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robert_ancellRAOF, did I fail to do any convincing on the simple-scan SRU?03:25
RAOFI wasn't super-convinced.03:28
RAOFIt was still big and ugly, and I ran out of activation energy for SRUs.03:29
robert_ancellyay for processes03:29
RAOFYeah, sorry.03:30
robert_ancellit's not that big and ugly - it's really a 300 line vala change03:31
robert_ancellThe .c stuff is just a distraction03:31
RAOFHm. Time to check errors.ubuntu.com, I thikn.03:31
robert_ancellit wont show up there because it wont actually crash03:32
RAOFNo, to see if there are any crashes reported in the new code.03:33
robert_ancellah true03:33
RAOFBecause that's in 14.04.03:33
robert_ancellI only see one crash03:35
RAOFAnd it's not in the new code.03:35
RAOFOf course, we don't have a denominator :/03:35
robert_ancelland it's a crash in the genesys driver. Which would be helped by an autosave ;)03:35
robert_ancellRAOF, how many people run -proposed? I suspect that would be a better litmus test than trusty03:36
RAOFNot *that* many run -proposed.03:38
RAOFBut the lack of crashes in trusty is somewhat reassuring.03:38
RAOFrobert_ancell: Enjoy your meal03:42
robert_ancellRAOF, aw yeah :)03:42
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ritzhi, I see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1051921 as fix committed06:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 1051921 in Unity 5.0 "lens-bar-keynavigation periodically writes to /tmp/wut.png" [Medium,Fix committed]06:16
ritzI dont see this anywhere06:16
ritznearest thing, I do see https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/5.26.006:17
pittiGood morningt06:22
Mirvritz: it's indeed fix committed, ie. it's int he code branch but it's not released yet. the latest tested and released fix was the July's bug nr. 1195730 fix06:23
Mirvritz: I don't unfortunately know when the next 12.04 unity update planned06:23
ritzhmm, thanks06:24
ritzwhere is the branch code, I am unable to locate this bit06:24
Mirvritz: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/5.006:24
ritzMirv thanks , found it proposed with a different bug06:27
ritzwhich was rejected06:28
Mirvok right, but it's there anyhow at the ocmmit 2423. what I do know is that the XIM commits there are a topic of discussion, and I don't know how it has progressed, ie. should they be included or not in the next update.06:33
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seb128good morning desktopers08:49
mlankhorstHello, world!\n08:54
didrockssalut seb128, ça va?08:56
seb128didrocks, lut, ouais, et toi ?08:57
didrocksça va bien :)08:57
Laneymorning chaps and chapettes09:04
seb128hey Laney09:08
seb128how are you?09:08
Laneygood thank you, went back to see my parents at the weekend which was nice09:10
seb128I'm good thanks09:11
seb128I had a nice relaxing w.e without too much omputer09:11
seb128computer even09:11
seb128and I'm happy that vUDS is over, I might be able to get some work done this week :p09:11
Laneythat'd be good :P09:13
seb128though the week start with arguing/discussions with some of the GNOME guys09:13
seb128going to be fun09:13
mlankhorstthe heater here is burning through some plastic seal, so I can choose stench or cold. :/09:15
Laneyactually, maybe I don't need to know ...09:16
Laneymlankhorst: moar jumpers09:16
* mlankhorst wrapped himself in blankets09:16
seb128Laney, I opened some bugs about "would be nice to have a standard menubar and display it in non gnome-shell environments"09:17
Laneyoh, those ...09:17
seb128Laney, which some upstream took well, the file-roller guy even commited a patch friday to do it09:17
Laneyyeah that's to be expected a little bit09:17
seb128but some of the others guy came with "that's not the GNOME design, we don't care about non shell environments"09:17
LaneyI thought someone had discussed it upstream09:18
mlankhorstof course they don't :s09:18
mlankhorstbut that's no ground to veto09:18
Laneyxnox: neat, thanks for thunderbird09:20
Laneyyou checked it doesn't need any changes?09:20
* seb128 bets he didn't09:21
seb128chris seemed to think there would be changes needed09:21
xnoxLaney: the dependency is a bit artificial, it doesn't link against eds.... And well thunderbird needs .1 upload. Plus the dependencies need better detection. as there is now 3 types: precise, quantal - saucy, trusty+09:22
xnoxyeah, i was expecting chris to change it "properly".09:22
