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veryhappyhey guys, want to install skype http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471712/ any suggestions?01:42
veryhappythank you in advance01:54
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Guest27083Just getting started with ubuntu. I have installed node, but when I run "node" in terminal. Nothing happens.02:11
Guest27083There is not output of any kind, try node --help, nothing.02:13
Guest27083If I type another command that doesn't exist, I get a command not found warning02:13
Guest27083I am trying to get yeoman working on ubuntu. Everything is installing properly afaik but running the 'yo' command isn't doing anything03:00
naryfaHi, can anybody tell me if I should chown this dir to root? It is crying this: Error: "/var/tmp/kdecache-ubuntu" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.03:19
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James0rafter installing apache2 on Kubuntu I can get the server to work only if i restart the server manually in the terminal. i tried enabling the service with update-rc.d but still will not start the server on startup04:28
jarkkoi have weird issue with vlc05:33
jarkkoi opened vlc and it puts movie out of screen05:33
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lordievaderGood morning.07:15
wafflejocker night for me07:15
wafflejockbut morning to you07:15
lordievaderHey wafflejock, how are you?07:15
wafflejockdoing pretty well... a little buzzed honestly but having fun chatting with people in the angularjs room a bit07:16
wafflejockhappy with a new 13.10 install of Kubuntu though it's been nice07:16
wafflejockI accidently botched some things trying to get grive (google drive synching app) working in 12.04... so I ended up with an unexpected upgrade... everything backed up okay between rsync and git and things though so all good and 13.10 has been nice07:17
lordievaderGood to hear :)07:19
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ghostcubehi folks, i got a 0 B Media inside the dolphin folder structure.. anyone a idea if this is normal so far? appeared after a update i think so08:46
lordievaderghostcube: Could you give the "ls -l" and "du -h" output of the 0b Media file(?)08:50
ghostcubewill do later. i cant access the station from my office. i post it into pastie later the day08:50
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Malkorhi, is anyone around to help me in configuring dolphin? i need to know where to add desktop files for adding places entries09:46
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Malkori am aware that this is simply done by drag and drop, but i have to distribute kubuntu to around 300 users and it would be nice to automate this task without having the user to search for the network path09:49
sbivolMalkor: ~/.kde/share/apps/kfileplaces/bookmarks.xml11:26
Malkorthx sbivol11:55
lis а по русски ктонить  говорит? )12:31
lordievader!ru | lis12:32
ubottulis: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:32
lisА где?  В брозере?12:33
lisили прям тут12:33
lisПРостите, я просто на линух пересел пару месяцев назад, а до это ХР12:34
lisОтслюнявил её на непробиваемость... надоела12:35
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rwc2cd /ubuntu14:08
starcraftmanHi, I've got a question regarding file permissions and mounting. I'm on Kubuntu 13.04, I'm using the Kubuntu removable devices system to automount NTFS partitions. The files on the drive can be read/written by me, but I can't mod the permissions at all. Is there a setting in system settings to change permissions used to mount? I've checked fstab and it doesn't appear to use that.14:12
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starcraftmanwow, for almost 300 users this channel's dead quiet.16:06
ovidiu-florinbecause no one present knows or has the time to help you with your issue16:06
ovidiu-florinremember we are volunteers16:06
ovidiu-florinyes you need to tinker with fstab16:07
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ovidiu-florinbut I don't know exactly what16:07
geniistarcraftman: Restate your issue occasionally, every 5-10 minutes is fine16:07
ovidiu-florina google search should bring some usefull results16:07
starcraftmanovidiu-florin: Aye, I did, I knew I could do it via fstab. It does seem like there should be some options on the removable devices settings page for people not wanting to go to fstab.16:08
