thumperwallyworld_: morning, got time to catch up with a hangout?00:49
thumperwallyworld_: it seems we have some critical work to do00:49
wallyworld_ok, can i have a few minutes, just finishing something00:49
thumperaxw: morning00:57
axwthumper: heya00:57
axwhave a nice weekend?00:57
thumpertoo short...00:58
thumperI forwarded you an email00:58
thumperand what I expected has come to pass00:58
thumperso we need to catch up on a hangout with wallyworld_00:58
axwsounds ominous00:58
thumpernot as bad as it sounds00:58
thumperbut more organising work00:58
* wallyworld_ almost ready00:59
axwcan it wait 30 mins or so?00:59
thumperconsidered "critical, drop what you're doing" type work00:59
thumperum... sure00:59
thumperI could catch up with wallyworld_ about some other work00:59
thumpera hangout we didn't get around to last week00:59
thumperbut it would make sense for me not to repeat myself regards this other work00:59
thumperdamn english01:00
axwnever mind, just give me a couple of minutes01:00
axwok ready when you are01:01
thumperwallyworld_: ?01:02
thumperaxw: wallyworld_, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpj05oqcceb2k1t0qdjatpr8?hl=en01:04
axwthumper: the way I'm doing the plugin at the moment will have the machine started up with a juju-db. is that okay? IIANM, the restoration requires it to be there already03:10
thumperaxw: that seems ok...03:11
axwthumper: cool. just need to find a not completely horrible way of getting StartInstance to go half way03:12
* thumper waits for jam to wake up04:30
* thumper looks at the world clock04:30
thumperhmm 8:30am local04:30
axwfuck it. short term hack time04:59
axwsuch a mess04:59
jamthumper: /wave05:07
jamI'm not officially started, but since you poked05:07
thumperjam: when do you normally officially start?05:07
jamabout now, but I have to go pick up my car from the repair shop05:08
thumperjam: ah, I'd like to have a hand-off call05:08
thumperfor the critical work status05:08
jamthumper: I've got time for a handoff call05:09
* thumper kicks a hangout05:09
thumperjam: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpik63e8i2q1m4eu10q73qh4?hl=en05:10
jamaxw: wallyworld_: before you stop today, can you give updates on where you got to with the various backup plugins? In case we need to hand it off to someone05:25
axwjam: certainly05:25
wallyworld_yep, was going to :-)05:25
axwwallyworld_: do you know a James Price from when you were at Caterpillar?05:57
wallyworld_not offhand05:57
wallyworld_what section was he in?05:57
axwnot sure actually05:57
axwhe's my cousin, used to work there05:58
wallyworld_caterpillar has almost 100000 employees :-)05:58
axwheh :) he's in Perth, just thought you may have known him since you did some owrk over here05:58
jamwallyworld_: I'm around if you want to chat06:07
wallyworld_jam: ok, for 10 minutes then i have to go06:07
jamdavecheney: so why do you need the 4.9 snapshot for gccgo? I guess the default gcc for T is 4.8.? Is there just not support for golang there, or its just broken, or ?06:48
davecheneyjam: 4.8 does not support the architctures we need06:49
jamdavecheney: isn't that going to be true for the platform as a whole ?06:49
jamso if we want any Ubuntu on those platforms for T then we need the compiler06:49
davecheneyjam: to your first question: not necessarily06:50
davecheneyto your second: I have no idea06:50
davecheneyarm64, no, that works with 4.8206:50
davecheneyfor the other platform, i have no idea06:50
davecheneybut I would place a small wager that 4.8.2 as shipped my us in T will not suffice06:51
jamdavecheney: anyway, my point is that if 4.8.2 isn't going to compile for the platforms we want to support for golang, isn't that going to be true if we want to support C/C++ packages on that platform? In which case, there needs to be some sort of exception that needs to be made which isn't specific to us06:52
davecheneyjam: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1ip_WmLusPBRqtxZG2rjANbnaiig68hkZENKj1DEOmKg/edit06:54
davecheneyjam: hopefully this explains, at least in part, why gccgo != gcc06:56
jamdavecheney: yeah it does06:56
jamdavecheney: I'm not sure that the compiler you build a tool with needs to be in main, are you sure on that?06:56
jamI know we have a bug where backports are a problem06:56
davecheneyjam: mathias and james page both tell me this is true06:57
jamdavecheney: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements section 606:58