* xnox is just pushing for libav transition, it was down to a handful of packages over the weekend.09:22
seb128xnox, it dlopens it I think09:22
LaneyI think it only dlopens ebook directly09:27
Laneywhich didn't actually change abi09:27
Laneynope, I lie09:28
xnoxthat i did not spot.09:50
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mdeslaurseb128: who can I subscribe to bug 1253532?13:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 1253532 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "Clicking Time and selecting top menu item (current date) launches evolution configuration wizard" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125353213:15
seb128mdeslaur, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-datetime/trunk.13.10/revision/28213:16
seb128bug #124681213:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 1246812 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu Trusty) "Can open Evolution in greeter mode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124681213:16
seb128mdeslaur, ^ you want that fix13:16
mdeslaurseb128: oh cool, thanks13:16
seb128mdeslaur, yw13:16
seb128we should have SRUed it when we landed the commit13:17
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attenteseb128, hey14:26
seb128attente, hey, how are you?14:27
attentegood good, and you?14:27
seb128I'm good thanks14:29
attenteseb128, what are your thoughts about ibus vs fcitx for the lts?14:30
seb128attente, ibus is not problematic enough that I would consider switching it, for a solution we have no user feedback on, during the lts cycle14:31
seb128attente, what do you think?14:31
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seb128attente, it would be nice to make replacing our stuff by fcitx as easy as possible though, since that's what Kylin is doing ...14:33
seb128attente, also if Chinese users prefer fcitx and get it through Kylin, that works for us and for them14:33
attentehappyaron said it might not be too much work to switch to fcitx, but i have a couple of concerns about how that works regarding ibus on gnome-shell and fcitx on unity14:35
attentelike what happens to the region panel under gnome-shell if fcitx is enabled14:38
seb128attente, well, switching might not be too much work, but we have almost no feedback on it from non Chinese users, I think it's fine for Kylin but we should stay on what we know (ibus) for the LTS on the Ubuntu side14:38
seb128attente, what happens under gnome-shell is a GNOME issue, I guess that session should force ibus since GNOME doesn't support/intend to support other frameworks14:39
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attenteseb128, ok, i guess it isn't an issue either if we default with ibus either14:41
seb128attente, you think it would be better to have a look at changing before the LTS?14:42
attenteseb128, possibly, but you're right that we don't have enough feedback from non-cjk users about if this works for them or not14:42
popeyxnox: guessing bug 1254742 is well known, but I couldn't find a bug for it14:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 1254742 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Can't login to Ubuntu One during installation due to 2-factor auth requirement" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125474214:43
seb128attente, that and we have issues, like brandon said that fcitx is supported through xim for unity and that it leads to windows placement issues with the dash for example14:43
xnoxpopey: yes, "2fa" is not supported.14:44
xnoxpopey: can you check, that e.g. 2fa is required to actually add/sync UbuntuOne panel? I think it somehow connected without 2fa, but I haven't verified since.14:45
attenteseb128, ok, you've got me sufficiently worried enough...14:45
seb128attente, no need to worry there, our stuff works (mostly) and fcitx is available for those who prefer it ...14:47
seb128attente, speaking about our stuff, how do we get about uploading was is in your ppa to the archive?14:48
attenteseb128, sure. i know they were pushing pretty hard for fcitx in the lts14:48
seb128attente, I guess we need to sync unity/g-s-d changes?14:48
seb128attente, well, Kylin defaults to fcitx which I guess is going to be good enough...14:49
popeyxnox: sure14:49
attenteseb128, i need to get the compiz changes in first, then we can do unity and g-s-d14:50
seb128attente, the compiz changes are not going to create any conflict if they land without the other bits?14:50
