amitprakashHi, how do I get the code from a directory in a bzr repository? specifically.. how do I get the code here http://bzr.mozilla.org/bmo/4.2/files05:47
lifelessamitprakash: bzr branch http://bzr.mozilla.org/bmo/4.2 I imagine06:58
LeoNerdSo... It turns out that bzr over a 3-hop ProxyCommand sshfs is a liiiitttle bit slow17:41
LeoNerdLike... orders of magnitude slower than just filesystem access on the disk17:42
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fullermdThat's 'cuz 3 is a prime number.  Add 1 more hop; perfect squares are way faster.18:03
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KombuchaKipAvaneya, a libre cerebral sci-fi for GNU under development! https://www.avaneya.com23:55

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