cmarshi, i'm having a problem with an account used with a private project, it seems to have lost its email address. can someone please help me out?15:51
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DarkPlayerwgrant: ping?21:06
wgrantDarkPlayer: Hi22:51
DarkPlayerwgrant: does the priority for commercial subscribers also apply to recipe builds?22:54
wgrantDarkPlayer: Yes.23:08
DarkPlayerwgrant: We decided to put everything into a single (or to be precise two: daily/stable) ppa now so that new users will only have to add one. For current users we can to copy the packages also to the old PPAs. Do you need to manually set the priority for the two added ones although they are assigned to the team?23:15
wgrantDarkPlayer: Do you actually need to do builds in those PPAs at all?23:16
wgrantYou mean the new ones, right23:16
wgrantThose should already build quickly.23:17
DarkPlayerwgrant: you can remove the build priority from the old ones soon, after we completely switched to them23:17
ehooverDarkPlayer: there may have just been a huge backlog23:17
wgrantHmm, I can't see what happened here, but if it happens again give me a poke and I'll hunt harder23:18

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