up on using Ubuntu with SSDs?01:51
bekks!anyone | james4138201:52
ubottujames41382: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:52
hitsujiTMOjames41382: fstrim /01:52
rachothat TRIM thing01:52
hitsujiTMOjames41382: or add discard to the fstab for auto trim01:53
Crimson_Roguehello. I'm wondering if someone can tell me how to burn windows 7 on ubuntu01:53
hitsujiTMOjames41382: if thats what you were going to ask01:53
bekksCrimson_Rogue: open a cd burning application, select the Windows 7 ISO, bur it as image, not as data cd.01:54
Crimson_Roguebrasareo work @ bekks?01:54
james41382I don't personally have an SSD drive.. I don't even use ubuntu, but I have a friend who has setup ubuntu on a computer that has an ssd drive and they said they're having some problems so I thought I'd look into the details of it and determine if maybe I could give them some things to try to correct it.01:54
NEoneracho: Yes, all the numbered scripts there do have the +x. (On both servers)01:54
bekksCrimson_Rogue: I never used brasero until now.01:54
james41382SSD drive.. lol that's redundant...01:54
rachoNEone, take a look at that http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/12149/motd-not-changing01:55
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Crimson_Rogueokay; thanks bekks I'll try brasero01:55
hitsujiTMOjames41382: exactly what problems, we need details01:55
talsamonCrimson_Rogue, brasero works well, also xfburn....01:55
Crimson_Rogueokay, and if I have ubuntu installed on my probook; will I be able to dual-boot with installing windows AFTER ubuntu?01:56
hitsujiTMOCrimson_Rogue: yes, but it can be a little harder to setup01:57
Crimson_Rogueokay hitsujiTMO; do I have to fix the GRUB for trusty?01:57
Crimson_Rogueor will windows ignore grub?01:57
hitsujiTMOCrimson_Rogue: is it uefi isntall or bios?01:57
Crimson_RogueI have no idea...01:58
Crimson_Rogueall I know is I have ubuntu installed, and a windows iso01:58
bekksCrimson_Rogue: Windows will overwrite grub01:58
Crimson_Rogueokay bekks; is there an easy way to get grub back on without burning a seperate disk?01:59
bekksCrimson_Rogue: you need an ubuntu cd.01:59
hitsujiTMOfor uefi its simplest to control the boot with the efi boot manager. you don;t need to do any extra finicky stuff to get it working01:59
Crimson_Rogueso I would have to enable uefi in the bios @ hitsujiTMO?01:59
hitsujiTMOCrimson_Rogue: yes for that. be aware that either os will try and set itself as the default boot anything their boot loader or kernel gets an update02:01
Crimson_Rogueokay, thank you hitsujiTMO02:01
Crimson_Roguethank you bekks02:01
hitsujiTMOCrimson_Rogue: for a bios/mbr boot you can also dd the grub bootstrap from the start of the drive before isntalling windows, then install dd in windows and dd it back. but thats more involved and dangerous than using boot repair02:04
Crimson_Rogueokay hitsujiTMO; thank you for your help02:04
james41382Honestly I don't know the details off hand, but he said that it freezes now and then and that he thought it might have something to do with the SSD support. I read that SSD is support under GNU/Linux and that it works better with newer kernels. I believe he is running 12.04 or 12.10.. which is kernel 3.5?02:06
hitsujiTMOjames41382: i doubt the ssd is the issue.02:07
james41382hitsujiTMO: That's helpful. Thanks. So SSD has solid support out of the box.. no additional quirks to configure?02:08
hitsujiTMOjames41382: prob more an issue to do with gpu or cpu02:08
bekksjames41382: 12.04 is on kernel 3.8 currently.02:08
james41382hitsujiTMO: Yeah I asked him if he knew what kind of video adapter was in the system, but he didn't know off hard.02:08
james413823.8.. okay. Well thanks a lot guys. You've been helpful. =]02:09
hitsujiTMOjames41382: when it comes to drives, support is mostly technology agnostic. its the interface that ubuntu needs to support02:11
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:11
hitsujiTMOjames41382: theres a few extras with trim and such for ssds, but when it comes to read/write the disk type shouldn't matter02:12
ki4roAnyone know if a fix has been found for 13.10 not recognizing MP3 players?02:19
linguiniIs there some way to find out the ./configure settings used to compile /usr/bin/ssh-agent on my machine?02:20
hitsujiTMOki4ro: what mp3 player?02:21
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ki4rohitsujiTMO, Eclipse, but that has nothing to do with the problem.  It cannot see an IPOD either.  I can boot the system in PUPPY or Windows and the MP3 player shows up just fine02:27
alberthello there02:28
Artemis3ki4ro, ipods are the first to NOT work. the more chinese generic, the better :) they usually show as usb thumb02:28
ki4roArtemis3, thanks, but the issue imo is 13.10 not the device02:30
hitsujiTMOki4ro: have you tried installing mtpfs?02:30
reisioalbert: 'lo02:30
ki4rohitsujiTMO, Yes02:30
ki4rohitsujiTMO, Tried everything I could find thru google to no avail.  That is why I asked if 13.10 has been corrected yet02:32
alice_huyHi all, I installed pidgin, and fail to launch it, when I I click on icon, it does nothing02:33
hitsujiTMOki4ro: what filesystem is the mp3 players using?02:34
ki4rohitsujiTMO, No idea, but it always worked fine until I ¨upgraded¨ to 13.1002:34
_daleracho: I found the problem to my fonts being chopped in Linux Lite, set Hinting to None under Rendering for font settings with anti-aliasing enabled... hope this helps someone else02:36
_daleracho: thanks for steering me in wright direction, things good better now on screen02:36
hitsujiTMOki4ro: most likely its just a case that its not auto mounting but you can manually mount . you might want to consider reporting a bug on the issue02:37
mikeshollenIf I install ubuntu server LTS 12.04 as CLI and later decide I want a gui, can I install Lubuntu or are they separate things?02:37
ki4rohitsujiTMO, I believe it has already been reported...appreciate your help02:38
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: you can install lxde if you wish02:38
mikeshollenIs that the least resource intensive GUI available?02:39
hitsujiTMOki4ro: best thing to do is to subscribe to the bug report then02:39
hitsujiTMOmikeshollen: lxde is prob the lightest "near complete" desktop environment02:40
mikeshollenPerfect. Thank you!02:41
ArunI'm using Ubuntu 12.04 and i have a problem, I cannot log in to my normal account graphically, when i enter password in the login page screen blinks some times then the login page is showed again. Any ideas to fix this?02:41
xmetalhmm trying to figure out why my site loads correctly (the CSS) when uploaded, though the site doesn't load the css completely locally02:42
hitsujiTMOArun: can you use <ctrl> + <alt> + <f1> to get a virtual terminal and log in there?02:43
Arunya i can do that02:43
hitsujiTMOArun: from there install pastebinit and run : pastebinit ~/.xsession-errors02:43
Aruni can login to the guest account graphically02:43
ki4rohitsujiTMO, Thanks02:44
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hitsujiTMOarun: you can't install pastebinit or access all your home files in guest account tho :p02:44
hitsujiTMOxmetal: try #css02:45
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Arunhitsuji: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6466807/02:47
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hitsujiTMOArun: wow that is a lot of errors02:49
joecascioCan a fellow get some installation help here?02:49
Arunhitsuji: actually i tried to open an .exe file using wine before things went wrong02:49
pfifojoecascio: it works better if you ask a detailed technical question02:50
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hitsujiTMOarun: can you delete the .xsession-errors                    and then try to relog in graphically again. then pastebinit ~/.xsession-errors      again02:51
joecasciopfifo: Thanks! We downloaded the iso file and burned it to a DVD. But when we try to boot up the Intel PC using it, the bios insists there's no OS on it.02:51
pfifojoecascio: did you check the md5sum of the cd after burning it?02:53
bruceHello all.  I was wondering if someone could help me.  I have a system where I installed Lubuntu and I wanted to install zpanel, to setup a number of server features.  I should have setup Ubuntu server but I didn't (long story - thought computer broken but got Lubuntu to install).02:53
joecasciopfifo: The disk verified, so I assume it's ok. The only question I have is that we burned it on a Mac.02:53
bruceOk, so the thing is to install this zpanel, it is downloaded with wget, after changing to root user with sudo -i02:53
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: did you md5 verify the iso tho?02:54
joecascioI wouldn't know how to do that.02:54
pfifojoecascio: id go with mac over windows anyday02:54
bruceand then the downloaded file (downloaded via wget) is marked as executable with chmod +x.  I did all that and now I get a message that I cannot execute this binary file.02:54
Beldarbruce, Technically 3rd party apps are not supported, you might consider just install the ubuntu server, much more support.02:54
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes   instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM02:55
pfifojoecascio: it sounds like the iso is broken02:55
bruceBeldar: I'm afraid that I won't have a running system.  I had for days tried to get something to install.02:55
pfifobruce: why isnt stuff installing?02:56
joecasciohitsujiTMO: Thank you. But what are the chances the ISO is bad? Does this happen a lot?02:56
brucebut does Ubuntu Server install anything special itself, that is not included with a desktop version?02:56
Beldarbruce, Not sure that is logical reasoning overall as far as support...etc, but heh its your decision.02:56
madsailorjoecascio, even if the cd image verified it's still good practice to verify against the original md5 listed on the download page because it can get borked either during downloading or burning02:56
bruceI have a control panel setup on my hosting vps server and I installed zpanel, which is open source, versus cpanel which is not.02:57
madsailoreasy to lose a bit here or there02:57
pfifobruce: server dosent install Xorg and other gui related stuff02:57
Beldarbruce, The server is basically the same as the ubuntu base just no desktop.02:57
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hitsujiTMOjoecascio: it can happen occasionally. its an easy check to perform and good to get out of the way02:58
bruceok, so this zpanel says that it needs to be installed before apache, Bind, mysql, dovecot, postfix, etc.  It installs all that.02:58
Arunhitsuji: there is no such file now02:58
bruceThe only thing I can figure, is that maybe the parent folder for this app does not have execute privileges02:59
Beldarbruce, the zpanel is a 3rd party you will not get support for it except from them or a forum or a irc channel is it the best solution?03:00
bruceI am using this system for development but I wanted to also learn sys admin and to simulate what I have on the remote server.03:00
bruceBeldar, I understand.  I just don't understand in principle why an application would fail to execute.03:01
hitsujiTMOhmm, since there's no log to point to the issue i'd start randomly resetting configs till you find the issue. start by renaming the .config folder: mv ~/.config ~/.config.old03:01
hitsujiTMOthen try to relog again03:01
Arunhitsuji: ok, btw i tried to go to the failsafe graphics mode and i got some error like screen not found03:02
Beldarbruce, Any number of reasons really, and this is not the place to fix it basically, you might try ##linux03:02
pfifobruce: what application, what error messge is produced?03:02
bruceit makes it easy for getting email setup, as an aside... but the point of asking here is that on the Ubuntu box beside me, this app executed just fine.  So, I'm just confused as to what would keep any app from executing... ok.03:02
bruceit is zpanel or zpanelx03:03
pfifobruce: error message?03:04
bruceit says "Cannot execute this Binary file."  It doesn't even get to any point of trying to check on ports being open or anything.  Just immediately says cannot execute this binary file.  It has execute privilege03:04
hitsujiTMOarun: since you are able to login with guest and not your own account, its most likely some config in your home causing the issue03:04
brucethe error message is "Cannot execute this Binary File"03:04
pfifobruce, are you trying to run a 64bit app on a 32 bit system?03:04
Arunhitsuji: i'll try and tell03:04
brucehmm   good question.03:05
brucethat might be it... I think I unintentionally installed 32 bit Lubuntu03:05
brucedarn...   I wonder how hard it is to upgrade to a 64 bit version of the OS?03:06
pfifobruce exmine the output of 'file ./zpanelx` vs the output of `uname -a`03:06
pfifobruce: you ve to reinstall, you cant upgrade from 32 to 6403:07
unicornjedihello. How do I see all the folders of my virtual machine in my host machine?03:08
bruceuname -a says i686 repeated 3 times?03:08
Beldarunicornjedi, Not sure you can a shared folder is the general use.03:09
unicornjedibeldar, okay03:09
pfifobruce that a 32bit OS, if the other command says ELF 64-bit, then your trying to run 64 on a 3203:09
Beldarunicornjedi, people use ssh that would probably work03:09
bruceI see03:09
unicornjediokay, but I want to use a GUI to view the folders. :/03:10
hitsujiTMOunicornjedi: you could set up an nfs share03:10
Beldarunicornjedi, This virtualbox?03:10
bruceis it hard to upgrade a system to 64-bit - a fairly new system install?03:10
Arunhitsuji: i've renamed .config to .config1 then restarted, but the problem persits03:11
pfifobruce: its not hard, its impossible.03:11
impossibleits me03:11
Beldarit's you03:11
unicornjedibeldar, I am on my host OS, but I want to use nautilus to see folders within my virtual machine03:11
pfifoarr ye scallywag03:11
impossiblegood choice unicornjedi03:11
bruceit's impossible?03:12
Beldarunicornjedi, sure and don;t want to answer questions, good luck. ;)03:12
pfifobruce: you have to format and fresh install a 64bit system03:12
unicornjedibeldar, what.03:12
bruceOh, I see03:12
NEoneIs it possible to switch off IPv6 in Ubuntu 12.04 server?03:12
wheatthinunicornjedi, what is your host os?03:13
Beldarunicornjedi, "unicornjedi, This virtualbox?"03:13
unicornjediwheatthin, ubuntu saucy salamander03:13
hitsujiTMOarun: next i'd try: .cache        then: .compiz           then: .gconf03:13
unicornjediBeldar, yes03:13
wheatthinunicornjedi, just setup ssh server on the guest, and you can browse it through nautilus on the host03:13
Beldarunicornjedi, I don;t think what you want is possible but #vbox would probably a good source for more opinions.03:14
NEoneOr can I tell apache2 to listen to tcp instead of tcp6 ?03:14
brucemaybe I should do that then.  Just start with Ubuntu Server and then take it from there03:14
unicornjediwheatthin, can you help me out with that on #vbox?03:14
joecasciohitsujiTMO: I just have funny feeling I'm creating a disk with entirely the wrong format. Like the Mac is not writing an ISO format. It's just writing the .iso file as a plain old file. Does that make any sense?03:15
wheatthinunicornjedi, nope.. just sudo apt-get install openssh-server on the guest if it's ubuntu as well03:15
brucewhat is a good app for creating a bootable usb device?03:15
Random832bootable how? from a livecd, or just in general?03:16
pfifojoecascio: that is a possibility, i have no idea how to verify that in mac03:16
Random832i.e. do you want to generally boot a system and run off it, or do you want to install linux from a usb drive instead of from a cd03:16
brucein general, from a download on a Ubuntu system03:16
bruceyes, I don't have any free dvds03:16
Random832unetbootin has always worked for me03:16
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: ahh you burned it as data and not image. i think you can use disk utility to propperly burn the iso, otherwise you need to convert it to an .img and then burn wuth disk utility03:17
wheatthinjoecascio, Umm you mean a dmg file instead of an iso?03:17
Beldar!who | Random83203:17
ubottuRandom832: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:17
Random832Beldar: the traffic's not that high at 10 at night03:17
Random832but anyway, bruce knows i'm talking to him03:17
unicornjediwheatthin, soooo, I have openssh server. What do I do now03:17
bruceI want to download the latest version of Ubuntu 12.04 server and burn it to a bootable usb device03:17
Random832bruce: unetbootin03:17
BeldarRandom832, not an issue to argue just use nicks it is a common courtesy.03:18
wheatthinunicornjedi, go to nautilus and connect to server :) give your credentials and vuala03:18
Random832bruce: it'll even download it for you03:18
joecasciowheatthin: No, not a dmg. Just a plain old file to dvd.03:18
Arunhitsuji: renamed all  the three still no use :(03:18
wheatthinbruce, use dd03:18
Random832wheatthin: does that work? i heard that doesn't work03:18
wheatthinRandom832, and why wouldn't it work? lol03:19
=== S-USA is now known as SonikkuAmerica
bruceuse dd?03:19
Random832because the iso format is meant to boot from a cd and most systems won't know what to do with it if they find it on a different kind of disk03:19
brucehow does it download it?03:19
wheatthinby using DD, it's an exact replica03:19
Random832bruce: unetbootin? you select ubuntu 12.04 from a list of things it lets you download03:19
bruceoh, ok03:20
Random832wheatthin: have you ever done this? do you know what you're talking about, or are you just assuming it would work03:20
wheatthinRandom832, I wouldn't suggest it if I hadn't done it or suggested it multiple times already03:20
hitsujiTMOarun: ok can you create a new account: adduser <newuser>03:20
hitsujiTMOarun: sudo adduser <nuwuser>      sorry03:20
Arunhitsuji: abandon this one?03:21
brucethanks, later...03:21
Random832huh then i'm not sure why unetbootin exists03:21
konstantinoshello there03:22
hitsujiTMOArun: no, just going to reset the home folder, which you need another account to do03:22
pfifoive been able to get a USB stick to boot by using dd to write an iso to it. but it dosent always work.03:22
wheatthinRandom832, DD works universaly :) Are you sure you know what you're talking about?03:22
Arunhitsuji: ok03:22
Random832wheatthin: some bioses might be picky about it, see what pfifo said03:22
wheatthinpfifo, it should always work if you have a system that boots from a usb device.03:22
wheatthinBut that has nothing to do with DD itself.03:23
Arunhitsuji: created03:23
hitsujiTMOArun: sudo usermod -aG sudo <newuser>03:23
pfifowheatthin: some time it can be a bios problem, but also the iso file itself can be the problem, for example, I have never been able to get the mini.iso to work with dd03:24
Random832some systems can boot from a regular filesystem on usb and not from an iso03:24
wheatthinRandom832, it doesn't show up as an iso fyi03:24
Arunhitsuji: done03:24
hitsujiTMOarun: once thats done, relog to the new user03:24
Random832wheatthin: i'm talking about the format, not the name03:25
Random832FAT vs ISO03:25
Arunhitsuji: logged in to the new uset03:25
Random832the filesystem typ03:25
wheatthinif it's a proper bootable image, there should be no problems.03:25
Random832wheatthin: you're not listening03:25
Random832there are two types of bootable filesystem - FAT and ISO03:26
hitsujiTMOarun: ok: sudo mv /home/<olduser> /home/<olduser>.old03:26
Random832some systems cannot handle ISO on a usb drive03:26
unicornjediwheatthin, I connected to the server but all I see is the 'print' folder03:26
wheatthinunicornjedi, you have to specify the path you want to use.03:26
joecasciohitsujiTMO: The other strange thing is that when I burn the .iso file, the final dialog says, "Image blahblah.iso burned successfully". But then the Mac can't mount the completed disk.03:26
Random832if you don't even know what FAT is or how it is relevant, just stop having this conversation. saying "it doesn't show up as an iso" or thinking that's relevant to what i said shows your ignorance03:26
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: can the mac mount the .iso?03:27
Arunhitsuji: ok done03:27
hitsujiTMOarun: sudo cp -r /etc/skel /home/<olduser>03:27
wheatthinjoecascio, it can't mount it, because of it's encoded filesystem for a livedvd image.03:28
hitsujiTMOarun: sudo chown -R <olduser>:<olduser> /home/<olduser>03:28
joecasciohitsujiTMO: No, just tried that actually. Says, "no mountable file system".03:28
pfifojoecascio: what is the size of the iso file?03:29
wheatthinosx doesn't natively support ext file systems03:29
unicornjediwheatthin, So  Open Nautlius > connect to server > IPAddress ?????03:29
Arunhitsuji: done03:29
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: try this: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx03:29
wheatthinunicornjedi, yes, ssh:ipaddress then login info03:29
hitsujiTMOarun: try log into the old account03:29
joecasciopfifo: 679.5 meg03:30
pfifojoecascio: that seems too small03:30
pfifojoecascio: shoul;d be like 80003:30
pfifo(for the latest images)03:30
hitsujiTMOpfifo the mac image is smaller03:30
hitsujiTMOpfifo: wait im wrong03:31
pfifoi know03:31
joecasciopfifo: That's the download from ubuntu.com. It's the 32 bit version03:31
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: you need the 64bit for mac03:32
unicornjediwheatthin, can you give me a specific example? ssh:
pfifojoecascio: on linux i run `md5sum file.iso` and if mac dosent have md5sum then. well thats pretty silly03:32
pfifohitsujiTMO: (install target is a intel machine)03:33
joecasciohitsujiTMO: I'm not loading it on a Mac, I'm loading it on an old DELL intel box. I have to burn the DVD on my Mac, tho.03:33
BuntuFuntuHey ya'll. I need help with a Touchpad issue?03:33
wheatthinunicornjedi, heh.. You just have to specify the protocol and the ipaddress and then the login credentials.03:33
^^Superfluous^^Im having a touchpad issue as well03:33
joecasciopfifo: I'll try that, thanks.03:33
BuntuFuntuFirst problem I've had with Ubuntu. Laptops touchpad has worked fine since I installed Ubuntu but today I was watching a youtube video and it started spassing out03:34
hitsujiTMOahh. still pfifo point is valid. the i386 for 13.10 id 895MB03:34
unicornjediwheatthin, ssh:myipaddress/hostname/password?03:34
BuntuFuntuNot sure what's going on. I've tried xinput --float and xinput--reattach03:34
^^Superfluous^^In cinnamon, my screen freezes occasionally when using the touchpad03:34
BuntuFuntuTouchpad isn't even working in live mode anymore.03:34
BuntuFuntuHardware is detected. Does anyone have any idea how to get it to work again?03:35
BeldarBuntuFuntu, Can you consolidate this into one post so you can actually be followed03:35
wheatthinunicornjedi, Ummm you're obviously not following the onscreen prompt that you SHOOULD get when you get to 'Connect to Server'03:35
BuntuFuntuLong  story short. Buntu needs his touchpad to work again Beldar.03:35
BeldarBuntuFuntu, Then wait for help, and not spread it all over the channel. ;)03:36
wheatthinBuntuFuntu, make sure your synaptic package is still installed03:36
BuntuFuntuWheatthin: I'm guessing it was since it's worked fine since I installed it?03:36
wheatthinsynaptic touchpad utils03:36
^^Superfluous^^still freezes on the off time03:36
* ^^Superfluous^^ dies03:36
BuntuFuntuInstalled the OS I mean, wheatthin.03:37
joecasciopfifo: md5 checks ok.03:37
wheatthinBuntuFuntu, Either that, or you have it disabled from function key03:37
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
pfifoBuntuFuntu: you said it dosent work on livecd's either03:37
pfifojoecascio: what is the name and md5sum if the file, id like to double check03:37
BuntuFuntuWheatthin: Tried that it's not working when i toggle with the function key and yes Pfifo03:37
Beldar^^Superfluous^^, what does this command show. lsb_release -a03:37
anexdamn first time on linux  been drinking 40s since i remember no sleep03:37
wheatthinanex, no spam plz03:38
joecasciopfifo: e7917ff0543d8248d00ffb166def849e  ubuntu-12.04.3-server-i386.iso I just checked the web site. It's correct.03:38
anexjust stfu03:38
wheatthinnegative, take it somewhere else03:38
unicornjediwheatthin, I am only getting two things in 'connect to Server'   SERVER ADDRESS and RECENT SERVERS03:38
pfifoBuntuFuntu: did you recently get bitten by a zombie? Touchpads only work with living fingers03:38
Beldar!ops | anex03:38
ubottuanex: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!03:38
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Flannelanex: Please help keep this channel on topic (and remain polite), thanks.03:39
BuntuFuntuPfifo: No?03:39
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: md5 is correct03:39
anexkkk, sorry03:39
wheatthinunicornjedi, there should be server address, but it should also have a slot where you select which protocol and login credentials.03:40
anexwhats a good music streaming app for ubuntu?03:40
wheatthinunicornjedi, otherwise it doesn't know if youw ant to connect to ftp, ssh, telnet, or whatever03:40
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: i'd go ahead and try http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx     at least get to the converting the .iso to .img   and then burn the .img03:40
unicornjediwheatthin, it doesn't. Nautilus on Ubuntu saucy doesn't have that :(((((((03:40
hitsujiTMOanex: minidlna03:41
joecasciohitsujiTMO: Yeah, just reading that. Seems like the way to go. If I get a proper .img file, it should burn properly. (I hope)03:42
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: once you get the .img try and mount it first at least03:42
knoxyHi all. When I run update-initramfs -u, I get this error: http://pastebin.com/sKV7QHei - This is a ubuntu bug from upgrade?03:42
joecasciohitsujiTMO: Roger that.03:42
wheatthinjoecascio, can always compare the md5checksum03:43
BuntuFuntuTouchpad still not working..03:43
knoxy[changing the paste url] Hi all. When I run update-initramfs -u, I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6466958/ - This is a ubuntu bug from upgrade?03:44
joecasciohitsujiTMO: There is a UI option I saw to convert to .dmg. I wonder if that's different than an img.03:44
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: yes its different03:45
Arunhitsuji: thankyou :)03:45
zaccattak217how do i hook up my logitech c200 webcam to my laptop?03:45
cameron_ /server irc.icq.com03:45
Beldarzaccattak217, plug it in open cheese and see if it works.03:45
zaccattak217what's cheese?03:46
hitsujiTMOarun: just copy over your configs and files bit by bit from your old home03:46
Random8321997 called03:46
Beldarzaccattak217, its installed in your ubuntu and is a webcam app03:46
Arunhitsuji: doing it and how to delete that new user?03:46
zaccattak217ohh. thanks03:46
pfifoknoxy: ive never heard of libmdma whats that all about?03:46
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: you can still try it tho for the .dmg03:47
Beldarzaccattak217, should be installed if not run sudo apt-get install cheese03:47
hitsujiTMOarun: you can delete it in system settings -> users03:47
Arunok :) thanks03:48
knoxypfifo, me too, I never heard of...03:48
hitsujiTMOknoxy: what did you use to encrypt the file system?03:49
zaccattak217can i use my webcam with skype?03:49
pfifoknoxy: i dont mean to scare you, but it sounds like part of a rootkit, and google didnt have any results about it. I was hoping you say its your own pet project.03:49
Beldarzaccattak217, if it works yes.03:49
zaccattak217cool. thanks Beldar03:49
knoxyhitsujiTMO: I dont know... I'm trying to upgrade the kernel.... only upgrade03:50
Beldarzaccattak217, No problem, use the skype from the ubuntu repos.03:50
brucefor some reason, the ubuntu server 12.04 did not detect my ethernet card.03:50
knoxypfifo: hmm, rootkit? hacker tool?03:50
zaccattak217how do i do that?03:50
Beldarzaccattak217, sudo apt-get install skype in the terminal03:51
hitsujiTMOknoxy: do you have an encrypted filesystem?03:51
bruceI tried to install Ubuntu server using Unetbootin and it says that no network adapter can be found.03:51
pfifoknoxy, could be from your ISP as part of control panels, or other 3rd party tools03:51
zaccattak217sowhat if i already installed it from their website?03:51
Beldarzaccattak217, There is also the ubuntu software center to install apps with.03:51
knoxyhitsujiTMO: this is a dedicated server. The datacenter install ubuntu to me..03:51
Beldarzaccattak217, The one in the repos is more up to date is all.03:52
=== map is now known as Guest63282
knoxyhitsujiTMO: I use this server only to run my applications (lamp)03:52
Oddityzaccattak217 of Haven & Hearth fame?03:52
zaccattak217so should i delete my current skype then download the one you said?03:52
bruceapparently lubuntu recognizes my ethernet card but not Ubuntu server03:52
knoxypfifo: the datacenter install a libs to backup. This is the information I know03:52
Beldarzaccattak217, Up to you the ubuntu skype wiki suggests using the repos.03:53
zaccattak217thank you03:53
PDilyard_ok im on a uefi machine and i've deallocated the space that i had 12.10 installed in (im installing 13.10). When, I run the installer, ubuntu does not give me the option to install alongside windows (which, in my experience, will install into the unallocated space)03:53
pfifoknoxy, well this is failing because it cant find /lib/lib__mdma.so.1 which seems to be from some 3rd party03:54
PDilyard_so if i choose "something else" in the installer, how do i select what partition to install to?03:54
knoxypfifo: I always updated the server. I've problems only with this upgrade....03:54
BeldarPDilyard_, Was that you experience with the 12.10 install?03:54
knoxypfifo: I've this server since 2011 I think...03:55
zaccattak217it says i have the current version so i'll just keep what i have03:55
PDilyard_Beldar: no, that was my experience on my desktop, which is not uefi03:55
hitsujiTMOknoxy: that looks to be something to do with filesystem encryption ( which explains why its being called that this point )   this is something you'll need to get onto your provider about straight away. DO NOT reboot the machine03:55
BeldarPDilyard_, Ah well uefi is different hold on for the bot.03:55
Beldar!uefi | PDilyard03:55
ubottuPDilyard: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:55
pfifoknoxy: I second NOT  rebooting, it likely wont come back up03:56
pfifoknoxy: nows a good time to make a backup of your work too03:56
knoxypfifo: hitsujiTMO omg...03:56
BeldarPDilyard, here is another, this mod is about the best consistent help as well. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729503:56
PDilyard_Beldar: step 4: "Install Ubuntu from the Live CD/DVD or Live USB in the usual manner, then reboot the PC. "  the usual manner is not working for me03:56
zaccattak217is there anyway to get itunes on ubuntu?03:56
BeldarPDilyard_, uefi is different, read the links, and recognize that uefi here is a bit foreign to most here03:57
xanguazaccattak217: if it is for managing an iOS device you better use a windows install or a virtual machine03:57
knoxypfifo: hitsujiTMO look the update-grub: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6466990/03:58
zaccattak217windows install?03:58
knoxypfifo: hitsujiTMO its ok to reboot? or not?03:58
hitsujiTMOknoxy: no03:58
mikeshollenDuring the installation process of Ubuntu Server, if I choose to install services like LAMP or OpenSSH, do they just take up storage space on my drive, or are the actively running services at that point that consume CPU and RAM?03:58
joecasciohitsujiTMO: Ok, it created the img file, but appended a .dmg to the end. Should I remove that?03:58
pfifoknoxy: no, dont reboot, make a backup of your stuff03:59
hitsujiTMOknoxy: if it is an encrypted filesystem then it may fail to boot with the broken initramfs03:59
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: no, try mounting the .dmg03:59
PDilyard_Beldar: i understand that its different, but im having trouble understand what im supposed to actually do differently, as the steps for installation are unclear (e.g. "install ubuntu in the usual manner")03:59
hitsujiTMOjoecascio: if that works unmount it and burn it away03:59
BeldarPDilyard_, If I knew uefi I would help you.04:00
zaccattak217xangua: windows install?04:00
PDilyard_mmk well im rebooting then04:00
Oddityzaccattak217, he means to use Windows. Either dual-boot or install it in a virtual machine.04:00
zaccattak217what's a virtual machine?04:01
hitsujiTMOzaccattak217: a virtual machine allows you to install a virtual computer with windows inside your ubuntu installation04:02
zaccattak217how do i do that?04:02
pi_hi guys, how's everyone doing?04:02
hitsujiTMOzaccattak217: its the only way to get itunes fully working in ubuntu04:02
xanguazaccattak217: why don't we start from the beggining and tell us what do you need itune for¿04:02
donmarquishi pi_04:02
pfifokeeping it real pi_ how about you?04:03
zaccattak217i have an ipod and i need to add music and manage the ipod and i don't like using rythemnbox or clemetine04:03
pi_not bad :) just on the laptop while my gf and her mates are really annoying and drunk :/ haha04:04
xanguazaccattak217: do rhythmbox or clementine work¿04:04
Beldarpi_, Do you have a UBUNTU ISSUE?04:04
donmarquispi_ you are lucky and unlucky at the same time04:04
mikeshollenDuring the installation of Ubuntu Server, if I choose to install services like LAMP or OpenSSH, do they just take up storage space until I use them or are they actively running services that consume CPU and RAM at all times?04:04
knoxyhitsujiTMO: how can I do to know if my filesystem is encrypted?04:04
pi_zaccattak217: no option for itunes i imagine? and wow! your alias is hard to type!04:04
mikeshollenzaccattack217: A few years ago I managed to get iTunes to work through WINE.04:04
zaccattak217yes they do work but i'd just prefer to use itunes because it's much easier and that's what i'm used to04:05
zaccattak217i tried using wine but it didn't work04:05
pi_xangua: hello :)04:05
knoxypfifo: I'm make a backup...04:05
hitsujiTMOknoxy: whats the output of: mount04:05
carl_if u mounted successfully, there would be no output info04:06
tgm4883!tab | pi_04:06
ubottupi_: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:06
pi_i'd seriously just do it in windows, installing i will save you hours of getting itunes to work, you can alwasy format it away and pretend you never insttalled i xD04:06
Beldar!ot | pi_04:06
ubottupi_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:06
knoxyhitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6467010/04:06
pi_my t buton isn't working properly :(04:07
=== Neo__ is now known as pearler
pi_whoever gave me the ubotu tip... thanks :) i can't tell who sent it because i's disappeared off of my screen04:08
hitsujiTMOknoxy: ok, doesn't look to be encrypted BUT initramfs is probably broken and can still cause boot failure04:08
xmetalfunny ... i am taking a break from CSS to study circuitry (less of a headache to me)04:09
Beldar!ot | xmetal04:09
ubottuxmetal: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:09
crazyhorseyou mean CSS as in html and css?04:09
xmetali knew that was coming04:09
knoxyhitsujiTMO: I can try to install a other linux-image (version)... ?04:09
xmetalan OT nazi04:09
xmetalyes... and yes i know this is the ubuntu room04:09
knoxyhitsujiTMO: or its a initramfs error and the new version cant solve?04:10
crazyhorse!anl | Beldar04:10
pi_xmetal: i'm the opposite! i hink css is miles easier than electronics! i still couldn't tell you what a capacitor is seful for xDu04:10
crazyhorsecss IS easier than electornics04:10
crazyhorsemuch easier04:10
