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dholbachgood morning08:48
mzanettidpm: good morning09:13
dpmmorning mzanetti, I've seen your latest MPs, nice work!09:14
mzanettidpm: yeah, have been quite busy09:14
mzanettidpm: one issue I found:09:15
mzanettidpm: the TextArea produces html text when using "textFormat: TextArea.RichText"09:15
mzanettidpm: however, evernote wants us to create some sort of xml following their own doctype spec09:15
mzanettidpm: so we'd need either to implement our own textarea or some conversion method (which I doubt will work reliably)09:16
mzanettidpm: but for the rest, we can add edit and delete notes :)09:16
mzanettidpm: in a background thread for not blocking the ui09:16
dpmawesome :) yeah, I've seen the comments in the MP, haven't tried that yet, but I'm going to test it now.09:17
dpmmzanetti, regarding the XML for notes, I haven't looked at that in detail. I thought they used plain HTML. So you'd recommend creating a new TextArea, then?09:18
mzanettidpm: well, we need more research... but something like that will come up, yes. let me paste you 3 examples09:19
mzanettidpm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472948/09:23
mzanettidpm: this one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472951/09:23
mzanettimade a mistake in the previous09:24
* dpm looks09:29
dpmok, I see it09:30
dpmlet me play a bit with your pending MPs and read the Evernote docs to get a better understanding and come back to you in a few minutes09:31
mardydpm: hi! :-)09:36
dpmhey :)09:37
mardydpm: can you try to copy the <template> stuff from the evernote.provider file into the .service file?09:37
mardydpm: then, please register another application with evernote (to get another set of keys)09:37
mardydpm: and update the .service file with those new keys you just registered09:38
mardydpm: then, try to use your app, and let's see what happens :-)09:38
dpmmardy, sure. I'm on 13.10 and using the not-yet-published signon oauth package with your changes for Evernote. Will this make a difference?09:39
mzanettidpm: I've another question: what is supposed to be in the reminders tab? I can't find anything like that in the evernote api09:40
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Parfait Day! :-D09:40
dpmmzanetti, http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/reminders.php and http://blog.evernote.com/tech/2013/05/24/evernote-reminders-api-now-available/ - I need to look at them myself, but essentially you can attach them to a note09:46
mardydpm: I think it won't make a difference09:48
dpmmardy, ok, I got a new API key from Evernote and I've done the copying from <template> to the .service file. So shall I simply remove my existing Evernote account in system settings and add a new one?09:51
dpmmzanetti, I'm not sure what's going on, but it seems after your last change the MP shows no diff: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/run_on_device/+merge/19640010:07
mzanettidpm: hmm... very weird. I've resubmitted the proposal and it works again: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/run_on_device/+merge/19650610:10
dpmcool, thanks10:11
dpmmardy, I'm not sure if the experiment worked. I'm getting an access token, but it seems to be based on my original API key10:18
mardydpm: how can you tell?10:19
dpmmardy, the access token I get seems to contain part of the API key, let me PM you an example10:20
mardydpm: when you got the access token in the app, were you prompted to authorize it?10:20
dpmmardy, no. I was simply re-prompted to re-authorize the account in the Online Accounts UI. We don't do any authorization in the app other than getting the access token from OA and passing it to the Evernote API10:21
mardydpm: you mean, that a window appeared, asking you to authorize the app?10:22
dpmmardy, here's what I did (I'm testing on the desktop), from the System Settings UI: 1) Remove the existing Evernote account 2) Add a new Evernote Account 3) Log in via the embedded form 3) Upon successful log in, I get a prompt to re-authorize the app. This prompt comes from Evernote.10:24
dpmAfter that, I start the app and it picks up the old API key to create the access token10:25
dpmAs I say, in the app we don't do any authorization other than using what we get from OA and then passing the access token to the Evernote service to manage notes10:26
mardydpm: so, you get asked to authorize the application only once, when you create the account?10:26
mardydpm: are you sure that you modified the correct .service file? (I remember that you had two, in your system)10:27
dpmlet me double-check, but I'm pretty certain I've modified the right one10:28
mardydpm: better delete the other one, just to be sure :-)10:28
