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enrico_Hi guys, my netbook keeps shutting down (-->lost connection, etc) when I close the screen even though I set my Energy settings to "Do nothing" when it happens01:42
bekksIt may be a BIOS setting, too.01:42
enrico_Before xubuntu it didn't happen (win7)01:43
enrico_still a possibility?01:44
bekksJust take a look at your BIOS.01:44
enrico_Nothing in the bios01:56
enrico_I also tried editing /etc/systemd/logind.conf and setting to ignore01:57
enrico_as here http://askubuntu.com/questions/362667/xubuntu-13-10-disabling-suspend-on-lid-being-closed02:01
bekksenrico_: Well xubuntu doesnt use systemd.02:03
bekksSo that solution ported from Archlinux is - invalied.02:04
enrico_something else I can do?02:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 1222021 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "xfce4-power-manager does not inhibit systemd from handling buttons and lid events" [Medium,Triaged]02:11
enrico_how do I disable xfce4-power-manager?02:11
alexandros_cgood I have a question, what is the difference between a xubuntu session and a xfce session?02:12
David-Aalexandros_c: I dont know the official answer, but what I have noticed, besides different default themes, is that the program menu is structured differently.02:17
alexandros_cThanks David-A for your response, I noticed the theme but as I am using whisker menu there is no difference in menu structure02:19
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alexandros_cIs anyone using dockbarx for xfce? I installed it and gradually it stopped showing running programs now it is not showing any programs :( does anyone know how to fix this, I have searched on the internet and found nothing, thanks.02:21
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alexandros_cis there a way solution for hibernating under xubuntu 13.10?02:54
Poisoned_DragonI just don't do it.02:54
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alexandros_cis there a way solution for hibernating under xubuntu 13.10?04:29
anexim learning that too04:33
jgmdevsuspend works here on xubuntu04:45
alexandros_cjgmdev, it works for me too05:04
alexandros_cbut I want to know is there a real fix for hibernate under xubuntu 13.1005:04
anexdamn i need time stamps05:06
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hurdorbsdhi guys08:14
hurdorbsdI am going to install 13.10 now ..08:14
hurdorbsdI am switching from Debian 7.2 Gnome08:14
bazhangany support questions?08:15
hurdorbsdCan I switch from Kernel 3.11 to 3.12 ??08:17
bazhang!info linux saucy08:17
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB08:17
bazhangwhy would you need to?08:17
bazhang<hurdorbsd> Can I switch from Kernel 3.11 to 3.12 ??   <bazhang> why would you need to?08:19
hurdorbsdjust to try the latest stable08:20
bazhangthats not stable08:20
hurdorbsdand learn how to install linux kernel08:20
hurdorbsdkernel.org says 3.12.1 is stable08:20
bazhangthat does not mean its stable within ubuntu, with all the patches08:21
hurdorbsdI see .. so 14.04 is going to be stable with latest kernel in ubuntu08:22
hurdorbsdSo we can't just install a kernel in any linux .. we need to go with the distributor of the linux08:22
bazhangwell, sure; but that's not until April 2014 release08:22
bazhangyou can do whatever you want; you said you wanted stable08:23
bazhangif you want the very newest of every package, thats not going to be a stable system08:24
hurdorbsdYou mistook me ... I thought when I say stable I mean Stable Kernel (Generally) I didn't know .. it has to be stable within the distro08:24
hurdorbsdI was just asking ... ok I get it now08:24
bazhangno, I got it the first time08:24
hurdorbsdSo latest stable kernel isn't stable for Ubuntu yet08:25
bazhangkernel.org stable != withing ubuntu stable08:25
bazhangit's not stable anywhere08:25
hurdorbsdArch is using08:26
bazhangarch is rolling release, so it's an *option*08:26
hurdorbsdI see08:26
bazhangbut not all arch users do that08:26
hurdorbsdbut I love xfce with Debian or Debian based Ubuntu08:26
