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hatchmorning all13:31
hatchhttps://codereview.appspot.com/31190043/ need some reviews/qa :)13:39
hatchshhh don't everyone jump up at once14:01
rick_h_it looks hard :P14:02
hatchI installed mavericks this weekend14:03
hatchand it's a mess14:03
gary_posterhow so?  haven't seen any issues in casual & occasional usage14:03
hatchall of the fonts were bold and blurry14:03
hatchtook me a while to get all of the settings changed to make them look closer to normal14:04
hatchevery time my NAS goes to sleep syslogd and webdavfs_agent use 100% cpu14:04
hatchuntil I kill it14:04
hatch5GB of hd space went somewhere from before/after the update14:04
gary_posterfrankban, thank you for the great review.  you up for a follow-on review of the changes I made?  start is https://codereview.appspot.com/31290043/diff2/30001:40001/server/guiserver/auth.py?column_width=80 14:05
hatchthe silver lining is that I can actually use two monitors now....so small price to pay? haha14:05
gary_posterweird symptoms though14:06
frankbangary_poster: sure14:06
gary_posterthank you14:06
hatchyeah all of my issues appear to be happening with others too14:06
* hatch is reviewing huws branch14:08
frankbangary_poster: done and LGTMed :-)14:15
gary_posterfrankban, awesome thanks :-)14:15
hatchwhen python is used as a webserver, do people spin up x instances of the server where x == the # of cores on the machine and then load balance between them?14:15
hatchcool, I was doing some python vs node comparisons this weekend - they are pretty similar in their uses14:17
gary_posteryeah, makes sense14:18
hatchthere are some node concurrency libs but I coudln't really believe that they would be better at load balancing than a real balancer 14:18
rick_h_that stuff seems to be a case of people going "Well all I need is X and look at how fast it is"14:20
rick_h_then they hit "Well, what if one of them doesn't respond, how do I cut it out and reroute, and what if...and what if"14:20
rick_h_and then they've rewritten the real balancer14:21
hatchits funny cuz it's true14:21
benjifrankban: have you seen an error like this before? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6474019/14:23
frankbanbenji: no, trying locally14:24
gary_posterhatch, thanks for reviewing huw's branch.  you landing it for him too?14:28
gary_posterthank you14:29
hatchno problem14:30
hatchthe other part of my python vs node research is that node is 'faster' but untill ES6 starts to land python has some nicer features14:31
hatchso it's basically a toss up14:31
gary_posterexcept for lib comparison?14:32
rick_h_I'd say that's true of the base features of the language, but not true when you get into full ecosystem and library maturity. but ok...14:32
gary_posterwhere Python wins?14:32
hatchoh yeah the maturity if the ecosystem python wins hands down14:32
hatchit has like 15 years on node14:32
rick_h_well even a bit of a culture on testing and such as well. Unless it's gotten better the culture was a lot more 'wing-it' which sucked for db libaries and such14:33
rick_h_but anyway, glad you're peeking around14:33
benjifrankban: I think I figured it out; that message is a cryptic way of saying that it can't find the file name you gave it (which it does only after bootstrapping the environment to add the impression that it has something to do with juju)14:33
hatchyeah node is getting closer - but people still haven't found the best way to do some things14:33
hatchI think that's also an issue on the language not having some basic functionality14:34
rick_h_hatch: did you see the paypal node blog post friday?14:34
hatchhmm there was a new one?14:34
rick_h_hatch: yea, where they talked about their soon to open-source mega-express framework14:34
hatchohh nope did not see that one14:35
hatchit's not on their blog14:35
rick_h_think I saw it referenced on twitter, looking14:35
rick_h_oh sorry, paypal14:36