attenteseb128, the compiz changes strictly are adding functionality that is currently not used as far as i can tell14:50
popeyxnox: it doesn't need 2fa. I loggedin via the panel and it used user/pass and no 2fa. I can see my cloud files in the control panel thing14:50
seb128attente, ok, great, let's start by that then ;-)14:51
seb128attente, can you merge propose those this week?14:51
attenteseb128, i already did last week, but need to test some stuff and get back to them14:51
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xnoxpopey: right, i'd like that to be raised with u1 devs than. Because either it should then work for ubiquity as well, or 2fa should be mandatory in the panel.14:54
xnoxpopey: thanks for the test.14:54
seb128bregma, Trevinho: do you guys have an opinion on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center-unity/+bug/1168409 ?15:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 1168409 in gnome-control-center-unity (Ubuntu) "Min slider value for launcher icon size needs to be updated" [Low,In progress]15:03
seb128bregma, Trevinho: cf my comment there, we can update the GUI to go down to 8 but the launcher has some bugs then (e.g the badges don't scale as they should)15:03
bregmaseb128, I find anything below about 18 unusable, so I would have no problem setting the minimum at something like 12 to prevent scaling bugs15:09
bregmathere's also a bug somewhere about how odd sizes (23, 25, etc) cause aliasing on the icon corners15:10
seb128is that a request to make the slider only go on even values? ;-)15:11
bregmaI've though about it, I'm not sure if that would just call for bugs about not being able to set odd values15:11
seb128I doubt that would really annoy any users15:12
seb128they mostly want to set a size that fits their screen15:12
cyphermoxseb128: so, you know that indicators are blocked by the libav transition? this is making indicator-datetime not installable because of evolution-data-server that didn't migrate from proposed yet15:12
seb128they probably don't care about 1 pixel precision15:12
cyphermoxseb128: I've tested it all and it works, and I'd publish now and work on libav next15:12
seb128cyphermox, hey, I don't know about the "not installable" part ... why is that?15:13
cyphermoxindicator-datetime needs libecal15:13
seb128cyphermox, #ubuntu-release is working on libav, maybe check with them15:13
seb128cyphermox, well, everything should be in trusty-proposed15:13
cyphermoxyeah, It will be in a minute when I press the button :)15:13
seb128or did we get e-d-s to migrate without indicators? (how could that happen)?15:13
seb128cyphermox, oh, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/13.10.0+13.10.20131023.2-0ubuntu215:14
Laneyyou are about to publish one built against the release pocket?15:14
Laneywhy are we guessing?15:14
Laneyalso, canvas api :(15:15
seb128you are sure? ;-) (I though daily builds were not using proposed)15:15
seb128Laney, canvas api?15:15
cyphermoxI'm sure, i-d is using the new libecal15:15
Laneycharge graph15:15
cyphermoxotherwise it would be installable from the PPA15:15
Laneytrying to do smooth lines15:15
seb128Laney, what are you ... oh, ok15:15
seb128cyphermox, the ppa is not using trusty-proposed?15:15
Laneylike this thing15:16
cyphermoxseb128: it is, but that doesn't mean the packages from proposed get added to your sources when you add the ppa15:16
seb128cyphermox, I see ... anyway, we need to finish that transition indeed15:17
cyphermoxyes, that was my point :)15:17
LaneyI wouldn't call that uninstallable15:17
seb128cyphermox, not sure how much is missing, xnox was trying to finish it over the w.e apparently15:17
cyphermoxLaney: as things are, indicator-datetime is not installable from the PPA -- that tells me stuff's broken15:17
seb128the ppa setup is broken yeah15:18
Laneyif your PPA is using proposed then you need to use proposed to guarantee to be able to install stuff from it15:18
cyphermoxPPAs are working as they should15:18
Laneyit's not broken15:18
cyphermoxwhat I mean is, I'm not going to enable proposed on my system. what this allows me to say is that packages would be blocked in proposed, that's it15:19
Laneyanyway, seems there are a few packages left for the transition15:19
Laneyfgrun, kmediafactory, kx11grab, mytharchive, octave-psychtoolbox-3, psychtoolbox-3-dbg15:19
xnoxseb128: "* i386: fgrun, kmediafactory, kx11grab, mytharchive, mythplugins, octave-psychtoolbox-3, psychtoolbox-3-dbg, samba4, samba4-clients, samba4-common-bin, samba4-testsuite, winbind4"15:19
