ScottKyofel: It also had a directory in there called '17'.  Is that normal?00:00
shadeslayerScottK: in the plugins?00:05
yofelin the lib package - I'm not sure whether it should be there, it's created by debian rules and I think came from debian00:06
yofellet me check whether they still have that00:06
yofelthey do00:06
yofelshadeslayer: I'll try to test tomorrow00:13
valorieRiddell: added my phone #, thanks00:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://pastebin.kde.org/pfhri07qd#line-51600:23
shadeslayerthoughts on that?00:23
shadeslayerpasses over here http://build.kde.org/view/KDE%20SC%20stable/job/kdelibs_stable/929/consoleText00:24
shadeslayerwhen you add a new panel ^^00:27
ScottKMaybe it's OK then.01:07
lordievaderGood morning.07:15
soeegood morning07:40
lordievaderHey soee, how are you?07:41
soeehi lordievader, excited :) finally snow today here in Poland 07:42
lordievadersoee: Snow, wow. Lucky you, I hope for a white Christmas, but so far no snow.07:42
soeewill come :)07:43
jussisoee: we don't even have snow in helsinki yet...08:48
yofelScottK: wrt marble: http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-kde/kde-sc/kdeedu.git;a=commitdiff;h=5f44d4090756de0e258e9aeee26030bf3956197909:11
* yofel dropped the cmake policy patch from kdelibs09:16
yofelI didn't make that backportable so it's not worth it09:16
cortexA9i tried the daily09:24
cortexA9some issues with wifi.09:24
cortexA9connection deactivated.09:25
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apacheloggerewww, snow10:35
soeeweee! :)\10:39
apacheloggerovidiu-florin: box sets are not particularly cheap to produce in small amount10:52
apacheloggeralso very hard to sell without having them in an actual consumer store ;)10:53
apacheloggerwe need more top posting n the mailing list11:17
apacheloggerI am not annoyed enough by it11:17
soeeksquares failed to build for saucy :|11:46
apacheloggeryofel: ping11:49
apacheloggerRiddell, shadeslayer: https://trello.com/c/mjkKUZHs what's that about?11:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: Riddell I mentioned it atleast 3 times when explaining driver manager -.- , qapt-batch will get a new flag called --plasma , which will cause it to show update / installation progress via the notification area ( just like the copy notification )12:29
apacheloggerwasn't in during driver manager :P12:30
apacheloggerstill makes no sense btw12:31
jussiapachelogger: why does it ake no sense? (I seem yo ask you why an awful lot)12:31
apacheloggersomething went wrong with them words there :P12:33
apacheloggerargh, polkit is impossible to debug12:34
apacheloggerit makes no sense because if one calls qapt-batch that invocation is not contextually bound to plasma12:34
apacheloggeri.e. the desktop12:34
jussiapachelogger: but it will be a flag, that is only enabled for items called from that desktop? or did I miss something? 12:35
apacheloggerI dunno the use case because no one ever tells me the use case12:36
ovidiu-florinhello world12:36
jussiapachelogger: !!!! http://media.fukung.net/imgs/325392234308099338full.jpg12:37
apacheloggerhey ovidiu-florin12:37
ovidiu-florinGuys, if there is a way to give some credit to the original author of the code that made the Kubuntu Romania download page: https://plus.google.com/+ZetCoby that would be great. His name is Cosmin Seviciu.12:38
shadeslayerapachelogger: the idea was that once the user hits "Apply" in driver-manager, the installation progress is reported via plasma12:38
apacheloggersee my remarks about context12:38
shadeslayerso how does the restart notification tie into the context 12:39
apacheloggeralso IMO driver-manager doesn't want to use qapt-batch but libqapt directly for integration reasons12:39
apacheloggershadeslayer: it doesn't have a context, it's your desktop telling you that your desktop needs a reboot12:39
shadeslayercan you explain a bit more regarding the integration reasons?12:40
apacheloggerwhat you want is a progress bar inside the driver-manager12:41
shadeslayerand do you have a better way to do it>12:41