rick_h_yea, they had a blog post about kraken and such. It wasn't out yet14:36
hatchugh I hate hacker news14:36
hatchsorry for linking that14:36
hatch"directory layout is cool"14:37
hatchit's like the yahoo answers of the tech world14:37
hatchbut cool I'll have to look into this14:37
hatchalthough I'd be worried some of my paypal payments would get held for no reason if I used this.... :P14:38
benjifrankban: I take that back.  I don't know why it is doing that.14:44
frankbanbenji: uhm... ok, tests are running here. what command are you using to run the tests?14:45
benjifrankban: juju-test --timeout=120m -v -e ec2 --upload-tools tests/20-functional.test14:45
frankbanbenji: according to juju-test help, the test to execute must be relative to the tests/ directory14:48
benjifrankban: I've tried both 14:49
benjithis was my earlier attempt juju-test --timeout=120m -v -e ec2 --upload-tools 20-functional.test14:49
gary_posterbenji, +1 on filing bugs, and pursuing if necessary, but from a "get 'r' dun" perspective, is there a huge benefit to skipping the unit tests?  They run in seconds14:50
gary_posterthat skips 00-setup14:51
gary_postermaybe that's the point?14:51
gary_poster'cause that would normally be required14:51
benjigary_poster: I think you are assuming I know something that I don't actually know.  I'm trying to reproduce a bug using the given instructions (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6254966/)14:52
gary_posterbenji, ah, interesting.  frankban, if full test suite passes, is that pastebin something worth pursuing, given line 1?14:54
frankbanbenji: heh, I think the first line in that paste is not the actual command, but it's part of the output. 14:54
frankbanbenji, gary_poster : "make ftest JUJU_ENV=ec2" is the command we usually run for starting functional tests. so I believe that ambiguous juju-test message does not refer to the test file itself, but to the interpreter it requires (tests/.venv/bin/python)14:56
gary_posterthat makes sense14:57
gary_posterotherwise how would the tests even pass14:57
frankban(and that file is created by "make", "make ftest" etc...)14:57
gary_posterI mean start14:57
gary_postersince the setup dependencies were not there14:58
hatchstill no takers on my branch eh? It's not THAT bad :P https://codereview.appspot.com/31190043/15:05
rick_h_hatch: I'll peek in a bit. 15:06
hatchI'm already merging it into other branches....soooo yeah 15:06
hatchugh itunes won't play music from my NAS anymore...guess I know what I"m doing tonight...installing Ubuntu on metal 15:07
hatchalejandraobregon is luca in today? 15:26
hatchrick_h_ am I supposed to act on these PR tests?15:45
rick_h_hatch: not at all15:45
rick_h_hatch: unsubscribe for a bit or something. It's going to be noisy15:45
hatchI'm just wondering if I can send the canonical gh stuff to my canonical email instad of my personal one15:45
hatchwill have to look into that15:46
gary_posterjujugui call in 1015:50
hatchjujugui call now16:01
gary_posterbah thanks16:01
alejandraobregonhatch: hi! Luca is on holiday this week...16:08
hatchahh alright - I actually think I came up with a workaround so I don't think I need to change any design stuff yet 16:09
hatchif it turns out to not be the case I'll ping you :)16:09
gary_posterhatch, you ready for me to do follow-on review or should I wait for follow-up?17:05
hatchsorry I didn't see that rick_h_  had reviewd17:06
hatchgary_poster yeah you can do a follow-on nothing in here requires large changes17:08
gary_postercool, on it17:08
hatchgary_poster http://jsbin.com/uVepAdO/1/edit?html,css,js,output unit list header (click on it to view it when it's open)17:12
hatchinotherwords flexbox is awesome17:13
gary_posterhatch, :-) was playing with it.  very cool.  lemme play a bit more, 1 sec17:13
hatchrick_h_ your QA issue is the card I'm working on right now just FYI17:14
rick_h_hatch: k, figured but taking down my notes as I go17:14
rick_h_working on getting live env up now17:15
hatch:) cool17:15