cyphermoxI have an idea about those, I had already started looking into it15:20
xnoxseb128: which is actually "remove fgrun, kmediafactory, kx11grab, fix mythtv & octave-psychtoolbox & server team to provide compat/dummy/transitional packages"15:20
xnoxLaney: fgrun/kmediafactory/kx11grab are dead upstream, not ported to libav9, non-trivial to port, leave packages, low usage.15:21
* seb128 is not starting the remove discussion again today15:21
Laneyyou saw where I was going to go15:21
xnoxLaney: unless you want to port them to libav9 =) there were already a few removals / demotions done from trusty to trusty-proposed as part of this transition.15:21
Laneyno, I was going to refer to something else15:22
Laneydoesn't matter15:22
xnoxah, ok.15:22
Laneyforgot to have lunch15:25
kenvandineseb128, who was going to work on getting uss to run out of a source checkout?16:34
seb128kenvandine, you?16:35
* kenvandine wants to know who to bribe to get that done sooner ;)16:35
* seb128 tries that trick :p16:35
kenvandinei don't remember it that way :)16:35
kenvandinei thought larsu maybe16:35
kenvandinesomebody volunteered in OAK :)16:35
seb128I said I would talk to mardy about it16:35
seb128thanks for the reminder16:36
seb128I was planning to resume settings work this week16:36
kenvandineit really is soooo frustrating16:36
seb128I'm going to have a look to that tomorrow16:36
kenvandinei'm working on the background panel16:36
seb128yeah, it's annoying16:36
seb128hint, symlink from the system location to your builddir :p16:36
happyaronattente: do you think we still need a plan as discussed last Sat?16:37
kenvandineoh... that's evil... but worth it :)16:37
LaneyI usually comment it out then copy stuff around if I can't be bothered to build :(16:37
Laneythat or edit the installed files16:37
Laneypretty bad16:37
kenvandinei keep copying the qml files16:37
kenvandinewhich i hate16:37
seb128yeah, I usually have a "make; sudo cp ...; system-settings <name>" command line16:37
seb128and I keep doing "<up> <enter>"16:38
attentehappyaron, i asked seb128 about it a bit earlier today16:38
seb128but that sucks16:38
attentehappyaron, for the most part, i think we're still pretty hesitant to switch to fcitx for the lts16:38
happyaronattente: I read that just now16:38
attentehappyaron, what are your thoughts?16:39
seb128happyaron, I though the vUDS consensus was that after LTS would be good enough/that changing in the middle of a LTS cycle was a bit crazy16:39
happyaronwe'll need a plan either for 1) keep ibus 2) switch to fcitx.16:39
seb128well, we said during vUDS that we shape details for 1) for the LTS and have another session16:40
happyaronseb128: I understand, but I cannot come up with a reasonably complete plan for keeping ibus, at the point of a everyday user of input method16:41
happyaronso I had some more discussions with attente.16:41
seb128what's wrong with ibus?16:41
happyaronthe drawbacks that we went over at vUDS, and that make it quite not convenient to use, :)16:43
happyaronstability and code quality is another issue, but yeah, usability under Ubuntu/Unity is also a question.16:44
attentehappyaron, most chinese users will be using kylin though, right?16:45
happyaronattente: no16:45
happyaronattente: better say most OEM products.16:45
happyaronKylin is still too young, and of course too new for Chinese users.16:47
seb128that topic makes me want to bang my head again the desk :-(16:48
seb128fcitx makes me really nervous16:48
seb128would it only be because it's maintained by some students, where ibus is maintained by people at RedHat and Google16:49
seb128no offense to anyone16:49
seb128but one of those groups gives more confidences in available resources to move the project forward16:49
seb128then, we don't have any real feedback from fcitx users, especially non Chinese users16:50
seb128and we learnt in 13.10 that assuming than things are working good enough is not something we can do16:50
happyarondo you think the maintenance of ibus done by RH and Google is really decent for non-RH or non-Google products, ;-)16:51
seb128well, they probably care about the quality of the framework and the engines16:52
seb128even if they have different UI16:52
happyaronmost engines are maintained by thrid-party, though...16:52
seb128sorry to go again over that16:52
happyaronbut yes I fully understand your concerns.16:53