davecheney> Could you clarify for me, if we want to use gccgo to build juju into06:58
davecheney> main, does that gccgo compiler also have to be in main ?06:58
davecheneyyes. build dependencies of packages have to be in the same pocket.06:58
jam"All build and binary dependencies must be satisfyable in main"06:58
davecheney^ from the man06:58
jamdavecheney: yeah, I found it on the official "What do you need for a Main Inclusion Request" page.07:01
davecheneyjam: this is quite a quandry07:04
fwereadejam, morning08:15
jamfwereade: morning. I'm in a hangout with Dimiter right now, but I know Tim really prefered the Juju process than the MaaS hackery. Partially because it works on any provider08:16
fwereadejam, and it's fully achievable... today?08:17
jamfwereade: well Juju-backup and juju-provision have been written08:17
jamwhether "they all work" yet08:17
jamI'm not sure08:17
jamfwereade: but we need them tested anyway08:19
jamfwereade: I'm chatting with dimitern about having him pick up bug #125457708:24
fwereadejam, I'm really worried that this is bad craziness and way too many moving parts, when what was asked for was "a procedure to back up and restore the bootstrap node", and we know they already have file-level backups of everything08:25
jamfwereade: but are they file-level backups that are consistent mongo snapshots?08:26
jamfwereade: hangout?08:26
fwereadejam, yeah, sgtm08:26
jamfwereade: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/calendar/am9obi5tZWluZWxAY2Fub25pY2FsLmNvbQ.6dasi8b7b79tgd1ij533qo0ma808:26
wallyworld_jam: fwereade : let me know what you decide08:28
jamwallyworld_: you can join the conversation if you want08:29
axwwallyworld_: you made some changes to stop the lxc provisioner from starting unnecessarily, right?08:34
wallyworld_axw: yeah08:34
wallyworld_only starts when first lxc machine is asked for08:34
axwcool. someone on #juju just reported a problem with manual provisioning, it was barfing because lxc-ls couldn't be found08:35
wallyworld_right. so cloud init no longer apt-get installs lxc by default08:36
jamaxw: so I think you need "juju-local" vs just "juju" if you are doing things like manual work08:37
axwjam: for the local provider, but not for manual08:38
axwwell, until wallyworld_'s change I suppose it should have installed it, yeah08:38
axwoh well, FIXED_UPSTREAM08:38
wallyworld_axw: did i break something?08:39
axwwallyworld_: no, you fixed it08:39
rogpeppemornin' all08:56
axwmorning rogpeppe08:59
rogpeppeaxw: hiya08:59
jammorning rogpeppe, currently on a hangout talking about how we're going to deal with the NEC stuff08:59
jamhttps://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/calendar/am9obi5tZWluZWxAY2Fub25pY2FsLmNvbQ.6dasi8b7b79tgd1ij533qo0ma8 if you want to join09:00
rogpeppejam: joining09:00
mrammmorning all.09:59
jammorning mramm10:00
jammorning mgz10:00
mgzhow are you jam?10:00
jama bit talked out, as we've been in "we need to fix the backup process" discussion overload10:01
mgzI saw Ian's branch10:02
jamespagejam: hey - who's the best person to talk to about what juju needs in this stripped down mongodb package I'm about to hack out?11:38
jamjamespage: we're a bit on critical response today11:39
wallyworld_jam: natefinch: i've pushed the latest changes to the backup script. https://codereview.appspot.com/31960043 it still doesn't include the jenv info eg uuid. nate suggested mongo --eval but i don't know how far i'll sensibly get with that tonight. i *could* use juju get-env from the client side part of the backup script and include the resulting json output in the tarball. but if we can generate on the server side that would be better11:51
natefinch         /join #maas11:52
TheMuewallyworld_: already looking too12:07
dimiternrogpeppe, you're using 1.16 branch for the ec2 tests, right?12:18
rogpeppedimitern: yeah12:18
rogpeppedimitern: but the latest 1.16 branch, probably not the one that they're using12:18
rogpeppedimitern: i don't think it matters *too* much for these tests though12:18
dimiternrogpeppe, ok, I'm pulling 1.16 now and starting12:19
rogpeppedimitern: i've written down the set of steps to take; now i'm deploying an environment, following the steps12:19
rogpeppedimitern: wanna join the hangout?12:19
dimiternrogpeppe, i'm about to yeah12:19
mattyw_rogpeppe, hope you had a good weekend? would you be able to spare me 10-15 mins this afternoon (probably after 4pm) to talk about the api13:04