dpmmardy, to the first question: yes, I get asked to authorize the app on System Settings only. One thing to notice is that the first-time ever I logged into my account in system settings I was asked to authorize the account. Now if I delete the account in system settings and re-add it, the prompt I get from Evernote is to *re-authorize* the app10:30
dpmnot sure if that makes a difference10:30
dpmmardy, I didn't have two .service files on this computer, so I modified the right one. I'm PM'ing you the contents10:34
mzanettidpm. seems the apps jenkins is not really prepared for what we do :D10:46
mzanetti"virtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory"10:46
nerochiaroom26er: mzanetti: good morning, can any of you please let me know what ppa one should use to get the most updated python-autopilot for desktop ?10:48
om26ernerochiaro, ppa:autopilot/ppa10:48
nerochiaroom26er: thank10:48
mzanettiom26er: heh... could you do me a favor?10:49
om26ermzanetti, sure10:49
mzanettiom26er: autopilot-qt 1.4 is not in that ppa10:50
mzanettiom26er: I tried to release it in there but it failed for some reason and I didn't find the time to investigate why10:50
om26ermzanetti, I can try a manual build/upload to the ppa10:50
mzanettiom26er: tbh I'm quite outdated when it comes to autopilot in general10:51
mzanettiom26er: so I guess we'd need to clarify which autopilot-qt version is actually required to match stuff in that ppa10:51
mzanettiom26er: and then release that one into there10:51
om26ermzanetti, the one is trusty is 1.4+14.04.20131106.1-0ubuntu1 I guess we'd need that. I could ask autopilot devs10:52
nerochiaromzanetti: om26er: the problem i'm having is that i'm trying to install ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot but it seem to need autopilot-python >= 1.4. But if i install that apt-get removes libautopilot-qt and then when i try to install ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot it tells me it's needed too10:52
mzanettiom26er: awesome. thanks. keep me in the loops10:52
mzanettinerochiaro: see the conversiontion between me and om26er10:52
om26ernerochiaro, trusty ;)10:53
mzanetticonversiontion :D10:53
mzanettinerochiaro: yeah. why are you on saucy anyways? :P10:53
nerochiaroom26er: mzanetti: so basically for now i can't have it on desktop unless i move to trusty... uff10:53
nerochiaromzanetti: because i want a machine that works ;)10:53
mzanettinerochiaro: no... we need to fix the ppa in any case10:53
om26ernerochiaro, maybe try to build it locally10:53
mzanettiyeah. should build fine locally10:54
dpmmzanetti, what, you killed Jenkins? :)10:54
nerochiaroom26er: guess i'll just use the phone for now. please ping me when it's fixed on desktop too10:54
om26ernerochiaro, ack. we'll try to get that fixed in the ppa ASAP10:54
mzanettidpm: no... just our jobs won't pass any amore because compilation of that whole libthrift thingie seems to use too much memory10:54
* mzanetti is struggling with typing today10:55
nerochiaromzanetti: that was a funny typo10:58
dpmmzanetti, so I'm testing your run_on_device branch on the device. It's not displaying the notes, although it seems to pass the access token correctly to the Evernote service. I can reproduce it on desktop too (i.e. no notes displayed). Looking at the diff in  https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/run_on_device/+merge/196506 - could this have to do with the changes in src/app/qml/ui/NotesPage.qml ?11:00
* dpm tries to dig deeper11:00
dpmmzanetti, yep, reverting the change to src/app/qml/ui/NotesPage.qml does the trick11:03
mzanettinerochiaro: :D11:11
mzanettidpm: right... that might be an issue11:12
mzanettidpm: I think I reverted that again too in the next mp11:12
mzanettidpm: fixed11:14
popeydpm: can you reproduce bug 125467411:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 1254674 in Ubuntu RSS Feed Reader App "Editing topic without editing causes feed to be lost" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125467411:16
popeyI think it may be why RSS fails some AP tests11:17
oSoMoNnerochiaro, hey, would you mind reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/notes-app/robust-test-server/+merge/196174 ?11:18
nerochiarooSoMoN: i'll look at it in a bit11:24
dpmmzanetti, cool, thanks!11:25
dpmpopey, give me a sec11:25
dpmwill try11:25
mardydpm: if you login into the evernote website, is there a place where you can see which applications you have authorized to use your account (there should be one=11:26
mardydpm: oh, no, the <template> stuff must be within the <service> element!11:27
dpmpopey, I cannot reproduce it: on step 5 I only get a "Cancel" button, no "Done" button is visible. However, I'm on 13.10 right now and doing some testing on Evernote, it might take me a while to update to Trusty11:36
mardydpm: did you get a chance to try?11:43
dpmmardy, not yet, I will in a minute11:43
