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mattymohggdh, I just wanted to say thanks for adding your bot to our channel and we don't need anything else12:40
hggdhmattymo: you are welcome13:47
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penguin42jsalisbury: Bug 1241871  it's reported that the upstream now has a fix in it, maybe a candidate for update?17:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 1241871 in linux (Ubuntu) "8086:0166 [ASUS ZENBOOK UX32VD] 13.10 kernels (3.11.x) Fail to light" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124187117:16
jsalisburypenguin42, thanks!  I'll take a look17:16
NikThHello, can I ask for an apport-collect command in bugs like this one ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1254867 or because it has not a package assigned apport-collect will not have any effect ?21:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 1254867 in Ubuntu "Waking from Sleep Makes Some Games Perform Sluggishly" [Undecided,New]21:47
penguin42I think a bot automatically sets it to incomplete and asks the reporter to pick a package21:48
penguin42personally I'd guess for Linux and want a set of logs gathered after a resume21:49
NikThThanks penguin42 . As I'm not sure what package is the appropriate one, I will leave it as it is.21:51
TheLordOfTimewhat does one do when you can't use `ubuntu-bug` to file a bug about something crashing, because apport itself crashes?22:15
hggdhTheLordOfTime: first step: cry. 2nd: verify if there is a bug opened against apport on that22:16
TheLordOfTimehggdh, first step cry?  lol22:16
hggdhusually, apport -- being THE eror handler -- should not crash22:16
hggdhso, I would cry first ;-)22:16
TheLordOfTimehggdh, so if apport is crashing, go curl up in the corner, cry, panic, and then just lay down there and sob until you die?22:16
TheLordOfTimeor, of course, my favorite:22:17
TheLordOfTimenuke the system with a clean install22:17
hggdhwhich will prolly not solve the issue...22:17
hggdhand I did not say 'curl up & cry', I just said cry. Some 5 seconds is enough22:17
hggdhhow did apport crash? Backtrace available?22:18
TheLordOfTimeno idea22:18
TheLordOfTimethe user who asked it on ask ubuntu's main chat isn/t there22:18
TheLordOfTimeand i have questions for em22:18
hggdhk. I do remember some issues on apport some time ago, perhaps the user needs to dist-upgrade22:18
TheLordOfTimehggdh, http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/12337200#12337200 and the next several messages after that are relevant22:19
TheLordOfTime13.10 was the offending system22:19
TheLordOfTimemy first quesiton was "Did they in-place upgrade 13.04 to 13.10?"22:20
TheLordOfTimebut of course i'm 8 hours late to the party22:20
hggdhyeah, without knowing how ubuntu-bug crashes, it is difficult to say where is the issue :-(22:22
hggdhand... who is filemanager?22:23
hggdhhum. I cannot even log in to the stackexchange chat...22:35
TheLordOfTimehggdh, do you have an askubuntu nick?22:35
TheLordOfTimeif so you login to askubuntu first :P22:35
TheLordOfTimethen access the chat22:35
hggdhI did...22:39
hggdhbah. I will get thru it later. Try with another browser, etc22:39
TheLordOfTimethe person who was having the issues isn't around though22:41
hggdhyeah. Until s/he comes back, hopefully, I will have squared out my issue with login22:41
hggdhI wonder if 2-factor auth is playing a role22:41
TheLordOfTimecould be22:48
TheLordOfTimehggdh, you using google to login or something?22:48
TheLordOfTimebecause i just use launchpad.net as my openid auth22:48
TheLordOfTimeand it works xD22:48
hggdhI was also using lp.net. It does not work... So I tried having one tab on lp.net (logged), and one tab on askubuntu (logged). Stil, chat.stackexchange fails22:50
hggdhchecked probably blockage, found I was blocking data from stackauth.com; allowed it, checked OK, tried again -- still fails22:50
TheLordOfTimecache nuke22:52
NikTh https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1254834 , how is this possible ?22:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 1254834 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Can't report bug with apport because /var has no free space" [Undecided,New]22:56
NikThThe whole root partition is filled up, I guess. /var is under /root. If the user had a separate /var , I guess s/he would know what to do in order to free /var space. ;-)22:59
