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alf_alan_g: perhaps we should go with different executables in the existing (acceptance/integration/unit) directories, e.g., acceptance-tests(-main), acceptance-tests-c89, acceptance-tests-symbol-resolution ...11:20
alf_alan_g: unit-tests, unit-tests-umockdev etc11:20
alan_galf_: maybe (although needing umockdev seems more integration/acceptance-test to me)11:21
alf_alan_g: yeah, link-time seams blur the test category lines11:23
alan_galf_: maybe that's the key idea: "MIR_ENABLE_SPECIAL_LINKAGE_TESTS"?11:25
alf_alan_g: that would leave out the c89 tests, MIR_ENABLE_SPECIAL_BUILD_TESTS?11:27
alan_galf_: do we need to include the c89 test in this category?11:28
* alan_g doesn't think we even need to link c89 test - it should be compile time11:28
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alf_alan_g: No, we don't need to include it really, but we need to enable it by default somehow. I guess we can start with SPECIAL_LINKAGE + separate c89 and reconsider if new "special" tests arrive.11:31
alf_alan_g: hmm, or is c89 already built?11:32
alan_galf_: I thought it was on by default (but haven't looked recently)11:32
alf_alan_g: ok, it is still there, so yes, SPECIAL_LINKAGE is good enough for now if we want to go the separate category path11:33
alan_gAnd using link seams does interfere with other tests, so they do make a coherent category of sorts.11:33
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FunnyLookinHatAnyone here privy to the details on why Software Center is going away after 14.04? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiT4gOXSkmapdGdFejk0MjFydUlNMDVoMXNRdGdkbFE#gid=114:29
FunnyLookinHatNot sure where to ask - but trying to track down the story on this one - I presume click packages will be a replacement or something?14:29
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davmor2FunnyLookinHat: the applications lens is replacing it.  On desktop that will mean support for debian and click backends aiui, best place is possibly #ubuntuone though as it controls development of software-center now14:34
FunnyLookinHatdavmor2, Cool thanks!14:34
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ollikgunn, Saviq http://paste.ubuntu.com/6474449/16:04
olliI followed the instructions in the unity8 wiki and am stuck at this stage16:05
olliI feel like I am missing like 1 package but can't see it straight16:05
ollikgunn, Saviq stderr is misisng, working on it16:06
kgunnolli: watch out for ancient ppa's.....i had some really old qt edger ppas that hosed me16:06
ollikgunn, this is a virign install on my new laptop16:06
kgunnolli: oh...nvmd16:07
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Saviqolli, it's possible, we're in transition between in-built shell-facing scopes api and a package outside16:10
Saviqolli, not everything got released yet16:11
Saviqkgunn, ↑↑16:15
alf_kdub: are you happy with the shm-buffers-part1 MP? If you also prefer base_ptr() instead of map() it's an easy change...16:30
kdubalf_, yeah, was just reviewing16:30
alf_kdub: (I will probably need to resync with trunk anyway)16:31
alf_kdub: s/trunk/development-branch/16:31
* kdub always calls development-branch trunk too16:31
truebattleaxeis anyone having any issues with the display settings after installing mir?16:36
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kdubalan_g, with more-cleanup-of-ownership-of-client-buffers, the changes to buffer ownership will probably trickle into mc::SwitchingBundle, right?17:42
alan_gkdub: yes.17:43
kdubi'm finding some of the composition changes for overlay are tied to that class17:43
kdubtrying to anticipate how we'll change17:43
alan_gkdub: I don't have anything in flight right now - so you can sneak in ahead of me17:43
kdubi don't really want to wade into it if i can help it, but it might be necessary17:44
* kdub keeps looking17:45
alan_gkdub: I don't anticipate changing the logic - just the way buffers are handed out for clients. (Still playing with raw pointer vs unique handle). So I don't anticipate any conflicts with overlays17:56
kdubalan_g, okay. at the moment, i'm considering burying the 'frameno' logic back inside of mc::SwitchingBundle17:59
alan_gkdub: is that feasible? Surely there needs to be some logic associated with the (possibly concurrent) compositors?18:02
* alan_g decides it is too late in the day to worry18:03
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kdubthe logic is needed, it just seems to me that the buffer tracker is the best place to keep it18:08
kdubinstead of splitting responsibility out to the compositor and the buffer tracker18:09
kdubi'll see if its cleaner or not :)18:09
Saviqhey folks, since the recent mir release, unity8 is crashing on shutdown18:28
Saviqcould you please have a look https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/125368518:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1253685 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "unity8 crashed with SIGSEGV in QMetaObject::activate()" [Medium,New]18:29
Saviqfrom what I can see surface is deleted (surface=0x0) in inputarea.cpp18:29
Saviqgreyback, fyi ↑18:30
Saviqracarr, could you have a look at this over our night ↑?18:31
greybackSaviq: hmm, ok will have a look in a bit18:31
Saviqgreyback, well, it's EOD for you18:31
greybackdid start late tho18:31
Saviqgreyback, your call18:31
Saviqracarr, greyback it's very easy to reproduce - just Ctrl+C after running unity8 on the console18:31
greybackso I've another 30 mins18:32
Saviq(stop unity8 before that)18:32
* Saviq puts steps to repro18:32
Saviqgreyback, please try and find someone to continue past your EOD, though18:42
Saviqunless you fix it, obviously18:43
greybackSaviq: ok18:43
didrocksalso, if you see it's fixed in latest Mir release, maybe we can just go ahead18:44
didrocks(with latest mir + unity-mir + platform-api)18:44
didrocksand we release that18:44
* didrocks would appreciate an email about it in the morning, even if there is no progress18:45
racarrSaviq: Ok18:45
greybackracarr: if you're looking, I suspect this is the line causing the crash: line 90 of inputarea.cpp in unity-mir19:14
greybackracarr: probably that the InputArea has been destroyed before the MirSurface is19:15
greybackracarr: I've to run unfortunately, will be back in 4 hours19:26
kdubhow extensively is DepthID used anymore?19:53
kdubalso, recursive mutex, sad19:53
racarrgreyback: Oi thanks20:17
racarrkdub: Still used to keep theshell surface on top20:17
kdubracarr, ah, okay... i can look past it for now :)20:33
kdubwas just bemoaning our locking situation in surfacestack20:34
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kdubthe new mc::DefaultDisplayBufferCompositor::composite is beautiful21:10
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