mardydpm: OK; for the record, on the desktop I'd expect it to work (maybe with some glitches); what I'm most unsure of is on the phone11:44
dpmpopey, mzanetti -> http://ubuntuone.com/4VH3j9ezw4qamOOG9hLugJ \o/11:46
mzanettidpm: :)11:49
mzanettiwow... ubuntu one is soooo slow lately11:50
dpmyeah, noticed that today, it takes a while to load that image11:50
mzanettidpm: I guess you have noticed that the ui blocks whenever you do something. the next branch should improve that *a lot*11:51
dpmmzanetti, I've only noticed since you mentioned it on the MP. As it's relatively quick to fetch the little notes data I've got in the account and since we don't have many UI elements yet, it's not that noticeable :)11:52
mzanettidpm: yeah... it'll get worse when you're outside and use 3G or even 2G11:52
mzanettidpm: I know that's not a use case for us... but apparently people do so11:52
dpmmzanetti, one thing I've noticed is that we sometimes lose the connection to the NotesStore: I cannot reliably reproduce it, but often when I open a note, go back and then try to open it again, it can no longer do it: on the console it shows me "error fetching notes". I'll try to see if I can find a way to reproduce and file a bug11:54
mzanettidpm: yeah, right... I've noticed that too11:54
mzanettidpm: can you try after all the currently open branches are merged? one of them greatly improves the error handling11:55
mzanettidpm: and I think the current trunk does a disconnect() whenever something goes wrong11:55
mzanettimight be that one actually11:56
om26ernerochiaro, ping11:59
om26ernerochiaro, can you review this: https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/camera-app/fix_autopilot_test_code/+merge/19561811:59
om26ernerochiaro, its mostly a cleanup, no real change.12:00
nerochiaroom26er: i'll do that together with Oliver's MR12:00
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om26ernerochiaro, thanks12:00
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* popey returns from power outage12:06
popeydpm: yay!12:06
popeydpm: i was using the phone not desktop12:07
dpmpopey, me too, the comments apply to the phone12:07
popeyoh, you're on saucy on your phone?12:09
dpmmzanetti, great, will test them now. I guess we'll need to get fginther to give us a hand with Jenkins not exhausting virtual memory and get the branches approved when he's up12:10
mzanettidpm: yeah, lets wait for fginther's opinion on that.12:11
dpmpopey, yep, I upgraded to trusty while I was at the conference a couple of weeks ago, found it not too stable yet, reverted back to saucy and haven't done the upgrade yet. I'll upgrade later on today when I'm done testing mzanetti's reminders branches12:12
nerochiarooSoMoN: am I mistaken or there is currently no test in the web browser which interacts with the contents of a page ?12:15
oSoMoNnerochiaro, there are a couple of tests that do12:31
nerochiarooSoMoN: the ones that have the 100% page size div you can click on, right ?12:32
oSoMoNnerochiaro, yes12:32
nerochiarooSoMoN: that's convenient, but it's not possible to access the DOM from tests, or is it ?12:33
oSoMoNnerochiaro, no, but the webapps team is doing something like that, afaik they have autopilot tests that access the dom12:34
oSoMoNnerochiaro, you might want to ask dbarth or alex-abreu about it12:35
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok, thanks12:35
dpmmzanetti, cool, so editing and saving notes seems to work with notes with light markup. Although one thing I've notice is that on saving a note the markup is lost12:45
dpm(I've locally merged all your pending branches for testing)12:45
nerochiaroalex_abreu: ping12:46
mzanettidpm: yep. that's the issue I said with the TextArea converting everything to html and I just have a super dirty hack to cut away html stuff and add the evernote xml header12:47
nerochiaromzanetti: dpm: you guys talking about notes-app ?12:48
mzanettinerochiaro: evernotes-app :D12:48
nerochiaromzanetti: ah nice12:49
mzanettinerochiaro: but yeah, while you're here12:49
mzanettinerochiaro: we have an issue with the TextArea. we need RichText12:49
mzanettinerochiaro: but the TextArea always converts it to HTML12:49
dpmlunch time, bbl12:50
mzanettinerochiaro: while it should just keep whatever we feed it and display that as good as it can12:50
nerochiaromzanetti: that's a question for zsombi, he's the TextArea master12:50
mzanettizsombi: o/12:50
nerochiaromzanetti: in notes-app, the notes are plain text and images are handled separately.12:50
mzanettinerochiaro: ah ok12:50
zsombimzanetti: whazzup?12:50
mzanettizsombi: we're writing an app for evernote12:50
mzanettizsombi: the content of notes is in rich text. but following a dtd spec from evernote itself12:51
nerochiaromzanetti: the problem with using rich text is that qml doesn't really give you any way to manipulate the extra stuff in the content (like images etc.). in the sense that there's no way to ask for the position of images, or react to clicks on images, etc)12:51