Beldaryeah it is the moron hour04:10
crazyhorseyou can teach CSS in a few hours.. you can't teach electronics04:11
xmetaloh i know it should be but i am not getting the results i expect (and the funny thing is i have not messed with my css files for years)... anyway even i admit this is OT04:11
xmetalso i am leaving it alone in this channel04:11
hitsujiTMOknoxy: if you're happy to backup and start from scratch then reinstalling the image can get you back to a working system again. just update fully and test to make sure the issue doesn't reoccur in the new install04:11
pi_xmetal: if you find electronics easier than css, keep at it, you're on to a winner :)04:12
jgcampbell300i have 3 locations and i need a server in each location incase the internet drops ... but files need to be up dated and working04:13
richard305hey nightowls -- anyone from the boston area who knows a good place to take a ubuntu laptop for expert advice? i've got something that's above my paygrade that i'd like fixed, and i've already screwed up my machine once doing it04:13
crazyhorsehaha @ <ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about anl04:14
xmetali am in electonics "101" i admit it ...getting more practice with thevenin therom .. haven't gotten to AC stuff yet04:14
richard305just finalizing a complete reinstall and would rather not do it again04:14
crazyhorse<crazyhorse> Let me teach you; <ubottu> I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:14
knoxyhitsujiTMO: I meant to keep this copy, just update the kernel.04:14
pi_xmetal: i slightly understand DC, all i know about AC is that it alternates haha :)04:14
Beldarrichard305, You can get paid support from canonical.04:15
joecasciohitsujiTMO: Burned the img.dmg and tried it in the PC. No luck. BIOS still says "Missing Operating System".04:15
xmetalah same as me. pi_04:15
pearlerI got a mail virus today.   AAaaaarrgggghhhh04:16
pi_xmetal: :D i was reading up on it, but I los interest and startted geeking abou something else xD04:16
=== Foxhoundz_Gone is now known as Foxhoundz
Beldarpearler, how are you sure of this?04:17
pi_xmetal: forgive my lack of "t"s my keyboard has had its day04:17
pfifodigital logic is much more fun than the analog stuff your doing04:17
hitsujiTMOknoxy: that aint gonna work. its nothing to do with the kernel. your initramfs setup has hooks to a script that requires 2 libraries that are missing. there's still a chance that those 2 files are part of some sort of root kit too.  you need to find out what they're from and renistall it and for that you need to get onto your provider04:17
richard305Beldar: really? i'll have to look into that. i've been trying for two days to get tihis new laptop's nvidia card running and just wrecked it all and had to start from scratch04:17
richard305waste of two days04:17
hitsujiTMOknoxy: otherwise you need you backup and do a complete reinstall04:17
pearlerI'm ssure.  How do I get rid of it?   A good virus cleaner ??04:18
Beldarpearler, A virus in linux is highly unlikely.04:18
xmetalah ha .... it was (for FF anyway) an addon issue04:18
Beldarrichard305, good nvidia support here generally, if you can stand the wait at times.04:18
pearlerIt's in my mail.04:18
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus04:19
pfifopearler: whats the virus do?04:19
=== paulus68_1_ is now known as paulus68_1
JordanJ2How do I change ownership of a folder from root to my user?04:19
pi_back :)04:19
pearlerThe  virus keepss putting advertisements at the top of my email.04:19
xmetalin Linux?04:19
pearlerCan't get rid of it.  Can't delete04:19
pi_JordanJ2: sudo chown *user* /your/user/here04:20
pi_JprdanJ2l: sorry, /your/folder/here04:20
zzxcubottu: Java JVM's can be infected.04:20
ubottuzzxc: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:20
xmetalthat  doesn't sound right for some reason04:20
=== bitch_please is now known as Guest79648
hitsujiTMOpearler: i think thats called gmail.    :P          but that could be your mail provider injecting the ads04:20
pfifopearler: what do you use for sending/recieving mail?04:20
knoxyhitsujiTMO: I signed a new ticket in support of datacenter. Thanks for help man...04:20
JordanJ2pi_ *user*04:20
xmetali agree with hitsujiTMO on that one04:20
zzxcWeeelll that makes sense04:21
xmetalemail provider (especially free email) may be injecting the ads04:21
pearlerI've been using yahoo mail04:21
pi_JordanJ2: so for example, my user is pi, so i'd type "sudo chown pi /folder/to/be/owned04:21
hitsujiTMOpearler: do the ads get injected if you use the webmail interface?04:22
pfifopearler: you use the web interface for yahoo mail?04:22
JordanJ2Got it. thank you pi_04:22
pi_JordanJ2: no worried :04:23
hitsujiTMOpearler: and when you use another browser?04:23
pfifopearler: then its working properly, and you do not have a virus04:23
criptoQuick confusing question, how can I have non admin users be able to start and stop a paticular service as well as view its logs04:23
pearlerHaven't tried another browser.   Was hoping to just clean this up.04:23
hitsujiTMOpfifo: unless its a rogue browser extension04:23
JordanJ2I can change it back to root with user = root?04:24
hitsujiTMOpearler: install a new browser and check04:24
pi_cripo: i#'m not sure that you can... i think it takes root privelages to start and stop services :(04:24
pi_cripto: sorry, my t button barely works, i sent you a message :)04:25
hitsujiTMOcripto: yes. you can add sudo entries for particular apps/scripts04:25
pi_hisujiTMO: how do you do that?04:26
jarray52I'm having trouble transferring photos from my android device to Ubuntu 12.04. Anyone know how to do this?04:27
criptohitsujiTMO: Can you link me to something to help me do that04:27
criptopi_: thanks, I saw the first one04:27
hitsujiTMOcripto: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/sudo04:28
jarray52When Using Open Shot Well, it says Starting import, please wait, but it doesn't do anything.04:28
=== bitch_please_ is now known as inyourface09
pi_cripto: no problem :)04:28
criptohitsujiTMO: so, say I want to let them view and start and stop tomcat, I can then make them part of the same group as tomcat and they can sudo?04:30
hitsujiTMOcripto: so you can simply do: username ALL=/usr/bin/tail /user/bin/touch04:30
tozenjarray52: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/upgrade-to-gvfs-with-mtp-support-in.html04:31
pi_hitsujiTMO: so any user would then be able to sart/stop he service?04:31
criptono, a set of user be able to start and stop a set of services04:32
criptosay apache and tomcat04:32
criptoas well as read its logs04:32
jarray52tozen: What if I'm using PTP mode?04:32
hitsujiTMOcripto: pi_:  for a service you can use a wrapper script and then in visudo: %group ALL=/path/to/script04:33
pi_hitsujiTMO: you've lost me haha xD i'm just eavesdropping because i don't understand04:34
tozenjarray52: no ideas i dont04:34
lemonsparrowI installed ubuntu 12.04 LTE using a live CD alongside my windows 7. After installation, when I boot my PC I get the error   Kernel panic - Not syncing: no init found. Try passing init=option to kernel” 12.04 first boot04:35
lemonsparrowhow to fix the issue... help please04:35
hitsujiTMOcripto: logs can be a bit trickier. best to have a script cat the log to a file the user can read.04:35
hitsujiTMOcripto then ofcourse have script in your visudo too04:36
criptohitsujiTMO: Okay, I think I undrestand04:36
pi_lemonsparrow: i think you may have a kernel problem, the first thing i'd do is wipe the partion and jus try agin04:36
pfifo!info mazeofgalious04:36
ubottumazeofgalious (source: mazeofgalious): The Maze of Galious. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.62.dfsg2-3 (saucy), package size 145 kB, installed size 668 kB04:36
criptohitsujiTMO: I think its better to pull these services to a different server and give them full root permissions04:36
lemonsparrowpi_: will I lose my data from windows /?04:36
pi_lemonsparrow: as long as you don't delete your windows partition, anything saved on you C:/ drive should still be there04:37
lemonsparrowpi_: rest will go ?04:38
hitsujiTMOcripto: well if you want to trust them with full access to a server then that option is ok. the custom visudo rules is the safer option04:38
pi_lemonsparrow: as to actually booting windows with two operating systems, you'll need o make sure you have a bootloader04:38
lemonsparrowpi_: OK... given the scanerio now, is there any thing I can do now to fix the issue... without losing windows and all the data if not ubuntu ?04:39
pi_lemonsparrow: yeah, just don't delete any hard drive partitions where you have important data, it's worth backing up anything important first04:39
lemonsparrowpi_: so any step by step guideline reference for this ? I am new to this..04:40
pi_lemonsparrow: BACK UP! :) before you go any further, load a live cd and back up anyhing you can't afford to lose04:40
zzxcI'm getting stuck on a blinking empty prompt on a 12.04 install. Anyone have any thoughts?04:41
lemonsparrowpi_: the partition (x drive) I have used for ubuntu installtion is empty.. it doesnt have any data.. so why do I need backup />>04:41
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Beldarzzxc, blinking empty prompt?04:42
zzxcBeldar: Basically a black screen with a curser biking in the top left hand corner.04:43
Beldar!nomodeset | zzxc04:43
pi_lemonsparrow: you should back up anything on your windows drive... just in case i all goes south04:43
Beldarzzxc, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313204:44
lemonsparrowpi_: actually I have lots of data but I dont have a drive to back it up..04:44
pi_lemonsparrow:  as to step by step, i couldn't tell you tbh. google ought to bring something up. read about disk partitions :)04:44
ubottuzzxc: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:44
lemonsparrowpi_: how about this ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootSectorFix04:45
pi_lemonsparrow: ahh, in that case you need to be careful. double check tha you don't accidentally install ubuntu onto your windows partition :)04:45
pi_lemonsparrow:  brb04:45
lemonsparrowpi_: ok04:45
xmetalthats a bad thing to do?04:46
zzxcBeldar: Alright cool thanks. Do you know how to set it on server machines by chance?04:47
Beldarlemonsparrow, You have a W7 install or recovery disc/usb/iso?04:47
zzxcBeldar: actually this may not be it. Its not even loading grub. Its like there is no partition on the machine that is bootable.04:48
Beldarzzxc, Your getting a blinking cursor on a server install with no desktop?04:48
lemonsparrowBeldar: I have a windows installer CD04:48
Beldarlemonsparrow, Is windows still there?04:48
lemonsparrowBeldar: windows is still there.. but not able to boot..04:49
Beldarlemonsparrow, W7 cd, it would have to be a dvd unless a recovery on a cd.04:49
noobszany ideas on as to why I can no longer use my password for sudo?04:49
noobszor su?04:49
lemonsparrowBeldar: I have recovery option in CD that should help right ?04:50
noobszIt won't accept it and no the caps lock isn't on04:50
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zzxcBeldar, I'm not really sure how that would happen. Then is a monitor attached currently but the machine generally runs headless. I did a 10.04 -> 12.04 upgrade a while back that broke my system. I'm trying to fix it now so there is a monitor attached.04:50
Beldarlemonsparrow, That will work this a mbr msdos or a uefi install?04:50
mikeshollenWhen I install Ubuntu Server, if I chose to install services like LAMP or OpenSSH, will they initially only take up storage space until I need to use them for something, or will they consume CPU and RAM just for choosing to install them from the CD?04:50
tgm4883mikeshollen, they will start their services at boot04:51
zzxcBeldar, I've tried both the ubuntu server iso and the ubuntu desktop instance.04:51
Beldarlemonsparrow, YOu can reload the windows bootloader is the point here.04:51
mikeshollenI can always install them later then, correct?04:51
pfifomikeshollen: they will use cpu nd ram if you start them, but if you dont start them, only space04:51
tgm4883or you could disable their startup04:52
mikeshollenIf I want a web-admin service to remote control my server from my iPhone or another computer, do I need OpenSSH?04:52
tgm4883pfifo, they start by default04:52
lemonsparrowBeldar: I tried using the windows 7 CD... when I tried for recovery option it asked for fresh installation so I dont think that will help04:52
Beldarzzxc, both have a blinking cursor, the server has no X, a blin king cursor generally is a missing driver for a desktop install.04:52
lemonsparrowBeldar: I think I will need to try ubuntu live04:52
lemonsparrowI can access the grub terminal..04:52
Beldarlemonsparrow, YOu would not run the recovefry but use the command line, once grub is in the mbr it wont repair that.04:52
zzxcmikeshollen, you can but if you means of connectioning to the server is ssh you're kind of SOL.04:53
Beldarlemonsparrow, YOu have the live ubuntu right?04:53
mikeshollenWhat would you recommend for running a headless server so that I can control it from another device?04:53
lemonsparrowBeldar: no I am downloading it now.. earlier I had used a usb it got corrupt... so now I am downloading it again from another machine04:53
zzxcBeldar, doesn't Grub use X though I thought.04:54
tgm4883mikeshollen, SSH04:54
zzxcmikeshollen. Yep what tgm4883 did.04:54
Beldarlemonsparrow, so what do want as of now, there is a script we can look at run from the live ubuntu to see whats on the hd?04:54
mikeshollenzzxc: What did you mean by I'm SOL?04:54
zykotick9zzxc: grub does NOT use X04:54
lemonsparrowBeldar: now when I boot my machine I get the option to chose b/w windows and ubuntu.. when I chose windows I am taken back to the o/s selection page again...when I chose ubuntu.. I get the error Kernel panic - Not syncing: no init found. Try passing init=option to kernel” 12.04 first boot04:55
Beldarlemonsparrow, Right but that does not really answer what you want, the end goal.04:55
tgm4883mikeshollen, I'm not sure what he meant by that. As long as you install the SSH server, you should be fine to connect04:55
lemonsparrowBeldar: end goal is to get thiis issue fixed.. if not by successfully installting ubuntu then atleast  by making sure I save windows and all data..04:56
mikeshollenIf I select OpenSSH during installation of ubuntu server, is that what you are referring to by installing the SSH server?04:56
zzxczykotick9, Sorry worried that incorrectly. I meant grub doesn't use X and I'm not getting to Grub so so I doesn't make sense for it to be issue with drivers and X.04:56
Beldarlemonsparrow, Did you resize windows with the ubuntu install, or remove any partitions from the HD?04:56
zzxcmikeshollen: Shit out of Luck = SOL.04:56
tgm4883mikeshollen, yes04:56
mikeshollenI know, buy why would I be SOL04:56
zykotick9zzxc: have you tried nomodeset?  that's the 1st thing to try, with boot to black screen issues... best of luck.04:57
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:57
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lemonsparrowBeldar: remove any partitions from the HD NO and as for resize windows with the ubuntu install, I didnt get what you meant..04:57
zzxcmikeshollen: Well if you're running headless you need a way to connect to the machine.04:57
lemonsparrowpi_: Beldar what is the solution now ?04:58
zzxcmikeshollen. I mean you could do something weird like tel-net. but unless you have a monitor to attach when things go sideways it dones't make a lot of sense.04:58
Beldarlemonsparrow, ubuntu has to have unallocated space to install to, so how did you have that? With a choice of install alongside in the ubuntu install gui or reszing windows in windows or ubuntu to have that space.04:58
mikeshollenI can use my TV if things go poorly04:59
mikeshollenDo you guys recommend enabling automatic security updates for an LTS server install?04:59
cfhowlettmikeshollen, I would ...04:59
tgm4883mikeshollen, depends on the server's job04:59
mikeshollenThe server's job is to host communication servers like murmur and teamspeak05:00
mikeshollenpossibly web hosting at some point05:00
* zykotick9 thinks auto updating is a bad idea...05:00
cfhowlettzykotick9, even security updates?05:00
tgm4883mikeshollen, I'm guessing based on your previous questions, that it's a home server or other server for personal use. If it's publically accessible via the internet, then you have 2 options05:00
tgm48831) enable auto-updates for security updates05:00
zzxczykotic9, Yeah I'm guessing thats probably the case. Thanks. Do you know how to set up nomodnet on a server install?05:01
lemonsparrowBeldar: OK.. Ill explain.. I had only one drive in my windows.. C... it had windows and all my data.. while running ubuntu installer I chose the freespace from C drive... so both windows, ubuntu and my data is in one logical drive C05:01
lotuspsychjeis there a way to lock useraccounts icon, to prevent other users to read the userlist?05:01
zykotick9cfhowlett: yes even those... the admin should know what was just installed, if things go bad... MY OPINION ONLY!05:01
tgm48832) Have a good plan for vetting and applying updates05:01
Beldarlemonsparrow, This a wubi install?05:01
tgm4883zykotick9, while I agree with you, lets face it. Most people just do the apt-get upgrade (or dist-upgrade) and don't look at what is updating05:01
lemonsparrowBeldar: no bootale USb .05:01
tgm4883zykotick9, and they do that whenever they remember to05:01
mikeshollentgm4883, this will be a public use server. All the communications servers will be password protected but I will be using dynamic DNS to share them with friends and coworkers.05:02
zzxccfhowlett: Yeah I have to agree with zykotick9 on that one. Either you can do it once a week manually or have it shut down in time of use.05:02
Beldarlemonsparrow, YOU can't install ubuntu in windows as you have described.05:02
pi_lemonsparrow: i have o go my friend, if you want any help, i'll msg you my email05:02
lemonsparrowpi_: stay for 2 mins05:02
zzxctgm4883L if id didn't require sudo leave you could run a chron job during an inactive time.05:02
cfhowlettzzxc, zykotick9  points taken05:02
lemonsparrowBeldar: pi_ OK so then I messed it up perhaps by having both in one drive... now what';s the way out ?/05:03
noobszdamn well that didn't work05:03
tgm4883mikeshollen, let me respond with asking another question. If an update breaks the system and it goes down for awhile, how bad is it05:03
pi_lemonsparrow: i'll try and return in about an hour if possible, something important has just come up, sorry :(05:03
noobszAnyone know how to get su ability back to an account?05:03
lemonsparrowpi_: ok thanks.. tc05:03
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tgm4883zzxc, it doesn't though. It would be easy enough to cron that05:03
pi_lemonsparrow: you too mate :) i'll try and come back05:04
Beldarlemonsparrow, Same drive is fine.05:04
tgm4883noobsz, add it to the correct group?05:04
mikeshollentgm4883, No one would be losing money since it is for non-profit use. The only thing that would be upsetting would be if I was too busy to respond to the issue within a few hours,05:04
lemonsparrowBeldar: ok so now what's the solution to get this whole thing fixed..05:04
noobsztgm4883: I can't05:04
lemonsparrowpfifo: sure.. :)05:04
tgm4883noobsz, you need to boot to recovery mode05:04
noobsztgm4883: I can't authenticate and it's my only account05:04
mikeshollenI think I will probably do them manually maybe twice a month.05:04
noobszI did05:04
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"05:04
zzxctgm4883: Mmmm, good point.05:04
noobszI did this http://askubuntu.com/questions/266986/authentication-failed-with-the-correct-password-and-now-i-cannot-use-sudo-anymor05:04
noobszand it didn't work05:05
zzxcmikeshollen: just have just set up a cronjob for a time that you won't need to use the machine to do an update.05:05
tgm4883noobsz, how did you break it05:05
noobszI dunno05:05
lemonsparrowBeldar: ?05:05
noobszI haven't done anything05:05
zykotick9noobsz: 1) did you change the name of your computer by chance?  2) "groups" in a terminal, does it show sudo?05:05
tgm4883noobsz, now that is a lie05:05
Beldarlemonsparrow, Get to the live ubuntu desktop and use the bootrepair to run only the bootinfo summary and post the url to it. This will answer the important questions I have to actually help you. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair05:06
tgm4883zykotick9, why would changing the name of a computer break sudo?05:06
noobsztgm4883: Nothing out of the ordinary like installing a few things flash plugin was one05:06
mikeshollenzzxc, that's a good idea. I was going to use cronjob to run TRIM maintenance as well.05:06
tgm4883noobsz, sorry, I just don't believe you05:06
noobszzykotick9: no, I didn't05:06
zykotick9tgm4883: if your hostname and hosts doesn't match - sudo breaks05:06
zykotick9noobsz: and are you in the sudo group?05:07
noobsztgm4883: It worked up until about 5 minutes ago. I have installed Chromium, flash, htop, nmap, and a handful of others05:07
noobszthat's it05:07
tgm4883zykotick9, ah, yea, I thought you just meant changing it (eg properly) would break it05:07
Beldarlemonsparrow, The bootinfo script generated will tell us what is where, very important info to fix this.05:07
zykotick9!hostname | tgm4883 fyi ;)05:08
ubottutgm4883 fyi ;): Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.05:08
noobszyes I am in groups05:08
hamzadhow to  write c programm in linux plz help me i m new on it05:08
zykotick9noobsz: "in groups", is "sudo" listed when you type "groups"?05:08
noobszI haven't changed anything. I did change smb.conf the workgroup to MSHOME but that's it and it was working fine for a while05:08
noobszzykotick9: yes05:08
lemonsparrowBeldar: ok... so  I will do that... I am sought of half way through my download of ubuntu live.. once it's done I will run the script.. will you be around ?05:08
zykotick9noobsz: ok.05:08
mikeshollenHow do I tell my software servers to automatically launch when the system boots?05:09
noobszI tried to reboot in recovery mount /, and chroot /mnt usermod -a -G05:09
noobszrebooted didn't work05:09
noobszin fact I couldn't chroot in recovery05:09
noobszit kept giving me an error saying chroot: usermod no such command or something of that effect05:09
zzxcMaaan this is irksome.05:10
noobszbut if I just used usermod by itself, it would give all the switch options05:10
tgm4883noobsz, that isn't a single command05:10
Beldarlemonsparrow, I will be here for an hour an 45 min gone for a hlf hour than back.05:10
noobsztgm4883: I know, I mean when I tried what was listed in that help article05:10
zykotick9noobsz: using usermod is a GOOD way to break sudo05:10
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"05:10
noobszzykotick9: I was using it to try and get it back05:10
tgm4883noobsz, what help article05:10
lemonsparrowBeldar: ok.. so I believe in the boot repain UI itself I can find the option  to generate the bootinfo summary right ?05:11
noobszI didn't use usermod ever until just recently05:11
lemonsparrowBeldar: then shall copy paste it to you ... :) to further analyse the issue.,.05:11
noobszand the only reason I used it is because that is what was said to do in order to try and get sudo auth back05:11
zykotick9noobsz: fyi, when you change any user's groups - you need to log out and back in... (in case you didn't already know)05:11
Beldarlemonsparrow, Take a look at the link it shows the gui that comes up when you run it there is a bootinfo button there and a repair run just the bootinfo summary.05:11
zzxcAlright I did some research into and I don't think its nomodeset bc: I'm not loading to grub & the install disk works fine.05:12
noobszzykotick9: I rebooted05:12
lemonsparrowBeldar: yep got it,, thanks a lot..catch up with you with the report in some time.. thanks05:12
zzxcAm I just missing what nomodeset does?05:12
Beldarlemonsparrow, No problem that bootinfo summary is a script we used to run till the app maker incorporated in to a full repair app.05:13
noobszI have no idea what happened05:13
lemonsparrowBeldar: oh.. I see05:13
zykotick9noobsz: do you get an error when you run "sudo foo"?05:14
Beldarlemonsparrow, easier to generate from a gui, and that app is an good repair toll otherwaise.05:14
zykotick9noobsz: and foo is just a variable - when you run "sudo apt-get update" type thing?05:14
Beldartool* heh05:14
lemonsparrowBeldar: yep...05:15
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noobszsudo apt-get update worked05:15
noobszI mean it ran it05:15
zykotick9noobsz: so what's your issue05:15
noobszzykotick9: When I was trying to do an install it failed05:16
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zykotick9noobsz: install of what?  how?05:16
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
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Nothing_MuchDoes Canonical accept Bitcoins? :)05:18
Beldarheh you sure, lol05:18
cfhowlettcash only05:19
=== root is now known as Guest57029
Beldarcough backtrack05:20
MVanDruffhello for some reason my xubuntu stopped reading my sound card05:23
MVanDruffany ideas05:23
zykotick9MVanDruff: from terminal, does "cat /proc/asound/cards" show your card?05:24
MVanDruffno it doesnt05:25
zykotick9MVanDruff: that's not good ;)  that means ALSA and thus probably your kernel/module setup is not detecting your card correctly.  do you see it in the output of "lspci" assuming it's a pci/onboard card.05:26
MVanDruffits not onboard05:26
mikeshollenWhat is the difference between using OpenSSH and Puppet for remote administration of my server?05:27
zykotick9mikeshollen: those are not related things...05:27
MVanDruffits a soundblaster audigy albeit that it is 11 years old05:27
mikeshollenCan you help a linux newb by explaining further?05:27
zykotick9mikeshollen: ssh is secure shell/scp-sftp/other stuff.  Puppet is to control a large number of servers in the same way, like a central control.05:28
mikeshollenzykotick9, so I would use puppet if I needed to deploy the same actions to a server farm, and I would use ssh for remote controlling a single server?05:29
zykotick9mikeshollen: i'd imagine you can run puppet over ssh ;)05:29
Private_Usermorning guys, I just performed Memtest on my ubuntu desktop which its still busy with and I get a which reads "7  0  00013497cd4 -  308.5MB f34ec102 f34ec102 00001000  1" where each one is under "Tst  Pass  Failing Address    Good  Bad  Err-Bits  Count  Chan" respectively. Question is can it be repaired?05:29
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest61777
zzxcOpenSSH lets to connect to a machine as if it was locally there. Run Commands for it, access all the files that the user you're signed up with can.05:30
zykotick9mikeshollen: you want to use ssh for pretty much everything ;)  it's one of the best tools in *nix land05:30
zzxcPuppet is for managing varms05:30
lemonsparrowBeldar: I tried with a bootable usb which had ubunutu... it's sought of starts but then suddenly the screen goes blank.. I can hear the sound of screen loading..05:30
mikeshollenzykotick9, thanks for clarifying05:30
zzxcor something like auto scaling groups.05:30
lemonsparrowBeldar: I assume it's got corrupt and that's whY I am downloading the new windows live again...05:30
lemonsparrowBeldar: ubuntu live*05:30
Beldarlemonsparrow, cool05:30
zzxc Hey is there any inherint issue with downloading a image on a OSX machine using dd to copy of the system the install it on a machine that doens't use an IFE?05:33
reisiozzxc: an IFE?05:33
BeldarPrivate_User, You can't repair ram.05:33
zzxcEFI* sorry.05:33
Private_UserBeldar, :(05:33
reisiozzxc: an Ubuntu image?05:34
BeldarPrivate_User, If you have multiple sticks you can remove them one at a time and see if it is just one of them.05:34
zzxcreisio, yep. Server image. I remeber reading something along those lines a while back. That images from a mac are only useful on a mac.05:34
reisiozzxc: even if it ended up broken you could fix it05:35
Private_UserBeldar, ok cool I will try that, hopefully it works since each stick is 256MB and I only have 2 of them. So then that is a conclusion that all my internal errors in ubuntu were related to this issue05:35
zzxcreisio, But I don't remeber the context, or the reasoning. I'm wondering if that might be part of my issues right now.05:35
reisiozzxc: you could also mount it and copy just the files, and make a partition layout from scratch05:35
BeldarPrivate_User, awfully low ram to run ubuntu, hard to say if this was all the errors.05:36
zzxcreisio, Yeah but then you end up with a drive that doesn't have the bootable flag. And no UEFI manager.05:37
zzxc*sign* It could also be that the machine's drives are just failing. That would royally suck.05:37
Private_Userok cool no worries let me check what happens when I remove each RAM. The errors only started like maybe a day or 2 ago and when I try to vew report the apport crashes and the machine hangs. thanks Beldar05:38
mikeshollenWhen I first install server LTS, am I correct that I am not running in a root account, but I am a member of sudoers? If this is the case, do I need to create any additional users to protect my software servers within ubuntu server?05:39
BeldarPrivate_User, No problem, I wiuld run lubuntu with that ram is all.05:39
zzxcmikeshollen, Not quite.05:39
zzxcmikeshollen, root has all privillages. When you run something a sudo you are basically doing a su root.05:40
zzxcSo you're using the root user to make the changes.05:40
mikeshollenzzxc, but how do I manage users in linux? In windows I wouldn't run my murmur server in the administrators account, I'd create a user account to run it in. Do I need to do something like this in ubuntu server?05:41
tigerLjoin /ubuntu_cn05:41
zzxcYou create a user. Give them sudoer permission and then lock down the root. You should have to log in to gain access to the account.05:44
mikeshollenzzxc, so then without doing that, I am in fact in root after the initial install?05:45
zykotick9mikeshollen: server uses sudo (not root).  typically when you install a service, it adds a user for that server automatically (usually, no idea about murmur)05:46
Beldarzzxc, Not really a very good description of how ubuntu runs, there is no root account to start with.05:46
mikeshollenSo if there is no root to start, then I am safe to use sudo to do my software server installs, and ubuntu creates the appropriate protection for something like murmur?05:47
zzxcmikeshollen: Actually I'm thinking of a different Distro. And05:47
zzxcBeldar, How do you mean there is no user root?05:47
buumikeshollen: What do you mean by safe? Sudo temporarily invokes 'root' permissions to do something.05:48
zykotick9mikeshollen: usually for services, yes.  for murmur - I have no idea...05:48
buumikeshollen: Its like the prompt windows added to ask you if you really want to do something, except you tell it before hand =]05:48
zzxcbuu, Additionally sudo bash give you command prompt the ability to run everything as root.05:48
Beldarzzxc, this is not debian.05:48
buuzzxc: ubuntu installs with the root user disabled from logging in by default05:48
Beldarthere is no root password for example05:49
hurdorbsdwhich is the most updated linux with latest kernel?05:50
Beldarhurdorbsd, this is ubuntu support do you mean this in that context?05:50
zzxcBeldar, Right but there is a root user. It just fairly transent. There is no password, it doesn't have the same type of home directory, you can't do a su root.05:50
mikeshollenForgive my inexperience, but from what it sounds like, I don't really need to create any additional users since root is disabled by default and I can temporarily gain root privileges by password.05:51
hurdorbsdwhich kernel is ubuntu 13.10 using?05:51
Beldarzzxc, ONe can get to a root account yes, it was that your decsiption and syntax is a bit off is all.05:51
Beldarhurdorbsd, 3.1105:51
hurdorbsd3.11? is it stable?05:52
zzxcbuu, Interesting I didn't know that. Actually I've always ssh'ed through the ubuntu user on AWS and created my own user.05:52
buumikeshollen: Well, its slightly more secure to create additional users to run services, that way if the service gets exploited it has less permissions than your regular user05:52
buumikeshollen: For example it couldn't write to your home directory and files.05:52
Beldarhurdorbsd, It's released, stable would be a personal opinion in the end really.05:52
zzxcBeldar, Right, fair enough.05:52
hurdorbsdwhich ubuntu is using 3.10 lts kernel ??05:52
buumikeshollen: Lots of "major" services, like mail daemons and webservers, will add and run as their own separate user account.05:52
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseNotes05:53
mikeshollenbuy, so this is unlike windows in that, windows you would log into one user and run all applications within that user, whereas linux you can be logged in as your non-root user, and then run services as different users specific to the service?05:53
buumikeshollen: Yes05:53
buumikeshollen: In short.05:53
mikeshollenbuu, I understand the concept now. thanks for your patience.05:53
buumikeshollen: Most old/large services like apache will allow you to specify a user to run as, for example you tell apache to run as user 'www-data', then you *start* it as root, it performs operations that need root permissions, such as listening on port 80, then changes its user to www-data05:54
hurdorbsdis there a linux which uses 3.12 kernel?05:54
Beldarmikeshollen, abstractly ubuntu is like an admin account with a password to execute in windows,05:54
buumikeshollen: Note that root can change to any user but any user can't go to root without passwords, obviously.05:54
Beldarhurdorbsd, The development 14.04 does05:54
buumikeshollen: But you can also explicitly run as a different user by using the sudo -u user; command05:55
hurdorbsdwhere can I find the development iso?05:55
hurdorbsdwith xfce please05:55
Beldarmikeshollen, Really more like a standard account in windows where you can use the password for admin functions.05:55
mikeshollenbuy, is there a possibility if I start a service with sudo and have it assigned to a user, that it could break functionality of the service at some point?05:55
* buu glances around the channel05:56
buuIs there someone named buy here?05:56
Beldarlemonsparrow, yes.05:56
lemonsparrowdownloading live.. :)05:56
buumikeshollen: The question is slightly vague, but as long as you always run it as the same user, it should always work in the same way05:56
Beldarlemonsparrow, cool05:57
pi_lemonsparrow: i'm back, do you still need help? :)05:57
buuThat is, if it works the first time, it should work the second time!05:57
lemonsparrowBeldar: pi_ I am still downliading live.,..05:57
Beldarpi_, Are you familiar with the bootscript?05:57
pi_lemonsparrow: ah, ok :)05:57
pi_Beldar: sorry, nope :(05:58
mikeshollenbuu, my auto correct doesn't like your name :-)  So this would prevent someone from gaining access to system files through one of my voice servers if they found a way to exploit the voice server?05:58
zzxc mikeshollen & buu: And you have to also enable a user's ability to do this. It's generally off by default on new uers.05:58
Beldarpi_, we are going to use it to duagnose the problems lemonsparrow is having, just a heads up.05:58
lemonsparrowBeldar: (Y)05:58
pi_Beldar: thanks :)05:59
lemonsparrowBeldar: when I ran windows repair.. the problem shown is no os installed..05:59
Beldarno problem05:59
pi_lemonsparrow: which windows do you have?05:59
Beldarlemonsparrow, Hard to say why the script will tell us whats up.05:59