hatchgary_poster there is an issue when the unit number gets larger bleeding into the description - but I"m sure I'm just missing an option or something17:16
gary_posterhatch, cool, yeah.  the other thing I was looking at was the odd indent of the second line but I see it was because of the space at the beginning of the description.  Once that is gone it is AOK.  Very cool17:17
gary_posterand the number has to be pretty big to have that behavior17:18
gary_posterbigger than we are likely to have to worry about17:18
hatchyeah true true17:18
gary_posterbut it would still be nice to address17:18
gary_poster.desc padding-left: 10px; is a hack that fixes the issue I was after17:20
hatchgary_poster http://jsbin.com/uVepAdO/2/edit?html,css,js,output at 20,000 it's still a-ok so using padding fixes it17:20
hatchhah :D17:20
hatchthis is so cool, where was flex box 5 years ago17:20
rick_h_hatch: ERROR cannot get latest charm revision: charm not found: cs:precise/failtester17:21
rick_h_hatch: nvm, I'm silly. it's not reviewed so can't use the short name17:22
hatchrick_h_ try cs:~hatch/precise/failtester17:22
rick_h_curse you copy/paste instructions that don't work and make me think17:22
hatchhaha sorry 17:22
rick_h_it's monday for goodness sake!17:22
hatchmy first cup of coffee was really...really bad 17:23
hatchdamn kcup quality control17:23
rick_h_kcup boooooo17:23
rick_h_curse of the coffee seas17:23
hatchlol - I want one of those things that'll grind and drip17:23
hatchmaybe for christmas17:23
hatchthe auto complete on google for 'grind' are a little disturbing17:25
gary_posterhatch, you have a "we should talk but tentatively LGTM" from me :-)17:38
hatch:D ok looking17:40
hatchrick_h_ I don't understand your comment ""upgrade service is not one of the category types allowed now correct?""17:47
rick_h_hatch: so the code there pulls a nested object17:47
rick_h_hatch: and it gets it from the list of category types, which are updated to be one of the 4, error, landscape, etc17:48
hatchohh that's only for 'unit'17:48
hatch'service' types are untouched17:48
rick_h_and the upgrade-server is a part of that ntested object for services17:48
jcastroheya hatch17:48
jcastrowhat's the word on the ghost charm?17:48
rick_h_ok, that's where I was wanting some clarificaiton, I wasn't seeing the service vs unit split/clarity17:48
hatchrick_h_ yeah that took me a bit to understand as well, Matt repurposed the d3 code to add that in17:48
rick_h_hatch: and the code didn't read in a way that it was clear that there wasn't just a missed series of changes17:48
hatchI think later we will probably separate it out17:48
hatchjcastro this weekend I updated the GH repo so that it passed proof17:49
hatchjcastro tonight/@lunch I'll push it to LP17:49
hatchjcastro I would like some help with the apache/haproxy interfaces though 17:50
hatchnot sure who to talk to about that17:50
jcastromarco is on holiday, the world is over.17:50
hatchrick_h_ can you think of a way to comment that which would clarify it?17:50
hatchit's kind of a single cog in a large machine heh17:50
rick_h_hatch: I just don't see how this works. You canged status.category to status.categoryType, surely in the case of a service calling categoryName there needs to be a change from status.category to status.categoryType? 17:53
rick_h_hatch: I just don't see how this can not change if it serves two masters. 17:53
hatch:) magic!17:54
hatchafter I finish commenting we can hangout17:54
rick_h_hatch: k17:54
rick_h_bah, and the other github plugin to jenkins blows up jenkins because the precise version is too old, wheeeee17:55
hatchgary_poster want to chat now?17:58
gary_posterhatch, sure.  finishing reading your notes17:58
hatchjoin whenever, rick_h_  feel free to join as well17:59
hatchjcastro you should update your video to lay the services out in the shape of a heart lol, its close already18:23
jcastrohatch, that should be in the bundle itself I think, heh18:24
jcastroa bundle easter egg18:24