bazhangdebian/debian based are a ton more stable08:27
hurdorbsdbecause it uses 3.2.5-1 as their kernel08:27
hurdorbsdwhich has to be stable after all these months08:28
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elfyanyone else have issues with youtube buffering for a short while then refusing to do anything but stop playing08:57
elfymmm - changing to the html5 stops that issue, which I guess will do as a workround09:00
xubuntu193Any info/update  about the constant error messages: "mei_me 0000:00:03.0: reset: connect/disconnect timeout" in dmesg?09:25
XubuntinHi guys09:27
XubuntinIf I run the updates for Xubuntu 13.10, that volume control bug will be autofixed?09:28
elfyXubuntin: no it won't be - not backported at present and I'm not sure if it will be09:28
XubuntinWhy not?09:28
elfyxubuntu193: http://linuxbbq.org/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=811 might help you09:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 1196155 in linux (Ubuntu) "mei_me resets spamming dmesg" [Medium,Fix released]09:29
XubuntinThanks. Is there any reason going for 13.10 instead of LTS? Subjective opinions speaking.09:29
elfyXubuntin: time and people resources09:29
MatthewHHello, I am setting up an older machine with linux and I am wondering what is the best choice as a lightweight OS. I am deciding which is more lightweight Xubantu or Archlinux thanks09:30
XubuntinLubuntu :P09:31
elfyXubuntin: subjectively I'd wait - but then again I might have tried getting the gtk3 indicators into 13.10 as well if I'd been just using it, as it is I DID install gtk3 indicators into 13.10 - but that was for testing, I have them also in 14.04 now too09:31
MatthewHwhat desktop environment does Lubuntu use?09:31
elfyXubuntin: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Saucy/Gtk3Indicators welcome to try but support if it goes wrong will be patchy09:32
XubuntinOkay, thanks. Good input.09:32
XubuntinLubuntu is very lightweight, and for being that lightweight it really looks good imo.09:33
MatthewHIs Arch more resource heavy?09:33
elfyMatthewH: without knowing what this older machine has in the way of hardware/specs it's hard to tell - is it 2 years old, 20 years old - does it have RAM measure in Kb/Mb/Gb09:33
elfydoes it have a starting handle?09:33
elfyrun on steam?09:34
MatthewHceleron 1.3ghz 512mb ram, 8 years old09:34
xubuntu193Thanks for the mei_me info. Als found dat on HP models: Instead of pressing F10 for entering the BIOS setup, you can press Ctrl+P for entering the Management Extension BIOS. Password would be admin. One can disable logging there, wil try that first.....09:34
elfyMatthewH: might be better of with lubuntu - or you could go with a minimal iso and build it up from there with what you need09:35
XubuntinDo you know how to install Arch Linux Matthew?09:36
MatthewHYes I do09:36
XubuntinAh, nice09:36
MatthewHI do like to get dirty in the terminal, is that weird haha?09:36
XubuntinPeppermint OS is also lightweight, and LXDE09:36
XubuntinHaha no09:36
XubuntinIt is built on Lubuntu09:37
SuperEngineerMatthewH:  fwiw... I run Xubuntu on an old Acer Aspire netbook [similar spec].. no probs.  Added gnome-do and I love it.09:37
XubuntinOr derived I guess09:37
XubuntinHow do you use Gnome Do to get it working effectively? Give it a shortcut or just leave it in the taskbar?09:38
MatthewHWhich version of lubuntu would benefit me better? newest release 13.1009:38
MatthewHYes I do know how to use Gnome09:38
XubuntinNewest release requires 128MB RAm09:38
XubuntinSo it is more lightweight than last one, I think09:38
XubuntinBut that is a minimum with bad performance I guess09:39
MatthewHI think ill go with lubuntu then :)09:39
SuperEngineerXubuntin: I use super+space shortcut09:39
MatthewHi dont expect decent performance from my doorstopper of a laptop ha09:39
XubuntinIs that by default SuperEngineer?09:39
XubuntinOh, thanks man09:39
elfyXubuntin: I should point out I have ulterior motives for telling people about things we might want testing though09:42