buumikeshollen: Yes, there is two levels here. The first level is that any user account can't access system level files, like the kernel and related configuration files. The second is that running as a *different* user means that they can't *write* (by default) to your personal files.06:00
buumikeshollen: Note that they can read most files on the system by default, assuming they have full control over a user account.06:00
wilornelHey guys, my laptop's wireless card and audio card/driver is not working properly(not working at all), so I decided to switch from EFI mode to Legacy. Here it says I need to make a new partition with a bios_grub, I can't set one..: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Converting_Ubuntu_into_Legacy_mode06:01
wilornelare* ... with a bios_grub flag*...06:01
mikeshollenWhen I setup murmur, I believe it uses port 64738 for TCP and UDP. Do I simply open that port through NetFilter or do I forward requests on that port to the murmur application? I am currently familiar with the Zone Alarm interface in Windows, but I have no experience with NetFilter.06:02
Beldarwilornel, THat is an option before installing.06:02
wilornelBeldar: The flagging?06:02
zzxcThink 8gb is enough for /, /boot/ and /user for a headless server?06:03
Beldarwilornel, EFI mode to Legacy.06:03
zzxcbee_mo Hey how are you doing?06:03
wilornelIt's weird, because on Ubuntu's website, it says that "If Ubuntu is _installed_ on a GPT disk:..."06:03
wilornelBeldar, ^06:03
bee_mois the login to www.ubuntuone.com different than the errors.ubuntu.com?  I'm getting a openID error.06:04
Beldarwilornel, It says to use the bootrepair app.06:04
pi_zzxc: yepp, i have a raspberry pi doing the exact same.06:04
wilornelBeldar: it says to use Gparted if I use GPT06:05
buuWhat the heck is netfilter?06:05
buumikeshollen: Is murmur like mumble?06:05
buuBut quieter?06:05
Beldarwilornel, then use the bootrepiar06:05
mikeshollenbuy, mumble is the client, murmur is the server06:05
mikeshollenbuu darn auto correct06:05
wilornelBeldar. Again, it says that I need to set up a new partition if use a GPT disk06:05
zzxcpi_:haha hince the name?06:06
buumikeshollen: Is this server behind a separate firewall?06:06
Beldarwilornel, Part of the problem here is that not many here are familiar with uefi.06:06
Beldarincluding myself06:06
wilornelBeldar: I'm not asking you anything about uefi06:06
Beldarwilornel, It is part of the scenario however.06:06
wilornelBeldar: I'm talking about setting a new partition at the start of the disk, and flagging it as bios_grub06:06
hurdorbsdguys if I try Dev 14.04 which uses 3.12 as kernel .. can I still update to final release of it without reinstalling ?06:06
wilornelBeldar: It is indeed. But I don't see how UEFI goes in the way of setting a flag on a new partition?06:07
bazhang!final | hurdorbsd06:07
ubottuhurdorbsd: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Trusty and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 14.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.06:07
pi_zzxc: lol yepp :) i'm ssh'd into the pi, which has an apache server running, with a cloud storage web app, and it all runs effortlessly on 8GB :) what type of server did you have in mind?06:08
mikeshollenbuu, the server is attached to a consumer FIOS router/modem combo from Verizon. They do have a firewall built into the router, but I typically turn on a software firewall in Windows for better security. The Ubuntu Server manual says that NetFilter is a Linux subsystem that manipulates network traffic and is used by most Linux Firewall solutions.06:08
hurdorbsdwell guys where can I read about 14.04 and its kernel and other stuff06:08
MrDyneHow do get a program/script/command to run at system boot without having to login each time? I've been Googling and messing with /etc/rc.local all day and I can't get nothing else to work.06:09
Beldarhurdorbsd, If you install 14.04 the #ubuntu+1 channel is where you would get help.06:09
pi_hurdorbsd: i'd reckon google might be a good choice... xD06:09
MrDyneI made sure to chmod a+x /etc/rc.local like all the online guides said to do.06:09
mikeshollenbuu, so does that mean I still need to install a software firewall and it just uses that service?06:09
buumikeshollen: I'm going to admit this is areas where I'm not an expert, but I've never felt the need to run a firewall on linux. Just make sure you only have services listening to the outside world that you actually trust06:09
buumikeshollen: use netstat -nlp; and nmap; to see what is actually listening for connections06:10
buumikeshollen: To me a firewall is for when you can't control what might be listening on your machine, like a windows box that runs a bunch of default services that listen or something.06:10
mikeshollenbuu, does this mean by default that I 12.04 LTS server doesn't have a firewall installed that I will need to configure for these services?06:11
buumikeshollen: I'm fairly certain it does not come with anything like a firewall, yes.06:11
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buumikeshollen: If you run sudo netstat -nlp; all the stuff at the top that has an IP is what is listening and obviously the colon is what port. If it is listening on or the publically accessible IP address, that means its a "public" service, anything else can't be reached from the outside.06:12
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
buuHere's a question, what the heck does the Foreign Address field mean in that netstat output?06:13
MrDynemy command to start the team speak server under user server works fine in a root terminal "sudo -u server sh /home/server/Team_Speak/teamspeak3-server_linux-arm64/ts3server_startscript.sh start" but doesn't work in rc.local06:13
bee_mois the login to www.ubuntuone.com different than the errors.ubuntu.com?  I'm getting a openID error.06:13
ethangCan't get my wifi to work on my laptop.  It worked when I updated last year.  any suggestions?06:13
bee_mothx btw for any help on this..06:14
Beldarethang, Can you identify the wifi from running lspci06:14
pi_ethang: did you upgrade a year ago? if so, definately update and see if that fixes it06:14
ethangpi_:  : no, i just upgrded from DVD install disc.06:15
rypervencheMrDyne: I made an alias to start TeamViewer for me then put it in a cronjob for @reboot06:16
Beldarethang, Some drivers in general don't follow an upgrade06:16
zzxc_Ouch, that wasn't a fun network lag.06:16
pi_ethang: ah, i'd still try and apt get update and upgrade, and -219-157.col.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu06:16
pi_04:26 -!- jarray52 [~bigbear@unaffiliated/jarray52] has joined #ubuntu06:16
pi_04:26 < pi_> hisujiTMO: how do you do that?06:16
pi_04:26 -!- Ergo_ [~Ergo@] has joined #ubuntu06:16
pi_ethang: sorry, everything wen wrong then :S06:17
pi_ethang: yeah, i'd run an apt get update and install and if anything pops up asking you to upgrade, don't put it off :)06:18
mikeshollenIf I setup a web server, do I also use SSH to transfer over html files built on my laptop to the server?06:20
rypervenchemikeshollen: It would be a good way to do it. You could use scp or sftp which uses the SSH protocol.06:20
zzxcmikeshollen. You would most likely use scp. Its the copy command over shh.06:20
ethangpi_:upgrde says I'm up to date06:20
zzxcrypervenche, is sftp installed by default now?06:21
rypervenchezzxc: It's a part of openssh, so if you have SSH you have it.06:21
pi_ethang: what was the device again? i can't scroll up :(06:21
ethangwifi adapter06:22
zzxcrypervenche, Do you still have to configure it, or is it up by defualt?06:22
pi_ethang: oh yeash haha :)06:22
rypervenchezzxc: I don't know if the server is installed by default. You might have to start the server and enable it. How you do that depends on the version of Ubuntu you're using.06:22
rypervenchezzxc: The fine folks here should be able to answer that question for you. I don't use Ubuntu anymore.06:23
=== grubles is now known as Guest34207
SchrodingersScatzzxc: on desktop versions only the ssh client is installed by default.  installing is just 'sudo apt-get install openssh-server' and then you can log into the machine using your login credentials, etc.06:23
pi_ethang: if i's usb, run lsusb and google your wifi linux drivers on google. i had tha problem once, and came across a few tutorials for my wifi dongle. maybe you'll have similar luck :)06:24
ethangpi_: unfortunately it's on the pci bus, built-in06:25
Beldarethang, Have you identified the wifi hardware yet to the channel, by running lspci in the terminal?06:25
ethangBeldar: I'll try it again.06:25
Beldarethang, If you can't tell just pastebin all the info.06:26
pi_ethang: oh ok, in tha case, there's a chance there's a model number or something printed on the device itself. you can normally google for new parts by model number, no reason why you couldn't find good insallation instructions :)06:27
ethangBroadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)06:27
SchrodingersScatanother victim06:27
Beldar!broadcom | ethang06:27
ubottuethang: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:27
pi_ethang: what ubottu said ;)06:28
ethangbrad[]: pi_: Trying it now...06:33
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wilornelWow... installing Ubuntu on those new Laptops is sooo much trouble..06:44
tozenhi all! folks how can i install some pkg from ubuntu livecd? thx06:45
reisiotozen: same as ever06:45
wilorneltozen: select "try Ubuntu" when booting06:45
tozenreisio: apt-get?06:46
reisiotozen: sure06:46
tozenreisio: so i dont need to say to the system that i'm offline?06:47
reisiotozen: hrmm?06:47
tozenreisio: just sudo apt-get install pkgname?06:47
reisiotozen: same as ever06:48
tozenreisio: ok ill try thx!06:48
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Cache_MoneyWhat did I do?  http://imgur.com/ncndzk6  I must have changed a setting because now everything looks like an old UI06:53
MrDyneYay, I looked up cronjob and the ubuntu wiki said to use gnome-schedule if you want a gui program for setting up crons. That was simple... Team Speak now starts at boot!06:53
Cache_MoneyThe buttons/tabs in Chrome look weird too  http://imgur.com/UNimJtI06:54
trevnorrisI'm having trouble adding a "perf probe" to a c++ method with colons in the name. anyone have an idea there's a way around this, if I need to update perf or maybe just point me in the right direction?07:02
MrDyneThank you to all the users who answer people's questions on here! Just about have my server finished, but I must finish it tomorrow as I have been up for more then 24 hours. Night.07:03
lotuspsychjetrevnorris: maybe the ##programming channel might know?07:05
trevnorrislotuspsychje: thanks. i'll try that.07:05
wilornelHey guys, any idea why the splash screen can play a sound but youtube cannot?07:17
reisiowilornel: you using any other audio apps?07:18
wilornelnope mozilla is the only one running07:19
ecahwilornel: mute?07:19
wilornelIt's not muter07:19
reisiowilornel: any other audio apps work (besides splash)?07:19
wilornelat first, Ubuntu booted in UEFI mode, and there was no sound at all. Then, I made it so that it would boot in Legacy mode, and now it plays a sound in the splash screen....07:20
impradeepycan we make changes in cpu settings for decreasiing heat?07:20
impradeepyi am using 1507:21
reisioimpradeepy: sometimes07:21
impradeepyi5 processprs07:21
wilornelreisio: oh and no, no other apps play sound other than the splash screen07:21
lotuspsychje!info gpar2 > lotuspsychje07:23
piccahow do i use gnome 3 on ubuntu - eg get rid of unity07:23
lotuspsychje!nounity | picca07:23
ubottupicca: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic07:23
wilornelpicca: unity3d?07:23
piccathanks lotuspsychje07:23
wilornelAlright, I remove i8042.reset from grub boot and sound works again..07:25
wilornelany idea why?07:25
wilornelchrist! It doesn't work after coming back from hibernate...07:26
wilornelwhat the....07:26
FloodBot1eric_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:29
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=== mapo is now known as mapoo
apm1is there mate DE in the 13.10 repos ?07:30
lotuspsychje!info mate07:30
ubottuPackage mate does not exist in saucy07:30
Beldarcinnamon is in the repos mate isn't07:31
apm1so i am forced to use a ppa07:32
apm1thanks for the info guys07:32
saintcajetan1I am having some problems, here is what happened. http://paste.ubuntu.com/6467493/07:34
saintcajetan1Would appreciate any help07:34
Beldarsaintcajetan1, That is really vague.07:35
Beldarsaintcajetan1, Post the issues here with details.07:35
saintcajetan1yeah I know what can I tell you that might help07:35
saintcajetan1it is pretty weird...07:35
saintcajetan1never had has this happened to me, if I can even just boot I can fix it myself but since I can't I don't even know where to start.07:36
Beldarsaintcajetan1, what happens when you try to boot it?07:37
saintcajetan1I get a black screen07:38
saintcajetan1and that is it07:38
saintcajetan1and then it has a blinking underscore _07:39
Beldarsaintcajetan1, You getting the grub menu, and is the a dual boot?07:39
saintcajetan1no it is not a dual boot07:39
saintcajetan1it is strictly Ubuntu07:39
Beldarsaintcajetan1, Crefully read the questions there was two there.07:39
saintcajetan1no GRUB menu like I said07:40
saintcajetan1I only get a black screen after my computer makes the beep noise to boot07:40
Beldarsaintcajetan1, You said nothing about grub, power on and hold the shift key down and see if grub shows.07:41
saintcajetan1I have already tried that07:42
wilornelMy sound drivers turn off or something when my laptop hibernates...07:42
saintcajetan1wilornel: What DE you running?07:42
wilornelsaintcajetan1: DE?07:42
Beldarsaintcajetan1, strange seems like messed up file system or broken hardware, you tried a fsck from a live environment.07:43
Beldarsaintcajetan1, no blinking cursor just a black screen?07:43
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saintcajetan1not yet, forgot to do that. I highly doubt it is broken hardware it is pretty brand new. I had shutdown all of a sudden so it is probable that. Let me see what I can be able to do with gparted07:44
aeon-ltdwilornel: desktop environment07:44
wilornelsaintcajetan1: It's Ubuntu 12.04LTS07:45
saintcajetan1just a blinking underscore _ at the top left corner07:45
Beldarsaintcajetan1, I would fsck it most likely just for a variable check.07:45
Beldarsaintcajetan1, If we were seeing grub I would suggest nomodeset.07:45
saintcajetan1appreciate it will try that and see what happens07:46
unicornjedihello, how would I view the files in my Ubunter server virtual machine? using nautilus in the host manchine?07:46
Beldarsaintcajetan1, You could wait a minute with the blinking underscore and see if you get to a tty as well.07:46
saintcajetan1tty terminal?07:47
Beldarsaintcajetan1, ctrl-alt-f107:47
saintcajetan1unicornjedi: try Control+alt+t to get to the terminal07:48
wilornelHey guys, any idea why would my sound not work after hibernate?07:48
saintcajetan1unicornjedi: then type nautilus07:48
Beldarsaintcajetan1, Just to see if it is actually maybe a graphic thing, although you should still see grub, just sort of picking at possibilities.07:48
saintcajetan1yeah I had installed the graphics successfully in 13.04 but for some reason when it upgraded to 13.10 recently07:48
saintcajetan1it is not working properly07:49
saintcajetan1I can't open steam07:49
unicornjedisaintcajetan1, but ubuntu server doesnot have a gui07:49
Beldarunicornjedi, You ask min #vbox yet, a shared file is how you share with virtualbox in genral or a ssh as another showed you earlier.07:49
saintcajetan1I was going to fix that but then I messed up lol07:49
Beldarsaintcajetan1, nvidia?07:49
unicornjediBeldar, yea Im having trouble with that07:49
saintcajetan1unicornjedi: yeah I know you should still be able to see nautilus if you try the command line no?07:50
saintcajetan1Beldar: no I have AMD HD Radeon 797007:50
saintcajetan1superfat: you might want to tell us what you need help with :P07:50
saintcajetan1brb trying fsck07:51
unicornjedisaintcajetan1, uh that didnt solve meh problem07:51
Hecterhi guys, i installed sendmail in my ubuntu, and managed to receive an email using PHP mail() inbox, thankfully not in my spam07:51
Hecterbut looking at my headers, Return-Path: <www-data@localhost.com.ph>07:51
HecterReceived-SPF: none (domain of localhost.com.ph does not designate permitted sender hosts)07:51
superfatwhat's your name?07:51
Hecterstill not a designated sender, how do i fix these things?07:51
HecterReceived: (from www-data@localhost)07:52
Beldarsuperfat, This is ubuntu support do you need that?07:53
davegemptonYes I have a unbutu+ juju problem.07:54
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davegemptonAre there any juju experts in the house?07:55
unicornjediBeldar, no one is on #vbox... can you help me?07:55
Beldardavegempton, The channel norm is state the issues for help.07:56
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Beldarunicornjedi, Not really, I don't ssh, and use a shared file if I need to go between a host and vm07:56
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Hecteranyone about sendmail?07:57
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unicornjediBeldar, okay. How can I share all the folders from my vbox to my host? I want to be able to access the vbox '/' folder07:58
davegemptonI have a juju deployment where machine 0 is running and looking good but machines 1 2 &3 are all showing instance-id: pending. I need to move them past pending and get them recognised.07:58
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deweydbhello, i have an install of 13.10 ubuntu server and i keep loosing control of the session and cannot execute any commands after a couple minutes from a fresh reboot.  I start getting errors like "root@spaceheater:~# sudo   .... bash: /usr/bin/sudo: No such file or directory"07:59
=== killer is now known as phantom
deweydbor "root@spaceheater:~# whereis sudo  .... whereis: command not found"07:59
deweydbfor pretty much every command07:59
Beldarunicornjedi, make a folder and open the preferences on the vbox gui where you start it and link to it, this does not read the vm's anything but wht you put in there from it07:59
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xmetalhmm @ how to ignore this guy who is changing nicks every few seconds08:00
Beldarunicornjedi, I would think the only way you can look around in the vm from the host is with ssh.08:01
mrnoobzAnyone familiar with identd?08:01
Beldar!anyone | mrnoobz08:02
ubottumrnoobz: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:02
mrnoobzHmm... well I can't get oidentd to work.08:02
mrnoobzI have lowered security on my NAT and forward ports accordingly for 11308:03
mrnoobzLooking in the NAT logs I can see the connection on 113 and it looks like it's being ignored (not blocked)08:03
mrnoobzso I am wondering if it's something wrong with my identd08:04
Z1efinI need help with Nvidia Drivers for Ubuntu 13 MCP55 Ethernet08:07
Z1efinon the Asus P5N32-E SLI Premium motherboard08:07
Z1efinNvidia GPU is GeForce8800 GTS08:07
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trevnorristhere's a patch to perf that i'd like to apply. can anyone point me to steps to recompile the perf tool?08:09
reisiotrevnorris: apt-src08:10
=== willy is now known as Guest64064
trevnorrisreisio: thanks. i'm trying that now08:12
=== HeLpMe is now known as Guest32437
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trevnorrisreisio: so dpkg -S $(which perf) tells me its linux-tools-common. but when I do an apt-src install linux-tools-common to get a local copy to apply the change it tells me "E: Unable to find a source package for linux-meta"08:27
wiehanWhat is the best/most official way of installing new Nvidia Drivers in ubuntu 13.10. I had to redo my system cause I installed the latest (very latest stable) Nvidia drivers last night from the nvidia website and couldn't even log into recovery mode. So.. please give a hand08:45
reisiowiehan: using the package manager08:46
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wiehanreisio, guessing "current" package for a GeForce 57008:47
dandediliagood morning08:52
dandediliai have a problem. the awoken icon theme don´t work with my ubuntu 12.04.3.. the icons a se same befor :p08:54
dandediliai use the official awoken /ppa08:54
shadyhow to install MTP for LG android phone on ubuntu 13.10 via terminal08:59
shadyhow to install MTP for LG android phone on ubuntu 13.10 via terminal?09:02
Beldarshady, what android release is this it should show when plugged in?09:02
shadyjelly bean09:03
Beldarshady, which one look in settings about.09:03
shadyI didn't get it09:04
Beldarshady, android 4 and above should show when plugged09:04
Beldarearlier ones are a problem.09:05
shadyit's android 4.2 butt always show me a msg09:05
shadythat there is an error with the usb port09:06
Beldarshady, you have the usb debugging ticked in developer options?09:06
Beldarshady, tick that.09:10
shadyok, wait09:10
shadydone, what's next?09:11
Beldarshady, now plug it in if plugged unplug and back in.09:11
gfetcoDear Ubuntu users, I am having some issues with my headphones they to get static sound it even if all my levels are set to zero on alsamixer09:13
gfetcosrry mistake enter09:13
reisiogfetco: got another pair?09:13
shadyok thank you09:14
gfetcoreisio: Yeah I'll try them back in 1 min09:14
Beldarshady, you up and running?09:14
shadyyes thank you :)09:15
Beldarshady, cool, enjoy. ;)09:15
gfetcoreisio: seems to be no problem with my other headphones but they are earplug phones, I don't think they have the same sensitivity. The big headphones which I am having trouble with atm works on any other device, such as my Android Phone, tablet, pc,...09:16
reisiogfetco: how many bands on the plug?09:17
gfetcoreisio: on the headphones(with issue) it has 2 and the one working has 3. Hmm you're quite good at this!09:18
reisiommm, would've guessed the other way 'round if anything09:19
reisioprobably irrelevant09:19
reisiobut it could be that one plug is fitting better than the other09:20
reisioand the variance in bands (contacts) isn't helping09:20
reisioI don't really keep track, but I'd guess most ports are only designed with ordinary stereo (two bands) in mind09:20
gfetcoreisio: I tried with another plug with 3 still the same problem :S09:21
gfetcoreisio: might this be an driver issue?09:22
reisiogfetco: sounds like a straigth up hardware issue to me09:25
reisioXubuntin: hi09:25
=== emanon is now known as Guest66835
gfetcoreisio: Is it hard to pin down ? Could it be any component producing static or just the audio card?09:26
* reisio shrugs09:27
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
rahuldroyI need some help with wifi on Ubuntu 12.04, the chipset is Aualcomm Atheros AR541609:38
rahuldroyI need some help with wifi on Ubuntu 12.04, the chipset is Aualcomm Atheros AR541609:40
FlurglerHobbithey all. My computer just started hanging on reboot....wasn't doing this 20 minutes ago but now it won't go past a spinning wheel indicating the comp is shutting down. What do I do?09:40
rahuldroy@FlurglerHobbit, Can you try accessing other shells. You can acess other shells by press ctrl+alt+F109:41
wilornelWhat are some processes during boot that happen when waking up a laptop from sleep that relate to the computer's sound system? I need to run some commands to get my sound working after hibernation...09:43
FlurglerHobbitrahuldroy: I am not sure. When I try to reboot a bunch of y's appear on the screen and then it hangs.09:44
jemarkrahuldroy: what's the output of rfkill list all09:46
donobananyone had success installing acestream on ubuntu 13.10?09:53
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:53
cfhowlettcristian_c, greetings09:55
cristian_cI've installed bustle09:55
cristian_cAfter I've launched it, I've got this message: 'No diagram loaded' 'Having saved the output of bustle-dbus-monitor' to a file , open that file to see a sequence diagram of D-Bus activity.'09:55
cristian_cHow I solve this?09:56
scrxwHi. When I move a window to the side of the screen it auto-resizes to the right half of the screen. Can I do this with keyboard commands like in Win7(WIN+Right)? Im running standard 12.0409:56
scrxwsudo add-apt-repository ppa:plexapp/plexht09:56
scrxwsudo add-apt-repository ppa:jon-severinsson/ffmpeg09:56
scrxwsudo add-apt-repository ppa:pulse-eight/libcec09:56
scrxwsudo apt-get update09:56
FloodBot1scrxw: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:56
scrxwah sry!09:56
cristian_cI've also installed graphviz09:56
scrxw10:53 < donoban> I have09:56
donobandoes ---force-yes ignores unsatisfied dependencies?09:56
cristian_cBut nothing has changed :(09:56
cristian_cAny ideas?09:57
donobanscrxw, It complains about a lib09:57
scrxwwhich one?09:57
donobanacestream-player-data : Depends: libdvbpsi7 (>= 0.2.0) but it is not installable09:57
donobani've already have libdvbpsi809:57
scrxwI have no idea. Mine installed without a problem though :(09:59
donobando you have the player?10:01
donobanI have the acestreamengine but no player or firefox plugin10:01
donobanNo idea about running with only the engine10:01
donobancould you check your repo? :\10:02
scrxwI installed acestream-full10:02
donobanmine is: http://repo.acestream.org/ubuntu/ raring main10:02
donobanrecommended for ubuntu 13.0410:03
scrxwyeah. I used the recommended for 12.04 since im on 12.0410:03
donobanahhh, hehe i was asking for ubuntu 13.1010:04
donobanLTS version owns hehe10:04
scrxwhave you tried acestream-full10:04
donobanyes is the same since all depend on acestream-player-data wich depends on the missing lib10:05
scrxwCant help with the libs (came here for help myself:P)10:07
donobanhehe don't worry scrxw  ty anyway10:09
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ItsMeLenny"Your system does not contain a ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop or edubuntu-desktop package and it was not possible to detect which version of Ubuntu you are running." <-- yet ubuntu-desktop is installed10:11
BeldarItsMeLenny, and your point is?10:19
ItsMeLennyBeldar, it means update manager doesn't work10:20
BeldarItsMeLenny, what do these command show. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  pastebin all of the info10:24
robin_Hi all, does someone know what packages provide support for chinese fonts and characters?10:24
cfhowlettrobin_, ask in #ubuntukylin they'd know for sure10:24
robin_there is no one there cfhowlett10:26
ItsMeLennyBeldar, http://paste.debian.net/67454/ for update, and i dont want to run upgrade10:26
BeldarItsMeLenny, The upgrade is important to see, it will only show what ca be upgraded and you have a yes or no to run it.10:27
ItsMeLennyah right, so you can still get the info if i hit no10:28
BeldarItsMeLenny, yeah10:28
ItsMeLennyok thats no prob then10:28
apm1ok so i am thinking of setting up a 32bit environment on my laptop which has a 64bit cpu . i have heard wine is easier to debug on 32bit10:28
ItsMeLennyBeldar, heres the upgrade http://paste.debian.net/67455/10:29
apm1the latest app i need to run on this is a game gta410:29
ItsMeLennyi found i can upgrade the packages in synaptic tho10:29
apm1would it run ?10:29
BeldarItsMeLenny, Have you run any partial upgrades with the update manager?10:30
ItsMeLennyapm1, i have no problem running 32 bit games in wine on 64bit, but yes you can run 32 ubuntu on a 64 processor10:30
ItsMeLennyBeldar, thats whats not updating, the partial upgrade, thats when it kicks up the stink about not having ubuntu-desktop10:30
ItsMeLennywhich i do have10:30
apm1ItsMeLenny, have you tried GTA4 specifically ?10:30
BeldarItsMeLenny, But have you run any as of yet?10:31
ItsMeLennyapm1, no, GTA SA10:31
ItsMeLennyBeldar, yeah quite a few I think, various random ones that like to screw up the system :P10:31
apm1ItsMeLenny,and is there a newer version in repos for wine ?10:31
apm1i see 1.4 still10:31
BeldarItsMeLenny, Running a partial even one can brick your setup.10:32
viktor\join #libreoffice10:32
apm1!info wine10:32
ubottuwine (source: wine1.4): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4.1-0ubuntu7 (saucy), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)10:32
apm1i am not sure why there isn't a newer version10:32
apm1does it go under a diff name or something ?10:32
ItsMeLennyapm1, i use their ppa10:33
apm1wineHQ's ?10:33
ItsMeLennyBeldar, yeah, thanks for the help anyway10:33
ItsMeLennyapm1, yes10:33
apm1ItsMeLenny, and what GPU do you have that runs SA on wine ?10:34
apm1i have only had luck with nvidia10:34
BeldarItsMeLenny, I will assume you understand why there are partials and adjust accordingly. ;)10:36
ItsMeLennyapm1, yeah i use nvidia 9800GT10:37
ItsMeLennyBeldar, yeah, i add a lot of ppas which some can be fickle10:37
ItsMeLennyapm1 you can check winehq to see how it fairs10:38
apm1it fairs alright on wine but the test results are for 64bit systems ItsMeLenny10:38
apm1i am rather curious for 32bit10:38
apm1if no one has reported i'd be the first for a 32bit environment10:38
ItsMeLennyapm1, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=875710:38
ItsMeLennyapm1, it probably wont make a difference at all, because wine only runs 32bit10:39
* apm1 lights up :)10:39
apm1ItsMeLenny, and what are my chances on a readon10:39
ItsMeLennywine cant run 64 bit games, theres a 64bit compilation of wine but thats just wine10:39
ItsMeLennya readon?10:40
apm1the GPU10:40
apm1i'll use the catalyst driver10:40
ItsMeLennythatd depend more on how linux handles a radeon than it would wine10:40
ItsMeLennyi use official nvidia drivers10:40
ItsMeLennynot the open version10:40
apm1ItsMeLenny, noveau is not up to the level i know that first hand too10:41
apm1but for amd prop drivers i've heard the reverse10:41
apm1that catlyst is worse than the xorg drivers10:41
ItsMeLennywhats noveau isnt that a hand cream10:41
ItsMeLennyi dunno, ive always used nvidia, never had AMD, not a fan10:42
apm1no its the free driver for nvidia cards ItsMeLenny10:42
apm1ItsMeLenny, and the hand cream is "nevia"10:42
NeoIDHi there.. I have a bit problem with ubuntu server. I have a file/folder that for some reason has the owner and group set to a random number and permission set to drwx-w-rwt... now not even root can delete this folder.. any ideas?10:42
ItsMeLennyah right, apm1, yeah i dont like it at all10:43
apm1i like how it smells though XD10:43
gordonjcpNeoID: sounds interesting, how did it get created, and what's the path to it?10:43
ItsMeLennyNeoID chown or chmod10:43
FlurglerHobbithey all10:43
ItsMeLennyapm1, i mean i dont like noveau10:43
FlurglerHobbitwhen I try to enter a command into terminal a bunch of y's flood it10:43
FlurglerHobbitwhat in the hell is going on?10:43
gordonjcpFlurglerHobbit: your keyboard may be broken10:44
ItsMeLennyFlurglerHobbit, stop holding down the y key10:44
NeoIDItsMeLenny, chmod/own just telles me that the operation isn't permitted (as root)10:44
apm1ItsMeLenny, thanks for the help :)10:44
ItsMeLennydo you sudo it?10:44
gordonjcpNeoID: perhaps you need to use chattr to make it not immutable10:44
ItsMeLennyapm1 np10:44
FlurglerHobbitItsMeLenny: yes10:44
NeoIDgordonjcp, is created using rsync from one server to another.10:44
NeoIDgordonjcp, tried chattr +i and +a, but that doesn't even change anything10:45
FlurglerHobbitItsMeLenny: help me...please...i am so desperate10:45
NeoIDItsMeLenny, yes, I use sudo (even though I am root)10:45
ItsMeLennyFlurglerHobbit, lift your finger off the y key10:47
ItsMeLennyNeoID, i don't know sorry10:47
NeoIDgordonjcp, http://i.imgur.com/qF7ZqCj.jpg10:47
molgrumhi all, i installed cinnamon from the official repos and it works good except when i click the menu everything lags and freezes except the mouse pointer10:48
NeoIDdamn, I really don't want to move all of the data and format the drive just because of one file screwing around :(10:48
gordonjcpNeoID: weird10:48
gordonjcpand you can *write* to that drive10:48
gordonjcpie. you can create other files and directories?10:48
NeoIDjust that particular file is the problem10:48
ItsMeLennymolgrum, have you tried the 2D cinnamon10:48
NeoIDhow may I remove the t-attribute normally?10:49
molgrumItsMeLenny: yes, same problem there10:50
molgrumunity and gnome works fine10:50
gordonjcpNeoID: chmod, normally10:50
gordonjcpNeoID: t is "sticky"10:50
gordonjcpNeoID: what does (as root) chmod 755 <file> do?10:51
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NeoIDgordonjcp, ok, then there must be somthing else giving me the problem10:51
NeoIDoperation not permitted10:51
ItsMeLennymolgrum, bizzare, i just updated to the stable, im not sure if it has the problem i havent restarted it yet10:51
ItsMeLennyi will see10:51
gordonjcpNeoID: wait wait, is that *actually meant to be a directory*?10:51
gordonjcpNeoID: because that looks like a filename10:51
gordonjcpNeoID: is it possible that the filesystem is corrupted?10:52
ItsMeLennymolgrum, nope seems fine to me, try the nightlies or the latest stable10:52
NeoIDgordonjcp, I start to think that it may be the case10:52
NeoIDit's supposed to be a file, but it thinks it a directory10:52
gordonjcpNeoID: yeah10:52
gordonjcpNeoID: so the filesystem is borked in some way10:52
gordonjcpNeoID: unmount and fsck, I reckon10:52
NeoIDwhat's the proper way of checking the filesystem? I have a mdam raid configuration...10:52
molgrumItsMeLenny: are you on 13.10?10:53
ItsMeLennyim planning not to upgrade til 18.0410:54
NeoIDis there a proper way of unmounting md0 or just do umount /dev/md0?10:54
angela_hi I need a non-root user to be able to run the upstart services10:55
angela_currently, when s/he is running the service command there is the message10:55
angela_start: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.62" (uid=1003 pid=10603 comm="start node_weixin ") interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Start" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init")10:55
angela_what permission/privilege do I need to grant the said user for service command to be available to him/her10:56
sandman13what would be a good dock for ubuntu with xfce4?11:04
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=== rotglut is now known as mrduke
FlurglerHobbitCan someone pleaseee help me? I cant run any terminal commands without the terminal getting flooded with the y character11:14
FlurglerHobbitI really don't understand what is going on11:14
ItsMeLennyreboot FlurglerHobbit11:14
FlurglerHobbitItsMeLenny: I have done that11:15
FlurglerHobbitIt doesnt allow me to11:15
FlurglerHobbitit hangs11:15
FlurglerHobbitand just shows y flooding the screen11:15
ItsMeLennyswitch off at the power point11:15
ItsMeLennyand then switch keyboards11:15
cfhowlettFlurglerHobbit, hard reboot11:15
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:15
FlurglerHobbitI have done both of those thingd11:15
FlurglerHobbitItsMeLenny: That isn't the issue11:16
ItsMeLennyhow do you know11:16
FlurglerHobbitbecause I have entered reboot through ssh from another computer11:17
FlurglerHobbitand that computer11:17
FlurglerHobbitit happens no mater what11:17
FlurglerHobbitand always loads to grub11:17
ItsMeLennywithout the keyboard plugged in?11:17
FlurglerHobbitItsMeLenny: yes11:18
vr2mx 11:18
sandman13what would be a good dock for ubuntu with xfce4?11:18
FlurglerHobbitI am so livid11:18
cfhowlettsandman13, see the software center for docks11:19
cfhowlettFlurglerHobbit, that's definitely abnormal behavior.  Given the failures you describe, if it's NOT hardware, you might have some random bad code.  Try this.  create a new user and then use terminal.  if it still fails, reinstall would be my next strategy.11:19
FlurglerHobbitcfhowlett: thanks11:20