hatchI REALLY want 'to' in bundles18:25
jcastroYou can add them by hand18:25
hatchwould be awesome for a ghost bundle18:25
jcastrojust go into the yaml18:25
jcastroand do18:25
jcastroto:0 under the services18:25
hatchoh very cool18:26
hatchhow did I not know that :)18:26
jcastroit didn't work until just recently18:26
jcastrobut hazmat fixed the bug18:26
jcastrohazmat, the latest juju-deployer in the PPA is from 3 October though18:27
jcastrohazmat, should I ping someone to update that?18:27
jcastrohatch, in the meantime  to: '0' works18:28
hatchcool - now once I get some help on apache/haproxy there could be some very cool bundles18:28
hatchI'm sure I could figure it out myself but who has the time! ;)18:28
gary_poster$ bzt diff | wc -l18:32
gary_posteruh oh18:32
hatchI've had a couple of those18:33
hatchjujugui apress is having a sale next Monday, all ebooks $15 just FYI18:35
gary_postercool.  similarly, pragprog.com is 50% off with couplon turkey201318:36
gary_posterbetween now and next Monday18:37
hatchis that a real site? :)18:38
hatchno worky18:39
gary_posterhttp://pragprog.com/ ?18:39
hatchoh there it goes18:39
hatchbroken internets18:39
rick_h_the tubes are freezing up due to the cold :P18:46
hatchhaha it's not even cold right now - I was carrying drywall out to the trailer this weekend in my bare feet18:46
* hatch is renovating his bathroom18:47
hatchgary_poster some cool books here thx - because I didn't have enough to read....hah18:48
gary_posterhatch I know the feeling :-)18:48
* hatch is lunching19:03
rick_h_hatch: http://r.bmark.us/u/9c050ffb1e690c19:18
rick_h_jujugui anyone seen where machines fail to come up with the only log the machine.log not able to communicate to the state server?19:34
rick_h_that's on a real ec2 env fyi19:34
gary_posternot I19:34
hatchrick_h_ is that bookie?20:01
rick_h_hatch: just r.bmark.us, some code to come out of bookie/breadability, etc20:02
hatchway faster than the original page, but unfortunately missing the image 20:03
rick_h_hatch: so it's a small heroku service to just do readable parsing/caching in redis20:03
hatchthe image in the middle of the article I mean20:03
rick_h_hatch: ah, yea. Missed that. 20:04
hatchI clicked through because the copy didn't really make sense without it heh20:04
hatchDo you manage the code which does the scraping?20:04
hatchor is that another lib20:05
rick_h_yea, it's a port of readability js https://github.com/mitechie/breadability20:05
hatchahh cool20:05
hatchlooks like there is an issue :)20:06
rick_h_yea, there's a few 20:06
rick_h_it's tough to get right, needs more <320:06
hatchI'd imagine the scraping is very difficult20:06
hatchrick_h_ but re that article - When I bought my phone I thought the first thing i'd do is install raw android - but after the 4.3 update I actually like sense heh20:09
hatchI love how IE10 uses totally different strings for it's flexbox stuff20:41
hatch-ms-flex-align vs align-content20:42
hatchjujugui anyone still around who has an IE vm?20:54
gary_posterhatch, I do.  what do you need20:54
* gary_poster fires up20:54
benjiI refuse to answer that question on the basis that it might distract my from finishing this darn branch.20:54
hatchgary_poster just proposing the unit header branch now, and it needs a QA In ie :)20:54
hatchbenji haha20:54
gary_poster:-) k20:55
hatchI feel sorry for people who have to support old ie20:55
hatchgary_poster https://codereview.appspot.com/32260044/ thanks21:00
hatchgary_poster just added some reviewer notes21:02
hatchjcastro hey is the charm school thing available to anyone? even outside the company?21:05
gary_posterhatch we expect IE behavior to be different--chevron goes to next line?21:10
hatchgary_poster yes - but I wasn't able to get anything to require being truncated in IE locally21:11
gary_posterLandscape does21:11
gary_posterfor me21:11
hatchyeah that's still under the max length here :/21:11
hatchmaybe I can zoom in21:12
