danixhi guys i am running lubuntu 13.10 and i cannot get vhosts to point to their respective index files on apache  .  please point me to a working guide04:29
bobbyboyIs lubuntu light because of the the desktop environment and included applications or has other trimming been done?06:53
ianorlin both some other things might not be included by default have anything in particular you need06:55
bobbyboythx for the answer. Im a linux newb and am looking for a good distribution and this one is going to be it. see ya06:56
tomboy64i am running lubuntu quantal on an armhf machine09:19
tomboy64how do i install icedtea/openjdk there?09:19
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Kaffienlubuntu failed to install with the following error.  http://pastebin.com/ebDkYwYv   I cannot seem to install zram-config separately. any ideas?15:09
k1lhi i heard some rumors that 14.04 will be made a LTS. but can only find mailinglist entries which suggest to make it LTS. what is the actual plan for 14.04?18:26
Unit193To make it a LTS.18:27
pleia2with 3 years of support18:28
k1lok, thanks18:29
pleia2(trying to dig up the exact email)18:30
Unit193Right, always forget about that 5 year thing.  14.04 is the 3 year LTS, the next one is planned to be more of a transition/development one for LXQT.18:30
k1lyeah, i just found some mails asking or suggesting. but nothing like a announcment18:30
Unit193https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lubuntu-users/2013-November/006187.html - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lubuntu-users/2013-November/006202.html18:36
Unit193https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lubuntu-users/2013-November/006203.html too.18:37
k1lUnit193: yes, but "I still think we can do an LTS." did sound like "we are still brainstorming so far" to me. no like a announcement. but i think a clear announcement would not harm :)18:40
zleapdoes lubuntu 13.10 fit on a cd or dvd, i am guessing as its <700mb it will go on a cd22:29
garshaspthis isnt a bad product22:57
holsteingarshasp: this?22:59
garshaspyeah lubuntu22:59
garshaspso far so good22:59
garshaspexcept for flash being ready23:00
garshaspdefinitely more stable than unity23:00
holsteinflash? from adobe?23:00
holsteinflash has nothing to do with linux.. it comes to us as-is23:00
Unit193!info adobe-flashplugin partner23:02
ubottuadobe-flashplugin (source: adobe-flashplugin): Adobe Flash Player plugin version 11. In component main, is optional. Version (partner), package size 6443 kB, installed size 17166 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)23:02
garshaspoh, should work off package manager yeah23:02
holsteingarshasp: it willl work as it works. it comes to us from them.. we dont have any input on it23:04
garshaspwell i got x-chat to work and it hasnt crashed in 5 mins, so id say its quite an improvement over the unity build23:04
holsteini use the chrome browser, not chromium, to have current flash23:04
garshaspthats a good idea23:04
garshaspid like for everything to work out of box obviously23:04
holsteingarshasp: unity is not included in lubuntu, so theres no reason to dicuss it here23:05
Unit193holstein: You can even use that in chromium. ;)23:05
garshaspis that too much to ask these days?23:05
holsteingarshasp: ask adobe, and if they allow it, it will "work" out of the box23:05
garshaspoverall no complaints23:07
garshaspcompared to ubuntu unity build its a marvel23:07
holsteingarshasp: some developers for unity may/may not be here contributing voluntarily to this, and/or the unity project.. if you have complaints about unity, please direct them to the proper channels.. thanks!23:08
garshaspwell hey i got it to work23:11
garshaspyou guys sure are swell23:11
garshaspholstein, accept the feedback bub23:12
garshaspholstein, the unity build was highly unstable for my pc23:13
garshaspits not the devs fault so you can take off the kneepads23:13
holsteingarshasp: unity works fine for me, i just dont choose to use it, since it doesnt address or meet my needs.. you are welcome to ignore the experience as well23:14
garshaspyeah this is a real gem23:23

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