imchooganybody out there tested Gnome 3.10 on Ubu 14.04 ?11:20
ubottuimchoog,: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:20
gordonjcpFlurglerHobbit: can you log in as another user?11:20
cfhowlettimchoog, also, all discussion of 14.04 belongs in #ubuntu+111:20
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+111:20
imchoogok. mea culpa :-)11:21
Beldarsandman13, I like the cairo-dock11:22
vr2mx 11:22
sandman13Beldar installed that previously but it installed its own desktop environment11:23
Beldarsandman13, I don't use it just the dock in the shell.11:24
Beldarthere is docky11:25
sandman13Beldar installed that too11:25
Beldarprobably others11:25
sandman13Beldar i wouldn't have used docks if the right button opened the menu for the launcher11:26
Beldarsandman13, I have used xubuntu in the past and a little of xfce, but not in a long time.11:27
sandman13like when i right click firefox icon it provides me some sort of menus "open window" "private window" Beldar11:28
Beldarsandman13, what has you using that de?11:28
sandman13Beldar which one?11:29
sandman13Beldar it's lightweight and customizable unlike Unity11:30
Beldarsandman13, there both 2 of about 50 possibilities for linux is all.11:30
vr2mx 11:32
aeroravercan someone help me, I tried to do a dist-upgrade last night from 13.04 to 13.10, i let it run over night to see that the installer crashed, and now when i try to upgrade via apt i get the following errors: http://pastebin.com/6fNTBmCp11:32
sandman13Beldar can't understand you11:32
cfhowlettaeroraver, dist-upgrade will not move you from 13.04 to 13.10.  you  need dist-release for that11:32
Beldarsandman13, just saying there a lot of options.11:33
sandman13Beldar what do you recommend11:33
aeroravercfhowlett: well I used the gui installer when I got the option, but even then, appearantly apt doesn't respond anymore11:33
Beldarsandman13, nothing really I use the gnome shell, works for me I do not really need to have a lot of customization.11:34
sandman13Beldar xfce was recommended by someone who was using Arch11:35
cfhowlettaeroraver, 1.  boot a live ubuntu USB.  Save your data.  2. download 13.10 and make a new USB.  3. Boot 13.10 and clean install.11:36
Beldarsandman13, problem with recommendations is they are subjective it works for them, may not be what another wants in the end, you gotta find what works for you some how though.11:36
CoolManhello from newby.... sorry for my english, i'm only french froggy11:37
cfhowlettCoolMan, greetings11:37
CoolManthank you11:37
aeroravercfhowlett: alright, i'll do that then,  since my installation is messed up anyway11:37
CoolMani use ubuntustudio11:37
cfhowlettCoolMan,  same here.11:38
CoolManis it possible to submit a question here ?11:38
sandman13Beldar, i want something that is in between Unity and Gnome11:38
sandman13Gnome 2.x11:39
gordonjcpCoolMan: don't ask to ask...11:39
cfhowlettCoolMan, possible and expected.  ask.11:39
CoolManok, sorry11:39
Beldarsandman13, run centos it is still gnome 211:40
theadminsandman13: Xfce is very similar to GNOME 2.11:40
CoolMani try to put 3 differents sound cards (usb) to work for recording multitrack on ardour11:41
CoolManbut can't, my ubuntustudio still work with only one at same time, do you know some solution or tutos for that ?11:41
CoolMani ask google but no soluce...:-(11:42
cfhowlettCoolMan, bring this question to #ubuntustudio   #opensourcemusicians11:42
CoolManah ok, thank you for your redirection help ;-)11:43
CoolManit's the first time i came here11:43
sandman13Beldar will check it out11:43
sandman13Beldar what do you think of KDE?11:47
Beldarsandman13, never used it11:47
EricKitHello.  I'm trying to mount a harddrive which is attached to a netgear #6300 and can be accessed via //eric/Movies in a browser.  When I type "sudo mount -t cifs -o "guest" //eric/Movies /media/networkShare" I get an error 115 operation now in progress11:58
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EricKitAnywone have any idea why this wouldn't mount?12:00
aristotilicI am running Ubuntu Live CD on a laptop which does not have a hard drive, but I have an external hard drive I can't install it on the external hard drive because I think it is not detecting it12:03
aristotiliccan I be able to mount on a Live CD?12:04
theadminaristotilic: Sure. The installer can install to external drives, I'm certain, I've done it before12:04
theadminaristotilic: If it's not being detected it's probably a bad disk12:04
aristotilichmm running gparted to see whats up12:05
theadminWell there you go.12:06
theadminaristotilic: Now just install normally, since you only have one drive it's going to install to that.12:07
fortellerenI seem to have an issue where in order to get my Epson SX445W to be found and used, I have to reinstall the driver each boot, so it seems as if the driver is not being loaded on each boot. Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this?12:08
babinlonstonNow i'm going to install Ubuntu server , is it possible to install RAID now ? while installing time can i configure raid ?i need to install from cli mode not from graphical mode12:09
ikoniababinlonston: depends on your desired raid configuration12:10
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babinlonstonikonia: how can i install it12:10
theadminfortelleren: Find out what the module name is when it works (look through "lsmod") and add that to /etc/modules12:10
ikoniababinlonston: did you read what I said "it depends on your desired raid configuration"12:11
fortellerentheadmin, thanks12:11
babinlonstonikonia: ok now i need to install raid 5 , how can i start installing uUbuntu Using RAID 5 in cli mode12:11
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ikoniababinlonston: what is managing the raid 5 array, is it a hardware/software/fakeraid configuration12:12
=== heil_Rory is now known as Rory
babinlonstoni need to install software raid12:12
ResQuewhat is the difference between desktop and alternative version of ubuntu12:16
fortellerenI don't seem to be able to find anything indicating the module name, is there a generic printer driver name for the module?12:16
fortellerenResQue, Mainly desktop environment and pre-packaged software12:16
Foxtrotfortelleren, lsmod | grep "printer"12:16
Foxtrotif you get nothing12:16
Foxtrotlsmod | more12:16
Foxtrotlook through it12:16
ResQuefortelleren: is alternative kde or something?12:16
FoxtrotThat would be Kubuntu12:17
cfhowlettResQue, the difference is the install experience.  it's still ubuntu but with a text based installer12:17
ResQuecfhowlett: thanks12:19
LaykeTrying to  install a package and get an error. php5-gd : Depends: php5-common (= 5.4.9-4ubuntu2.3) but 5.4.17~rc1-2~precise+1 is to be installed12:20
ikoniababinlonston: ok, so the server install cd should allow you to configure a metadevice array12:20
LaykeI also tried to do a apt-get upgrade, and after 5-10 minutes it errors with fatal error,  files list file for package `bsdmainutils' contains empty filename12:20
babinlonstonikonia: i dont know so what asking you12:21
ikoniababinlonston: yes, and I'm saying the server cd will allow you to create a metadevice at install time12:22
ResQuefortelleren: Foxtrot also thank you12:22
babinlonstonikonia: ok then12:23
wiehanI had to reinstall my system. I backed up my home folder. Is there a way to restore steam games such as Metro last Light from those backups, sure would be terrible to redownload all those games on my connection12:24
wiehanin steam I mean12:24
Ben64wiehan: if you backed up the games, sure12:25
the_drowHi guys, I had to hard reset my computer because Ubuntu froze. Now, when I boot the computer I don't get a connection to the internet. Instead I have to type sudo service network-manager start.12:25
the_drowHow do I permanently fix this?12:25
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cfhowlettwiehan, sure just restore the game backup files you created with steam.12:26
wiehanBen64, I just backed up the files from my home folder - I am guessing you are referring to a built in backup feature in Steam?12:26
wiehancfhowlett, I couldn't even get into my system to do that, so I just backed up all the files12:27
Ben64wiehan: i'm just not sure if the games are in home by default. steam is very forgiving about stuff like that, you can just copy them to the correct place and steam should be happy with it12:27
cfhowlettwiehan, ask the steam team.  it's not an ubuntu issue or fix.12:27
m4rkyhello, am I on right place, where can I get help with my ubuntu?12:28
cfhowlettm4rky, yes.  ask away.  with details12:28
m4rkycfhowlett, I didn't get answer on my problem that I described here http://askubuntu.com/questions/381162/initramfs-disk-does-not-exist and I don't no how to fix it.12:29
cfhowlettm4rky, I'm not the right person on this issue, but there are people here a whole lot smarter than I am ...12:30
m4rkycfhowlett, ok, thanks12:31
the_drowI have exactly the same problem as this guy (http://askubuntu.com/questions/347687/how-can-i-enable-and-keep-wifi-without-restart-networking-service-in-ubuntu-serv) and this guy http://askubuntu.com/questions/129436/restarted-computer-during-update-the-system-network-service-is-not-compatible Neither one got a solution besides starting the network manager manually or on startup.12:31
m4rkyIs there anybody, who could help me with ubuntu booting problem? (initramfs counld not find disk)12:32
the_drowHere are the contents of my /etc/network/interfaces/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/6468389/12:34
the_drowIs there something I should edit?12:35
LaykeCan anyone advise on why I'm constantly getting bsdmainutils errors on anything? http://pastie.org/private/lm7rvqrpsr9lweniz9xmnw12:40
LaykeI can't run apt-get upgrade, autoremove, I can't install things.12:40
zerocircleIs there any alternative of adobe after effects in linux?12:41
D4CH_RPiwhat the12:42
D4CH_RPimy touchpad stopped working12:42
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cfhowlettzerocircle, more details for those of us who've never after-effected?12:44
bgardnerzerocircle: See: http://www.osalt.com/jahshaka12:44
fortellerenI still can't seem to find out what the module for my printer driver is called, lsmod shows modules but I don't know what I'm looking for.12:44
ikoniaturi: no wares here, sorry12:47
ikoniaplease don't try again12:47
zerocirclecfhowlett, I mean video, movive effects, this video will http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxu1W6hsauE12:51
zerocirclethanks bgardner12:52
cfhowlettzerocircle, thanks .  I'm in China, so I can't see youtube but ... use bgardner's suggestion12:52
zerocircleoh! in china... :) I mean creating special effects.... like u mostly see in movies..12:54
LaykeCan anyone advise on why I'm constantly getting bsdmainutils errors on anything? http://pastie.org/private/lm7rvqrpsr9lweniz9xmnw12:55
fortellerenIs the printer driver module's name something generic or is it dependant upon the driver you have installed?12:55
ubottuCrimsonIdol,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:57
CrimsonIdolubottu, nevermind12:58
moppygoogle chrome on linux (not chromium) - the pdf reader in that, is it proprietary?13:06
hitsujiTMO    moppy yes13:06
moppyhitsujiTMO, rats :-(   it's the only one that gives acceptable performance on certain types of pdf, but it doesn't have many features for reading, like bookmarks etc13:07
moppyhitsujiTMO, i am trying acrobat and foxit under wine and having varying degrees of success13:10
cfhowlettmoppy, not evince?13:10
hitsujiTMOmoppy: enice not good?13:10
moppytoo slow13:10
cfhowlettmoppy, but it DOES work, right?  :)13:11
moppyif you call 30 seconds to change page or 5 seconds to pan around a diagram "working"13:11
hitsujiTMOhmm... what in the document is slowing it down?13:11
moppyhitsujiTMO, very graphics heavy13:11
VenkatI am looking for card reader driver for Ubuntu 12.04 for lenovo ideapad z57013:11
cfhowlett^^^ embedded graphics and all that sort of stuff?13:12
hitsujiTMOmoppy: have you tried flattening the pages?13:12
moppyin evince?13:12
hitsujiTMOmoppy: in a editor ... I'd presume gimp could do it.13:13
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lechevalieri cannot use thunderbird on ubuntu 13.0413:13
moppyhitsujiTMO, No I haven't tried that. They are CAD diagrams.13:13
moppyhitsujiTMO, Thank you for the idea, I will look into it.13:13
moppycfhowlett, I don't know if they are 'embedded' or not13:14
hitsujiTMOmoppy: it's probably full of a thousands of individual elements per page. flattening would speed rendering up13:14
VenkatCan someone point me to a link that has card reader driver for 12.04 , Lenovo Z57013:15
subz3r0lechevalier: "does not work" is not a qualified description of error...13:15
subz3r0lechevalier: What does exacly not work?13:15
moppyhitsujiTMO, one some of the diagrams i see it rendering layers (the top layers overwrite the bottom) so i think what you say has merit13:15
lechevalierwhat can i work ?13:15
subz3r0anyways... gotta go... but im sure anyone else can help you..13:16
lechevalieri cannot use thunderbird , icedove  etc ....13:16
subz3r0!fr > lechevalier13:16
ubottulechevalier, please see my private message13:16
subz3r0!fr | lechevalier13:16
ubottulechevalier: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:16
lechevalierok merci13:17
LaykeWhy would this error? http://pastie.org/pastes/8505095/text?key=312vsekpq8ulbqu2y78zlw13:17
LaykeI can't remove or install anything13:17
VenkatUbuntu 12.04 does not recognise card reader13:18
Wikiadminno free space?13:18
moppyhitsujiTMO, gimp seems to open them as bitmap images, which prevents the zoom working properly - I'll look into pdf creator tools to flatten the diagrams (or I could just ask the document producer to do it, i guess)13:19
LaykeAnyone know what this means? dpkg: warning: files list file for package 'bsdmainutils' missing; assuming package has no files currently installed13:20
hitsujiTMOLayke: looks like you package info is corrupted. anything in particular happen before getting this error?13:22
LaykeNope. Not to the best of my knowledge. I've been all happy for months. I just am attempting to install php5-gd, and failing. And now I'm down a huge rabbit hole.13:23
LaykeI can't run anything involving apt-get without failing.13:23
LaykehitsujiTMO, I've been searching ubuntuforums for hour+ now, attempting to do anything I can try to fix.13:24
hitsujiTMOLayke: its not something i've seen before to be honest. Unless you've gone out of your way to manually remove important files i'd consider checking the drive for errors incase its caused by a failing hdd13:25
LaykeNope. I stay well clear of anything I don't understand. So don't go removing anything13:27
hitsujiTMOLayke: how old is the hdd?13:27
Layke2 years~13:27
LaykeHDD seems unlikely though?13:27
hitsujiTMOLayke: are you using encryption?13:28
dabearshey all. How do I add a python script I made to the startup applications using terminal?13:30
dabearsI set +x to the file, it runs properly when executed directly...but it wont execute on it's own when I add it to the file.desktop13:30
trijntjedabears: you have to specify the full path13:31
hitsujiTMOlayke: can you try: sudo apt-get install --reinstall bsdmainutils liba52-0.7.4 libxfont113:31
LaykehitsujiTMO, Nope. One thought.. I just rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/<problempacakgename>.list and then attempt to install.13:31
dabearstrijnte: you mean from ~ to the destination?13:31
dabearsI started with home13:31
hitsujiTMOLayke: do not delete that file13:32
LaykeAnd everytime I do that, I get a new error with another file..  files list file for package 'libhttp-negotiate-perl' is missing final newline13:32
trijntjedabears: the full path, starting from /home/13:32
LaykehitsujiTMO,  Related ? http://www.dmsp.de/Fatal_aptitude_-_missing_final_newline_-_Error13:32
LaykehitsujiTMO, http://pastie.org/pastes/8505110/text?key=s0rni3lz4qsiljjsh40ga13:33
vkrhello all13:33
cfhowlettvkr, greetings13:34
hitsujiTMOLayke: try: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libhttp-negotiate-perl13:34
hitsujiTMOLayke: pastebin any new error again13:34
dabearstrijnte: It just isn't working :/13:34
Laykelsb_release says I'm running ubuntu 13.04, raring. (incase I have incorrect repo)13:35
trijntjedabears: can you paste the path here?13:35
trijntjedabears: or put the whole .desktop file on pastebin13:35
dabearstrijntje: /home/servu/pymount.py13:36
trijntjedabears: can you run that script by only putting  /home/servu/pymount.py in the terminal?13:37
hitsujiTMOLayke: can you pastebin /var/lib/dpkg/info/libhttp-negotiate-perl.list13:37
dabearstrijntje: no, but I designed it with that purpose in mine13:37
dabearsI really don't want to execute this script after every reboot13:38
Homely_GirlGreeting Brainiacs, anyone got time to help me setup a user using Dash, plse?13:38
LaykehitsujiTMO, Looks binary?13:38
trijntjedabears: if you cant run the script with the full path, there is no problem with the .desktop file, but with the command13:38
dabearstrijntje: when I run the file it executes everything just fine though. It worked 30 minutes ago but my server crashed and I had to reinstall the entire OS13:39
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dabearsIt has to be the startup13:39
LaykehitsujiTMO, I did a hexdump of it? Is that okay? http://pastie.org/pastes/8505119/text?key=ypy1yterlyar0ryw8d3wqq13:39
hipitihopduring a ./configure I get " No pkg-config for libgnutls" despite having libgnutls-dev installed. I'm on 12.04. Anyone know the secret incantation13:39
trijntjedabears: how do you 'run the file', can you paste the exact command?13:40
dabearstrijntje: python pymount.py13:40
hitsujiTMOLayke: and this is the .list file?13:40
Homely_GirlI am using Ubuntu 12.04 with Dash, I've created a 2nd user account for my daughter to log in with but don't know how to allow that user to use the Internet connection, can anyone help plse?13:41
=== jcvassort_away is now known as jcvassort
trijntjedabears: I think you have to add '!#/usr/bin/python' to the top of that file, then see if you can run it with ./pymount.py13:41
prawnsaladare there any standard tools to supervise a service?13:41
moppydabears, does your python script and error out, or is it not being started?13:41
trijntjeHomely_Girl: all users should be able to use the internet connection by default13:41
moppy*script = start13:42
dabearstrijntje: it worked13:42
=== jcvassort is now known as jcvassort_away
LaykeI don't know how to copy the .list file. If I open it it's all unreadable.  http://www.chrisacky.com/images/httpperl.png13:42
dabearstrijntje: how do I make that change to the startup file? just ./script after the path?13:42
Layke^^ hitsujiTMO13:42
LaykehitsujiTMO, So that pastie is a hexdump.13:43
hitsujiTMOLayke: ok. do you have a live cd/usb around?13:43
moppythat is weird : why would /home/whoever/pymount.py work and "python /home/whoever/pymount.py" not work?13:43
Homely_Girltrintje: When I logged in as her the internet connection went offline!  Log back in as me 'n it's online.13:43
LaykeNo. (No DVD reader either on this machine). :(13:43
trijntjedabears: use /home/servu/pymount.py13:43
LaykeIs that what I'd need to do?13:43
dabearstrijntje: how is that any different from what I had already?13:44
trijntjeHomely_Girl: click on the wireless icon, go to 'edit connection', and make sure 'all users can use this connection is set'13:44
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trijntjedabears: you script is different now since you added the !# line13:44
dabearstrijntje: I already had put that there though13:45
hipitihopHomely_Girl, is your machine WiFi13:45
moppyHomely_Girl, in the properties for the internet connection, is a setting you can check to 'allow all users' to use it13:45
dabearsmoppy: no clue.13:45
moppyOh sorry, i am stepping on trijntje 's toes here ... I'll be quiet13:45
Homely_Girltrintje:  Done thank you will test it 'n come back if necessary.13:45
Homely_Girlmoppy: Thank you, I've done that now13:46
hitsujiTMOLayke: your filesystem may be corrupt. the .list file is supposed to be a text file with a list of all the files that were installed, but instead its pointing to an sqlite database. I'd not do anything at all on that machine until you run fsck on the partition and check smart errors13:46
trijntjedabears: which version of python are you using? it could be you script wont run in the default version that ubuntu has13:46
LaykehitsujiTMO, Okay thanks. (incidentally.. I just rm -rf that file).. and autoremove just worked...13:46
dabearspython 2.7, this script is compatable with python 3 also13:46
LaykeI might have resolved it. I agree I neeed to do a disk check..13:46
LaykeIf that was suposed to be a text file, it definitely wasn't..13:47
moppyhe has put a python2 shebang in, ubuntu has py2 installed as default13:47
naquadhow do i troubleshoot a problem with plugged devices (usb flash drive) not shown in thunar? i've digged down to gvfs, but can't figure out what's wrong here. udisksd is running, gvfs-udisks2-volume-monitor is running, but in the end i get "Could not detect the volume corresponding to the device." from thunar. that is GVolumeMonitor doesn't have that device. wtf?13:47
LaykehitsujiTMO, Thanks for all the help. I think removing that .list file resolved this issue. I'm back to my very original unable to install php5-gd now :)13:48
Laykephp5-gd : Depends: php5-common (= 5.4.9-4ubuntu2) but 5.4.17~rc1-2~precise+1 is to be installed13:48
=== daniel is now known as Guest23183
LaykeSounds like my php5-common is old? And I need to remove it?13:49
LaykeAnd then reinstall from new repo?13:49
hitsujiTMOlayke: i'd ignore that issue until you get the fsck done.     have you ppas instealled?13:50
LaykehitsujiTMO, I did. But I removed everything earlier.13:50
hipitihopWhile doing a ./configure I get "No pkg-config for libgnutls" despite having libgnutls-dev installed. I'm on 12.0413:50
hitsujiTMOLayke: how exactly did you remove the ppa?13:50
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Laykerm -rf .../sources.list.d/13:50
=== jugernaut is now known as jugernaut_31
dabearstrijntje: what if pymount.desktop is not executing?13:51
hitsujiTMOLayke: thats not how you remove a ppa.13:51
hitsujiTMO!ppa-purge | Layke13:51
ubottuLayke: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html13:51
trijntjedabears: what do you think a .desktop file is?13:51
hitsujiTMOLayke: you'll need to add in that repo again then run ppa-purge13:51
LaykeOkay. :) Thanks.13:51
LaykeI need to find out what PPA that was though I guess.13:52
dabearstrijntje: I know what it is....just saying though...I mean the script executes fine on its own...you agreed with my path directory...I don't see what is different between my old server and this one13:52
dabearsIt should be executing, no?13:52
hitsujiTMOLayke: yup13:52
dabearstrijntje: tell me what you think I did wrong and I will go back and look13:52
trijntjedabears: no, .desktop files should not execute. They are basically the icons you see in the Dash13:52
dabearstrijntje: ah13:53
dabearstrijntje: shouldn't they execute on startup?13:53
trijntjedabears: no13:53
dabearstrijntje: that's what I did wrong, I am being a moron.13:53
dabearsSo, now that we have that established. How do I go about make the script execute on its own at startup? Because I did something very similar to this before to make it work13:54
moppydabears, silly question is there some reason you cant mount from fstab?13:54
moppydabears, is this sshfs or something?13:55
dabearsmoppy: yes, I am still new to computers. I just made a script to solve my problem xD13:55
dabearsIt works fine13:55
moppydabears, i think this is an xy problem. there is almost certainly an easier way to do what you are trying to do. what are you trying to do?13:55
LaykehitsujiTMO, WORKING :) Thanks. All done. That was all painful.13:56
dabearsmoppy: mount my external hd's on startup13:56
LaykehitsujiTMO, Really appreciate.13:56
hitsujiTMOLayke: np13:56
moppydabears, the normal way to do that is by putting entries in /etc/fstab file and letting the OS mount them automatically13:56
dabearsmoppy: i will look into that immediately, thanks13:57
moppydabears, doesnt have to be immediate: if what you have works, that's fine13:57
moppydabears, so you are using python to issue the system "mount" commands?13:58
dabearsmoppy: Yes, but I made a huge security risk in my server....I hard coded my root password into the program13:58
moppydabears, so if you are writing python just to issue the "mount" command, can you not just do that from a bash (shell) script?13:59
trijntjedabears: no problem, I could also have spotted that we were talking about different things ;)14:00
trijntjebut the correct way to do what you want is to put it in fstab14:00
dabearsmoppy: it isn't only mounting the hd's. trijntje: thanks for the help though. Learned a thing or two from this process14:00
hitsujiTMOdabears: you could call from somewhere that its going to get called by root, such as in upstart or rc.local14:00
naquadwhere's complete description of groups for ubuntu (all those disk, cdrom, adm, etc...)?14:01
dabearshitsujiTMO: good idea14:01
[Gentoo]naquad: cat /etc/group14:01
KaterineComo Andan?14:01
naquad[Gentoo], *DESCRIPTION*14:01
[Gentoo]alright calm down14:01
hitsujiTMOnaquad: i doubt there's a global description. many of the groups are created by individual packages and there would be a lot of legacy groups involved14:03
naquadok, thanks14:03
[Gentoo]naquad: arch wiki has some14:03
queretaroIm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 in my laptop and although my primary partition has the right boot flag my system wont boot up. Any ideas, guys_14:03
[Gentoo]but they vary14:03
naquad[Gentoo], i know14:03
[Gentoo]well what group do you want to know what it means14:03
naquadjust wasn't sure its groups are 100% identical to ubuntus14:03
naquadi just can't figure out why the hell doesn't thunar show plugged usb sticks14:04
linuxuz3ron xubuntu?14:05
linuxuz3rit shows mine14:05
[Gentoo]^ problem solved14:05
hitsujiTMOnaquad: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/thunar the automounting info here might help14:06
[Gentoo]maybe both paste the output of groups14:06
dabearsYou guys should have seen me earlier though. For some reason my server kept throwing random characters at me in response to me using sudo...it would hang on reboot "repeatedly outputtin 'y'" it was so bizzare14:06
dabearsI almost cried because I lost 3 days work14:06
* moppy waves backup flag14:06
dabearsalso, I added the script to /etc/init.d for those of you that care.14:06
goxl Ubuntu13 how to configure SDL214:07
dabearsmoppy: yeah I had backups of what mattered, but the server software I had set up was gone. I guess it will be a faster process the second time through14:07
moppydabears, i guess it will be a *documented" process the second time though :-)14:08
moppykeep the notes with your backup, if you cant backup the server14:08
dabearsmoppy: good thing I didn't start on this software I got finished making my sequence diagrams for xD14:09
dabearsI would have gone hulk on the server14:09
dabearsor, should I say, cave man14:10
dabearsI feel like that when the computer wont behave. I want to wear a leopard print  lynard14:10
dabearsmoppy: I am scared....I went to edit my sources.list and it's empty14:11
dabearsWhat is going on..14:11
moppydabears, sysADMIN is well named. Lots of record keeping  :-) Good luck with the rebuild and i hope you get it working (and document it for next time!)14:11
dabearshaha thanks14:12
moppydabears, always thought one of the bests for a sysadmin was "our server physically exploded ... how soon can you get us back online?"14:12
BluesKaj'Morning folks14:12
moppyhello BluesKaj14:13
BluesKajHi moppy14:13
geirhadabears: What did you run with sudo exactly?14:13
Pwnguin_Hello, I want to uninstall Ubuntu in order to install Lubuntu, but I'm having a little difficulty with that so can somebody help me with it?14:14
dabearsmoppy: hahaha! that's fantastic.14:14
xanguaPwnguin_: what are you are having dificult with?14:14
dabearsgeirha: I ran sudo apt-get update/upgrade. Generic stuff14:14
dabearsCommands plainly didn't work14:14
dabearsIt was so weird14:14
Pwnguin_basically I deleted the partition which I tought was Ubuntu14:15
Pwnguin_but Ubuntu is still working14:15
Pwnguin_and Windows 7 too14:15
dabearsPwnguin_: Ubuntu never dies. It only spreads. It has become self aware14:15
Pwnguin_i tried to download a program called OS-uninstaller too14:15
* dabears Terminbuntu14:15
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: how big was the partition that you deleted?14:15
Pwnguin_but it only works for live cd or something14:15
Pwnguin_I can't remember, hitsujiTMO, but smaller than the others14:15
Pwnguin_it might have been the Lubuntu OS that stopped working before so that i couldnt boot it anymore14:16
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: can you pastebin the output of: sudo fdisk -l14:16
geirhadabears: Oh, you probably got a package conflict and answered, "yes, uninstall this bunch of important packages so that this new package can be installed"14:16
Pwnguin_http://paste.ubuntu.com/6468758/ here it is14:17
geirhadabears: Would most likely be a package from some PPA14:17
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: i think its just you swap space that you deleted14:18
Pwnguin_uhmmm ok I guess14:18
dabearsgeirha: Love how that works. Then when I came here and tried to explain it to everyone. Everyone responded, :your key is stuck" Until after the 12th time I explained it in which someone else was like, "yeah your OS is borked. Not a hardware issue"14:18
dabearsgeirha: makes sense14:18
Pwnguin_should I reboot into Windows 7 and try to delete the actual partition of Ubuntu?14:18
Pwnguin_I don't want the files anymore so i dont need to backup btw14:18
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: no, you may not be able to boot windows then since grub is probably what is loading windows14:19
Pwnguin_yes i read something about that14:19
Pwnguin_if i delete the partition then i will have to do some restore repair thing with windows14:19
dabearsAlso another crazy thing that happened...I bought a beagleboard over a year ago, designed this nice program to put on the OS I had for it...bought a bunch of other equipment so I could play with it....never could get this thing to power to the OS....then after 30 emails with liquidware they explain to me that they forgot to send me the headers for some piece on the board14:20
dabearsbetter late than never, I guess14:20
Pwnguin_ok but it shouldnt be any problem to have 3 OSes on a dualboot right?14:20
Pwnguin_besides Lubuntu takes little space so it's ok i think14:20
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: you'd need to reinstall the windows bootstrap14:20
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: is this windows xp?14:20
Pwnguin_no windows 714:20
Pwnguin_but another problem I have is that I have tried to install Lubuntu with an USB but I can't get it to work14:21
Le_BaconMy Xubuntu machine won't connect to wifi.  Now I know that it worked before, but it suddenly doesn't.14:21
Le_BaconMy Xubuntu machine won't connect to wifi.  Now I know that it worked before, but it suddenly doesn't.14:23
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: from the win7 install disk get to the recover console and reinstall its mbr bootstrap http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/17521-how-fix-mbr-through-command-prompt.html       then load the lubuntu live cd. dont go to install, but instead load up gparted and delete the ubuntu partition. then go thru the installation steps for lubuntu and you should be fine14:23
Pwnguin_Okay, Hitsuji, but I don't have a CD I only have an USB14:24
geirhadabears: I guess I don't have to tell you that next time, hit q instead of y :)14:24
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: yest that will do ofc14:24
Le_BaconMy Xubuntu machine won't connect to wifi.  Now I know that it worked before, but it suddenly doesn't.14:24
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Pwnguin_And what about the win7 install disk, i dont think i have it anymore14:24
Le_BaconMy Xubuntu machine won't connect to wifi.  Now I know that it worked before, but it suddenly doesn't.14:25
Le_BaconMy Xubuntu machine won't connect to wifi.  Now I know that it worked before, but it suddenly doesn't.14:25
=== dabears is now known as Adblocker
xangua!repeat | Le_Bacon14:25
ubottuLe_Bacon: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:25
Adblockergeirha: lol thanks14:25
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: you can skip that step but it puts you in the dange of not having a working OS if the lubuntu install fails ( altho i'm guessing that its failing on the lack of free space)14:26
Pwnguin_whatever, this laptop is old garbage anyway14:26
xanguaPwnguin_: you could have just installed lubuntu-desktop package from the beggining instead of messing aroung with your partitions14:27
Pwnguin_so how can I install lubuntu because I've tried but it has not showed up as an option on the dualboot14:27
Pwnguin_xangua I don't understand what you mean14:27
xhI guess he means that you neednt delete anything14:28
heverHello, I switched to lxdm as windowmanager, awesome is in the session list, but if I select it, openbox starts. I'm quite confused. I checked the xsession files but they look ok, any ideas ????14:28
xanguathat you didn't have to uninstall any os or anything to beggin with14:28
AdblockerPwnguin_: what's wrong? Not to butt in. Why are you calling your laptop names?14:28
Pwnguin_no that's fine I can keep Ubuntu still14:28
Pwnguin_but my real problem is that I can't install Lubuntu14:29
AdblockerPwnguin_: Why do you say that?14:29
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: it cant find windows because it doesnt see the windows boot strap is my guess. delete the ubuntu partition and the extended partition before running the installer. it will install lubuntu into the free spave then. from there you can run boot repair to add windows to the grub list14:29
Pwnguin_Sprry Adblocker but thats just my honest feeling14:29
xangua!info lubuntu-desktop | Pwnguin_14:29
ubottuPwnguin_: lubuntu-desktop (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.52 (saucy), package size 2 kB, installed size 31 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; powerpc; armhf)14:29
Pwnguin_No, Hitsuji, on the dualboot I have the options of Ubuntu and Windows 7 + ubuntu with advanced options or something more..14:30
Pwnguin_But I can't find Lubuntu14:30
Pwnguin_that's the problem14:30
AdblockerPwnguin_: You choose Ubuntu and in grub you should get the Lubuntu option14:30
AdblockerAt least, that's what I remember14:30
heverHello, I switched to lxdm as windowmanager, awesome is in the session list, but if I select it, openbox starts. I'm quite confused. I checked the xsession files but they look ok, any ideas ????14:31
Pwnguin_Okay, adblocker, but when I select ubuntu and press enter it just starts up14:31
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: its probably reffering to lubuntu as ubuntu14:31
Pwnguin_how do i get into "grub" i dont know much about it14:31
Pwnguin_no really, I'm using Ubuntu now14:31
hitsujiTMOPwnguin_: do you mean its not booting the live usb?14:32
Pwnguin_yes exactly14:32
Pwnguin_i have tried to change the boot order but still14:32
hitsujiTMOhow did you create the live usb?14:32
angela_quick question, what privilege does a user need in order to run a service XXX start/stop command?14:32
