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TymeToTrySomeone's know if I should use Artistx or Ubuntu Studio for Post-Production work please?02:49
TymeToTrySomeone knows* sorry02:49
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robertobuon giorno08:54
CoolManhello from a french froggy newby11:45
CoolManis it possible to get somme help here about sound card ?11:46
cfhowlett#opensourcemusicans is probably going to be your best option unless our musicans take a break to check in11:47
CoolManok, thank you a lot11:48
CoolMani would like to use 3 usb sound card in same time to record in multitracks, do you know  how to resolve this or a tutos to do?11:58
cfhowlettCoolMan, I don't know.  sorry.11:59
CoolManno problems, and thank's again. on google i didn't find a solution and because my english is not so good, it's a little hard ;-)12:01
CoolMancfhomlett, i think i come back here later in the day ;-)12:05
CoolManthank for your welcome a nd your help12:05
Carlos10032buona sera!16:18
Carlos10032Sono nuovo di Ubuntu (sto installando in questo istante)16:18
Carlos10032Qualche italiano??16:19
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