MatthewHI tried to install mint 13 as the machine doesnt have pae. The thing choked trying to open the Install Linux Mint button09:42
MatthewHXubuntin: should I get minimal install lubuntu or do you think regular is ok?09:45
Xubuntin   If you have space for a regular, I think that would be okay. And just uninstall what you dont need. Then you have most stuff ready to go.09:46
MatthewHThanks man, big help. Really appriciate it :)09:47
XubuntinYou are welcome. Hope you like the distro. You might not find LXDE that appealing, dont know :P09:47
MatthewHI dont, but it doesnt matter too much. Its only something for the little one to bash the keyboard with09:48
XubuntinI see. You also have Peppermint OS, that is a bit more ruff in the looks. Darker look. And you can tweak it a bit and make it look pretty nice.09:49
XubuntinHow can I restart the taskbar in terminal on Xubuntu? Like force quitting explorer.exe in Windows I mean, and starting it up again.09:55
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hurdorbsdhi I am running xubuntu 13.10 and amazingly my modem work10:35
hurdorbsdI have a question10:35
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was_a_win_userany1 using kernel 3.12.111:12
ubottuwas_a_win_user,: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:12
was_a_win_userMy xubuntu 13.10 has a broken volume control in the panel11:14
FlurglerHobbithey all. Whenever I ttry to enter in any terminal commands involving sudo, or reboot, the terminal is just flooded with a series of y's11:19
FlurglerHobbitcan anyone explain to me what is going on?11:19
cfhowlettFlurglerHobbit, stay in one channel for best results.11:20
was_a_win_useryour keyboard is broke11:20
was_a_win_userDid you notice ?11:20
FlurglerHobbitthat's not it11:20
was_a_win_userSend a link of the screenshot11:20
cfhowletthello4, greetings11:51
hello4i got the problem with xubuntu. when i try to install the system instead of microsoft at my notebook it tells "starting restore sound card(s) mixer state(s) fail, its a think pad by ibm/lenovo T41, and the hard disc is not working properly but i put it in a fiew fractions and at least the first one shuld work (microsoft was running there before without problems)11:54
hello4to try xubuntu does work, just when i want to play some music it doesnt11:54
was_a_win_userhello4 I think you need to start from the scratch .. what is your linux uptime?11:56
baretaalgun español?11:56
koegs!es > bareta11:56
ubottubareta, please see my private message11:56
hello4its xubuntu 12.04.311:57
was_a_win_userhello4 when you try what goes wrong?11:58
baretano hay españoles por aki11:59
ubottubareta,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:00
hello4i already put away the message.. it tells that theres a problem with copying and later that it could be something wrong with the disc drive or the cd or the hard disc. i tried again and after info with copying problem i put out the disc and there was a list of oks, and one fail, "starting restore cloud.. (see above)12:00
was_a_win_userhello4 you are doing something very wrong12:02
koegshello4, i suggest following this http://askubuntu.com/questions/14303/how-can-i-check-my-ram-and-harddrive-for-errors12:06
hello4see you12:07
hello4is this programm to repair the harddisc also on xubuntu live disc?12:19
bgardnerSo after upgrade to 13.10, suspend/resume now works on my Aspire (yay!), but on resume it pops up a xfce4-display-settings window.  Not a really big deal (and mostly I'm happy suspend works), but is this something I can stop from happening?12:19
hello4found it :D12:21
hello4but how do i get away the keys? /dev/sda2 has a key before it so i can not check the partition12:26
hello4gparted: at least one logical partition is  mounted12:28
hello4but i was starting from the disc -> ill try again and restart12:30
elfyhello4: try right click swapoff12:30
elfyif you're in a livecd12:31
hello4ok thx12:31
hello4which is best to format to? btrfs exfat ext2 fat16 etc?12:42
hello4"check and repair file system (ext4) on /dev/sda5" "all operations successfully completed"12:44
