Mirvvila: I didn't get your 'why not a regular MP', when I was suggesting to disable the radeon from the config. you should do the merge proposal against the config but you need to deploy the change regardless of the bzr change.05:06
Mirvjosepht: I don't think you need me to check whether something is running on radeon.. for jobs I guess it's ok if it's still deployed, just look it's idle at http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/? and if you need it for investigations, remove it from the lp:cupstream2distro-config first.05:08
vilaMirv: because I found it weird that you didn't file the MP. There are enough things that are not (yet!) under version control and are therefore hard to track, to add confusion by not using version control for stuff that is already using it ;)06:31
vilaMirv: now, what about:06:31
vila<vila> Mirv: 'long annoying detail of the next job breaking after abort' as in this problem has been know  ? Since when ?06:31
Mirvvila: I didn't file a MP because I left it for you to decide whether the problems can be solved or if the radeon machine needs to be taken off from rthe grid06:34
MirvI just thought that if you need the diff, I'll offer it06:34
Mirvvila: that problem of error-after-abort has been seen before, but just not fixed. not really sure when it was first noticed.06:35
vilaMirv: ack, then I've good news, expect it to soon be a thing of the past: http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/otto-test-radeon/label=qa-radeon-7750/61/console06:37
vilaMirv: I'm not fully awake yet and have an urgent dentist appointment to attend 1h30 from now06:37
Mirvvila: nice!06:38
vilaMirv: I'll check where this fix need to be deployed then06:38
Mirvvila: ok, have "fun" there06:38
vilaMirv: and then I think we need to discuss how to interact around this kind of issues, otto node provisioning is too complex to handle given the occurrence of these incidents. Who is responsible for them is unclear, I think you'll be better served if you could manage them yourself but at the same time there are cases where the ci team need to take control. I don't think this case was one of them.06:43
vilaMirv: so for the next hours, don't abort jobs ;) But lower the timeout ?06:44
vilaMirv: or as a really dirty trick, if you get stuck, run the job I pointed above, it will stop the container06:46
Mirvok, testing running something then using the test job if needed06:49
jibelMirv, vila OOC, why do you need to abort jobs?07:21
vilajibel: Mirv needs to when they are stuck and the timeout is too long for him, hence the advice to reduce it (dunno who set it to 330 mins...)07:32
jibelvila, but why are they stuck? It usually means something went wrong isn't it?07:46
vilajibel: AFAIK in this case, the Xserver inside the container crashed, and I think aborting is the wrong idea as it means the Xorg.0.log file is not collected which means Mirv can't provide it upstream07:52
* vila dentist &07:52
jibelvila, ah, okay, maybe this condition could be checked in the runner and exit when X dies as there is no point in running tests without it07:53
jibelvila, and I agree 330min is a very long timeout, it used to be 2hours because unity testsuite takes 90min07:58
didrocksIIRC, it was extended for the Mir guys to debug without needing us to prevent the timeout, I guess it can go back to 2h + the fix jibel mentionned about detecting X08:05
jibeldidrocks, vila on the testbed you could run in background something like "while sleep 60; do pidof X || do_something_to_terminate_cleanly; done"08:22
jibelor a more elaborate version of that of couse :)08:22
Mirvwell I'm confirming the radeon still breaks, so I'll now remove its usage from config08:23
vilajibel, didrocks: right, tests should check for X and fail otherwise. That's a more specific fix that the one I'm investigating right now which is: something went wrong, clean the place. And I want that later one in place in any case as it will catch other, yet unknown, failures.08:24
Mirv(http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/autopilot-trusty-daily_release/label=qa-radeon-7750/576/console - X.org probably crashed if one would look at the logs)08:24
vilaMirv, didrocks: now I'd like to understand what your policy is regarding otto nodes availability. -nvidia absence was a blocker, now qa-radeon presence is a blocker08:27
vilagoing with the logic that -nvidia was a blocker as specific failures won't be caught, it seems to me that -radeon should be kept especially when it's not failing for all suites08:28
Mirvvila: we would need all three to be functional in order to get really trustworthy results, also in case one of them breaks we don't want it to be the last one. but having a broken machine enabled blocks more than having 2/3 working.08:29
Mirvvila: if there'd be a list of stacks it works at every time, then it could be enabled selectively of course. but the crashes might be random too.08:30
didrocksvila: I mean I want at least 208:30
didrocksvila: one isn't enough08:30
MirvI proposed now https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/cupstream2distro-config/remove_qa-radeon-7750/+merge/196494 which would remove radeon from all of the stacks for now08:30
vilaMirv: good, that's what I thought for -nvidia so happy to see some convergence there08:31
vilaMirv: 'random crashes' indeed is what this catch-all fix is about, needs a bit of refinement as it assumes there is a single container running (and I want a clear error message otherwise)08:33
vilaMirv, didrocks: only autopilot-*-daily_release jobs ever run otto tests right ?08:34
didrocksvila: I guess there is another one that jibel put in place for community apps ^08:34
viladidrocks: on q-jenkins ?08:34
didrocksIIRC, yeah08:35
viladidrocks: ack, thanks, I'll followup with fginther about that then08:35
jibelvila, that was a project to run autopilot tests of desktop application written by the community, but since the move to a queternourly release, there are no slot available anymore to run them08:35
jibelI'll move that to VMs and hand it over to CI08:35
vilahioh, since you mention VMs, sorry, never found the time to get back to you about 'vga ??? not supported' remark you made when I talked about pass through08:41
vilajibel: I'm not sure we're on the same page there, to me, pass through refers to the feature where the host *ignores* the graphics card and let the kvm fully handles it (crashes included). Is that what you were referring to or something different ?08:42
vilaMirv: timeout set to 120 for now but if you feel you're still  wasting too much time, lower it again.08:44
Mirvvila: ok, thanks. where it's set, I haven't known that?08:46
vilaMirv: oh very very sorry, http://q-jenkins:8080/job/autopilot-trusty-daily_release/configure08:47
vilaMirv: build environment / Absolute / Timeout minutes08:48
didrocksogra_: please, kick an image as soon as you can08:49
vilaMirv: apologies, I shouldn't have assume you knew where that timeout was defined :-( Better repeat assumed knowledge rather giving incomplete hints :-( Painful for all involved in the end...08:51
viladidrocks: about 'it was extended for the Mir guys to debug without needing us to prevent the timeout', as in: so they can access the otto node while the job was running/suspended but the container still accessible ?08:54
didrocksvila: they had random races which prevented the session to start08:55
didrocksvila: so yeah, they wanted to dive in when this happened08:55
didrocksand most of the time, we noticed after 2 hours08:55
didrocksso too late, nearly the end of the timeout08:55
viladidrocks: ack, so in the longer term, we want to give them a way to reproduce that on a different otto node (ideally on *their* machine) so we don't have to interfer with production right ?08:56
didrocksvila: exactly08:56
didrocksvila: but as it's racy and hw dependant, we need a way to stress it to reproduce08:57
didrockswith the same hw08:57
viladidrocks: yeah, tricky balance to find...08:58
viladidrocks: but let's start with a solution that preserve production and only fallback to de-provisioning as a last resort (not to mention the landing and ci teams need a lighter process than filing a MP, land it, deploy it)09:01
didrocksvila: waiting eagerly on your patches :)09:01
viladidrocks: priorities are 1) fixing 1ss move, 2) ci airline early target(s), 3) the rest AFAIU09:02
viladidrocks: so stopping the container after the timeout sounds like the best trade-off in the short term09:03
didrocksvila: I guess it's already what happens (stopping after the timeout)09:04