apacheloggerbecause as I have stated numerous times the driver manager is not an installer, it's a manager12:41
apacheloggerthe management task is comprised of an installation task (qapt) and a configuration task (driver-manager-common)12:41
apacheloggerso progress of the management task is 0->75% =qapt installing the package and 76-100% configuration (e.g. modprobe setup etc.)12:42
apacheloggeriff however the package is already installed we have 0-100% configuration 12:42
apacheloggerthat's why you don't want a plasma notification, why you don't want qapt and why you want a progress bar inside the app itself12:44
apacheloggershort of having a progressbar that actually represents what is going on you might as well just put a spinning circle indicator there and be done with it12:45
shadeslayerexcept that libqapt doesn't offer python bindings12:46
apacheloggerexcep they can be created, or the driver-manager gets implemented in cpp and uses cpython to use driver-manager-common12:48
ovidiu-florinjussi: how long does the blog post need to be?12:54
shadeslayerI don't think there's a minimum limit :P12:54
apachelogger1200 words12:57
apacheloggermaximum 30k12:57
apacheloggerif you hit the maximum you'll need to start writing a book12:57
jussiovidiu-florin: should be something about the event. 12:59
jussino limits! :P12:59
jussi(although Id advise against "I was at munich this weekend" :P )13:00
ovidiu-florinI'm at work now, but I'll try to come up with something creative.13:00
ovidiu-florinjussi: regarding the migration to wordpress13:00
jussiovidiu-florin: talk to tsimpson13:01
ovidiu-florinI think there's a way to have translations for articles. so there is no need to have a separate site to have the content in a different language.13:01
ovidiu-florinjust a subdomain, or a url change13:02
ovidiu-florintsimpson: ^13:02
apacheloggeranimated gifs are weird I say13:02
agateauapachelogger: awesome!13:03
tsimpsonovidiu-florin: what way is that?13:03
agateauapachelogger: next step: making it distro-agnostic13:03
jussiagateau: Hows things?13:04
ovidiu-florintsimpson: http://www.hermesthemes.com/how-to-make-wordpress-website-multilingual/ and http://wordpress.org/plugins/multilingual-press/13:04
agateaujussi: about to melt my laptop with a webkit build, other than that everything is fine13:04
ovidiu-florinthere are a few out there13:05
jussiagateau: :D13:05
ovidiu-florinI'll make some tests on my blog13:05
agateaujussi: I saw the pictures of the Jussi family at the sprint, looks like Kubuntu is a family operation now :)13:05
jussiagateau: yeah, something like that. why werent you there? 13:05
agateaujussi: I was at Akademy-fr13:05
jussiagateau: not acceptable excuse :P13:05
apacheloggeragateau: making something scalable agnostic to install foo has been on my todo since 2007 or so :S13:06
agateaujussi: it will have to do :)13:06
agateauapachelogger: good, it's about to happen then ;)13:06
ovidiu-florinapachelogger: when will that gwenview thingy become available?13:07
apacheloggerjust so non trivial13:07
ovidiu-florinin 14.0413:07
apacheloggeragateau: I am beginnning to think that maybe it shoudl be done on a per-application basis anyway13:07
apacheloggerpackage management is just so vastly different in the no-so-major distros13:07
apacheloggeror even binary vs. gentoo13:07
apacheloggerovidiu-florin: yeah13:07
shadeslayerapachelogger: can you plz look at bug 118278413:07
ubottubug 1182784 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Install with German / Swiss Keyboard fails: "ubi-console-setup failed with exit code 141" or "Installer Crashed"" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118278413:08
shadeslayerI for one cannot reproduce it13:08
agateauapachelogger: I was thinking of something done this way actually. Adding hooks in the upstream code so distro can provide their part13:08
apacheloggershadeslayer: - The installation with Swiss-German Layout works if the installation language is English and not German.13:08
apacheloggershadeslayer: and on that note maybe try f6 on the boot manager thingy to switch to german from there13:08
