czajkowskialso if anyone would like to learn about MongoDB, there is a free class on it over the coming weeks, self paced and you get  acert at the end of it . https://education.mongodb.com/courses/10gen/M101P/2013_November/about11:21
czajkowskiself paced means you can try it at your own pace which is nice11:26
slashbelmaybe silly question (as i have yet to be sold the idea) but what has mongo got to offer that the likes of mysql/postgres cannot provide?11:29
* slashbel rarely touches databases these days11:29
ebelslashbel: usually much more scale.11:39
ebelslashbel: and in theory if you like json-y things11:39
ebel(though most web apps /should/ have proper db migrations...)11:39
ebel(I /think/)11:40
ebely'know, it's like asking "python vs. ruby" :P different types of software11:55
ebelslashbel: remember, sometimes ACID databases (like MySQL/postgreSQL) can do *too* much11:56
ebeltransactions, etc. *can* slow things down when you don't need transactions11:56
ebelIf you *don't care* about consistancy & atomicity, then you can get speed benefits from ignore them and forcing the app writer to do it.11:57
ebelLike C++ vs Java. If you don't care about memory management, and are happy with forcing the app developer to deal with it, you can get speed benefits from not including it.11:58
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