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starcraftmanI guess I was more just wondering if there was a GUI way.16:08
kronos__Hello can anyone help me set up ssh?16:09
ovidiu-florinthat would be usefull16:09
ovidiu-florinkronos__: sudo apt-get install ssh16:09
kronos__I already have  it installed. Im trying to connect to my windows ssh server to use it as a socks proxy16:10
kronos__Although everytime i log in it asks for a password that i never set up. I dont know how to log in16:10
ovidiu-florinmay I ask how is this a kubuntu related issue?16:10
kronos__Well im doing this on kubuntu lol. If this isnt a good place to ask can you point me the right direction?16:11
ovidiu-florinkronos__: you could try setting up a password for your windows user and then use that one16:11
wachinHi to all Kubuntu Users16:12
ovidiu-florinkronos__:  maybe #ssh or #windows ?16:12
kronos__Says the password is incorrect16:13
ovidiu-florinI had no ideea you could have a ssh server on windows16:13
ovidiu-florinwhat would you fo with it?16:13
kronos__Yeah using cygwin16:13
ovidiu-florinhello wachin16:13
kronos__Im trying to use it as a socks tunnel to avoiding using the servers wherever i go16:13
kronos__I can also use it to acess files like videos and music16:14
geniikronos__: It probably wants the name and password of the user on the Windows machine under which the ssh daemon is running as.16:14
ovidiu-florintry passwd in the cygwin console16:15
kronos__so to log in i put sudo ssh (ipadress) -l (user name of windows acccount)?16:15
wachinI come from UbuntuStudio 13.10, I need a help16:15
ovidiu-florinyou don't need sudo with ssh16:16
wachinwhen a put the mouse cursor on a folder on dolphin, this set to white the selection16:16
geniikronos__: If usernames are not the same on your Kubuntu box and your Windows box, use: ssh name@window-box    where "name" is a valid user on the Windows machine16:16
ovidiu-florinkronos__: also check that cygwin has acces to open ports and that port 22 is open16:16
ovidiu-florinin the firewall16:16
wachinI use dolphin because I use Dropbox and the only way for use on UbuntuStudio is with Nautilus16:16
wachinbut Nautilus 3.8.2 is very bad16:17
wachinnow I use dolphin because is best of nautilus16:17
geniikronos__: And you don't need to use sudo on the client machine when running the ssh client16:17
kronos__I have 22 opened. alright ill give that a shot16:17
wachinthe only less is that dolphin not have Dropbox16:17
ovidiu-florinDropbox does not need nautilus16:18
ovidiu-florinwachin: ^16:18
kronos__permission denied please tryagain16:18
ovidiu-florinkronos__: try sshing from the windows machine to the windows machine16:19
ovidiu-florina loop16:19
ovidiu-florinlog in via ssh into the same machine16:19
ovidiu-florinif that works there's a problem with the connection16:19
ovidiu-florinotherwise you're doing something wrong16:19
kronos__ it worked16:20
kronos__atleast i think it did16:21
ovidiu-florindo a pastebin with the command and output16:21
kronos__ i got it to work ;D16:22
ovidiu-floringenii: do you have a ~/.kde or ~/.kde4 in kubuntu? which is default?16:23
kronos__im connected. now i just have to set it up to workas a socks server16:23
geniiovidiu-florin: I have .kde16:23
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wachinHelp me, mi problem in UbuntuStudio 13.10 ussing dolphin is this https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83295394/dolphin/01%20Preparing%20to%20select%20a%20folder%20in%20dolphin.png16:27
wachin(sorry my bad english, I am Spanish parlant)16:27
wachinWhen a select a folder on dolphin the selection disapear https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83295394/dolphin/01%20Preparing%20to%20select%20a%20folder%20in%20dolphin.png16:27
wachinworking fine, but i cannt see the name of the folder16:28
wachinMy question is, if here in UbuntuStudio 13.10 should install something else to work that well16:29
ghostcubelordievader: hmmm i was wrong its not a file or a folder its just a device shown as 0 B changable device16:29
wachinFor my dolphin is best of nautilus 3.8.216:29
ghostcubeand it got a floppy icon.. but this machine definetly has noc floppy16:29
ovidiu-florinwachin: you sent the same picture twice16:30
wachinnow go https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83295394/dolphin/02%20Selecting%20a%20folder%20in%20dolphin.png16:30
ovidiu-florinwachin: is this related to the Dropbox issue?16:31