seb128but what do you see as the current main blocker with our ibus solution?16:53
happyaronand of course plus features, which you may care less, though.16:54
happyaronibus is sure maintained by RH/Google, and it's serving their products well, but we are in a possition to adapt to their big/small changes all the time, and we have little to do to influence it.16:56
seb128the issue is that fcitx probably needs some work16:57
seb128we need some direction and to put resources on it to shape it in the way we want16:57
seb128that's not going to happen before the LTS though, those things take time16:57
seb128but that's a bit orthogonal16:58
seb128let's say we release trusty today, with attente's ppa (which fixes some of the grabbing issues we still have)16:58
attenteeven if we did it, we don't really know how it'll pan out for non-cjk16:58
seb128what would be the experience like for a Chinese user16:58
happyaronto be rude but sincere, ibus in 13.10 doesn't really work for cjk, though it may work for non-cjk.16:58
seb128if the response is "not good", can you give specific of what is the most frustrating16:58
seb128what doesn't work?16:59
seb128I've added qwerty/pinyin to my indicator16:59
attentei'm a bit curious too... because i've been using ibus just fine16:59
seb128and I can cycle between french and it without issue16:59
seb128I'm sure I'm overlooking what it means to be a cjk user16:59
seb128but I want to understand16:59
attentei understand that fcitx adds a lot more features, but i don't see how it makes ibus unusable tbh17:00
attente(i guess i'm using it really superficially though)17:01
happyaronit's crashing (fixable), its shortcut does not work (fixable), it does not support per-window context (not going to work in 1.5), shortcuts aren't comfortable (upstream decision). So that able to type characters doesn't mean it work. It's technically working, but just like you won't bear it when you have a hard-to-use keyboard...17:01
seb128per-window context should be working in Unity17:02
seb128indicator-keyboard is doing it, it's working for me17:02
seb128the conflict/non reliability are issues that should be fixed in trusty with attente's ppa17:02
seb128compiz is doing the grabbing in a reliable way there17:03
seb128what do you mean "shortcuts aren't comfortable"17:03
seb128is that the shortcut to cycle?17:03
attenteseb128, i think happyaron meant that some extra settings reset between windows, even if the input source does switch properly17:03
seb128that's an user setting and we can change the default17:03
kenvandinei really dislike the GridView17:04
kenvandineso hard to work with...17:04
kenvandinein theory it should make things easier17:04
seb128kenvandine, it's nice when you have a simple case/a model to throw at it17:04
kenvandinei've never had any success with it17:05
kenvandinethings end up awkward and hacky...17:05
happyaronseb128: well, makes me feel a bit difficult to describe, but hell, if it's that is easy to understand by non-cjk user then it won't be so much complicated.17:07
seb128happyaron, well, the bottom line is that "we try to not do such changes in the cycle before a LTS", so I'm trying to see what way out/option we have17:09
* happyaron would use a longer story to describe. 17:10
attentewe have to fix some things related to shortcuts with fcitx too just for the record17:11
happyaronpeople here (assume non-cjk and/or not using IME for critical work) may think an IME is working means: does not crash, shortcut works, characters popups to text entries correctly.17:12
happyaronam I correct?17:12
happyaronthen add you opinion, :)17:13
seb128working is = good enough that people relying on the feature can do their work without too much frustration17:13
seb128e.g that's where we need to be for the LTS17:14
seb128I'm trying to figure out if we can bridge the gap with ibus to be there17:14
seb128or if there is some flaws that we feel like we can't address17:14
happyaronso what's the standard of "can do their work without too much frustration"?17:14
seb128but to answer that question we need a list of the issues17:14
seb128so we can go one by one and see what options we have and how much work they are17:14
seb128there is no "standard"17:15
seb128you are the team member that has the most experience about using a IME17:15
seb128so we need you to make that list of issues17:15
seb128so we can have a pragmatic look at how much work would "fixing ibus to be good enough" involve17:16