didrocksjust change the timeout to 2 hours09:04
viladidrocks: and tuning the timeout to it slowest possible value should also give you faster feedback09:04
viladidrocks: yes, that's why I say: don't abort !09:04
didrocksvila: it doesn't abort, it's stopping the container09:05
viladidrocks: the issue is a container still running when the job is aborted and that happened several times in the last days no ?09:05
didrocksvila: yeah, but that's not linked to the timeout09:06
didrocksat least, not to: "vila | didrocks: so stopping the container after the timeout sounds like the best trade-off in the short term"09:06
didrocksas I said, what you told just above is already done ^09:06
didrocksanother issue is what you work from Friday if I understood correctly09:06
viladidrocks: yes, but that assumes that nobody abort jobs09:06
didrockswhich is:09:06
didrocks"if someone abort the jobs, shutdown the container"09:07
didrocks(nothing to do with timeout)09:07
viladidrocks: meh, the link between the timeout and somebody aborting the job is that if the timeout is short enough nobody *can* abort the job09:07
didrocksvila: yeah, so just move the timeout to 2h09:08
didrocksas we need 90 minutes for the unity7 tests09:08
viladidrocks: already done09:08
didrocksso, you're back to what we had initially09:08
didrockssame functionality, same bugs :)09:08
viladidrocks: can you guarantee that nobody will abort jobs ? If not I'd rather have a catch-all in place09:08
didrocksvila: ok, so there is no link if you want to add the safety net09:09
didrocksbetween the timeout and this "fix abort" case09:09
viladidrocks: don't know how to explain it....09:10
viladidrocks: people have been aborting jobs09:11
didrockswell, it's easy:09:11
didrocks- the timeout was too long09:11
jibelvila, this "jenkins cannot kill tasks it doesn't own" has been there forever, and is not specific to release testing09:11
didrocks-> just REVERT to 2h, no need for a week to discuss that, it was for a Mir race case, we didn't restore it, just do it…09:11
didrocks(and discussion closed on that one)09:11
didrocks- if someone aborts the job, we're screwed09:11
didrocks-> yeah, valid one, known from the starts, we either decide to fix it or leave it alone09:12
jibelvila, so if you can fix it for every thing running in jenkins go ahead but it's orthogonal to the daily release IMO09:12
vilajibel: thanks, didn't know if that was linked to 1ss move or not09:12
didrocksno need to have discussions on those for days :)09:12
viladidrocks: but I told you the timeout has been fixed, since you keep discussing I thought you had something else on your mind09:13
didrocksvila: no, just "the other issue isn't really link if you want a real fix for it"09:13
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didrockseven if I understand we'll get it less, as we did at first09:13
viladidrocks: right, so several potential fixes have been tried, discussed and agreement found, I came up with a new one yesterday evening and told Mirv this morning. I think that's where we stopped being on the same page ;)09:15
didrocksI don't have the start of the discussion, what was the new potential fix proposal?09:15
viladidrocks: I realize there are other fixes, better targeted, but they'll require more time. If you're fine with ensuring the jobs are not aborted anymore, I'm fine leaving that ticking bomb at peace for now.09:16
vila<vila> Mirv: ack, then I've good news, expect it to soon be a thing of the past: http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/otto-test-radeon/label=qa-radeon-7750/61/console09:17
didrocksvila: how can we ensure?09:18
viladidrocks: ensure what ? that people won't abort jobs or that we'll stop the container if they do ?09:19
didrocksvila: I don't know, just repeating your "If you're fine with ensuring the jobs are not aborted anymore" -> how do you do that?09:19
viladidrocks: that's the question you didn't answer ;)09:20
vila<vila> didrocks: can you guarantee that nobody will abort jobs ? If not I'd rather have a catch-all in place09:20
didrocksvila: well, it's a rethorical question I guess… the answer is obvisouly no09:21
didrocksvila: so, you are going to work on a fix?09:21
viladidrocks: look at that url above and you'll find a crude fix in the post build part of the job which I need to refine slightly09:22
didrocksvila: not sure what that means, apart that you detect a container running09:23
viladidrocks: that's the two encountered cases where a job can't run because the previous one was aborted.09:27
viladidrocks: or rather, one is when the previous one was aborted, the other is when the current job has started a container and *may* have left it running09:28
didrocksvila: ok09:28
sil2100Joining in a moment09:30
sil2100Damn, hangouts is taking ages today... some plugin problems09:33
sil2100Ok, getting really irritated here09:35
ogra_=== Image r29 building ===09:37
sil2100Now I have no video from anyone09:38
Mirvso, radeon was still running after deploying config changes. let's see if it helps now that I removed it also from the daily_release job09:51
evjibel: I just closed our task tracking drude and rabisu. Can you confirm that they're working as expected?09:55
ev(closed because I can confirm they're up)09:55
Mirvok everyone FYI, now it should be finally possible to run stacks sanely again and even get autopilot results09:55
jibelev, they're working. I reopened the RT because FW rules are incorrect.10:13
jibelev, I fixed the problem with the publisher, it is due to an incompatibility in matrix jobs configurations between 1.424 (version before the move) and 1.480, I added info on asana so Larry can notify other people using matrix jobs on d-jenkins10:14
jibel1.424, 1.480 = versions of jenkins10:15
jibelev, and there is still a ticket open fo the scheduler not working on d-jenkins10:15
jibelev, but I think it's a bug in jenkins when a request for shutdown is cancelled and can only be fixed with a restart10:16
evjibel: awesome, thank you for all of that!10:17
Saviqev, hey, seems the otto runner is b0rked somehow https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-trusty/957/console10:49
Saviqev, twice today it complained about being unable to start the lxc container10:50
ogra_=== image r29 DONE ===10:51
evotp for another 30-45min10:54
popeywow, when did we add the sound of a 1920's typewriter to the keyboard?11:09
popeydidrocks: RSS Reader is working mostly fine, found a bug and filed it, File manager seems to be an AP issue, most issues relating to pop overs.11:22
didrockspopey: ok, keep me posting on all other discoveries :)11:23
didrocksthanks ;)11:23
popeywill do11:23
popeyhttp://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2013-11-25-112323.png is fun11:23
popeyphone got stuck between two scopes11:23
ev^ vila is the problem Saviq is experiencing further fallout from what we just discussed on the phone?11:26
Saviqpopey, unity8 crashed?11:27
popeyit just got wedged a bit when I searched in the home then while results returned I swiped across11:27
popeyafter I took that pick I swiped and it locked on to the scope fine11:28
Saviqpopey, if you can reproduce, please bug11:28
popeyyeah, trying11:28
vilaev: not exactly and this one seems to be s-jenkins, not q-jenkins11:48
evoh right11:48
* ev digs11:48
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
popeySaviq: managed to do it again, not quite sure how, will file a bug12:07
popeySaviq: bug 125469312:10
ubot5bug 1254693 in Unity 8 "Unity sometimes gets stuck between two scopes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125469312:10
popeySaviq: lemme know if you need any logs off the phone12:10
Saviqpopey, logs likely won't help, steps to reproduce would be good if you find them12:13
ogra_xnox, did you happen to test the libc6 changes on touch ? (my client disconnected, havent seen the outcome of the conversation on the weekend)13:05
xnoxogra_: no i did not. plus i don't have mako/maguro.13:07
ogra_xnox, grouper is a target this cycle ;)13:07
ogra_ok, then i'll do that testing later today13:07
Mirvso what was again the status with the unity8 problem?13:14
MirvI'm wondering whether I could push the mir builds to the PPA or if unity8 needs to be built still which would pull unwanted dependencies in case I'd push for mir13:15
Mirveither way I can probably work on mir tomorrow morning before the meeting13:16
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didrocksMirv: oh, you didn't release Mir yet?13:23