wachinNo, no16:32
wachinmy problem not is with Dropbox16:32
ovidiu-florinwachin: System Settings -> Aplication Aspect, Colors16:32
wachinDropbox  I use with nautilus16:32
ovidiu-florincheck what theme do you have selected?16:32
wachinbut for the rest that I made in my UbuntuStudio 13.10 i use dolphin16:33
ovidiu-florincolor scheme*16:33
wachinOf course, that should be. Well, here UbuntuStudio 13.10 I do not know how to do that (change the theme), only I installed dolphin on UbuntuStudio, I have not installed Kubuntu16:35
ovidiu-florinoh, you don't have KDE16:35
ovidiu-florinI missed that16:35
ovidiu-florinwachin: then ask in #ubuntustudio16:36
wachinmmm, good16:36
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guest324i have a flash drive that initially is recognized by kubuntu, but after about an hour it was unable to be accessed, even though in bash i was accessing it every minute.  the device was never actually mounted from beginning to end.  is there a way i can adjust the length of time before the drive will stop being able to be accessed (without removing and reinserting the device?)16:46
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wachinNo one answers to my on #UbuntuStudio. Do you can said my in what place are the theme folder on Kubuntu System HOME path16:50
wachinI can see this folder ".dke" on my UbuntuStudio 13.10 system16:51
wachinups: ".kde"16:51
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eagles0513875hey guys18:02
eagles0513875i have my ssh key specified in .ssh/config yet when i try to sftp using dolphin i get this message The host key for this server was not found, but another type of key exists. An attacker might change the default server key to confuse your client into thinking the key does not exist. Please contact your system administrator.18:02
eagles0513875any ideas as to how i can solve this issue18:02
mjaykHaya im unable to enable opengl support on my kde desktop im running an ati graphics card any ideas of where to start would be much appriciated (have fglrx installed)18:05
lordievadereagles0513875: So what is the issue you have with Dolphin?18:20
eagles0513875lordievader: didnt know about fish till i found that18:20
Walexmjayk: it is a long and terrible and difficult story. Usually it requires using the X-SWAT team repository and choosing some backports of newer versions of the X server packages, the MESA library packages, and the 'fglrx' packages.18:23
Walexmjayk: but it all also depends on exactly which Ubuntu version you have and which generation of AMD card you have.18:23
mjaykWalex: haya thanks for the reply im using 13.10 and have a hd5xxx card18:29
Walexmjayk: with 13.10 must stuff is new enough. But you need to use a special driver for 5xxx card, a so-called "legacy" driver IIRC. There is an Ubuntu Wiki page that tells you exactly what.18:32
mjaykWalex: 5xxx isnt legacy its the oldest one not18:33
Walexmjayk: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Saucy_Installation_Guide18:33
mjaykill have a read18:33
Walexmjayk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI18:34
mjayk]yea the drivers are installed18:34
Walexmjayk: the right versions for the 5xxx?18:34
Walexmjayk: then it must work...18:35
mjaykit seams to be a problem within kde being able to get recognose the driver for opengl from what im reading18:35
Walexbut I have to catch a bus, so running away...18:35
mjayknp thnx18:35
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geniitrackerpoint: Hello. If you have some question regarding your Kubuntu, just ask in the channel and hopefully someone will take up an answer19:29
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cerhi everybody, nouveau is giving me some serioous grief on 13.10 at 64bit  .... the system crashes very often ..... this is the dmesg with the errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/6465235/20:23
cerin particular, it seems to conflict with firefox20:23
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jarkkoflash doesnt work on youtube (full screen)21:26
jarkkoand vlc doesnt full screen on full screen mode, what can be wrong21:26
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soeeyuotube uses html5 ?21:28
crowellsoee: I don't think it is available for all videos, but yes, youtube has html5 now21:29
jarkkohtml5 seems work, but flash doesnt21:43
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