penguin42but that's still /media not /run/media00:00
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alkisgDoes Trusty feel too laggy for anyone else?07:20
alkisgE.g. frequent 0.5-second freezes...07:20
alkisgWithout top showing anything particular07:21
elfynot here - flying07:21
elfybut then trusty !=ubuntu :)07:22
alkisgEven bash completion is causing 1 second freezes here...07:23
Beldaralkisg, I would use htop08:07
alkisgBeldar: I sometimes see "wa" increasing, no processes using the CPU... same output in htop/top08:18
shadowsalkisg: is your symptom still a problem?08:58
alkisgshadows: yes, it's been days now08:59
alkisgI just didn't have time to deeply troubleshoot it yet08:59
shadowsalkisg: is there a configuration or OS install wherer that problem does *not* happen?09:00
alkisgIn the same pc, in 12.04 it doesn't happen09:01
alkisgAnd possibly, not sure, in my trusty vm (inside trusty) it doesn't happen either...09:01
shadowsmy wild guess is that there are IRQ related issues09:02
Beldaralkisg, have you checked if your swapping?09:02
shadowsswap is a good guess too :)09:03
alkisgBeldar: 4 gb ram, I'm not, I even disabled zram to check if it was that , but it wasn't09:03
shadowseither filesystem or interrupts, that is my starting point09:04
alkisgshadows: I don't see anything in dmesg though...09:04
shadowswhich filesystem?09:04
alkisgI suspect the filesystem, I also just installed a new disk, but no dmesg messages about that either09:05
shadowsnew disk?09:05
alkisgYeah just a new sata disk, dd'ed the old disk to the new one09:05
shadowsstill have the old disk?09:05
alkisgAnyways I mostly wanted to know that it's my local installation and no others are experiencing this, I'll troubleshoot it more in a while09:06
Waka_Flockais this the correct channel to talk about package versions in trusty12:39
penguin42well anything trusty12:47
Waka_Flockapenguin42: could the midori package possibly be updated to a later version?12:52
Waka_Flockaits on 0.4.3 right now but thats about a year plus old12:52
penguin42generally trusty will pull the latest version from debian at some point - what's the current debian version?12:53
Waka_Flockai think the same12:53
Waka_Flockawheezy has 0.4.3 too https://launchpad.net/debian/wheezy/+source/midori12:54
penguin42yeh as does sid12:54
penguin42Waka_Flocka: I think normally the answer is you need to ask Debian to update12:55
penguin42Waka_Flocka: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule  says that the Debian import freeze is Feb 6th, so if you can get debian to update well before then I think you've got a chance12:55
Waka_Flockathanks will ask12:56
alkisgThe midori site already has debian and ubuntu packages, ping them to have them uploaded to debian...12:56
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paulo_gomeshi all, latest updates broke my X, says it doesn't detect my monitor18:56
paulo_gomesim on a laptop18:56
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dkesselnice... new indicator updates today - let's see how this turns out. does anybody know if there will be more work on indicator bugs in this cycle?19:42
vanishingdkessel: it is broken19:48
dkesselvanishing, too late :D but thanks19:51
vanishingdkessel: lol...np..if you want it to work for now, just download the debs and dpkg them to downgrade19:52
vanishingi can send you the pack you want19:52
dkesselvanishing, well they are still there on my system...19:52
dkesselthere was a package installation error while upgrading, but nothing bad happened19:52
vanishingthere is? :O19:53
penguin42dkessel: No, just nothing bad you've hit yet19:56
dkesselpenguin42, yeah, probably :)19:57
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