Pwnguin_ummm I just downloaded it from the official websites14:32
AdblockerPwnguin_: ok so when you boot you should be presented with the windows boot manager. You should see Windows and Ubuntu. When you choose ubuntu you will be presented with something similiar to windows boot manager called grub. It will have various boot options.14:32
Pwnguin_I used  UNetbootin14:33
AdblockerIf you are just trying to boot from the flash drive you just need to change your bios or choose it directly during your startup14:33
Pwnguin_when I choose ubuntu, ubuntu starts up, i dont get any boot options other than that14:33
maounetbootin is not good for all linux disco..14:33
Pwnguin_and i have changed the bios boot order14:33
AdblockerPwnguin_: hold shift when you choose ubuntu14:34
Pwnguin_ok I will try that then14:34
Pwnguin_thanks for the help14:34
AdblockerPwnguin_: np. Don't give up!14:34
Pwnguin_I wont14:34
Adblockeri'm the jugernaut bitch14:34
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jugernautWho do you think you are?14:34
heverah i guess it was the dmrc file14:34
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rwc2have a nic either partially or fully disabled in bios (the most possible disablement), but rfkill list all shows hard blocked: no.  can i get hard blocked: yes through the software14:41
Le_BaconMy Xubuntu machine won't connect to wifi.  Now I know that it worked before, but it suddenly doesn't.14:43
xhIs there sth wrong with your wifi? Does your phone connect sucessfully?14:46
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heverHello the session selection in lxdm doesn't work. I'm just logged in to lxde in every case... what might that be?14:50
awesomess3I think my FlashPlayer_10_2_159_1 on my Ubuntu 10.04 got hacked :'(14:51
awesomess3on Firefox14:51
awesomess3I was on YouTube and it errored out in the middle of my video14:52
awesomess3And then firefox started to get real slow from then on until I `mv ~/.mozilla/plugins/flash* ~/`14:52
bekksawesomess3: "flash got hacked" sounds...unlikely. Most likely, ther was just some error.14:52
awesomess3I hope so :(((14:53
hitsujiTMOawesomess3: most likely its to do with the fact that your running an outdated version of flash on an outdated system14:54
awesomess3I think it was the NSA http://nation.time.com/2013/11/04/google-shocked-the-nsa-hacked-its-servers/14:54
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awesomess3I did a `ps ax` and the plugin was running for no reason.14:55
bekksawesomess3: It was you. You are running outdated flash on an outdated system. And you didnt specify the error you got.14:55
bekksawesomess3: It was. It crashed and wasnt killed properly. Nothing to do with the NSA.14:55
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awesomess3The plugin was running when I `kill *` all firefox stuff. And restarted.14:56
hitsujiTMOawesomess3: you killed firefox not flash14:57
ResQuemy system seem to just freeze on the startup screen, the last message i can see is "Stoping mount networking filesystem [ok]"14:57
bekksawesomess3: Desktop support for 10.04 ended in April this year. Update to 12.04 at least to get a supported system.14:57
awesomess3I should've did a `ps ax | less` to see what was running.14:57
rwc2have a nic either partially or fully disabled in bios (the most possible disablement), but rfkill list all shows hard blocked: no.  can i get hard blocked: yes through the software14:57
gordonjcprwc2: disabled and hard blocked are not the same thing14:57
pimmeIm trying to setup a pptp server, i can connect to it and receive a new internal ip. But i cant connect to other computers on the network, Im i using wrong protocol for this task?14:58
rwc2gordonjcp, is there a command for hard blocking14:58
ikoniapimme: what do you mean can't connect it to other computers, it is connected if you are connecting to it and getting an IP14:58
rwc2with rfkill14:58
hitsujiTMOpimme: did you setup a NAT when setting up pptp? most likely you've set that instead of bridged networking14:59
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nieeHi folks :)) Anyone to help me pls? How to format my USB Hard Drive to use live-usb-install.15:02
hitsujiTMOrwc2: do you have a physical button for the wifi?15:03
nieeThe program "live-usb-install" not detect my HDD15:03
rwc2hitsujiTMO, no15:04
pimmehitsujiTMO: Can i check this with a command? Im a total newbie and just followed i Tutorial...15:04
hitsujiTMOpimme: can you link the tutorial?15:04
BluesKaj!unetbootin | niee.15:05
ubottuniee.: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:05
hitsujiTMOrwc2: can you start with pastebining: rfkill list          then toggle your fn+f2 or whatever acpi key you have  and then re pastebin: rfkill list15:05
geoffmccpimme: It has been a while, but this is the tut i used. This will tell you how to setup bridged VPN.  bridged VPN allows the clients to appear as though they are on the same local area network (LAN) as the server system.15:06
hitsujiTMOrwc2: can you also pastebin: sudo lshw -C network15:06
rwc2hitsujiTMO, ill have to google what you mean with acpi key15:06
hitsujiTMOrwc2: normally you have some sort of keyboard shortcut for the wifi: fn+f2 is pretty standard15:07
geoffmccpimme: oops, that was for old ubuntu. For ubuntu 12.04 https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/openvpn.html15:07
rwc2hitsujiTMO, oooh15:07
onpon4Can someone check if something works on Ubuntu 12.04? I have a problem in a derivative (Trisquel 6) and I want to see if it's a problem upstream or not.15:07
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pimmehitsujiTMO: Oh.. It was NAT config. I will try out geoffmcc tutorial =)15:09
geoffmccpimme: just wanted to make sure you seen the second link, as the first was for an outdated version...15:10
xkernelFlash crashes on ubuntu 13.1015:11
bekksxkernel: For me, it works fine.15:12
xkernelbekks, it was working fine since I installed 13.10 but from yesterday it's crashing on either FF or Crhome15:12
pimmegeoffmcc: Yeah got it. Thx for the help!15:13
bekksxkernel: Then disable the Adobe Flash plugin, and enable the PepperFlash plugin v11.9 in Chrome.15:13
demirulezHi all, i'm unable to wake up my PC from suspend using the USB mouse. Trying this solution on Ubuntu 12.04.3 but no luck: http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/74-ubuntu/220-ubuntu-resume-usb-hid . I can only resume through PWR Button, here are some logs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6468990/15:19
demirulezAny help is appreciated thanks15:19
xkernelwhat does this mean "[pulseaudio] core-util.c: Failed to create secure directory (/run/user/1000/pulse): Permission denied" ?15:20
awesomess3demirulez, is sleeping the same as suspension? Because on my Windows 8 I have to hit the POWER button in order to wake it up.15:20
demirulezawesomess3: yes i'm referring to standby, not hybernation. By the way i tried resuming from suspend with USB mouse under Windows 7 and it's working, so it isn't a BIOS setting neither15:22
adanoobhi all, need help with nvidia drivers and xconfig, Dell laptop with external monitor, under Guest user all is fine, I get use of both screens, under my user I get blank screen - help !! TIA15:23
theadminadanoob: Tried simply looking in System Settings -> Displays? One of them may be disabled.15:24
adanoobyes, it seems main laptop screen might be disabled, but only under my user, not under guest, but I think Guest doesn't have access to seetings15:25
AdblockerHey guys. What do you think the best server software is to run in ubuntu? I am not doing anything sophisticated, just a web page.15:25
adanoobis that changeable directly under xorg.config ?15:26
AdblockerI don't want to use apache15:26
jinglescafeI want to disable users / guests from installing software.15:26
jinglescafehow do i do that15:26
bekks!best | adanoob15:26
ubottuadanoob: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:26
bekksjinglescafe: Users/guests have no permissions to install software.15:26
bekksjinglescafe: Did you reinstall all clients, since your network intrusion yesterday?15:26
jinglescafeit asks for password, its the same password as the user15:26
jinglescafeThe IT guy came in  and said everything is fine.15:27
bekksI bet thats a lie. :)15:27
jinglescafewe did reinstall ubuntu on a computer15:27
bekksYesterday you told us the IT guy will come over in more than a week, didnt you?15:28
Togusaeverything's fine! ..."the cd tray starts moving furiously"15:28
jinglescafei have jingle user with password, but I want that password not to work to install software15:28
Adblockerquery jinglescafe15:28
jinglescafeI had to pay him extra to come15:28
bekksadanoob: There is no need to query me, keep it in the channel please.15:28
adanoobagain I was not querying15:28
adanoobyou that is15:28
bekksjinglescafe: And did you check every single computer?15:29
jinglescafeso how do i stop user from installing software?15:29
adanoobI was just making a case that I did not merit that thing you did15:29
jinglescafehe checked them.15:29
bekksadanoob: You wrote a query to me. Putting your name in front of a line is not querying, it is hilighting.15:29
bekksjinglescafe: Users cant install software. Users dont have an account permitted to sudo.15:30
adanoobbekks: I wrote a query to you ? was not aware of that15:30
adanoobtheadmin: can you help me re-enable my main laptop screen via command line ? TIA15:31
jinglescafeok, the login is jingels1, password is jingles1 , it is the same password to install software15:31
bekksadanoob: Thats why I told you that there is no reason to do so, and that you please keep it in the channel. I didnt even read your query, since it was unwanted.15:31
jinglescafeI want different password15:31
bekksjinglescafe: ROFLMAO.15:31
jinglescafebut not to login15:31
cezalnecesito ayuda. mi pc arranca con volumen al maximo15:31
bekksjinglescafe: You actually give your users the password of the main account of the computer?15:31
demirulezany suggestions regarding my pm-suspend issue please?15:31
Togusajinglescafe: you have to remove your user from the group that allows you to use sudo15:31
bekksjinglescafe: You shoudl create a _guest_ account.15:31
Togusait's probably the "sudo" group15:32
Togusayou can view the rules with this command: sudo visudo15:32
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sperrhakenjinglescafe: `sudo' and `admin' group according to /etc/polkit-1/localauthority.conf.d/51-ubuntu-admin.conf , at least on 12.0415:33
zykotick9sperrhaken: it's just sudo15:33
Togusado keep in mind that by doing so, you will no longer be able to use sudo15:33
bekksjinglescafe: Reinstall ALL computers, and create an account "admin" when being asked. Keep the password secret, dont tell it anyone. Then, create a an account named "customer" and give it the password "customer". Do not add "customer" to the sudo group.15:33
Togusaand you'll have to use 'su'15:33
adanoobtheadmin: hope you my last request to you re re-enable screen15:33
jinglescafeokay, i will try15:34
bekksjinglescafe: Anything else is unsafe, since all your customers dont even have to "hack" you, since they do know the administrative password.15:34
Togusajinglescafe: on a side note, check out "tripwire"15:34
jinglescafemy customers will never hack me, they are just young children mostly!15:34
bekksjinglescafe: Yesterday, one did.15:34
rwc2hitsujiTMO, any comments?15:35
Togusayou can replicate the base system on a VM, create a database, then use it on the machines you think are no longer safe (offline, possibly)15:35
geoffmccjinglescafe: you should never trust any user for any reason really15:35
bekksjinglescafe: You should learn from that instead trying to secure compromised computers and sticking to some policy which isnt even worth to be called secure.15:35
jinglescafeI can not get hacked, I got a link sys firewall router15:35
bekksjinglescafe: ROFLMAO.15:35
sperrhakenzykotick9: Doesn't the daemon request permission via polkit?  I guess the default user created during installation is usually not in the admin group, but it is part of `AdminIdentities'.15:35
zykotick9bekks: ;)15:35
geoffmccI do believe jinglescafe is trolling at this point15:36
bekksjinglescafe: Of course that small soho thingie can be hacked. In minutes, literally.15:36
theadminAgreed. Exterminate!15:36
bekksgeoffmcc: Seems so, yes.15:36
prokophello, pls, how i can sync sw between 2 PCs over Ubuntu SW center? Both logged on Ubuntu One account, both turned on, but I can't see differents in SW...  Ubuntu v13.1015:36
theadminprokop: Go to the "Installed" page, and enable Sync between computers in the File menu. Then you will see software from all your computers.15:37
jinglescafei tried tripwire and i t didn't work15:38
bekksjinglescafe: Then you didnt configure it correctly.15:38
prokopadmin: I have it so, but I see only current pc on both PCs15:38
prokoptheadmin: I have it so, but I see only current pc on both PCs15:38
bekksjinglescafe: First, reinstall all your computers as I told you. Otherwise, you will run compromised computers - and personally, I will not support you doing so.15:38
Togusahe's just trolling =)15:39
Togusajinglescafe: try with more unicorns15:39
bekksand circles of salt around them.15:40
theadminprokop: Uh. Well, there should be a bar on the left where you can choose the PC you want to view the software on.15:40
jinglescafeI will use my clonezilla box to pxe install all the computers15:40
prokoptheadmin: I know... but there is only current pc, not the second or others what I see on my Ubuntu One page15:40
bekksjinglescafe: Install a clean instance, not some existing box.15:41
theadminprokop: Hm. That's weird. I dunno why that might happen.15:41
prokoptheadmin: both are logged on same account in Ubuntu one15:41
jinglescafewhat version should i use , preferably with a good working Firefox15:41
theadminprokop: It *should* work, maybe the sync servers are down? I'm not sure if there are specific ones for that, though15:41
prokoptheadmin: could it be with my home network?15:41
zykotick9prokop: you might want to ask in the #ubuntuone channel?15:41
jojoa1997can someone help me with installing propriety driver?15:41
prokopzykotick9: ok, thx, I didnt know about this channel, I installed Ubuntu 2 days before, thx15:42
bekksjinglescafe: 12.0415:42
prokoptheadmin: thx u15:42
jojoa1997i have ubuntu 13.10 and a readon 4025 card15:43
jojoa1997or is it 425015:43
jinglescafeone of the patrons said elementaryos, other said fedora.15:44
jojoa1997can anyone help? the internet didnt do me any good15:44
ikoniajinglescafe: where is the photo15:45
ikoniajinglescafe: you never sent the photo of your "hacked" internet cafe15:45
jinglescafei sent it to rory like he asked15:46
ikoniano you didn't15:46
bekksjinglescafe: rory never got something, so you didnt send it.15:46
ikoniajinglescafe: the questions/attitude you are showing in this channel makes it hard to believe what you are saying is true and that you are not just trolling this channel for fun/to waste time15:46
bekksjinglescafe: Which "patrons"?15:46
pfifoHi everyone15:48
gasshohi pfifo15:48
demolition_Hi pfifio.15:48
adanoobguys, i really need some help, why would a screen work under Guest but be blanked under my user ? X settings seen under Guest seems fine...15:49
demolition_Vanilla icecream is good.15:49
pfifoadanoob: have you tried deleting your ~/.Xauthority file and then logging in?15:50
jinglescafeokay, i posted pic15:50
adanoobpfifo: no, will attempt that thanks15:50
demolition_Have you tried deleting /ubuntu from a command prompt?15:51
adanoobpfifo: deleted file, now rebooting15:52
geoffmccadanoob: nvidia?15:53
adanoobgeoffmcc: yes, nvidia15:53
demirulezHi all, i'm unable to wake up my PC from suspend using the USB mouse. Trying this solution on Ubuntu 12.04.3 but no luck: http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/74-ubuntu/220-ubuntu-resume-usb-hid . I can only resume through PWR Button, here are some logs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6468990/15:53
geoffmccadanoob: you said you have a monitor hooked up as well right?15:53
demolition_Nvidia works better on Xubuntu for me than my Ati 4550.15:53
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adanoobgeoffmcc: yes but it's having other issues as well, I only get an image on it intermittenly (not a problem witrh the monitor) maybe.. with the VGA port15:54
geoffmccadanoob: so your using vga and not dvi then15:54
adanoobpfifo: even with .Xauth deleted, screen still comes up blank15:54
adanoobgeoffmcc: yes, definitely15:55
geoffmccadanoob: okay, not what i was thinking.15:55
adanoobgeoffmcc: my laptop does not even have a dvi outport15:55
pfifoadanoob: create a new user and see it the new user operata\es properly15:55
adanoobpfifo:  is that really needed? I mean, user guest works just fine15:56
adanoobpfifo: can I create a new user with user Guest ?15:56
bekksadanoob: no.15:56
ActionParsnipAdanoob: if you press CTRL+ALT+F1 on the login scren, you can login there and create a user. Or su to your user then make a user in the terminal15:57
pfifoadanoob: id say start a fresh home directory, something with your dot files is causing problems15:58
adanooboh boy.. ok looking up how to create new user with command line15:58
ActionParsnipPfifo: what is the issue?15:58
ActionParsnip!adduser | adanoob easy15:58
ubottuadanoob easy: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo15:58
pfifoActionParsnip: adanoob, upon logging in, is presented with a completly blank screen... however his guest account works fine.15:59
pfifoActionParsnip: hows it going15:59
lostincakeso, by trying to upgrade to boost 1.54  ... I've broken apt-get15:59
lostincakenow it wont remove or add anything :/15:59
ActionParsnipPfifo: thanks. Yeah not bad. Just watched the rugby. Annoying16:00
adanoobok, how do I got back to the GUI logon screen - from the current command line ?16:00
ActionParsnipAdanoob: what session do you log into? Which release?16:00
adanooblatest 13.x release went there via Ctl+Alt+f116:00
zykotick9pfifo alt+f7 really ;)16:00
adanoobno, if I ctl-alt-f7 I go back to my blank screen remember ? :-)16:01
ActionParsnipAdanoob: install xfce4 in your console, then log into thatbsession. Is it ok?16:01
rwc2any comments to my above post?16:01
lostincakegetting "trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/quickbook', which is also in package libboost1.53-tools-dev 1.53.0-6+exp3ubuntu8"16:01
lostincakeseems like a "Fix was released" but not sure what that means16:01
adanoobwhat? install xfce ? I rather reboot sheesh...16:01
ActionParsnipLostincake: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue16:02
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ActionParsnipAdanoob: you can use the xfce session to resolve the issue with your account. Please learn to read between the lines a little16:02
ActionParsnipAdanoob: think about it16:02
ActionParsnipRwc2: what is the issue16:02
sandman13why can't i reset unity?16:03
bekkssandman13: "Reset" in what way?16:03
lostincakeActionParsnip, Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l16:03
MonkeyDusti guess there's the command 'unity --reset'16:03
ActionParsnipSandman13: sure you can, its software wiyh stored settings. Why would you not be ablento reset settings in any OS for any application16:03
rwc2ActionParsnip, i am trying to have rfkill list all say 'hard blocked: yes' for all.  here are two pastes separated by '-------------------', one with wifi toggle key off, the second with it on, thanks http://pastebin.com/btebEYcs16:04
sandman13ActionParsnip it freezes says no core found and something like that16:04
ActionParsnipLostincake: you can force install the deb and the file crossover will be ignored16:04
lostincakejust through dpkg?16:05
ActionParsnipLostincake: yes16:05
hitsujiTMOsandman13: how are you trying to reset unity? ans what version of ubuntu are you using?16:05
ActionParsnipRwc2: why are you using sudo if you are root?16:05
ActionParsnipRwc2: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue16:06
rwc2ActionParsnip, Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l16:06
MonkeyDustrwc2  no need for sudo, if you are root16:07
ActionParsnipRwc2: does the system have a switch or shortcut combo to activate/deactivate wifi?16:07
rwc2MonkeyDust, k16:07
sandman13hitsujiTMO: Ubuntu 13.10 using command "sudo unity reset"16:08
rwc2ActionParsnip, only a keyboard toggle, which doesn't make hard blocked: yes.  anything i can disable in the bios is diabled also16:08
hitsujiTMOsandman13: that is not the correct way: read http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/how-to-reset-compiz-and-unity-in-ubuntu.html16:08
ActionParsnipRwc2: try: sudo rfkill unblock all16:09
hitsujiTMOrwc2: can you pastebin the output of  modinfo ath9k16:09
adanoobboy oh boy.. so I adduser guest2, then attmpt to log in and I get a blank screen for 2 or 3 seconds and then I get back to the login screen...16:09
geoffmccadanoob: are you using opensource drivers or nvidia binary?16:10
sandman13hitsujiTMO: but i reset it earlier using that command16:10
adanoobgeoffmcc: no, the proprietaryones dont remember if 304 or the 17x something16:10
geoffmccadanoob: have you tried sudo nvidia-xconfig?16:11
hitsujiTMOsandman13: the command you are thinking of is: unity --reset                and that is for pre 13.04.     you just reran unity and got lucky16:11
adanoobgeoffmcc: yes, it wrote a brand new xorg.conf, tand it seems fine and it still works under guest user, not under my user16:11
lostincakeActionParsnip, http://hastebin.com/raw/sikiyukuqa  --- stll the same problem16:12
rwc2hitsujiTMO, i added it to my first paste at the top http://pastebin.com/LsrqRetJ16:12
gartraladanoob: 13.04 or 13.10?16:12
adanoobgartral: 13.1016:12
awesomess3adanoob, maybe try adding groups to your user as guest is associated with?16:12
ActionParsnipLostincake: add the option: --force-all16:12
gartraladanoob: upgrade or fresh?16:12
theadminsandman13: To reset Unity on 13.04 and up, do dconf reset -f /org/compiz16:12
sandman13running that theadmin16:13
adanoobgartral: its a fresh one, but note It has been running fine for some time now, then suddenly...16:13
adanoobgartral: well, fresh one with a /user from a prior version16:13
gartraladanoob: Ah.. and let me guess.. when you log in to your user, the screen blanks for a few seconds and returns you to login promt, yea?16:13
ActionParsnipAdanoob: if you use xfce it is not compoziting and will be ok. You can then use the session to remove the Compiz or Unitybsettings then log off and log in to the Unity session and uninstall xfce. Makes sense to me16:13
adanoobgartral: yep thats it with the new created user, with my existing user just gets blank and strays there16:14
hitsujiTMOrwc2: can you try: sudo modprobe ath9k nohwcrypt=116:14
ActionParsnipAdanoob: have you also ran: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME16:14
gartraladanoob: .Xauthority corruption!16:15
ActionParsnipAdanoob: make sure you own all your home directory16:15
lostincakeActionParsnip, --force-depends?16:15
ActionParsnipLostincake: --force-all16:15
adanoobno of course not, its not described in the pages I've seen, but ok, will try that . suppose you mean that for the newly created user right ?16:15
gartraladanoob: before trying ActionParsnip try sudo rm /home/(your bad user)/.Xauthority*16:15
ActionParsnipAdanoob: do you run commands like 'sudo nautilus' and 'sudo gedit'16:16
rwc2hitsujiTMO, hard blocked: no still after issuing that command16:16
adanoobhuh wait now I'm lost16:16
lostincakeActionParsnip, thanks much16:16
ActionParsnipRwc2: reboot to test16:16
lostincakedoing sudo apt-get install -f after that seemed to do the trick16:16
rwc2ActionParsnip, k16:16
ActionParsnipAdanoob: do you run commands like the ones i gave?16:16
rwc2hitsujiTMO, what command would i use to reverse that, though?16:17
adanoobgartral: which one of the bad users ? my user with blank or the new guest2 user with blank then login screen ?16:17
sandman13hitsujiTMO: ran into after completing the steps but it did the work16:17
hitsujiTMOrcw2: that won't persist a reboot16:17
gartraladanoob: do that for both16:17
rwc2hitsujiTMO, can you elaborate?16:17
adanoobgartral: I've already traied that for my user, did nothing16:17
gartraladanoob: then try it for your guest that's borked16:18
hitsujiTMOrwc2: that command is only for that instance. it is cleared when you reboot16:18
ActionParsnipAdanoob: run the chown command i gave16:18
truebattleaxeis anyone using mir?16:18
MonkeyDusttruebattleaxe  #ubuntu-mir16:18
adanoobActionParsnip: you have to describe that in more baby steps please16:18
truebattleaxethanks monkey :P16:18
rwc2hitsujiTMO, ActionParsnip is suggesting i reboot, why?16:18
hitsujiTMO!anyone | truebattleaxe16:18
ubottutruebattleaxe: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:18
adanoobActionParsnip: a lot of assumptions in there16:19
ActionParsnipRwc2: aplies the setting to the module16:19
gartrallast ActionParsnip16:19
=== Cor is now known as PackardBell
ActionParsnipAdanoob: its a terminal command so its copying and pasting text. You can do that, right?16:19
hitsujiTMOActionParsnip: no. that command loads the module with that settings at that moment16:19
gartralhave you also ran: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER  $HOME16:19
gartraladanoob: ^^^16:20
ActionParsnipHitsujitmo: ahh misread, thought you added it to a .conf file in /etc/modprobe.d16:20
adanoobunder shich user you want me to run that command ? am I supposed to replace USER with something ?16:20
ActionParsnipAdanoob: no run it as is16:20
adanoobunder which user ?16:20
adanoobmy user ?16:20
LabanDoes anyone in here know how best to copy loads of files that are hardlinked to eachother over to another machine?16:21
ActionParsnipAdanoob: yes. The user with issues16:21
hitsujiTMOrwc2: can you tell me why you're trying to get:   hard blocked: yes ????16:21
LabanI'm using rsnapshot for backup and I need to replace the backup server.16:21
hitsujiTMOrwc2: are you trying to disable the wifi?16:21
LabanSo I want to transfer the daily backups and preserve links.16:21
rwc2hitsujiTMO, yes16:22
hitsujiTMOrwc2: you can blacklist ath9k and then no driver will load for that wifi adapter. will that do?16:22
AdblockerHey guys. Does ubuntu no longer support thttpd?16:22
theadminLaban: rsync has a "-l" option which will copy links as links.16:22
ActionParsnip!info thttpd16:23
ubottuPackage thttpd does not exist in saucy16:23
theadminAdblocker: What is "thttpd"?16:23
adanoobran the chown command, then what ? reboot ?16:23
ActionParsnipAdblocker: let me check for changelog16:23
ActionParsnipAdanoob: yes16:23
streulmahello, what is the best settings for Ubuntu 13.10 on a Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch, 2800px width ?16:23
gartraltheadmin: dunno that one, but the sound I made pronouncing it sounded like a bottle of water falling down steps16:24
Labantheadmin: Hm... I will have to look at that.16:24
AdblockerActionParsnip: Do you have any replacement suggestions? theadmin: It is a simple web server16:24
streulmaI like to run Ubuntu on my Macbook Pro16:24
awesomess3Adblocker, looks like you'll have to install thttpd a different way: https://github.com/skybert/ece-scripts/issues/8116:24
theadminAdblocker: lighttpd is very light, too.16:24
ActionParsnipAdblocker: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thttpd/+changelog16:25
mguyHow light is say nginx in comparison?16:25
A-L-GI would use xammap for the web server16:25
ActionParsnipAdblocker: apache2 maybe16:25
rwc2hitsujiTMO, i'd also like to increase security by blocking wifi penetration, i see hard-blocked: no as a security issue, even through soft-blocked: yes.  is blacklisting ath9k the best i can do via software?16:25
theadminA-L-G: XAMPP is not a webserver, it's a LAMP-pack. And it's recommended against using it on Ubuntu.16:26
adanoobActionParsnip: rebooted, still blank screen  (all my files in $HOME were alreasy owned by my user)16:26
truebattleaxeoh ya i did have an issue. when I updated everything on kde  somehow i lost the volume control on the top bar.  I also am unable to use the volume controls on my keyboard. however it works in gnome16:26
ActionParsnipAdanoob: do you run GUI commands withbsudo, like nautilus?16:26
adanoobdon't think so can try16:26
A-L-Gor you can do it mysql php5 and all that but if you not that good at ubuntu i would just do xmmap16:26
ActionParsnipTruebattleaxe: could use alsamixer in terminal16:26
adanoobgsudo nautilus right ?16:27
rwc2ActionParsnip, once i reboot, do you expect i might not have wifi?  if so, can you tell me how i can undo 'modprobe ath9k nohwcrypt=1' via the terminal16:27
ActionParsnipAdanoob: no, its a question not an instruction16:27
theadminadanoob: Do *not* run GUI commands with sudo, it's not recommended. It just might be the cause of your issue.16:27
truebattleaxethanks actionparsnip i'll try that right now16:27
ActionParsnipRwc2: if it was just that then it is not persistant16:27
adanoobActionParsnip: I was asking because I have to test to reply to you no ?16:28
adanoobActionParsnip: which command do I run in order to test if I can run GUI programs (under my user I suppose)16:29
rwc2ActionParsnip, sorry, what is not then persistant16:29
gartraladanoob: try gksudo16:29
alexandros_cI need help cups is not recognizing my user name and password in ubuntu gnome 13.10 can anyone help me?16:29
adanoobcannot open display16:29
hitsujiTMOrwc2: if the wifi adapter is soft blocked then it is disabled. soft and hard blocks are references to 2 different types of disabling methods for wifi adapters, not 2 different levels of disabling. hard bock refers to a hardware block ( physical switch ) where soft block refers to a soft key disbling ( acpi key / fn + f2)   the reason why you can't enable hard block is possibly because there is no hard block interface for that wifi adapter..16:30
hitsujiTMO.. either way soft black is enough16:30
adanoobGtk-WARNING: cannot open display16:30
gordonjcpadanoob: what exactly are you trying to do?16:30
ActionParsnipRwc2: the command and setting are not stored, there are ways to make it persistant16:31
ActionParsnipRwc2: but that isnt16:31
hitsujiTMOrwc2: if you want to permanently disable the the hardware then blacklisting the driver is enough. The kernel cannot interface with the divice if it has not driver to allow it to communicate with the device16:31
ResQuei just booted up my ubuntu 13.10 but i dont see a gui only a terminal tty1 the last message on screen is "starting lightdm display manager". could someone please help me16:32
anders2123131hello! I'm having trouble with my new ubuntu install. when installing the nvidia drivers I get a blank screen when booting in to the log screen. I've tried editing /etc/X11/xconf and setting UseDisplayDevice to DFP, but that doesnt work. I also tried setting it to CRT, but then I got could not write bytes: broken pipe. I've also tried another solution which involves purging nvidia drivers and16:32
anders2123131reinstalling, with no luck. also I cant get into recovery mode (holding shift during boot doesn't work...)16:32
adanoobActionParsnip: gordonjcp I have a .Xsession-errors with following: init: at-spi2-registryd main process ended, respawning (several lines), then final line saying respawning too fast, stopped16:32
ActionParsnipAdanoob: great. Use that to search online to see what it means16:33
pfifoalexandros_c: try 'sudo system-config-printer'16:33
anders2123131I have a lap top with geforce 765M16:33
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
geoffmccadanoob: have you tried sudo mv .Xauthority .XauthorityBak16:33
adanoobgeoffmcc: basically deleting the thing rigt ?16:34
zykotick9pfifo: is system-config-printer a GUI application?  if so, DON'T suggest/use sudo with it, use gksudo instead16:34
adanoobgeoffmcc: basically deleting the thing right ?16:34
geoffmccadanoob: and then restart16:34
geoffmccadanoob: well it will save it with .bak at end and at reboot will recreate16:34
adanoobbut I've done that  before16:34
adanoobyes I figured that much :-)16:34
adanoobbut I've done that before, served noting16:34
adanoobbut I've done that before, served nothing16:34
adanoobcan do that again16:34
geoffmccadanoob: okay, cause i found http://askubuntu.com/questions/146137/login-screen-loops-unless-you-login-as-guest and i know you said your new account created was stuck in login loop16:35
ResQuei am having issues booting the ubunt live dvd, all i get is a blank screen. i added the nomodeset and nouveau.modeset=0 as a kernel param and that got me as far as the tty but still no gui? i am not sure what to do next16:35
geoffmccadanoob: if you have done already, dont bother16:35
alexandros_cthanks pfifo16:35
pfifoalexandros_c: try 'gksudo system-config-printer' (happy zykotick9?)16:35
BluesKajResQue. startx16:35
BluesKajResQue. if that fials , sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade , then run startx again16:36
dewdudeHi, i've got PPTPD running on my machine; and so far I've been able to connect to it locally; but I'm trying to figure out the iptables rule for making sure they're also internet access over it....i mostly want to use it as a way of just plunking an extra computer on the lan.16:37
ResQueBluesKaj: thank you i will give that a try now16:37
geoffmccadanoob: after you did that did you try your guest2 account to see if display worked or was it before you created the new guest2 account16:37
dewdudemy issue is I have a network bridge running wlan0 to eth0; do i assign the iptables rules to br0 or keep them on eth0?16:37
adanoobgeoff. was before guest216:37
adanoobgeoffmcc: Guest2 still doesn't work, and my user after deleting .Xauthority is in same condition16:38
ANubhey guys!! pk.archive.ubuntu.com is down for some months now. How to inform ubuntu to remove it from its databases???16:39
geoffmccadanoob: i had a problem with blank screen after login when first started using 13.10. but what worked for me did not seem to work for you. I am going to bail out now, dont want to cause you more issues16:39
rwc2hitsujiTMO, ActionParsnip, thanks16:39
ActionParsnipAnub: switch server to the main server. Maybe its just been worked on presently16:39
adanoobok, changing strategies, how do I go back to standard non-accelrated drivers from tre command line ?16:40
geoffmccadanoob: only other suggestion would be http://www.howopensource.com/2012/10/install-nvidia-geforce-driver-in-ubuntu-12-10-12-04-using-ppa/16:40
ActionParsnipAdanoob: what video chip do you use?16:40
adanoobdon't know at the top of my head besides Nvidia16:41
zykotick9adanoob: step 1) mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf to xorg.conf.backup 2) remove the blacklist for nouveau (sorry i don't remember the file)16:41
ActionParsnipAdanoob: echo "blacklist nvidia" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf > /dev/null16:41
ActionParsnipAdanoob: rename /etc/X11/xorg.conf if you have one16:42
adanooboh I have plenty of backups16:42
zykotick9adanoob: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf (thank you ActionParsnip) remove the blacklist nouveau from that file (you DON'T need to blacklist nvidia)16:42
ANub_hey guys!! pk.archive.ubuntu.com is down for some months now. How to inform ubuntu to remove it from its databases???16:43
adanoobone minut while I painstakinglycopy the instruction for one PC to another16:43
ActionParsnipAnub_: i suggest you report a bug. Might be a DNS issue16:43
Labantheadmin: rsync -l for symlinks and -H for hardlinks... Only problem then is that I cannot take the whole backup-folder all at once. The machine runs out of ram.16:44
=== Foxhoundz is now known as Foxhoundz_Gone