mzanettizsombi: the textarea can display it mostly fine, but when we want to read the text again, it's converted to html doctype12:51
zsombimzanetti: and?12:52
mzanettizsombi: and evernote rejects. so we'd need to convert it back to what it was12:52
mzanettizsombi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472951/12:55
zsombimzanetti: in hangout, will be back soon12:56
zsombimzanetti: ah, yeah, this is what TextArea (and TextEdit) does unfortunately13:08
zsombimzanetti: and there's no way (so far I know) to keep the original format :(13:09
mzanettizsombi: crap... so I guess I need to download the evernote dtd file and run everything through some QXmlSomething before pushing back to the server13:11
mzanettihopefully that doesn't cause other issues...13:11
mzanettidpm: ^13:12
zsombimzanetti: I think it will... or perhaps we should ask Qt dudes what can be done with it...13:12
zsombimzanetti: I think we should as on #qt-quick on freenode13:14
mzanettizsombi: ok13:14
zsombimzanetti: hmm...13:15
mzanettizsombi: is it based on TextInput?13:16
zsombimzanetti: nope, TextArea is on TextEdit13:16
mzanettizsombi: I posted the question... lets see what comes back13:20
mardydpm: any news? :-)13:25
nerochiaroom26er: mzanetti: i'm trying to use autopilot vis on desktop and it currently crashes with some xml parsing error, is it a known issue ?13:27
om26ernever heard, its been a while last I used it13:27
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zsombimzanetti: so the answer is to write your own converter....13:33
nerochiaroom26er: ok, so maybe you can help me out with the test i'm trying to write. I have a Component that i pass to a QML object I didn't write myself. This object at some point instantiates the component and displays it. I need to access the instance in a test, how do I do that ?13:33
om26ernerochiaro, so you mean the component does not really exist and appears after an event ?13:34
om26ernerochiaro, you can maybe try wait_select_single() ?13:34
nerochiaroom26er: let me try that13:35
mzanettizsombi: yeah... that's what I thought from the beginning... I just so hoped I'm missing something obvious which would make it just work13:35
zsombimzanetti: sorry to say... :(13:35
mzanettidpm: seems we have a new todo: http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php13:36
mzanettidpm: check out the 5 bullets list at the bottom13:36
nerochiaroom26er: wait_select_single doesn't seem to work. To be more specific, I have a component file ContentPickerDialog.qml, and in the web browser i have WebView { experiemental.filePicker: ContentPickerDialog {} } . When I'm in a web page and click a file upload button in a form, the browser instantiates a ContentPickerDialog and shows it. I want to test that this dialog comes up. How do I do it ?13:45
nerochiaromzanetti: ^13:46
om26ernerochiaro, so what you need to do is, get the pid of the contentpicker ( assumings its a separate process) and connect to it with get_proxy_object_for_existing_process() and then just make sure that view is visible13:47
nerochiaroom26er: it's not a separate process, it's just a qml component inside the webbrowser app13:50
nerochiaroom26er: the only difference from a "normal" test is that i don't instaintiate it myself, but webkit does it13:50
om26ernerochiaro, can you share the code of it please. I can look into it further after a meeting I have in a few minutes13:51
nerochiaromzanetti: there' no loader13:51
nerochiaroom26er: it's essentially this MR https://code.launchpad.net/~amanzi-team/webbrowser-app/webbrowser-app-file-upload/+merge/19576013:52
nerochiaroom26er: i'll upload an incomplete test to it to give you an idea, in a minute13:53
nerochiaroom26er: ok, branch updated with the skeleton of the test too13:56
alex_abreunerochiaro, pong14:01
nerochiaroalex_abreu: hi. i was told you may know a way to access the DOM in an autopilot test. can you point me in the right direction if that's the case ?14:06
alex_abreunerochiaro, sure14:06
alex_abreunerochiaro, the python bit that does the dispatch to the qml for a js DOM eval http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~webapps/unity-webapps-qml/trunk/view/head:/tests/integration/autopilot/unity_webapps_qml/tests/__init__.py#L9414:09
alex_abreunerochiaro, for which you have a corresponding qml http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~webapps/unity-webapps-qml/trunk/view/head:/tests/integration/autopilot/qml/FullWebViewApp.qml#L3814:10
alex_abreunerochiaro, example of usage ... http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~webapps/unity-webapps-qml/trunk/view/head:/tests/integration/autopilot/unity_webapps_qml/tests/test_launcher.py#L4714:10