NikThShould I convert it to a question or not ?23:01
hggdhNikTh: my first feeling is that it should be a question -- be it the same partition (usual) or a different one (rare, user *must* know what is being done), the fact is there is no space...23:03
NikThI will convert it to a question then. Thanks hggdh23:05
hggdheven more given the error message asks for cleaning up space23:05
NikThCorrect :-)23:09
NikThhmm, I have a problem with the RSS feed (Firefox bookmark) right now. It shows only 10 results.23:11
hggdhNikTh: you mean the Launchpad bugs feed? If so, you can /join #ubuntu-bugs-announce23:14
NikThYes bugs feed I mean. Thanks hggdh23:14
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TheLordOfTimeyeah the bugs announce channel is nicer :P23:32
penguin42latest bugs are always boring23:32
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, i have the ones for nginx on highlight23:33
TheLordOfTimei'm expecting people from Apache to try and change the nginx default docroot23:33
TheLordOfTime... which violates Debian policy...23:33
ubot2Debian bug 730382 in nginx "nginx: Please change the default document root to /var/www/html" [Important,Open]23:33
TheLordOfTimewhy's it open it should be won'tfix23:34
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, apparently, 11.5.4 debian policy states not to use /var/www/html... http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-customized-programs.html#s-web-appl23:35
TheLordOfTimei think the apache people are crazy23:35
TheLordOfTimethey tried in Debian, it was rejected by the maintainers.  if they try in Ubuntu i'll slap them quoting the debian bug and debian policy...23:37
TheLordOfTimehggdh, Ubuntu tries to follow Debian policy as closely as they can, no?23:37
TheLordOfTimeor is there a different policy set in play for packages?23:37
penguin42TheLordOfTime: So where does nginx currently have it's root?23:37
TheLordOfTime(and how they behave)23:37
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, /usr/share/nginx (WHICH IS ACKNOWLEDGED AS WRONG!)23:37
TheLordOfTimegonna be /usr/share/doc/nginx next upload23:38
TheLordOfTime(per 11.5.4 http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-customized-programs.html#s-web-appl )23:38
TheLordOfTimeat least that's what was implied23:38
penguin42TheLordOfTime: What's a bit weird is that's where I'd expect documentation about the package, not the base place it serves it's documents from23:38
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, it's debian...23:38
TheLordOfTimeblame them23:38
TheLordOfTimeWeb Document Root23:39
TheLordOfTimeWeb Document Root23:39
TheLordOfTimeWeb Applications should try to avoid storing files in the Web Document Root. Instead they should use the /usr/share/doc/package directory for documents and register the Web Application via the doc-base package.23:39
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, i blame debian policy, because i'd expect the same you expect.23:39
TheLordOfTimeapache is the only webserver that has a requirement use of /var/www/html apparently though23:39
TheLordOfTimeand apparently Apache is saying "We're the debian standard, so follow us!'23:39
TheLordOfTimewhen they're violating debian policy.23:39
penguin42TheLordOfTime: Are we reading this the right way - does 'Web application' mean a server?  or does it mean a set of things that get served?23:40
TheLordOfTime11.5 header penguin4223:40
TheLordOfTime11.5 Web servers and applications23:40
TheLordOfTimeThis section describes the locations and URLs that should be used by all web servers and web applications in the Debian system.23:40
penguin42sigh, ok23:40
TheLordOfTime(sorry if i come off as an ass, i'm slightly under the weather, it's not intended)23:40
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TheLordOfTimepenguin42, the one time i get to tell someone from Apache off, though, was quoting the exact policy on the debian bug xD23:40
penguin42TheLordOfTime: The thing is that's also insecure, it means that the default setup is to serve the things including things like changelog etc so you can see package version23:41
TheLordOfTime(note: Debian BTS and iMail's mail formatting don't play nice)23:41
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, true, which was a concern23:41