cfhowlettext4 is defaults12:44
hello4? so what should i do?12:45
cfhowlettchoose ext4?12:46
hello4well, yes12:46
hello4anotherone needed?12:46
hello4there is btrfs, exfat, ext2-4,fat16,fat32, hfs, hfs+, jfs, linux-swap,ntfs, reiser4, reiserfs, ufs,xfs12:50
hello4which one should i choose?13:01
nikolamhello4, I would vote for btrfs (since you can make snapshots and therefore rollback to previous system state if needed after updates. And also make snapshots of your data. Ot use ZFS, too for external storage on non-system disks13:01
nikolamhfs/+ is only there for mac comaptibility, ext2,3,4 are evolutions (upgradeable in-place to Btrfs), jfs is if you use many small files, xfs is a robust old style file system for large storage, reiser4 also (as zfs) does not have nor require chkdsk on boot...13:04
nikolamufs is for BSD/unix compatibility.13:04
nikolamSo you are safe with choosing ext4, (upgreadable to Btrfs), Btrfs is a modern answer to system disk, reiser4 is a nice ext alternative if there is no Btrfs and ZFS is rock-solid FS for your data and cross platform dependable storage.13:06
nikolamI think that's all hello413:06
hello4so how do i check if the hard disc is ok? i try it with the same programm GParted "Check and Repair" but it takes so short time that i dont think it'll work13:12
nikolamaha, before partitioning, you can use live DVD to boot and use badblocks command to check disk surface13:14
nikolamit is also goof to mention that Btrfs have included software RAID, so yiu can use multiple disks to store your system and data on more then one disk (also for ZFS)13:15
nikolamif one wants the same with ext4 and other, he should aether use hardware raid, or use mdadmin (md) software raid and make FS on top of it.13:16
nikolamOne can start with one disk and Btrfs and add second disk(s) later for safer environment with data automatically migrating and have block-level checksums. Zfs also always serve righ data and repair it during work, due to checksum checking.13:17
hello4well its still checking ;)13:21
hello4now it stopped but i didnt get any message if it was successfull or not13:25
hello4its choosing automaticly ext4 while installing13:29
naquadhow do i troubleshoot a problem with plugged devices (usb flash drive) not shown in thunar?13:43
hurdorbsdmy volume control don't work in 13.10 .. any fixes?13:44
hello4its still copying ;D looks good13:48
elfyhurdorbsd: really what?14:28
hurdorbsdelfy my indicator plugin for volume won't work14:42
hurdorbsdany fixes?14:42
elfyoic - just impatience :)14:45
elfyhang on a moment14:46
was_a_win_userthanks my plugin for volume is working now15:53
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teranexis there a way to see missed notifications in Xubuntu?19:36
teranexI tried https://launchpad.net/~jconti/+archive/recent-notifications but it doesn't seem to work in XFCE19:36
ElFizbanioso I installed the xfonts-75dpi, how do I use the said fonts? When I try to change the fonts in appearance font tab I only get truetype fonts20:11
xubuntu006can i ask you some help?20:26
GridCube!ask | xubuntu00620:27
ubottuxubuntu006: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:27
xubuntu006ok, i have been using windows for yera and now i want to switch to linux20:28
xubuntu006i downloaded xubuntu 64 bites and now i want to reboot my laptop20:28
ElFizbanioreboot it then20:28
ElFizbaniothe reboot button should be under your username if you click it20:29
xubuntu006but i have never done it before20:29
ElFizbanioin the top-right corner20:29
xubuntu006i believed i had to go to BIOS to reboot it20:29
xubuntu006is that right?20:30
GridCubexubuntu006, if you are using uefi it can be20:30
GridCube!uefi | xubuntu00620:30
ubottuxubuntu006: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:30
GridCubesometimes you have to go to the windows settings and tell it you want an "actuall reboot"20:31
GridCubeit can be confusing20:31
xubuntu006the thing that worriers me now is that, when loading xubuntu, i will not be able to use my laptop cause i don't have the cd with the original drivers of my laptop20:32