Mirvdidrocks: nope, not enough time for today unfortunately to run all the tests anyhow. I'm just thinking whether there was any problem in preparing the PPA now so that I can run tests tomorrow morning.13:27
sil2100didrocks: and I almost forgot the publish button! Can you ACK a packaging change? http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/QA/job/cu2d-qa-head-3.0publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_autopilot_1.4+14.04.20131125-0ubuntu1.diff13:28
viladidrocks, Mirv: catch-all to stop containers on aborted jobs is now in place for http://q-jenkins:8080/job/autopilot-trusty-daily_release/13:29
didrocksMirv: good for me to prepare the ppa13:29
didrocksvila: great!13:30
Mirvdidrocks: thanks. one more thing, is this current manual stack run intentional and is it planned to change now that I disabled radeon again?13:30
Mirv(ie build_all disabled)13:30
didrockssil2100: +113:30
didrocksMirv: you can enable it again I guess13:30
Mirvok, enabling13:31
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Mirvupdated the stack status page as well13:32
didrocksthanks Mirv!13:44
didrockshey fginther13:59
fgintherdidrocks, morning13:59
dobeydidrocks, lool: do i need to do a landing ask to add a pkg-config file to a -dev package as well, for a source that has some binaries on the touch image? (the -dev package itself isn't on the image of course, and the other binary packages will not be changed)14:03
didrocksdobey: if nothing else change and you test a rebuild didn't bring anything/change anything, please go ahead14:06
dobeyok, great. thanks14:06
cjwatsonvila: ddeb -> package containing debug symbols, currently hosted on ddebs.ubuntu.com14:23
cjwatsonwe strip those off executables automatically during build14:23
cjwatsonapport-retrace makes use of them when people upload crash reports containing core dumps14:23
cjwatsonor people can run apport-retrace manually to diagnose issues, or even install the ddebs directly14:24
vilacjwatson: oh ! debug debs, why are they involved for ci ?14:24
cjwatsonbecause we're copying packages into the primary archive, and therefore ideally need to make sure ddebs are available for those copied binaries14:24
cjwatsonunfortunately ddebs are implemented with a giant hack on the backend right now so that's tricky14:25
cjwatsonthe work to fix that has been planned for a while and about 90% implemented14:25
cjwatsonI think it's currently blocked on moving the librarian to swift14:25
vilacjwatson: oooh, so you want to make sure debs are not blindly copied without their ddeb ?14:25
cjwatsonright, and also: ddebs need to be created in the first place14:26
cjwatsonwhich can only be done while building the debs14:26
vilacjwatson: right, ok14:26
cjwatsonwgrant has done a good deal of work on the copy logic etc.14:26
Saviqev, any word on the failing containers?14:27
ev^ josepht should be able to update you14:27
Saviqev, thanks14:27
josephtSaviq: I'm still looking at it.  It seems jenkins has a gnome-session open but I haven't tracked down exactly why yet.14:28
popeydidrocks: calendar app failing in #29, run tests locally and it fails here too, but the app itself works. so probably ap issue.14:29
Saviqjosepht, thanks14:29
popeypaging balloons.. http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/29:20131125:20131125/5091/calendar-app-autopilot/ - these failures. can someone take a look at them? Do you need a bug filed?14:30
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
didrockspopey: tell him "no thanksgiving for you if not fixed by TOMORROW" ;)14:40
didrockspopey: I heard there is one every year, they can get into next year one :)14:41
popeythey have way too many holidays14:42
popeyas do you lot!14:42
* popey lumps "europeans" together14:42
* popey is of course just jealous ㋛14:42
balloonspopey, https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-new-event-test/+merge/19542114:47
balloonsit was fixed last week14:47
balloonsneeds to get pushed to the images14:47
balloonsprobably end up with a whole sleuth of stuff to push in again14:48
popeygood stuff14:48
popeywill poke sergio when he is around14:48
* popey hugs balloons 14:48
* balloons peeks and sees what else isn't landed14:49
josephtSaviq: it looks like it was a gpu lockup14:55
Saviqjosepht, ok, will try to kick a job14:56
popeyballoons: lets get the full list of things that need updating and I'll test them for sergio so we can get them in the next image14:56
josephtSaviq: wait, I think I'll need to have someone kick the machine first :)14:57
josephtrfowler: ping14:57
Saviqjosepht, ok14:57
didrocksballoons: can you check with sergio maybe about those?15:11
balloonsdidrocks, yes, popey and I will work with sergio and land stuff :-)15:11
didrocksballoons: can you tell me once it's done? (even by email)15:12
balloonspopey rejected the fixes last time :-)15:12
didrocksso that I know what we can expect in the next images15:12
balloonsdidrocks, sure, I'll email15:12
didrocksbad bad popey!15:12
didrocksogra_: so, I discussed with asac, and he agrees on the "promote now"15:13
didrocksogra_: is everything good from your perspective on image 28?15:14
ogra_just wanted to make sure we dont bypass him15:14
didrocksogra_: yeah, talk to various people and they agree I can tell the decision in the future, but let's see as well if asac agrees once back15:14
didrocksogra_: let's way for final popey's feedback then and publish if ok15:14
ogra_didrocks, hmm, the indicators dont actually match the icons ... if i switch to bluetooth in the indicator header, the messaging icon is highlighted15:18
didrocksogra_: can you file that as a bug?15:19
ogra_seems the caption odering doesnt match the icon odering here15:19
didrocksI saw that in the old days already15:19
ogra_functionally it seems to be ok though15:19
didrocksbut couldn't reproduce it reliably15:19
didrocksso maybe just a race15:19
* ogra_ reboots the phone to see if it is still there afterwards15:20
didrocksogra_: yeah, if now it happens 100% of the time, I would see that as an improvement (relatively speaking :p)15:20
didrocksbut at least, we'll have a way to fix it more easily ;)15:21
ogra_definitely reliable15:21
didrocksit's weird, but I would "\o/"15:21
ogra_see #ubuntu-touch15:21
ogra_seems there is even already a bug15:21
didrocksok, nice! at least, we'll be able to kill it definitively :)15:22
popeydidrocks: 28 is okay from my perspective15:25
didrockspopey: great!15:26
ogra_same here15:26
didrocksogra_: please promote, I have an email ready (just need popey to ack it, it's a little bit special and I want to have it right ;))15:26
josephtrfowler: unping15:26
josephtSaviq: okay, you are clear to kick a job15:27
Saviqjosepht, thanks15:27
Ursinhaogra_, didrocks, do you monitor regression bugs whenever checking if a image is good to go or not? The bugs I filed were tagged regression15:28
didrocksUrsinha: I monitor with tabs15:28
Ursinhaincluding the indicator bug15:28
ogra_=== Image r28 PROMOTED ===15:29
* didrocks sends email15:31
didrocksUrsinha: I don't track the tags, but bugs directly TBH15:31
rsalvetiis 28 better than the previous one, even with a few regressions?15:31
rsalvetiin theory we don't want to promote something that we know that has regression15:32
ogra_rsalveti, it a lot worse15:32
rsalvetithen why did we promote it?15:32
ogra_image 10 was the last one ...15:32
ogra_28 was just promoted15:32
rsalvetiright, but are you using it as your daily phone?15:33
ogra_rsalveti, because people are starting to nag i guess15:33
rsalvetidon't push images that are known to be broken15:33
didrocksrsalveti: it's not worse, the test failures are false positives15:33
rsalvetiit's a pita15:33
rsalvetiUrsinha is using as her daily phone15:33
ogra_didrocks, it is full of crashes15:33
didrocks(or negatives)15:33
didrocksogra_: the crashes are on exit15:33
Ursinhadidrocks, I found a couple regressions I filed, plus some I still need to file...15:33
didrocksas discussde this morning15:33
rsalvetiand I stopped counting the amount of times Ursinha complained that something stopped working15:34
rsalvetiand 10 was indeed better15:34
rsalvetiplease, don't promote broken stuff15:34
didrocksUrsinha: the indicator one was a race that happened before (in image 10), I'm not aware/no one mentionned other regressions before we promoted15:34
didrocksdid we?15:34
ogra_rsalveti, thats why i asked for asac approval for it15:34
didrocksand asac +1 on those premise15:34
ogra_i didnt feel like promoting it15:34
rsalvetiwell, we all need to agree when to promote something15:34
rsalvetiand not wait for asac to decide15:34
