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jibelGood morning07:20
elfyhi jibel07:20
jibelHey elfy07:21
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jibelpitti, FYI I fixed jenkins publisher for new jobs. Jenkins has been upgraded from 1.424 to 1.480 during the move to 1SS and configuration of matrix jobs are incompatible08:30
pittijibel: ah, thanks; i. e. new tests didn't appear in jenkins.q.u.c.?08:30
jibelpitti, yes08:32
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DanChapmangood morning :-)09:30
davmor2Morning all11:04
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DanChapmanjibel, good morning :-) it seems the failing tests where ubiquity closes before the test finishes are failing for the same reason http://paste.ubuntu.com/6473351/.11:35
pittijibel: oops @ http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/trusty-adt-autopkgtest/9/ARCH=i386,label=adt/console11:41
pittijibel: I indeed dropped --paths-{host,testbed}, I'll adjust our scripts11:41
pittijibel: whoops, I didn't actually mean to commit yet before your review, but I can always uncommit/overwrite: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~auto-package-testing-dev/auto-package-testing/trunk/revision/26011:43
pittijibel: I also renamed --tmp-dir to --output-dir and cleaned up garbage in there; but I kept --tmp-dir as a backwards compat alias11:44
pittijibel: I guess we still want these scripts to run on saucy and older, so let's keep --tmp-dir for a while11:44
pittijibel: if you are happy with this, would you mind rolling this out?11:44
pittijibel: there are other changes in trunk which haven't been rolled out yet, are you happy with them?11:53
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jibelDanChapman, so ubiquity crashed, this error usually means something went wrong earlier12:34
jibelDanChapman, did you try manually?12:34
jibelto confirm the crash12:34
jibelpitti, looks good. I think we can keep tmp-dir until trusty is out. we'll move all LTS tests to this release then.12:37
DanChapmanjibel, I'm just running manually now, i had already tried it then realised I was using an older image :-D12:39
jibelDanChapman, something crash right before the stack trace /var/local/autopilot//logs//autopilot.log: Segmentation fault (core dumped)12:41
jibelargh, the crash file has no useful inforamtion to allow retracing, I'll fix that12:42
DanChapmanjibel, I can confirm it happens for noneng_encrypt_lvm on ubuntugnome ubiquity just completly dies out.12:42
jibelDanChapman, yes python segfaulted12:43
DanChapmanjibel i presumed the seg fault was autopilot looking for a object memory address which was no longer there :-S12:43
DanChapmanjibel ahh ok12:43
jibelDanChapman, the command that crashes is /usr/bin/python3 /usr/lib/ubiquity/bin/ubiquity --autopilot12:44
jibelDanChapman, if you can reproduce in a VM, run ubutnu-bug /var/crash/<crash_file>.crash and report it to launchpad where is will be retraced12:45
DanChapmanjibel ok cool will do that12:46
jibelDanChapman, might be a bug in autopilot though: Nov 25 08:03:08 ubuntu kernel: [  175.333778] ubiquity[5889]: segfault at 0 ip b713e158 sp bf979240 error 4 in libautopilot.so[b7136000+10000]12:47
pittijibel: thanks; so ok to roll this out?12:55
jibelpitti, it's done, forgot to mention it.12:56
pittijibel: ah, merci12:57
* pitti retries the failed tests then12:57
pittierr, if d-jenkins would play along, that is12:57
pittiok, done12:58
elopiogood morning!14:13
DanChapmangood morning elopio14:14
balloonsgood morning :-)14:16
DanChapmanmorning balloons o/14:17
DanChapmanjibel, what logfiles would ubuntu-bug usually send? i'm having issues with ubuntu-bug either the UI is freezing up after the ubiquity error so it won't load, and trying ubuntu-bug from TTY doesn't want to send anything, so looks like manual route14:20
xnoxDanChapman: if there is a /var/crash/ubiquity*.crash file just copy that & attach to a bug report.14:26
xnoxDanChapman: plus /var/log/installer/*; /var/log/syslog; /var/log/partman14:27
DanChapmanxnox, ok thanks :-)14:28
jibelxnox, all the artifacts are there https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ubiquity_ap-ubuntu_devel_daily-test_english_default/ARCH=i386,label=rabisu/16/ but crash file is useless if apport has not reprocessed it first14:44
xnoxjibel: it's python, so it should have a traceback in plain Python.14:46
xnoxjibel: one can unpack/view the crash file binary with apport-cli.14:46
jibelxnox, actually python segfaulted14:47
jibeland the crash file only have a core file attached14:47
slickymasterhi all14:59
balloonshi slickymaster15:04
slickymasterhi, balloons15:05
slickymasterhop everything is fine with you15:05
slickymasterhope ^^15:05
balloonsslickymaster, yes, everything is going quite well. Lots of post-uds work to get started on, but it was a good week last week15:14
balloonsand some turkey and thanksgiving to be had yet this week .. Not bad :-015:14
slickymasteryeah, it's true. Holiday's season is at your front door, that side of the atlantic :)15:15
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elfyslickymaster: I found you :p15:18
slickymasterhi, elfy15:18
slickymasterI'm not that hard to find, either here or on #xub-dev15:19
elfyyou about for a while - want to talk to you about something, but I've just got in from work15:19
elfyyea I know :)15:19
slickymasterelfy: at your disposal15:19
elfyok :)15:20
slickymasterelfy, I'll be around until 17:30 UTC, after that I'll have to take my son to his tennis lesson15:25
elfyslickymaster: PM window somewhere15:28