apacheloggersince I noticed that ubiquity is getting confused13:08
agateauapachelogger: preferably by forking binaries to reduce changes of introducing crashes13:09
shadeslayerI did try it out with German, but did not test with german from syslinux13:09
apacheloggeragateau: that's how gstreamer does it13:09
apacheloggerthat's hard to facility from a framework POV though13:09
apacheloggerthing also is... from a distro POV having 30000 binaries to handle stuff for 30000 apps is also not nice13:10
apacheloggerso you need some sort of consolidated handling/interface to enable one binary to rule them all13:11
apacheloggerit's all very fugly I say13:11
agateauapachelogger: you are free to reuse the same binary as far as I am concerned :)13:11
apacheloggersure, if there is one interface13:11
apacheloggeranyway due to complexity the task rates like super low13:12
ovidiu-florintsimpson: is the transition planed yet? or it's just in the research phase?13:12
apacheloggerat some point someone will have to do the requirements engineering on that tho13:12
apacheloggeror we just all start using deb13:12
apacheloggerthat'd be the other solution :P13:12
agateauapachelogger: if gwenview had a way to say if (no plugins) { binary = config.group("Installer").readString("kipiinstaller"); kprocess(binary); } I would be fine13:13
agateauworks for me :)13:13
agateaubut good luck with that!13:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 1247597 in rekonq (Ubuntu) "rekonq singing whole root to the internet" [Wishlist,Triaged]13:19
apacheloggeragateau: as I said, that works for specifics it doesnt' scale though13:20
apacheloggere.g. for multimedia you want to install a capabiility {codec, demuxer, encoder...}13:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: fyi no german language in syslinux13:35
Blizzzhu? did kate 3.11.2 lost its built-in Terminal?13:51
apacheloggershadeslayer: eh, yes there is, used it not 2 days ago :P13:59
apacheloggermay be Deutsch14:00
* apachelogger pokes pysip14:02
apacheloggerFile: '/usr/share/sip/PyQt4/QtCore/qobject.sip' Line: 239 Syntax error in input. Token type: ID, token value: FinalisationCode, lex state: variable14:06
apacheloggerScottK: does the sip in saucy have any known problems?14:07
apacheloggerBlizzz: maybe your profile broke?14:07
apacheloggersettings -> plugins -> terminal view plugin14:07
apacheloggerFile: '/usr/share/sip/PyQt4/QtDBus/qdbusextratypes.sip' Line: 56 Syntax error in input. Token type: private, token value: private, lex state: variable14:13
* apachelogger gets the feeling that pyqt is held together by a veeeeeeeeeeery thin thread of goo14:13
ronnocRiddell: Thanks for the props for The Blue Mint on your Wire blog \m/14:23
ronnocPretty sure I've arranged my schedule to allow a few articles a week on it now14:23
ronnocand if you (or and Dev) wants to write a one-off or even a series on it...feel free :)14:23
* ronnoc has a great iea for an article about how important Muon Discover (or some equivalent) is to the future of Kubuntu14:26
apacheloggerRiddell: do you happen to know where simon edwards may be found these days?14:31
apacheloggerall of pykde binding foo makes all of no sense to all of me14:31
agateauthat's a lot of all14:34
apacheloggeroh my one needs to manually implement typedef QList<Foo> List;14:45
tsimpsonovidiu-florin: I'm still looking to see if it's even possible14:46
ovidiu-florintsimpson: https://trello.com/c/u9KpFFxF/81-test-out-multilingual-support-in-wordpress14:47
ovidiu-florinI've already set it up on my blog14:47
ovidiu-florinmost articles aren't translated14:47
ovidiu-florinso you will only see them in the language that they are available in14:48
ovidiu-florinthe latest is translated14:48
ovidiu-florinI'm translating categories now14:48
ovidiu-florinand tags later14:48
tsimpsonit doesn't look to me like there any way to migrate drupal7 to wordpress14:54
tsimpsonunless I'm missing something obvious14:55
ovidiu-florintsimpson: I was talking right now about the multilingual capabilities of Wordpress + Polylang14:55
ovidiu-florintsimpson: regarding the migration: http://wordpress.org/plugins/cms2cms-automated-drupal-to-wp-migration/14:56