ogra_rsalveti, clear statement was equal or better than 1015:35
rsalvetiright, and it's not equal, it's worse it seems15:35
ogra_we didnt have any such image in the last two weeks15:35
Ursinhaogra_, if it has a regression can I consider it worse?15:35
ogra_Ursinha, yes15:35
Ursinhaogra_, so........15:35
rsalvetistill, we don't want to break people dogfooding it15:35
rsalvetiremember, we have people using dogfooding it15:36
didrocksso, do you have a real list of regressions and why weren't they brought up there?15:36
ogra_Ursinha, dont look at me ... i wouldnt hve promoted it ... we explicitly asked asac for approval15:36
rsalvetididrocks: are you using it as your daily phone?15:36
didrocksrsalveti: I do use it15:36
Ursinhadidrocks, that was my question :) I've been filing bugs and being careful enough to add the regression tag to it so they can be found15:36
rsalvetididrocks: with trusty?15:36
Ursinhaif they're not, we need to do something about it, because depending on nagging people to have it looked at doesn't scale15:36
didrocksUrsinha: do you have a link across launchpad, I told I'm tracking bugs that was up here15:36
didrocksrsalveti: yep15:36
rsalvetiand would you like to use/have new regressions?15:37
didrocksrsalveti: but I'm using -proposed15:37
rsalvetior would you like to have a working phone?15:37
Ursinhadidrocks, you can have a list of bugs tagged regression for a list of projects, if you need I can craft an script for you that does that15:37
rsalvetiyeah, we need a list of regressions asap15:37
didrocksrsalveti: again, a list please, all what I need15:37
rsalvetiwe shouldn't accept regressions15:37
rsalvetithat's the only way to move forward15:37
Ursinhawe can't consider all bugs tagged regression because that would bring lots of unrelated bugs, but we need to be sure that all the projects important to us are being checked for regression bugs15:37
UrsinhaI can do that15:37
didrocksfrom my experience, I just heard here about "the indicator one" that I can reproduce here15:38
Ursinhadidrocks, exactly15:38
didrockswhich I saw before15:38
rsalvetiUrsinha: dogfooding-regression?15:38
didrocksbut only once15:38
didrocksso it seems a race becoming reliably failing15:38
rsalvetiI was able to reproduce it with 2815:38
* ogra_ too15:38
rsalvetiand we have a bug already, ogra_ as well15:38
rsalvetiso why did we promote 28 hahah15:38
Ursinhadidrocks, I'm trying to create a way of tagging all important bugs in a way no reported and confirmed bugs slip15:38
Ursinharsalveti, it was there on 27 already15:39
didrocksUrsinha: that would be excellent, so that we have a direct access on that list15:39
* ogra_ admits he didnt test r27 ... the tst results looked so bad it didnt look worth it ... 15:39
ogra_(thugh r28 doesnt actually look much better)15:39
* Ursinha kicks the hell out of ogra_ 15:39
rsalvetibut worse than 1015:40
didrocks*again*, popey confirmed the test results are false positives15:40
didrockshe tried them manually, all after another15:40
ogra_popey, its all your fault :P15:40
Ursinhadidrocks, I can do that, only need to know the projects that are important to us that should be tracked15:40
Ursinhaall projects and avengers wiki page and what else?15:40
didrocksUrsinha: well, I guess everything in the phone, so it's a big list :)15:41
didrocksfrom lihybris to Unity815:41
didrocksor we need a metaproject15:41
didrockslike affect phone15:41
ogra_everything thats seeded15:41
Ursinhaogra_, touch or all images?15:42
ogra_touch for us15:42
Ursinhawe need 1) list of packages, 2) list of upstream projects15:42
ogra_no idea if anyone actuvely looks at desktop regressions that way15:42
Ursinhathere are bugs reported against the projects but not the packages in ubuntu15:42
* ogra_ assumes desktop people know their packages OOTB15:42
davmor2ogra_: it's always popey 's fault15:42
ogra_Ursinha, that breaks our bug filing policy15:42
Ursinhathe packages in desktop (and other teams) can be tracked by subscribing a team to them, you have the list of affected packages in that way15:43
Ursinhabut as I said, not only packages need to be tracked, but also projects15:43
Ursinhaogra_, what's the bug filing policy?15:43
ogra_Ursinha, bugs *need* to be filed against the ubunu packages ... preferably using ubuntu-bug ... filing them additionally against upstream projects is optionsl15:43
rsalvetiwell, we only need to track (from the touch perspective) the packaged affecting the touch seeds15:43
Ursinhaogra_, okay, so what's broken isn't the policy, but people that are filing bugs need to do that when filing bugs15:44
ogra_we only care for the bugs in the ubuntu archive .. which means they nneed to be filed against the packages not the project15:44
UrsinhaI'm only tracking what exists today, there are people that file bugs only against the upstream projects...15:44
rsalvetiwe need to work on disabling the bug tracking system for the upstream projects15:44
rsalvetiand only use the package one15:44
didrocksrsalveti: +115:44
didrocksit all just brought confusion15:44
ogra_rsalveti, well, not really ...15:44
dobeydidrocks: just dput ubuntuone-credentials with the aforementioned .pc file addition; thanks15:44
Ursinhawe need to tell people to file bugs against packages as well15:44
didrocksdobey: yw, thanks to you!15:45
rsalvetiUrsinha: that doesn't work reliably15:45
ogra_rsalveti, upstream projects should still be able to use a bugtracker for i.e. wishlist bugs etc15:45
rsalvetipeople we then depend on people :-)15:45
Ursinharsalveti, so you're suggesting people to file two bugs, one against upstream and another against the package?15:45
rsalvetiogra_: right, if they want, sure15:45
ogra_Ursinha, s/as well//15:45
Ursinhathat's what I'm saying, launchpad happily supports that already15:45
rsalvetiogra_: but I believe we can disable most of them (for the ones we are the upstream)15:45
rsalvetias we want trunk to always be reflected in the distro15:46
* ogra_ is sure asac wrote a mail about bug filing policies15:46
dobeythe biggest problem i've had with bug filers, is that they file bugs directly rather than using ubuntu-bug15:46
didrocksrsalveti: just to be clear, I didn't revert the status on the bug, I just renamed the project (and conflicting edits)15:47
dobeyand that's even harder on touch as there's no good way to "report a bug" against a specific package15:47
ogra_dobey, filing directly is fine as long as the bugs go into the right pocket ...15:47
rsalvetididrocks: yup, mid-air collision15:48
ogra_dobey, jzst add +filebug to the url ...15:48
dobeyogra_: it's not fine, because the reporter tends to not provide valuable information that ubuntu-bug does provide15:48
ogra_not rocket science15:48
Ursinhadobey, ogra_ , we need to have a clear policy on how to report these bugs that affect touch packages/upstreams15:48
UrsinhaI'd be happy to do whatever I'm told, but it needs to be told somehow :)15:48
ogra_Ursinha, eth clear policy is "file against the package in ubuntu, dont file against upstream projects"15:49
ogra_wether you use ubuntu-bug or not, it needs to go against the package in any case15:49
rsalvetipolicy might not work as we expect15:49
rsalvetipeople will still use either the package or the upstream project15:49
rsalvetias we depend on people doing the right thing15:50
Ursinhaogra_, that's not what https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers says15:50
rsalvetiand that never works as expected :-)15:50
Ursinhaall the filebug links go to the upstream packages, it seems15:50
dobeyit's fine if the bug report contains all the information, filed by someone who knows what they're doing. but random person filing a bug doesn't tend to do that15:50
ogra_Ursinha, sigh, and one cant even complain about that crap to them because the ML is invite only15:51
Ursinhapopey, ^15:51
Ursinhapopey, avengers wiki page points people to file bug against upstream projects, not ubuntu packages15:52
Ursinhaand according to ogra_ that's not the official policy15:52
ogra_popey, that bug tracking crap poolicy https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengersmakes us miss all distro bugs with the tools we use15:53
Ursinhaand maybe because of that my regression bug was missed15:53
popeyok, it's a wiki, people can edit it if it's wrong15:53
popeyi dont see a problem15:53
ogra_popey, so you mean i should just delete 90% of the page ?15:53
Ursinhapopey, the problem is if that's is there there's a reason, we won't remove all we think it's wrong before discussing that with people that created that page and the process15:53