ANub_<ActionParsnip> it is resolved all right.............perhaps hosting company has forgotten about it..:)16:44
LabanIt's about a million files, times 40 copies, so it needs to keep track of a few link entries...16:45
ActionParsnipAnub_: how do you know? Are youbaware of what the right IP should be?16:45
ANub_<ActionParsnip> I'm aware about the company and their IP ranges16:45
ActionParsnipAnub_: if it resolves it doesnt mean it will work. You could be getting the wrong IP via DNS and it needs updating on the authoritive server16:45
ActionParsnipAnub_: then report a bug16:46
adanoobok nouveau is not blacklisted at the blacklist.conf16:46
adanooband Nvidia was not blacklisted16:46
ANub_<ActionParsnip> I've uploaded the issue on ubuntu website. In technical support form16:46
adanoobok, I'm gonna try this here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/41681/blank-screen-after-installing-nvidia-restricted-driver16:47
ResQuei am looking at my xorg.0.log file and i noticed the this error: "screens found but no with usable configuration" i am stuck in tty1, with no GUI and could really do with some help on what to do next16:48
PeterMEHi, quick question. I have a constant HDMI link to the living room TV. I've created keyboard shortcuts to switch between my desktop screens and the TV. Problem is that whenever the TV is turned on Ubuntu will auto detect that a new screen is attached and add it to my screen. This has started to became an annoyance as I live with three other people whe tend to turn the TV on and  off quite often. Does anyone know how to turn off this16:50
ResQuei was thinking maybe if i install the nvidia closed source drivers that might help, but i am unsure what package to install, i did a apt-cache search and found quite a few drivers and setting file, does anyone know what package i should install?16:50
ActionParsnipPeterme: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue16:51
He4dShOthi! anyone know if I can get the name of a wired connection? something like ESSID in wireless?16:52
gartralHe4dShOt: wired connections don't work like that, you can, however get the MAC Adress of the router16:53
ActionParsnipHe4dshot: wired connections dont have names16:53
PeterMEActionParsnip: Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l16:54
ResQueHe4dShOt: you could get the mac address of your network card, and the mac address of the routers on the network16:54
ActionParsnipPeterme: and what video chip?16:54
He4dShOtand what about the name I gave in network manager?16:54
BluesKajResQue. which graphics card ?16:54
gartralHe4dShOt: that's local to your account on your machine16:55
ResQueHe4dShOt: there is also the local dns server if you are running one, maybe on the router would give you a reverse look up name based on your ip address/subnet of your network16:55
ResQueBluesKaj: i have an nvidea 8600m GT16:55
ResQueBluesKaj: the m stands for mobile, this is a laptop16:56
PeterME[AMD/ATI] Cayman PRO [Radeon HD 6950]16:56
He4dShOtResQue, like nslookup [name of the machine16:56
BluesKajResQue. don't have dual gpus I hope (Optimus) ?16:56
PeterMEActionParsnip: [AMD/ATI] Cayman PRO [Radeon HD 6950]16:56
ResQueHe4dShOt: yes if you are running a windows network you may also get the netbios (sort of like a network name, but not really, its more a collection of machines), netbois was replaced with SMB i think, im not sure i would have to google it and i cant right now16:57
=== adanoob_ is now known as adanoob
ResQueBluesKaj: i am not sure, i think the answer is no, i have never seen that mention anywhere in any settings or on the box, plus i think thats a name given to laptop with the intel and nvidea cards. this mother board does not have an onboard gpu16:59
BluesKajResQue. mother board does not have an onboard gpu , that's different, never heard of that17:00
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
ResQueBluesKaj: yes, there is an MMX socket though, and the nvidea card plugs in to there. im am 100% sure of that i was suppried at first as well17:02
gartralBluesKaj: I have, certain ASUS boardds lack one, and many m-ITX boards have a half-depth slot for a GPU..17:02
ResQuei am going to try and install nvidia-current and try and run startx again, i am guessing this issue is driver related but this is the first time i have boot a ubuntu dvd and it hasnt worked17:03
Corsanicobuonasera, qualcuno mi può dare una mano?17:03
LjL!it | Corsanico17:04
ubottuCorsanico: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:04
CorsanicoThank you17:05
ZiberDoes the order of interfaces listed in /etc/network/interfaces have any effect on the way they are created? Having a bit of interesting behavior with a bridge.17:05
LjLyou're welcome17:05
anders___n1 who can help with some nvidia trouble=17:07
ResQueok so i just tried to install the nvidea drivers and i get this error message now in xorg.0.log "Failed to init the nvidia graphics GPU at pci 1:0:0 please check your kernel log" never seen this before any tips?17:07
ResQueanders___: i am not sure i can help, but try reading the /var/log/xorg.0.log17:08
ResQueanders___: you could also try adding the follow kernal params from inside grub: nomodeset 1915modeset=017:08
PeterMEActionParsnip: What do you think?17:10
folivoraHello, I had Alps/TouchPad and it is failing, I can't click on icons, pointer works but with clicks it wont work17:10
anders___thx ResQue, but Im really new at this, so I'm not sure what your asking of me right now17:10
anders___I have a new install now, and I just installed the newest drivers using PPA, I'll try a reboot now17:10
drchaos__Hey guys, my xubuntu cant see my mobile phone, can someone help?17:10
ResQueanders___: google nomodeset nvidia and you should find a good tutorial, i am also very new.17:10
folivoraI have tried different solutions, but still it is failing. With normal drivers it is regonized as PS/2 mouse17:11
adanoobThere's a lot of this going on apparetly: https://www.google.com/search?q=nvidia%20ubuntu%2013.10%20blank%20screen&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=np&source=hp17:12
drchaos__hey I'm a new guy help me please17:12
subz3r0!ask | drchaos__17:13
ubottudrchaos__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:13
=== Foxhoundz_Gone is now known as Foxhoundz
smaudetadanoob, can't view the link what is it?17:14
anders__seems the install using PPA worked :) dno how I can find out if it's installed though :)17:14
smaudetsomething to do with nvidia?17:14
adanoobtons of reports of blank screen with nvidia drivers after upgrade or update to 13.10 !17:14
basil1xdrchaos__, You've set both xubuntu and your phone to search?17:14
smaudetIs it the bios bug?17:14
adanoobtons !! tons of lost hours !17:14
smaudeti.e. the one where you have to turn up your brightness?17:15
smaudetI wasted a day with 13.04 figuring that one out17:15
smaudetor is this different?17:15
adanoobtotally different17:16
drchaos__<basil1x>, system see the cdrom drive with windows driver. Phone on androind and it setted on usb drive mode.17:16
smaudetGot a fairly serious bug myself, anyone know where I can go to get help with ecryptfs?17:16
smaudetI'd give you a bug link but none of my browsers work and ecryptfs is screwing my drive17:17
basil1xDriver?  what do you want to do with the phone?  Bluetooth connection, I assumed.17:17
drchaos__how to paste nick quick in XCHAT?17:17
smaudetSpecifically there is a random data corruption going on17:17
anders__installed nvidia using ppa, got opengl not supported when opening steam....17:18
hitsujiTMO!tab | drchaos__17:18
ubottudrchaos__: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:18
drchaos__<basil1x>, i want to replace music from he device to hdd17:18
basil1xYou should be able to do that with just bluetooth, no?17:18
basil1xdrchaos__, ^17:18
basil1xNo need for a windows driver for that.17:19
drchaos__<basil1x>, theresno blutooth on my notebook17:19
drchaos__I USE USB17:19
drchaos__i still didnt understandow to paste nick in xchat17:20
basil1xdrchaos__, can you pastebin 'lsusb' please?17:20
smaudetdrchaos__, start typing your nick17:20
smaudethalfway through hit TAB17:20
drchaos__Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub17:21
drchaos__Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub17:21
drchaos__Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub17:21
drchaos__Bus 002 Device 002: ID 09da:054f A4 Tech Co., Ltd17:21
drchaos__Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0489:c00b Foxconn / Hon Hai17:21
FloodBot1drchaos__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:21
smaudetso basiTAB -L basil1x17:21
drchaos__<smaudet> tab dont wor17:21
ANub_drchaos__ !! you can select a nick , then ctrl+c, and then ctrl+v in the chat17:21
smaudetdrchaos__, then there's something else wrong, I suggest you check preferences.17:21
drchaos__<ANub_, how to do it more quickly?17:22
basil1xPastebin.org, drchaos__ Don't put all that in channel17:22
ANub_drchaos__ !! thats pretty quick for me :) ....17:22
drchaos__I start type nick, it displays the variants to chhose but when I click on them nothing happens17:23
drchaos__oh i press tab of course17:24
basil1xNo click... that means you need to type more.17:24
BluesKajdrchaos__. use the tab key17:24
drchaos__Yeah it works thx17:24
fixmypc956how do I what directories I have and on what device17:24
drchaos__basil1x, so what can I do with my trouble?17:25
basil1xfixmypc956, What is it you need?  That was not very clear.17:25
ANub_fixmypc956, mount17:25
ANub_fixmypc956, df -h17:25
drchaos__basil1x, and what had I do when yo asked me to paste lsusb?17:25
basil1xdrchaos__, you should see the phone as a drive in Nautilus.17:25
fixmypc956I have ubuntu on USB DRIVE and a 1 TB hard drive for storage17:26
drchaos__theres thunar17:26
smaudetguys what's the command to ignore a directory when using the find command?17:26
drchaos__maybe try nautilus?17:26
FoxhoundzGuys I need help17:26
basil1xdrchaos__, I need to see lsusb to tell if it can see your phone17:26
FoxhoundzI've completed destroyed the permissions for /var/www17:26
Foxhoundzand now my web page isn't displaying17:26
fixmypc956I somehow created /home on hard drive but never check that /home was in initial install of ubuntu17:26
basil1xThunar should show it as well, drchaos__17:27
PeterMETrying again as ActionParsnip went silent. I have a constant HDMI link to the living room TV. I've created keyboard shortcuts to switch between my desktop screens and the TV. Problem is that whenever the TV is turned on Ubuntu will auto detect that a new screen is attached and add it to my screen. This has started to became an annoyance as I live with three other people whe tend to turn the TV on and  off quite often. Does anyone know how17:27
PeterMEto turn off this feature? Running Ubunt 13.10 with a AMD/ATI Cayman PRO Radeon HD6950.17:27
drchaos__basil1x, what wave I do to let you see?17:27
ikoniaFoxhoundz: make sure the web server process owner can read and execute files in the directory, and you'll be fine17:27
Foxhoundzikonia: the server is apache, which I assume is part of the www-data group17:27
FoxhoundzSo I don't understand why it's not able to execute files under it17:27
ikoniaFoxhoundz: most likley yes17:27
drchaos__basil1x, you said dont paste it in chat17:27
adanoobdamm! this video problem is taking me to pluck my hair out !! after removing all X and Nvidia, going to Noveau all was good only slow as molasses, processed to install the binary driver and now I only see the GUI mouse cursor... but the screen is sort of blacked out...17:28
ikoniaFoxhoundz: follow the directory through from the top level to the file and make sure the user can read+execute the files/directories17:28
basil1xPaste your entire lsusb at pastebin and just post the link here.17:28
basil1xdrchaos__, ^17:28
FoxhoundzAnd ls-l is returning a weird permission structure I've never seen before17:29
adanoobcoisinha da prima !!17:29
Foxhoundz-rw-r-Sr--  1 dev www-data   10585 Oct  7 19:34 wp-settings.php17:29
drchaos__basil1x, have I do it by lines or something?17:29
=== c_smith_away is now known as c_smith
FoxhoundzWhat the hell is S17:29
ikoniaFoxhoundz: just change it to the correct permissions17:29
ikoniaFoxhoundz: 751 should be enough17:29
zykotick9smaudet: see -prune in "man find"17:29
drchaos__basil1x, oh i understand sry17:30
drchaos__basil1x, sec17:30
smaudetzykotick9, are you sure about that? that looks like it prunes ALL directories, I just want to prune a SINGLE directory17:31
MoehHello, I have the following problem: I always get a DISK FULL error and df shows: /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root   1265372 1228632         0 100% / However the disk size is 3gb. How can I fix this?17:31
ikoniaMoeh: extend the volume17:31
drchaos__basil1x, http://pastebin.com/z5G1yYBp17:31
smaudetzykotick9, nvm I think I answered my question17:32
zykotick9smaudet: i haven't tried it or used it but " -prune True; if the file is a directory, do not descend into it." sounds perfect... best of luck.17:32
basil1xdrchaos__, Ta.  Looking now.17:32
ZiberI have a network bridge setup, xenbr0 and p1p1 (which, for some reason, is the name of my physical interface). Oddly, both apepar to have IP addresses. If I remove the IP from p1p1 (since it seems to be a DHCP IP), will I lose connectivity?17:32
smaudetzykotick9, thanks!17:32
Moehikonia: I already did, didn't help17:32
drchaos__basil1x, i didnt heard about pastebin ever)17:32
ikoniaMoeh: how did you extend it17:32
RarrikinsIs there a site that allows viewing the source code for packages?17:32
ZiberI've duplicated this scenario on a VM, but I only get one IP address, not both.17:32
drchaos__basil1x, nice resourse17:32
Moehikonia: It's a vm so I create a bigger vdi file, cloned the old17:32
ikoniaMoeh: that's not what I said to do17:32
Moehikonia: I did that before already :)17:33
basil1xdrchaos__, Is the phone powered on and plugged into the USB?17:33
ikoniaMoeh: your logical volume is full - you need to extend the logical volume to use more disk and extend the file system once the volume is extended17:33
ikoniaMoeh: ok so "how did you extend the volume"17:33
cal-elwhen pushing "open link" on internet adresses i terminal only firefox opens, but not the link. Any ideas?17:33
drchaos__basil1x, no, repeat with connected?17:33
basil1xYup, drchaos__17:33
drchaos__basil1x, sry, yes it connected17:33
drchaos__basil1x, blind eyes17:34
basil1xdrchaos__, It appears to not see the phone at all then. :(17:34
drchaos__basil1x, but why does i see cdrom with driver?17:35
drchaos__basil1x, and ca you tell why it appears so?)17:35
fixmypc956http://paste.ubuntu.com/6469669/   thats after I run df -h17:36
basil1xdrchaos__, You have a cdrom and a phone, yes?  Its' ability to see one has absolutely no bearing on its' ability to see the other.17:36
fhfHi all. I'm running LibreOffice version 4.0.4 and I have problems with MediaWiki publishing. I do have libreoffice-wiki-publisher installed. When I try to add a server it fails saying "Cannot establish connection to MediaWiki". Mediawiki is installed in http://docs.local/ any ideas how to fix it?17:36
drchaos__basil1x, no.. windows see two drives and a cdrom when i connect my phone to usb17:37
drchaos__basil1x, and xubutu see only cdrom17:37
basil1xdrchaos__, OK... I get it now.17:37
drchaos__basil1x, cdrom is flash drive, but sistem recognize it as cdrom17:38
basil1xDoes the phone have a memory card?17:38
basil1xdrchaos__, What make and model is this phone, pls?17:39
drchaos__basil1x, Sharp sh-530U17:39
zykotick9fhf: you might wand to try asking in the #libreoffice channel17:39
fhfzykotick9: I've tried without success.17:39
basil1xdrchaos__, Looking that up to see if there's something special you have to do... give me a few minutes here.17:40
drchaos__basil1x, can you answer me by email please, i have to go now17:41
drchaos__basil1x, or I can find you here later when I come17:42
drchaos__basil1x, can I?17:42
=== dracarys_ is now known as dracarys
adanoobthese video problems are making me do the unthinkable... I'm actually browsing the website from the "evil empire" checking for licence prices...17:45
DJonesdrchaos__: What version of Ubuntu are you using, from what I can see the phone you've got is Android 4.0, from memory, with 4.0, google changed the method of connection to MTP which wasn't accessible with versions of Ubuntu prior to 13.0417:45
fixmypc956is this how this is suppose to be? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6469714/17:46
wilornelHey guys, my sound is not working after I come back of hibernation/sleep. I tried many solutions offered on the web and by Ubuntu itself, but none of them worked. Could someone go through the problem with me or should I check at a certain guide you have knowledge of?17:47
fixmypc956or how can I erase /home from 1TB hard drive partition17:47
basil1xdrchaos__, Sorry, there's nothing I can do.  Someone else might be able to help.17:47
drchaos__basil1x, xubuntu 12.04 lts. android 4.217:47
DJonesdrchaos__: If your using 12.10 or earlier of xubuntu, then its not that easy to connect, I used to install Airdroid on my Galaxy S3 which had ICS (android 4.0) installed and then connect via wifi rather than cable17:47
hitsujiTMOfixmypc956: thats a pretty normal setup. why do you not want /home mounted on the other partition?17:47
drchaos__basil1x, is there latest versions of xubuntu?17:48
xanguadrchaos__: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/upgrade-to-gvfs-with-mtp-support-in.html this might be useful17:48
basil1xdrchaos__, 13.10 is the latest xubuntu.17:48
=== dracarys_ is now known as dracarys
fixmypc956I do want that /home on that partition17:49
=== LoganG is now known as LoganG|off
McBrisketcan ubuntu's 'startup disk s creator' use non-ubuntu .ISO files. such as fedora?17:49
fixmypc956but I never removed the one that gets  made with the initial install17:49
wilornelI had many problems with my Ubuntu installation on that new laptop which came with Windows 8(which implies UEFI). For example, my laptop could not find any wireless connections. Now, the standalone OS is booting in Legacy mode, which is why wireless works fine, but my sound system still does not work AFTER HIBERNATION/SLEEP17:49
drchaos__basil1x, link bad17:50
zykotick9McBrisket: no, only *buntu family.  unetbootin perhaps?17:50
xanguaMcBrisket: not that I am aware off, but you can use unetbootin17:50
drchaos__basil1x, no its good17:50
drchaos__basil1x, Im bad)17:50
McBrisketzykotick9 , xangua thanks.17:51
zykotick9drchaos__: fyi, you ARE on the latest LTS version...17:51
hitsujiTMOfixmypc956: you would have to boot a live distro to fix it. then move the contents from that partition to the folder of /home on sdb1 and remove the entry for /dev/sdb1 from fstab ( or move its mount point)17:51
nashantHey, I'm trying to set up sftp for existing users so have added them to group sftpusers and added this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6469738/ to my sshd_config, but it broke my regular ssh. I assume it's something to do with the ChrootDirectory. How do I get both ssh and sftp working for existing users?17:51
drchaos__basil1x, so I need to get 13.10 to use my phone with xubuntu?17:51
basil1xThough installing normal ubuntu and then sudo apt-get xubuntu-desktop is my preferred method.17:51
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest30272
drchaos__basil1x, i got17:52
xanguadrchaos__: or read the link I mentioned to you17:52
basil1xI would, drchaos__ It seems there's no easy way without upgrading to 13.04 at least.  And I'd go for the full 13.10.17:52
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest88825
drchaos__xangua, thanks i ll try17:53
drchaos__basil1x, i prefer lts, i am not linuxoid)17:53
drchaos__basil1x, someday I got 9.04 and after updates I really stopped to love linux)17:54
Guest88825witam ! czy ktoś pisze po polsku ?17:54
basil1xpl! Guest8882517:54
drchaos__basil1x, and now I just want stable system to work17:54
basil1xOops no polish support thingie17:55
gassho!pl Guest8230517:55
peepsalotis there a way to default totem to no subtitles when it loads?  everytime i try to change it in a movie it freezes17:55
wilornelAnyone's got experience with things such as UEFI or sound drivers/systems?17:55
hitsujiTMO!pl | Guest8230517:55
ubottuGuest82305: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.17:55
drchaos__basil1x, tell me please, is my choise best? (xubuntu 12.04)?17:55
Guest88825dzięki pozdrawiam17:55
Guest82305gassho, him17:55
basil1xdrchaos__, that's up to you, however, your phone seems to want newer than that.17:56
gasshotoo eager for tehTab17:56
drchaos__basil1x, okay, ive got it. nthx and bye)17:56
basil1xLaters, drchaos__17:57
wilornelHey guys, my sound is not working after I come back of hibernation/sleep. I tried many solutions offered on the web and by Ubuntu itself, but none of them worked. Could someone go through the problem with me or should I check at a certain guide you have knowledge of?17:57
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
gasshowhats a megabit17:58
basil1xa reeley large bit?17:58
hitsujiTMOwilornel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend17:59
gasshoa kilobit is a large bit18:00
smaudetCan anyone think of a good reason why my disk transfers might be slow? Moving from partition to partition on the same disk, I'm getting total 3000 KB/s18:00
smaudetAnd occasional spurts of 18 MB/s18:00
gasshoand a terabyte is a small bit18:00
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: what type of disk?18:00
smaudet7200 rpm SATA II Western Digital18:00
fhfsmaudet: is it a new disk or an older one. Older drives often become slow?18:00
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: could be due to a crappy seek time18:01
wilornelhitsujiTMO: There is suspend to disk and suspend to ram. My problem occurs when the laptop screen is set flat on the keyboard, which suspend is it?18:01
smaudethitsujiTMO, hmm ok thanks18:01
hitsujiTMOwilornel: thats suspend to ram18:01
wilornelhitsujiTMO: What would syspend to disk look like?18:02
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: is it transferring small files?18:02
hitsujiTMOwilornel: hibernation18:02
smaudethitsujiTMO, yeah, I'm transferring a bunch of dev stuff out of an ecryptfs partition18:02
laptopHow do i make LXDE the default desktop environment, after installing it?18:02
smaudetso mozilla firefox style source code18:02
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: ahhhh even worse when encryption is involved18:02
smaudethitsujiTMO, well I'm thinking of removing the ecryptfs entirely18:03
smaudetits been crashing my desktop18:03
laptopHow do i make LXDE the default desktop environment, after installing it?18:03
smaudethitsujiTMO, does LUKS suffer the same slow speeds?18:03
smaudetpartition to partition18:03
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: basically , if your writing a small files, it needs to seek to that position on the hdd, this can take anywhere from 1 - 20ms for a seek. then your write the file, but with encryption it has to write a full block, and depending on the block size, that can be quite a bit of extra writing. then it has to seek back to the source, read the next file, then seek back to the write location, etc...18:05
laptopHow do i make LXDE the default desktop environment, after installing it?18:05
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: the seek time is the big problem. with small files and hdds, it might be a good idea to to setup a ramdisk (i think tmpfs is a ramdisk)  and copy to the ramdisk and then copy form there back to the hdd on the new location18:06
ubuntuaddictedis there a easy seamless way to switch back and forth from the open source radeon and fglrx drivers?18:07
=== z_ is now known as Guest55912
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
zykotick9hitsujiTMO: your ramdisk suggestion seems overly complicated... personally i'd throw rsync at it (and it takes, as long as it takes) ;)18:09
laptopHow do i make LXDE the default desktop environment, after installing it?18:10
zykotick9laptop: probably from your login menu (lightdm)18:10
NonoHi, how do i install Wikipedia on Ubuntu10.04 ?18:10
laptopzykotick9: Yes, but that will be *session only* thing18:11
hitsujiTMOzykotick9: well, if rsync buffers large groups of small files before writhing then yeah it would work, but otherwise using a tmpfs can server as a decent buffer18:11
laptopI want to make it the default DE18:11
zykotick9laptop: ? i've never used lightdm (but there must be a way)18:11
hitsujiTMOlaptop do you want to set it globally or just for a user?18:12
basil1xIf you start LXDE, it will be default until you start another DE.18:13
BluesKajzykotick9. how do you login ?18:13
zykotick9BluesKaj: getty ;)18:13
hitsujiTMOlaptop if you want to set it globally try: sudo /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults -s LXDE18:14
BluesKajahh , zykotick9 , just o be different or is there some advantage ?18:14
ubuntuaddictedthere's a lot of open gl libraries to ensure get removed etc etc if you're running a 64bit OS but also run steam since it's 32bit. So removing the fglrx driver can be complex. I wish there was a script I could run that would remove all the fglrx stuff, install and activate the radeon driver (would need to logout and back in) so I can play Painkiller Hell and Damnation and then when im done playing that game, remove the radeon and reins18:14
ubuntuaddictedtal fglrx (logout and back in)18:14
zykotick9BluesKaj: i don't have a DE either, juse xorg+awesome ;)  it's a resource/personal preference situation18:15
smaudethitsujiTMO, not sure what I want a ramdisk for...unless you mean I should work in RAM? e.g. for small files?18:15
smaudethitsujiTMO, I might just switch to LUKS with a similar setup to what I have right now, its just this ecryptfs corruption is unacceptable, ubuntu devs haven't fixed it for over a year by the looks of it18:16
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: it can act like a buffy, so you're not constantly seeking( you're wasting about 1 second per 50 files just on seek time alone)18:17
smaudetAnd I can't find any ecryptfs devs18:17
smaudetor help18:17
mapreriHi! Does somebody remember what's the name of the package that reveal the change of the terminal resolution the change consequently the number of columns and rows accordingly?18:17
smaudethitsujiTMO, ok, but is that complicated to setup? And it won't help me with mass file transfer18:17
smaudetI understand the idea of a buffer but if its just another mounted fs I'm not sure how I can take advantage of it...18:18
zykotick9mapreri: are you using nomodeset currently?  nvidia/ati hardware?18:18
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: try what zykotick9 suggested and use rsync. if it buffers then it will help18:18
e2xistzIs Ubuntu doing anything about the suspend dialog window appearing every time after resume?18:18
GarmeerTo me, ubuntu is synonymous with unity, I don't understand how other *buntu distros are in any way similiar to the unity version18:19
Garmeercan someone explain this?18:19
maprerizykotick9: I ssh on a lxc container inside a vps. Anyway my current desktop uses an nvidia card with mir....18:19
zykotick9smaudet: with rsync, it can even resume copying of what you've copied so far :)18:19
smaudethitsujiTMO, zykotick9 ok I'll look into it, but A) I'm dealing with the ecryptfs issue first, I'll fix rsync/ramdisks later18:20
zykotick9mapreri: none ;)18:20
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: you're probably already using a tmpfs. /run is typically mounted as tmpfs.   some setups have /tmp mounted as tmpfs.18:20
xanguaGarmeer: to me ubuntu is synonymus of use any desktop you want18:20
smaudethitsujiTMO, right, I think I am, but most files don't write to /run18:20
Garmeerxangua: but how are kubuntu and ubuntu similiar?18:20
maprerizykotick9: ??18:21
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: lol true, i'm just saying as an example18:21
xanguaGarmeer: that they are ubuntu, do you have an ubuntu support question¿18:21
smaudethitsujiTMO, zykotick9 will either of you be in tomorrow? I'll probably setup the new encryption/tmp directories tomorrow.18:21
BluesKajGarmeer. they use the same ubuntu "core "18:21
zykotick9mapreri: if you're connecting via-ssh though, i don't think setting your console resolution will help either.  I have no idea what to suggest for that, sorry.  best of luck.18:21
smaudets/in/in here/18:21
GarmeerBluesKaj: what do you mean by "core"?18:21
BluesKajGarmeer. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core18:22
smaudetThis move operation I'm not going to stop, which will take ~ 2-3 hours I suspect, and then I have to run my find operation on my encrypted directory X_X18:22
smaudetUnless you think I could just decrypt my home directory without worrying about corruption?18:23
maprerizykotick9: AFAIK, it a problem of the remote system, that don't tell to the shell the change of resolution to let the shell change the columns and rows available.... But I don't remember what I have to install :| Thanks anyway :)18:23
zzxcHow bad of an idea is it to have a install with out swap partition?18:23
zzxcFor a server*18:23
smaudetzzxc, not a bad one? I would think you need more (real) memory in a server18:24
=== Emminent_Domain is now known as EmminentDomain
smaudetzzxc, unless you're not doing very much on your server, I don't think you generally want to be swapping all the time18:25
=== EmminentDomain is now known as EminentDomain
smaudetzzxc, swap is just a cache18:25
smaudetzzxc, the less caching you need to do, the better :)18:26
zzxcsmaudet: Yeah I know. Well the server will probably be pretty inactive. So for power consuption it may be better to have a swap parition.18:26
smaudetzzxc, unused memory still uses power18:26
zzxcsmaudet: True.18:27
smaudetzzxc, but on the other hand if you aren't doing much on your server if you have lots of swap then you can get away with having less physical memory18:27
smaudetWhich will save power18:27
zzxcsmaudet: Yeah thats my thought18:28
smaudetjust don't do something silly like have 16 GB of memory and a 32 GB swap18:28
=== yc| is now known as yc|BAL
smaudetMore like 2-4 GB memory and 8 GB of swap18:28
zzxcsmaudet: Yeah I think this machine only has 4gb of ram. Its an old atom mini-itx board/18:28
smaudet8 GB should be adequate18:29
smaudetI'd take out 2 GB if you want to save some power18:29
smaudetjust run everything headless18:29
smaudetzzxc, just make sure your network systems can handle/redirect your load18:30
zzxcsmaudet: Yeah. Well I have a few tb drives in there with some extra space on this I can alway just do a swapon command to make matters a little easier18:30
smaudetzzxc, otherwise your server will easily go down18:30
zzxcsmaudet: Its a home server for my use only. I was going to run a airplay server client, rtorrent, sftp and a personal github server on it. So its not like it's really going to be taxed.18:31
zzxcIt crashed a while back when doing a 10.04 -> 12.04 upgrade. I've been meaning to put an ssd in it so I'm installing server on a usb drive so as a temp thing.18:34
smaudetzzxc, they have github servers?18:38
smaudetzzxc, or did you just mean a git server?18:38
zzxcsmaudet: Yeah thats what I meant18:38
smaudetzzxc, no problem, I just wondered if github had gone open source :)18:39
smaudetlargest proprietary host of open source software there is...18:40
smaudetis launchpad FOSS?18:40
smaudetI forget.18:41
CygnusX1Installed gvim-gnome...not showing in the Unity app launcher...how to get it in there?18:42
trismsmaudet: https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting18:42
* smaudet waits for browser to open link18:43
kkkkkkkhi all, is there any way in libre office to start from where i left off like feature18:44
kkkkkkkjust in Office in windows18:44
smaudetkkkkkkk, #libreoffice18:44
kkkkkkksmaudet: thanks18:45
=== deedee is now known as pydee
=== pydee is now known as deedee
smaudettrism, finally got it to open, thanks. So that's a 'yes'.18:48
=== Guest34207 is now known as grubles
smaudet'bzr branch lp:launchpad'18:48
smaudet'git clone git:github' doesn't work :(18:49
smaudetguess that should be'git clone github:github'18:49
=== Homer is now known as Guest27812
=== Guest27812 is now known as homerjr
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: git clone git@github.com:user/project.git18:53
smaudet hitsujiTMO that's not github's source code though is it?18:55
homerjrubuntu 13.10 and empathy 3.8.4, i am not able to add a google talk account. I have been able to add other accounts without issue, any ideas?18:55
ActionParsnip!info empathy18:55
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client. In component main, is optional. Version 3.8.4-1ubuntu2 (saucy), package size 557 kB, installed size 2762 kB18:55
smaudetok yeah damn screw ecryptfs18:55
smaudetbackup to an external drive I get 20MB/s constant18:56
DreamPCsHey guys, I was just wondering if there's a simple way to back up video drivers/18:56
smaudetAnd that's WHILE I'm already reading/writing from the same disk18:56
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: ahh sorry. not sure of githubs src is available or in what package18:56
DreamPCsI wanted to enable the additional drivers on my system but I want to back up the drivers before hand in case it screws up.18:56
bekksDreamPCs: Then you would have to take a full backup of your system.18:56
ActionParsnipHomerjr: bit better http://helpforlinux.blogspot.co.uk/2009/06/there-is-no-official-google-talk.html18:57
DreamPCsWould I seriously have to perform a full backup in order to just preserver video drivers?18:57
ActionParsnipDreamPCs: you can always remove the driver if it doesnt work18:58
homerjrthanks ActionParsnip18:58
DreamPCsOk, so I can revert back to the noveau drivers if I needed to?18:59
DreamPCsI just don't want to hose the entire system.18:59
ActionParsnipHomerjr: not seen those links?18:59
PeterMEHi ActionParsnip, you quit before I got to respond and no one else seem able to help. The video chip I'm using is: [AMD/ATI] Cayman PRO [Radeon HD 6950] (guy who wanted to turn of autodetect for external monitor here)18:59
ActionParsnipDreamPCs: then remove the driver packages installed. Thats all they are18:59
DreamPCsOk cool, thank you!19:00
ActionParsnipPeterme: is there a seting in the Tv?19:00
homerjri have, it is odd even after removing the account from Online Accounts or Messaging and VOIP, close the window and reopen it and the accounts are still there and in multiple19:00
PeterMECould be, haven't checked. However someone else might want that feature on for the TV..19:00
PeterMEActionParsnip ^19:01
=== tux_1|2 is now known as tux_1
=== map is now known as Guest45384
ActionParsnipPeterme: i believe its just the tv reacting to the input as it is told.19:01
PeterMEActionParsnip: well, the TV is sending the signal. When it's turned on it sends the discover signal. My computer detects the TV and then changes it's screen config. The question is, how do I counteract this..19:04
ActionParsnipPeterme: no idea but there may be a feature in the tv to ignore it. People will then need to switch the input manually (not much effort)19:05
DaleK5WHRIs there a reason why chrome is not remembering being set as default browser? Using xfce desktop.19:06
PeterMEActionParsnip: Not much effort for someone who knows how. For my technology challenged friends it will be..19:06
adanoobok, now I've dug deeper into pile of S**T and even the login screen is borked! how can I go into command line with apt-get access so I can reset the while X environment ? TIA19:07