ovidiu-florinI'll test this one as well when I have the time14:56
tsimpsonI think looked at that yesterday, it's all a blur14:57
Blizzzapachelogger: maybe … does not show up in the shortcuts, works in dolphin howeever14:58
ovidiu-florinRiddell: can I get the template for the Kubuntu Docs site? Cosmin has a few ideeas on how to improve it.15:42
ovidiu-florinCosmin, my web developer friend (Kubuntu user) who made the Download page code, among others15:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: uh okay, I don't see a Deusch Schweiz now :/15:53
apacheloggershadeslayer: that doesn't exist15:58
apacheloggeronly the kbd layout is different15:58
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apacheloggeryofel: suggestsions https://launchpadlibrarian.net/157574314/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.project-neon5-qtwebkit_0.0.git20131125.r240~21d9ab6.neon7~ubuntu14.04.1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz16:24
shadeslayerRiddell: what's the nick of the limux people who hang here?16:25
shadeslayeror do you have their EMails?16:25
jmuxshadeslayer: me LiMux16:26
shadeslayeraha, hi jmux16:26
shadeslayerjmux: I have a follow up question, what are the main KDE apps that you use on your distro?16:26
shadeslayerYou ( or someone else ) talked about LO, Firefox and Thunderbird16:27
jmuxYes - that was me16:27
shadeslayerbut I don't recall anyone talking about any KDE specific apps that you guys use16:27
jmuxI have a list of our main applications.16:27
jmuxAnd I have a list with application requirements for workflows16:28
jmuxShould I PM the list to you or just post it somewhere?16:30
shadeslayerPM is fine16:35
jmuxshadeslayer: Mail?16:36
shadeslayerjmux: do you guys also have a blog where you publish docs and statistics about the roll out?16:36
shadeslayerjmux: rohan@kde.org16:36
shadeslayerjmux: other follow up questions : do you guys have a internal bug tracker? or are all bugs reported to upstream bug trackers ? Unrelated question to KDE : you showed that you use some Oracle stuff for sync'ing calendar's , how does that work for people who want to sync calendars to their phones? How do people sync official mail to their phones? SMTP ?16:37
jmuxThere is the Munich IT blog (german): http://www.it-muenchen-blog.de/16:39
jmuxBut the Project is finished. There'll be an offical press announcement in December. Currents status is here (soory all German): http://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/Stadtverwaltung/Direktorium/LiMux/Zahlen_Fakten/Projektstatus.html16:39
shadeslayerit's alright, google translate ftw16:40
jmuxWe have an internal bug tracker and it also tracks RfCs und we use it for our requirement engineering and release planing (TRAC).16:42
jmuxAnd for planning our SCRUMM sprints. AFAIK we don't have many community bugs.16:44
shadeslayerjmux: oh and another one : if a user asks the sysadmin to install a package on his machine, and then logs into another machine somewhere else, is that package installed on login?16:48
shadeslayertsdgeos: yofel: uploading 4.11.95 shortly16:51
tsdgeosshadeslayer: cool16:51
shadeslayerapachelogger: you forgot to sync gwenview to bzr16:51
shadeslayeror vice versa16:51
jmuxshadeslayer: No - basically we install all packages on every Computer. Additional software most times just happens for commercial / licensed software.16:52
tsdgeosi'm holding up to download 300M just to downlaod them again :D16:52
jmuxSoftware ist installed per computer, but the menu XML is generated per user.16:52
jmuxSO most time the user already has the software installed, but it's not in hist K-menu16:53
shadeslayerjmux: all packages that are relevant to the department? or do you really mean *all* pacakges?16:54
apacheloggershadeslayer: hm?16:54
apacheloggershadeslayer: I did not do a gwenview upload16:54
shadeslayeryes, you did not, but you update bzr16:54
jmuxshadeslayer: all free packages in our distribution get installed. AFAIK it's about 6.5 GB - installed in about 15 minutes.16:55
shadeslayerwhoa o_o16:55
