smoserharmw, i'd be open to that.14:21
smoseri suspect that you'd run accross some linux-isms.14:21
harmwpython-jsonpatch is missing from freebsd10 repo, but the others are there (beeing cheetah, prettytable and some more)14:23
harmwthere are some tiny differences though, like files from /proc14:24
harmwlike, if I run cloud-init it isn't capable of reading system uptime14:24
harmwor showing assigned ip addresses14:24
harmwand ofcourse a proper module to handle configuration is needed :)14:25
smoserharmw, yeah. i'm sure there are things to fix. python-jsonpatch can probably be made optional, and just fail/warn if the user tries to use it.14:25
harlowjacheetah is a problem that we need to work out anyway harmw 18:18
harlowjaunsure what is the best way forward there (cheetah and python 3 still not behaving nicely afaik)18:18
harmwah ok, well ive tried cloud-init with python27 on freebsd 10 beta318:33
harmwas far as python's concerned, it looks to be ok18:33
harlowjathe other area u'll hit i think is utils.py18:33
harlowjaunsure how much there will need to be adjusted for freebsd18:35
harmwnot sure on that, I merely deployed cloud-init to see if it would run - which it did18:36
harmwnow all I need is some time to dig further :)18:37
harlowjahttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/cloudinit/util.py 18:39
harlowjafor example, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/cloudinit/util.py#L100918:39
harlowjaand other ones that might be mostly linux specific18:40
harmwsmoser: any chance this cirros patch can be included in trunk? https://bugs.launchpad.net/cirros/+bug/119037218:43
harmw(and the fix from https://bugs.launchpad.net/cirros/+bug/1132686 aswell)18:44
smoserharmw, whoot. thats awesome.18:54
smoserthank you.18:54
smoserother than i'd bikeshed on your shell.18:55
smoserbut i'd just never looked into it.18:55
smoserwhat is the content of a 'staticroutes' ?18:55
harmwlet me check on that18:58
smoseroh. i see . it looks like it must be pairs of (<netaddr>, <router>)19:02
harmwthats in $staticroutes19:03
harmwtook a while to create a new instance, my cloud isn't that fast :)19:04
smoserharmw, could you test default.script at19:23
smoserthat should cut down on forks for parsing output (echo $.. | cut)19:23
harmwah yea19:24
smoseri know i over-do things19:24
harmwnice function19:24
smoserbut i want cirros to boot as fast as possible19:24
smoserand forks *do* have a real affect on that.19:24
harmwlet me check it19:24
harmwjeez, downloading plain requires a login19:25
smoseryeah, silly.19:26
smoserhere, harmw http://paste.ubuntu.com/6475388/19:26
smoserthat is how to avoid logging in to ubuntu pastebin19:27
harmwLease of obtained, lease time 12019:37
harmwdeleting routers19:37
harmwadding dns
harmwadding net with router
harmwlooking just fine19:37
smosercool. i'll apply that then. thanks!.19:52
smoserall, 20:24
smoser https://ch.tbe.taleo.net/CH03/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=CANONICAL&cws=1&rid=72720:24
smoser https://ch.tbe.taleo.net/CH03/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=CANONICAL&cws=1&rid=72720:24
smoserfirst is SW Engineer, second is QA Engineer (both at Canonical).20:24
harmwNorth America... kinda far, far away :)20:34
harmwnice work @r28420:36
harmwcould you check up on the other bug aswell smoser? If time permits, ofc20:37
smoserharmw, probably not a requirement20:37
smoser(the location)20:37
smoserwhat other bug ?20:38
smoserharmw, can you verify21:03
harmwinteresting, my freebsd instance only configured the additional host route - not the gateway21:12
smoserwait, what ?21:13
harmwno, nothing cloudinit just yet21:14
harmwmerely booting an image, nothing fancy :)21:14
smoserAH. K.21:15
smoserdid the cirros change work ?21:15
smoseri'll push that to trunk.21:16
smoserthats what you get for not testing21:16
harmwit looks fine here21:16
harmwnice @r28521:21
smoserharmw, thanks for your help.22:15

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