hatchbut yes IE 'should' wrap because of it's wako support of flexbox21:12
gary_posterlooks great on chrome and ff21:12
gary_posterand ok on ie21:12
gary_poster==win! under the circumstances :-)21:13
hatchI'm hoping on IE11 it 'just works' 21:13
gary_posterWe all hafta dream21:13
gary_posterhatch, LGTM with trivial and QA OK.  Very cool!  Thank you.21:14
hatchgreat thanks21:15
hatchonly one more card now until I can work on the scaling issues21:19
hatchthat took longer than expected hah21:20
jcastrohatch, yep, as long as it's more than one dude we'll charm school anybody21:22
hatchjcastro cool I'll send an email to a couple guys I know who might be interested21:23
hatchgreat idea btw21:23
hatchjcastro I'm wondering if someone should put together a blog post that compares/contrasts docker/juju21:42
hatchit seems that a lot of people don't understand the difference21:42
hatchhehe http://kotaku.com/xbox-one-has-the-best-error-messages-147138175121:46
hatchrick_h_ I can't even come up with a non 'wtf' reply to your link+dm issue lol21:56
hatchmorning huwshimi 21:58
gary_posterhey huwshimi.  nice animations. :-)21:58
huwshimigary_poster: Hey! Thanks :)21:59
rick_h_hatch: :P22:00
rick_h_hatch: welcome to twitter in 201322:00
hatch"let them eat cake! Take away their forks!"22:00
rick_h_I love you're like "what is this issue that everyone's been whining about for months"22:00
hatchlol proof I don't use twitter enough22:00
hatchseriously though that company is so stupid22:01
hatcheverything with them is huge knee jerk reactions22:02
hatchget what you pay for? 22:04
hatchhuwshimi did you have a chance to go through the changes to the dropdown code? Did it make sense?22:04
huwshimihatch: I did. Thanks so much for doing that refactor!22:05
hatchhaha np, there was a lot of discussion around it lol22:05
huwshimihatch: I hope things weren't too painful with what I'd already written.22:06
hatchoh no not at all22:06
hatchthere really wasn't anything 'wrong' with what you had22:06
hatchhuwshimi today I added some flexbox stuff to the inspector that you might be interested in https://codereview.appspot.com/32260044 (or to tell me I did it totally stupidly) :D22:10
huwshimihatch: Nice!22:11
hatchmy first real foray into flexbox - it's really awesome22:12
* gary_poster has authtoken working in GUI, with a bit more polish than intended.22:15
gary_posterThe UX as I envisioned it was a bit too opaque22:15
gary_posternow I need to add tests for the changes I made and can propose22:15
hatchdarn tests22:15
gary_posterall the stuff before was tested.  It's only the "oops, I wouldn't want to use that myself; what now?" stuff. :-)22:16
gary_posterand, sadly, local environments still don't work on my desktop22:17
gary_posterI better get my ec2 reimbursement together22:17
gary_posterbefore Dec 522:17
hatchwhat's wrong with the local stuff?22:17
gary_posterit's never worked on my desktop.  asked for help; Tim et al didn't know. :-/22:17
hatchis Dec 5 the '1 year of ec2 expenses' deadline? lol22:17
gary_posterworks on my laptop22:17
gary_posterI think 5 days after the month is the deadline to get it in the next months paycheck22:18
gary_posterso Dec 5 for Dec paycheck, Jan 5 for Jan paycheck, and so on22:18
hatchhuwshimi I have come across a bug with your animation code....but I don't know how to reproduce it22:44
hatchit appears.....that if I load the gui then switch away to another tab, when I come back after it's fully loaded, the sidebar hasn't animated out22:44
huwshimihatch: hmmm...22:47
hatchI'm filing a bug now, I was able to reproduce it22:47
huwshimihatch: Which browser?22:48
_mup_Bug #1254903: Sidebar does not open if GUI is loaded in the background <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1254903>22:49
hatchit's probably low priority but I figure it might be fresh in your head to do now (if you have time of course)22:49
huwshimihatch: I can't reproduce it here :(22:51
hatchmaybe it's an OSX Chrome bug22:51
hatchI'm in OSX right now..22:51
