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freeflyingwhy I specify auth_url in environment.yam as http, but juju boostrap still tries to connect to the url over ssl07:18
freeflyingis it a feature of juju to force use ssl07:18
freeflyingprovider is openstack07:19
davecheneyfreeflying: force juju to use or not use ssl ?07:35
freeflyingdavecheney, I wanna use normal http, but it was forced t connect to https, even I have it configured as http://07:36
davecheneyfreeflying: sorry, we only support ssl urls07:37
freeflyingdavecheney, ok, that explain, thanks for clarifying07:38
davecheneyfreeflying: we do support self signed certificates07:38
davecheneyif that helps07:39
freeflyingdavecheney, not sure07:41
freeflyingdavecheney, I think default keystone charm doesn't provide such thing07:43
ashipikahi all.. manual provisioning... when i bootstrap a host and look at /var/log/juju/machine-0.log i see the following repeating over and over:08:18
ashipikaworker: start "lxc-provisioner"08:18
ashipikaworker: exited "lxc-provisioner": no state mserver machies with addresses found08:18
ashipikaworker: restarting "lxc-provisioner" in 3s08:18
axwashipika: are you using the null provider?08:19
ashipikayes (manual provisioning)08:19
axwashipika: sorry, it may sound like a dumb question - there are two parts to manual provisioning (one of which isn't supported). but you're not using htat, so it's ok08:20
axwwhich version of juju?08:20
ashipikaaxw: sorry.. total beginner with juju. love the idea so i try to follow the documentation for null provider.. i really do appreciate all the help08:21
axwashipika: no worries, just wanted to make sure I understand what you're doing08:22
axwashipika: would you mind pastebinning your log file? is it small enough?08:22
ashipikaaxw: sure.. you want the machine-0.log or something else?08:23
axwyes, machine-0.log please08:23
ashipikaaxw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472787/08:24
ashipikaaxw: just a stray thought.. during boostrap i saw some problems with locale (python warnings)... which i believe is due to ssh-ing into a host..08:26
ashipikaaxw: sorry soorry.. perl waring.. where is my head today..08:26
ashipikaperl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").08:27
axwI don't think that's a problem08:27
axwashipika: dumb question- have you done a "juju status"?08:28
ashipikaenvironment: "null"08:28
ashipika  "0":08:28
ashipika    agent-state: started08:28
ashipika    agent-version:
ashipika    dns-name: ubuntu.d.xlab.lan.08:28
ashipika    instance-id: 'manual:'08:28
ashipika    series: precise08:28
ashipika    hardware: arch=amd64 cpu-cores=1 mem=987M08:28
ashipikaservices: {}08:28
axwhad you done that before you pasted the log?08:29
axwI ask because the act of doing "juju status" finalises the bootstrap process08:29
ashipikaoh.. no. i have not..08:29
axwtake a look at the log file now, it should have stopped logging that error08:30
axwyikes, what is going on there08:30
ashipikalxc-ls missing executalbe08:31
axwnot sure why it wants it08:31
ashipikashould i destroy the environment and try boostraping again with a new VM? just to see if i can reproduce the issue?08:31
axwashipika: there are some changes going on that will make this problem go away, but I suspect you could just "apt-get install lxc" on that maachine for now to make it be quiet08:31
ashipikaaxw: installing...08:32
axwashipika: I think it's just a matter of the manual provider not installing lxc (it shouldn't need to, but there's a bug there that will be fixed soon)08:32
ashipikaaxw: yaay! Starting up provisioner task machine-008:33
axwcool :)08:34
ashipikaaxw: now on to new frontiers.. adding new machines :)08:34
axwgood luck!08:34
ashipikaaxw: oh.. stuck on an issue that the bootstrapped host needs a hostname that can be resolved in the DNS08:37
ashipikaall i have are IPs08:37
ashipikadialing "wss://ubuntu.d.xlab.lan.:17070/08:38
axwashipika: we'll probably want a bug for that one08:40
axwfor now you'll probably have to hack /etc/hosts :(08:40
ashipikais that a know bug?08:41
ashipikai'm ok hacking /etc/hosts for now..08:41
axwashipika: we don't have anything in for it at the moment. there's a vaguely similar one in that the CLI attempts to connect to the reverse lookup of bootstrap-host08:41
axwwhich can fail for various reasons08:42
* ashipika does a little jig: Provisioned machine 108:53
axwwoohoo :)08:53
ashipikaaxw: trying to deploy juju-gui..  in status i get: agent-state-info: 'hook failed: "start"'08:58
axwashipika: pastebin machine-1.log please?08:58
ashipikai see the error already.. :) again.. wss://ubuntu.d.xlab.lan... need a bit more /etc/hosts magic08:59
freeflyingashipika, I'd rather you can set up a local dns server09:00
ashipikafreeflying.. roger that... will restart everything from scratch.. maybe a good idea to put this into the documentation..09:01