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, however, this could also be fixed by /var/www symlinking to the file source23:41
penguin42TheLordOfTime: And you don't want people screwing around with files in /usr/share/doc which will break next time the package gets updated23:41
TheLordOfTimebut until Debian policy is changed i don't think nginx is going to be changing things23:41
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, that's for the default config...23:41
TheLordOfTimeall default configs are designed as examples23:41
TheLordOfTimenot "Serve from here" things23:42
TheLordOfTimemost SANE sysadmins write their own directives and different docroot locations23:42
* TheLordOfTime shrugs23:42
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, still, i find it interesting Debian Policy and APache disagree23:42
TheLordOfTimebut i do see your security observation there23:42
TheLordOfTime(if nginx has an MIR and the security team notices that i may bring it up)23:43
penguin42TheLordOfTime: Yeh I suppose everyone does do their own config - I suppose I was thinking about the simplistic cases23:43
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, you mean the people that want everything to "just work"... right?23:43
TheLordOfTimethe people who are ignorant to the intricacies of sysadminning :P23:43
penguin42TheLordOfTime: Yeh, like if you just want a simple little internal webserver - not a full serving critical stuff23:44
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, but there's a difference between "make it work" and sane, IT-security-common-sense configurations23:45
TheLordOfTimea good sysadmin knows how to configure things.23:45
TheLordOfTime... hmmm, do we even have /var/www in a default setup?23:45
penguin42shrug, don't know23:45
* TheLordOfTime pokes -server because the server team would know23:46
penguin42TheLordOfTime: I'd point it to a subdir of /usr/share/doc/nginx - e.g. /usr/share/doc/nginx/default-doc-root   or something like that23:46
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, however nginx does it they'll do it23:46
TheLordOfTimei think there's suggestion to have an /html folder inside /usr/share/doc/nginx23:46
TheLordOfTimeat least, drifting around23:46
penguin42that would make sense23:46
TheLordOfTimeroot /usr/share/nginx/html;  <-- default config23:47
TheLordOfTimedefault config as of 1.4.323:47
TheLordOfTimei haven't packaged 1.4.4 from Debian yet23:47
TheLordOfTimealthough that would be the same, the change hasn't popped up until after 1.4.423:47
TheLordOfTimeso it'll be in 1.4.4-somenumber or 1.4.523:47
* TheLordOfTime shrugs23:47
penguin42TheLordOfTime: Do you do things like add selinux rules for it?23:48
TheLordOfTimeI personally don't.23:48
* TheLordOfTime isn't maintainer23:48
TheLordOfTimethat'd have been done by the maintainers before me23:48
TheLordOfTimeif there's SEL rules for it, they're drifting around somewhere, or just not in the debian packages23:48
TheLordOfTimeprobably be in the centos repos though23:48
penguin42sorry, I actually meant apparmour23:49
TheLordOfTimei don't think there's any rules for that23:49
TheLordOfTimebut i only run basic-needed features, lock down everything else in the nginx config23:49
* TheLordOfTime yawns23:49
TheLordOfTimebleh coffee time again...23:49
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, it shouldn't be too hard to generate an apparmor profile though23:56
* TheLordOfTime shrugs23:56
TheLordOfTimenever tried it, maybe i'll mess with it on my testing system23:56
penguin42TheLordOfTime: Probably best not to enable by default (because it complicates setup) but might be useful to ship disabled23:57
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, i don't know if there's any default profiles made available, i could find out but i don't see one anywhere23:57
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, remind me where the apparmor profile(s) would exist in a pacage?23:58
TheLordOfTimeone of my EC2s has 150+ updates o.O23:58
TheLordOfTimei guess unattended-updates isn't doing its job23:58
penguin42somewhere under /etc/apparmor.d I think23:59
* TheLordOfTime grumbles at his ec223:59
TheLordOfTimeit's hung up on downloading a bzip2 index with apt >.>23:59

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