hatchI'll fire up my laptop22:51
hatchif it's osx only then maybe it's hyper low22:51
gary_poster:-/ still not great22:52
gary_posterthough this particular bug isn't too bad.  hatch if you click on the tab then can you get out of the hosed state?22:52
hatchyep, it just acts like it's /minimized but the tab is grey not orange22:53
hatchI can reproduce on Ubuntu 12.10 Chrome 30.022:55
hatchjust added that to the bug...22:56
hatchoh wait22:56
gary_postermaybe back later22:57
gary_posterhave a good night22:57
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away
hatchyou too22:57
hatchhuwshimi I just updated the bug22:57
hatchit doesn't actually act normal22:57
hatchit 'thinks' it's open22:57
hatchso clicking it 'closes it' heh22:57
huwshimihatch: Oh, so is it a state bug that is being made obvious by the animation?22:58
hatchwell no the url shows that it should be open22:58
hatchthen clicking it changes the url to /minimized22:59
hatchwhich changes the tab to orange but stays closed22:59
hatchthen clicking it again triggers the animation22:59
hatchhuwshimi it open happens in chrome23:00
hatchso I'm guessing it's a chrome bug23:00
huwshimihatch: Right, but it might not be updating a class or something...23:00
rick_h_hatch: which bug is this?23:01
huwshimior maybe clicking it changes the state so that it starts working again23:01
_mup_Bug #1254903: Sidebar does not open if GUI is loaded in the background <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1254903>23:01
rick_h_hatch: oh hmm, hey did we make sure we can skip animations for tests or anything?23:01
rick_h_I know it's a bit late in the game now, but I'm a bit nervous that there's some awesome side effects of this that we'll 'discover'23:02
huwshimirick_h_: I'd be interested to see if you can reproduce that bug... I can't here.23:02
huwshimirick_h_: It's just change positions of elements. I'm not sure if it could break a test23:03
hatchhuwshimi what class should I be looking for when it's minimized?23:03
huwshimihatch: The tab should have a parent of #subapp-browser-min23:04
huwshimihatch: Otherwise the parent should be #subapp-browser23:04
huwshimior grandparent or something up the chain23:04
hatchok well both are in the DOM 23:04
hatchmin shows hidden="true"23:05
hatchand subapp-browser doesn't have that23:05
hatchwhen I click again, the hidden="true" moves to the subapp-browser23:05
hatchI can demo it in a hangout if you like23:05
huwshimihatch: No that makes sense. So it's doing the correct thing, it's probably the animation then.23:06
hatchI wonder how hard it would be to create a repro to see if this is indeed a chrome bug23:06
huwshimihatch: So it's starting on the first keyframe but not animating to the second by the sounds of things...23:06
hatchI can demo if you like23:06
rick_h_hatch: huwshimi can't dupe here. 23:07
hatchhmm, and I could dupe on two computers23:07
huwshimirick_h_: Could it be something like this: http://blog.wercker.com/2013/10/02/Chrome-css-animation.html23:07
huwshimioops, hatch: ^23:07
huwshimirick_h_: Yeah, I think we should just blame hatch23:08
hatchlol incoming call23:08
huwshimihatch: "That last one was especially annoying since it turned out it was when wercker was not running in the foreground. Focussing on the wercker tab would cause the CPU load to drop to a normal level."23:09
hatchhmm that one didn't work23:09
huwshimihatch: You'll have to use my canonical account23:09
hatch^ huwshimi 23:10
huwshimihatch: Oh, have to install a plugin23:10
huwshimione sec23:10
hatchhaha oh right, first time23:10
rick_h_tried cache clearing as well without luck23:11
hatchfeel free to join the demo call23:11
rick_h_sorry, dinner with the boy right now so not available23:12
rick_h_just wanted to make sure we weren't blaming browser.js :P23:12
hatchhaha maybe we ARE!23:25
huwshimiGonna mark this bug as "invalid: only reproducible within hatch's house"23:26

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