slickymasterelfy: I saw it, but I'm unable to write anything in there15:28
knomehey slickymaster :)15:46
slickymasterhi, knome15:46
knomeslickymaster, congrats ;)15:46
slickymasterknome: thanks15:46
elfyhi knome15:46
slickymasterit's a pleasure to be of help15:47
elfyit's a pleasure to have someone wanting to help ;)15:47
Ursinhaso, I'm trying to find a way to avoid regression bugs that affect ubuntu touch packages to be missed when evaluating an image16:20
Ursinhamy idea was to create a team in launchpad and subscribe it to all packages that are seeded for ubuntu touch16:21
Ursinhadidrocks (that's not here) said it could be useful for you guys as well16:21
balloonsUrsinha, interesting16:23
Ursinhaballoons, that would give us a list like this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~dx-packages/+packagebugs16:25
balloonsUrsinha, right. And that would be helpful to see what's happening at a glance. I wonder if there is an existing team you can use/reuse16:26
Ursinhaballoons, for the other teams I created a team called <team>-packages, because some of them use the subscription to packages to something else16:27
jibelUrsinha, that'd be useful for our reporting too. For example during exploratory testing sessions we'd want to create report on the bugs found by the QA team agaisnt Touch packages16:29
jibelwe tried to figure out that list from the umbrella project ubuntu-touch-preview16:30
jibelbut with little success16:30
Ursinhajibel, good. would it be accurate to include all packages that are seeded in touch image?16:30
jibelUrsinha, I think it would be a good start. maybe too much accurate, but we could always exclude some packages if they generate too much noise16:32
Ursinhajibel, all right16:32
balloonsDanChapman, btw, did you see this? http://www.piware.de/2013/11/whats-the-autopilot-widget-that-i-want/16:35
elfyhi balloons16:35
balloonshi elfy!16:36
DanChapmanballoons, I did indeed :-) will definately be helpful in places16:36
elfywhat was the 'bug' mailing list it would be useful to join?16:36
elfyhi DanChapman - thanks for the time the other day16:36
DanChapmanelfy your welcome :-)16:37
elfyballoons: was it the bugsquad m/l that wasn't high volume and perhaps useful to watch ?16:41
balloonselfy, might have been.16:41
elfythat's high volume16:42
elfymust have been the other one - really should listen to them properly ...16:42
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dkesselgood evening19:43
Noskcajhey dk19:44
dkesselhey Noskcaj, thanks for putting me in the lubuntu group19:45
Noskcajno problem19:45
dkesseloops I forgot to send the email though... :)19:45
dkesselguys... pyside or pyqt for a typical ubuntu application?19:53
Noskcajdkessel, it probably depends on what you want. many still use pygobject and pygi19:55
dkesselNoskcaj, but that's only for gnome stuff, right? I am asking for the "standard" framework for qt with python19:56
Noskcajdkessel, yeah. since you want Qt, i'm no help sorry19:57
Noskcajmaybe ask ubuntu-devel or ubuntu-app-devel19:58
dkesselyeah... waiting for life there19:58
dkesselNoskcaj, do you have any idea why testdrive freezes so many times (on trusty) yet?20:03
dkesseltestdrive-gtk, that is20:04
Noskcajdkessel, no, although there has always been a startup freeze20:04
NoskcajI'd like to do the pygi port first, since that might "magically" fix it20:04
dkesselyeah, possible20:04
balloonsdkessel, ahh python + qt.. honestly I suppose I haven't kept up enough. At one time it was pyqt20:30
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balloonsLetozaf_, how are you?21:28
Letozaf_balloons, Hi, I'm fine and you ?21:29
balloonsgood ;-) turkey day is coming soon here21:30
Letozaf_balloons, ah! Thanksgiving (hope I wrote it right)21:31
Letozaf_balloons, you're gonna eat a lot :)21:31
balloonsyou wrote it correctly. And yes, traditionally it is time to pig out. I'll try not to eat too much21:32
Letozaf_balloons, well once every now and them does no harm!21:33
Letozaf_sorry then21:33
balloonsLetozaf_, so what's the status of rssreader atm?21:33
Letozaf_balloons, you can pig out without worrying  :D21:33
balloonshaha, you still feel queasy afterwards!21:34
Letozaf_balloons, same as before, I was writing a test for music app now21:34
balloonsLetozaf_, yes I'm sure it's the same. I just don't remember :-) I'm re-running on the device to jog my memory21:34
Letozaf_balloons, I think it still has that tabs problem21:34
Letozaf_balloons, we wern't able to switch tabs21:35
balloonsahh, right!21:35
Letozaf_balloons, I don't think I saw the problem solved yet, or am I wrong ?21:35
Letozaf_balloons, and then there was the activity indicator problem too21:36
balloonsLetozaf_, well I'll see what it looks like in another minute. But yes, thank you for the reminder21:37
Letozaf_balloons, by the way what image do you run the tests on on your device ?21:37
balloonsI figured you would know..21:37
balloonsLetozaf_, always the latest proposed21:37
balloonsLetozaf_, 2 failures, both on the toolbar animating, nice memory :-)21:38
Letozaf_balloons, ah! went away for a couple of days and forgot everythig :P21:38
balloonspretty much. UDS does that to you21:39
balloonswell that and the weekend21:39
balloonsI've been really out of my mind recently.. but that's a sidenote21:39
Letozaf_balloons, yes suppose so21:39
Letozaf_balloons, not the out of the mind, I mean that UDS and week end21:40
Letozaf_balloons, does that to you :P21:40
Letozaf_night I'm going to bed too :D21:53
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