rogpeppemattyw_: had an excellent weekend thanks13:05
rogpeppemattyw_: hopefully, yes13:05
rogpeppemattyw_: ping me13:05
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sinzuiabentley, CI is ill I failed to fix it on Friday. I have not seen 1.17 pass in days and we need to do a release. I removed azure from testing, and that revealed the disk space. I suspect the space issue is why I saw 3 instances running for 19 hours when we expected no more than 30 minutes14:07
sinzuiabentley, I did update the assemble script to download less14:07
abentleysinzui: Okay, I'll get on it.14:07
sinzuiabentley, I hope to work with utlemming in a few hours to deploy the real set of tools and mirrors to streams.canonical.com. I think it is realistic to say by our mid-afternoon, we will see production and code ready for the release.14:10
abentleysinzui: tests running.14:18
sinzuiwith my new script?14:18
sinzuijam, hazmat, I have an agreement/plan to fix Lp's listing of releases on +downloads. I will propose a fix later this week.14:21
hazmatsinzui, cool14:21
abentleysinzui: I didn't update the script.14:26
hazmatsinzui, is manual provisioning on the automated tests?14:33
sinzuino, net yet hazmat14:33
hazmatsinzui, there was a regression on trunk for it recently.14:33
sinzuihazmat, bug that I can track?14:33
hazmatsinzui, https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/125464214:33
_mup_Bug #1254642: manual provider configures API Info with state server addresses <juju-core:Triaged by axwalk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1254642>14:33
mgzI'm going to be variably around for the next while, working on ug 125457915:05
mrammhey all, can at least one of you join the new P1 conf call I am creating15:10
mrammsending out the details to everybody in email.15:10
rogpeppemgz: ping15:19
sinzuirogpeppe, mgz, fwereade can one of you give an opinion about Bug #1253576? As I do see relation errors all the time, I think the reporter didn't wait long enough to see the problem reported15:23
_mup_Bug #1253576: Juju does not show relation status <add-relation> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1253576>15:23
rogpeppesinzui: if the hook is hung, then there is no problem, as we currently conceive things anyway15:39
rogpeppesinzui: hooks are allowed to take as long as they like15:39
sinzuirogpeppe,  thank you. In this case then, the charm needs to verify its hooks respond properly15:40
rogpeppesinzui: you mean that it's a charm testing issue?15:41
sinzuirogpeppe, I don't think this is a juju issue15:41
rogpeppesinzui: agreed15:41
* sinzui moves bug15:41
* rogpeppe goes to grab a bite to eat15:42
fwereadesinzui, sorry, just commented, should have replied here, go distracted looking for another bug15:42
jamyay sinzui16:02
jammgz: how goes?16:05
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mattywrogpeppe, would you be free in 15 minutes?16:39
rogpeppemattyw: i could probably spare a little time, sure16:39
mattywrogpeppe, I'll try to not take up too much of your time :)16:39
mgzrogpeppe: how goes with landing your bits?18:01
rogpeppemgz: i might have been duplicating your work, i'm afraid18:01
rogpeppemgz: i couldn't contact you18:01
rogpeppemgz: so i went ahead and did the stuff to edit the config files etc18:02
mgzin a plugin command, right?18:02
rogpeppemgz: no, just as a standalone, but it could be a plugin18:02
mgzoh, okay, so not completely the same then18:03
rogpeppemgz: if i'd thought to do it as a plugin, i probably would have18:03
mgzI was assuming you'd be working on getting the machine listing working after putting a state server back online, so just have a lookup then ssh/sed replace/hup thing18:04
rogpeppemgz: this is what i've got currently: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6475020/18:04
rogpeppemgz: there's not an enormous amount more in terms of easily scripted stuff18:05
mgzokay, that's too bad18:05
rogpeppemgz: sorry, i tried to ping you, 'cos i thought we could pair on it18:06
mgzyeah, I had to leave internet-world unfortunately18:06
rogpeppemgz: i should get your mobile number :-)18:06
mgzthe other thing I wondered if it should be part of this command, or assumed to be done already, is the updating of provider-state18:07
rogpeppemgz: i'm not sure18:08
rogpeppemgz: in my mind that part of things isn't quite so fixed as to how we're going to do things18:09
jamsinzui: ping18:09