ActionParsnipDalek5whr: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue19:07
PeterMEActionParsnip: It's even set to off in the xrandr config..19:07
adanoobwhile= whole19:08
ActionParsnipPeterme: may be something you can use xorg.conf to stop19:08
DaleK5WHRActionParsnip: Linux Lite 1.0.6 LTS19:08
ActionParsnipDalek5whr: that isnt supported here19:08
PeterMEThat's what I thought as well, but I don't know how to config it right. The extra screen is not even there..19:09
DaleK5WHRActionParsnip: I know but their support channel is always dead and it's derived from ubuntu19:09
ActionParsnipDalek5WHR: ask in #linuxlite19:09
DaleK5WHRActionParsnip: ok, I'll try again there, thanks19:09
ActionParsnipDalek5WHR: none of the 'ubuntu based' distros are supported here, sorry19:09
DaleK5WHRActionParsnip: no prob19:09
ActionParsnipPeterme: its going to be a lot of effort and trial and error19:10
adanoobforget it , think I got it19:10
PeterMEActionParsnip: Fun times ahead in other words..19:11
=== zelda is now known as Guest56357
ActionParsnipPeterme: exactly19:11
folstoHi, how do I enabled natural scrolling on Mouse? Checkmarking "Natural Scrolling" in Settings > Mouse * touch pad > Touchpad enabled it only on touchpad19:13
agmenorHi @folsto, I use natural scrolling too and this is how I did it: https://andym3.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/fixing-natural-scrolling-in-ubuntu-12-04/19:14
agmenorOh sorry I read your question too fast.19:14
syriousI'm having trouble watching mkv files through vlc player and the stock videos program, has anyone else had a problem like this?19:14
syriousit doesn't give me an error or anything like that, the programs just stop being responsive and won't play19:15
agmenor@folsto in the comment section of the article I pointed to, there are instructions for normal USB mice.19:16
agmenor@syrious have you installed ubuntu-restricted-extras ?19:16
syriousagmenor: not sure but I can try. gimme a minute19:17
syriousagmenor: installing now, lemme see if that helps19:19
folstoagmenor: sweet! one line fix worked perfectly, thanks!19:21
agmenor@folsto you are welcome!19:21
syriousagmenor: ok so I got that installed, but the files still aren't playing19:22
ActionParsnipSyrious: also install gnome-mplayer19:22
syriousactionparsnip: ok I will try that19:23
ActionParsnipSyrious: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue19:23
ActionParsnipSyrious: did you also try different video output methods in VLC?19:25
syriousactionparsnip: it says= ubuntu 13.10 \n \l19:25
Hatikuwhat requires have lastest ubuntu?19:25
ActionParsnip!requirements | hatiku19:26
ubottuhatiku: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu19:26
ActionParsnipHatiku: any PC post 2005 will run ubuntu :-)19:26
syriousactionparsnip: I don't actually know anything about changing the outputs in vlc19:26
ActionParsnipSyrious: its in the options. Try a few19:27
Hatikutableta bad run ubuntu :)19:27
smaudetsyrious, oss, alsa, pulseaudio should be a few of the options19:27
ActionParsnipSyrious: there are a few, X11 usually works.19:27
smaudetfor sound at least19:27
ActionParsnipHatiku: ubuntuntouch is in development19:28
smaudetx11 sounds like you are having video problems?19:28
Hatiku700 MHz processor (about Intel Celeron or better) 512 MiB RAM (system memory) its old information update this please19:28
hitsujiTMOHatiku: ubuntu will run on that actually19:28
ActionParsnipHatiku: how is it old?19:28
Hatikulol no19:28
ActionParsnipHatiku: the system or the info on the page?19:29
smaudetSo I discovered my car has libcurl installed on it, the other day. Does this mean it has an IP address?19:29
smaudetIt must mean that.19:29
HatikuUbuntu requires > 2000 processor and 1024 ram min19:29
bekksHatiku: Thats not true.19:29
* smaudet wonders if he can install ubuntu on his car19:29
ActionParsnipHatiku: hardly19:29
Hatikuacer aspire one19:30
hitsujiTMOHatiku: you can run 13.10 with as little as 128mb ram and a 300mhz processor19:30
ActionParsnipHatiku: i have 1.6GHz sempron which runs just fine19:30
Hatiku1.6 1 gb19:30
ActionParsnipHatiku: use LXDE and you will get a more responsive OS19:30
ActionParsnipHatiku: instead of Gnome19:30
syriousactionparsnip: ok, so the diffent output options don't seems to be working. I got gnome-mplayer installed but I can't get it to launch19:31
Hatikulubuntu bad19:31
ActionParsnipHatiku: why19:31
smaudethitsujiTMO, damn, what'd they do to get it to run with that? Gut Unity? Or has Unity just improved that much?19:31
Hatikunot nice interface19:31
Hatikui want unity19:31
ActionParsnipSyrious: launch it from Alt+F219:31
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: cli install19:31
ActionParsnipHatiku: which release are you using?19:31
JOptionPanehe shoud try lubuntu?19:31
vovkheya helpful people - anyone know much about using Firestarter to share an internet connection?19:31
hitsujiTMOHatiku: use unity-2d in 12.04    that should do you fine on that system19:32
smaudetHatiku, lxde runs pretty well, but I usually gut the ubuntu part and go with #!19:32
ActionParsnipJoptionpane: user wants Unity shell19:32
Hatikuubuntutouch i can install it here?19:32
syriousactionparsnip: still not launching19:32
ActionParsnipSyrious: try from a terminal, the output may give clues19:32
Hatikubut here no telephone functions19:32
ActionParsnipHatiku: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue19:33
Hatikuubuntutouch will work with unity?19:33
syriousactionparsnip: how do I launch from terminal? I've never done that before19:33
Hatikuim now on win xp19:33
ActionParsnipSyrious: type its name, press ENTER. Too obvious?19:33
ActionParsnipHatiku: which Ubuntu release are you using?19:34
syriousactionparsnip: sorry, I'm still really really new to ubuntu and linux in general, I never know what's going to be complicated or not19:34
ActionParsnipHatiku: XP is dead after 1st April 2014. May want to upgrade soon19:34
smaudetActionParsnip, no y2k bugs plz19:35
Hatikuubuntutouch will work on netbook?19:35
smaudetHatiku, XP is not supported after 1st April (btw that's fools day?)19:35
ActionParsnipHatiku: ask in #ubuntu-touch19:35
BluesKajHatiku. most faster cpus on ubuntu run in "ondemand mode" which is usually half the cpu's processor speed , and when required will run faster if the load needs it , so 700mhz is probly ok for normal use19:36
Hatikublue its bug?19:37
ActionParsnipHatiku: if you are using precise, you can try Unity2D and it will use a lot fewer resources19:38
BluesKajno it's default , Hatiku19:38
Hatikuok thx19:38
syriousactionparsnip: terminal output= http://pastebin.com/njyXYddV19:38
JOptionPaneactionparsnip: how can he use lxde and unity?sorry im kinda noob19:38
stenosishey there, i've got a simple question about the kernel policy for 14.04lts..just to get sure that i'm getting this right. As mentioned on the wiki, the next lts version will get some sort of "rolling kernel upgrades for hardware enablement kernels". Does this mean we'll be able to update to the latest kernel on a plain and simple way?19:40
xangua!14.04 | stenosis19:40
ubottustenosis: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+119:40
xanguastenosis: 12.04 already does what you mention19:41
ActionParsnipJoptionpane: lxde is a desktop, unity is a shell. You can run unity in lxde if you wish19:41
stenosisxangua: i can only see 3.5.x and the 3.8.x kernel in the repro.. and nothing newer19:41
ActionParsnipJoptionpane: install lxde, log off switch sesion to lxde and log in19:41
hitsujiTMOstenosis: the .4 point release hasn't been released yet, once its released then 3.11 will be available.19:42
xanguastenosis: well 12.04 came at first with kernel 3.219:42
ActionParsnipSyrious: try: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /run/user/1000/pulse19:42
hitsujiTMOstenosis: you can always install the mainline19:42
ActionParsnipJoptionpane: Unity is nothing more than a plugin for Compiz. You can replace Openbox (default window manager in LXDE) for Compiz and get Unity in LXDE19:44
syriousactionparsnip: returns= chown: missing operand after ‘syrious:syrious/run/user/1000/pulse’19:44
syriousTry 'chown --help' for more information.19:44
hitsujiTMOsyrious: you forgot a space19:45
MoehCan someone tell me how to fix: Failed to load c++ bson extension, using pure JS version19:45
ActionParsnipSyrious: move the -R to after the $USER:$USER bit19:45
ActionParsnipSyrious: or a missed space19:45
bekks!details | Moeh19:46
ubottuMoeh: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:46
syriousactionparsnip: space between $user and /run?19:46
ActionParsnipSyrious: yes19:46
syriousactionparsnip: ok, I tried that but it didn't return anything. just brought me right back to the main command line19:46
ActionParsnipSyrious: that means it worked. In Linux, no news is good news19:47
Xethronsyrious: and when you checked the file was the owner changed?19:47
Moehubottu: Sure. So I am running ubuntu 13.10 32bit in a VM. I want to use it as nodejs server. I installed nodejs and mongodb and when I want to do "node app.js" I get the error mentioned above plus "Error: Cannot find module 'bson'"19:47
ubottuMoeh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:47
XethronActionParsnip: lol19:47
ActionParsnipSyrious: try gnome-mplayer again19:47
Moehbekks: Sure. So I am running ubuntu 13.10 32bit in a VM. I want to use it as nodejs server. I installed nodejs and mongodb and when I want to do "node app.js" I get the error mentioned above plus "Error: Cannot find module 'bson'"19:48
syriousactionparsnip: and now it launches!! yay! now to see if the file will play19:48
stenosishitsujiTMO: sure but the mineline will often break drivers, especially Nvidia and stuff.. so i was just wondering about the rolling kernel upgrade policy that is mentioned on the wiki for 14.04lts and what it will bring.19:48
jhutchinsMoeh: So it shouldn't be a problem if it ends up in pure JS mode, that should be a desired outcome.19:48
syriousActionparsnip: and the file plays!!!! thank you ever so much!!!19:49
ActionParsnipSyrious: all i did was websearch the error, found the fix.....19:49
Moehjhutchins: Yes, but then it breaks with Error: Cannot find module 'bson'19:49
ActionParsnipSyrios: mplayer was doing what vlc was doing way way before19:49
=== whitebyte is now known as aprilwine
ActionParsnipSyrious: try other players too now the file is fixed19:52
aprilwineIn ls > dirlist 2>&1 , what does 2>&1 mean ?19:52
Piciaprilwine: send stderr to the same place stdout is going.19:53
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
mr-digitalcan i raise the volume higher then 100%19:55
ActionParsnipMr-digital: check master and other volume levels. Players also have volume sliders19:56
mr-digitali am using spotify and some songs a just fucking LOW as hell19:57
mr-digitali have all the levels turned up19:57
ActionParsnipMr-digital: pushing sound that high causes distortion. Better to crank speakers19:57
mr-digitalusiing headphones19:57
mr-digitalis there an EQ?19:57
hitsujiTMOstenosis: as far as i can tell, if you switch from linux-image to linux-hwe-image then you can receive kernel upgrades rather than just security updates + fixes. but that's not finalised yet. would be best to ask about it in #ubuntu+119:57
aprilwinePici: will 1>&2 will also do the same job ?19:57
ActionParsnipMr-digital: use the speaker icon on the top panel19:58
folivoraGood evening. I am running Ubuntu with kernel 3.8.0-19-generic. I am having problems with my Alps/Touchpad, cursor is moving, but left/right click is not working, it jams almost all the time. I have been reading that people tend to have problems with these touch pads.19:58
mr-digitalahhh! foundit!19:58
jhutchinsmr-digital: You might want to find a program that does audio normalization and process your collection so it's at a similar level.19:58
mr-digitali raised vol a little past 10019:58
ActionParsnipFolivora: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue19:58
ActionParsnipFolivora: does the system have a make and model?19:58
ActionParsnipMr-digital: in alsamixer crank levels there too19:59
mr-digitalthose were all up to 10019:59
ActionParsnipMr-digital: does the system have a make and model? Do other media players work at an ok level?20:00
mochajsHello everyone.20:01
folivoraActionParsnip: ubuntu 12.04 LTS20:01
mr-digitaleverything is all well20:01
Piciaprilwine: presumably that will stdout to wherever stderr is going.20:01
folivoraActionParsnip: Dell Latitude E430020:01
ActionParsnipMr-digital: could report a bug20:02
ActionParsnipFolivora: http://www.linlap.com/dell_latitude_e430020:03
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=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
mochajsSo many people quitting and joining.  Ugh.20:04
smaudetActionParsnip, you're fairly good, could you tell me if its safe to decrypt an ecryptfs partition if there are bad (internal) inodes? I already ran an fsck, smartctl comes up clean (only two prefail categories and not important ones AFAIK). I mean decrypt so remove the encryptfs and have a plaintext home directory.20:04
Pici!quietirc| mochajs20:04
ubottumochajs: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages20:04
smaudetI cannot run fsck on ecryptfs afaik20:04
mochajsI'm working on that for irssi.20:05
ActionParsnipSmaudet: no idea man, not something I use.20:05
smaudetActionParsnip, thanks20:05
mochajsHow do you guys go about monitoring your IRC chats?20:06
smaudetmochajs, I don't20:06
smaudetI just ask a question and then if someone names me it shows up in e.g. blue20:07
smaudetor re20:07
daftykinsmochajs: i use my eyes personally20:07
smaudetdaftykins, psh eyes are so overrated20:07
bekksmochajs: irssi has a fine hilighting. :)20:07
ActionParsnipFolivora: try: sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sleep 3; sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps20:07
ActionParsnip!logs | smaudet20:07
ubottusmaudet: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.20:07
daftykinssmaudet: when you have mine, good ones aren't :'(20:08
mochajsI'm still woriking on my IRSSI config though.  :P20:08
smaudetActionParsnip, I think mochajs meant event based monitoring20:08
smaudetNot just logging20:08
folivoraActionParsnip: that linlap, in 12.04 where I should put that smconfig file ? :)20:08
smaudetso not post-mortem20:08
ActionParsnipSmaudet: irc clients highlight when users say your name20:08
smaudetActionParsnip, I know, mochajs was asking20:08
ActionParsnipSmaudet: thanks20:08
smaudetActionParsnip, you're welcome20:09
ActionParsnipFolivora: the page tells you where, just read20:09
mochajsThanks for clarifying smaudet.20:09
ActionParsnipMochajs: irc clients highligh when someone says your nick20:09
=== LoganG is now known as LoganG|off
ActionParsnip!away > logang|off20:10
ubottulogang|off, please see my private message20:10
smaudetmochajs, the best way is to just write a bot, and then create your own events in whatever language you're writing in20:10
smaudetBut you have to check the irc rules20:10
bekkssmaudet: Thats pretty much undeed.20:10
smaudetsome channels don't allow/like bots20:10
ActionParsnipSmaudet: why not make the client. Why do you need a bot20:10
mochajsThe channels I visit do not allow bots.20:10
smaudetActionParsnip, well if the client has an api, sure20:11
skeuomorfguys, I am trying to use Activity Journal but apparently it's not logging any activity, I am on Ubuntu 13.04, anybody has any clues?20:11
bekksThe default config of irssi works perfect for hilights.20:11
smaudetBut if you are just trying to monitor you may not want to pull up the ui20:11
ActionParsnipSmaudet: irssi and pidgin can log irc chats, cant see why others can't20:11
bekkssmaudet: The client doesnt need an API, since almost every client is capable of logging.20:11
smaudetActionParsnip, Well, I'm talking about something like channel.addEventListener('flood',doSomething);20:12
shhhhcome join #Kanaan  for a little test20:12
EminentDomainbleh...  gotta go get laundry done20:12
ActionParsnipSmaudet: the channel already has 3 floodbots....20:12
smaudetthat was just an example20:12
ActionParsnipSmaudet: irssi can do that sort of thing for you.20:13
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: the correct command is /facepalm20:13
bekkssmaudet: Every sane client is configurable and provides tons of plugins for almost everything. No need to reinvent the wheel.20:13
smaudethitsujiTMO, doesn't work :(20:13
* smaudet facepalm20:13
smaudetbekks, can irssi and e.g. xchat run headless?20:14
bekkssmaudet: Sure.20:14
bekkssmaudet: That how I run irssi for 15 years now.20:14
* smaudet :)20:14
smaudetbekks, I mean as a service in the background20:14
smaudetI mean I guess  there's no reason you can't20:14
smaudetmake irssi-service20:14
bekkssmaudet: why?20:15
smaudetservice irssi-service start20:15
bekkssmaudet: use scree/tmux, and run irssi. Done.20:15
smaudetI don't know.20:15
Foxhoundzhow do I add execute permission to a group for a folder20:15
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: well thay effectively is a bot. if there's no user interaction20:15
smaudetI don't have a use for any of this myself20:15
smaudethitsujiTMO, not if you intend to take control20:15
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: then run it in a screen session20:15
smaudetI mean you're just a bot with a keyboard20:15
ActionParsnipFoxhoundZ: chmod g+x folder20:15
synsolncahi all20:16
smaudetAs is your Facebook/social networking identity. Just another bot with a keyboard attached. ;)20:16
mochajsIs it possible to customize Transmission with your own colors/GTK?20:16
synsolncaCan I sell ubuntu for $2000 per license?20:16
mr-digitalis there anyone here who is a an audiophile?20:17
bekkssynsolnca: You can. You are not allowed to :)20:17
ActionParsnipMochajs: i believe it just follows the gnome theme you have20:17
mochajsApparently it isn't.  I'll show you a screenshot in a moment.20:17
synsolncaI changed gpl to my own license and soon I'll sell it for money20:17
bekkssynsolnca: Thats a clear license infringement and will be prosecuted.20:18
smaudetyay its done20:18
ActionParsnipSynsolnca: the current license allows you to sell it already20:18
Calinousynsolnca, not even funny20:18
synsolncaI need how to change copyrights howto20:18
bekksActionParsnip: But not changing the license.20:18
Jpmhbekks: what in the license says he is not allowed to?20:18
ActionParsnipSynsolnca: its free, you can do whatever you want with it20:18
hitsujiTMOsynsolnca: no. much of the software in ubuntu does not allow you to sell it. but you may sell it as a service20:18
ActionParsnipBekk: oh absolutely20:18
SchrodingersScatActionParsnip: within the four freedoms :P20:18
smaudetcan he...create Mint and sell it for 2000$ a license?20:18
bekksJpmh: The GPL license clearly states that you are not allowed to change the license.20:18
smaudetNot mint20:18
smaudetBut like mint20:18
Calinou"GPL license" is saying "general public license license" ;)20:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:19
mochajsActionParsnip: http://i.imgur.com/Kx3mHcV.png <-- It doesn't follow.20:19
ActionParsnipHitsujitmo: you can sell it, just nobody will buy it20:19
Jpmhbekks: I agree with that - but that does not stop u selling it20:19
SchrodingersScatsmaudet: only a fool would pay him.20:19
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
smaudetThe GPL license also does not prohibit you selling the licensed material either...20:19
bekksJpmh: I didnt say he cant sell it. I said that he will be prosecuted when changing the license.20:19
ActionParsnipMochajs: did you run it with gk/sudo?20:19
JOptionPaneopensuse is gpl and is sold right?20:19
smaudetBut you can't sell Ubuntu because that belongs to Canonical20:19
smaudetTrademark issues.20:19
Jpmhbekks: where did he say he would change it/20:20
Calinounot everything is under the GPL20:20
folivoraActionParsnip: Making that to that directory, reboot did not help. The same issue persists20:20
smaudetJpmh, he didn't20:20
hitsujiTMOJOptionPane: opensuse is not sold. suse is sold20:20
mochajsNo I didn't.20:20
SchrodingersScatJpmh: he did, scrollback.20:20
bekks1124 211721 < synsolnca> I changed gpl to my own license and soon I'll sell it for money20:20
JOptionPanemy bad20:20
bekksJpmh: There ^, he did.20:20
smaudetxangua, it is an ubuntu question20:20
smaudetI don't see how its !ot20:20
synsolncamy name is Denis Popov20:20
smaudetMore ubuntu than anything else in here20:20
mochajsActionParsnip:  Nope I didn't.  I have FireFox set to where it should open my transmission-gtk.20:21
synsolncaDid you hear about bolgenos os?20:21
Ben64smaudet: ubuntu _support_ channel only, not copyright and stuff20:21
Jpmhbekks: then I agree he is at seriuos risk20:21
ActionParsnipHitsujitmo: " Must allow redistribution. Your right to sell or give away the software alone, or as part of an aggregate software distribution" http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/licensing20:21
smaudetBen64: knowing whether or not you can sell it is a support question20:21
Ben64no, it is not20:21
smaudetBen64: I disagree, but that discussion is !ot20:22
hitsujiTMOActionParsnip: o.O i see.20:22
Mister2hey, i have a question. I'm using a dlink dwa-552 xtreme n pci adapter, and my internet works awesomely in linux but terribly in windows. any particular reason? i grabbed the latest updates via windows update, as i have internet for a bit sometimes, and then other times it fails utterly.20:23
mochajsI guess it is impossible to theme Transmission?20:23
Ben64Mister2: uh, try ##windows ?20:23
mochajsMister why not try updating your driver?20:24
hitsujiTMOmochajs: you prob can. you can certainly theme transmission daemon20:24
smaudetJpmh, bekks before I got derailed, I did not see that. I agree, changing the license is not allowed.20:24
Mister2mochajs i did20:24
ActionParsnipMocajs: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue20:24
mnemonMister2: why are you asking about windows issues in here?20:24
Mister2ben64 i figured it's related to both20:24
Ben64Mister2: not really20:25
ActionParsnipMister2: your issue is in Windows, so ask there20:25
mochajsI am using Crunchbang ActionParsnip.  But it is:  CrunchBang Linux waldorf \n \i20:26
ActionParsnipMochajs: not supported here20:26
mochajsBut Transmission is supported on Ubuntu.20:26
ActionParsnipMochajs: ask in #crunchbang for support for crunchbang20:26
ActionParsnipMochajs: you are using crunchbang, crunchbang is not supported here20:27
ActionParsnipMochajs: transmission also runs under bsd, does that mean its supported here too? No it doesnt20:27
smaudetmochajs, #! is also not Ubuntu, it is a Debian derivative I believe20:27
smaudetmochajs, ask in #crunchbang and #debian20:28
Mister2you know what's awesome about ##windows? It's dead :P20:28
folstoHi, I need to set brightness to a lower level and save it so it persists during reboots. I tried adding this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6470543/ but the laptop still starts on full brightness after reboot.20:28
Ben64Mister2: doesn't make it on topic here still20:28
Mister2obviously, i just thought i'd mention it in case someone here was also on windows20:29
mochajsActionParsnip:  Anything can run under BSD.  But it's a pain to run.  |  Smaudet:  At one period of time #! was based off Ubuntu.  But oh well.  Just asking for simple basic assistance to see why my Transmission wasn't following my theme/or if themable via a config.  (Which Ubuntu should still have, so I see no point directing me to #Crunchbang or #Debian)20:29
Ben64mochajs: because this is an ubuntu dedicated support channel. you are not on ubuntu, therefore it is not on topic20:30
smaudetmochajs, I don't know, you could go look at their (Transmission's) website?20:30
DEA7THhi all! I'm getting a new PC next week and so I'll install my first Linux. I was wondering which one to choose. Obviously I'm not implying that there is a "best" Linux which is the best for all purposes, but rather which one is the best for my purposes. Although this is my first Linux, I've had a bit of experience with Linux.20:30
ActionParsnipMochajs: its not supported here. If you are using a Canonical product then you are supported here. Its that black and white20:30
smaudetif its gtk I'd go get help from the gtk project20:30
Togusa'cause you know20:30
Togusai've installed openbox on ubuntu minimal and gtk was no themes20:30
hitsujiTMOmochajs: asking about transmission here is pointless as it could be packaged differently in #! or even use a different version. we have no idea of #!'s setup so we cannot help you20:30
smaudetYou're welcome to stick around but I use kde sorry20:30
ActionParsnipDea7th: i suggest ubuntu 12.0420:30
Togusa*was not themed20:30
Togusaso i had the same problem mochajs has20:31
Togusaon ubuntu20:31
smaudet<3 12.04.3 LTS20:31
Togusanow do you know how to fix it or not?20:31
Ben64Togusa: don't play games20:31
Togusai am not20:31
Togusai can post a screenshot if you want20:31
Togusait's just a vm so i don't care if it has themes or not20:32
DEA7THActionParsnip: would it be easy to use at first? also, would it be still good once I'm experienced? I've heard ArchLinux is very customizable20:32
hitsujiTMODEA7TH: asking such a question might be better in ##linux20:32
Togusastill, if you know how to fix it, a simple suggestion is not so hard to give20:32
ActionParsnipDea7th: its not for new ubuntj users really. Ubuntu does a lot of hand holding20:32
Togusacan't believe how you attack people for such a small thing20:32
ElFizbanioI haven't updated for 4 months, should I update?20:32
mochajsAlright.  So let me rephrase this, is there a config file on Ubuntu for Transmission?  From what I am aware of, if you set it in your settings Ubuntu to follow applications in dark, it make transmission dark.20:32
DEA7THhitsujiTMO: thank you, I didn't know ##linux existed, it's not listed in the Channels List :c20:33
Ben64mochajs: just go to crunchbang support20:33
gregor3005hi, what are the important parts when i try to mount from an encrypted root partition? i encrypted the partition moved the system to the partition. update the informations in /etc/crypttab and /etc/fstab. updated the kernel image and the grub bootloader. installed grub to the new harddisk which is encrypted. now i have the problem the grub asked for the password but doesn't find the root="...." device which is the same uuid of 20:36
ElFizbaniodoes anyone know how you can run byond 500 on WINE?20:37
hitsujiTMOElFizbanio: have you looked in the wine db to see if its possible to get it running?20:37
ubuntuaddictedwould it be possible to make a script that would remove the fglrx drivers and then install the radeon driver. theoretically i would just have to logout and back in and it should then be using the open source driver right?20:37
Ben64!appdb | ElFizbanio20:37
ubottuElFizbanio: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help20:37
gregor3005i added also "GRUB_CRYPTODISK_ENABLE=y" to /etc/default/grub20:38
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: why exactly do you want to switch between the 2 drivers?20:38
ActionParsnipMochajs: you OS is nothing to do with Ubuntu20:38
ubuntuaddictedhitsujiTMO, because a $20 i bought is recommending the open source driver over fglrx.20:39
=== jack is now known as Guest13200
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: a what?20:39
ubuntuaddictedhitsujiTMO, Painkiller Hell & Damnation is currently in BETA and should've known better but I bought it and I use the fglrx drivers currently20:39
ubuntuaddictedhitsujiTMO, oh sorry, lol  a game20:39
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: it should still run in fglrx20:40
knoxyHi all... When I try to upgrade to kernel 3.2.0-56 I get this message http://paste.ubuntu.com/6470615/ Where I get these libraries?20:40
Ben64fglrx has better support for the cards it works with20:41
knoxyhitsujiTMO pfifo hi! the datacenter cant help me (dont know help me)20:41
D4CH_RPiwow, using gnome fallback no effects really sped up my netbook20:41
MonkeyDustknoxy  that's a raid message... running 12.04 server?20:41
Magellanicushi i need help20:41
ActionParsnipD4ch_rpi: yes. You arent using Compiz.20:41
mochajsActionParsinp:  I rephrased my question.  I asked if there was a Transmission config file on Ubuntu.  That is Ubuntu related.  Regardless of what OS I am using, it is still a Ubuntu question.  That is what you got onto me for.20:41
Magellanicusi would like do deactivate20:42
knoxyMonkeyDust: yes... Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS20:42
Magellanicusthe touchpad20:42
Magellanicuswhen i have connected20:42
Magellanicusa mouse20:42
Magellanicusin ubuntu 13.0420:42
Ben64mochajs: sorry, thats not how this channel works. take it to #crunchbang20:42
unicornjedihello. I am running ubuntu saucy server as a virtual machine. How do I properly share the filesystem with my host OS (ubuntu desktop saucy)?20:42
MonkeyDustknoxy  server or desktop? there's also #ubuntu-server20:42
ubuntuaddictedhitsujiTMO, it doesn't even start up. well it does but a black screen appears and actually freezes the computer. well, actually i can hear sound BUT i can't even go to tty1 or do anything. have to hardboot the computer20:42
knoxyMonkeyDust: this server have a hardware raid.20:42
ActionParsnipMagellanicus: please press ENTER less. Its harder to follow and doesnt scroll the channel. See how this line is very long. Why are you hiting ENTER after every second word?20:43
unicornjediI am using samba to share files between the virtual machine and the host... but I want my host to have permissions to edit any of the files in the virtual machine20:43
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: there are huge improvements to radeondriver with kernel 3.12 and the latest drivers. if you're moving to radeon i would suggest the kernel update and possibly xorg:edgers ppa20:43
Magellanicusi would like do deactivate the touchpad when i have connected a mouse in ubuntu 13.0420:43
ActionParsnipMagellanicus: why did you hit ENTER after every other word earlier?20:44
mochajsBen64: Then how does this channel "work"?  I rephrased my question.  As I stated in my last message, it's an Ubuntu related question.  Is that difficult to answer a yes or no question?  If it doesn't have a config file, I'll drop the discussion.  If it does then let me know.20:44
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: i would not suggest switching between drivers as that can lead to issues20:44
ActionParsnipMagellanicus: genuine question.20:44
knoxyMonkeyDust: #ubuntu is more active...20:45
Ben64mochajs: you're running crunchbang, so its not on topic. just stop already and go to the proper support channel20:45
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: altho. someone has mentioned that it may be possible to setup a grub entry to allow such a thing with outh having to uninstall/reinstall fglrx20:45
mochajsBen64:  >I actually have 10.10 running on my T60 Thinkpad.20:45
Ben6410.10 is no longer supported. nice try though20:45
xanguaMagellanicus: you can easily use your function key to disable it, can't you¿20:45
bekksmochajs: You have Crunchbang, not Ubuntu. It isnt supported in here.20:46
VinmHello from france !20:46
ActionParsnipMochajs: its not ubuntu related, you are using crunchbang which is based on Debian. Nothing to do with ubuntu at all20:46
zzxcVinm: Hello20:46
ubuntuaddictedhitsujiTMO, i found that post who was talking about creating a grub entry that would boot into linux using a certain driver. maybe i'll look in that again.20:46
hitsujiTMOmochajs: for us to give you advice about a different OS is dangerous. if you want support goto #crunchbang or else use a distro that actually provides support20:46
ActionParsnip!ops | mochajs crunchbang support20:46
ubottumochajs crunchbang support: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!20:46
Magellanicusi would like to be an automatic deactivation20:46
ActionParsnipMagellanicus: would you kindly answer my question.20:47
ubuntuaddictedhitsujiTMO, i did read that about the radeon driver on phoronix website about the improvements to both open source drivers with kernel 3.12. is it that easy for me to simply install kernel 3.12 into Xubuntu 12.04.3? I am currently running 3.720:47
mochajs>You guys have no logic whatsoever.  Without Debian, you wouldn't have Ubuntu.20:47
Magellanicusbecause i could actionparsnip20:47
ActionParsnipMagellanicus: http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/automatically-disable-touchpad-when-mouse-is-connected-ubuntu/20:47
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds     you can read up on it here20:48
D4CH_RPiIs there a "run" on Ubuntu like on Windows? Ubuntu 13.10 using Gnome20:48
ActionParsnipMagellanicus: http://askubuntu.com/questions/58584/can-i-automatically-deactivate-my-touchpad-when-a-usb-mouse-is-connected20:48
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: its 3 .debs to install and you can always back if it fails20:48
ActionParsnipD4ch_rpi: ALT+F220:48
MonkeyDustD4CH_RPi  alt-F220:49
D4CH_RPiCool thanks20:49
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  was faster :)20:49
ActionParsnipMagellicus: now i have given a solution, any reply to my question20:49
Vinmis anyone here have already made a mesh network with babel ?20:49
ubuntuaddictedhitsujiTMO, and what is that going to do? install the latest linux kernel?20:50
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: you can install what ever mainline kernel you want from there.      that alone should bring some improvements. after that theres the option of using the xorg edgers ppa, wich brings updated radeon driver for xorg and updated xorg20:52
gregor3005hurray i solved it20:52
zzxcHey Does anyone know how to set nomodest on a server install?20:53
hitsujiTMOzzxc: for the installer?20:54
hitsujiTMOzzxc: what version of ubuntu?20:54
Beldarzzxc, sudo nano  /etc/default/grub no sudo if root20:54
hitsujiTMOBeldar: he hasnt installed it yet20:55
zzxchitsujiTMO: server 12.0420:55
BeldarhitsujiTMO, Ah your right, hehe20:55
=== redrocket is now known as redrocket|DEN
ubuntuaddictedhitsujiTMO, if i do that i will still be able to boot an older kernel? like the kernel i am in now which i know everything works in?20:55
hitsujiTMOzzxc: iirc you need to hit f6 for that option or else edit the menu20:56
ubuntuaddictedhitsujiTMO, i actually need a 3.10 or newer kernel anyway because I have a 64GB caching SSD i want to use bcache with20:56
hitsujiTMOubuntuaddicted: yes you'll be able to load an older kernel from the grub menu20:56
zzxchitsujiTMO: Alright thanks20:56
Guest20878 in ubuntu mobile, is the mobile running on just ubuntu linux? can I do anything on ubuntu mobile with root privs what I can do on a pc. ?21:01
zzxcSigh, ever time I burn the image to a usb I have at least one file that fails the checksum.21:01
xangua!touch | Guest2087821:02
ubottuGuest20878: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch21:02
Beldarzzxc, how are you burning it?21:02
wafflejockTabletzzxc: DVD not an option21:02
zzxcwafflejockTablet: Nope, no opticial drive.21:02
zzxcBeldar: Was installing from osx using sudo dd if=image of= drive bs=1M21:03
Beldarzzxc, Ah osx, no windows or linux computers around?21:03
zzxcBeldar: Remeber reading that there was some issue with installing from osx, brought over my Linux machine. then used ubootin tool.21:04
hitsujiTMOzzxc: md5sum the iso and try a different usb21:04
Beldarzzxc, In linux I use the multisystem loader some dd.21:04
zzxchitsujiTMO: md5 checks out on the machine. I'll see what other usb I have around.21:05
zzxcBeldar: I though the multisystem loader was windows only.21:05
Beldarzzxc, its linux only21:05