seb128and how much work is "switching to fcitx"17:16
happyaronI once though about letting you guys try out some IME on Windows... and MS-provided input method has all the features available on ibus - but very few people are using it.17:16
attentewhat if we did the work concurrently, try to polish what we have right now as best we can, and do the migration work to fcitx in a separate ppa?17:17
happyaronit's really a long research project to answer this question, which cost Sogou spend years of hundreds engineers to do.17:17
attentethat way we know we can always fall back onto ibus17:17
happyaronI agree with such a solution.17:17
attenteat some point, if we can get some user testing of the ppa by non-cjk users, we might be in a better position to know if we should outright switch to it or not17:18
happyaronseb128: and I was talking with attente to create a plan like you want, while I come here and see that you told him your tension of switching, :)17:18
jasoncwarner_happyaron seb128 it seems the most prudent LTS solution would be to not switch inputs at this time for ubuntu. Kylin could, though. Then we could look at switching inputs in 14.10? and in the mean time use the PPA approach that attente suggests (or some other type of mechanism like that)17:19
seb128happyaron, yeah, we should try to have team discussions there rather than 1-1 discussions between people17:19
seb128happyaron, jasoncwarner_: do we have any user testing data on IME with ibus and/or fcitx?17:20
happyaronseb128: only available one I know is from Kylin people, they did quite a bit research (but informal comparing to design team's ones) to decide to divert from us.17:21
seb128attente, happyaron, I've to go in 10 minutes, but +1 on a "migration ppa" to see how that goes17:22
seb128we also need a list of issues with fcitx that needs to be resolved17:22
seb128like the dash using xim which leads to incorrect UI placement from fcitx17:23
happyaronjasoncwarner_: I agree with the PPA approach, and understand from risk management it's better to stay with ibus for LTS, so that's the starting line and we would need to more research...17:23
happyaronseb128: so I think we'll need create two plans, 1) continue with ibus 2) switch to fcitx17:23
happyaronthat'd better help us understand the swot of both choices. I can do that with attente, do you think it's worth doing?17:25
happyaronseb128 jasoncwarner_ ^17:25
sil2100seb128: hi! You leaving soon for today? :)17:25
attentehappyaron, count me in :)17:26
seb128sil2100, hey, yes, I've sport on monday nights now17:27
sil2100seb128: ah, then nevermind! Have fun! I have a package that needs a preNEW review, but it can be done later when you have more time - I'll send you the info by e-mail, would be grateful ;)17:27
seb128sil2100, sure, thanks17:28
seb128happyaron, attente: +1 for the ppa, but we need a list of known problems for both solutions so we can work our way down those17:29
happyaronthen I'll start doing the homework17:30
attenteseb128, ok17:30
* happyaron and won't forget to pull in attente, ;-)17:30
attentehappyaron, it's pretty late for you right now, right?17:31
seb128attente, happyaron: let's talk a bit about that again tomorrow during the team meeting (or before/after)17:32
attentehappyaron, let's start a google doc listing the issues that need to be fixed on both sides17:32
seb128sounds good17:33
attentehappyaron, or we can use the one you started for the uds session17:33
happyaronattente: I prefer creating another one, and copy&paste if necessary17:33
attentehappyaron, ok17:33
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gsedejHi! I have question about "non-native" resolutions in xrandr18:15
gsedejI wish xrandr/ubuntu screen manager aplication add more availible resolutions18:15
gsedejis here good place to ask?18:15
sarnoldgsedej: O18:20
sarnoldgsedej: I'm certainly no expert, but I believe both those tools simply report the values that the monitor's edid supports that are within the capabilities of the video card.. see some more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_display_identification_data18:21
gsedejsarnold, problem is if you wish to connect typical 1366x768 laptop to HD display18:24
gsedejHD monitors usualy dont have 1366x768 option18:26
gsedejbut it works if you do "xrandr --addmode 1366....18:27
sarnoldgsedej: and you've got a display where that works? I didn't expcet that..18:27
gsedejyes, it works18:28
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