ogra_this is just crap ... we will miss all bugs15:53
* ogra_ wonders why ev didnt scream out loud 15:54
ogra_they wont end up on errors.u.c ever15:54
popeywhy not edit it, link to the right pages?15:54
didrockspopey: "exterminate" :)15:54
Ursinhapopey, read my last message :)15:54
ogra_popey, right, i would just replaces it with a redirect to distro bug tracking policies15:54
popeythat wouldn't be helpful to people who don't know what lives in what package15:54
popeysome of the people filing bugs don't know whether something is a unity bug or indicator bug15:55
ogra_popey, telling people to file bugs against upstream projects while everyone looks in the distro bugtrackers for bugs is just a mess15:55
popeyhence why there's a nice easy list15:55
popeyI didnt say we should ogra_15:55
Ursinhagood, now we're talking15:55
popeyI said the page should be edited to point to the correct place to file bugs15:55
ogra_popey, no, the page does15:55
rsalvetimaybe a nice human-readable wiki page pointing upstream projects to packages15:55
popeyyes, and I said it can be corrected15:55
t1mphttps://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-trusty/970/console looks like an issue with jenkins, right?15:55
ogra_popey, it has upstream "file a bug here" links in the table15:55
rsalvetiand then giving the distro bug tracking policy wiki page link15:55
popeyyes ogra_15:55
popeyyou appear not to be reading the lines where I agree with you15:56
ogra_popey, so people all file their bugs upstream15:56
t1mpiti s from this MR https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/tabbar-closes-toolbar/+merge/19653615:56
popeyI understand the problem and have proposed a simple solution15:56
rsalvetiso people can at least know which package is affected when a scope is not working (or at least how to find the right package)15:56
popeyedit the wiki so it points to the right place to file bugs15:56
Ursinhapopey, can we add to the Avengers page the list of correspondent ubuntu packages for each upstream, and tell them to mark their bugs as affecting distro and the said package?15:57
ogra_Ursinha, that should rather be by mail imho15:57
rsalvetiUrsinha: we don't want the avengers to be opening bugs against the upstream project15:57
rsalvetibecause people are testing what is available in the image15:57
rsalvetiwhich is just the package15:57
Ursinhaogra_, mail? wtf?15:57
ogra_Ursinha, the wikipage needs to lose all the links to the trackers and point to the generic ubuntu bug filing pages15:57
popey1. edit page to correct issues, 2. email users of the page. 3. ?? 4. profit!15:57
popeyI would not wipe out the table just to point to one generic bug filing page15:58
ogra_Ursinha, if upstreams want the bugs additionally in tehir upstream tracker they can indeed do that, but that shouldnt be noted on a wiki15:58
popeythat would be a regression15:58
Ursinharsalveti, the package is only a way of distributing the upstream project, how come a bug in a package is unrelated to its upstream?15:58
UrsinhaI might be missing something obvious here15:58
ogra_popey, well, just the column with all these bug links15:59
ogra_people will follow them15:59
popeyogra_: why cant those bug links be replaced with the right links to the ubuntu bug reporting links in launchpad?15:59
rsalvetiUrsinha: it might be, but not necessarily15:59
popeyi.e. https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+filebug?field.tags=avengers replaced with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mir/+filebug?field.tags=avengers16:00
ogra_popey, why cant they just be replaced with "use ubuntu-bug"16:00
rsalvetiUrsinha: that's why I don't see why we should be linking everything to the upstream project16:00
Ursinharsalveti, what's the most common case? a bug being in upstream and therefore in the package?16:00
rsalvetijust use packages, and if the upstream want to link it there, then they can do that16:00
popeyogra_: if that works sure16:00
rsalvetiUrsinha: yup16:00
Ursinhaor a bug in the package bug upstream already fixed?16:00
Ursinhaso I don't see why forbid people to file bugs against the upstream projects16:00
rsalvetiUrsinha: well, don't have the data to tell16:00
popeyjust be aware that sometimes it's not convenient to run "ubuntu-bug packagename" on the phone16:00
rsalvetinot forbid, but we don't necessarily need to force them to do it16:00
Ursinharsalveti, we're "forcing" them to file a bug, it doesn't matter the target16:01
rsalvetiin theory our upstreams should be watching for package-related bugs anyway16:01
Ursinhain launchpad you have one issue and might have several affected pieces16:01
seb128it makes life easier to "close" the bugs section on the upstream project16:01
seb128we did that for the settings16:02
Ursinhaso I don't see a reason to prevent people filing bugs against the upstream project, if we can target the bug as affecting the ubuntu package as well16:02
seb128that was a great move16:02
seb128you end up with having 2 lists slightly not in sync16:02
seb128having to change 2 lines every time16:02
seb128it's just headaches to work with that setup16:02
popeyogra_: what would you link someone to if they said "how do i file a bug on the device?"?16:02
rsalvetiUrsinha: just because it's usually easier to track it just at one place16:02
rsalvetisuch as seb128 said16:02
Ursinharsalveti, if upstream people agree on using only the ubuntu package to track problems that's fine16:03
ogra_popey, i would just say "adb shell ubuntu-bug"16:03
ogra_popey, instead of looking up a wikipage :)16:03
rsalvetiUrsinha: that should be our default path imho16:04
rsalvetiand if the upstream wants to enable upstream bug tracking, they can do so16:04
Ursinharsalveti, so we need people to agree on that and we'll be all fine16:04
Ursinhamy suggestion since the beginning was to make default people to file bugs/mark as affecting ubuntu packages16:04
Ursinhanothing else16:04
Ursinhathat's what is important to you, right? that will (try to) guarantee bugs will be tracked and nothing will be missed16:05
* popey fixes the wiki page16:05
Ursinhapopey, I guess the problem isn't the wiki page per se, but the fact that there's no clear policy on how to file bugs and because of that one regression bug was overlooked...16:08
popeyit is to some degree16:08
* davmor2 wixes the fiki page that popey is on :D muhahahahaha16:08
Ursinhadidrocks, what can be done is having a team in launchpad then subscribing said team to all the seeded packages, this way you won't miss any important bugs, would that work for you?16:10
didrocksUrsinha: yeah, I like that plan16:10
didrocksUrsinha: maybe check with the QA team as well?16:11
didrocksas they will be the other ones I guess to use that16:11
Ursinhadidrocks, okay, will do16:11
ogra_popey, i think you need the no_redirect magic in the link too16:11
popeygood call16:12
popeyogra_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers better?16:16
* ogra_ hugs popey 16:16
ogra_(sorry if i sounded harsh before ...)16:16
popeySame here.16:17
tedgSo I've got a test failing because of old upstart, but 1.11 is in trusty.  https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/upstart-app-launch-trusty-amd64-ci/17/console16:21
tedgNot sure how that could be.16:21
cwayneheya, anyone have an idea of why touch_custom tests weren't run?16:23
plarscwayne: looking16:23
plarscwayne: looks like we're having launchpad trouble at the moment16:29
plarscwayne: ok, should be running now16:32
cwayneplars, wonderful, thanks16:33
Ursinhadidrocks, do you discuss when/if an image is going to be promoted at the daily landing meetings?16:43
didrocksUrsinha: we discussed it this morning, yeah16:43
Ursinhamaybe having a member of the QA team in that meeting would be useful to point out the relevant bugs when making such decisions (hi jfunk :))16:44
didrocksUrsinha: they are invited16:44
didrocksand were coming at some points16:44
jfunkUrsinha, didrocks -- thanks for the idea, I'll set it up for future16:45
Ursinhajfunk, I'm setting up a list with all the packages in the ubuntu touch image so it's easier to spot the regressions, that would help16:45
didrocksthanks Ursinha, that will be really helpful16:46
rsalvetifginther: what should we do when we get such issues? http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/phablet-team-ofono-ubuntu-trusty-armhf-ci/4/console16:47
fgintherrsalveti, I'll file a report for the connection issue. The only thing we can do about the failure is to retry the MP, do you want me to do that?16:51
fgintherplars, what was the launchpad trouble you mentioned?16:51