mgzrogpeppe: have you got anything up for actually correcting the address of the state server in state yet?18:10
rogpeppemgz: the addresser should do that automatically, shouldn't it18:10
mgzhm, yes, though leaving it to that I find a bit scary, because presumably everything will start up with the wrong details till the update happens... may not matter18:11
rogpeppemgz: it seemed to work when i tried it18:13
natefinchjam, fwereade: I have garage maas all set up, not sure if there's anything else I should be doing to help out?18:16
jamnatefinch: I think rogpeppe has set up some instructions, we should probably have you try them out18:16
natefinchjam: sure thing18:17
rogpeppejam: my instructions are somewhat different to the ones that dimiter was putting together18:17
rogpeppejam: but are less ec2-specific so maybe useful anyway18:17
natefinchjam, rogpeppe:  let's start this way - what version of juju should I be installing?18:18
rogpeppenatefinch: i used the latest 1.1618:18
rogpeppenatefinch: and a version with a patch to worker/provisioner18:18
jamrogpeppe, natefinch: certainly a 1.16 version. The question from ehw was about using 1.16.118:18
ehwjam: think I figured it out; shows up in the logs; not sure which jujud returns that version18:19
rogpeppenatefinch: i bootstrapped with the current 1.16... or whatever bootstrap found, anyway18:19
jamehw: no official version. the .0.1 means it wasn't an official release18:19
rogpeppeehw: that means you've used --upload-tools18:19
jamrogpeppe: which isn't *that* uncommon because of MaaS, people tend to do that instead of sync-tools, I think18:20
rogpeppejam: hmm18:20
mgzjam: they really shouldn't thoough18:20
jamrogpeppe: mgz: well, I agree, but lack of egress means we exposed a way through (a jujud right here, use it)18:20
mgzat the least, it's probably an old local copy, instead of our latest 1.16 relase18:20
ehwjam, rogpeppe looks like it was deployed with ` juju bootstrap -v --upload-tools `18:21
ehwalthough right before that, they did `juju sync-tools`, not sure why18:22
jamehw: did they try sync-tools but it failed because of lack of outbound network access?18:23
ehwjam: no error reported in the deployment doc; I'm going to add a comment to it and see18:24
sinzuihi jam18:42
sinzuimgz, ehw, rogpeppe: We never published a good document about collecting the tools and running sync-tools. I wrote a doc explaining how QA does it. We might use that doc as a base for official docs18:46
mgzsinzui: that sounds like a good idea18:46
rogpeppei'm going to have to leave soon18:48
rogpeppemgz: here's what i've got now FWIW - it does work, but feel free to discard http://paste.ubuntu.com/6475222/18:49
mgzrogpeppe: thatnks18:49
sinzuiWe haven't seen hp-cloud do a successful upgrade-juju since r2071. We might no care about this case since we will advise users not to upgrade envs and note that cli is incompatible with existing envs18:50
rogpeppeg'night all18:51
jamI'm off to bed myself, have a good night19:11
jamsinzui: I was just pinging you to help get an answer for e-hw and tools19:12
natefinchmgz: you around?20:32
mgznatefinch: yeah20:54
natefinchmgz: are the backup & restore steps in here ready to be tested, do you know? https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/17Ougx-wbiUP8xsGskESyUX_bEbZApvXHHYibMBzDD0Q/edit20:57
mgzdimiter said he tested them, yeah20:59
mgzI'm not sure it covers *everything*20:59
rick_h_sinzui: you guys have any experience with https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Promoted+Builds+Plugin or something like it?21:02
sinzui^ abentley21:02
abentleyrick_h_: No, but it might be something we'd use as we start to support per-environment testing.21:04
rick_h_abentley: k, thanks21:04
fwereadenatefinch, they should be -- the part that's not addressed is getting a backup of the full machine21:29
fwereadenatefinch, I'm afraid that part is down to whatever hackery matches your best guess21:29
fwereadenatefinch, "tar everything up and splat it over the new system" is inelegant but I think matches the reality pretty well21:30
natefinchfwereade: cool.  I'm waiting for garage maas to download all the ubuntu images.... it is distinctly slow.  something on the order of 20 minutes so far.21:31
natefinchfwereade: my previous virtual maas never completed setup somehow.  Not sure why, and red squad is all european based, so I had no one to ask.21:31
natefinchfwereade: so I started over21:31
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