freeflyingashipika, and use ddns to update your dns record09:02
axwI'll raise a bug and we will either document a requirement or change it to not require DNS09:03
freeflyingaxw, dnsmasq worked with local provider to resolve dns name I remember09:07
ashipikaaxw: removed everything from the bootstrapped host..09:17
ashipikatried bootstrapping again.. now i am again on : restarting "lxc-provisioner" in 3s09:17
axwashipika: did you do juju status again?09:17
* ashipika stupid09:18
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ashipikadns working.. but when i provision another machine i get:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472942/09:20
ashipikathe xmaas-1.d.xlab.lan is resolvable via dns09:21
axwany errors in machine-0.log?09:22
ashipikalast log message on machine-0: juju.provisioner provisioner_taks.go:243 machine 1 already started as instance "manual:xmaas-2.d.xlab.lan"09:22
ashipikasda1: WRITE SAME failed. Manually zeroing..09:22
ashipikaoh.. and just before these two lines: WARNING juju.worker.addressupdater updater.go:219 cannot get addresses for instance "manual:xmaas-2.d.xlab.lan": no instance found09:23
ashipikaand juju status says: status missing for the machine-109:25
axwhold on... 37017... that's the mongo port09:28
axwI think someone broke the code. how was it working for you before though? are you working off the source tree?09:28
axwashipika: ^^09:29
ashipikago get -v launchpad.net/juju-core/...09:29
axwI see09:29
ashipikago install -v launchpad.net/juju-core/...09:29
axwok, just a moment - you're going to have to patch a file manually I'm afraid09:29
ashipikasure :)09:29
axwashipika: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~go-bot/juju-core/trunk/view/head:/environs/manual/provisioner.go#L18509:31
axwplease locate that on disk, and modify StateAddrs to be APIAddrs09:31
axw(only on that line)09:31
ashipikaon which host?09:32
axwashipika: on whichever host you built juju on09:33
axwafterwards, you'll have to rebuild juju and rebootstrap09:33
ashipikaL185: Addrs:    configParameters.APIAddrs,09:34
axwlet me just confirm before I waste your time09:34
axwashipika: yes that is correct09:34
ashipikaaxw: you're not wasting my time.. you're helping.. thnx!09:34
axwno problems09:34
axwmanual provisioning is my baby ;)09:35
axwan ugly baby, but my baby nonetheless09:35
ashipikadamn.. still the same error.. maybe i did not rebuild the entire juju.. how do i clean the previous installation?09:44
ashipikaok.. have to go to a meeting.. be back in 20m09:44
axwashipika: "go get -v launchpad.net/juju-core/..." is all you should need to do. make sure your target env is totally clean before reattempting. I may not be here in 20m, but I'll be back online at the same time tomorrow09:45
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ashipikaaxw: reinstalled, re-bootstrapped10:21
ashipikastill: machine-1 -> juju status: instance-state: missing10:23
ashipikatried deploy of mongodb to machine-1: 'hook failed: "install"'10:24
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davecheneyashipika: juju ssh 110:40
davecheneyless /var/log/juju/unit-*10:40
ashipikaah, sorry.. destroye my environment.. reinstalling VMs, retrying from 010:49
aktauHey guys!10:53
aktauLooking to parse some YAML in go with your goyaml package10:53
aktauSo to be flexible I unpack a yaml file into a map[string]interface{}10:54
aktauBut it appears goyaml decides to unpack hashes into map[interface{}]interface{}10:54
aktauWhich makes me unable to marshal it to JSON10:54
aktauWhat would you guys recommend for me to get around this?10:55
ashipikadavecheney: on mongodb deploy -> HOOK ImportError: No module named yaml11:10
ashipikadavecheney: HOOK File: /var/lib/juju/agents/unit-mongodb-0/charm/hooks/install11:11
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jcastrosinzui, thanks for putting that OSX bash completion in the release, that's classy!14:21
sinzuijcastro, np, I was desperate to get some code landed in anyone's project to raise my self-esteem14:22
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bloodearnesthey all. I hitting an issue about with lxc provider about git not being installed. I think I had this problem some time ago, and it turned out to be by ISP returning matches for invalid DNS16:01
bloodearnestsomething in juju I think looks for a particular DNS and some point in container start up? And does something if it's not found?16:02
marcoceppibloodearnest: this might also have to do with an apt proxy16:07
marcoceppido you have a proxy set up for your machine's apt?16:08
bloodearnestmarcoceppi: hmm so I do16:09
* bloodearnest has no memory of this place16:09
marcoceppibloodearnest: if your proxy on your machine is set up to read from or another address16:09
marcoceppithat address needs to be reachable in the containers16:09