rsalvetifginther: no, that's fine, I can do it myself, just checking what would be the procedure :-)16:52
rsalvetiand thanks16:52
fgintherplars, an s-jenkins jobs failed to connect to lp, just want to know if the issues might be related16:52
plarsfginther: temporary issue with dns16:54
plarsfginther: seemed there was a bad line in the resolvconf setup, it's been taken care of now16:55
fgintherplars, did that effect the whole lab?16:59
plarsfginther: should just be kinnara16:59
plarsfginther: were you having problems from there also?16:59
plarsfginther: if so, try again16:59
fgintherplars, no, the failure was on cyclops-node0816:59
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robrudidrocks, meeting?17:08
didrocksrobru: joining17:08
sil2100I think my hangouts is badly broken17:08
didrockssil2100: ok17:08
didrockscyphermox: joining?17:09
robrusil2100, do you have an android phone? if so you can join the hangouts with that, might work better17:10
sil2100robru: I do, maybe next time I'll try that instead, but now I guess it would take too much time to set up, since my phone is a bit oldish17:11
fgintherplars, I'm seeing LP issues on lots of machines17:12
evogra_: what am I supposed to be screaming about? :)17:12
plarsfginther: example?17:12
ogra_ev, people filing all their bugs in their own upstream projects instead of ubuntu ... so that they wont end up on errors.u.c17:13
evwhat, using bugpatterns to direct crashes away from the ubuntu project in LP?17:14
fgintherplars, cyclops-node0[678]-eth0 so far17:14
fgintherplars, bzr branch fails with "bazaar.launchpad.net: Name or service not known"17:14
plarsfginther: can I ssh to those and take a look somehow?17:15
fgintherplars, yes17:15
fgintherrsalveti, looks like the problem is worse than just one builder. Looking for a resolution17:19
rsalvetifginther: cool17:20
plarsSaviq: it looks like 26 did not have the unity crash issues, but 27 did. Anything in http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20131120.2.changes that you think could be the culprit?17:22
ogra_plars, well ... Mir17:22
plarsogra_: that's what I was thinking, but I defer to the experts :)17:22
Saviqplars, are those new crash issues?17:23
Saviqplars, like, does unity8 crash all the time?17:23
plarsSaviq: these are the same crashes we talked about on friday17:23
ogra_Saviq, on shutdown apparently17:23
plarsSaviq: every single autopilot test, apparently on shutting down unity817:23
Saviqplars, so well, basically everything there could cause that17:23
Saviqplars, that has 'mir' in its name17:23
ogra_Saviq, sure, but unity produces the crash file :)17:24
ogra_no doubt a mir change is the root cause :)17:25
Saviqogra_, of course17:25
Saviqogra_, problem is it's not retrace'able :/17:25
sil2100Ok, officially I cannot get my hangouts working17:28
sil2100didrocks: I think I'll need a machine reboot, I'll do it in some moments when I'm finished with something here17:28
cyphermoxdidrocks: heads up, I'm freezing today, so don't be surprised if I'm sick tomorrow17:30
cyphermoxI can't seem to manage to get warm :(17:31
didrockscyphermox: argh, no worry dude, take care!17:31
cyphermoxstill okay today, so this might well just be a false alamr17:31
cyphermoxbut hell, it's cold here :/17:31
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rsalvetididrocks: ogra_: Ursinha: another regression, bug 125273718:32
ubot5bug 1252737 in telepathy-ofono (Ubuntu) "[regression] Ubuntu touch cannot get GSM signal if not joined to a WLAN network" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125273718:32
Ursinharsalveti, that was the problem I was facing yesterday, maybe?18:32
ogra_rsalveti, i thought that was fixed18:33
rsalvetiUrsinha: probably18:33
didrocksrsalveti: ogra_ told it was fixed18:33
ogra_(thats at least two weeks old already)18:33
didrockswasn't it?18:33
ogra_and i wasnt able to reproduce it anymore18:33
rsalvetiI can test, but the reporter said he was able to reproduce it with r2518:34
ogra_didrocks, iirc davmor2 could reproduce it reliably for a few days and also didnt have it anymore18:34
ogra_and in fact it works fine for me here18:35
ogra_just dropped off wlan ... which switched it off and got me GSM ...18:35
awe_om26er was able to reproduce today18:35
rsalvetiyou need to remove wifi and reboot18:36
awe_ogra_, so the question is how did mission control get updated?  We've certainly spent a bunch of time analyzing this, trying to figure out what the heck happened18:37
ogra_awe_, well, i didnt even know about a bug being filed ... i had my conversations with davmor2 about it18:38
ogra_and my own tests18:38
ogra_awe_, that jus proves Ursinha's point18:38
awe_ogra_, I try to file bugs when people report problems.  ;)-18:38
awe_not sure what point is proven?18:38
ogra_awe_, that image releasing needs to be happening based on bugs18:39
Ursinhaogra_, do you have that mail where people discussed how bugs should be filed?18:39
UrsinhaI'd like to proceed with that discussion18:39
ogra_instead of the landing team checking some manual testsand the dashboard of some flaky test results18:39
ogra_Ursinha, there was no discussion, and no, as i said before, i cant find it ... it was a mail from asac18:40
ogra_i cant manage to upgrade to r29 from r2818:42
Ursinhaogra_, what happens?18:42
ogra_the updater shows nonsense (r) ... (no version) ... and it either doesnt finish the download ortells me there was nothing downloaded18:43
* ogra_ reboots ... lets try a fresh boot 18:43
Ursinhaogra_, try to close the settings and open again... that happened to me in a previous version...18:43
Ursinhathought it was a transient bug but surely needs to be investigated18:43
Ursinhaogra_, didrocks, awe_, and I can confirm bug 1252737 here, currently using r29 on mako18:45
ubot5bug 1252737 in telepathy-ofono (Ubuntu) "[regression] Ubuntu touch cannot get GSM signal if not joined to a WLAN network" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125273718:45
awe_rsalveti, you overwrote my bug summary!18:46
ogra_sue him about violating your copyright !!18:46
rsalvetiawe_: mid-air collision18:46
ogra_Ursinha, upgrade worked fine after a reboot now18:47
ogra_something to keep an eye on i guess18:47
Ursinhaogra_, yes, we should file a bug...18:47
Ursinhaagainst the ubuntu package :P18:47
awe_Ursinha, can you try: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/1252737/comments/1218:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1252737 in telepathy-ofono (Ubuntu) "[regression] Ubuntu touch cannot get GSM signal if not joined to a WLAN network" [Critical,Confirmed]18:48
* Ursinha looks18:48
awe_Ursinha, originally the bug was filed against ofono (Ubuntu), I added a task for telepathy-ofono (Ubuntu), and marked the ofono task Invalid after we diagnosed the problem18:48
ogra_Ursinha, this is pointless without being able to attach some data ... i usually file such non reproducable bugs the next time they occur so i can attach logs etc18:49
Ursinhaogra_, but I don't even know which data should I look for, I don't feel ignoring it and not reporting the bug is the right approach18:50
ogra_Ursinha, i'm not ignoring it :)18:50
ogra_and it is all data thats related to system-image :)18:50
rsalvetisomeone removed the ofono bugtask18:50
rsalvetishould be fine to keep it as invalid (for ofono)18:51
Ursinhaogra_, sorry, I didn't mean to imply that :) I meant it's more useful to  have the issue reported so other people can observe if they have the same behavior18:51
rsalvetijust flashed 29 with -b, no signal18:51
* ogra_ is just booting 29 with wifi off before the reboot 18:52
ogra_*twiddle* ... the boot takes a century18:52
rsalveti        Attached = 018:52
rsalvetilet me connect to a wifi ap18:52
rsalvetikeyboard has sound now18:52
Ursinharsalveti, I told you lol18:52
didrocksyeah, confirmed as well18:53
ogra_GSM is fine afte disabling WLAN18:53
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rsalvetithat clearly shows that nobody tested 29 with bootstrap and no backup18:53
didrocksand yeah, empathy upload to ubuntu date matches18:53
rsalvetiUrsinha: so annoying18:53
ogra_that indicator bug is super annoying !18:53
Ursinhahow come no one noticed that before?18:54
ogra_ah, finally found the network tab18:54
Ursinhaogra_, click on the words and go directly to the tab you want otherwise is just crazy18:54
didrocksUrsinha: always starting my phone when flashing at home, which has WLAN…18:54
ogra_rsalveti, WOAH ... i wouldnt bother about sound from the kbd ... but it is LOUD !!!!18:54
