pleia2anyone still about to do some blogosphere summaries?02:00
joselet me check if I can pitch in for a while - homework is also waiting :)02:14
pleia2thanks :)02:21
pleia2a little sad that there are more post from bloggers than from ubuntu planet about uds02:24
joseyeah, maybe because lots of contributors didn't participate02:25
pleia2yeah, all the sessions I went to were pretty sparsely attended02:25
josewell, that was the last one I think02:26
pleia2yes, thank you!02:26
josesure, let me know if I can help with anything else :)02:27
jose(last week of classes coming ahead tomorrow)02:27
pleia2Unit193: link check? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue34402:28
Unit193One site slow, all workin'.02:31
pleia2thank you02:31
dholbachgood morning08:48
silverliongood morning dholbach08:49
dholbachhi silverlion08:49
silverlionhow is your start of the week?08:49
dholbachgood :)08:49
dholbachI'm at dpm's place today. :)08:49
silverlionno clue what/where that is08:50
dholbachStuttgart in Germany09:09
silverliondholbach : one question: any dates for the next vuds available?09:10
dholbachsilverlion, not AFAIK09:10
silverlioncould you give me a ping if you know?09:11
dholbachit might be a safer option to mail Jono09:12
silverlionyeah that might be another option09:17
silverlionI wanted to give him a line09:17
=== rickspencer3_ is now known as rickspencer3
PaulW2Upleia2: It seems that I don't actually read your emails but automatically go to the issue being worked on from my own links. Looks all ok here. :)18:08
pleia2PaulW2U: hehe, great18:11

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