shadeslayerjmux: still waiting for a answer on calendar / mail :D16:56
jmuxshadeslayer: Missed that - AFAIK there is no phony sync and especially no BYOD. The OCal product has syncml support and people are using old PALM organizers. We wrote a minimal software to get the sync working with linux.17:00
shadeslayeroh cool, if it has syncml you might be able to synchronize to Akonadi17:00
shadeslayerwhich means you can use Akonadi at some point instead of thunderbird if you want to17:01
shadeslayer( syncevolution supports synchronizing stuff over syncml to Akonadi )17:01
jmuxThere is no sync for anything else. No VPN - we're way behind current technology possibilities17:01
jmuxDoes Akonadi run on Windows?17:02
jmuxOur policy is basically, one program for one task... independant of the OS, if possible.17:02
shadeslayerjmux: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kde-windows/files/akonadi/1.1.1/17:03
jmuxThis also saves trainig time in the IT training department.17:03
apacheloggerjmux: yes17:03
apacheloggerI think the kde windows builds are lagging behind a bit though17:03
shadeslayeryep ^^17:03
shadeslayerI was also told that kmail also runs on windows17:03
shadeslayerthough I suspect it's a 4.8.5 release or sth17:04
jmuxThere is currently a call for bids running for a new mail and calendar service. I can't go into details, but there was an offer with native KDE applications for Windows included.17:08
shadeslayeroooh :)17:12
apacheloggershadeslayer: 4.10.217:12
shadeslayeroh that's neat17:12
apacheloggershadeslayer, jmux: http://i.imgur.com/D3cB1JG.png17:16
apacheloggersomehow that intro view lost it's theme though xD17:18
shadeslayerjmux: thx, got the list17:33
shadeslayer4.11.95 going u[17:59
shadeslayerup even17:59
ScottKapachelogger: No.  Ask mitya57 for sure.18:38
mitya57I am not aware of any sip problems.19:05
soeehiho :)19:12
ScottKapachelogger: ^^^19:21
yofelapachelogger: re webkit: dunno, OOM?19:27
soeehow does it work when building packages - i see some are waiting for depenedencies but none packages are building19:43
yofelsoee: now we need to fix those dependencies, the packages are simply waiting for them to be there20:03
soeeso they are missign atm ?20:04
Riddellovidiu-florin: lp:~jr/%2Bjunk/kubuntu-docs-downloader  for the docs download script20:21
soeesomeone broke http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/build_status_4.11.95_saucy.html :)20:28
soeeyofel, will they build today ?20:52
yofelI hope so. I just uploaded akonadi which will unblock kdepimlibs once done which should make the rest build20:53
yofelonly kde-dev-utils need fixing20:53
soeeyofel, what fixes it needs ? theres missing libiberty-dev dependency20:54
soeeso you have to upload this missing package or something more ?20:55
yofelI think I need to remove the dep for saucy - and write the substition rule in the hooks  (matter of minutes)20:55
apacheloggerScottK: I think it's the tool kde-bindings claims to use for sip generation22:14
apacheloggerexcept I am reasonable certain it is not compatible with uptodate sip22:14
apacheloggeri.e. the sip files are not actually generated anymore but were generated at some point in the time and then edited...22:15
apacheloggeryofel: yeah, but what to do... last time I tried to populated trusty it also oom'd22:15
soeeyofel, kdepim-runtime and kopete faild to build :)23:05
Quintasanmath is ridiculous23:24
Quintasanyofel: You don't happen to know Fourier series, do you23:25
yofelnot to the level that I could help you with anything, sorry23:26
Quintasanchrist, two different equations and none are explained in detail23:26
shadeslayerQuintasan: #UniversityProblems23:33
Quintasanholy shit I suck at this23:48
QuintasanI can't even integrate23:48
shadeslayerQuintasan: yeah, if only you had asked me about it 2 years ago :P23:50
shadeslayerthen I'd be able to help23:50
QuintasanIt's been 6 months and I already can't integrate23:52
QuintasanChrist why this is so useless?23:52
Quintasanshadeslayer: http://wstaw.org/m/2013/11/26/1.png23:58
shadeslayerthat's simple23:59

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