ogra_and makes it really slow18:55
Ursinhayou are all a funny bunch :)18:55
didrocksyeah, I would +1 on the "not fan on keyboard sound"18:55
Ursinhadidrocks, ah, I meant the indicator bug18:55
rsalvetiseems I'm typing on a typewriter18:55
Ursinhait's been there since 27 at least18:55
ogra_not only that18:55
didrocksUrsinha: really, I never use those settings, do you?18:55
ogra_try typing fast18:55
Ursinharsalveti, a really     slow    one18:55
rsalvetihahaha, yeah18:55
ogra_you only get sound for evey other keypress18:55
Ursinhadidrocks, everytime I want to check Incoming, or change brightness18:56
Ursinhaor connect to wifi, or enable/disable bluetooth18:56
rsalvetiwonder if the one who did the sound change actually uses the phone18:56
Ursinhaor raise volume18:56
didrocksUrsinha: ah, I don't use sms ;)18:56
UrsinhaI listen to music on this little thing :)18:56
ogra_rsalveti, he tested on a PC :P18:56
rsalvetimight be18:56
ogra_(or she ... who knows)18:56
didrocksUrsinha: and just turn on/off the phone screen18:56
rsalvetibfiller: ^^ :-)18:56
didrocksit's clearly developer's fault, all Bill's :)18:57
rsalvetisuper-annoying-low-and-slow keyboard sound18:57
bfillerrsalveti: really bad, should be off by default. MR in progress for that18:57
rsalvetibfiller: *thanks* :-)18:57
didrocksbfiller: oh, it wasn't intended to be on by default?18:57
bfillerthat's what you get when a developer bangs something in before leaving the company (:18:57
bfillerdidrocks: no18:57
didrocksbfiller: ahah, "let's push the bomb"18:58
bfillerrsalveti: DONE https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-moenicke/ubuntu-keyboard/ubuntu-keyboard-sound-off/+merge/19658018:59
Ursinhaawe_, that command made the GSM signal appear even with wifi off18:59
rsalvetiUrsinha: yeah18:59
* rsalveti hugs bfiller 18:59
rsalvetididrocks: now please, land this asap18:59
didrocksUrsinha: awe_: confirmed :)18:59
didrocksrsalveti: ahah, yeah, will do with the GSM/Unity8 and ubuntu-ui-toolkit fixes. Same level of severity :)19:00
bfillerrsalveti: you can turn it off by running "gsettings set com.canonical.keyboard.maliit key-press-feedback false"19:00
rsalvetididrocks: cool19:00
rsalvetibunch of regressions19:00
rsalvetibfiller: cool19:00
didrocksso, back on the empathy one19:00
ogra_rsalveti, didrocks, and dont forget about "not able to make the image writable anymore" one too19:01
didrocksogra_: what? which one? didn't hear (yet) about it19:01
didrocksfor empathy: should we change the settings key? I would prefer having a seb around to know this use-conn impacts…19:01
rsalvetistgraber is pushing a fix for that19:01
ogra_didrocks, was discussed the last hours in #phablet ... (and is already fixed in archive)19:01
rsalvetistill waiting another android upload19:02
rsalvetiwith the system.img and swap security fix as well19:03
didrocksogra_: ok, backlogged19:03
didrocksso, all that planned for tomorrow, the Mir team is looking at the unity8 fix, I don't have feedback from the toolkit team yet though (for the indicator one)19:04
didrockswe'll get a promoted image that should fix all those19:04
rsalvetiwe should build another image later today though19:05
rsalvetiinstead of waiting for tomorrow19:05
didrocksrsalveti: +1 as soon as you have this android thingy done19:05
ogra_once the android and kbd fixes are in19:05
rsalvetiand how to fix the 3g/wlan regression?19:05
Ursinhadidrocks, there's bug 1253703 as well19:05
didrocksrsalveti: I told as well to kenvandine and robru to ping you for a rekick if they have the toolkit landed19:05
ubot5bug 1253703 in Upstart Application Launcher "Webbrowser tries to open file:///usr/share/webbrowser-app/'URL' instead of the URL directly" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125370319:05
robrudidrocks, rsalveti: still waiting to hear from kaleo about landing that fix.19:06
didrocksrsalveti: for the 3g/wlan, I would go for patching empathy, but I would prefer to have a desktop team member around for this key19:06
didrocksrobru: yeah, do not hesitate to ping him to get progress19:06
rsalvetididrocks: alright19:06
robrudidrocks, yeah, did already a couple times ;-)19:06
didrocksUrsinha: yeah, on my list to land19:07
didrockstedg: btw, who is reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/upstart-app-launch/uri-splitting/+merge/196316? This will be done by tomorrow?19:07
didrocks(europe tomorrow)19:07
Kaleorobru, if we get a fix, can we land the previously released toolkit with just that added fix as opposed to the latest trunk?19:07
tedgdidrocks, I haven't asked anyone specifically to review it.19:08
didrockstedg: can you please?19:08
tedgdidrocks, Sure19:08
robruKaleo, uh.... no. trunk needs to be releasable19:08
rsalvetitedg: also marked as critical as it's a regression19:08
Kaleorobru, ok19:08
didrocksrobru: feel free to distro-patch directly19:08
Kaleodidrocks, thanks19:08
didrocksI would prefer as Kaleo told, just having one commit19:08
didrockstedg: thanks!19:08
robrudidrocks, can that be done in jenkins? even if I add a distropatch, jenkins still pulls that from trunk19:09
Kaleodidrocks, me too, we have 18 commits in just a few days19:09
didrocksrobru: no, you need to apt-get source19:09
didrocksand patch19:09
didrocksthat's the easiest19:09
didrocksrobru: push to the ubuntu-unity ppa to get an armhf build19:09
didrocksto test19:09
robrudidrocks, that's way harder! then I need somebody to review and sponsor the upload... ken is nearly EOD, it would never happen. building trunk with jenkins is way easier.19:09
didrocksrobru: ok, you need to retargeted the sdk branch19:10
didrocksand rekick a build19:10
robrudidrocks, what do you mean 'retarget'19:10
didrocksrobru: change source_branch= in the config19:10
didrocksdeploy that in jenkins19:10
didrocksbuild it19:10
didrockspublish it19:10
didrocksand finally redeploy the revert to trunk19:11
didrocksdo you feel able to do it?19:11
robrudidrocks, change to what? i don't understand what you're asking for. you mean make my own branch only with the fix?19:11
didrocksrobru: yeah19:11
didrocksrobru: do you know about cupstream2distro-config?19:11
didrocksand target_branch?19:11
robrudidrocks, of course I know about target_branch, I do that many times.19:11
didrocksrobru: so, just change that for the ubuntu-ui-toolkit19:11
didrocksto point to your branch19:12
didrocks(under the same owner or ~ubuntu-unity)19:12
didrocksthen deploy the config in jenkins19:12
didrockswith cu2d-update-stack19:12
robruKaleo, ok, yes it is possible to release just this patch if you feel trunk is not currently safe to release. but in future please keep trunk releasable.19:12
didrocksbuild the sdk stack19:12
didrockspublish it19:12
didrocksonce tested19:12
didrocksand revert your config change19:12
didrocksrobru: when deploying, you need to only deploy with -U19:12
didrocksnot -US19:12
robrudidrocks, yeah, that's how i usually do it19:13
didrocks(as you need for merging back to have the right bzr branch target19:13
didrocksok, great!19:13
didrockskenvandine: robru: can you send my way an email for tomorrow morning?  with all what was done/what's remaining?19:13
didrocksthat would be awesome19:13
robrudidrocks, ok19:13
Kaleorobru, it's not that19:13
didrocksthanks :)19:13
Kaleorobru, it's more like if anything happens, god forbid, I don't want the team to spend the night on it19:13
robruKaleo, ok, here is I think the best plan: land your fix in trunk, then I will quickly build & test that. if there are any regressions, I will backport your fix to the existing package in the image and then you can worry about making trunk releasable later19:15
didrocksrobru: put Mirv into the loop as well please :)19:15
robrudidrocks, ok19:15
Kaleorobru, nah19:16
Kaleorobru, you cannot detect all possible regressions19:16
Kaleorobru, therefore there is still a chance of spending the night19:16
Kaleorobru, therefore I'd rather be 100% safe19:16
Kaleorobru, and just patch the package19:16
Kaleorobru, it's already past 9pm for some of us debugging the issue19:17
robruKaleo, ok, do you have a patch ready? is there a branch? please land it in trunk anyway (for future releases) and then once I see it in trunk I will begin backporting it to the released package.19:17
didrocksrobru: or you can ask rsalveti to sponsor your distro-patch19:20
didrocksrsalveti: would you be able to help on that? ^19:20
rsalvetisure, just point me to the debdiff19:20
didrocksthanks man :)19:20
robrursalveti, ok, how long will you be around for?19:20
Kaleorobru, no it's not ready at all yet19:20
didrocksrsalveti is always around :)19:20