marcoceppiif it's not, apt will fail and git won't install16:09
marcoceppithe local provider automatically inherits your proxy settings from the host machine16:10
marcoceppiif you isntall squid-deb-proxy or another package, it may have automatically created the rules for you bloodearnest16:10
marcoceppieither way, either update the rules so that lxc can use them or remove them and re-bootstrap16:10
bloodearnestmarcoceppi: does lxc provider still require an apt proxy?16:11
marcoceppiit doesnt' require a proxy at all16:11
marcoceppibloodearnest: it will simply re-use the one on your host machine, as most host machines with a proxy often have it because they can't access the archives directly16:11
marcoceppiso if you have a caching service set up on your host machine, the rule is usually, that won't work inside LXC16:11
* bloodearnest nukes apr-cacher-ng from obrit16:12
marcoceppino proxy is required, it's just a feature that exists in juju, where the local provider will inherit those settings16:12
marcoceppijcastro: we should probably document that caveat on the local provider page16:12
jcastroI am using a proxy and I don't have that issue16:13
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marcoceppijcastro: depends n on the address for the proxy16:23
stubWhich reminds me, I need to tune apt-cacher-ng to be more aggressive. apt is still the slowest part of spawning new lxc instances.16:24
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bloodearnestmarcoceppi: ok, so I removed apt-cacher-ng altogther, but still get this problem16:28
bloodearnestmarcoceppi: I think it's probably related to my crappy ISP rerouting DNS16:29
bloodearnestmarcoceppi: hm, so I can resolve archive.ubuntu.com from inside the container16:35
bloodearnestah, it was a canonical vpn issue, it seems16:38
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bloodearnestunrelated question - juju-core doesn't like deploying from local symlinks (pyjuju was ok with that). Is there a workaround for this?16:45
jcastroevilnickveitch, bundle doc MP incoming from me!17:09
jcastrobloodearnest, ok so you have charms in a directory somewhere17:41
jcastroand you have those symlinked?17:41
bloodearnestjcastro: yeah, the specific case a mini test repository for a charm17:42
jcastrohuh I didn't even know we supported that in the first case17:42
jcastrocan you file a bug on it on juju-core?17:42
bloodearnestjcastro: can do17:43
jcastroI am not sure if we supported symlinks on purpose or by accident, heh17:43
bloodearnestjcastro: it may be a security feature - I get a message like 'ERROR cannot bundle charm: symlink "." links out of charm: ".." '17:44
bloodearnestyeah, we used to use it for testing/dev with pyjuju, with gojuju we've have to moved to developing out of a 'precise' parent dir17:45
bloodearnestwhich is cumbersome17:45
bloodearnestjcastro: it's particularly useful when developing a subordinate charm, as you have to have a real charm as well in order to test it at all17:46
jcastrowell, you had me at "we use it", so if it's useful for you then I figure might as well file it17:46
bloodearnestso you can have both your subordinate and a dummy test charm in a local repository17:47
jcastroI don't like forcing it to have series in the path anyway. *shakes fist*17:47
jcastrojuju deploy <any directory and who cares about the the structure>17:47
bloodearnestjcastro: +100017:50
bloodearnestjcastro: so I think it may be related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/112931917:52
_mup_Bug #1129319: Local charm deployment not working if symlinks are used <juju-core:Fix Released by fwereade> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1129319>17:52
jcastrohey so I guess we can just reopen this17:53
jcastrowhat version of juju core are you on?17:53
bloodearnestjcastro: 1.16.3-saucy-amd6417:54
jcastrook, leave a comment there and I'll reopen it!17:54
bloodearnestjcastro: will do thanks17:55
evilnickveitchjcastro, ok, i fixed it, should go live in 30 minutes18:00
jcastroevilnickveitch, heh, what was wrong with it?18:00
evilnickveitchjcastro, it was quite a good effort for you! I just rewrote some bits in English18:00
* jcastro claps slowly18:01
evilnickveitchjcastro, i liked the video, but i kept thinking you were going to go "ta dah!" at some point18:02
jcastroI was going to make it an animated gif18:02
jcastrobut the results were crappy18:02
jcastroI had intended it to not have audio at all18:02
evilnickveitchthere will be no GIFs in the docs!18:03
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zradmindoes anyone know if the havana release of openstack moved neutron into the nova-ccc charm instead of it being in the quantum gateway charm?23:01
negronjlzradmin, still the quantum-gateway charm23:37
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