xubuntu006so i am worried i might not be able to have the audio, maybe the video and so on... i don't know if you understand what i mean20:33
xubuntu006i am not very skilled with IT20:34
bekksSo how is not having the windows driver cd an issue for the xubuntu support? :)20:35
xubuntu006ok, i got you. but how will i find suitable drivers to run my laptop ??20:36
xubuntu006if i delete everything now and restart it with linux?20:37
xubuntu006is anyone there?20:40
xubuntu006please help20:40
ElFizbanioyou should be fine20:41
xubuntu006ok, can u briefly explain me why i won't need any driver? xubuntu doean't need drivers?20:42
bekksxubuntu006: Ubuntu needs drivers, but the kernel provides most of them.20:44
xubuntu006ok, so i won't worry20:45
xubuntu006last question: ubuntu, xubuntu, Fluxbuntu, Kubuntu... so many...  how should i choose??20:46
xubuntu610virtualbox - test them out and see what you like20:47
xubuntu610there is no "right20:48
xubuntu610" answer20:48
xubuntu006it seems all about old or new pc with 2 or less GB of RAM20:49
xubuntu006old pc and small ram = xubuntu . otherwise ubuntu20:50
xubuntu610do you like unity? have you seen xfce...gnome or kde your flavor?20:51
Poisoned_DragonIs this a survey?20:52
xubuntu610no he was asking if only reason to choose xubuntu was due to old pc/low ram20:53
xubuntu610and asking "so many flavors what choose?!?20:54
GridCubexubuntu006, you dont need drivers from windows on linux20:55
GridCubemost drivers for most things are already in the linux kernel20:56
xubuntu006ok, thank you very much20:56
GridCubeif they are not then you are probably on a bad luck and will need to search how to configure your devices20:56
GridCubebut in 90% of the time stuff works20:56
GridCubesay 80%20:56
xubuntu610i installed compiz recently and seems like ever since, on an initial boot the screen colors are wonky and washed out21:00
xubuntu610if i logout/back in - it clears right up21:00
xubuntu610any suggestions of where to look first?21:00
Poisoned_DragonI don't like to use compiz, since it replaces the default window manager with it's own. I use compton.21:02
Poisoned_Dragongives me tear free performance without too much pizazz.21:02
xubuntu610i basically boot into regular and just21:03
xubuntu610compiz --replace after booting... but still on boot (even with compiz not running) the color is whacked out21:04
xubuntu610until i logout/in21:04
xubuntu610looking at compton now21:04
xubuntu610going to try this out, thanks for the info21:06
Dan_DHow do I mark a .jar as executable?21:35
Dan_DThere is no option in permission and chmod -x does not work21:35
bekksBecause a jar faile isnt executed directly. Use: java -jar myfile.jar21:36
Dan_DAh, ok21:36
Poisoned_DragonAlthough, you do have to use chmod -x if you execute the jar in your file manager, and it complains that it can't execute it. But, jars would also have to be associated with the installed java for that to be a feature.21:39
tabeauxI installed xubuntu 13.10 on a machine with intel-hda audio. It works but the volume icon in the panel is broken. It's greyed out and clicking on it gives a small empty dropdown menu. It used to work on 12.04 on the same machine. Any ideas?22:29
tabeauxI have done all updates etc22:29
KoodooHow is Xubuntu and steam22:32
Poisoned_Dragontabeaux, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-sound/+bug/120820422:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 1208204 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin" [High,Triaged]22:33
Poisoned_DragonRead comment #5. Then, logout and log back in.22:33
tabeauxWell thanks (even though you left..)22:47
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mattwj2002hi guys23:09
mattwj2002any idea how to fix 13.10 so I can you the volume icon?23:09
mattwj2002to adjust the volume23:09
mattwj2002it is just kind of annoying having to use alsamixer from the command line23:10
Carlinhosis it possible to install indicator-messages in 13.10?23:25
Carlinhosi really miss it23:26

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