rsalvetirobru: 3-4 hours19:20
rsalvetibut yeah, I'm always coming back19:21
Kaleorobru, will let you know19:21
robrursalveti, ok, I am still waiting for the patch before I can even start making the debdiff ;-)19:21
didrocks"he's coming BACK" :)19:21
didrocksok, sent some instructions for the morning to Mirv19:21
didrockswife really unhappy let's fix that :)19:21
* didrocks waves good evening19:21
balloonsohh fginther is even vanguard today :-) Welp, I think the core apps jenkins might not be happy atm19:39
balloonsfginther, and
fgintherballoons, looking19:40
fgintherballoons, ugh, that machine has almost no free memory19:50
balloonsfginther, I hope that helps explain why things come out funny on it19:51
fgintherballoons, that would do it19:53
balloonshehe :-)19:53
fgintherballoons, I restarted the node, it's looking better now20:01
balloonsty fginther .. I'll be pushing it again this afternoon, so we'll see how it holds up20:01
Kaleorobru, quick'n'dirty patch proving that the analysis is correct works20:29
Kaleorobru, working on better patch now20:29
robruKaleo, great to hear, let me know when it's in trunk.20:30
cwayneplars, ping20:44
fgintherrobru, got a moment to talk about webapps SRUs?20:52
robrufginther, yeah sure. did you see the failures from the last build i kicked?20:52
fgintherrobru, no, do you have a link?20:53
robrufginther, the prepare failures here: http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Saucy/view/WebApps/job/cu2d-webapp-saucy-1.0prepare/20:53
robrufginther, it's some kind of infrastructure issue, i don't understand it. meant to file a bug / ping you earlier, but it got away on me20:54
fgintherrobru, looking at the timestamps, I know that the daily-release-executor slave died about the same time. That would explain these errors20:55
robrufginther, so i should just retry?20:55
fgintherrobru, yep20:55
plarscwayne: hi20:56
cwaynefginther, hey, any reason i can't remove webbrowser-autopilot tests as being part of touch_custom?20:56
cwayneplars, ^ same question :)20:56
robrufginther, great. so what was it you wanted to ask about SRUs?20:57
fgintherrobru, you sent me email on Friday  about testing 13.10 SRUs20:57
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plarscwayne: I think maybe those were requested?20:58
robrufginther, oh right. yeah?20:58
plarscwayne: whatever makes sense to you guys to run, fine with me20:58
cwayneplars, i'll double check, but if it was requested it probably shouldn't have been.. they're not quite relevant20:58
robrufginther, so what I'm thinking is we want a -ci job that will take commits to the saucy branches of webapps, build, install, and test those on saucy itself, so that the test log can be shown in the SRU bug.20:59
robrufginther, (i'm not very familiar with what -ci is currently doing for saucy so maybe it already does this? not sure)20:59
fgintherrobru, no, I don't think we're already doing this. At least not as part of testing an MP21:01
plarscwayne: it's easy to remove, just let me know21:01
cwayneplars, sure, just waiting to hear from sfeole, i'll ping you when I get some info21:01
fgintherrobru, I assume victor would be the expert on how to run the tests, I'll have to talk to him21:01
robrufginther, does it make sense to do it at the MP level? What I need is the test to happen ASAP during the SRU process so that I can just link the log and the SRU people can have more confidence to release my SRU.21:01
robrufginther, yeah, thought so. I CC'd him on the mail21:02
fgintherrobru, do current SRU developers have to run these tests manually?21:02
fgintherrobru, in other words, is this duplicating something they already have to do, or does this free them from the task?21:02
robrufginther, oh yeah, current SRUs are *very* manual. webapps are much simpler than normal SRUs that need to get tested, so I'm trying to automate away the testing step. it's the only way I can possibly be responsible for the next five years of webapps SRUs in trusty.21:02
robrufginther, it frees them (me) from the task21:03
fgintherrobru, thanks, I think I have the context now21:03
robrufginther, great, thanks21:03
fginthercyphermox, ping21:04
robrufginther, can you take a look at http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/cu2d-webapp-saucy-1.1prepare-unity-webapps-facebookmessenger/129/console ? it downloads the source package from saucy, then creates what the updated version should be, then it fails because the updated version is lower than the version in trusty. what?21:05
robrufginther, same here too: http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/cu2d-webapp-saucy-1.1prepare-unity-chromium-extension/99/console21:06
fgintherrobru, looking21:06
robrufginther, thanks21:07
fgintherrobru, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ci-services-itself/+bug/125487621:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1254876 in Ubuntu CI Services "Request to do post build testing on webapps SRUs" [Undecided,New]21:11
robrufginther, that sounds about right, thanks.21:12
robrufginther, [the other thing we're taling about]'s probably a cu2d-config problem that forgot to specify 'saucy' at some point in the stack config, but I'm not sure where it would be missing from. it generated the correct version number to use for the saucy package (2.4.16+13.10.20131125-0ubuntu1, which is higher than latest saucy and lower than trusty), but for some reason it's comparing it against the latest trusty version and sayi21:14
robrung "it's lower! fail!" when really that's fine.21:14
fgintherrobru, yep, I'm looking for a missed update21:16
fgintherrobru, can you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/unity-webapps-facebookmessenger/icon-sru/+merge/19622321:26
fgintherrobru, was it supposed to bump the version to 14.04?21:26
robrufginther, no, absolutely not. that's an SRU to saucy and the version number is supposed to be 13.10+DATE21:27
robrufginther, oh, I see, *I* am the one who bumped the version number in the merge itself.21:28
fgintherrobru, can you fix that?21:28
robrufginther, yep21:29
fgintherrobru, the unity-chromium-extension is a different problem21:29
fgintherrobru, thanks21:29
fgintherrobru, ~webapps/unity-chromium-extension/13.10 also has 14.04 in the changelog, but I haven't figured out how it made it there yet21:31
robrufginther, my guess would be that there was already a trusty release before that branch got branched for saucy21:32
robrufginther, ok, i think i fixed facebook, gotta break for lunch though. will look at chromium in a bit.21:34
robrufginther, thanks for looking21:34
fgintherrobru, thank you21:34
fgintherrobru, I think you're right about chromium, I found the MP that bumped the version, but it was targeted at trunk: https://code.launchpad.net/~ps-jenkins/unity-chromium-extension/latestsnapshot-2.4.8+14.04.20131108.1-0ubuntu1/+merge/19459421:40
fgintherrobru, leads me to believe that 13.10 was branched afterwards21:40
balloonsfginther, I get to ping you again about core apps box... I'm not seeing any of the autolanding builds triggering21:42
fgintherballoons, ack, I disabled that while working on the earlier problem. I'm about ready to re-enable21:42
balloonsfginther, ahh, kk, I'm not crazy21:43
fgintherballoons, not this time21:45
fgintherballoons, back up21:50
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wgrantcjwatson: FWIW my belief is that ddebs are 100% implemented; it's just a librarian space issue today. I've done extensive testing on DF and it's all fine.22:50
fgintherrobru, have you had a chance to look at unity-chromium-extension?23:04
fgintherrobru, can you review? https://code.launchpad.net/~fginther/cupstream2distro-config/add-unity-voice/+merge/19663323:12
rsalvetirobru: hey, any news for the toolkit release?23:16
rsalvetijust to know if I need to sponsor something today still23:17
=== fginther changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | Vanguard: use 'cihelp' | Landing instructions: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6292280/ | Known issues: https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuEngineering/CI/1ss-move-current-issues
Kaleorobru, around?23:45
Kaleorsalveti, fix is 99% ready23:45
rsalvetiKaleo: what is missing still?23:45
Kaleorsalveti, a landing )23:48
Kaleorsalveti, timp is happroving as we speak23:48
Kaleorsalveti, if robru is not here it's going to be harder though23:49
Kaleorsalveti, any backup?23:50
rsalvetiKaleo: maybe cyphermox23:50
Kaleocyphermox, around /°23:50

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