zzxcBeldar: Hm I think I'm thinking of a different tool.21:06
MonkeyDustzzxc  windows has yummi or yumma or so21:06
zzxcMonkeyDust: Yeah thats what I was thinking. Thanks.21:06
zzxcsmaudet: Its a tool to set up multiple live iso's on a usb.21:07
Beldarzzxc, I like it as a multiloader loads vista through W8.1 if needed and just about any linux iso.21:07
smaudetzzxc: hey do you know if it does efi boot?21:07
smaudetzzxc I already have something that works pretty well (not yummi) for making those isos21:07
smaudetbut it only does grub/bios boot21:08
zzxcsmaudet: Do you mean work with a OSX machine EFI?21:08
smaudetI say EFI because its the same principle, different implementation21:08
zzxcBeldar: Wait what? Loads vista though w8.1?21:09
zzxcsmaudet: Donno I've never actually used it. I haven't used a windows machine for about 4 years now.21:09
Beldarzzxc, Yeah it is a iso loader to usb's pretty versatile.21:09
Beldarand as many as you can fit on a usb21:10
zzxcsmaudet: The EFI on Macs only will hang for 30 seconds while it tries to find a HFS(+) parition and won't recongize ext4 formats.21:11
deariestubuntuHey Ubuntu. I have a blank screen which appear after I boot then login to my Username. I brought up Terminal with ctrl-alt-f121:11
deariestubuntuit says login but when i enter my username and password it says login incorrect. what login do i need?21:12
zzxcBeldar: That sounds a lot better than the installing grub seperatly on a usb and partitions to a bunch of OSs like I did preiously. I'll check it out. Thanks21:12
bekksdeariestubuntu: Can you log in via terminal?21:12
Beldarzzxc, No problem, it uses grub to do this itself.21:12
Flourichello is it easier to turn on home encryption after install or turn off encryption after install?21:13
deariestubuntuNo unless I'm doing something wrong21:13
maya-Hi nice peoples! I have a question. I have an HFS+ HDD in Ubuntu, and I’d like to change the permissions to I can read and write to it.  I already removed journaling. Any tips? :D21:13
zzxcAnyone got a good netflix recomenation for while I'm installing this?21:13
hitsujiTMOdeariestubuntu: capslock on?21:14
wafflejockTabletzzxc:  os revolution21:14
deariestubuntuno nor is num locks.21:14
Beldardeariestubuntu, have you tried nomodeset and a tty to see if you get in?21:14
zzxcwafflejockTablet: Haha, I've already seen that21:14
phong_hi how to zip up a folder with it's structure?21:15
phong_is there a gui type of zip? like winzip21:15
deariestubuntuNo I havent actually googling now21:15
pleanbeanHey, I'm having some trouble with grub not showing my Windows 7 partition21:15
pleanbeanI'm on 13.1021:15
pleanbeanHeres my boot-repair result: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6470767/21:16
Beldardeariestubuntu, use nicks hre you can tab complete them.21:16
Flouriccan anyone help me with this?21:16
MonkeyDust!zip | phong_21:16
ubottuphong_: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME), Ark (KDE), or Xarchiver (XFCE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression21:16
phong_MonkeyDust, i dont want to extract dude, i want to create zipfile21:16
deariestubuntulike this?21:17
hitsujiTMOpleanbean: use the efi boot manager to load windoww21:17
FlouricI have a dying drive with everything on it and have installed anew drive and am installing the same distro on it21:17
pleanbeanWhats the efi boot manager?21:17
Beldarpleanbean, you have gpt remnants, and a ubuntu efi install but W7 is not installed as a uefi.21:17
FlouricI need all my files which are encrypted on drive #121:17
pleanbeanSo what do I have to do, Beldar?21:18
pleanbeanReinstall W7 as an UEFI?21:18
hitsujiTMOpleanbean: ahh i see the problem. windows is installed as mbr/bios but ubuntu is installed as uefi21:19
Beldarpleanbean, well sdb is a gpt that is.21:19
deariestubuntunot sure what you meant by that21:19
pleanbeanAny fixes, guys?21:19
hitsujiTMOpleanbean: you need to either reinstall windows as uefi or ubuntu as mbr21:20
pleanbeanok I'll try reinstalling windows as UEFI and report21:20
Beldarpleanbean, sda is a msdos HD sdb is a gpt, so ubuntu installed efi on sdb, not sure of a fix exactly, I would have just put ubuntu on the sda.21:20
FlouricI need to know whether I can run my system from the old drive and dump files on the new one with drive #2 and later encrypt drive #221:20
Flouricor Webster it's easier to unencrypted drive #121:21
mike7508need some help with server 13.1021:21
hitsujiTMOpleanbean: you also seem to have 2 efi system partitions which is bad. you should only have 121:21
Beldarpleanbean, as is your W7 should boot if you choose the sda HD from the per-session boot menu till you get a fix in.21:22
mike7508It seems when I attempt sudo reboot now, it gets to attempting to kill remaining processes, and the fails...21:22
mike7508any one have ideas how to help21:22
mike7508this is on a fresh install21:22
pleanbeanRight, I can boot into Windows 7 fine but not through grub21:22
pleanbeanI'm going to try following this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/193144/dual-boot-uefi-windows-7-and-ubuntu-12-04-both-64-bits-w7-entry-doesnt-appea21:22
deariestubuntuI can't get nomodset to work following this article http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313221:23
Sh1G3rUmike7508,  dows it show any errorr?21:23
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
Flouricso can anyone help me on this?21:23
mike7508sh1g3ru no error, just fail message21:24
Beldarpleanbean, Make sure your backed up I suspect you can fix what you have, be careful just trying stuff.21:24
zykotick9deariestubuntu: irc typo?  nomodEset perhaps?21:24
Sh1G3rUwhat message exactly?21:24
Sh1G3rUmike7508,  what message exactly?21:24
pleanbeanI know, I seem to have gotten myself into this predicament just by trying stuff.21:24
pleanbeanBeldar, I'm not sure what I should do honestly.21:25
mike7508when doing the reboot process... it says attempting to kill remaining processes.... then way off on the right it would usually say [ok]... but here it says [fail]... then goes into single user mode21:25
Beldarpleanbean, If it were me I would make the sdb into a msdod HD.21:25
gdoshow can i configure leafnode for a local network (or ssh tunnels)? i do not want to subscribe to the 'BIG 8' news groups...just create my own.21:25
pleanbeanBeldar, what are the advantages of msdos HD over EFI?21:25
Sh1G3rUmike7508,  try "sudo shutdown -r now"21:25
Beldarpleanbean, msdos here would be an advantage as it seems you don't have a uefi computer, the gpt is in the way of just an easy install.21:26
deariestubuntu1Would not being able to login via terminal on a blank screen be something to do with having your home folder encrypted?21:26
pleanbeanNo, my BIOS is UEFI21:26
mike7508sh1g3ru, that worked, but why wouldn't reboot now work?21:27
hitsujiTMOpleanbean: gpt + efi has a crazy number of advantages over mbr + bios, hence why it exists21:27
Sh1G3rUmike7508,  are you usein "sudo reboot" or "sudo reboot now"??21:27
pleanbeanRight, and I'm trying to use it over mbr+bios21:28
Beldarpleanbean, Ah iteresting as the sda is msdos and so is sdc, heh kinda of a interesting mixture.21:28
mike7508shig3ru "sudo reboot now"21:28
Sh1G3rUmike7508,  reboot need no parameters to execute instantly21:28
deariestubuntu1there we go finally it let me login ugh21:28
Sh1G3rUmike7508, just run "sudo reboot" and you are good to go21:28
hitsujiTMOmike7508: now is an invaild param.    its trying to run 'now' as the reboot command21:28
zbrkxbrhi guys I just installed the ubuntu vanillia 13.10 but the desktop doesn't show21:29
zbrkxbrI did sudo apt-get dist-upgrade but it didn'T slove the problem21:29
mike7508sh1g3ru... thank you... taking now off the command line, has caused this to not fail...thank you much for your help21:29
jhutchinsmike7508: Now is an argument for the shutdown command, not the reboot command, although they eventually call the same code.21:30
Sh1G3rUmike7508,  you are welcome21:30
pleanbeanGoing to follow this: http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/10/11/dual-boot-windows-7-and-ubuntu-12-04-on-a-pc-with-uefi-hardware/2/21:30
pleanbeanTo repartition sdb and hopefully get it all the same21:30
Antisober552hi i think theres a bug on ubuntu13.10 as ive enabled the autohide for the side bar but it dont go no where21:30
mike7508another question, does anyone know a good website with a tutorial how to install rtorrent with the rutorrent front end for a n00b21:30
Antisober552and that i cant get workspace to work21:31
zbrkxbrwhy ubuntu 13.10 is still so buggy :S21:31
hitsujiTMOmike7508: use transmission-daemon21:32
=== Johnson is now known as Johnson__
Antisober552is it a bug or am i missing somethink21:32
Beldarzbrkxbr, That is your opinion.21:32
Sh1G3rUmike7508,  do you want to use it remotely or just need a torrent clinet?21:32
Sh1G3rUmike7508,  i mean a torrent server or a torrent client?21:32
hitsujiTMOAntisober552: how did you enable autohide / workspaces?21:32
zbrkxbrBeldar: really ? :921:32
pleanbeanSo wait, following this: http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/10/11/dual-boot-windows-7-and-ubuntu-12-04-on-a-pc-with-uefi-hardware/2/21:32
Beldarzbrkxbr, Yes, it's not buggy here.21:33
pleanbeanIs there a way to have grub be my boot loader and not Windows boot loader?21:33
Sh1G3rUmike7508,  because having rutorrent , rtorrent implicates to have LAMP installed and configured21:33
mike7508sh1g3ru, I want foa client that i can manage remotely21:33
zbrkxbrBeldar: well I have a fresh install and Ican't reach the desktop  :)21:33
mike7508sh1g3ru, I already have lamp installed21:33
Sh1G3rUmike7508,  try transmission or qbiitorrent they have both nice guis21:33
=== Johnson__ is now known as Johnson___
Antisober552in setting apprentice behaviour21:33
deariestubuntu1is there a way i can get apt-get to show me a list of packages the contain keyword nvidia21:33
Antisober552and i enabled it there21:34
hitsujiTMOmike7508: just use transmission-daemon     it has a nice light web interface21:34
zykotick9mike7508: as a former rtorrent (terminal only mind you) user, i recently changed to transmission (and i'm happy with the change, mind you, for me it was a pain to install vs rtorrents' simplicity)21:34
=== Johnson___ is now known as Johnsson
MonkeyDustdeariestubuntu1  try apt-cache searc nvidia (without sudo)21:34
=== Johnsson is now known as Johnsson____
MonkeyDustdeariestubuntu1  try apt-cache search nvidia (without sudo)21:34
Beldarzbrkxbr, bummer, that does not make 13.10 buggy per-say, how about actually describing the issue in detail for help.21:34
mike7508sh1g3ru, have tried transmission, torrentflux-b4rt, deluge, and many others, mostly just want to try something else21:34
=== Johnsson____ is now known as infinitys
Tefronubuntu mail service where?21:34
Sh1G3rUmike7508, there is a nice how to for the rtorrent and you have to read it because it is a little too complex to explain here21:35
=== infinitys is now known as infinit_
zbrkxbrBeldar: I can'T decribe is more detailed. The desktop is here I can move the mouse but there is no unity pannel or the top panel21:35
Beldarpleanbean, I would also use the ubuntu forum, what you have as of now is a bit unusual for this channels help, anything uefi is the same as well.21:35
mike7508shig3ru do you have a link to the how to21:36
Tefronwhere found?21:36
pleanbeanBeldar, I'm trying to just get rid of uefu honestly21:36
Sh1G3rUmike7508, wait..21:36
Beldarzbrkxbr, Did it ever work?21:36
Beldarpleanbean, but have gpt right?21:36
zbrkxbrBeldar: it's a fresh install :D21:36
=== infinit_ is now known as iNFiNiT__
hitsujiTMOpleanbean: you'll have to install a different version of grub too then21:36
zbrkxbrBeldar: I installed it five minutes ago :D21:36
Beldar!nomodset | zbrkxbr install graphic once in21:37
Tefronubuntu have mail service?21:37
hitsujiTMOzbrkxbr: what gpu do you have?21:37
Sh1G3rUmike7508, check this : http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=112484921:37
MonkeyDustTefron  you want to contact the company behind ubuntu?21:37
zbrkxbrATI RADEON 580021:37
Beldar!nomodeset | zbrkxbr install graphic once in21:37
ubottuzbrkxbr install graphic once in: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:37
pleanbeanBeldar, can I do that? zbrkxbr, I was going to repartition my Ubuntu drive and set it up with an ext4 boot partition, root partition and swap, install grub to that boot partition, and then go into Windows and add Ubuntu to the boot list21:37
Tefronno i want email get my own21:37
Beldarah radeon oh boy21:38
MonkeyDustTefron  you mean @ubuntu.com or so?21:38
hitsujiTMOtefron postfix et al21:38
mike7508gh1g3ru  svn checkout http://xmlrpc-c.svn.sourceforge.net/...mlrpc-c/stable xmlrpc-c  <<<   I always get stuck on this line...21:38
Tefrongoogle now say give your telephone21:38
mike7508its like it tries to redirect to a different site, then times out21:38
Tefronand yahoo also say it21:38
=== iNFiNiT__ is now known as infinit_
Sh1G3rUmike7508, lol maybe the link is down, maybe googlig a little bit helps21:38
Beldarpleanbean, You could try that easybcd link I suppose, not sure if it boots a efi ubuntu is all.21:39
Tefroni not want give to google my number21:39
Tefronits just spyware company21:39
pleanbeanWell I just want the cleanest and most straight forward procedure. What do you recommend?21:40
bekksTefron: Please clarify your issue? Do you want to register a new email account at google/yahoo/etc. or do you want to run your own mailserver for your own domain?21:40
Antisober552so is there a fix for workspace and the hiding launcher21:40
hitsujiTMObeldar, pleanbean easybcd does not work with configging linux when using uefi21:40
Tefronno i want just email accaunt in ubuntu mail service21:41
Tefronlike in ubuntu one21:41
Beldarpleanbean, I don't personally see the advantages of gpt, a extended in linux allows an unlimited amount of logical partitions.21:41
bekksTefron: then yoiu have to become a member of Ubuntu.21:41
wafflejockTabletTefron: phone is optional for password recovery etc21:41
wmphello, in my kubuntu 13.10 i havent audio,  --purge alsa pulseaudio, install and reboot dont help. aplay dont play wav file, what can i do?21:41
BeldarhitsujiTMO, I addressed that.21:41
pleanbeanHonestly I just want it to work fool-proofly.21:41
bekksTefron: Yes, it is optional.21:42
hitsujiTMObeldar ahh sorry21:42
Tefronwhy ubuntu not have email service like gmail?21:42
BeldarhitsujiTMO, If you like I will wait for you to make any mistake and jump on you to. ;)21:42
wafflejockTabletUbuntu is an os not an email provider21:42
bekksTefron: Because Ubuntu doesnt have. Ubuntu isnt a public mail provider.21:42
MonkeyDustTefron  ubuntu is a product, it's not a company like google21:42
=== ZIPY_ is now known as ZIPY
Tefronubuntu one huh21:43
hitsujiTMOBeldar: always welcome too :)21:43
pleanbeanBeldar, so what do you recommend I do? Like step by step haha21:43
Tefronubuntu one like google disk21:43
wafflejockTabletU can pay for email if u don't like the free options21:43
Sh1G3rUTefron, because ubuntu it is not ment to be a mail service and honestly with 3 $/month you could have a host/domain/unlimited emails at your disposal from any hosting provider21:43
bekksTefron: Ubuntu isnt a public mail provider.21:43
BeldarhitsujiTMO, Honestly I rather not, I could make the same mistake you just did, it is rude.21:43
qin_Tefron: google drive, yeah similar to some extent21:43
Tefronwhy canonical no make email service?21:44
Tefronin future will be?21:44
hitsujiTMOBeldar: not really, if i say something wrong, especially here. i prefer it to be said rather than giving someone bad advice21:44
tgm4883Tefron, why do they need an email service?21:44
Sh1G3rUTefron, because it is too busy to make *buntu21:44
bekksTefron: We already told you.21:44
qin_Tefron: Sure, happy?21:45
Sh1G3rUTefron, because it is too busy to make *ubuntu21:45
BeldarhitsujiTMO, If I make a mistake and you correct it to the user addressed, I will see it so leave me alone. ;)21:45
Tefroni think u not understand me21:45
hitsujiTMOBeldar: kk :)21:45
gregor3005can anybody give me a hint how i can get good photo print out of my printer :-) its always to dark. i printed some testpictures and increase the brightness so get better results but i don't get a good print21:45
tgm4883Tefron, https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/email-services.html21:45
TefronUbuntu One - Google Disk, Google Gmail - ?21:46
FlannelTefron: Doesn't exist.  No current plans for it to exist either.21:46
tgm4883Tefron, what is the point of Ubuntu trying to be a direct features-to-feature replacement for Google?21:46
wafflejockTabletTefron: this isn't really an Ubuntu issue u just think canonical should do something they don't21:46
hitsujiTMOTefron: just because ubuntu has an online storage service , does not mean there should be a mirroing service for every other serivices its competitor makes21:47
MonkeyDustTefron  start a project yourself and try to sell it21:47
cyclicfluxGood day all!!21:47
=== cyclicflux is now known as Guest64272
FlannelTefron: That's a fair opinion.  If you'd like to discuss your point of view on this issue, please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic.  #ubuntu is for technical support, not discussion, thanks.21:47
pleanbeanBeldar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot21:48
Guest64272I was having a problem with respect to my python packages.  More specifically, I believe my python2.7 stdlib.  When running ipython, python, etc... etc... I am getting the following: ImportError: no module named site21:48
BeldarhitsujiTMO, It is just I do not mind being corrected, but it is when I make an actual mistake, I'm not new here, nor to linux and windows, I just changed my nick is all.21:49
Antisober552so is there a fix for workspace and the hiding launcher21:49
Guest64272I think it stems from the actual permissions on the site-packages dir, as the owner/grp =  root/staff21:49
Guest64272I can run them in root21:49
Beldarpleanbean, What's the question?21:49
pleanbeanI want to follow this, but I'm not sure where to start.21:50
deariestubuntu1I'm happy to say I fixed my problem where after login with Username I display a blank screen with just a mouse. Offending packages are nvidia-settings-319:amd64 nvidia-319-updates:amd64 which were installed because I was curious about crypto currency with cgminer21:50
hitsujiTMOBeldar: i understand, i wrongfully assumed you were advising him to try to use easybcd as a way of solving his problem while his ubuntu install was still a uefi install. thats why i said what i said21:50
Sh1G3rUyou should be ashamed of yourself21:51
=== Guest64272 is now known as CyclicFlux
jribCyclicFlux: any background?  Did you do anything "interesting" that may have caused this?21:51
Beldarpleanbean, You ran the fix on the bootrepair app right? IT might be set to fix this, there is a thread at the ubuntu forums by the author of the bootrepair to get help straight from them and others focused on these issues.21:51
BeldarhitsujiTMO, Cool, I just wanted to clarify all this so we all get along and feel comfortable, you help many in areas I know nothing about. ;)21:52
CyclicFluxjrib, nah. I incidentally re-installed my system, after a faulty upgrade. I however have been receiving a number of errors, from virtualenv, but uninstalled, and then this is the only error I have.21:52
jribCyclicFlux: what is the "staff" group?  Why do you have it?21:53
CyclicFluxjrib, I think it could be from this particular bug, since I use pip to install.21:53
scott__Hi.  I just installed Lubuntu 10.04 on an old Toshiba Satellite.  For some reason, that was the only Linux media that the computer would recognize.  How can I properly upgrade to 12.04? I don't want to mess up the install21:53
scott__Can I just do apt-get upgrade -d ?21:53
jribCyclicFlux: you use pip as root?21:53
Beldarscott__, Thatb is a end of life install.21:53
CyclicFluxjrib, the staff group is apparently a system administrator group. Its for all python packages21:53
CyclicFluxjrib, I use 'sudo pip install <package>'21:53
MonkeyDustwhat's pip?21:53
Sh1G3rUwhat's pip?21:54
jribCyclicFlux: i would strongly advise installing to your user's home or, better, use virtualenv in the future21:54
CyclicFluxMonkeyDust, I more robust easy_install21:54
Beldar!eol | scott__, this will hive you the long and slow path21:54
ubottuscott__, this will hive you the long and slow path: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:54
jribMonkeyDust: kind of like cpan but for python21:54
scott__Thanks Beldar21:54
ubuntu_ashleyHi, every time I try to do Facebook video chat, my laptop crashes, can someone help me?21:54
Beldarscott__, What happened with the 12.04 lubuntu trys it may be easier to address that.21:55
xanguaubuntu_ashley: facebook videochat¿ and how exactly are you 'trying' that¿21:55
ubuntu_ashleyits a Facebook app21:55
scott__I would much rather just install 12.04 from a USB stick.  I tried 12.04 Lubuntu 32 bit install, and it ignored the media for some reason.21:55
ubuntu_ashleyyou can get21:55
KoodooHey is Steam more stable on Ubuntu or Mint?21:55
xanguaubuntu_ashley: not on linux21:55
Beldarscott__, Ignored the media?21:55
jribKoodoo: valve seems to target ubuntu, but I imagine they are equally stable...21:55
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pleanbeanBeldar, I tried, it didn't fix it. I'm not trying to reinstall Ubuntu. I have a root partition and a swap partition. Which device should I select for boot loader installation?21:56
hitsujiTMOKoodoo: maybe better to ask that somewhere else: like #ubuntu-steam21:56
Beldarscott__, Use nick here you can tab complete them.21:56
ubuntu_ashleyubuntu is linux?21:56
MonkeyDustubuntu_ashley  yes, it's around the linux kernel21:56
MonkeyDustubuntu_ashley  yes, it's built around the linux kernel21:57
Qrchackheya all21:57
scott__Yes.  The laptop had XP Media Center Edition, and it wouldn't boot at all.  Tried several different discs and USB startup disks that I created in my 12.04 machine.  The computer I'm trying to install them on ignores them and goes straight to the "Windows did not shut down properly" dialogue.21:57
Sh1G3rUlla ayeh Qrchack21:57
wafflejockTabletubuntu_ashley: its one distro or flavor of Linux, basically the Linux kernel plus programs is a distro21:57
Beldarpleanbean, make a post here with the script and explain what your end goal is. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10871917#post1087191721:57
ianorlindo you have it to boot from usb in bios?21:57
Qrchackthis feeling when you IRC and browse Facebook (through Lynx) when installing ubuntu in textmode21:58
KoodooIs plain Ubuntu best for Steam or can I find better?21:58
wafflejockTabletubuntu_ashley: there are many distributions at least a hundred21:58
MonkeyDustKoodoo  there's also #ubuntu-steam21:58
wafflejockTabletKoodoo: worked fine for me there seemed to have a few issues on kubuntu but no game stoppers21:59
Qrchackyea, looks like its installing GRUB right now21:59
KoodooNo one answers me on ubuntu steam...21:59
scott__Beldar, I'll go ahead and look at the eol upgrade link.  I understand that probably isn't the ideal way to do things.21:59
Qrchackit installed21:59
FloodBot1Qrchack: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:59
Beldarpleanbean, That is the best help on the web for what you have going on to be honest, or any uefi dual boot, yes I realize you want no uefi.21:59
Sh1G3rUKoodoo, steam is equally good on every debian derivate distro but considering that valve is developing it especially for ubuntu it might be of some advantages of stability22:00
SchrodingersScatSh1G3rU: he's gone, it's over.22:01
Sh1G3rUlol SchrodingersScat i didnt see :P22:01
designbybeckI installed Ubuntu Studio, then Kubuntu-desktop, then Ubuntu..... I want to roll back to Ubuntu Unity theme, But my GTK+??? Theme/settings.... How do I just go back to Ubuntu Stock?22:01
designbybeckAs in some of my window themes are still KDE like?22:02
Beldarscott__, Have you fixed the XP, or do you even want it anymore?22:02
xangua!pureubuntu | designbybeck22:02
ubottudesignbybeck: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu22:02
Beldardesignbybeck, What release?22:03
designbybeckThank you xangua  I did a few of those but not all22:03
designbybeckI'll try that22:03
designbybeck13.10 Beldar22:03
scott__Beldar, I was able to at least recover important files from it first.  I just wiped it and put linux on it.22:03
designbybeckI started with Ubuntu studio 13.10 Beldar22:03
designbybeckthen Kubuntu, and then Ubuntu..... I was excited to keep trying them out and didn't go back to a clean install and now at this point I don't want to back up everything and do another cleana install22:04
designbybeckso taht is what I'm trying to avoid22:04
Beldardesignbybeck, Ah to bad, all thise are meta file desktops, earlier releases you can find complete lists of and remove in one fell swoop.22:04
designbybeckBeldar, OOopss!22:04
azio_mi copied my mac fonts to ubuntu - as i always successfully do - but this time I am getting a black screen after logging to to my account, what can i do?22:04
Beldarscott__, Really and 12.04 lubuntu is causing a problem, that sounds like a user error to be honest.22:05
=== studio is now known as Qrchack
Qrchackinstalled successfully!22:05
wafflejockTabletQrchack: congrats22:05
Qrchacknow how to get gnome into it xD22:05
Qrchacktextmode better22:06
CyclicFluxCan one of you do me a favor. Check the ll or ls -l output of the /usr/local/lib/python2.7 for me.22:06
Qrchackbtw it looks cool on 1920x108022:06
Rav3nW00Dhello, anyone uses itunes on ubuntu 13.10 ?22:06
CyclicFluxIf someone could that would be awesome. I want to see if the permissions are correct.22:06
scott__Beldar, I installed update-manager and update-manager-core.  After opening it, it's giving me the option to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04.322:07
Qrchackgot an idea22:07
wafflejockTabletThink I need to make a new partition for my home folders... I cause too much chaos for myself sometimes and am gonna kill my ssd at this rate22:07
Beldardesignbybeck, One thing you might note is that when you install a desktop from the cli you get that full list then and can save it.22:07
Qrchackaptitude and select desktop as task22:07
hitsujiTMO!anyone | Rav3nW00D22:07
ubottuRav3nW00D: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.22:07
Beldarscott__, Yeah longterm to longterm.22:07
ubottuAre you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.22:07
Rav3nW00Dneed to know how they installed it22:08
designbybeckxangua,  the link you sent says only for 12.10, will this work for 13.10?22:08
Antisober552so is there a fix for workspace and the hiding launcher22:08
xanguadesignbybeck: the link says 'Newer tutorials have moved to the blog' and directs to it22:08
designbybeckthank you, sorry for that22:09
hitsujiTMOAntisober552: how exactly did you hide the launcher and enable workspace?22:09
Sh1G3rUCyclicFlux, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471003/22:09
Qrchackgot a way to install it22:09
Qrchackchosen firefox and a few themes for gnome22:09
Qrchackit should get GUI now22:09
Beldardesignbybeck, there is a blog link there that gets you 13.04, no ubuntu studio in any list there however, if you really knnow what your doing the 13.04 list can be tried, ans remove any errors from it when they come till it works, kinda a hackneyed way is all.22:10
Qrchackalot of libs22:10
Beldardesignbybeck, A fresh install if you have the home separate would be the easiest.22:10
Qrchackhow to start X from console?22:10
Sh1G3rUCyclicFlux, want more? : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471008/22:11
designbybeckBeldar,  I have done a  "sudo apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop"22:11
designbybeckBut some windows are still themed with a theme I had on KDE22:11
designbybeckBeldar,  ^22:11
Beldardesignbybeck, That removes very little and just makes it more difficult to cleanup,22:11
Beldardesignbybeck, Yoy have a separate home?22:12
tgm4883Beldar, I'm not sure why that would make it more difficult to cleanup. Couldn't you then do an autoremove?22:13
designbybeckhmmmm no22:13
hitsujiTMOQrchack: startx22:13
Beldartgm4883, Not that I know of removing a desktops meta packages is not done that way.22:13
QrchackhitsujiTMO: and it runs full desktop?22:13
tgm4883Beldar, what is a better way then?22:13
hitsujiTMOQrchack: well, it runs whatever is set as your DE or the default DE22:14
Qrchackuhm it's installing those packages right now22:14
Beldartgm4883, the bot gives the pschycocats website with desktop lists, or save the list when install from the cli.22:14
Qrchacki just installed firefox with dependencies and some gnome packages22:14
Antisober552hitsujiTMO,  http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_from_2013-11-24_22_12_14-SZGgP0vQ.png22:14
QrchackhitsujiTMO: will it autoconfigure all the shit?22:15
tgm4883Beldar, what psychocats page?22:15
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:15
hishamhow to install office in linux ??22:15
hitsujiTMOAntisober552: is this in a virtual machine?22:15
hitsujiTMOQrchack: yes22:15
bekkshisham: sudo apt-get install libreoffice22:15
Antisober552this is a proper install22:15
SchrodingersScat!info libreoffice | hisham22:15
ubottuhisham: libreoffice (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:4.1.2~rc3-0ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 26 kB, installed size 158 kB22:15
Antisober552from a liveusv22:15
Beldar!pureubuntu | tgm488322:15
ubottutgm4883: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu22:15
Qrchackgot blank X screen terminal (white background etc.)22:15
Ari-Yanghisham: it should already be installed22:15
Qrchackmaybe because its still installing xd22:16
Qrchackwhat console apps you'd recommend?22:16
nevermindmy folder is encrypted.... how do I recover my lost password????22:16
Beldartgm4883, There are just easier ways, the user has sort of backed themselves into a corner to have to work really hard to clean it up is all22:16
hishamthanks a lot guys i see22:16
tgm4883Beldar, IMO, that is a bad way to do it22:17
tgm4883Beldar, actually, that isn't really the same thing22:17
Antisober552hitsujiTMO,  do u know the problem22:17
nevermindI have an old ubuntu pc and I left it for a long time not in use and now I forgot the password how do I get it back if your folder is encrypted???22:17
john_doe_jrhow do you add the Ubuntu Maverick universe repo from the command line?22:17
Antisober552i installed using a liveusb and an ios from the site22:17
xangua!eol | john_doe_jr22:18
ubottujohn_doe_jr: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:18
Beldartgm4883, Heh, that is your opinion, and not sure it's a rational way of looking at it to be honest. Why would a full desktops packages list be a bad way?22:18
hitsujiTMOAntisober552: no, i know of an issue that affects virtualbox guests. this is a new one. i'd recommend reporting as a bug on launchpad22:18
wulpenhi there22:18
wulpenipsec to 022:19
Antisober552okai its really bugging me22:19
tgm4883Beldar, Going back to a pure Ubuntu desktop != Removing Kubuntu22:19
Antisober552and was hoping you guys might of know about a fix22:19
Antisober552okai well thx guys22:19
Beldartgm4883, Did you look at the multiple desktops they have and started with ubuntu studio?22:19
Antisober552where the launchpad22:19
Antisober552do u have a link for it22:20
tgm4883Beldar, lets say I installed Kubuntu-desktop, then some other app that had dependencies on some KDE libraries. If I then remove Kubuntu via all those packages, then it will also remove the application I installed that depends on some of those libraries22:20
Beldartgm4883, YOUr not looking at the full list, at the end is a ubuntu-desktop install to make sure all is there.22:21
hitsujiTMOlaunchpad.net           you could try installing unity-tweak-tool and see if you can change the settings there too22:21
Beldartgm4883, sorry the keys stick no intention of caps.22:21
tgm4883Beldar, That is sidestepping the question. Doing the ubuntu-desktop install afterwards wouldn't catch a KDE library would it?22:22
Beldartgm4883, If you had ubuntu and wanted those apps you would need them anyway, but I get your point.22:22
=== shaun_ is now known as wafflejock
tgm4883Beldar, so I install kubuntu-desktop, then install k3copy, then remove all of kubuntu using those instructions. k3copy is also removed22:23
Beldartgm4883, The fact here we are in lala land compared to what the actual user problem is.22:23
tgm4883Beldar, my understanding is the user wanted to remove kubuntu desktop right?22:23
Beldartgm4883, Argue with someone else this is offtopic.22:23
bekkstgm4883: Why dont you just install k3copy instead of kubuntu-desktop?22:24
* tgm4883 sighs22:25
tgm4883Beldar, I'm not arguing, but whatever22:25
Beldartgm4883, Did you see this, "<designbybeck> I installed Ubuntu Studio, then Kubuntu-desktop, then Ubuntu..... I want to roll back to Ubuntu Unity theme, But my GTK+??? Theme/settings.... How do I just go back to Ubuntu Stock?"22:25
tgm4883Beldar, no, I didn't see that22:25
tgm4883bekks, I don't want to do either. This was an academic discussion22:25
designbybeckBeldar,  I agree a clean install would be the best way to go, It will just have to wait until the next weekend! ;)22:26
tgm4883Beldar, and TBH, I'm still not sure why that page is the "superior" way to returning to "stock"22:26
Koodoohow is xubuntu22:27
Beldartgm4883, Your argument is valid yes, however when one installs whole desktops and want specific apps from them there are perils to some extent that a experienced user can take care of.22:27
xanguaKoodoo: xubuntu.net you can see yourself22:27
Beldartgm4883, I did not say superior that is you word.22:27
tgm4883Beldar, semantics22:28
Beldartgm4883, And honestly inspite of your high level of experience and knowledge I usually have you in-ignore per you penchant to argue22:29
Beldarback you go hehe22:29
tgm4883Beldar, yea, I usually stay out of this channel22:29
[LMZ]Has anyone have issues with install Ubuntu and getting a blank screen after selecting "install" on Satellite S75? It has the Intel HD video drivers22:33
hsegHow do I find the upstream sources for packages?22:33
daftykins[LMZ]: is that true of selecting 'try' as well?22:33
hsegSpecifically, I need to find the upstream source of http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/php5-curl22:33
Beldar[LMZ], Try getting to the desktop to install. There is a nomodeset option from that first gui.22:33
[LMZ]Beldar: Does the samething in Live Mode when you select it.22:34
hitsujiTMOhseg: apt-cache show <packagename>     usually lists the upstream homepage22:34
Beldar[LMZ], I don't understand that.22:34
Beldar[LMZ],Black screen when you hit try?22:35
Jordan_Uhseg: Are you looking for the upstream source code, or the upstream project?22:35
[LMZ]Beldar: Black screen when I select to install ubuntu from grub22:35
hsegUpstream source code preferably, project if necessary22:36
[LMZ]Beldar: Even with versions of 12 and 13...22:36
Jordan_Uhseg: The source package contains the unmodified source, plus patches on top of that separately.22:36
Beldar[LMZ], Grub is on a install, hit f6 at that screen and choose nomodeset then try.22:36
[LMZ]Beldar: Ok let me try that real quick22:37
ubuntuaddictedso it's ok to install a mainline kernel that's named v3.12-saucy within Xubuntu 12.04.3 correct?22:37
Beldargthe live id syslinux I believe to boot the install22:37
hitsujiTMOhseg: considering that its a php module the webpage for it is php.net22:37
hsegOK, but that doesn't help me much. I cannot infer from the sources how I'm supposed to build it.22:37