alex_abreunerochiaro, roughly that's pretty much it ... the key qtwebkit mechanism is webView.experimental.evaluateJavaScript14:11
dpmmzanetti, ack, read the backlog too. So I see that we need a converter - what does it exactly mean? Can we create a new component based on TextArea that does the XML conversion, or do we need a new QML plugin that is called to do the conversion, or... ?14:19
dpmmardy, fixing the .service file now14:19
mzanettidpm: I'd say we try with something like this:14:20
mzanettidpm: we keep on using the textarea we have, but in C++ put the whole content into a QDomDocument and walk through it, copying over existing tags, converting the few that need converting (e.g. body -> ev-note) and drop the rest14:21
dpmmzanetti, sounds sensible. So essentially, the existing QML plugin would take care of doing the conversion, and just in one direction, right? I.e. Reminders -> Evernote service14:23
mzanettidpm: yeah, I'd pack it into a new class in the plugin. or maybe even inside note.cpp, depending on how much it is14:24
mzanettidpm: and yes, I'd go with trying to do this just one way as the other way round (evml -> html) seems to work reasonably well inside the TextArea14:25
mzanettidpm: but we can add a conversion there too at some point if we feel we could do better14:25
dpmmzanetti, I agree, let's keep it one direction for now. I think at some point we'll need to look at the TextArea rendering in more detail, but at this point it works well enough that we can concentrate on more essential parts14:26
dpmmardy, so it worked (on the desktop) :)14:30
dpmmardy, here's what I did:14:30
dpm1. Remove existing account in system settings14:30
dpm2. Add a new account and log in in system settings14:30
dpm3. Start the app14:30
dpm4. Press the account name to authorize. That did not work, but I got a prompt from Online accounts14:31
dpm5. Go to system settings and authorize14:31
dpm6. Go back to the app and press the account name to authorize14:31
dpm7. Success: got an access token based on the new API key :)14:32
nerochiaroalex_abreu: excellent, thank you !14:35
thecosmicfrog_Hi guys. Have a question if anyone has a minute. I'm currently writing a QML app for Ubuntu Touch. When I tap a button, I want to run a JS function which created a new XMLHttpRequest() [async] and then outputs the returned string in a TextArea. The returned string is valid, but nothing gets output to the TextArea. Is this possible to do?14:46
thecosmicfrog_I'm thinking I need to use a WorkerScript to run the JavaScript to prevent the UI from blocking.14:57
mihirhey dpm :)15:34
dpmhi mihir, how are you doing?15:55
mihirdpm:  doing great :) how are you doing ?15:55
dpmmihir, doing great, too :)15:55
dpmmihir, now that we're done with calculator, are you happening to be looking for a new project to contribute?15:56
mihirdpm: yeah I am...but heard that next phase will kick start after next week or so15:57
mihirdpm: I don't have much glimps of that though15:57
dpmmihir, cool, what about the reminders app? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/RemindersApp15:59
mihirdpm: it's new app in this phase ?15:59
mihirSure let me know when are the meetings and kicking of the project15:59
undefined1Is there a channel for hacking on the shell (unity8) ? or is this the cahnnel ? thanks16:00
dpmundefined1, it's #ubuntu-unity, feel free to ask there, I'm not sure we've got many unity8 experts here16:00
undefined1channel *16:00
undefined1thanks dpm16:00
dpmmihir, the project has already started, and we've got meetings running on Wednesdays16:01
mihirOkay great !! let me try to ramp up my self16:01
dpmmihir, excellent! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/RemindersApp and https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-touch-coreapps/msg00663.html should have everything you need to get started. Let me know if there's anything that's not clear or where we can help with16:05
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nerochiaroom26er: any news on that autopilot test i asked you this morning ?18:19
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xeranashi all, have some troubles understanding ConditionalLayouts. Basically I want use A.qml when with is smaller than X, else use B.xml. Tried this https://gist.github.com/xeranas/764598118:42
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randomcppapparently click pkgs not available on the store are not removable19:48
xeranashi all, have some troubles understanding ConditionalLayouts. Basically I want use A.qml when width is smaller than X, else use B.xml. Tried this https://gist.github.com/xeranas/7645981 but doesn't work.20:11
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randomcppI don't understand why Ubuntu.Content doesn't work, after I select some images then the app turns black or unresponsive21:11
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